Desiree. Sex story


“I missed you at my party,” Desiree said with a hint of annoyance.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t make it,” I said. I didn’t tell her that my parents forbade me to drive on New Years Eve, fearing for my safety. “But I really wanted to be there,” I added, hoping to emphasize how just how much I really did regret missing it.

Desiree and I had struck up something of a friendship. She had come over to purchase some jewelry from me on her break a few months earlier and, even then, I sensed it was merely a pretense for conversation. She was my shoulder to cry on when my girlfriend left me for the schlep who worked in the record department, who, as it turned out, had been previously dating Desiree. I was about to find out that that was not the sort of relationship she had had in mind.

“Is there something wrong with me?” she asked. “Something about me you don’t like?” I was dumbfounded. “I mean, I realize I don’t have a perfect body—my boobs are too small and my butt is too big—but does that rule me out in your book?” She stared at me expectantly, waiting for my answer.

In all honesty, yes, her too big butt and too small boobs had, up until today, been a stumbling block for me. But I certainly wasn’t going to admit that. Furthermore, I had always thought her face was absolutely Helen-of-Troy beautiful, and had fantasized about her, despite her other physical shortcomings. Instead, I decided to admit that my parents wouldn’t let me go. It might make me look weak, but at least it would deflect her suspicions that I didn’t like her.

“I really did want to be there,” I said with as much earnestness as I could muster, “but my parents wouldn’t let me drive. They were afraid I’d get hit by a drunk driver.”

“Really? That’s your excuse? That’s pretty weak.” I was about to protest that it was the truth, but she cut me off.

“I’m going to make you an offer good for this moment only.” Her intensity was startling. “I know my ass isn’t up to your standards—I know how much you drool over Gloria’s tight little bum—but I am willing to offer what I have to you without reservations. I will make all your dirty sexual fantasies come true as much as it is within my power. But there are strings. You fuck me, you own me. No givebacks, no kicking me to the curb.” She was so nervous she was shaking. I was flabbergasted.

“I absolutely accept!” I said without hesitation. I knew that any hesitancy on my part would make her think that I had to mull it over. I mulled alright, but it only took me a nanosecond to conclude that I’d be an idiot to pass up her offer. She was right. I had always kind of looked askance at her body, despite her having the face of an angel, but her physical shortcomings were minor in comparison to her willingness to indulge my sexual appetite. I had always made myself out to be something of a playboy, and I did date steadily, but I was not a playboy and was relatively inexperienced sexually.

“Really?” she sounded surprised. Perhaps she didn’t expect me to take her up on her offer. Maybe she didn’t really think she would have to deliver the goods.

“I’m a bit thickheaded,” I explained. “I have always kind of known that you liked me, and I have thought about asking you out. I really was thrilled about your party and was so upset to have missed it. But I had no idea that you liked me enough to offer . . . yourself this way.” I touched her hand. “I am loyal to a fault. It will be you and me forever.” I heard myself say “forever” and I wondered if I was promising more than I could deliver. I know I was caught up in the moment and I have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve.

“Jake, I am so thrilled!” she said, hopping excitedly. “Nervous, but thrilled,” she gushed. “My parents are out of town this week at a conference. I have the house to myself. Can you come over after work? I can make you dinner.”

“I’d love to,” I said.

I followed Desiree home after work. She lived in an upper-middle-class subdivision less than a mile from the mall where we worked so it was a short trip. My anticipation was palpable. She pulled into the driveway of a brick faced tri-level and I parked behind her. I watched her ass as she walked to the front door to let us in. It was funny how my attitude had changed. Whereas before I would stare at her ass dismissively, now that it was my ass, I had developed an appreciation for it. Sure, it was a little bigger than I preferred, but it still looked pretty good in the tight pants she always wore.

She set her keys and purse down on a side-table by the door and flashed a smile up at me. “I’m so nervous!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know what to do. I didn’t think this would actually happen.” Her flushed face confirmed her anxious state.

“I think you should take off all your clothes and just get it over with,” I offered.

“Of course you do!” she smiled. “But I’m the one going out on a limb here. Listen, Jake, I love you, but I don’t trust you. You had better not be here just because you want to get into my pants. If we do this, you have to promise me you’re in it for the long haul.”

It was a fair claim, I thought. I had always come across as a play-the-field kind of guy. But Desiree knew how devastated I was after the breakup with my last girlfriend. I think she knew that the attitude I portrayed was just a façade. Maybe she just needed to be sure.

