Family Ties



The daughter and family.

Glenn Marks faced her, his huge prick throbbing fiercely in his pants. The redhead’s eyes smoldered on the obvious bulge of his crotch, her ripe lips wet and slightly parted. Her luscious tits rose and fell to a rapid, panting rhythm in her tightly clinging summer dress. For a moment the only sound was the traffic roaring by their motel room on the outskirts of town.

“Kneel down and unzip my fly,” Glenn said in a hoarse voice.

Her green eyes widened with shock. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-one or two, and they’d met just twenty minutes before, but it wasn’t her age that bothered Glenn. What he really craved was a lush, blonde like his on beautifully curved daughter, Becky. Glenn quickly tried to push that thought aside as too dangerous. But it clung fiercely like a burning obsession.

“Go ahead,” Glenn said harshly to the redhead.

Moving hesitantly, the redhead came over to where he stood by the bed. She slipped off her heels and, trembling wildly, knelt in front of him. Her fingers shook as she groped with his fly, slipping a soft warm hand in to clutch his hot coiled meat. Glenn sucked in his breath as she brought his hard prick out, her fist already beginning to stroke gently. She stared with fascination at the tiny white drop oozing out of his red knob. Glenn gripped her shimmering hair in his hands.

“Lick it up,” he urged.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she nudged her mouth forward and her pink wet tongue shot out to lap up the salty drop. A soft moan of excitement came from her throat, and she quickly began sliding her warm mouth back and forth on his pulsating cock. Glenn grunted loudly with pleasure and stared down at her heaving tits as she began blowing him in earnest, her excitement soaring at the size and heat of his rigid prick.

She was clumsy and inexperienced, but she was trying hard. She could be trained, and that’s what Glenn was searching for – a hot, eager girl who could be taught the strange and bizarre tricks he demanded. Hell, he didn’t even know her name yet! She’d come into the auto agency where he worked as sales manager and asked for a demo ride. The redhead was openly intrigued by his powerfully muscled build and easy, smiling good looks, and he’d deliberately had her drive out toward the motel he always used for horny, impatient women.

“Jesus, that’s enough!” he grunted suddenly as she sucked feverishly on the head of his urgently throbbing prick. He didn’t want to come in her mouth yet. At thirty-seven, Glenn could easily get his rocks off twice in a row, and the original sight of her plumply curved ass and long legs had given him an immediate hard-on. A juicy ass that like deserved something better than a few passionate squeezes.

With a lingering suck of her burning mouth, the redhead stood up facing him. Without a word, they both began undressing, watching each other strip. Seeing her huge white tits spring forth, naked and big-nippled, Glenn wondered if any man had had enough sense to fuck her in those magnificent mounds. Damn, if only he’d had more time. An hour, an hour and a half at the most was all he could manage away from the agency without arousing too much suspicion.

“Oh God, you’re big,” she moaned, standing naked before him, her eyes gleaming on his massive cock. Glenn put out a hand and rubbed her silky copper cunt-hairs. She shuddered, and he drew his fingers away, soaked with her burning cunt-juices. All she needed was a taste of his hot meat to turn her on.

Whimpering, she lay back on the bed and spread her milky thighs wide. Her drenched, tiny cunt-lips were already making lewd sucking motions between her reddish pussy-hairs.

Glenn got on top of her and she immediately seized his long prick in her fingers, her other hand fondling his swollen balls. While she guided him into her tight, juicy slit, Glenn clutched a big creamy tit in both hands and sucked on the bright-red nipple with obscene pleasure. A moment later, he almost sank his teeth into it viciously.

She’d eagerly jerked her hips up to meet his fat prick and the fiery, silken tightness of her hot cunt caught him by surprise. Not a cherry – couldn’t be, at her age – but Christ, what a madly sucking pussy!

“Oh Lord, that’s – oooooh – that’s good,” she squealed, beginning to thrash her heavy ass wildly on the bed. “It – aaaagh! It hurts, but I love it! Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me!”

All his life Glenn had prided himself on his staying power, on his ability to fuck for at least twenty minutes before coming, but this wild, passionate surprise was trying to drain his load out of him like an electrified cunt. Her soft hot body quivered and jerked furiously beneath his pistoning cock, and even though he had only two-thirds of his throbbing meat rammed into her, she was already raking his back with her slurp fingernails. She squirmed and thrashed her boiling pussy-flesh on his organ with frantic moons, raising her legs high to urge more of his gorged prick deep inside her.

“Easy,” Glenn gasped as her nails tore violently across his shoulders. How in the hell would he explain those battle scars to his wife, Sheila? From the way the passion-crazed redhead was twisting and grinding her maddened hot cunt on him, either she was an insatiable nympho or she hadn’t been laid in a long, long time. Now she was sinking her teeth into his shoulder with delirious groans and locking her ankles around his, her lush ass swinging frantically in his hands.

“Gonna come!” she gasped. “Oh, Jesus, I’m coming, coming! Love it! Love your big prick! Yes,yes! You come too! Eeeeeeee!”

Beneath her juicy squirming cunt-flesh, Glenn felt the last of his control slip away. With a series of furiously fucking strokes, his bunting cock battered deep inside her hot narrow pussy to make her scream with joy. For a full minute he shot his boiling load into the trembling walls of her frenzied cunt.

“Kee-rist, what a wild cunt!” Glenn gasped as the redhead clamped and squeezed her lustful slit on his dwindling prick, eager to coax out the last burning drop of his gushing load.

Even after he collapsed on her sweating, heaving nakedness, she continued to hug his cock in spasms, moaning happily all the while. With care, Glenn slipped his limp prick out and she whimpered in protest.

“Time out,” he panted. He reached on the bedside table and got his cigarettes, lighting one thoughtfully. For a minute, he watched her eyelids flutter with her receding orgasm, absently pinching and caressing her creamy hot tits. Long-term or quickie? he wondered. The smooth-talking car salesman had more than his share of quickies, but they were usually bored housewives. A housewife had as much to lose as he did since both of them were married with families, but single girls like this eager redhead were always risky. There was always the chance they’d fall in love and blow the whistle on him, so Glenn chose them with great care. He was, after all, a respectable upstanding community citizen with a beautiful wife and two handsome children, a daughter and a son.

“Again,” the redhead whispered, loving his deflated cock with tender fingers. “Give it to me again, darling.”

“Turn over,” Glenn ordered. Quickly, she obeyed, and Glenn ran a finger caressingly along the crack of her lush, creamy ass-cheeks. He teased her for a while as he finished his cigarette, pondering his problem. He’d deliberately left his briefcase back at his office, locked in his desk. In the briefcase was a set of manacles and chains, and a short leather whip with nine trailing thongs on it. The manacles and whip had brought a great many searing, unforgettable orgasms to a great many girls and women. As well as a few vivid memories of pain that would last a lifetime. His wife knew nothing about that, of course. Completely square and beautiful, Sheila moved through life like the dutiful wife, smiling, still sexy enough to turn heads on the street, still the perfect wife and mother.

Glenn dipped his fingers down beneath the crevice of the redhead’s plump, trembling ass and spread some of her freely flowing cunt-juice on them. She shivered with excitement. Then he trailed his sticky fingers back up along the crack of her ripe ass-cheeks. He tenderly lavished her pussy-juice on her tiny puckered brown asshole, and the redhead shuddered with delight. She didn’t have the faintest idea of what was coming, of course, and for a minute Glenn teased her anal slit lovingly. He dipped a finger into its juicy narrow heat to make her moan with joy.

