His Youngest Nubile Daughter Part 1



Daddy has two daughters and he loves younger one more

“S’cuse me,” came a man’s voice suddenly from behind her.

Karol Carson gave a start and furiously buttoned up the front of her blouse as she turned around. It was a very hot day in the park and she had been working around camp with the thing carelessly flapping in the breeze. A crimson flush suffused her face as she whirled to face the man, her fingers barely managing to fasten the last button in time.

“Didn’t mean to scare you,” he apologized. She saw his eyes veer away from the top of her blouse where a bit of her firm cleavage was still visible. He pretended not to notice what her fingers had been doing only moments before.

“Name’s Jim,” he said, smiling generously. “The wife and I have been noticing your camper parked here for the last couple of days and been meaning to stop by and say hello. Ours is the little blue and white job parked down by the bridge. Maybe you’ve noticed it on your way past.”

Karol wasn’t all that pleased to have people come dropping in just because they happened to be camping in the same vicinity. Privacy was one of the main reasons the Carson’s had decided to spend their vacation camping in the state park. But she managed to be civil to the stranger, even cheerful. She told him her name and added, a little too quickly, perhaps, that the rest of the family was fishing down by the creek and due back soon.

“Oh, your whole family along?” he said. “Little ones, too, huh? Me and Tillie left our three with their grandma. We get a kick out of being all by ourselves up here. Gives a couple a little more freedom, you know.”

“Ours aren’t exactly ‘little ones’,” she said. “Our oldest daughter, Kelly, just turned eighteen, and Lilly is younger one. They love it up here. They wouldn’t have stood for it a minute to have us go off and leave them behind.”

“You’re kidding,” Jim exclaimed. “You got a kid eighteen years old? You can’t be old enough to have one that age.”

Here comes the flattery, she thought to herself. But it was nice to hear. She knew damned well she looked awfully good for her age but it was always great to have some comment on it — especially a man.

He had won his first real smile from her. “No, I can assure you it’s true,” she said. “Of course, Curt and I were pretty young when we got married. I hadn’t quite turned seventeen then and Curt was just eighteen going on nineteen himself. You can figure it out yourself how old we are now.”

This Jim looks to be around forty, she thought. He was a big man, broad shouldered and hovering a bit over the six-foot mark. And his iron-grey hair added a certain air of sophistication that was otherwise lacking in him. She caught his eyes on the vee of her blouse again, but he averted them before he spoke.

“You sure don’t look it,” he went on. “Hell, if you have a daughter eighteen, you ought to be on one of them TV ads with her… you know, the ones that show a mother and daughter that look like twins?”

Again she was flattered. But it occurred to her that she was allowing this man, who was after all a rank stranger, to get a little too personal with her.

“Well, I really have to get on with this cleaning up,” she said, busying herself once more. She could tell he wanted to hang around but hoped he’d take the hint. As he stepped away and headed back toward the road she had a pang of regret. After all, he hadn’t really come on too strong. It was just that she could tell that he wanted, to, and that he had it in him to do something about it if she gave him half a chance.

“Good-bye,” she called after him, “tell your wife hello.”

He turned around and eagerly returned her good-bye. “Sure will,” he yelled. “Maybe we’ll see you folks later on. Come on by our camper any time you’re down that way and bring your husband with you.”

Now that was a stupid thing to do. She shouldn’t have encouraged him at all. Oh well, maybe she was imagining things, maybe his interest in her wasn’t all that intense. She’d certainly had plenty of other men take a long look at her and fail to do anything more as a consequence, even though she could see in their eyes their thoughts were zeroed in on her full breasts, the tightness of her skirt across her ass, or maybe the hem of her mini-slip showing from under some super-short skirt she happened to be wearing at the time. She glanced at the casual pants she was wearing and wondered how Jim would have reacted if she’d been wearing a skirt. In spite of a quite nicely developed set of tits, hers weren’t at all gigantic, she knew. Ah, but her legs were a different story.

