Josh and Georgia


Hey there! So this is my first attempt at this, so any advice is definitely welcome! FYI: The entire story is complete fiction.

Our story starts after a fight between Josh and Georgia, who have been dancing on the cusp of their first time together for weeks.


Honestly, looking back at it, I feel like I overreacted. And I told him so while we were lying there in the dark after the episode had ended.

“I feel fucking foolish,” I said quietly. We were laying on our sides, barely able to see each other with the clouds covering most of the moon. His hand was running through my hair, and mine was rubbing his chest, loving the feel of his chest hair under my palm.

“Don’t,” he told me. “I feel bad enough about the entire thing, I can’t stand knowing that I also made you feel like you did something wrong.”

“I should’ve just talked to you. But…” I paused, took a deep breath. “This is still so new, and I don’t know what I can talk to you about and what’s off limits. And on top of that, I’ve never been in a relationship with any kind of successful communication. So just know that I suck at it and that will be no different in our relationship.”

“Well, you should know that you can talk to me about anything. You can ask me about anything. I’m an open book to you.” I smiled to myself, loving his answers. “Hey Georgia?”


“Did you reference our relationship?”

Oh, fuck. “No, I don’t think so.” I totally had. Way to jump the gun, Halpert. That’s the perfect way to scare a man off: give him a title and shove it down his throat.

“Ah, I thought you did.” He sounded indifferent to it, so I thought I had gotten away with the white lie. “Because if you did, I was going to say communication is key for me in a partnership, so we can work on yours while we work on making this relationship incredible.”

And cue the butterflies. “Oh, I wasn’t sure if we–you know, most guys are completely against labels and titles and shit like that. So don’t worry about–I didn’t mean to say that, before.”

He chuckled, and moved his hand to my cheek. “Georgia, I want to do this right with you. I want to have it all with you. I’m not embarrassed to be attached to you. I want to be your man, I want you to be my girl. I want every silly little thing and every big momentous thing that this relationship brings our way. And fuck other guys our age. They proved they were all idiots when they decided they weren’t interested in dating you.” He moved his thumb over my cheek, and then moved it downwards to rub my lips. “But I’m actually really grateful for every bad date you had, because without all of that I honestly might never have found the courage to ask you out.”

“To be fair, you didn’t really ask me out for our first date. You just suggested a trial, and I agreed.”

“That’s fair. But let it be known that I wanted that to be a date, badly. And that kiss at the end? I still think about that several times a day.”

“Why’s that?” I asked him, moving a bit closer.

“Because I had been interested in you for so long. I wasn’t sure anything would actually happen. And then you kissed me back and… I was shocked, and relieved. And turned on.”

“Yeah, I felt that,” I giggled, feeling his foot touch mine, his hand moving from my face, and down my arm to my hip. “I definitely remember that kiss as well.

“Tell me why,” he said quietly, squeezing my hip and moving an inch closer.

I inched over once again as well, able to feel his breath on my skin. “Because you took control.” My words came out in a whisper, and I knew where we were headed.

“Do you like when I take control?” he asked me, his voice going deeper, still squeezing my hip, and edging me closer still to him.

I nodded, and thrust my hips involuntarily even though I still wasn’t close enough to touch him, feel him. But he groaned at this. “I think you’re remembering that kiss right now,” he told me, feeling my hips move slightly as he spoke to me.

“I am,” I breathed out. “I liked how you pushed me against the wall.”

At this we both moved towards each other, our bodies pressed together but our faces still not touching.

“I’ll be honest, I haven’t ever been so demanding with a woman. But the way you responded? I didn’t want to stop.”

“I don’t ever want you to stop,” I told him.

And then I kissed him first. I know he had been waiting for it, so he didn’t seem pushy after what happened earlier. And I loved that about him. But now I wanted this to continue. I was all in, and I hoped he was, too.

Josh was kissing me back, and I slid my tongue past his lips, and I felt his tongue meet mine. We were already so close but he grabbed me and rolled me on top of him. Immediately I moved my legs up so I was straddling him. I wanted to feel his hardness rubbing against me, so I started grinding, hard. I lifted my upper body but kept my hips glued in place, still rocking back and forth on top of him, keeping eye contact the entire time.