“Oooooh, that feels funny, but good,” she whispered.

Wait till you see what’s coming, Glenn thought dryly. He’d deliberately ordered the redhead to blow him earlier in the harshest way, a sort of test.

And even though they were strangers, he’d gauged her right. She obeyed. If she obeyed him without knowing him, there was no telling how far she might go for him. She might even be a temporary solution to his long-term problem.

Glenn had lost his last long-termer, a voluptuous blonde nurse at the local hospital when she’d married a doctor. That was only a month ago, but already he was growing maddeningly impatient for a new sex-partner who would obey his every command. A stacked, wildly passionate partner who wouldn’t pose any danger to his status in the community. Possibly like the redhead, now moaning and jerking her creamy soft curves beneath his probing fingers. God, what an ass! Only Becky’s plump, satiny ass appealed to him more than any girl’s he’d ever known. And Becky was his own angel-faced daughter. That’s why the blonde nurse was such a loss – she’d reminded him powerfully of Becky, only a taller, ripened version with proud hot tits and a pussy like blazing wildfire.

“Please fuck me now,” the redhead begged beside him, stroking his blood-gorged prick in her eager fist. “Please?”

No chains and whips for her the first time, Glenn knew from experience. Next time she’d learn what coming really was. But, damn, if only she reminded him of Becky, the way the nurse did!

“When’s the last time you’ve been laid?” Glenn asked her.

“It’s been a year,” she sighed. “I’ve been so busy with classes and, well, I didn’t really feel like it until today. Until I met you. God, I’m hot! Please!”

Glenn mounted her lush naked body from behind, and she quickly folded her knees under her so that her creamy ass-cheeks hovered in mid-air. Kneeling between her parted legs, Glenn grabbed a hot cheek in each hand and spread them wide. Her tender asshole peeped out at him, utterly helpless. Once more he slipped two fingers into her tight cunt to moisten them, and the redhead shuddered her pussy-flesh happily on them. This time Glenn spread the sticky fluid over the head of his crimson prick.

“Hurry,” she whimpered, undulating her plump ass. “Oh hurry!”

Carefully, Glenn placed the knob of his pulsing meat squarely against her vulnerable asshole. Then, in a brutal driving lunge he pierced her tiny anus almost to the hilt.

“Aaaaagh!” the redhead screamed, almost fainting with shock. She felt the breath pushed out of her lungs with sheer white-hot agony as his immense meat drove deep into her helpless ass. She’d never imagined such fierce pain existed, but each time she tried to wrench free, his huge gorged prick only inflicted new spasms of pain racing along her narrow hot asshole.

“Oh, yeah,” Glenn grunted, not moving for a minute just to savor the boiling sensations of her tender asshole. “That’s hot! That’s one wild ass, honey. Mmmmmmm! Just relax and it’ll feel great in a minute, baby!”

She squirmed her lush ass in sudden pain and a new sheet of thrilling fire rippled along the length of his pulsating meat. Gripping her velvety cheeks securely in his hands, Glenn began pumping in and out of her juicy asshole to a steady powerful rhythm. Her sharp cries of anguish had given way to soft low screams as he pistoned his long prick savagely in and out, squeezing her soft ass-flesh lewdly in his hands meanwhile.

Long-term for sure, Glenn thought feverishly as he fucked her naked ass with joy. She was great in front, fabulous in the rear, and all he had to do was train her to give a decent, leisurely blow-job and he had what he wanted.

“Killing me!” the redhead cried, hardly daring to move her helplessly impaled ass. “Stop! Oh, God it hurts! Aaaagh!”

Quickly, Glenn slid one hand beneath her ravaged asshole and found her drenched cunt-lips. He slid two fingers deep inside her pussy and began fingerfucking her while he raped her anally. Her maddened screams rapidly became soft moans of pain-pleasure, the growing thrills in her hot pussy mingling with the waves of agony in her brutally gorged asshole.

“Better!” she gasped after a minute, still clawing deliriously at tile bed beneath her. Her dazed mind could no longer distinguish between the searing pain in her ripe ass and the driving, fucking ripples of intense pleasure in her tingling pussy.

“Beginning – ooooooo – starting to come!” she whimpered. “Yes! Oh, good, oh, wild! Fuck me harder! Aaaaa! Hurt me, fuck me, I’m too hot!”

She swung her ass to a frantic pitch of lust now that Glenn had rammed her fiery asshole to his very hilt. His bushy crotch slammed loudly against her hot ass with each forward drive, and he could feel his load building up eagerly in his swollen balls.

“Coming!” the redhead screamed. “Oooooh, Jesus, tear me in two with your big prick! Gimme your cum! Now, now, now! Uuuuuungh!”

Her creamy naked ass shuddered in a frenzy of lust from side to side as Glenn’s exploding jizz burst deep into her squirming asshole. He clenched his teeth and held tightly onto her hips as wave after wave of his stinging cum brought loud screams of passion from her lips. She hugged the base of his defating prick fiercely in her asshole, the intense pain only adding fire to her wanton excitement.

Gasping for breath, Glenn tore his cock free from her greedy tight slit and rolled over on his back. The redhead stayed in position, her beautiful naked ass still twitching with its strange mixture of agony and bliss.

Glenn glanced at his watch and decided he had time for one more cigarette. He smoked it in silence, listening to her shaking sobs with a perverse pleasure. She would be perfect for a long-term, he decided. She could be trained like a seal, and the day would come quickly when she’d crawl on her hands and knees and beg him for the whip and the chains, cry for the privilege of being brutally fucked in the ass by his immense cock. But, he thought, it was only a temporary solution to what really ate at him.

He wanted Becky. No one, he really knew, could ever satisfy him completely except his own lovely daughter. Just the other morning she’d forgotten to lack the bathroom door, and he’d walked in as she was getting out of the bathtub. Her long golden hair framed the face of an innocent angel, but beneath that innocence was the tenderly curved nakedness that kept him awake through tormented nights. Sweet, hot tits with big dusky nipples, skin like tanned satin, softly rounded belly and perfectly curved hips. And that golden nest of pussy-hairs like a halo around her tiny pink cunt.

“Oh my God,” the redhead finally gasped and rolled over on her back. “No one ever did that to me before. Thank God the worst is over with,” she sighed with a faint grin.

Glenn grinned back at her. Hell, if she thought that was all he had to offer, she was really simple. Very, very sexy with those fully rounded tits and ripely curved ass. And suddenly the image of the three of them in bed – himself, the redhead and his daughter flashed in his mind. His prick stiffened to a rock-hardness in seconds at the wanton idea, and the redhead’s green eyes grew huge with excitement. She nestled her swollen tits to his shoulder.

“I’ll go down on you again if you want,” she whispered, stroking his pounding meat in her moist palms.

“No time,” he said. It wasn’t really her, in spite of her wildly eager pussy and delicious ass, that had gotten him up again. It was the image of Becky’s golden nakedness, her delicate tender cunt glistening with wet readiness. And the sexy redhead’s smooth white flesh crushed to Becky’s as they kissed and then devoured each other.