She was well aware that her long, curvaceous legs were far and away her best feature. She’d had plenty of compliments on them in her life, and that only emphasized what the full-length mirror showed her in the privacy of her bedroom. And apparently it was hereditary. Although young Lilly wasn’t yet old enough, quite, to be anything but slender and gawky as a colt, her sister’s legs had grown to be terribly sensuous and curvy. Karol was far from over the hill, but she had to admit to herself that the sight of Kelly’s lithe young limbs made her a bit jealous. The girl’s legs reminded her of her own when she was that age, supporting the ass high and pertly, and making her look fantastic in anything she wore that showed a lot of skin below the hem.

Karol smiled to herself as she puttered about. There was no reason for her to be envious of Kelly’s finely-turned underpinning. Except for the loss of just a slight bit of muscle tone, inevitable due to the years that separated them, Karol had legs every bit as attractive as her pretty daughter’s. She’d seen the girl a few times lately in panties and bra and knew that comparison of their bodies above the thigh was a different matter, however. Oh well… among women her age, Karol was a knock-out and knew it.

She glanced behind her to make sure Jim was gone, breaking from her reverie, then unbuttoned her blouse again to let some of the cool breeze inside next to the straining confines of her brassiere. This time she only loosened the top three buttons. She had learned her lesson. She felt the hot mugginess of the day pour through her clothes like thick, lazy smoke in spite of the half-open blouse. There was so much moisture inside the tight-fitting bra she could feel her nipples pressing wetly against the inner surfaces of her size C-Cups.

Jesus, she thought, my tits are so hot and uncomfortable in there I’d like to slip this damned thing off and get some air on them, but some fool would probably drive by and get an eyeful if I did.

Karol’s discomfort wasn’t limited to her superstructure. The heat of the sun had caused her to begin feeling a few droplets of sweat roll down the smooth-skinned columns of her inner thighs as well. She irritatedly put a thumb and forefinger to the leg of her pants and pulled the material away from the area as she worked. The girls had certainly been smart to go off in their shorts. She was sure they were both much more comfortable than she was, or had any hopes of being as long as she kept on the clothes she was wearing.

Roughing it in the outdoors was fun all right, but she sure wished there was access to a nice shower. Curt had said they could bathe in the creek at a deep little hole he’d found. Karol had her doubts about such an arrangement, especially for the girls, who were used to caring for their hygiene in much more civilized surroundings. But she was willing to go along with Curt’s back-to-nature bit for a few days if it didn’t require too much hardship.

She pushed her long black hair out of her eyes for the seventeenth time and stooped down to clean the big frying pan they’d used the night before for fish. If it were strictly up to her, she would have probably cut her hair some months before, thick and lustrous as it was. But Curt liked it long so well that she knew he’d have a fit if she touched it. It was four or five-inches below her shoulders, much longer than most of her friends wore theirs.

As Karol scoured the frying pan she squatted low, supporting herself on the balls of her feet and giving the metal surface hell with a piece of steel wool. She felt the inseam of her pants stretch tightly across the insides of her full-fleshed thighs and shifted her weight to relieve the pressure. But her pants were too well-fitted to the firm curves of her bottom. Soon they were bothering her again, this time pulling tight over the soft ridge of her cunt. She could feel the thin fabric of her underpants slip into the warm, wet slit. It was too much for the sensitive skin to take. She stood up and twisted her pants back and forth on her ass till the offending pants were out where they belonged. The moist flesh of her cunt still tingled from the pressure.

Damn it, the hot sun was bad enough. Having her cunt chaffed by a pair of tight pants was the last straw. She finished what she was doing and sat back in a canvas chair, letting the rest of the work go. There wasn’t that much more to be done anyway, and when the rest of the family got back one of the girls could handle it. Relaxing in the shady comfort of the chair, she grinned as she felt the soft folds of her cunt still tingling. Now it almost felt good, she noted mischievously. If it were in that condition from having Curt’s fingers between her legs it would have been fine, but to get all hot and bothered just from tight pants on a hot day sure was a big waste. She wished they were back from their fishing jaunt, and the girls would occupy themselves with something so she and their daddy could be alone for a little while.