“Tell me you’re wet for me,” he said suddenly, and I moaned out loud just at his words. “I know you like dirty talk, G.” He reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair, and just forcefully enough brought me back down to his face. His other hand was still on my hip, making sure I didn’t stop thrusting against his rock hard dick. “Now tell me you’re wet for me.”

“I’m so fucking wet for you, Josh,” I panted, knowing that I was soaking through my underwear more and more every second. He groaned and moved his hand from my hip, and a moment later I felt a light slap on my ass, causing me to yelp.

“I’m sorry,” he said, grabbing my hip again but this time stopping me, his voice immediately concerned. “I didn’t–I thought maybe you’d like that.”

“Josh, I fucking love it,” I whispered in his ear, moving my hips against him again. “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“Goddamnit, Georgia,” he grunted, thrusting up to meet my hips. “Tell me how wet you are.”

“I’m dripping for you Josh, my pussy is fucking soaked.” At this he flipped me over on to my back and climbed on top of me. He quickly unbuttoned my pants and moved off of me as he pulled them off of my legs. He then stood there, unbuttoning his own pants and pulling off his socks. He watched as I took off my shirt and unclasped my bra, letting my tits out for him to do as he pleased. I heard him moan quietly, taking in the fact that all that remained on my body was a skimpy pair of underwear. He finally removed his shirt, left only in his boxers, and then crawled back on the bed until he was hovering over me.

He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth, causing me to gasp in surprise. “You drive me crazy, do you know that?” he said, looking up at me, and then moving on to the other nipple. My body was going crazy, I wanted him so badly, needed him. He sat up as he straddled me, his fingers replacing his mouth. He started tweaking my nipples, sending tiny jolts of pain and pleasure straight to my pussy. But then he stopped, and he moved off of me. He grabbed my ankles and slowly pulled me to the edge of the bed, only my back and head remaining on the bed.

“Show me how wet you are, G.”

Fuck fuck fuck. I was trying not to rush, but it was so hard. I moved my hands down slowly, grabbing the band of my underwear, feeling my hands shaking. And I slowly slid them down. He had already seen me topless, he had seen my pussy, but he had never seen me completely naked. And yet, here I was, kicking my underwear off of my right foot, naked as could be.

The look in his eyes was everything I needed to know. He was thirsty for me. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body. He wanted me, just like this. No one had ever looked at me like that.

He bent down and pulled his boxers down, matching my nakedness. His dick stood up, so fucking hard, and I could see precum coating his head. He was so thick, I couldn’t imagine how stretched I would be with him inside of me. He walked to the edge of the bed and reached down, tracing invisible lines on the inside of my thighs. I thrust again, against nothing, like a hungry slut.

“Tell me what you want,” he said quietly, trying to hold it together, I could see it in his eyes. He wanted to pounce on me, fuck me, make me scream. I opened my mouth to speak but I felt him move closer to my pussy and I gasped instead. He smiled, and reached out to pinch my nipple again, causing another gasp of pleasure. “Tell me. What. You. Want.”

“I want you to touch my pussy,” I told him. I moaned as he continued tweaking my hard nipple, his other fingers so close to where I wanted them.

“Fuck, Georgia, tell me exactly what you want,” he said, his voice breaking at the end. It was taking everything in him to keep his composure and continue his control.

“I want you to feel how wet I am with your fingers. I want you to know that I’m wet enough for you to fuck me, because I want you to so badly.” I was begging him, and he loved it.

“You want me to feel you?” he asked. I nodded and then I felt one finger start at my ass and trace my lips all the way up to my clit. I cried out, loving how deliciously slowly he was moving up, and then eventually down my slit. Every time he reached my clit he would pinch it, causing me to scream louder.

“Georgia, your pussy is so fucking wet.”

“Yes, yes! I’m so wet for you.”

“Do you want to cum?”

“God, yes, please,” I begged. “Make me cum, make me cum with your tongue, please.” I was on fucking fire for him. I would do anything he asked as long as he kept pleasuring me.

