The Hong Kong Sexfight


The Dragon Business Women Club was based in Hong Kong and catered to wealthy Asian Lesbians and Bi women from Japan to Indonesia, from the Philippines to Thailand and China. It operated on several levels: first as a legitimate classy club with a restaurant rivalling the Peninsula Hotel for these women enabling them to meet for both business and sex, providing an exclusive meeting place for wealthy businesswomen.

At the second higher level it provided a meeting place for these women where they could flaunt and partake in their sexual preferences and gambling outlet for the more affluent members where they could bet on any sexual contest, or sexually settle rivalries between members. On view were varied unusual sexual shows. If a member submitted a request it would be fulfilled. For example, today 10 Fijian women were fighting in a no rules contest against professional Thai women kick boxers and Japanese pro wrestlers.

The top and most exclusive level simply provided any sexual need a member wanted and could afford. Two current examples from many: One wealthy 45-year- old Hong Kong resident with a voracious appetite for being pleasured, had for the past 7 years been provided with 4 new women every day, seven days a week without fail. A Japanese woman had paid 3 million HK dollars every three months for the past year to be provided with a woman who she raped, BDSMed and fucked in her week long stay.

This business was started by Mei Ling, who had commenced her business life at the age of 8, as a card sharp on the Hong Kong streets. most of the club’s real income however came through the Asian sex trades. It was unusual in that it also had a large finger in the Asian sex internet pie usually dominated by European or USA interests. A clothing business gave cover for the Asia wide sex business it ran. The club with Mei Ling in control had a Board of Directors with a member from each country, 3 women who worked day to day in the club and 2 women elected by all club members.

Board Member Profile

NAME: Zhang Wu

DATA: Aged 45, 5ft 6 34CC 23 32 105lbs

BACKGROUND: Elected to the Dragon Business Women’s Club Board in 2019 by the members, having lost the 5 previous elections for one of the 4 voted member’s positions due to manipulation and coercion of voters by Mei Ling, the owner and Managing Director. She has an intense hatred of Mei Ling, whom she feels is jealous of her. She is being wooed by Yuriko Ogowa as part of Yuriko’s secret planning to overthrow Mei Ling and take control of the porn Empire of the Dragon Business Women’s club.

SEXUAL PROFILE: Considered the best all-around competitors in club sexual contests. Nicknamed “The Body” due to her pride in the youthfulness of her 45-year-old body.

CURIOSITY: Fucked her son in law so long and hard on the afternoon of his wedding that he could not perform with her daughter that night. Is planning to have him choose her and fuck her in front of her daughter on her 46th birthday.


Zhang Wu sized up the 19-year-old Vietnamese Nha undressing before her. She, like Zhang Wu, was slightly above medium height, long-legged, firm buttocked, and confident. Both had eye-catching faces. Nha’s was longer with the high prominent Vietnamese cheekbones surrounded with cascading long thick permed hair, Zhang Wu’s face was rounder, more Asian eyed topped with a short, feathered hairstyle that flattered her age of 45. Nha was slimmer, her hip bones more prominent against her flat belly than Zhang Wu’s with her slightly curved stomach. Both women were braless, Nha’s pert, young 32B mounds standing proud without support as did the fuller 34CC of Zhang Wu, although hers were due to the implants in them.

Zhang Wu’s gaze never left Nha’s eyes as she stood just two feet in front of her. She enjoyed the fact that Nha kept staring at her tits. She knew they were great for any woman, much less someone 45 like herself, and she loved flaunting them. Zhang Wu parted her red lips and a sexually inviting look came across her face. Her hands quietly and seductively came up to her breasts and she began to fondle them slowly. Nha’s gaze never left Zhang Wu’s breasts. Zhang Wu was attempting to stimulate Nha and arouse her, but more importantly, she was sexually challenging her as only a woman could do. With the tactile stimulation, Zhang Wu’s nipples stiffened, and the areola appeared to widen and spread across the front of her breasts. Cupping the underside of each breast with her hands she moved slowly forward. Her nipples stood fully erect and her breasts tingled with the anticipation of contact with Nha’s tits.