In less than thirty minutes, Glenn was back at the agency, ignoring the envious smirks of the other salesmen who knew his reputation. In less than twenty minutes, he’d sold Marge Whitaker – the redhead’s name, he finally discovered – a brand-new expensive Chevy convertible. She’d been so gloriously happy to finally get laid so thoroughly, she signed the papers without a murmur. Nor did she even argue about the price. There was normally an eight-hundred dollar pack – a sum added to the usual selling price, that the salesman could remove by degrees if the customer argued – and in this particular case, Glenn would keep the entire pack, plus his usual commission. He cleared twelve hundred dollars that afternoon and had gotten the redhead’s luscious body thrown in as an additional bonus.

“Are you sure you can afford this?” he asked her as he handed her the keys. Her seductive mouth, so eager to go down on him an hour earlier, widened into a superior grin.

“Don’t worry about that,” Marge retorted. “My parents can afford it.”

A rich, horny college kid, Glenn thought with pleasure. He watched her cute bouncing ass sway above her shapely legs as she walked toward her new car, got in, smiled and waved at him and lurched out into the traffic. He’d promised to call her later in the week for another session, and he intended to keep the promise, but he’d bring his briefcase this time.

To celebrate, Glenn took the afternoon off early and went out for a few drinks. He sipped his Scotch moodily in the bar, thinking about his daughter. If he had the guts, he’d get to her before some high school kid did, because he was certain sweet Becky was still a virgin. Why let some clumsy football player or rock musician get to her tender hot cherry before he did? For years, he’d watched her slender body ripen and fill out with tantalizing promise, knowing she’d be a tall, strikingly sexy blonde someday.

“I’ll do it,” he said aloud, his heart hammering with excitement. He ignored the bartender’s stare as he gulped down his drink and ordered another. What the hell, you had to take risks for practically everything you did in this world, so why not go all the way? Why not introduce her to the greatest thing in the world himself? Suck her pussy until she screamed with happiness, then drive it home until she fainted, that was the procedure.

At the first opportunity. It came just a few hours later and it changed all their lives drastically.

As usual, dinner was a talkative affair at the Marks’ house, with Becky doing most of the talking. Jim simply ate and ignored her, while Sheila Marks smiled and laughed in response to Becky’s comments. At thirty-five, Sheila was still graciously slender with high, full tits and long shimmering brunette hair.

She’s still a great lay, thought Glenn, but she doesn’t dream of the trips I’d like to put her through. All these years she’d been the faithful loving wife while he’d played the field and screwed almost everything in sight. Poor, square Sheila. If she knew what he was thinking about their daughter at this moment, she’d faint.

But by the same token, if Glenn Marks knew what his own wife was thinking at that moment, his sleek grey hair might turn white in his astonishment.

On the surface Sheila Marks had everything – brains, beauty, friends, a handsome and charming husband, two healthy children. But through it all the statuesque brunette felt a gnawing, desperate lack until, just a few weeks earlier, Sheila knew what the lack was and decided to do something dangerous about it. What her seemingly wholesome, healthy life lacked was simply excitement, wild thrills she’d never had before. Now she had a lover for the first time in her life, but no ordinary lover. This was a deliciously guilty secret that started a hot glow in her loins everytime she thought about it, spreading its wet passion down her smooth full thighs with sticky heat, there at the family dinner table.

“Okay, what’s the schedule for tonight?” Glenn asked, pushing his plate away. “Becky?”

“I’m staying home, Dad. I’ve got homework, darn it.”

“I’ve got basketball practice,” Jim said. “I won’t be home until eleven, maybe twelve.”

He looked toward his wife, whose luminous dark eyes seemed to flicker with some inner excitement. “The P.T.A. is holding a special meeting tonight,” Sheila said. “Sorry, darling, but you can stay home and keep Becky company.”

He shrugged, feeling his blood pound. Alone with Becky and an erection that hadn’t gone away since that afternoon when he’d decided to act. He’d have at least three hours alone with her, and he told himself he would spend every possible minute of that time sucking and fucking his own virgin-daughter. Risky or not, he couldn’t turn back now.

Upstairs, Sheila took a quick shower, her fingers trembling on her hot, heavy tits. Poor, square Glenn, if only he knew! When she’d finished showering, she stood naked before the full-length mirror and slowly applied a dab of perfume behind each knee, on each ripe ass-cheek, all around her silken tangle of cunt-hairs, on each inner thigh and then on each taut wine-colored nipple. She put on a sexy bra and panties, chose very high heels, a simple snug dress and was getting into her own car ten minutes later.

Half an hour after that, the night began to explode with action for almost the entire Marks family. The trouble with the Markses, a neighbor once complained, was that the whole damn family was too good-looking for its own good. The father could charm the feathers off a vulture and sell them back to the dumb bird, and the mother was a knockout who had to be getting propositioned constantly, the boy was already looking like his father and even the blonde girl was blossoming into a raving beauty.

On his porch now, the neighbor leaned back and lit his pipe, wondering what the Markses were doing tonight. He’d watched the mother and son leave, which left the father home alone with the daughter. No problem there, of course – Marks was a gentleman, whatever else he might be, and he’d have to be a little crazy to even think of screwing his own daughter. But there was a neighborhood rumor that Marks had a cock like an overstuffed salami, and that it hardly ever went down. Lucky bastard. Lucky wife, too.

Better a salami than a pork sausage, the neighbor thought with a sigh, and went back to his paper.

Glenn found Becky in her room, studying. She’d taken a bath and was now wearing a yellow terry-cloth robe. She sat cross-legged on the bed, smiling up at him. Glenn lit a cigarette, closed the door behind him and sat down on the bed, resting his fingers gently on her tawny leg.

“Becky, I think it’s time you and I had a serious talk, honey. Grown-up talk.”

She laughed. “Oh, Christ, Dad, Mom already gave me that one, about two years ago. You two ought to get together. About sex, right? Petting, VD, promiscuity, etcetera.”

Glenn took off his jacket and tie, tossed them on a chair, and settled beside her. His voice was serious as he spoke, and his fingers stroked her tanned legs moving very slowly upward toward her inner thighs.

“Becky, are you still a virgin?”

She nodded solemnly. “Yes, Dad. Honest. Boys have tried, but I just turn ’em off. I just haven’t found one as slick and handsome as you,” she added with a grin.

Glenn shifted back on the bed, so that his back rested against the headboard. He spread his legs and patted the spot between them. “Come sit over here, angel.”

Becky shifted up so that she crouched between his thighs, facing him. “Like this?” she asked innocently.

“No, turn around, Becky.” Glenn felt his blood singing with excitement as his daughter snuggled between him, with her back resting against his chest. He put his arms around her waist. “Feel good, sweetheart?”

She nodded happily. “Feels wonderful, Daddy. You haven’t cuddled me for years. Big handsome lug.”

He moved his fingers cautiously up over the bottom curve of her hot tits, hot even through her robe. “Becky, when you lose your virginity, it’s going to hurt, baby. Especially if someone clumsy does it.”

“I’ll be careful,” she said. Her breath was coming faster as his fingers gently squeezed a tit in each hand, his fingers slipping inside her robe. Becky made no move to stop him.

“Dad… Dad, what you’re doing, it’s getting me hot,” she whispered. “Daddy, I’m getting aroused.”