Their camper was a huge one, with two bed rooms. But she still was never quite sure the girls couldn’t hear the noises she and Curt made sometimes at night. Consequently she only liked to make love when they were parked on the road at a place where the girls could be well out of earshot. She was especially concerned about Kelly. Lilly was too young to know what was going on, or at least to worry much about it. But Kelly, at eighteen, was a different story. Karol hated to think of her older daughter lying in her bed at night and being able to overhear even the faintest sounds of their lovemaking. She was now a young woman, not just a kid anymore, and Karol had special reasons for feeling embarrassed if she thought Kelly could hear anything.

She knew it was silly to tease herself like this but, as she sat in the shade she let her mind roam and indulge in a little fantasy. What if Curt showed up without the girls, what if Kelly and Lilly had found something of interest along the way that made them want to stop a while? That would be swell. They hadn’t gone at it in the daytime for months and months. She could meet him with a big kiss, could press herself against him and rub her tits back and forth on his hard chest, let them show him how bad they wanted to be out of the brassiere and have his hands on them.

Karol shifted restlessly in her chair. The heat building up now in her cunt wasn’t from the sun.

She knew he’d love to feel her big jugs pushing against him; he had told her again and again how much he loved to get them naked and play with them. But that’s not all she’d do. She’d play it straight with him, not fool around a bit. While he had his arms around her and was being treated to the fat pressure of her straining tits, she’d squirm her clothed but eager-to-be-naked cunt against his hard groin. She’d make it clear to him she was offering more than just a few nice feels and hugs.

Maybe she’d even put her lips to his ear and say something really hot to him, something nasty and sexy like she sometimes did when she was hot enough to get the nerve. She’d tell him that her poor, hairy little cunt was getting awfully hot and sweaty inside her underpants, and that she was just dying to have him lay her on her back and jerk them off. Then she’d reach down the front of his pants to see how big his cock had got. She’d maybe work on it some through the material, then when she got the old cock as hard as a pop bottle, she would put her fingers on the zipper of his fly and…

Karol, jerked out of her reverie, sat up straight in the chair and saw that a rock had been thrown against a tin can close to the camper. A glance down the road showed the family coming back from their fishing trip.

“Did you see that, Daddy?” Lilly jubilantly shouted. “I hit it. I hit it! Ha ha! Scared Mommy out of her wits, did you see her jump up in her chair?”

She was living up to her reputation as an irrepressible tomboy. Lilly was constantly throwing things and climbing trees. Except for barely noticeable bumps that stuck out on her chest, there was very little about the youngster that was feminine. She was at the age when the budding curves of pubescence only just begin to assert themselves on her slender frame. And since sex had not yet reared its lubricious head in her chaste young life, her mind was entirely innocent of the naughty delights her body was gradually getting mature enough to enjoy.

“Careful, Tommy,” warned Curt. “You might have hit your mom with that. Calm down, will you?” It was a long-standing family joke for him to call her Tommy, in reference to her tomboyish-ness. He usually called her by her right name like the rest of the family, but he often applied the masculine name to her when she did something to particularly call attention to her lack of femininity.

Karol was glad the kid had thrown the rock. She had been so engrossed in her little fantasy that she was afraid she just might have had a finger up her cunt as she sat in the chair with her eyes closed. A very strange condition for them to have found her in.

“Look what we got, honey,” Curt said to her as they walked into the camp area. He pushed a string of fish at her and gave her a perfunctory kiss.

“I’ll take this,” Karol said, surreptitiously feeling his pecker while pecking him back with a kiss of her own, “but not these.”

She pushed the fish away and turned up her nose in mock-disgust. She wasn’t outdoorsy when it came to handling fish or game.

Curt laughed and handed the fish to Kelly, “Here, hon,” he said, “you fix and clean them, okay?”

Although not as bad as her mother, Kelly was far from crazy about such activities herself. She accepted them but said, “Okay, Dad, I’ll do it if Lilly will help out.”