Suddenly Nha could stand it no longer. She pushed Zhang Wu back against the wall and grabbed at her tight skirt, raising it to waist level to reveal, for a Cantonese woman, her long legs. With her free hand, she grabbed Zhang Wu’s bush through her miniscule black panties, tugged hard and, as Zhang Wu screamed, raked her nails along the lips of her rival’s labia. Zhang Wu retaliated and reached down and grabbed the firm cheeks of Nha’s arse, lifted her skirt and thrust one of her nylon-covered legs between her rival’s legs so that she could feel stocking pressing against stocking, and the wetness of Nha’s cunt could be felt on her bare thigh above her dark stocking top. Entwined, they pulled hair, rammed stockinged thighs against pussies, crushed breast against breast, hissed and spat at each other.

They were two sex cats waiting and wanting to win the best of 3 competition and the $15,000 USD prize they had both put up for the contest. It was only small change purse money to Zhang Wu who would have taken on the challenger, a daughter of Vietnamese boat refugees, for free merely to have the opportunity of destroying the 19-year-old. It was the thrill of beating a woman, who in the past year had gone from unknown to rising star, and proving she was still top that drove her, not the money. Likewise, Nha, who had scrimped and saved working in a food market by day and $50 sexfights in the public housing areas like Causeway Bay where she lived, would have begged borrowed or stolen to raise a stake 10 times larger. Beating Zhang Wu, who resided in The Peak on Hong Kong Island where prices went to more than $500 million, meant she was in the top echelon of sexfighters and the perks would soon flow.

Reluctantly breaking apart the two removed their skirts and thongs. When both women were wearing only their suspender belts (Nha’s lilac, Zhang Wu’s black), stockings and extremely high heels (Nha’s, the platform style favoured by the Vietnamese, Zhang Wu’s classic stilettos), the two made their final preparations. They carefully opened and fully extended their cunt lips before meticulously and adjusting their inner cunt lips to their fullest, fully exposing their sex. Stepping forward they pressed their bodies together, breast to breast, cunt to cunt; Nha’s freshly shaven mound touching the long jet-black cunt hair of Zhang Wu.

Reaching down each woman unfastened their front suspender garter straps before reattaching it to their opponent’s stockings. Then they undid their suspender belts before reattaching the clasps to the other’s belt to make one continuous encircling belt. The two were now joined at the waist by the one combined lilac/black belt, and at the thighs by the crisscrossed garter straps, both aware of the arousal the restricted movement and close skin contact was causing.

The competition started in silence, Zhang Wu was taken by surprise by the instantaneous hardening of Nha’ nipples and clit. Her nipples, although not as thick as Zhang Wu’s, were longer and their hard firm points were driving into Zhang Wu’s nipples bending them, forcing them inwards. At the same time, the two maneuvered in their enmeshed garter belt, restricted space to bring their clits into the dominant position. Together they stood toe to toe, their pelvises thrusting as they strove for control over the other. Worryingly for her, Zhang Wu felt the sharp pencil-thick nipples of Nha continue to force her nipples inward burying hers back into her round dark areola and achieving an initial psychological advantage as well as forcing her to bend backwards. There was no doubt she had underestimated the Hong Kong born daughter of Vietnamese boat refugees whose oversized clit was now a super hard knob pressing into her clit, controlling it, and not allowing it to move.

They pressed their cunts against each other’s trying to use their slit lips to invade the other woman’s pussy and open it to allow access for their raking clit to dominate the other’s. Zhang Wu had extremely thick meaty cunt lips with short hanging flaps while Nha had less prominent lips but longer outer and fully visible inner flaps. It was a stalemate as their pussy lips could only form an oval with the area the vacuum formed by the sealed lips already being moistened by their sex juices. Nha used her belly contractions to first break the pussy lip contact and in the space of a couple of eyelid blinks pull her elongated cunt lips back, press them together, spear the closed lids into the Chinese woman’s twat and then slowly open her cunt flaps to prise Zhang Wu’s lips apart, and allow her access to the Cantonese woman’s wet clit.

Dictating the run of events Nha used her muscles to send her clit into a series of rapid movements stimulating Zhang Wu’s clit which was now trapped beneath hers. Zhang Wu was in serious trouble as Nha’s hard nipples still forced Zhang Wu’s nipples back deep into her tits, and her clit was fenced in and being rapidly excited by Nha’s. The constant drilling of Nha’s nipples into her breasts forced her to lean backwards further opening her cunt, and Nha pounced using her erect bigger clit to repeatedly rake the entire length of Zhang Wu’s now vulnerable exposed cunt and batter her clit.