“I love how you beg me,” he grunted out, rubbing his finger up my slit one more time before dropping to his knees and wasting no time to lick up the juices that had yet to escape from in between my lips. I cried out, feeling his hands grab my waist, holding me in place so I had to endure every bit of pleasure he sent through my body.

“You taste so fucking delicious,” he told me, licking me one more time. “But I don’t want you to cum on my fingers, or my tongue. Not this time.”

“Josh, please, I need to cum. Make me, however you want, just make me cum.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” And then I felt the head of his dick slowly slide against my pussy lips and I was too shocked to even make a sound. I looked down and saw his dick slowly move up and down, feeling him press the head harder into my clit every time. “I want you to cum on my dick, Georgia.”

“Oh, fuck Josh, yes, yes please. I want to, let me. Let me cum on your dick.” He licked his lips and smiled down at me. He continued to rub his head all over my lips, coating it in my juices, driving me fucking crazy.

“Yeah, I thought you’d like that. Now let’s see…” and then I felt him start to push his way into me, but god he was so thick. “I’ll go slow,” he said, leaning down and kissing my lips softly. “At least until you’re used to me.” We both smiled at that, knowing slow wasn’t what either of us really wanted. And then I felt myself stretch to fit around his girth, moaning out in a delicious pain and pleasure mixture. “You’re so tight, Georgia.”

“Fuck, I know, I’m sorry,” I moaned, feeling more pleasure now, knowing he was almost all the way inside of me.

“Don’t apologize, gorgeous,” he said, kissing my lips several times.

He began groaning, feeling my walls clamping down around him. And seconds later, after feeling every single inch of his dick slide past my lips, he was completely inside of my pussy. We locked eyes. Mine were wide and ready, his were dark and hungry.

I contracted my pussy around his dick and he grunted loudly, thrusting his hips forward for the first time, his dick completely inside me. I screamed out, loving how stretched I was, loving that this man was fucking me.

“I have to go faster, babe. I have to feel you under me, matching my thrusts, squeezing me. I can’t hold back anymore.” He looked pained, like he was failing me, asking me for permission.

“Josh, I want you to fuck me faster, please.” And then he smiled at me, and planted his lips on mine, and he knew that I wanted him to keep controlling me sexually. Then I felt him slowly start to thrust in and out of me.

I swear I felt myself stretch every time he pushed back into me, and it felt incredible. I kept calling out, clawing at his back, trying to get him even closer to me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sped up, now bracing himself on his forearms that were on either side of me. He was looking down at me, sweat beading on his face, watching me writhe underneath him in the most insane pleasure I’d ever felt.

His thrusts began to get a bit faster, and with my legs still wrapped around him I began thrusting back against him. He moaned so loudly and I was fucking loving every second of this.

“Georgia, I need you to cum, I want to feel you cum,” he told me, his words rushed, his movements getting even faster. “I need you to cum because I can’t hold back much longer. You feel too fucking good, the sounds you’re making… I can’t keep going. I need to cum, but you have to cum first.” He lifted off of me a bit and rolled us over, putting me on top. “Fuck, you look amazing on top of me, naked, with my dick stretching out your tight little pussy.”

I threw my head back and yelled loudly as one hand started tweaking my nipple, and the other moved to my clit, drawing circles over it and pinching it often. I began to move my hips, rotating up and down, letting him come almost all the way out of me before dropping back down to the base of cock again. He was groaning, sweating completely now. “Cum for me,” he said quietly.

“Make me,” I told him. And his eyes shot to mine, and his fingers pinched harder on both my nipple and my clit.

“Cum for me, Georgia. Soak my dick in your cum,” he demanded. And then he smacked my ass, hard, causing jolts of extreme pleasure mixed with the most delicious pain to shoot through my body. And as I thrust down one final time, I cried out.

“Oh fuck! Josh, Josh! I’m fucking cumming!” I yelled, now grinding down on his dick, not letting an inch out of me. My pussy was contracting wildly and I was gushing all around his cock. I couldn’t stop moaning, grinding, cumming. He continued rubbing my clit, sending shockwaves through me, causing me to cum even more. I rode him for all I was worth, bouncing all over his dick.

