His Youngest Nubile Daughter Part 3



Daddy has already corrupted older daughter but now wants her youngest one to eat and enjoy

Lilly could hardly believe what she saw through the keyhole.

“Jeez,” she whispered to herself, her eyes widening, “Mom’s… Mom’s putting her hand on Daddy where it’s nasty! Wow, I gotta see this!”

Inside the room, Curt was giving in fast. He grinned at Karol and said, “Okay, baby, I’m convinced.”

She smiled as she pressed her hand deeper into his jockey shorts, unwittingly providing her young daughter with an increasingly erotic view. She moistened the surfaces of her lips with a dart of her tongue as she spoke.

“You mean I’ve finally convinced you the girls aren’t anything to worry about?” she asked.

“No, just that I’m getting such a hard-on for your hot juicy cunt that I’ve gotta have some of it — daughters or no daughters!” he exclaimed.

Lilly watched in awe as her father upended her mother in the middle of the bed and made a grab for her blouse. The move caused her hand to come out of his shorts, but now it was Daddy who was being the nasty one in her place. He was unbuttoning Mom’s blouse and getting up in bed with his knees over her prostrate body.

Lilly put her hand over her mouth in amazement, squelching the words she was about to whisper. She couldn’t take a chance on getting caught at a time like this.

Wow, she thought to herself, there’s… there’s Daddy’s thing! Just sticking right out where, you can see it, too… every bit of it. Once a long time ago when I saw him in the bathroom peeing, it didn’t look anything at all like — it’s so big now!

Lilly felt a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach as she looked on. At first it was fear, fear at seeing for the first time some of the things that went on in her parents bedroom… things that she had never thought of before. But then the feeling in her stomach changed. For a minute she thought she might be going to get sick. The sight of her father with his big, red penis exposed was too much for her. But no, it wasn’t a sick feeling in her stomach, exactly, she realized. It was really strange though, and different than anything she could remember. It was all funny and kind of… fluttery. Sort of a warm, fluttery sensation that somehow seemed to embarrass her and at the same time to make her feel good. It was a little bit scary, somehow, yet she wanted to keep watching and letting her stomach feel that way. She glued her eye to the keyhole and watched with fast-beating heart.

“Here, lover,” Karol said, “let me help. This is too slow. I want my tits naked for you right now.”

She quickly sloughed off the blouse and Curt feasted his eyes on her tight-fitting bra. The soft, smooth flesh of her big tits overflowed the cups and created sensual wrinkles of plump skin at the top of the straining undergarment.

“Then here’s what you were after, honey,” he said, coming out of his pants and underwear. He tossed them off the bed and stood kneeling in front of her with his stiff prick waving like a big stuffed knockwurst. He was red in the face.

“Yeah, baby,” she cried enthusiastically. “That’s what I wanted, okay.”

As she spoke she reached behind her back for the clasp of her brassiere strap and jerked it loose. Her bounteous jugs came bursting from their confinement.

Jeez, thought Lilly as she looked on, them are really big ones. I must have seen Mom with her bra off before sometime or other, but I didn’t notice how big her boobies were!

Now they weren’t talking. But the things they were doing to each other made their young daughter’s eyes pop.

Curt hugged his wife’s tits tightly against his chest and planted his lips on hers. She immediately opened her mouth and let him inside, presenting her hot tongue to his. But she wanted more of him, more of him and more of him fast.

She moved her hands in frenzy across his chest and nailed the top button, then quickly took care of the rest. The sight of his curly hairs made her more eager than ever. She pulled the garment off and crushed her naked tits to his now-naked torso. The two of them clutched each other firmly and wrapped their arms and hands back as though they couldn’t stand to be even that far away. All that covered Curt’s body now were his pants around his lower legs. Karol took care of that in short order and Lilly looked on as her father lay buck naked on the soft resilience of her mother’s curves.

She still had her lower clothes on, but not for long. Curt snaked them off fast, leaving her in nothing but her panties. He was damned glad she wasn’t wearing panty hose — he was to the point where he wanted the feel of her naked skin against his legs and even the sheer sexy material of panty hose would have been too much.

“Go on, lover,” Lilly heard her mother moan. Then some words she could barely make out. Something about how she “couldn’t wait” and something about “panties” and “your big beautiful prick” and once she even heard her mom say the words “hot, sweaty cunt” and “a good thorough fucking.”

When Lilly heard that she grew red in the face and slapped her hand over her mouth in amazement. She’d only heard that word a very few times and every time it had been naughty, older girls that said it. She knew it was a terrible word and couldn’t believe that her mom would speak such language.

Now her dad was on top of her mom and had his big thing between her legs. Lilly could see the thick shaft of it and the twin weights of his curly-haired balls every time he raised up. He had his knees between her mom’s legs and was working his body up and down, letting his big swollen thing… my gosh, he was jamming right between the lips of her mom’s naked cunny — and she was letting him do it and was wiggling her bottom around on the bed like she wanted him to keep on doing it more and more!

She saw how wet the exposed skin of her parents’ organs had become and marveled at it. The only time her tiny little cunny ever got that wet was when she was in the bath tub. And even then it wasn’t so red-looking like her mom’s was. She watched her dad’s body rise up and down over the shamelessly naked form of her mom, and saw how the two of them were sweating. Big drops of sweat ran down his ass and down the slopes of her mom’s big boobies and off the smooth skin of her stomach.

Lilly saw how thick and furry-looking the hair grew between her mom’s thighs and mentally compared it with her own barely pubescent little mound. Would she ever have a cunny as covered with hairs as that, she wondered? Unconsciously she dropped a hand between her legs and touched herself in the crotch, aware that she sported only two or three hairs there. She had her clothes on, so all she did was graze her fingers across the tight material of her clothes that stretched tautly over her young pussy. But even that was enough to confirm the utter childishness of her organs compared with those of her mother — it would be an awfully long time, obviously, before she sported a big muff of womanly hair between her slender thighs.