Uncontrollable moans came deep from Zhang Wu’s belly in response to the arousal of her clit. Nha put her arms around her to stop the shuddering Zhang Wu from staggering to the floor. Systematically, clinically and efficiently she fucked Zhang Wu, her hard clit twisting, bending, and controlling Zhang Wu’s now defeated clit. She spoke for the first time. Her eyes glinted with excitement as she bragged, “You’re too old, your Chinese slut. I don’t need implants to out fuck your tits. This is top grade young Vietnamese pussy you’re up against, not tired, used, worthless Cantonese cunt, but you’ll learn more about it when you’re eating plenty of my insatiable pussy tonight in my bed. Then after I’ve used you, you can go to the old people’s home and fuck some pensioners because that’s all you’re good for.”

Placing her clit against Zhang Wu’s in the dominant upper position she slowly, seductively stroked hers against Zhang Wu’s several times taking her to the brink of orgasm before disengaging, then again fucking the already defeated Chinese.

“Plead for it, your cunt or I’ll fuck you unconscious.”

The 45-year-old shook her head and grasped Nha’s butt cheeks to remain standing. If she lasted a bit longer then perhaps a miracle would happen.

“Plead for it, bitch.”

Again, Zhang Wu shook her head, and the Vietnamese 19-year-old took Zhang Wu’s head in her hands and forced her long snakelike tongue into Zhang Wu’s mouth. Instinct took over and the 45-year old’s tongue fought against the invader. Joined by the 2 garters at the waist and by the Nha’s garter straps to her stockings and vice versa Zhang Wu could not disengage and regroup. Nha’s cunt flaps repulsed any attempt by the Cantonese’s to close them and her hard clit continued to scrape Zhang Wu’s at will. Her longer nipples still pushed Zhang Wu’s back into her tit flesh and forced her to lean backward allowing the Vietnamese’s tongue to force down into the Chinese woman’s mouth whose tongue gave up the unequal task.

“Plead for it,” Nha demanded.

“Ahhhhhhhhh uh uh Please make me cum,” wailed Zhang Wu with tears in her eyes.

Completely controlling Zhang Wu, Nha showed off by contemptuously not using her legs to thrust into Zhang Wu but merely used her muscles to vibrate and dominate her clit against her opponent drawing a prolonged orgasm from the woman 26 years older than her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH UH UH UH UH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH UH UH UH UH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh” Zhang Wu’s voice trailed off as Nha released her hold and Zhang Wu slumped to the floor. It was the first time in 9 years she had lost the first contest in a best of 3.

Following her down Nha put her thumb pad on Zhang Wu’s still quivering clit and massaged it against the cum drenched cunt, moving it around like a puck on an ice-skating rink, kneading it between her thumb and forefinger, milking the whole length of it. Kneeling beside her she slid three long fingers of her other hand into the flooded cunt of the prostrate Chinese and continued manipulating the defeated clit watching Zhang Wu hump and fuck herself on the fingers inside her.

“They said you were good, and you are. Good for a Chinese and good for nothing. Any Vietnamese grandmother would outfuck you” she said scornfully as she brought Zhang Wu to orgasm for the second time that day, prolonging it for what seemed years to the writhing Zhang Wu by using all three fingers on her G spot. With her other hand, she used her nails to gouge scratch lines into Zhang Wu’s tit.

Tonight, I’ll carve my name on your tits with my nails and rub my shit in the cuts, so they fester and permanently scar you.”

Moving she squatted in the Vietnamese victory custom over the prostrate Zhang Wu and released a spray of yellow piss over her face and hair and hissed scornfully, “You look Chinese; you fuck like Chinese, now you smell like one.”

Fifteen minutes later the two resumed. This time Zhang Wu was primed for the initial assault on her nipples and her manually pre-prepared rock-hard nipples pushed back at the thrusts from Nha. Surprisingly, she had also used a razor during the break to shave her long cunt hair into short stubble. The two started flicking and stabbing their tits together to test nipple strength and hardness. After a minute or so the two became frustrated because neither set of nipples yielded to the other. Each stab bent their nipples back equally. Eventually, they lined up tip to tip and glared into each other’s eyes.

“You’ve had your first taste of Vietnamese liquid gold, bitch” referring to the stream of piss she had laid on Zhang Wu. “Tonight, you’ll be drunk from swallowing that mixed with pure 100% Viet cum, and I’ve got a couple of special deliveries of solid brown lined up for you to swallow. You fuck like shit, so you may as well eat it. Now I want you to give me some competition bitch,” shouted Nha.