“I don’t want you to be hurt,” Glenn murmured in her ear as he felt her tiny nipples grow hot and fat in his fingertips. “I want it to be done with loving care, so you’ll enjoy it as much as possible, Becky. So you’ll look back for the rest of your life and say, wow, that first time was so terrific, I had no idea it could be so wild and wonderful.”

One of his hands slid down over her rounded belly-flesh and stroked her inner thighs as he talked. The adolescent was breathing rapidly now, her swelling tits panting, her hands clutching her father’s.

“You-you want to be the first, don’t you, Daddy?”

“Yes, Becky. But no one can ever know, especially not your mother. You understand that?”

Becky nodded eagerly. “I want it to be you, Dad. I used to have fantasies about you taking my cherry, honest. I guess all girls do if they really dig their fathers. I-I want to see if it’s true what they say about your penis, Dad.”

Glenn pawed, startled. “What who says about my cock?”

“The girls at school.” Becky twisted her head around to stare into his eyes, her on blue ones gleaming with excitement. “Everyone says you’ve got the biggest cock in town, honest. I think a neighbor’s daughter started it. She said she heard her father telling a friend of his about it, and the word got around. Is it true, Daddy?”

“Find out, for yourself, honey.”

Timidly, Becky’s hand went behind her to pope for his crotch. Her heart began to hammer with excitement as she stroked its cramped, throbbing length. “Oh, Lord, that’s a monster! Daddy! How could you possibly get that in me?”

“It won’t hurt,” Glenn said hoarsely. His fingertip was rubbing her hot juicy clitoris now and he could feel his daughter’s body tremble from head to toe against him. Her excited juices were seeping eagerly onto his gently fucking finger, almost gushing with her newly-awakening lust.

Christ, I’m masturbating my own daughter, Glenn thought with a twinge of shock. And she loves it – if I turn her on too wildly, she might go crazy with passion, might start demanding it constantly.

“Let’s undress,” he told Becky, pushing her gently off. In a single movement, the blonde slipped out of her robe. Her high naked tits panted as she watched her father strip, her eyes widening in disbelief as his gigantic shaft quivered out above his huge balls.

“Oh, Daddy, my God! It’s true! No wonder Mother is so crazy about you.”

He knew it seemed considerably bigger to her inexperienced eyes, but he couldn’t help feeling a thrill of pride. It wasn’t every day that a beautiful girl gushed over her own father’s colossal prick. His flushed knob was already oozing its milky thick juice in a huge drop.

“Lie back on the bed, honey,” Glenn told her. He used none of the harshness he’d used earlier that day with the redhead. He was going to be so damn good to Becky she’d be spoiled for life. He was going to suck her delectable pussy with all the expertise he could muster before he took her cherry.

On the bed, Becky lay naked and trembling with a mixture of fear and fierce excitement as her father approached. He might tear her in two with his monstrous cock, so long and thick and powerful, like a battering ram. She could see thick purple veins surging along its length, above his distended hairy balls. But the feel of her own father playing with her breasts and masturbating her was the most exciting sensation she’d ever experienced, and she wanted more. There was an urgent throbbing in her virginal cunt, a pulsing ache that tingled throughout her soft naked flesh.

“Don’t – please don’t hurt me, Daddy,” she whimpered, shutting her eyes as his powerful naked body embraced her.

“Don’t worry, angel,” Glenn Marks told his daughter tenderly. “After this, you’ll never be the same.”

With those words, Glenn Marks began the torrid sucking and fucking session with his own adolescent daughter that would change her destiny forever.

Twenty minutes after she left the house, Sheila Marks nervously rang the doorbell in the plush apartment building. On the second ring, the door swung open.

“You’re a little late,” the tall blonde said. There was a cruel, mocking twist to her sensual lips as she smiled and swung the door wide for Sheila to enter. The ripe-breasted brunette had only met the blonde stewardess twice before, but every time she entered her apartment, eerie thrills raced up and down her spine. The ravishing blonde poured drinks for both of them and handed Sheila hen, her lustrous blue eyes smoldering up and down on Sheila’s billowing tits and shapely legs, drinking in her curves hungrily.

Carol looked very feminine and sensual in her black negligee, and it would have taken an expert to guess she was an ardent switch-hitter who could handle either sex with ease. She’d become a stewardess at twenty-one and had been turned on by another wanton stewardess who’d shared a hotel room with her one night in Hong Kong. Carol quickly learned that such affairs between stewardesses were common, especially on short notice where no appealing men were available. Carol swung either way, but whichever way she went, she threw her greedy lips and gorgeous body into the session with naked fervor. If she had a single ambition, the seductive blonde wanted more than anything to be the most terrific lay in the world. Almost all the men and women who’d been at the receiving end of her mouth and fingers and madly sucking pussy would say she succeeded.

When she’d first met Sheila two weeks ago at an informal party, she immediately sized up the beautiful brunette as an extremely horny housewife who wasn’t certain what to do about it. She probably wasn’t getting enough from her husband, Carol decided, and the reason was obvious. With his looks he was getting enough action on the side to keep him busy if not exhausted. He would have little time left for his wife. So now the sexy housewife was searching the room with desperate eyes, probably looking for an affair with someone else’s husband.

Carol moved in quickly. Frustrated housewives were her specialty, along with frustrated husbands.

But would Sheila Marks go for her brand of sex? Carol had a hunch the lushly curved brunette would go for anything that resembled excitement. And hell, Carol told herself, she had nothing to lose. She could always get all the men she wanted with her sultry looks. But beautiful women were a challenge.

Smoothly, Carol got on very friendly terms with Sheila before she suggested they get together at her apartment for coffee later that week. Sheila hesitated, then agreed as Carol knew she would. Women like Sheila who were tied down with families were always fascinated by stewardesses, by their aura of adventure and travel and swinging nights in strange places.

Later that week when Sheila showed up at her apartment, the blonde stewardess had her in bed in less than an hour and three drinks. Carol knew that women like Sheila wouldn’t even dream of such brazenly shocking acts unless the timing was just perfect. And she’d gauged the sexy brunette’s desperation to perfection. Sheila Marks wasn’t just hot – she was on fire from the hot spongy tips of her superb tits down to her wild, insatiable cunt. Once Carol burrowed her hungry mouth to Sheila’s burning pussy, there was no let up for a solid thirty minutes as the moaning, thrashing brunette came again and again, her hot juices spewing into the blonde’s eager mouth, her long legs locked feverishly around Carol’s waist. The stewardess was always exceptionally nice to her partner – the first time around.

The second time had been slightly different. Carol used a dominant tone to her voice and began giving the passionate housewife orders. At first, Sheila bridled but then gave in.

This time, the voluptuous blonde decided as she stared at Sheila’s body, she would really go all out. Tonight Carol wore sheer black stockings beneath her negligee and five-inch heels to emphasize her stunning legs.

First, she would get her hotter than a firecracker, although it was clear that the brunette was already excited. She gulped her drink down nervously as Carol approached her. The stewardess stepped behind Sheila and undulated her pussy to the housewife’s plump ass in a lewd fucking motion. For a minute she hefted and caressed Sheila’s big warm tits to bring a soft moan from her throat.