“You love me?” I asked, not letting her glib declaration go unnoticed. “I hope that’s true,” I said, “because I love you too. It’s a choice I’m making, a commitment, because you offered yourself to me without reservation. Of course I want to get into your pants! But that’s not all I want. I want to stare into your eyes, at the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen, for the rest of my life.”

As the words came out of my mouth, they shocked even me. My intent was to convince her that this wasn’t a one-night stand, but what came out sounded a lot like a marriage proposal. Nevertheless, I swear it was all true, even if I only just realized it at that moment. I was worried that Desiree would think I was bullshitting her since I laid it on so thick, but the sparkle in her eyes told me she believed me. Then she took off all of her clothes.

Desiree was beautiful. At eighteen years old, she was probably at the peak of her beauty, but it was a lofty peak. I wasn’t kidding when I said she had a beautiful face. Her breasts were a pleasant surprise. Though small, they were firm and high upon her chest and crowned with quarter sized pink areolae and pencil eraser nipples standing proudly at attention. Her waist was the perfect complement to her upper torso and her stomach was flat, but soft. Her hips flared wide to accommodate her large-for-her-size ass. A neat triangular nest of soft brown hair adorned her pudendum. And her ass? Well, it, too, was a pleasant surprise. It was surprisingly firm and though it looked large when she stood erect, it looked sexy as hell when she was bent over. If I wasn’t in love with Desiree before this, I was now. And if I was, well, this sealed the deal.

“Desiree, will you marry me?” I asked, only half joking.

“I will, Jake—even if you weren’t serious, I am!”

“I underestimated how wonderful your ass is,” I told her. “Listen, would you mind touching your toes?”

“You’re serious?” she asked, probably thinking I was crazy.

“Yeah. I want to lick your ass” I said matter-of-factly.

It was a fantasy I’d entertained for a couple of years and now seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Desiree didn’t object. She obediently bent over at the waist and touched the floor. I knelt down behind her and went to work. One thing that porn flicks don’t portray due to the nature of the medium is odor. And though Desiree’s ass was enticing, it still smelled like . . . ass. Nevertheless, I was committed and began licking all up and down her crack and tickling the pucker of her asshole with my tongue. Eventually, I began working my tongue into Desiree’s asshole as deep as I could. She was pretty quiet through all of this, so I wasn’t sure how she was taking it, but she didn’t complain and she didn’t tell me to stop. Well, she did, but only because she said she wanted to cum with my cock inside of her.

I quickly slipped out of my slacks and freed my ridged member. I was of average length, but above average girth—although I didn’t really have an awareness of that at the time. I just knew that Desiree’s pussy was deliciously tight and I probably would have had difficulty slipping inside of her were it not for the fact that she was literally dripping with pussy juice. I suppose it’s a good thing she was close to orgasm, because I didn’t exactly have much sexual stamina. I think I lasted maybe thirty seconds that first time, but it was enough to get her off.

“That was not how envisioned my first time,” Desiree said after I pulled out. Now that she’d mentioned it, I hadn’t either and I said as much. Desiree turned to face me. “You’re stuck with me now, you realize that, right?”

“I don’t think ‘stuck’ is the right word,” I said. “When the most beautiful girl in the world gives herself to a humble schlep like myself, that’s a miracle.” And I really did feel that way. This morning, I was just an ordinary sex-starved teenaged boy with no viable prospects and now I had just had the best sex of my life with my . . . fiancé!

“Well if you felt that way about me, how come you never asked me out?” Desiree wanted to know.

“I guess because I was pretty much just looking to get laid and didn’t think you would put out.”

“I guess you underestimated me, didn’t you?” She said pulling me close. And then we kissed. For a long time. With a lot of tongue action. Never mind where mine had just been.

A few minutes later and I was ready for round two. This time she rode me like a cowgirl, but slow. She drove me crazy, keeping me just at the edge of coming, but never quite getting there. Until she came. Once her hips started bucking in involuntary shudders, I was a goner. I shot a second load of sperm deep into her cunt.

“Do you want a boy or a girl? Desiree asked with my semi-hard cock still inside her. This crystallized a few things for me that may have been ambiguous before. Well, mainly one. Desiree was not on birth control. And since I wasn’t using condoms . . . this was serious. But I did know that I didn’t care whether we had a son or a daughter.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” I answered. “I just hope they get their looks from you.”

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