“You want it, you got it cunt,” yelled back Zhang Wu, though much of it was pride and hope not conviction. The Vietnamese had taken her down easily and that hadn’t happened for a good twenty years..

Joined together by the garter belts and stockings the two pushed their bodies against each other and their tits mushroomed out. Tits squished and rolled harder and harder together. Their breasts painfully pressed against one another as they grunted and gasped for air yet neither woman would give in to the other. This crushing bear hug lasted several minutes with no end in sight. More and more frustrated they paused, locking together with eyes full of hatred and with their tits thrusting out at one another in defiance. Nha’s pert firm 32 B mounds with their 1-inch quivering nipples faced Zhang Wu’s 34CC silicone enhanced tit flesh with their half inch thick ¾ inch teats.

Their breathing began to deepen and intensify, with a little catch at each breath. Even their areola began to swell and harden, and a sex-flush began to spread over their necks and faces. Their nipples remained erect and the two women’s pussy lips became drenched from the sex juices oozing from them. They stepped forward so their breasts were in full and solid contact: rock hard nipple to rock hard nipple, with their sweat beginning to trickle down the crevices and valleys of their bodies. They rocked from side to side until Nha suddenly grabbed two handfuls of Zhang Wu hair as their breasts still heaved, rubbed, and strained against each other, nipples locked in a punishing duel of their own. With her vice-like grip on her rival’s hair, Nha forced Zhang Wu’s head slowly back, but the result was that her rival’s larger breasts came forward and dominated her own. Zhang Wu retaliated, and they sank their fingers into each other hair and pulled hard as they rolled and ground their tits together. They squealed in pain as their nipples remained stiff and continued fighting each other.

Both women were breathing deeply and sobbing from the pain of their hair-pulling match, but they kicked their shoes free and started to scratch at each other’s calves with their long sharp toenails, each using all her feminine tricks to distract and weaken the other. They glared into each other’s eyes issuing an unspoken, direct challenge to each other. Leaning back slightly Zhang Wu swung her breasts crashing her 34CC into the smaller 32Bs of Nha, slapping them with her tit flesh and instituting dominance. She then sank her sharpened nails into Nha’s butt and slammed her crotch into the Vietnamese. Nha screamed both from the pain of the crotch to crotch fighting and from the agony of feeling her rival’s nails digging deeply into her butt flesh. She sank her sharp talons into Zhang Wu’s arse and the two sexfighters began thrusting wildly at each other, forcing their cunt mounds to slam together with violently. Their normally attractive, sexy faces were contorted in grimaces of hate and pain as they grunted and moaned.

They stared into each other’s eyes and gasped and hissed insults as they felt their cunts begin trying to suck each other’s lips inside each other’s vaginas. They cried out in pain and anguish as their cunts pressed hard together, grinding and rubbing each other into unnatural positions. With her hand gripping Nha’s garter belt Zhang Wu put on a spurt of power and felt her clit enter Nha’s cunt. Not to be outdone, Nha retaliated and felt her clit part her rival’s cunt lips. Clits came into contact and began to duel against each other, sending waves of pleasure coursing through their bodies as they sex-fought, balancing the pain from the breast and hair punishment each was inflicting. Their faces were close together, with each screaming and spitting obscenities at the other.

“My clit’s fucking your cheap Vietnamese imitation of a woman’s clit, Bitch.”

“When I drain your sloppy loose cunt of juice, I’ll rub your dry clit raw, if I can find it it’s so small you old Chinese hag.”

“I’d bite your nipple off except I’ve buried it in your surgeon made tit,” Nha screamed as just like in the first round her longer thinner nipples had forced Zhang Wu’s half inch wide thick monsters back into her tits and slowly bent her backwards opening the Chinese woman’s slit. Nha gave a frantic hip thrust and success; her clit now had the dominant controlling position just as it had in their first contest.

Zhang Wu felt the warmth growing in her loins, heard her pants grow louder and deeper, and called upon her physical and mental reserves to hold back the flood of pleasure creeping through her body. Nha had hoped for a quick victory as she now had tears in her eyes from the mental and physical strain of keeping inside that which she had held back in the first round, but it was becoming harder and harder not to orgasm. Who would cum first, the already defeated and now in a losing position Chinese or the accumulation of arousal from 100 minutes of sexfighting without cumming on the Vietnamese?