“That’s it, baby, cum all over my dick. Goddamn, you’re so fucking sexy when you cum.” His words urged me to keep going, to grind into him harder, to keep my orgasm going as my pussy continued to pulse and squeeze around his hard cock. I watched his face as he got closer and closer, and I knew what I wanted, what I needed.

“G, you have to get off, I have to cum now.” I continued riding him, forcing him as deep into my pussy as I could get him.

“Oh fuck, Josh…. Cum in my pussy,” I moaned out to him. He pulled his hands back and moved them to my hips, feeling me turn in tiny circles on his cock, riding out the last of my orgasm.

“I can’t…”

“I’m on the pill, Josh. Please, please pump your cum deep into my pussy.”

And then he moaned louder than ever and I felt his cock twitching inside me, feeling his cum splash against the walls of my pussy.

“Fuck! Georgia I’m cumming! Fucking hell, I’m cumming!”

“Yes!” I screamed. “Oh fuck, I need your cum in my pussy, Josh. Fuck, yes!” And then I was cumming again, the thought of him cumming pushing me to the brink and then feeling it actually happen pushing me over the edge. My pussy was squeezing out every drop of cum he had to give. He kept cumming, an insane amount, pumping into me so deep.

He was grunting with every thrust, giving me everything he had and more. “Georgia, yes! Fucking ride me, baby. Ride my dick, goddamn, yes!” And my hips kept grinding against him, urged on by his dirty words that went straight to my clit, my moans getting softer as I started nibbling at his earlobe. His hands moved away from my hips and down to my ass, rotating me on his dick a few more times. I groaned into his ear and then moved back to face him.

He kissed me, deep and hard. His tongue found mine and he stayed in me while we continued kissing. Then he reached down and rubbed my sensitive clit.

“Fuck, Josh, you can’t do that, I’m hypersensitive right now,” I laughed.

“I fucking love your clit,” he said, rubbing it one last time, causing me to shriek. “I fucking love your tight pussy,” he said, thrusting into me, hard, one last time, causing me to scream out. “I fucking love your lips,” he said, leaning up once more to kiss me, causing me to moan against his lips. “I love your fucking body,” he said, finally rolling us over, sliding out of me and then standing up, memorizing my body in this moment, watching our cum leak out of my pussy. “You are fucking everything and more.”

He climbed back onto the bed, lying down next to me. I rolled over to face him, and he put his arm under my neck, letting me rest against him.

“That was the most intense fuck I’ve ever had in my life,” I told him, knowing that no one had ever come close to making me feel that amazing while thrusting into me. “And no one, except for myself, has ever made me cum twice.”

“Glad I could be of service,” he said, still breathing heavily, his sweat still slightly dripping but starting to dry. “Honestly, I don’t even know what to say. My brain is dead. My body is dead. All I know is that I want you riding me constantly, letting me cum inside of you.” His words went straight to my clit, and that familiar throb, telling me that I could fuck him again, cum for him again, take his cum inside of me again “You fucking killed me with your pussy, and I’m over the moon about it.” I smiled at him, loving that we worked so well together outside of the bedroom, and now knowing that we were fucking on fire in the bedroom. “But you should know, Georgia, that you are the best. No one compares to you, no one has made me feel like this. Just you, only you.”

And he leaned down to kiss me, stroking my cheek while we kept our lips connected.

I rolled over on top of him again and found his dick already hard. “Fuck, ready for me again already?” I asked him.

“You’re the one climbing on top of me with your naked, sexy body,” he said, slapping my ass, making shriek and grind into him.

“I fucking love when you slap my ass.”

“And I fucking love doing it,” he said, slapping the other cheek.

“Fuck!” I yelled out. I was so horny, again. I reached behind me and grabbed his dick, and thrust my pussy down onto him. I went too fast, felt a lot of pressure and pain as I slid down, my face grimacing.

“Georgia? Are you okay?” he leaned up and touched my cheek.

“Just not quite used to you yet,” I told him, but then I smiled. “But after you fuck me a few times I’m sure my pussy will be perfect for you.”