“Undress me,” Sheila urged. “I’m so damned horny, Carol. And I can’t wait to see your surprise for me. Mmmmmm, it can’t be better than the fantastic way you eat my pussy, darling. Nothing can. Please hurry.”

The surprise could wait for the right moment, when Sheila would be ready to beg for it. Slowly, lasciviously, the tall blonde unzipped Sheila’s dress and tossed it on the sofa. Site removed her bra from behind, cupping and massaging her delicious hot tits in her fingers to make Sheila groan with impatience. Then she knelt behind the aroused brunette and inched her panties down, trailing her long wet tongue along the back of Sheila’s beautifully rounded ass to make her shiver. When Sheila was totally naked, Carol stepped around to face her. She took off her negligee and moved close to Sheila, their naked silky tits touching. Still keeping her black sheer nylons and heels on, Carol darted a hand down to tease Sheila’s hotly soaked pussy.

“Want me to suck on your tits and play with your pussy for a while, darling?” Carol murmured. “Fingerfuck you before I go down and eat you half to death? Like that?”

Sheila’s face flushed. Since meeting the hungry stewardess, obscene words excited her tremendously. “Oh yes, darling. I’d love it. With you, I don’t ever want to stop coming, Carol.”

“Then why,” Carol said as she squeezed her palm hard on Sheila’s throbbing cunt to make her shudder, “why haven’t you eaten me? Do you think I’m an electric pussy-eating machine? All I ever do is give. The farthest you’ve gone so far is to suck on my titties and fingerfuck me until I come. It’s your turn now, you know that, don’t you?”

Sheila’s face turned crimson in spite of her feverish lust. She knew the truth as well as Carol. She secretly felt that as long as she didn’t go down on the wanton blonde, she wasn’t really doing anything awful or shocking. She was only the recipient of a beautiful bisexual’s attentions, and that was enough to give her a delicious sense of guilt and shame. Like tasting forbidden fruit without actually eating it in the respectable housewife’s mind, there was a boundary line she wouldn’t permit herself to cross.

But now Sheila’s passion was at a frantic pitch as Carol lewdly stroked and rubbed her drenched hot cunt and rubbed her ripe tits to hers with obscene care.

“You’re right,” Sheila whispered. “I’m selfish, darling. I’ll do it to you, too. I’ll eat your pussy, Carol. Now, right now.”

“I knew you’d see it my way,” Carol grinned. She wrapped her arms around the brunette and ground her pussy to hers as she gave her a passionate French kiss, her hot tongue searching deep. Before she finished with Sheila Marks tonight, the sexy housewife would be hooked on her brand of thrills for life. Sheila released the trembling brunette, and went over to her dresser. From a drawer she removed two items – a two-foot length of rope and an enormous dildo, its ten-inch length covered with tiny pimples. But this was no ordinary spiked dildo. Carol had gotten it in Copenhagen, where such items were on display in store windows. This monstrous prick did more than simply hum and quiver violently when it was switched on. There was a separate button on bottom, which when pushed delivered a ten-volt electric shock. Whoever invented it was a genius, Carol thought, because the shock was just enough to increase the thrills to a maddening pitch of excitement.

In fact, when Carol first bought it, she locked herself in a hotel room for twenty-four hours and had the time of her life. She finally came out dazed, exhausted and with a fierce, satisfied glow in her loins that lasted for almost a week. She’d gotten so carried away, she’d damn near driven herself insane with the shocking prick.

The naked brunette took a startled step back when she saw the dildo. Her eyes widened with fear.

“Don’t worry,” Carol assured her, “it won’t hurt. In fact, you may end up loving this more than me.”

Sheila looked doubtful. “What’s the rope for?”

“Just a game, Sheila. I want to tie your hands behind your back. That’s to keep you from clawing me to death once we get started. I don’t want to end up in a hospital tonight.”

A tremor of frenzied fear and excitement raced through Sheila’s voluptuous naked flesh. Could any sensation possibly be that exciting?

“Turn around,” Carol ordered, and the panting brunette eagerly obeyed. Carol tied her wrists behind her, then spun her around to face her again. Sheila had a sudden panicky feeling in the pit of her stomach. She was helpless, utterly helpless like this, and the burning hunger in the blonde’s blue eyes had a crazy tint.

“I don’t think I can do this, Carol,” she said in a shaking voice. “It’s too bizarre. I’ve changed my mind. Please untie me. Please?”

“Like hell,” the stewardess said with such viciousness Sheila felt faint. Carol seized Sheila’s tits in her fingers and squeezed harshly, making Sheila cry out softly.

“There’s no way out now, darling,” Carol said, grinning. “This is it. Now get on your knees. Get on your knees!”

Slowly, feeling totally weak and submissive, the naked housewife sank to her knees before the statuesque blonde. Dazed as she was, Sheila Marks knew she would never be the same after this night.

At the very same moment the bound housewife fell humbly to her knees before the obscenely smiling stewardess, her daughter lay trembling in bed, watching her naked father approach her. His crimson-crested prick seemed impossibly huge, but there was as much excitement as fear in Becky Marks as he lay down beside her and stroked her tawny naked curves.

“Won’t hurt,” Glenn promised her. “I’m going to suck your cherry first, angel, and you’re going to love it.”

He kissed her passionately on her mouth, then slid his lips down to suck on each hot tit in turn, very gently biting the lust-fat nipples to make Becky moan feverishly. It was all Glenn could do to keep from coming in a violent burst as he trailed his mouth down over his daughter’s softly rounded belly. He spread her hot thighs wide and hunched between her legs, gazing down at her juicy pink cunt. It peeped out between her sparse golden fringe of pussy-hairs, wet and palpitating with Becky’s wild excitement.

Glenn never particularly cared for eating pussy. He indulged his wife occasionally, and once in a while he used it as a reward for a partner who was an exceptional fuck, but he preferred straight relentless fucking.

But now, with his tingling mouth only inches away from his own daughter’s delectable virgin pussy, he wouldn’t have traded the position for anything. Already the moaning blonde was jerking her cunt upward in a mute plea, and she raised her legs high to place her feet on his shoulders, exposing her tiny slit to the fullest. Glenn clutched her satiny hot ass-cheeks in his hands and pulled the pink rosebud closer.

Then he began sucking off his daughter.

With the very first lap of his tongue on her swollen clitoris, Becky’s naked body rose in a high arc off the bed and she screamed.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy! Oh God, wonderful! Eat me, eat me, eat me!”

Slowly, Glenn increased the long leisurely sucks of his lips and tongue on Becky’s virgin hot cunt. For a few minutes he nibbled on her succulent clit-bud, then rammed his tongue deep into her tight burning slit. His daughter squirmed under his assault, shuddering from head to toe. She twined her fingers in his hair and tugged ferociously as shattering thrill after thrill tore through her quivering virgin-cunt. Tears of breathless joy gushed down Becky’s cheeks from the intense lustful sensations racing through her tender loins as her father kissed and sucked and lapped her pussy with uncontrollable greed. Her sweet honeyed cherry-juices trickled hotly and profusely into his mouth, and the bed creaked violently beneath her savagely thrashing ass.

“Daddy, I’m-I’m gonna explode! Oh, I love it!”

Inspired by her blissful screams, Glenn dug deeper and harder with his frenzied tongue, snaking it as far as it would go into her luscious cherry-cunt. He twirled it around in mad circles around her silken walls, and Becky sobbed and clawed at his shoulders with sharp nails. His daughter was coming, he could tell, even though she didn’t know it.

