Mirror, Mirror


“Did you get the pavement smoothed out?”

“Ugh. You know I hate when you say that, but yes.”

Brian loved getting on Kim’s nerves about that and, well, most anything else. It was just fun to him and the same situation applied the other way around. That kind of give and take is what made their interactions so entertaining.

“I have to admit” he started, “I’m surprised you found someone out here to do that.”

“I know, but I’m glad I did. The hair was driving me crazy. The girl that did it hadn’t only done it just a couple of weeks and I think she bruised my mound, but the wax always feels nice. I think she bruised me, though.”

Kim had never seen much reason to remove the hair on her pussy until a few years back. It was time to do something for a change now that she was in her 40s. She was starting to feel that things were getting stale, so she felt that there had to be a way to feel fresh, new and exciting. After getting over some fear of being judged on how her pussy looked, she took the plunge and got waxed. It was a nice, clean feeling. Smooth and soft like she had never seen or felt before.

Brian had seen a lot of bald pussies before and Kim’s was a really nice expression of one. It was beautiful to his eye, in his mouth and without the fear brush burn on his forehead when he was going down on her.

They walked in over to where her suitcase was, picked it and dropped it on the bed. Brian had said she’d packed too much girly stuff (though he really only meant her clothes. He wanted her to naked all the time, but she refused because it wasn’t generally accepted in public.Well, that and the idea that she didn’t want to scare people. This really got under Brian’s skin, so naturally, she did it often.)

Kim set out pjs and began to undress. Her bottoms came first and then her top. A fresh pair of boyshort panties replaced her the ones she had on previously. They weren’t particularly sexy, just traditional for a woman her age. She had reached the point in her life where she didn’t care so much about how she looked to others. She did things for herself and not anyone else. Comfort was key.

Brian moved across the other side of the bed and behind her. His hands landed on her shoulders, touching lightly with his fingers at the base of her neck.

“Why don’t you just stay naked? It’s not like we’re going anywhere.”

“I can’t. I just feel ugly and disgusting.”

“We have to do this again? Ok, we’ll do it again. Come with me.” Putting his hand on her shoulder, he encouraged her to come across the room. With a reluctant sigh, she followed him back across the end of the bed. Looking at him, he looked at the wall, where a full body mirror was mounted on the wall.

“Come on…” he said. “Look properly in the mirror.”

“Ugh,” she said audibly, but did it anyway. “You know I don’t like this.”

“Well, I do and I’m going to show you all the reasons you need to look in it and appreciate it like I do. Just like every other time.”

“It’s not going -” she started before he cut her off.

Brian walked up behind her half naked body. Her breasts were perfectly large and even, the result of an augmentation. They look so real, natural and normal. You’d never know that they had been artificially enhanced unless you were told they were. Coming behind her, his bare chest against her bare back, he wrapped his arms around her loosely.

“Ok, you see these? These are perfectly beautiful.” His fingers traced the outsides, to the underside and then to the right side, his palms made their way across to the front, repeating the same on the left. He barely touched either one, but her body’s natural reaction to it raised goose pimples immediately. She gasped slightly as his finger made slight contact on her right, tracing the nipple with his fingertip, almost entirely without actually touching it. The sensation is all she needed. He took his finger and repeated the same motions, stretching across from the right. His lips touched her neck while his left hand resided on her hip. Things started to get warm and wet between her legs.

“Do you see what I mean? What’s not to like? Not how they look, but the reactions to the sensations running through you. Maybe others don’t get to see this, but I do and I’m telling you this is what there is to love about them. What do you think?” he asked Kim softly.

“I guess they are kinda sexy. They do what I need them to do and I do love those things. They were money well spent.”

Brian’s hand continued down her body, inside her boyshorts and over her smooth mound. Kim sighed heavily.

“And this…” he touched it softly, his fingers testing the tender skin, fresh from waxing. “And then this…” he pulled her firmly against him.

There was no longer “getting wet” between her legs. Kim’s pussy was gushing girl juice in her clean underwear, something Brian and started to push down slowly. “I love the slow reveal and the excitement that shows and feels how wet you are.” he told her.

All of Kim was flush now. Brian had pushed her panties to her ankles and his hand behind her, indicating her to stand closer to the mirror, though she couldn’t understand why, the was almost no way to get –

Brian made a sudden push with his body – which had become completely unclothed somewhere during his administrations to her body – and so that her body was against the mirror. His erection pushed between her legs, the tip stopped at the bottom of her ass crack where her thighs came together, closed off entirely.. Kim took the hint and rocked her hips back and her legs open. Her hands were firmly placed against the mirror.

As soon as she opened her legs, Brian’s hardon slid deep into her very hot, very aroused and very wet pussy. The instant invasion almost pushed her over the edge, yet she maintained her composure. She didn’t want to cum…yet.

Brian brought his mouth close to her neck, his teeth biting it playfully. She was going absolutely crazy! Pushing back against him, but he wouldn’t give yet…no thrusting yet. He whispered.

“This…this is the part that no one gets to enjoy but me. It’s my favorite part of your body.”

His body started to thrust and it wasn’t long before a furious fucking took off. Fast, hard, dirty, animal like sex. Slapping sounds, squishing sounds, suction sounds. Kim was reaching the point of no return. It was happening and she couldn’t stop it again. She didn’t want to stop it again.

“Ohhhhh nnnnnggggg ahhhh!!” she yelled. Brian pounded harder as she came, seeing her reflection in the mirror as she did so. This was beyond hot, way more than most anything she experienced.

Collapsing forward to hold herself up against the mirror caused her hips to rock back and force her legs wide open. This was the freedom Brian needed. He grabbed her hips and his orgasm crashed inside her as her cum came to an end.

The upward position they were in allowed his cum to start running back down and out over his throbbing cock while he thrusted. Brian crashed forward against her lower back, breathing hard and his body sweating. It was all Kim could do to stay upright.

The position had taken a toll on her body. She had to stand. Sliding her body up the mirror, Brian’s cock naturally slipped out and cum gushed from inside her. She stepped out of the panties that had been around her ankles. There was a very wet patch on the hotel carpet, a mix of cum from both of them.

“I…I like that part too…” Kim said with a winded breath. They both took a place on the bed, laying against each other from the side of the bed.

“So, will I have to remind you…” Brian struggled slightly to get his breath back, “about what there is to love about your body?” He grinned.

“I don’t know,” Kim said playfully. “I’m sure I’m going to hate it again one or two or five more times before we leave tomorrow.”

They both laughed, climbed on the bed properly and laid there. Regular conversation overtook the previously primal experiences just several minutes before.

However, there was one lingering question that would need to be addressed: how long would it be before Kim needed another reminder of how great she looks?

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