Center of Attention


It’s a sunny afternoon. I lay back on my couch, letting my eyes take a break from the book I’m reading as I rest it on my chest. The large front window pours sunlight over me, making me feel warm and relaxed. I’m just starting to consider maybe ordering food and having a quiet night in when I hear three sharp raps on the door and my heart skips a beat.

My feet barely seem to touch the floor as I hasten to open the door to see him. Tall, slender, and lean, with tawny hair and puppy-like brown eyes with a mischievous spark in them. He looks me over.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asks, eyes roaming from my chest, down my body to my fluffy-socked-feet, and bouncing back up to my bum. He seems disappointed in my choice of comfortable clothing, but I really didn’t know he was going to come over, or I would’ve put a bit of effort in.

“Funny you should ask, I was just thinking about spending the night in.” My voice lilts at the end of the sentence, almost becoming a question as I wonder what he has planned.

“I have a much better idea,” he replies, pushing me inside and shutting the door behind him. I hear his bag drop to the floor with a soft thunk. His hands fondle my bum for a moment before he gingerly pushes me back onto the couch, my book toppling to the floor, forgotten.

He brings my legs together and pulls at the waistband of my track pants, his eyes meeting mine. He pauses like that, tilts his head and raises his eyebrows.

I nod.

He pulls my pants roughly down my legs, deftly sliding his fingers under my underwear as well, leaving my bottom half naked except for my fluffy bed socks. He pulls my legs apart and inspects my pussy, pink and glistening in the sunlight.

“This won’t do,” he says playfully, caressing my mound. “When was the last time you shaved?”

My cheeks redden. “Umm… a week or two, maybe?”

“You know I like a clean-shaven pussy,” he says in a matter-of-fact tone. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to shave my pussy so you can have your way with it, sir,” I giggle nervously.

“Hmm… actually, you sound anxious, and I wouldn’t want your shaky little hands to make any mistakes. Best if I do it, huh?” his finger slowly circles my labia as he thinks out loud.

“Yes, sir,” I say. I am shaking a little. Usually he only cares about my public hair if someone else might see us, which makes me excited and nervous. Trying to surreptitiously get more information, I say breathily, “I wouldn’t want anyone to see the mess I’d make of it right now.”

Without another word, he stands, and offers me his hand. I take it, and he pulls me up and leads me to the bathroom. He gently pulls my t-shirt over my head, taking a moment to admire my chest. He playfully flicks one of my nipples, making me shiver, and his lip curls upwards.

“Sit,” he commands, turning to get the razor and shaving cream.

I sit, legs wide open, on the closed toilet seat. I pull off my socks and toss them near where he discarded my shirt. He gently pulls my labia and rubs in some shaving cream slowly, slyly slipping two fingers into my slit as he massages it in.

“You’re already so wet, you fucking slut.”

“Yes sir,” I breathe.

The razor is cold on my skin. I fight the urge to flinch each time he swipes, not wanting to make his job more difficult. “Good little slut,” he purrs as he carefully removes the short, dark hairs.

We sit like that for five or so minutes, him quietly working, and me trying to control myself, knowing that a reward will come if I’m good.

“Up,” he says after the last swipe.

I stand, shivering a little, partly with anticipation and partly because it’s getting chilly. I watch him turn the shower on and grab the shower head, using it to motion that I get in. I do so, and he points the stream at my freshly shaved pussy, removing any remaining cream and loose hairs. He slides his finger up and down my slit again, and I know he can feel the heat and wetness radiating from my pussy.

Once he’s satisfied that there’s nothing left, he puts the shower head back and starts rubbing soap into my back.

“I want you to be nice and clean,” he explains.

I close my eyes and lean back into the water. I rinse my body, enjoying the fact that he’s watching me, knowing he loves how my naked body looks. I pass my hand over my pussy, now smooth, and admire how well he’s shaved it; I can’t feel any bumps.

“Did I say you could touch yourself?” he asks almost playfully.

“No sir, I’m sorry, I just wanted to feel how well you did,” I apologise.

“Very well,” he says. “I’ll let it slide. I think you’re as clean as you’re gonna get now, dirty little slut.”

He abruptly shuts the water off and my eyes snap open at the sudden cool air on my wet body. I step out of the shower.

“May I dry myself off?”

“Let me.”

He takes my soft blue towel and starts patting my body dry, taking a particularly long time at my chest and my crotch. Once he’s satisfied, he hangs my towel back up and turns back around with a tube of moisturiser. He squeezes a dab into his hand and gently lathers it into my freshly shaved skin.