Her dad was hunching faster in the bedroom. Her eyes were transfixed by the sight of his fat instrument sliding in and out between the damp, smooth columns of her mom’s legs.

“Oh… oh Jesus, Curt,” moaned Karol. “You’re filling me full of it, you’re giving me just what I need. Come on, lover, come on and… ahhh, that’s the way, push it all the way back to my guts — you won’t hurt me, go ahead and shove it in… oh… oh God!”

“Don’t worry, baby, I’m gonna ream your out good and proper… here, how do you like this,” he cried, baring down on her. “How’s this feel back in there where your cunt’s so damned hot and horny, huh? How does that do you?”

Karol’s curvy body was plastered so tightly to his that Lilly couldn’t even see any space between her breasts and Curt’s curly chest. Her mouth was open but her lips just seemed to hang loosely as his strong shaft plunged in and out of her juicy fuck hole. The only sound coming from her lips was a continuing, low moan punctuated from time to time by a few sharp gasps.

In their mounting passion, Curt plowed her body deep into the bed with every stroke. Finally the motion managed to turn them sideways on the bed till Lilly was presented with an entirely new view. Although she could no longer make out any words they were mouthing, the new angle gave the youngster plenty to occupy herself with. Her mother’s feet spread widely apart, the soles toward the door, and her father’s muscular ass bobbed up and down farther up, between her thighs. Lilly had a perfect view of the angry, reddened shaft of his big prick as it surged in and out of her mother’s moist cunt.

She saw that the lips were flushed and shiny with moisture, and that they seemed to quiver violently every time her dad sunk his strong tool between them. His big balls were now exposed from the back, and she could see them swing against the tightly compressed crack of her mom’s asshole.

Wow, Lilly thought, I knew there was some kind of secret stuff they did together in the bedroom but I had no idea it was… was like this! It… it gets me all funny in my cunt to see them do things like they’re doing. I gotta try to sneak a peek as often as I can. Maybe I can catch them at it again if I…

But her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of Kelly’s footsteps entering the house. Lilly took one last desperate look through the keyhole, then dashed down the hall and into her bedroom before Kelly had a chance to catch her.

Inside the master bedroom, Curt and Karol grunted and twisted their heated bodies together just as before. The absence of Lilly at the keyhole was totally irrelevant to their spirited fucking. She grabbed him hard around the neck and rubbed her tits against him so hard they almost bruised. She caught a look at his screwed-up face and knew he couldn’t last much longer. Gripping his thighs between her calves, she clinched her excited pussy tighter against his swollen cock and brought herself nearer and nearer to release.

Oh God, she thought frenziedly to herself. I’d love to have that beautiful hunk of meat in me for another hour, but if he’s about to shoot off in there I’m gonna get my cookies too!

She started her ass moving under him faster and faster. Pretty soon her juicy cunt was slapping the sides of his cock with the speed of an outboard motor. Curt felt the spunk swell up from his balls, then the tension built up at the base of his prick and he sensed the quick, maddeningly pleasurable pressure of an oncoming orgasm. He grunted like a bear and let it happen. He climaxed like a rocket and felt the tip of his hungry cock erupt with a thick stream of spunk.

Karol felt the steamy come shoot against the insides of her ravenous pussy. It was all she needed to bring her to flash-temperature — she bit her lips and came like a bitch dog in heat.

Even as his cock began to subside from its rock-hard state, she continued to ram her plump cunt around it for several seconds, milking the beloved instrument of all possible pleasure. A smaller, secondary orgasm filled her groin and when it hit, she fell back on the bed exhausted and wonderfully satisfied.

Later as they lay getting their wind back, Karol took his cock in her hand and patted it affectionately. It was soft now, but it had done its job well.

“Damn it, honey,” she told him, “you don’t know how bad I’ve been needing that. It didn’t seem to bother you all that much not being able to get in each other’s pants while we were up camping, but it sure got to me. I was really hot to have this nice little thing swell up and ream my cunt out for me.”

Curt thought he heard a thinly disguised complaint in her voice. He couldn’t have her suspecting that he didn’t have as much time for her as in the past, because of how much pussy he was getting from Kelly on the side.

“I don’t know what makes you think I wasn’t missing it just as much as you were,” he was quick to say.

He leaned up and licked her naked nipple. “Don’t you think I got as hot as a bastard seeing you around camp and not being able to fuck you as much as usual? Remember, we both decided we better lay off because of how close the girls were to us. It wasn’t just me.”

His claim of desiring her made her feel better. Strictly speaking, what he said was true. It was just that she had the idea he wasn’t quite as interested in fucking her as he used to be. She smiled down at him as he caressed her nipple with his tongue.

“Well, you have to admit I gave you the next best thing to a good fuck when we were up there,” she said.

Curt recalled with pleasure the night she had mouthed him off, putting her lips around his cock and working on it till he came. She did it that way so they wouldn’t make enough noise for the girls to hear from their bunks in the tent next door.

“You sure did, honey,” he admitted. “And you know how much I love to have you go down on me, too.”

Karol beamed under his compliment. She looked down into his eyes as he playfully toyed with her nipple. She knew, all right. But she happened to like giving a suck job about as much as he did receiving one from her. And speaking of sucking, his lips were beginning to feel awfully good on her taut, sensitive nipple.

He saw her start sinking into a mood of deep languor, so he stopped short and kissed her on the mouth. Then he hopped from bed.

“Hold on, baby,” he chided. “Don’t go getting yourself all worked up again, now. We’ve already been in here a long time, you know. The girls are going to be getting hungry pretty soon. Me too, as far as that goes. Don’t you think you better get some dinner cooking?”