“She’s scared to do the icky part,” teased Lilly. “She’s scared she might get her clean, white little fingers dirty!” But she set about helping out as requested.

Just as Lilly was always being kidded about what a little tomboy she was, Kelly was teased by the family about her fastidiousness. Especially by Lilly, who, without quite realizing it, was somewhat jealous of her elder sister’s fully developed body and her striking good looks.

Karol was still pretty excited from the reverie she’d been letting herself indulge in and the quick feel of Poppa’s prick, but she let herself cool off as fast as possible, Karol didn’t want to let it get the best of her. Exit Curt’s presence made it more difficult. She could tell by looking at him that sex was the last thing on his mind, but that didn’t keep her from appreciating the hard lines of his handsome face and body.

Well, here he is, she thought, just like I was pretending to myself before they all walked up. Now if only Kelly and Lilly were elsewhere…

But she managed to push the thought from her mind.

The girls pranced around, their firm young bottoms tightly encased in the shorts they wore, and busied themselves with their chore. Their long, tanned legs flashed in the sunlight as they moved about the camp and their eyes sparkled from the fun of being finally away from the city. Curt and Karol had been promising them the trip for a long time and they were both enjoying it immensely.

Karol told Curt about the stranger’s visit to their camp, and about his invitation for them to come by some time. Curt wasn’t much more interested in doing it than she was. If he happened to meet the guy in the area, he’d stop and pass the time of day with him, he supposed, but he wasn’t interested in making a big social thing out of it. Then Karol added the part she had purposely omitted — about how her blouse had been open and Jim’s reaction to it.

“Hell, honey,” Curt rejoined, “don’t hold it against a man for wanting to take a look at you when he happens to catch you like that. You got an awfully nice set of jugs hiding under there, you know.”

She grinned acknowledgement of his compliment, but she secretly wished he’d perhaps shown just a little bit of jealousy instead of being so Goddamned magnanimous about another man sneaking looks inside her blouse. Curt didn’t used to be so easy-going about such things. Now she almost wished he was like he’d been back then. At that time it was a bother to her to have him flare up once in a while with a strong dose of jealousy, but now she would feel differently.

“I’ll have to admit I’d do the same thing if I walked up on his wife and caught her with her blouse unbuttoned,” he went on. It peeved Karol a little that Curt seemed so willing to stay on the subject.

“Oh Curt, really,” she chided, “you’re terrible. You haven’t even seen his wife. She might be ugly as a mud fence for all we know. You might not even want to see inside her blouse.”

He gave no response, intuiting that Karol was getting a little worked up over the conversation. “Oh hell, honey,” he told her after a few minutes, “whatever she looks like, she couldn’t hold a candle to you. Don’t you know I think you’re the sexiest woman around?”

She was made to feel better by his compliment, light-hearted again. She leaned over to him and said, “If the girls weren’t around I’d give you a demonstration. I’d give you a taste of how sexy I am, lover.”

Curt grinned. “Is that a pun?” He was well aware of how much Karol enjoyed having him use his mouth on her when they were making love.

She returned his grin. “Take it any way you like,” she replied, her eyes twinkling.

The girls took their attention then, calling to Karol from a few yards away.

“Mom, will you please come tie my hair up for me?” asked Kelly. “It’s really making me hot.”

Karol rose to do it but Lilly yelled, “I’ll do it for you, Kelly. Here, just a minute.”

“Oh no you wont!” exclaimed Kelly. “Not with all that fish gunk on your hands. That’s why I’m not doing it myself. Think I want to smell like a garbage pile?”

“Oh, I forgot,” retorted Lilly. “You have to keep yourself all spick and span so the boys will like you, don’t you?”

“Any boyfriends I have are none of your business, little miss,” shot back Kelly.

“Now girls,” Karol interrupted, “that’ll be enough.”

She tied up Kelly’s hair as they went on cleaning the fish. “You know, Lilly,” Karol continued, “it wouldn’t hurt you to take a little more interest in the way your hair looks, either. Not to mention the way it makes you so uncomfortable in weather like this. Mine was bothering me even before noon today. Here, let me pull yours up too, honey. I know it must be bothering you.”