“I want you looking your best,” he says, massaging moisturiser into my outer lips as I quiver. “Are you nervous?”

“Yes sir, a little.”

“You know you’re safe with me.”

“I know, sir.”

He smiles and I feel a bit less anxious. I smile back. He takes my hand in his; it’s a little sticky. He leads me back into the lounge room. The sun has started to set, but it’s still quite warm in here. He pushes me onto the couch, my head resting on the end, legs splayed. He pulls my legs properly apart so that my pussy is fully exposed to the window and any passers by. He gets up and rummages in his bag for a moment, turning around with his camera.

“Stay just like that.” I can feel the colour rushing to my cheeks again as the camera clicks multiple times.

“I’m getting a few different angles,” he explains. He’s trying to maintain an air of coolness, but I can see the outline of his erection pushing at the front of his jeans. “Perfect. You look so good.”

He puts the camera down on the coffee table, pointing at me. He clicks a button. He steps toward me and gets on his knees next to the sofa.

My heart beats faster as I see his head lower down to my now pillowy soft pussy, and I gasp loudly when his mouth finally makes contact with me. His tongue slides down my slit, tasting the warm juices I’ve been making since he showed up.

His tongue roves up and down for a few moments before homing in on my clitoris, starting to make slow, deliberate circles as I squirm and gasp. He keeps moving his tongue at a steady pace as I feel his hand slide up my thigh, pushing me even further open. My skin tingles where his fingers touch, moving agonisingly slowly in towards my hole. As he gets close to it, he just barely slips one finger in for a moment before pulling it away and starting back at the middle of my thigh. I groan impatiently. I hear him laugh, the hum tickling my clit and making me moan. He once again slides his fingers up to my hole, letting it go a little further in before slipping away once again.

I’m gasping and clutching the edges of the couch pillows, knowing how good it’s going to feel when he finally puts his fingers deep inside me.

My thigh shivers as his hand traces its now familiar path up to my pussy, a little more forcefully this time, and I know he’s going to let me cum. Just thinking it makes me even hornier, and I moan loudly as his fingers brush my labia and finally push deep into my vagina. He starts pumping his fingers in and out, slowly and rhythmically, steadily getting faster as I moan and quiver, and suddenly he hoists himself up, fingers still inside me but his torso against mine, his lips meeting mine in a long, delicious kiss. I can taste my arousal on his lips and it starts to tip me over the edge. Sensing that I’m close, he starts to pump faster, pulling his face away from mine to tell me, “it’s time to cum, slut.”

And finally, I start to cum, and I don’t stop as he finger fucks me hard and fast, pulling my face up to his and kissing me passionately as I cum over and over onto his hand, the relief washing over my entire body and making my toes curl and my legs spasm uncontrollably.

“Oh, fuck!” I cry out as he pulls his fingers all the way out only to shove them right back in, roughly coaxing out all the orgasms my body can manage. After what seems like hours, the quivering slows and stops, and I feel my senses start to return to normal.

“Good slut,” he groans between kisses as he starts to slow down. He pulls out his fingers and stuffs them in my mouth, letting me lick them clean. “What a good little warm-up.”

Taking a hint, I try to reach for his pants, looking for a zipper.

“No, no, not today,” he says, batting my hand away. “I’ve got much bigger plans. This was a reward for doing so well in the bathroom.”

“Thank you for letting me cum, sir,” I say obediently, watching him get up and tap the camera button. “What would you like me to do now?”

“Get dressed,” he says. “I’ve got somewhere I want to be by…” he glances at his watch, “6:30.”

I look at my phone, still on the coffee table where it was when I was reading. It’s 6:00 now.

“Am I coming with you, sir?”

“Of course, why would I get you all cleaned up if I didn’t want you to come?” he asks mischievously.

“What should I wear?”

“Hmmm. Something… easy to take off?” he says suggestively.

I can feel myself getting nervous again, but I trust him. I stand up, looking out the window as I consider what I might wear. I can see the street from this window, and the idea that someone might have seen us just now is making me horny again…

“Slut!” he exclaims suddenly. “Are you getting hot thinking about showing off? You silly little whore, go get dressed right now.”

“Yes sir.”

I go to the bedroom, still wondering if anyone saw us through the window and getting wetter.