Reluctantly, Karol agreed. They both enjoyed a nice shower and she set to work while he hit the refrigerator for a cold beer and turned on the television. She started to kid him about how easy he was having it, but held back. Tomorrow when he had to go back to work, it would be his turn to be on the short side of things and her turn to enjoy relaxing in front of the television set.

Karol called the girls to help her with a few things but only Lilly showed up. She said that Kelly had gone over to a girlfriend’s house. To Jeannie’s, she thought. Curt overheard and yelled to his wife.

“It better be to Jeannie’s,” he said. “She better not be trying to meet that hippy boyfriend of hers again. She knows damn good and well she’s only supposed to see him twice a week.”

Karol told him to keep his shirt on, there was no reason whatsoever for them to think Kelly had gone to meet Rex. As Lilly helped around the kitchen, Karol thought she caught the girl eyeing her sort of strangely but she dismissed it from her mind. If she had had the slightest idea that young Lilly had been spying on her and Curt in the bedroom, she’d have known the reason for the expression on the girl’s face.

After dinner Kelly called home to say she was at Jeannie’s house. When Curt asked why she hadn’t told them where she was going before she left, Kelly said, with a trace of acid in her voice, “Because I couldn’t find either one of you, Dad, that’s why. You were both off in your bedroom if I’m not mistaken.”

Curt understood the reason for her barbed comment. She was a little bit jealous of him making love to Karol. Actually, it kind of pleased him for her to react that way. It meant she loved the cock he was giving her every once in a while and that she would give him lots more in the future. When she asked if she could stay at Jeannie’s a lot later, he gave his permission.

“But not all night, young lady,” he warned her.

“Oh Daddy,” she answered. “What’s wrong… afraid I won’t be around for you to feel up if you manage to slip away from Mom for a few minutes? Is that it?”

Even though Curt knew that Karol couldn’t possibly hear Kelly’s words, he froze when he heard them. If she was talking from Jeannie’s house… but no, Kelly was undoubtedly out of earshot from any of them. She knew better than to be so careless with her mouth.

He recovered his composure. “Just be good,” he told her, “and come on home by midnight or so.”

He started to hang up but her voice was still on the line. The little minx. She was teasing him on purpose, knowing he could hear her but her mother couldn’t.

“Oh, I’ll be good, Dad,” she cooed sweetly, “I’ll be good and when I come home you can give me a little kiss for getting home in time, huh? A little kiss, and maybe a little feel, Dad, too. Right? You can stick your hand under my blouse and give my tits a nice working over when Mom isn’t looking. Or if we’re really lucky, we might even have enough time for you to sneak your fingers into my panties and give me a little attention there… in my pussy, Dad… how would that be?”

Then she hung up the phone. He grinned to himself. The little tease. She knew damned well it got him hot as hell to have her talk like that. Especially when he was in a situation where he couldn’t do a damned thing about it.

He glanced around uneasily to see if Karol was anywhere near him. She wasn’t and he let out a sigh of relief. His cock had swollen as Kelly talked on, and he didn’t relish the idea of having to hide it from Karol as they ate. He made a quick trip to the bath room and washed the head of it in cold water to make it deflate.

But while the rest of the Carson family ate dinner, Kelly was occupied with matters a long way removed from eating. She had called from Jeannie’s house, all right. That much had been true. But she wasn’t going to be there until midnight. She was actually going to be spending those few hours with Jeannie’s boyfriend, David. To her surprise — and carefully concealed delight — he had dropped by to tell Jeannie he couldn’t take her out that night as planned. He had to help his uncle move, he told her. When Kelly heard that, she suddenly became interested in getting back home fast. Could he drop her off, maybe, Kelly asked Jeannie?

Unaware of her devious plans, Jeannie asked David to drop Kelly off in his car and he complied. Hmmmm… maybe a little too fast, in fact, Jeannie thought to herself as the two of them walked down the driveway. Oh well, he might try to get fresh with Kelly — but Kelly wouldn’t let him get far. Rex was her boyfriend. And besides, Kelly was one of her best friends. Even if she wasn’t going with anyone in particular, Kelly wouldn’t make a play for the boyfriend of one of her closest girl friends. Jeannie didn’t realize, however, that she knew Kelly far less than she thought she did.

They were hardly a half block away in David’s car when he turned to Kelly and asked her if she had to be home right away for real, or if it was a gag.

Kelly was indignant. “What do you mean, a gag?” she asked.

“Don’t get shook,” he grinned, his strong white teeth flashing. “I just now told Jeannie a little fib myself — I don’t really have to help anybody move tonight. I thought you just might have been feeding her the bull yourself.”

Kelly claimed she had done no such thing. She really did have to be home soon. But when she asked David why he had lied, he turned to her with a confident smile and baldly replied, “Oh, just thought I might get a chance to be alone with you for a while. I’ve been wanting to know you a lot better than I do, Kelly, that’s all. But you’re always with that dumb klutz, Rex.”

She was flattered by his open admission he was interested in her, but she didn’t want to admit she felt the same way about him. She denied his innuendos and talked back to him.

“So Rex is a klutz, huh?” she said. “And I guess you’re a big Romeo, right? Is that the scene?”

He loved the way she looked when she was coming on haughty like that, with her long hair down her shoulders and her nose imperiously stuck in the air. He bet she was really a looker underneath her clothes where it really counted, too.

“I’ll never tell,” he smugly retorted. “There might be a few girls around who’d say that, though. If you didn’t have to run home to Mommy so soon, I might show you and let you make up your own mind.”

In one way his superior air irritated the hell out of Kelly. But in another way — in the deep core of her femininity — there was an almost magnetic attraction. Rex never talked that way, was never that sure of himself. David was definitely a different kind of guy. But the question was, did she want to find out just how different? And the crack about her having to get home to Mommy made her blood boil. She’d play his own little game, she decided.