Lilly allowed it against her will. “Heck, it doesn’t bother me any,” she bragged. “I’m not as persnickety as some people. So what if it does make your neck sweat a little when you wear your hair down? What does that matter?”

Curt said, “I guess this hot weather does make it a little hard on you girls, but you all sure do look pretty with your hair long like that. So much better than if you had it short, believe me.”

Lilly only frowned and shrugged her shoulders but Karol gave him a big smile, as did Kelly. They both knew how well he liked women to wear their hair long and were pleased that he noticed how long and thick they kept theirs.

They were a family of extremes. There was as much difference between Curt’s hair and Karol’s as between daylight and dark. Hers was coal black and his was blond as could be. And their daughters had taken after them with no reservation — Kelly’s hair was every bit as dark and thick as her mother’s, yet Lilly was golden blond like her father. Since she was so much younger, hers was a very clear, bright color that Curt no longer possessed. Kelly’s hair reached past her firm breasts all the way to her navel and Lilly’s, although not as long as her big sister’s, still struck her far down her back. When she pulled it around in front, the tip of it fell well below the pert little beestings of her juvenile young breasts.

The girls offered to fix dinner and set to work while Karol and Curt sat back under the shade of a big tree and watched the proceedings. After their continual arguing, it was pleasant to see them working together and being halfway nice to each other for a change.

The sun beat down on them mercilessly. “Mom,” Kelly complained, “it’s really hot. Mind if I dash into the tent for a sec and shuck my bra? Nobody’ll see me way out here in the woods.”

The subject of Kelly going around with no bra had from time to time been a matter of heated debate. She claimed all the girls her age were doing it and she should be allowed to join them, while Karol maintained that no daughter of hers was going to run around in public with her tits flopping like a cow. The decision had finally been that she could go around without one at home even when she had friends in, but that in public she had to keep in harness.

This was neither home nor public. Karol paused. “Well, I don’t know…”

“You don’t care, do you, Dad?” she asked him, putting the responsibility on his shoulders. She smiled innocently, thinking how much more comfortable she’d be loose and breezy under her shirt than all trussed up in the stricture of her bra.

“Oh, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if…” he began, only to be cut off by Karol.

“Now wait, honey,” she pressed. “What if a car would drive by on the road there? We’re just a few yards from it. You want some guy to see your daughter flopping around with no bra?”

Before he could answer, Kelly spoke up. “Mother,” she cried in exasperation, “I do not flop around! Jeez, you’d think I was built like an old milk cow to hear you talk!”

It was true, Karol knew. She had been exaggerating. And maybe deep down she resented that Kelly didn’t flop, she admitted to herself. Because, even though her own breasts were great for her age, she was nevertheless quite aware of how much firmer and more succulent those of her daughter were. She knew that she at least jiggled some without a bra, while Kelly’s were solid as fresh fruit.

“Honey, I’m not just trying to be hard to get along with,” Karol said. “If Lilly wanted to take hers off, it’d be different. Don’t you see? But you’re a young lady now, you’re so mature that I just don’t know if…”

“Waddya mean, if I wanted to take mine off?” butted in Lilly. “Heck, I don’t even wear one yet. Remember?”

Karol realized she’d used a very poor example. It was true: their younger daughter had yet to be fitted with, her first training bra and couldn’t care less about the matter.

Kelly was standing right in front of her parents now and since she was a little upset, she was breathing harder and making the front of her shirt puff out with each breath. The thread on the buttons down the front was getting a real work-out.

“I mean, may be I… maybe I bounce a little once in a while,” she persisted, “but I sure don’t flop, Mom!”

She pouted prettily and her face reddened from talking about such things in front of the whole family. Lilly thought the entire episode was funny and just remained back by the work area giggling.