Easy to take off… I wonder where he’s taking me. Maybe a party? We’ve both said before we’d like to do it in front of a lot of people, and a party seems like a good place for that. With that in mind, I decide to dress in a pair of short shorts that barely cover my bum, and a blue crop top with nothing underneath. Just two things to remove when he wants, and plenty for him to enjoy before that as well. As I pull the shorts up I’m glad they’re dark; there’s no way I won’t leave a wet patch right now. I head back out to the lounge room.

“What do you think, sir?”

He’s sitting on the couch, looking over the photos and video he just took. When he heard my voice, he turns and smiles. “Very good. Nothing underneath?”

“No sir, I know you’ll want to get to me as quickly as possible,” I reply.

“Good slut,” he says, turning the camera off and putting it back in his bag. “You ready?”

“Should I bring anything else?”

“Just get your phone and wallet. I have everything else you’ll need.”

“Yes, sir.” I retrieve my things and stand in front of him. Before standing, he feels my pussy through the shorts.

“You’re such a slut,” he smiles as he feels the wet patch already growing. “Let’s go.”

We head out to the car, and I think I see one of my neighbours, an older man, peeking through his curtains at me, but when I turn for a closer look, he’s no longer there. The idea that he watched me just now makes me even more wet – I think I feel a little drop slide down my leg.

He opens my door first, copping another feel of my bum and pussy as he guides me in. I’m definitely dripping; I see him lick his finger and look at me lustfully. He closes my door and walks around to the driver’s side, hand barely covering where I know his cock is sitting rock hard beneath his jeans.

“You fucking slut,” he says as he gets in and starts the car. “You were hoping that dirty old man saw your pussy, weren’t you?”

“Yes sir,” I say, looking down at my knees, a little embarrassed.

“He’s still watching us,” he points to his window. The man is back, peering at us from behind his curtain again. “Why don’t you take your top off for him?”

My heart beats fast as I pull my top over my head, and in a moment of pure adrenaline, I push my chest up against the window as we drive past his house. I think I saw his phone camera flash, and it just makes me even more worked up.

“I think he took a photo,” I say, breathing hard and rocking my hips a little.

“Look at you, you filthy fucking slut.” He smiles slyly. “You really like showing off your body, don’t you? Like a fucking whore.”

“Yes sir.”

He pulls up at a set of lights and looks around. “Look.” He points to the car next to us, on the passenger side. The man in the car looks like he’s driving home from work; he looks tired, and he’s dressed in a business suit. He’s probably about 40, nearly twice my age. I turn to look at him head on, and after a few seconds, he notices my stare. His eyes bulge when he sees me, topless, idly playing with one of my nipples. God, I’m so horny. The lights change and he’s gone.

“We’re not too far away now,” he says. “I want you to take your shorts off now. I want to see you.”

“Yes sir.” My hands shake as I manoeuvre around the seatbelt to get my shorts off. I feel a wet patch on the car seat as my hands go under my bum. I toss my shorts into the back seat. I don’t know where they landed.

“Good.” He drives wordlessly for a few moments. “Here we are.”

I look out. It is a party. It doesn’t look like many people are here yet, but there are a couple people smoking out the front when we pull in. I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m so excited for these strangers to see my freshly shaved pussy when I get out the car; I want them to ogle at my soft skin and smell my arousal. I wouldn’t stop them if they tried to touch me.

He gets out and comes around to my door. He opens it. Despite my eagerness, I’m still very anxious. I focus on him as I step out. His eyes are still soft, but he’s clearly turned on; I think I see a little wet patch through his jeans.

“Hey, entertainment’s here!” A man’s voice says. “Let me show you inside.”

A stranger strides up to us, one of the smokers. “I’m glad you got here on time.”

He’s taller than both of us, with short sandy hair and a scruffy short beard. “I’m Shane,” he says to me.

“Nice to meet you,” I say, holding my hand out. Shane takes my hand, and looks at him, seeming to ask a question wordlessly. He nods. Shane lets go of my hand and before I can stop him, sticks a finger in my pussy; I involuntarily moan loudly.

“You’re all warmed up, huh?” Shane grins. “Come with me.”

We’re led into the house, down a short hallway and into a bedroom. Shane grins and leaves without a word.

“Are you alright?” He says.

I nod, not trusting my voice.

“Safe word is spinach,” he says as he pushes me onto the bed and pulls something out of his bag.

He slips something over my head and I can’t see anymore – he’s blindfolded me. Next, I feel him tie soft – silk? – ropes around my ankles and wrists. Then he pulls my limbs out, and I can feel the rope go taut as he ties me down.