“Ha!” she chortled. “What makes you think I want to know you any better than I already do? For your information, Mr. Smart Ass, I don’t have to ‘run home to Mommy’. If I wanted to, I could just call up and tell my folks I’d be a little late.”

She wouldn’t have him know she’d already made the call from Jeannie’s house.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he answered. “I just can’t believe you’re that much different from other girls. I mean, I don’t usually get exactly what you’d call the cold shoulder from most chicks.”

His arrogance was pissing Kelly off but she had to admit that what he was saying was true. It was mainly the way he was saying it that turned her off.

“I’ll admit I’m no different from most other guys,” he went on, keeping on the same subject. “So why should you be different from most other chicks? I mean, hell Kelly, when I take a good look at your bra and see how well you’re put together, or when I get a break and get to see up your skirt a little ways higher than usual — I get really turned on. Just like any other guy does when he sees the same thing. You aren’t going to tell me you don’t know what a sharp-looking chick you are, now are you?”

His line was insidious. She might have even begun to fall for it if it hadn’t been for that reference to her bra. She didn’t like guys getting that personal with her so quickly.

“Oh yeah!” she exclaimed. “When you ‘take a good look at my bra’, huh? Well, it just so happens I’m not even wearing a bra today. So I guess that means you just don’t know what you’re talking about. And as far as copping a look up my skirt, I…”

“No shit?” he blurted, cutting her short. “You really aren’t wearing a bra underneath your shirt? Come on, you gotta be. No chick’s got a pair that nice without having a little support and shaping. You telling me you’re naked all the way under there?”

His compliment was so unexpected and sincere that she was taken back. She was quite proud of her adorably shaped, high-pointed tits — but she’d never had a boy be so effusive and so… so sexy about the way she talked about them. Yet there was an implied challenge in his words. She couldn’t let him think she was wearing some kind of damn falsies under there.

Quick as a wink, she pulled her shirt up and exposed the succulent mounds of her juicy young tits to his eyes, then jerked it back down just as quickly. He had his eyes on the road and barely got a peek at them before she had them covered again.

“Well,” she asked, her voice bright with pride, “see any sign of a bra over ’em?”

He slowed the car and pulled up a side street as he spoke. “Come on, Kelly,” he cried. “That’s not fair. Jesus, you can’t just up and show those things off to a guy while he’s driving — with no warning — and expect him to get a look at them. If you aren’t afraid, let’s see ’em again. Now I can look at ’em without crashing into a telephone pole or another car.”

He stopped the car behind an old garage. It looked dark and quiet all around, like nobody would be coming by. It made Kelly feel sexy to be there with him.

“Or are you still sweating calling your Mom?” he said. “You have to check in with her if you’re going to be a few minutes late?”

She laughed softly. “Well, I’m not afraid… no. I showed them to you once, didn’t I? Wasn’t my fault if you can’t drive good enough to keep the car in the road and look at them at the same time, is it? And don’t worry about me calling my folks. That’s cool. Just worry about your eyes if you can’t see any better than that.”

It was David’s turn to be on the defensive. She was certainly a sharp-tongued little number, he was finding out. But he liked the direction their cat-and-mouse game was taking. He was getting the hots for her so bad he could taste it, too.

“Maybe I didn’t get a very good look at them,” he exclaimed, sliding across the seat toward her, “but you better believe I’ll sure feel ’em good.”

He ran his hand adeptly under her loose-bottomed shirt and was rewarded with a handful of some of the smoothest, firmest titty-skin he’d ever felt.

“David!” she exclaimed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, anyway? You just better…”

But he cut her short. “Hey, wait a minute, love,” he told her, his voice rich and sexy, “aren’t you the chick that just said she wasn’t interested in me? Honey, if you mean what you said then you ought to be able to let me put my hands on you without even getting the least bit hot and bothered — right? Of course, on the other hand, if you are beginning to go for me a little…”

He was confusing her. And not only with his words. He had a full hand on one of her tits now and she still hadn’t done anything about it. And with his other hand he was already unbuttoning her shirt!

His handsome face was looming over her now, just inches away from the smoothness of her cheeks and lips. Her voice was quieter this time, and tinged with an edge of frank arousal.

“Can anybody see us here?” she asked guardedly. “Will there be anybody passing by here?”

Her lips were soft and moist, only inches below the hard lines of his own mouth. He raised his forearms, spreading the front of her shirt wide open, and put his other hand on her other tit.

“Not a chance, baby,” he said huskily. “Not a chance. I know this place well.”

And his lips fell on hers. She stubbornly kept them closed, even going so far as to make them firmer. The only result was that her cute little turned-up nose became even cuter than usual. The heat and wetness of his lips on hers was too much for her to fight for very long. Gradually she felt her lips begin to tremble softly, as though unable to withstand any more contact without giving in and doing what they wanted to do. The trembly feeling floated down and seemed to take control of her entire torso. She felt her sensitive tits shake under his firm grip and knew a brand new thrill, different and more exciting than when her dad touched her there.

Her long lashes fluttered as she felt him draw her in. The hard buttons of his shirt pressed into her succulent, pneumatic tits and suddenly his arms were behind her, forcing her closer to his body. But force was becoming less and less necessary. The little plan she’d worked out in the back of her mind was coming true — at last she was getting the thrill of having new hands on her young, naked curves. And they were the hands of a handsome guy her own age instead of her lecherous father’s hands. It felt great to have Dad’s there usually — but the feeling of having a strange male touch her secret places was even more exciting than that.

She allowed him to squirm facing her. He buried his face in her neck and the sensation of his hot, wet lips kissing her up and down its length was fantastic. If she hadn’t been completely sure before, she was becoming so very rapidly. But she was still holding out for what she wanted. She wasn’t about to let David call all the shots — even if he was the second male to ever get her this hot in her entire life.

She felt his mouth open against her skin before she heard his words come out.