Karol was being swayed. “Well, okay,” she relented finally, “go ahead and take it off if you want to. I guess it can’t hurt anything way out here. But if we hear a car coming by…”

“Don’t worry, Mom,” said Kelly, already heading for the privacy of the tent. “If anyone drives by, I won’t let them see anything they shouldn’t.”

“You know, speaking of Lilly,” Karol said, turning to her husband, “it is about time I had her fitted for her first bra. I was just thinking about that the other day but I guess I let it slip my mind. Look at her. She sure has been growing awfully fast this summer. See how the front of her little shirt’s pooching out there? I probably should have got her one long before this actually — I’ve seen girls around town with less development than she’s got, and their mothers have them all decked out in bras. What do you think?”

“Huh?” said Curt, as though he hadn’t quite been following the conversation. “Oh, I don’t know. I hadn’t noticed. It’s up to you. I think that’s your department.”

“It sure doesn’t seem like she should be growing up that fast,” lamented Karol, “but I guess she is.”

“She’d probably be a lot happier if you bought her a baseball mitt instead of a training bra,” Curt said wryly.

He drifted away from where they’d been sitting when Lilly asked Karol to help her with something. Kelly was still inside the tent. When Karol headed back to her chair she saw Curt standing around toward the back of the tent. She paused and took a closer look… he appeared to be — no, that was impossible. Karol put it out of her mind. He wouldn’t do a thing like that… Peek in on his own daughter while she was taking off her brassiere!

He suddenly glanced up and saw her looking at him. He walked back to where they’d been sitting.

“Curt,” Karol scolded, “there’s a back window in the tent — it’s a wonder you didn’t scare Kelly to death standing back there so close to it just now. She might have thought you were trying to look in and see her undressing.”

Curt quickly came back to the chair under the tree where Karol was standing. “There is?” he asked. “There’s a window in the tent where I was standing? Why, I didn’t even notice it. I was just looking back in the west there at those thunder-clouds. Looks like it might rain some if they blow this way.”

For a fleeting second, Karol thought she saw a flicker of guilt in his eyes. But then she looked to the west and, sure enough, there were some dark clouds. She must have been mistaken about him looking in at the tent window. For reasons that were her own affair, she kept talking to him about it though. She reminded him how shy both their daughters were and how they should both be careful about their privacy.

Curt said he’d never noticed them being any more shy than other girls their age. He reminded Karol he’d planned for the whole family to bathe in the creek, pointing out that he certainly didn’t intend for them to do it with their clothes on.

“Oh, that’s different,” Karol claimed. “Taking soap and washcloths to the creek and taking a bath is a long way from one of the girls seeing her daddy stare through the window while she gets out of her clothes.”

“But I told you I wasn’t…” he began.

“I know. I’m sorry,” she apologized. “Actually I was thinking it would be especially healthy for the girls to be naked with us in the creek. I mean, you know, we’ve both seen them without a stitch at one time or another around the house. At least when they were younger. And I’m sure they’ve both seen us naked at one time or another. But not on purpose and for as long a time as we’ll do at the creek.”

He seemed surprised. “Really?” he asked. “You really think it’ll be good for the kids?”

“Sure,” she replied, “don’t you?”

“Yes, but I didn’t think you would.”

“Why not? Since when am I such a big prude?”

“I don’t mean to say you’re a prude, just that I thought you might think the whole thing wasn’t such a good idea.”

“Well, you were wrong,” she told him, leaning closer and lowering her voice so the girls wouldn’t hear if they hadn’t already. “And it’s a good thing you didn’t try to claim I’m a prude, mister. ‘Cause that’s when I would have reminded you of a few little things you like for me to do in bed with you. No woman who does all the things you like could be called a prude.”

He smiled. “Okay, honey,” he said to her, his voice deep. “But don’t try to make me believe you don’t love that stuff as much as I do, will you? I know better!”

She started to answer but at that moment Kelly walked past them from out of the tent. She was smiling and looked much cooler and more refreshed. And she also happened to look much more provocative as well — the twin globes under her shirt now jounced solidly on her chest with every step she took.

“I almost forgot about you,” exaggerated Lilly. “What took you so long? Thought you just went in to take off your bra.”