“No one is going to hurt you,” he assures me. “I’ll be here the whole time, and I’m going to make sure you’re safe. But I know you want this, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” my voice shakes. “You know I’ve always wanted strangers to have their way with me. I’m just a toy for others’ pleasure tonight.”

“Very good, slut.” I can hear the smile in his voice. I hear him rummaging around and then I hear his tripod click into place and his camera set on top.

“Oh my god, he’s going to film me,” I think, feeling all the blood rush to my crotch and face at the same time.

“You look gorgeous,” he says. I hear him walk out the door and then I hear voices further away. They start to come closer and my body bucks against my will at the thought of a stranger seeing me, touching me in this vulnerable state.

I think it’s Shane again, but I can’t be sure, because they go quiet as they get closer. I hear footsteps come right up to me, then I hear a zipper and pants dropping.

I feel a warm cock rubbing over my throbbing clit, and I nearly cum right then and there. I moan loudly. I hear more footsteps, and then more zips and buttons and pants dropping. I don’t know how many people are in here, but suddenly another penis is being stroked on my chest, then one on the other side, and another is pushed against my lips. I open my mouth and taste salty pre-cum as a hard cock is shoved roughly into my mouth at the same time the cock at my pussy lunges inside me. This time, I do cum. I moan onto the cock in my mouth as it fucks my throat, and my pussy throbs and clenches the cock inside me.

“Fuck, that’s good.” I hear several men grunting.

“I wanna fuck that pussy, too, I’m next.”

The man fucking me starts grunting and thrusting harder. The cock in my mouth suddenly explodes, pouring hot, salty cum down my throat and trailing out of my mouth as he pulls it out and finishes on my face. Like a domino effect, I feel four more streams of cum hit me, on my chest, tummy, and pussy. The cock inside me thrusts deep, depositing what feels like a huge, hot load inside me. At this point, I’m not sure when one orgasm starts and another begins. I’m in pure bliss as several men feel all over my body, me helpless to stop them. I feel hands and cocks touching any part they can reach. The first cock pulls out and another one immediately goes in, smaller but wider than the last, the man thrusting and grunting rhythmically. A constant stream of cum is puddling in the middle of my chest, with streaks all over my body. Another penis enters my mouth, hard and hot. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such ecstasy before. I am these men’s toy for the night, moaning and cumming constantly, not wanting it to stop.

It must go on for hours, but eventually less men are in the room; it’s cooler with less bodies in the room but there are still a few men fucking me. One is in my mouth, pumping in and out, one is slowly rubbing his cock on my hard, cum drenched nipple, and another is slowly lapping my pussy, cleaning up several men’s semen as it continuously gushes out of me. Occasionally another man will enter and fuck my pussy, or my mouth and then leave when he’s had his fill, but the one eating me out keeps coming back every time there’s a chance. I can’t wait to watch the footage later of whoever it is, dutifully sucking my sopping pussy between fucks. I bet he’s rock hard. Eventually, it seems to completely peter out, and it’s just him at my pussy.

“Sir?” I ask.

“Mmmm.” I feel his hum against my labia.

“Thank you.”

“Good slut,” he purrs, stroking my sticky tummy. “You did well.”

“I’ve got one more man to please,” I insist.

“Oh? And how do you know I haven’t already had my fill?” He asks playfully, still licking and sucking me.

“I knew you’d save the best for last,” I smile.

Without a word, he pulls himself up, and pushes his hard, yearning cock slowly into my cum-soaked pussy.

“This is what you want, slut?”

“Yes, sir.”

As he starts to pump, his finger starts circling my clit, and he leans his head down and kisses me deeply, tasting the mess the other men left.

He thrusts slowly and deliberately, savouring the moment. I can feel how much he’s been wanting to fuck me, ever since he knocked on my door this afternoon. He starts to thrust faster, unable to control himself. I can feel another orgasm building as he starts ramming his cock deep inside me, pushing loads of sperm back into me and circling my clit roughly as he finally lets himself go, fucking me hard and fast. I cry out and cum hard when I feel his penis swell inside me and pump a huge, hot load into me.

“Fuck!” He cries out as he cums, holding himself still as his cock spurts and spurts for what seems like ages, gently hitting my g-spot and elongating my orgasm.

Finally, he pulls out and kisses me deeply. “You did such a good job. God, I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I murmur as he collapses onto the bed beside me.

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