“Sonofabitch,” he whispered passionately, “I take it all back, Kelly. You got the finest set of jugs I ever had my hands on. I mean it… Jesus, are you ever built!”

It was dark in the car but Kelly knew in her mind’s eye what he was talking about. She should have. She had spent enough time staring at the naked beauty of those same tits herself. It wasn’t that they were so gigantic, she knew, but rather that they were so perfectly formed that they stood high and proud on her chest with the fullest succulence and the tautest, prettiest little nipples imaginable.

David dropped his face lower down her torso, past her collar bone and still heading south. She knew damned well he must be about to plaster his mouth on one of her beauties and couldn’t wait to feel it. In seconds his tongue was avidly working on a hard, hot little nipple.

To his surprise, she not only allowed it but urged him on. He felt her hands on the back of his head, firmly but gently pressing his face to her damp skin. But just when he was enjoying an entire mouthful of tit, he felt her hands pushing him down still farther.

Astonished at her actions, he balked for a second.

“Hey, what gives?” he asked.

“Now that you’re in my clothes,” she breathed huskily, “I want your mouth on more of me than just my tits, David. What’s the matter — haven’t you ever eaten a chick out before?”


Her words galvanized him on the spot. He hadn’t expected her to be so experienced. David thought he was pulling something over on the girl by getting his mouth on her tits, and here she was insisting that he lick her snatch for her!

It galled him that she had turned his challenge back at him and accused him of being afraid to do something.

“Sure, baby,” he said, trying to get back the upper hand, “I’ve eaten plenty of chicks out. I was gonna get to that in a minute. But shit, first I want to…”

“Why wait around?” she demanded. She had him going now and she loved it. “You must not have done it to too many chicks if you can’t tell when one wants it.”

David had been stretching the truth when he said he had licked a lot of girls’ pussies. Now Kelly went him one better. Before he could reply to her she said, “Most guys can tell a girl wants to have her pussy licked without her having to say it. Can’t you smell it, Romeo? Most guys get a yen to go for it as soon as they smell it… I know you must be able to smell it ’cause I’m so hot and juicy I’m about to boil over down there.”

It was a bald-faced lie. The only male to ever have his lips on her cunt was her own father. But she sure did love it. That part was the truth for sure.

David wasn’t about to let himself be made a fool of. He had really only done it twice in his life before — his usual practice was to get a girl’s sweet lips on his organs. But this was no time to quibble. He could smell it, all right, and the sweet, slightly acrid scent was wafting up from between her legs like a heady gust of perfume. His prick was quaking like an animal inside his pants and dying for some attention, but it would have to wait.

He let his face fall below her tits and go down her tender stomach as he mumbled and kissed her thoroughly. At her navel, he slowed down and rasped, “Come on, lemme get your clothes off and get you naked. Spread your legs and lemme get your jeans down.”

She was loving every second of his mouth and tongue on her body. She wanted to play it for all it was worth.

“Huh uh,” she disagreed. “Do me a little through my jeans first and then go inside.”

David was humiliated. He certainly didn’t intend to lick the crotch of a chick’s pants for her without even getting his lips on her meat. Not even one as cute and sexy as Kelly. He started to protest but she squelched it.

“Never mind,” she said, feigning irritation. “You probably don’t even know what I’m talking about. I guess Jeannie never taught you how to do that to her, huh? She probably wouldn’t even let you do it if you did know how. What do you two do anyway, just sit around and fingerfuck each other? I thought you were a real man. I thought you really knew how to satisfy a chick.”

That did it. He was ready to eat out the crotch of her jeans immediately… if necessary he would chew up the cloth and swallow it just to get to the sweet, wet folds of the aromatic snatch he smelled underneath her jeans.

“Okay, honey,” he confidently told her, his words creating a warm breeze on her soft belly. “Just didn’t want to scare you by doing something you never had done to you before. Looks like you know the score pretty well, though.”

She giggled at the success of her ploy and also at the wonderful tickling sensation that had started up in her crotch. Even her dad had never done this before. She just made it up on the spur of the moment because she wanted a nasty new thrill. And David was eating it up! The idea, that is, as well as the thick crotch of her jeans. She bent forward and let the hard tips of her nipples press against his back. She took off his shirt so she could feel his warm skin against them and heard him sigh at the touch. He had been feeling them up so thoroughly earlier with his fingers that he could picture just what it was against his naked back.

His chin pressed her soft skin at the level of her pants top while he tongued out the cute little cleft of her navel. Then she felt his face slide gradually down, down, till at last his mouth and nose were flush against the upper front of her pants. She was wearing the button-fly style and this allowed a strong scent of her wet pussy to pass through to his nose.

“God damn, I can smell it now,” he blubbered. “Your fucking cunt must be wet as a fish in there. Jesus, just wait till I get my mouth on it, honey. You’re gonna know you got something going on between your legs when I do!”

She knew the scent was really getting to him now, that he was really wanting to suck her off. She knew what the sexy smell must be doing to him because she’d smelled it herself a few times when she got herself especially hot from masturbating. Yet the strange new thrill of having him work on her through her pants was too much fun to cut short. She wanted more of that before letting him in to the ripe, sweating folds of her panty-covered pussy.

“Just take it slow, please,” she cautioned. “What you’re doing now feels groovy. Lemme have more of that before you go sticking your mouth inside. And go lower, will you? Right down to where you feel my pussy bulging tight from underneath.”

David was getting caught up in her weird little games. He enthusiastically dropped lower. He put his lips on the fat swell at the very apex of her pants crotch.

“Oooooo,” she crooned, giggling. “That’s it. Oh, right there, David, right there is where I wanted to feel your mouth on me. Ummm… ummmm… yeah, that’s good.”