“Yes, yes, yes, daddy. suck me, eat me! Oooooooooo,Jeeeeezus, I’m -it’s on fire!”

For five minutes, Glenn burrowed his frantic tongue into her juicy cunt while the shuddered and thrashed her sweating ass in a fury of joy. More of her honeyed fluid seeped into his mouth and he swallowed it with obscene relish. His own beautiful daughter was coming wildly in his mouth and her delirious passion was so contagious he had to fight the urge to shoot his load all over the bed.

She clung to his hair fiercely when he tried to pull his mouth away, and he had to use force.

“More, Daddy, more!” Becky gasped, sobbing and heaving her naked curves in spasms of lust. “Eat me more, Daddy! I love it. More!”

“That’s enough,” he panted, wiping the hot juice off his cheeks with the back of his hand. It was time to take her succulent cherry. Her eyes had a wanton glazed shine as she stretched out her hands to seize his throbbing prick. She tried to ram it toward her pulsating cunt with low moans of lust, but Glenn prevented her.

“I’ll just tear you up that way,” he told Becky. “Come on, angel, let’s sit in the chair and I’ll cuddle you while I take your cherry.”

Eagerly, the panting girl leaped off the bed and followed him to the overstuffed chair facing the bed. She climbed onto his lap facing him. Her knees folded under her, and then Becky rammed her tongue into his mouth while she used both hands to jerk his thick cock. For a minute, Glenn let his daughter play with it while he kissed and sucked her tawny tits.

“All right, turn around, sweetheart,” he told Becky in an urgent voice. “Now be careful – go very slowly or you’ll be sorry, Becky.”

The blonde scrambled around. She placed her feet on his thighs above his knees, with her luscious hot ass poised over his lap. Her throbbing cunt hovered just above the glistening crimson knob of his pounding meat. Carefully, Glenn lowered her hips in his hands, until her burning pussy made contact with the head of his stiff rod.

“Very slow, now,” he cautioned his daughter. “Real careful, Becky. Ahhhhhh, that’s it, yeah, just squirm a little on it. Mmmmmmm, good, baby, very good. Oh, that sweet pussy!”

Squealing with delight, Becky just managed to get his huge knob jammed between her cunt-lips. Even those two inches made her gasp at the gorged fullness of her tight slit. Heeding her father’s warnings, she cautiously began to swing up and down on his immense meat, feeling its searing bulk inch deeper by fractions into her throbbing cunt.

“Ooooh, Daddy, I like this! I – oooooooh! I like to fuck! Kiss me, Daddy! Play with my titties!”

Sucking in his breath at Becky’s virginal hot slit pulsing around his cock, Glenn rubbed and caressed her naked tits. Becky twisted her head around to kiss him, slithering her tongue into his mouth like a hot little whip of pleasure. The blazing, juicy feel of her cherry hugging his prick was incredibly exciting to him. And one of her hands had reached down to squeeze his balls and jiggle them eagerly in her fingers while they Frenched.

Only his wife’s electrifying pussy could arouse him like this, twenty years before. And here was Becky, his own daughter, giving him her cherry as her mother had done. Christ, history does repeat itself, thought Glenn as Becky suddenly yelped.

“It hurts!” she gasped, freezing her ass in mid-air. “I think you broke my cherry, Daddy!”

“Keep swinging,” he groaned urgently. “It’ll hurt less in a minute. Keep fucking, angel!”

The feverish blonde obeyed. Not even half of Glenn’s massive rod pierced her narrow pussy, but already Becky felt as if she would burst with joy. Her own father, her own sweet Daddy was making love to her with his beautifully monstrous cock, and it was so fantastically wonderful Becky already felt an urge to tell her closest girlfriends.

“Better now,” Becky moaned, “oooh, much better, Daddy! I love fucking you, I could do it all night. Can we, can we? Aaaaaaagh! Oh, it hurts beautifully!”

Becky hunched over with her long hair trailing down over her face so she could see his gigantic prick pumping in and out of her cunt. With a thrill of pride, she saw his thick rod was covered with her blood, and the sight excited her so much the adolescent began slamming up and down on his shaft in a frenzy of depraved pleasure.

“Jeesus, what a cunt!” Glenn blurted. His powerful body shook with lust as Becky’s fiery cunt squirmed and twisted and gyrated on his meat to spark shattering thrills in his loins. “Oh, Becky, that hot pussy! Oooh, baby, I’m gonna – ungh! Gonna come, angel!”

Becky craned her neck around to issue frantic animal bites on his shoulder as she jerked her hips with passionate abandon. At the same time, Glenn’s hand groped between her thighs until he located her tiny clit-bud, and he quickly began fingerfucking it. Low screams of bliss coming from her throat, Becky’s ravaged pussy seemed to explode as a boiling gush of come began spattering her walls like stinging fire. If only she could get all of his beautiful prick rammed inside her! For Becky, it seemed both of them would never stop coming. Torrents of his thick molten load flooded her boiling cunt for what seemed like an eternity, until she felt his cock begin to grow limp, until the flood became a trickle.

For a few minutes, Glenn caught his breath while Becky still squirmed and twitched on him, her golden soft skin covered with a film of perspiration.

“Oh, Daddy,” she sobbed, “if only we could do that all night, every night.”

“I think your mother might object,” he said, but his prick had already begun to surge with irresistible power at the possibility. “That was terrific, Becky, just fantastic, honey. Are you sorry now?”

For a reply, she hugged her pussy so tightly on his trapped cock, Glenn winced in pain.

“I think,” Becky said, “I might have to tell Mother about this, though.”

Glenn froze with fear. “What? You don’t mean that, Becky, for Christ’s sake!”

“I do mean it,” she said seriously. “Unless you promise to eat my pussy every single day. And do this to me every single day. Twice, Daddy.”

Looking into her tear-stained eyes, Glenn Marks had the feeling that his daughter might be serious. He’d turned her on, all right. There was an almost crazed glint in her baby blue eyes, an insatiable gleam that sent shivers up his spine.

“You know that’s impossible, Becky,” he said in his father authority voice. “Someone is almost always home.”

“It doesn’t have to be here, Daddy. There are motel rooms. You could get a van to drive from the agency, a camper. Oh, Daddy,” she said with sudden excitement, wriggling her ass eagerly on his naked lap, “that’s a terrific idea! Get a van and we can go fishing all summer, right? Every weekend we can do this for hours. Okay?”

Hell, it wasn’t a bad idea after all, Glenn had to admit. Becky had always been smart. They would be safe and private locked inside a van, parked almost anywhere. He would equip it with a tape-deck to muffle her lewd screams and cries. It was sounding better by the minute. The campers slept four, but all he needed was accommodations for three. Himself, Becky and Marge.

“A whooping idea, angel,” Glenn agreed, kissing her golden tit. “I’ll get one tomorrow, in fact. Now get up, Becky.”

She stubbornly refused to budge. “Why?”

“Because, baby, I want to wash the blood off my cock.”

She threw back her head and laughed with delight. “Well, why didn’t you say so, silly? I’ll do it for you, Daddy.”

She climbed off his lap and knelt between his legs. With a look of adoration in her eyes, his daughter tenderly lifted his limp prick in her fingers and reverently began to lick the blood off his cock with the pink tip of her tongue.