She leaned close and spoke softly in her little sister’s ear. “I did,” she confided, “but that’s not all I took off. I decided while I was in there, I’d just get rid of a few more clothes while I was at it and make sure I was cooler. Mom and Dad will never know, so what’s the diff?”

Lilly tittered. “Aw, did you really?” she asked. “Did you take off the rest of your undies too?”

“Sure did,” she whispered. “And it sure feels great to be naked under my clothes too, I can tell you that. This sun was really getting to me. I figured if I was going to get rid of my bra, I might as well do the same with my panties. Boy, I’m glad I did!”

“Hey, I want to do it too,” exclaimed Lilly, suddenly inspired. “I’m going to go do the same.”

“It shouldn’t take you very long,” teased Kelly. “You only have one thing to take off. Heck, all you have to do is just stretch the elastic and skin your panties off over your knees. You could almost get away with it without even bothering to go in the tent. You could just stuff them in your pocket.”

“Oh yeah?” cried Lilly. “Just because you’re a lot older than me and have big boobies, you think you’re something, don’t you?”

“Pipe down,” cautioned Kelly. “Want Mom and Dad to hear you?”

“What if Mom and Dad find out?” Lilly queried. “You’re cool ’cause you’ve already got Mom’s permission, at least for your bra. But I’m going to be doing it without asking. You’re too big to get spanked but they’d tan my bottom good.”

Kelly said disdainfully, “How’re they ever going to notice? Mom and Dad don’t go around looking at your panties, do they? Besides, you aren’t wearing a skirt, remember? Neither one of them could ever tell you were without panties in those shorts you’ve got on.”

Kelly was right, Lilly realized. She headed for the tent to get rid of them, passing her parents on the way without a word. They seemed to be engrossed in conversation and she certainly wasn’t about to rattle their cage.

“But Curt,” Karol was saying, “we’ll only be here two nights, then back home to spend the rest of our vacation there, right? The girls will be awfully disappointed if you don’t take them up to the ranger station tonight like you said.”

Curt told her he was simply too tired after their fishing trip. The girls had run him ragged, lie said. He joked and told Karol she had to remember he was getting older. She agreed she would take the girls up to the ranger station herself after dinner — if he’d promise to wait up for her in bed and not go to sleep. He grinned, seeing how anxious she was to have his hands on her, and agreed to her idea. It had been three or four nights since he’d made love to her anyway. Not that it had been that long since he’d balled someone… but that was a quite different story, and one definitely not for Karol’s ears, God forbid.

After a big fish dinner, the women put the camp back in order while Curt had a cold beer. As the sun started behind the trees, Lilly started badgering her parents about the trip to the ranger station.

“You can see all over!” she chortled. “Stars and everything. It’s not smoggy like back home. How far is it, when are we going, huh?”

Karol explained that Curt was too bushed to go, but that she’d take them herself. It was only about a mile up the hiking path. She told them to change clothes, “so the ranger up there won’t think I have a couple of little harlots for daughters,” and they’d start out as soon as it got dark.

Kelly was indignant. What in the world was wrong with the clothes they were wearing? Karol said she thought full-length pants like she was wearing were much more appropriate. The shorts showed off too much leg, she said. By the time they were ready to go, Kelly begged off. She said that her stomach didn’t feel too good and she wanted to stay behind and take it easy. For a second, Lilly thought that meant the trip was off for her too and started yammering. But Karol said they’d go by themselves and “leave you two casualties here.”

Karol and Lilly were barely out of sight when the first “casualty” opened another can of beer. He took a long swig and glanced eagerly into the tent where Kelly was lying, on her cot. She was barefooted and he could see up her legs, in the position she was lying, almost to the line of her shorts. He walked to the tent flap and stuck his head in.

“Stomach not feeling too good, huh?” he said in a teasing voice. “I think you ought to let your dad check it over for you, don’t you?”

Kelly looked up at his beer-flushed face with an expression on her pretty face that was anything but daughterly. She parted her generous lips and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”


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