David got down on his knees in the floor of the car so he could have more room. He put his hands on her knees and separated her slender legs, snooting his mouth into even closer contact with her pubic bulge. Now he could feel the definite protrusions of each individual pussy lip through the material of her jeans. He applied his open lips and tongue to the area industriously, causing her to giggle more and begin moving her ass around restlessly on the car seat. Now he could even feel the pulsations of her blood running through her firm, pooching little pussy lips.

She felt the sweat break out on her forehead.

“Oh… oh… I think you better go ahead and open me up,” she sighed, beginning to want him inside next to her. “Unbutton me now and go ahead and do what you’ve been want…”

He acted so quickly he made her stop herself in the middle of her very words.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, needing it more every minute.

David had been anticipating getting her pants down for a long time, so the mere suggestion was enough to spur him toward his goal. In seconds he had her unbuttoned and was snaking the top of her jeans over her beautiful thighs.

His prick jumped at the sight he beheld. As her tanned stems became naked all the way to her knees, David thought, Wow, what a fantastic pair of legs. Sonofabitch, I could get my nuts off just from looking at them.

But there was something much better a little higher up. He raised his eyes from the sensuous curves of her tanned thighs and knees, and found himself staring at her newly revealed panties. The light blue silkiness of the wispy undergarment was stretched skin-tight over the swollen mound of her cunt. He could even see the vertical line of depression that split the mound into two firm halves.

Kelly saw him looking at her with hunger in his eyes and she wondered how he would have liked her the way she and her little sister had been back at the park — without a trace of undies underneath. If it were that way, he’d be looking straight into the wet slit of her hot little snatch this very moment. She was glad she was wearing panties, though. She wanted him to lick and suck them too, like he’d done with her outer garment.

He made a move toward the elastic top, but she put her hand on his to intercede.

“Not yet, not yet,” she whispered, her voice low and sultry. “Gimme a little panty-sucking first, okay?”

“Huh?” he responded, irritated at being held off still longer from what was underneath. “What do you mean? Listen, I’m dying to strip you off all the way and get my mouth straight on your naked pussy so I can lick it.”

“I know, I know,” she begged. “Me too, I want you to… Jesus, I’ll let you suck me dry if you want to — but first can’t you just plaster your tongue on the crotch of my panties and give me a nice lick-job through the crotch? Look at ’em. They’re so thin down there, and so damp from my pussy juice that you can darn near see right through them anyway.”

Having his head between her naked thighs with her scantily covered cunt in his face was too exciting to make him refuse her anything. He pressed his lips and tongue at once to the smelly, wispy-thin material that covered her pulsing snatch. He worked his nose and mouth around like a pig rooting for persimmons. He’d been smelling her cunt for a long time — now he could actually taste it, and the sensation of its flavor on his tongue made him crazy to lick and suck her as much as she would let him. His cock throbbed in his pants as he continued madly working on her.

“Oh… oh yeah,” she cried, “that’s what I want. You’re making me so juicy and so hot… keep it up. Oh God, I love it!”

She reared back against the seat and her glistening tits stuck out high and proud from her chest as she dug her heels into the floorboards of the car and got more leverage. She took one of his hands and raised it to a tit as he worked away on her tightly pantied morsel. Finally she even ran her hand between his legs and felt for the swell of his cock. It was there all right, stiff and thick, just as she expected it to be.

“Go ahead, David,” she sighed at last. “Strip off my panties and get my pussy out where it can get some air. It’s suffocating in there, wow, believe me.”

With his hands trembling, he peeled the wet undergarment off the smooth skin of her pubes and gazed at the shock of thick black curls that greeted him. He still had his hand on her tit and she saw him lick his lips for a few seconds before ducking below to the treasure just uncovered.

Then he darted his free hand to the black bush and parted it in the center. Two rosy-colored, moisture-laden pussy lips were suddenly exposed. The sight of her beautiful wet meat after the way she’d been tantalizing him and making him wait, made him crazy for her. He dropped his face once more to her crotch, this time entirely free of the stricture of any bothersome panties, and slid the hot flesh of his lips along the juicy curves of her waiting cunt.

“Ummm,” she cried, “oh God yes… do it, David, please… lick my pussy and suck it for me till I come all over myself! Oh Jesus, that feels sweet!”

He greedily slurped the juice from her naked lips and felt her thick curls tickle his nose and cheeks as he kept it up. He could feel her sliding her ass around on the seat and knew she was getting as big a charge out of it as he was. She clamped her thighs around his head and urged him I on.

“Now your tongue, lover!” she panted. “Your tongue… stick it way in deep and really let me have it, will you? Here, I’ll get your cock out and give you a nice hand job.”

He eagerly complied with her request and was rewarded with the touch of her fingers on his zipper. She reached past his busy head and managed to bring his cock out of his fly in short order. It was so dark she could only see the sheen of its shiny red head, but the feel of it in her fingers excited her anew and made her cunt quiver with passionate longing. David pushed the end of his tongue deep inside, along the velvety folds of her moist channel, and worked his lips on her outer flesh at the same time.

She gave him a few slow jacks and then stepped up the pace, slipping her nimble fingers up and down the hard shaft in time to the rhythm of his active tongue.

“Oh wow,” she cried, “I’m really getting there now, I’m really getting there!”

David ripped his mouth from her cunt just long enough to say, “Me too, baby, keep jacking me just like you’re doing and I’m gonna come all over your legs!” Then he slapped his mouth back to her cunt.

At another time Kelly might have been revolted at even the thought of having a boy shoot off on her legs, but she was so hot it served only to make her more excited. She’d hoped he wouldn’t hold out for sticking his cock into her pussy at the last moment because she was so close to her orgasm she didn’t want to change the rhythm. His words made her feel free to come off strictly by way of his tongue.