Oh Christ, thought Glenn, if Sheila could see us now.

“Now lick the other thigh,” Carol told Sheila, staring down at the helpless brunette who knelt, her wrists bound, between the half-naked blonde. With one hand on her hip and her legs clad in sheer black nylon and high heels, Carol seemed infinitely exciting and powerful to Sheila.

Two weeks ago, Sheila Marks was a frustrated but respectable housewife. Tonight she meekly submitted to the beautiful blonde’s commands like a fantasized sex-slave out of some lurid story. And she loved it. Sheila Marks loved the feeling of utter helplessness, of having her will seem like jelly as she responded eagerly to Carol’s obscene orders.

“Lick my thigh, Sheila, but don’t touch my pussy yet. Ummmmm, that’s wonderful, darling. Now the other thigh. Now start sucking me off. Suck!”

Burying her nose to the stewardess’s fragrant pussy-nest, the housewife’s tongue lashed out to lick at the pussy-flesh. With a shock, Sheila realized she liked the taste. It was sweet and sticky and delicious. Low sounds of hunger in her throat, the kneeling brunette began to lap Carol’s luscious cunt eagerly.

“Oh wonderful, Sheila, beautiful. Oooooooh, you’re born for this, darling. God, what a cunt sucker.”

She began to jerk her pussy against Sheila’s greedy mouth, her hands gripping the brunette’s head to slam it toward her with each grind of her hips. Christ, she was beginning to feel so good she wanted to sixty-nine, fingerfuck Sheila’s juicy asshole at the same time.

“Enough,” Carol gasped. “Onto the bed, Sheila. Come on!”

Carol lay down on her back first and the panting brunette quickly followed. She too had sixty-nine on her mind and she reversed her naked body over the blonde’s, crouching on her knees over Carol’s waiting lips. She burrowed her face into the stewardess’s steaming cunt and without a moment of hesitation, Sheila started sucking her pussy feverishly.

Carol quickly drew her knees up to squirm more of her tingling cunt against Sheila’s frantic lips and tongue. A moment later, she seized the brunette’s curved hips and lowered them until Sheila’s lush slit was pressed squarely to her mouth. This was the position Carol loved more than any other sex act, a lascivious contest to see who could make who come first and more furiously.

Dazed with lust, Sheila sucked and licked with maddening delight at the blonde’s hot pussy. She craved more of the burning pussy-honey trickling down her throat, more of the strange new sensations of eating another beautiful woman’s cunt.

For ten minutes, the naked brunette and blonde rocked and swung passionately on the bed, their stinging mouths locked in a frenzy to each others’ frantic cunts. Only when it was almost too late did Carol realize she didn’t want Sheila to come, not yet. But the brunette’s sweet boiling pussy was slamming frantically against her mouth, already beginning to erupt in orgasm. Carol hastily averted her mouth, letting Sheila’s frenzied cunt squirm against her cheek.

Even though Sheila issued a low loud moan of protest when Carol stopped eating her, just when she was on the verge of her first orgasm, Sheila continued to suck furiously at Carol’s erupting pussy. She loved the feel of the blonde’s hot fluid smeared obscenely over her cheeks as she devoured her soaked cunt, although her own slit was aching fiercely.

After three intense orgasms, the moaning blonde decided she had to stop then and there or she’d let Sheila eat her all night. For a beginner, the housewife showed enormous promise, her wild mouth sucking with delirious hunger.

Finally, Carol managed to scramble away from Sheila’s insatiable mouth. The brunette stretched out on her side, still jerking her hips with urgency.

“Why didn’t you let me come, Carol?” she begged. “I ate you, didn’t I? Please, don’t torture me like this!”

Carol picked up the dildo and got back onto the bed, nudging Sheila over on her back. To ease the pressure of her tied wrists behind her, Carol propped a pillow under Sheila’s ripe ass-cheeks. Now her vulnerable pink pussy, its fleshy lips pulsating with eagerness, was fully exposed between its bushy fringe.

“Don’t hurt me with that!” Sheila gasped.

Carol grinned up at her from between her spread thighs. “Honey, when I get through with you, you won’t have it any other way. Hang on!”

Carol switched on the massive spiked dildo and carefully nudged its prick-shaped head between Sheila’s waiting cunt-lips. Immediately, the naked brunette cried out with joy and began to carefully and slowly fuck the spiked shaft.

“Oh yes, it is fantastic!” Sheila cried out. She locked her ankles behind Carol’s back, moaning and twisting as the giant dildo eased its path into her hot cunt. The humming spikes shot violent thrills through her trembling cunt-flesh, and when the blonde suddenly twisted the dildo sideways in Sheila’s frantic pussy, the blend of pain and lust made her moan softly.

Carol watched, fascinated, as she eased more of the spiked giant into the brunette’s hotly sucking slit. What a delicious pussy Sheila had! Sweet, fiery, sucking with passionate ardor back at anything that touched it. Carol’s thumb went beneath the dildo to the red button. She pressed the button for two seconds.

“Eeeeeegh!” Sheila screamed, her ass jerking high in the air. Her mind reeled under the impact of the shock. It seemed like an electric shock to her dazed mind, but whatever it was, painful or not, she was even more excited.

“More,” she panted to Carol, her naked flesh shuddering madly. “More prick! Shove it in, darling, deep, deep, oh, God yes! Fuck me!”

Carol had hit the button again, for almost five seconds and Sheila’s trembling body rose in a high graceful arc. No matter what she thought was an orgasm before, Carol thought, after this they’ll all seem like a tickle. She worked another inch of the humming giant into Sheila’s eager hot cunt. Then she hit the button again, for seven seconds this time.

“Can’t take it – can’t take it!” the sobbing brunette cried. She couldn’t stop coming. She felt as if she were trapped in an avalanche of lust, helplessly rushed along. The thrills racing through her impaled cunt were so intense she tried to faint. Was it white-hot pain that shot through her shuddering naked body or pure ecstasy? Every few seconds the shock tore through her delirious cunt with greater effect. Sheila had never been hotter in her life nor closer to losing her mind.

“Stop, stop!” she screamed at Carol. But her frenzied hips continued to lunge as she savagely fucked the spiked dildo, her loins exerting a greater will than her mind. Thrill after shattering thrill blazed through her boiling pussy as the spikes squirmed and teased her crazed cunt-flesh. If only she could faint!

And then the shock lasted ten, twenty, thirty seconds, and with a long low eerie scream, Sheila shook from head to toe like a leaf under the onslaught of searing pleasure before she fainted.

The blood pounding in his immense cock, Glenn Marks stared down at his daughter as she lovingly slid her wet lips back and forth on his rod. From licking her own cherry-blood off his prick, Becky had cunningly gotten him rock-hard again with her hot tongue. She stared up at him.

“Daddy, let me give you a blow-job, please? I want you to come in my mouth too. I want to see what it tastes like. It looks like pure cream. Please, Daddy?”

“Go right ahead, angel. But don’t bite too hard. Just suck and nibble, like it was a lollipop.”

The blonde held his rigid prick in one hand, gazing at it in awe. “Lord, I hope I don’t choke on it,” she murmured. Then she opened her mouth wide and sucked in the entire knob. Her father grunted with pleasure as Becky whirled her tongue around the throbbing head, before clutching another two inches of his hard-on deep in her mouth.