Sensing Nha was close to orgasm, Zhang Wu drew on her final dregs on sexual energy, on her experience, on her pride. She forced her cunt up with steady pressure and felt Nha’s cunt pulsating against her own. Their two cunts were now pressing together tighter than they ever had before. Pussy lips sealed together forming a gasket and Zhang Wu started to feel the hot liquid spew being shot into her cunt. She gladly accepted Nha’s hot cunt juices because she knew the tables were turned around from round one. As soon as Zhang Wu felt the last pulsating throb, she quickly used her hands to push Nha’s body away from her as far as the garter belt would allow and force her back so that the Vietnamese’s open cunt was placed on her bristling stubble of cunt hair. For the next 5 minutes, she worked over Nha’s clit with the equivalent of a scrubbing brush relishing Nha’s sobbing as she relentlessly took her to her climax.

When Nha collapsed this time, Zhang Wu went down on Nha and repeatedly rubbed one of her huge stiff nipples against her rival’s clit, made her come repeatedly for the allowed five minutes victory time, and reduced her to a babbling, drooling wreck.

Five minutes later they started the deciding bout. Both women’s mounds, thighs, suspender belts and stockings were both stained with dried and soaked with still wet patches of cum. The short break helped Zhang Wu and she quickly established the dominance she possessed at the end of the second bout. Her slippery cum covered clit sought out Nha’s clit which was still red raw from the working over Zhang Wu had given it with her stiff cunt hair stubble. Nha tried to respond and her clit engaging Zhang Wu in a duel for supremacy striving to remain hard while it rubbed against Zhang Wu, but she could not sustain the effort. With their stomachs pressed together, she could feel the rippling of Zhang Wu’s stomach muscles as she worked her clit vibrating it against Nha’s. Repaying Nha for her earlier success she relentlessly ground her still hard nipples into Nha’s forcing them deep into the as earlier Nha had done to hers.

Zhang Wu could feel Nha’s legs trembling weakly against hers, so she grabbed Nha’s buttocks forcing her cunt tighter against hers as her muscles continued to rapidly vibrate her still hard clit against Nha’s. Now in the winner’s position, Zhang Wu started grinding and forcing her cunt against Nha’s. Not having much sexual energy left, Nha tried her best to continue the fight but the assault Zhang Wu’s cunt was putting on her own had her pleading for an end within minutes. Zhang Wu continued her victory fuck against Nha, capitalizing on the fact that she had won. With a scream and convulsion, Nha collapsed to the floor her female ejaculation shooting from her cunt onto Zhang Wu coating their groins and thighs with her thick sticky woman’s fluid.

Falling with and landing on top of the defeated Vietnamese Zhang Wu knew she had just won the closest contest she had had in the last 15 years as an elite sexfighter. It was time to finish the Vietnamese so she would think twice about challenging Zhang Wu again. She undid the cum stained suspender belts and using both tied each of Nha’s ankle and wrists together, so each hand was bound to an ankle, and then used the ripped stockings to secure the 19-year-old to furniture so that her legs were spread almost at right angles to her body.

“Take this as a bonus, you Vietnamese shit,” Zhang Wu hissed as she lowered herself onto the prone Nha.

Fucking her clit to clit she boasted, “Go back to the kindergarten where you belong and practice with children before you come to play with real women.” Manually she masturbated her clit extending it to its fullest extension, then shifting and wriggling she worked the tip of her throbbing clit into Nha’s spread open hole like a man would work his cock. Moments later she injected her hot cum into the defeated Vietnamese woman’s cunt.

“Use your cunt muscles on the prime Chinese meat that’s inside you. My clit is the only Chinese you’ll get in your cunt because Chinese men only take Vietnamese sluts in the mouth or arse. Having my clit meat in your cunt feels no different to your normal fuck because Viet men are so small- even the pet dogs you have fuck you when you aren’t eating them are bigger.”

“Tonight, you’re going to learn how to love tonguing prime Chinese pussy, arse and tits, and swallowing an endless supply of Chinese cum. You aren’t good enough to take a real man in your cunt, but I’m big enough to fit, and tonight you’re going to have my clit and nipples in your cunt raping you.”

“And I’m going to video it.”

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