The juice was flowing fast and furious now, and David knew it would only be seconds before he shot his wad. From every indication, Kelly was as close as he was. At that moment the headlights flashed on the side of their car. Kelly saw it but was so near to getting her jollies she didn’t have time to think straight. In fact the danger of being suddenly discovered by some stranger with a boy’s mouth going to town on her pussy seemed to increase her excitement.

“Suck honey!” she cried, her voice rising. “Oh Jesus, suck me good, I’m coming… tongue it for me, lover, tongue me good, that’s the way, that’s the way!”

Then the end of the hard cock she was holding spewed out a stream of hot thick fluid that flew all over her shins and knees. The fountain of sperm was accompanied by a deep groan of pleasure from David and she knew he’d hit his climax. She was wildly stimulated by the feel of hot spunk running down her calves. Already his tongue had her cunt hot as blazes, and the feel of his splattering wad was enough to put her over the top. She hugged his head to her cunt in one final spasm, and whimpered like a baby as her pussy pulsed with a heated climax of pure, unadulterated bliss.

She collapsed back into the seat and as David wearily crawled up from the floor, she remembered to glance back outside for the car. Not only was it no longer in sight but its headlights had already passed far out of the range of visibility.

She breathed a sigh of relief and told David what had happened, laughing at her mistake. He grinned and said, “It’s a damned good thing no one did drive past here. You had me so fucking hot I couldn’t have stopped licking your snatch for a thousand dollars.”

As they tugged their clothes back on and drove off, Kelly said, “You can’t fool me. You might have been grooving on licking my pussy quite a bit, but I’ll bet the main thing that made you shoot your nuts off was a certain little thing I was doing with my hand.”

“Maybe so,” he grinned, conceding the point.

Just before they reached her block, David asked when they could get together again. It was quite obvious to Kelly that he had fallen for her pretty hard. Remembering his earlier bragging, she decided to throw it up in his face.

“Who said anything about us getting together again?” she coldly answered. “Not me. I have other fish to fry. The only reason we’re together now is just because I needed a ride home, remember? Besides, from what you were telling me earlier you have so many girls you barely have time for them all.”

He got red in the face and tried to back down but she wouldn’t have it. He even begged her to go out with him again but she still wouldn’t commit herself. She thought he was good-looking all right, but had decided he was too stuck on himself to be much fun. As she got out of the car she couldn’t resist a little barb.

“See you around, Romeo,” she cooed. “Who knows, maybe the next chick you ball will even let you stick your cock in and fuck like a man.”

And she was away from the car in a flash, leaving David smoking with rage over her insult. Actually she had enjoyed what he did to her tremendously and wanted a suck job instead of a regular fuck — she could always count on good old Dad for that. But she knew that her slam at David’s manhood would infuriate him and just did it on purpose. She giggled to herself as she walked down the sidewalk. She hadn’t even let him touch her pussy with his cock — only with his mouth. She mentally patted herself on the back. She had done pretty well, she thought, considering how David had been just the second lover she’d ever had.

It made her think again of her boyfriend, Rex. Handling David so well made her want to do the same thing with Rex. And he wasn’t nearly as aggressive as David. She amused herself by considering all the sexy things she could probably succeed in getting Rex to do if she worked it right. She’d have to keep the idea in mind.

In the house, her mother asked how it had been at Jeannie’s house. Since she made it home so early, Curt wasn’t peeved at all. He also asked about her evening.

“It was fun,” Kelly said. And when they asked her what she and Jeannie had done, Kelly calmly replied, “Oh, we just sat around and talked about stuff.”

On the way to her room, Kelly almost doubled over with suppressed laughter. If only her parents had known the truth, especially her dad — that the only sitting around she had done was on the front seat of a boy’s car with his mouth in her panties, and that most of the talking had been groans and moans of pleasure. She started to shower before bed, but Lilly was using it. The water was running so she didn’t hear her big sister approach. The girls had their own separate bathroom, which joined their two bedrooms so they were accustomed to seeing one another semi-nude or from time to time, nearly all the way naked.

But when Lilly noticed Kelly outside the glass door of the shower stall, she became angry. And her older sis knew at once why — she had accidentally caught Lilly in the act of very closely examining her barely pubescent young pussy.

“So what are you doing sneaking around peeking in the shower while I’m using it,” the trim little blond demanded.

“What are you so uptight about?” Kelly answered, knowing full well the reason. “You didn’t used to get shook when I happened to see you naked. And for gosh sake’s, I wasn’t peeking — I’m just standing here waiting to take a shower.”

Lilly came out of the shower and grabbed a towel around her wet, slender body.

“None of your business why,” she replied. “Heck, I’m not uptight. Can’t a girl have any privacy?”

Kelly grinned. Apparently, her little sis was in the process of shedding her tomboy traits and beginning to be concerned about her feminine appearance.

“Couldn’t be because I happened to catch you looking over that peach fuzz between your legs, could it? That why you’re sore?” Kelly asked, baiting her.

Lilly finished drying herself and slid into a fresh pair of panties, turning her back to Kelly as she answered.

“For your information, it is not peach fuzz anymore,” she said, ignoring Kelly’s charge that she had been all caught up in examining her pubes. “I have hairs there, not fuzz. And it’s none of your business, anyway.”

She stalked out of the bathroom toward her bedroom, her cute little ass wiggling under the towel. As she left the room Kelly noticed that the little bee-sting titties Lilly had been sporting for a few months seemed to be somewhat larger. That was it okay. Lilly was finally growing up. And maybe just a wee bit jealous of her older sister’s ample tits and of her furry bush.

Kelly stepped under the shower and began lathering herself down. She applied copious amounts of thick suds to her tits and underarms and to the curly swell of her cunt. As she washed her gleaming body, she thought fondly of how Lilly had been checking her meager-haired little pussy for signs of new ones about to pop out of the skin. She remembered so well how she had done the same thing herself when she was about that age, and how important it had been to her when she discovered a new one sprouting up. And when her titties had begun to swell, as Lilly’s were doing now, she remembered how she carefully observed them from all angles every time she got the chance.