“Oh, your pussy is already perfect. Your cum is fucking delicious, your walls are tight as fuck around me, and you’re so sensitive.” He thrust up into me, causing me to yell out, proving his point. “I love how vocal you are, Georgia. I love hearing how much you love having me fuck you.”

“Oh fuck, I do love how fuck me, Josh.” And with that I started riding his dick again, feeling him continue his upwards thrusts into me. My tits were bouncing and he watched them, mesmerized, as his finger toyed with my clit. “Yeah, I definitely love having you fuck me,” I panted, already close to cumming.

Josh then grabbed my hips and stopped me, and I was so confused until he bent me over the bed. “Spread your legs for me.” I spread my legs wide, wide enough that I felt more of our cum leak out from my lips.

“Fuck,” I heard him whisper to himself. “So fucking sexy.”

I climbed onto the bed on all fours, leaving enough room for him to climb up behind me. I shook my ass at him, tempting him to come and get me. And he definitely did.

I felt the bed move under his weight, and when his fingers touched my hips my entire body burst with goosebumps. And then I felt him aim his dick at my pussy, and he slid slowly in. It felt so fucking good going slow, letting me adjust while also feeling every vein in his dick.

He started thrusting faster, and I was losing it. “Fuck yes! Oh, Josh, Josh!”

Then I felt his hand meet my ass, hard, and my pussy contracted while I screamed, squeezing his dick beyond belief. “Goddamnit, Georgia, I’m not gonna last,” he panted at me.

“Spank me again, please,” I begged. “Keep spanking me, make me cum.”

“Shit. Georgia, yes. Fucking cum for me!” And his hand came down on my ass cheek again, feeling so fucking good, making call out, getting me so close. And he slapped me again, and again, and again. And right when my pussy started to tense up and clench around his dick, I felt him twitch inside of me.

“I’m cumming, Josh!”

“Fuck yes, fuck yes! Oh fuck, cum on my dick! I’m cumming with you, Georgia, right in your pussy!” He was thrusting wildly, hands gripping my hips hard enough to bruise them. But goddamnit I felt him cumming, throbbing inside of me, stretching me further as his dick grew as his cum filled my pussy. And I fucking wanted the bruises. I was his.

“Holy shit, yes! Cum in me, Josh!” His cum was violently pumping into me, hard enough that my orgasm continued throughout his thrusts, feeling it hit my g spot as before his thrusts became more shallow.

“Holy shit, Georgia,” he said, more quietly while still pumping into me. “When you cum on my dick, I fucking lose it. Thrusting into you feels so tight already, but then you’re squeezing me and I just lose control. Fuck, between your tight pussy cumming on me and you letting me cum in your pussy, and I’m fucking dead.” My pussy had coated his dick in my cum, and I could hear the noises our combined cum was making in my pussy as his dick continued to fuck me slowly, lazily.

I stayed there on all fours, but my head dropped to the mattress as my pussy finished draining his dick of every drop of cum he could give me. Josh stayed behind me, tiny twitches of his hips causing him to thrust slightly into me, forcing me to moan out in pleasure at the sensation.

Finally he slid out of me once more, and I dropped to my stomach, turning my head to face him. “I am so fucking in love with you cumming in my pussy, Josh. The feeling of it is… my God. You’re so thick, and when you cum you just get bigger, and then I feel your cum hitting my pussy, and I go crazy.” He was staring at me, also face down.

“I’ll cum in your pussy any time you like,” he said, smiling lazily at me.

“And I’ll cum on your dick whenever you ask,” I told him, returning his smile.

“Goddamn you’re perfect.” He moved his arm back under my neck and pulled me close to him. He leaned down and kissed me, softly, so different from the frantic fucking that had just taken place.

At some point we fell asleep, and we stayed wrapped up together all night. My left leg was wedged between both of his, my face pressed into his neck, his arms wrapped tightly around me while I slept on my stomach. And when I woke up, still smelling a slight trace of his cologne mixed with his musk and peppered throughout with the stench of our sex, I knew I would do anything I could to keep this man.

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