She hadn’t been such a tomboy as Lilly. She had welcomed her developing femininity and had been eager for the swell of her titty to finally require a brassiere. She glanced down at the high tips of her fat nipples and was grateful that her little beestings had turned into such fully packed, perfectly shaped tits. She remembered the first time she ever played with her pussy and idly wondered if Lilly ever did such things. She giggled to herself as she combed her long black hair. The thought of her skinny little sis feeling around between her legs and fingering her nearly hairless pussy was somehow funny.

Kelly powdered herself with talcum, her usual procedure, and went to bed at once. Before long she was asleep. The release provided by David’s mouth on her cunt a couple of hours earlier had made her very relaxed and ready for sleep.

In the master bedroom, Curt crawled between the sheets before Karol entered the room. When she got naked and slid in beside him, she threw her arm affectionately over his side and let her hand fall dangerously close to his soft cock. He gave no reaction, so she moved closer to him, pressing her naked tits against his back.

“Not tonight, honey,” Curt said sleepily. “I got a big day ahead of me tomorrow at work.”

Karol accepted his word. She rolled over to her side of the bed and lay quietly until she heard him snoring. Then she delicately placed her fingers between her thighs and worked on herself till she was nice and wet. Burying her face in the pillow so as not to wake Curt up, she frigged her juicy cunt for several long, delicious minutes. Finally she slipped her fingertips up to the shaft of her aroused clit and, applying herself to her lust, brought herself off. She lay for several minutes enjoying the relaxing lassitude which followed.

Before going to sleep she thought to herself about her sex life. If Curt wasn’t ready to service her whenever she needed it from him, there were certainly other ways of getting the job done. And masturbation was only part of it. He knew she did that once in a while. But he’d no idea what additional activities his wife participated in to relieve her considerable appetites. And he wasn’t ever going to find out, either. If he ever did, there was no question in her mind but what he’d divorce her. Gratified by her own fingers and keeping her secret safe within her head, Karol soon drowsed off to sleep.

But in the third bedroom of the Carson’s house, the occupant was still very much awake. Young Lilly had a few things to concern herself with before she was ready to go to sleep. Making sure that her door was securely locked, the youngster stood in the middle of her room and judged herself critically in the mirror. She had never been very interested in her appearance until very recently, but now she was making up for lost time.

She had already changed into her shorty pajamas, so her arms and legs were covered. But being a very long-waisted girl, her pajama top failed to touch the waistband of the bottoms by a couple of inches. There was a band of honey-colored skin visible just above her protruding hip bones.

Compared to the other kids in her class at school, Lilly thought she was at least above average in looks and maybe even one of the prettiest two or three girls of all. But it wasn’t her classmates she was concerned about. It was her big sis and even — since the keyhole affair — her mom. She had suddenly decided she was very deficient in the titty department, or “ninnies”, as she sometimes called them. And she couldn’t wait to have a nice pair the size of her mom’s or of her sister’s.

She turned this way and that, but no matter how she stood she couldn’t make the points of her small titties show up through the top of her pajamas. Still looking at herself in the full-length mirror, she stepped out of her bottoms and regarded the long, slender legs that disappeared under the hem of her pajama tops with only an inch or two of panties visible. She honestly thought she had pretty good legs for her age, even if they did tend to be a little skinny. She turned and pranced in place, extending them and twisting them every which way. She liked what she saw.

And apparently a few other people did too. She’d noticed a couple of the older boys she played softball with take an awfully long look up her skirt if she happened to be wearing one when she played in the park with them. When she wore pants they didn’t seem to notice her as much. In the past she had thought things like that were dumb, but now that she was changing her mind about a few things she could remember other guys who had looked at her in a funny way.

One was an old guy that lived near her school. Whenever she walked by on her way home, she would often see him trying to sneak a look up her skirt if the wind was blowing. If someone his age tried to see what she had under her skirt, then she reasoned she must be growing up. And she had also noticed that the boys who bagged groceries at the store had started paying attention to her if she happened to be wearing a tank top that showed her budding ninnies.

She sat back on the bed and unbuttoned her pajama top, letting it fall behind her. Now her titties were naked. She carefully examined them with her fingers. Each one had a pert berry of a nipple at its center and was supported with a firm little mound of titty flesh about as big as a fat strawberry. Maybe Mom would get her a bra soon. She touched them gently with the tips of her fingers and noticed that when she tickled them just right the tips got harder and stuck out more. It was sort of like the way they looked in the winter when she got cold. But she’d never noticed she could have them get hard by just touching them.

Lilly then swung her feet off the floor and lay backwards onto the bed with her toes in the air. She caught a shot of herself in the mirror and stuck her tongue out at herself, then slipped her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and skinned them off over her legs. She tossed them aside and let her feet fall to the floor again. She glanced again at the door and, assured once more she was in complete privacy, she spread her slim thighs. She put her hands between her legs and carefully manipulated the twin halves of her nearly hairless pussy lips.

No, there didn’t seem to be any sign of new hairs yet. But the ones she had been secretly so proud of were very much in evidence, she was pleased to note — three golden strands that curled up from the pad of flesh at the top of her pussy. She delicately ran her fingers up each one to measure its length.

Lilly kept examining her pussy and thinking about how it compared with her mom’s and her sister’s. They both certainly had huge muffs of hair on theirs — coal black, too. Hers was bright blond and she wasn’t sure if it would turn black one day like theirs or if it would stay blond because the hair on her head was that color. She’d have to take a little peek the next time she was in the girl’s rest room at school and see if older blonds had light or dark pussy hairs.

Just then a fleeting motion caught her eye outside the bedroom window. It was a man’s face. He was looking right at her and seeing everything she had. She screamed and hopped behind the bed.


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