Then she began to blow him in earnest, stunning him with her imagination. If he didn’t know better, he’d say Becky had gone down on her entire high school for practice. She used her teeth in a gentle teasing bite along the trunk of his pounding prick. She wobbled her head from side to side, her tiny mouth jammed with half his cock, then wriggled it up and down rapidly to make him groan with excitement.

My own daughter, Glenn realized with pride, a beautiful natural-born cocksucker! His pride swelled when he realized that she loved what she was doing. After all, how many girls and women did he have to nearly force down on his cock? And even a lot of chicks who’d wasted no time in gulping his prick in their mouths still refused to let him come there. Not only did sweet Becky offer to blow him, she was eager to swallow every drop.

“Terrific!” groaned Glenn when his daughter suddenly slipped her mouth away from his prick, held it high in one hand and began sucking lewdly on his hairy balls. All the while she jerked his pulsing rod in her tight hot fist, thrilled at its surging power.

The vivid realization that she was blowing her own father only spurred Becky’s excitement to a new intense pitch. She grasped as much of the hot meat as she could in her mouth and slammed her face forward, gagging as the gigantic knob battered her throat. Come on, Daddy, come! the girl pleaded silently, desperately wanting to taste and swallow the hot thick juice.

“I’m gonna come, Becky,” gasped Glenn, cupping her blonde head. “Oh that wild mouth, I love you, angel. Yes! Suck it, honey, suck it. Mmmmmmmmmm!”

In a frenzy of lust, Becky jerked the trunk of his bursting prick in both hands while she sucked fiercely on the pounding hot meat. A deep moan came from her throat as the first few boiling drops gushed into her mouth. Quickly, Becky tasted it with her tongue, marveling at its salty maleness. Like her father, it was hot and strong and powerful. Then the flood burst forth, and the girl made a wild puffing sound as she swallowed it greedily, craving an endless flood of her father’s come.

“Oh, baby,” Glenn sighed to his daughter, “that was unbelievable! Come up on my lap.”

But Becky continued to suck hungrily at the last few drops, sending wild new thrills through Glenn’s limp cock. At last she jumped up on his lap, smacking her lips with relish.

“Next time, I want us to go down on each other at the same time, Daddy. You know what? I’m going to dream of your beautiful prick all night long.”

He was about to scold her for her language when he realized how ridiculous that would be, after eating his daughter’s cherry, then ravaging her virgin-pussy, and finally letting her blow him and swallow his jizz.

“Well, I’m going to dream of your hot pussy all night long,” he smiled down at her, stroking and teasing her ripely curved tits.

Her beautiful face suddenly became dead serious. “Daddy, promise me something.”

“Anything, angel.”

“Promise me that when I’m eighteen, you’ll divorce Mother and marry me.”

For a dangerous moment, Glenn Marks almost reared back his head and burst into roaring laughter. Then, with a shock, he realized she was serious.

“We’ll talk about it later,” he told her.

“The hell we will,” Becky said ominously, sending a shiver of fear up her father’s spine. “We’ll talk about it now, Daddy. You’ll get the van tomorrow, right?”

“In that case,” Becky whispered, hugging him so that she squirmed her hot silky tits against his chest, “pick me up after school tomorrow. We can have a wild hour before we come home. We haven’t done sixty-nine yet, you know.”

Downstairs, they suddenly heard the front door slam.

They both leaped up and moved as fast as possible.

When Sheila Marks regained consciousness, she discovered her hands were untied. And, mercifully, the spiked giant was not ramming her aching pussy. But the ache wasn’t urgent this time. It was a burning deeply fulfilling glow that spread outward from her tingling cunt to every inch of her naked hot flesh. Carol was staring down at her, leaning on her elbow as she lay beside Sheila.

“God, I thought I’d die if I didn’t stop coming,” sighed Sheila. “My mind was almost unhinging.”

“You’ll get used to it,” the stewardess said. “You’ve got to be careful, darling. You can get hooked on that thing.”

Sheila glanced at her watch and quickly sat up. “Oh Christ, I’ve got to get along! I don’t want my husband worrying.”

She dressed hurriedly while Carol watched her with hungry eyes. It amazed her how quickly the brunette housewife could arouse her. If only they could spend the entire night together, so Carol could suck her honeyed sweetness dry before allowing Sheila to take her turn with the dildo, tormenting Carol.

Fully dressed, Sheila came over to the bed and kissed the stewardess passionately on the lips and then on each rounded tit in turn. They made a date for the following week, early.

“I went all the way, didn’t I?” Sheila said proudly as she rose to go. “I didn’t leave out a thing, did I, Carol?”

“AS a matter of fact, you did, Sheila.”

Carol turned over on her stomach on the bed, her creamy white ass hovering up obscenely. “You forgot to lick my asshole. Do it, darling. For just a minute.”

Irresistibly, Sheila felt herself drawn to the tiny puckered brown hole. Pressing her nose to the crack of Carol’s hot ass, Sheila plunged her tongue deep into the narrow slot. The taste was strong and delicious to her, almost fragrant in its burning juiciness. In less than a minute, Sheila found herself aroused to a wanton pitch of lust at the strange new thrill. Quickly her fingers darted up to the blonde’s drenched pussy and began probing the hot cunt passionately.

For ten full minutes, the housewife lewdly fingerfucked the moaning blonde stewardess, while she wriggled and squirmed her long tongue deep into Carol’s blissfully swinging ass. After a series of wild orgasms, Carol wrenched away from Sheila’s hotly fucking fingers and greedy tongue. Talk about a turn on!

Sheila left in a rush when she checked her watch. Stretching out on the bed, Carol sighed happily. She would sleep like a baby tonight. She turned out the lights, crawled between the cool sheets and began to doze off. When she moved her arm her fingers brushed something on the bed, and her eyelids flew open instantly, as she gripped the dildo. She’d forgotten about it.

Slowly, Carol lifted the dildo to her lips and began licking it in long dreamy strokes, savoring Sheila’s dried pussy-juice. She wouldn’t fuck herself with it, of course, not tonight. She’d come plenty of times beneath the brunette’s devouring hot mouth. No, she definitely wouldn’t. Absolutely not.

Two minutes later, the sheets thrown back, the sexy blonde began lunging her cunt on the massive spiked cock with deep low moans of passion. With each inch she worked in, she inflicted a five-second shock by hitting the red button. Jesus, it felt fantastic! Another inch, another five beautifully shattering seconds. Then ten seconds. Then fifteen.

“You’ve got to be careful, darling,” her voice mocked her. “You could get hooked on that thing.” The warning to Sheila Marks had been sincere.

Because no one knew better than Carol how hooked a girl could get on the giant electrified prick. Deep down, the stewardess knew she’d deliberately hooked herself on it, had gone at it gladly and lustfully.

Because Carol knew she had to die someday, and it was the only way she could be literally fucked to death. And that’s how she planned to go. All this was only practice.

“Fuck me!” her voice rang in the empty bedroom. “Fuck me!”

Three of the Marks family lay awake in the early hours of the morning, all of them preoccupied with their thoughts.

In her bed, Becky Marks sighed again and again, her fingers daringly toying with her own hotly throbbing pussy. God, her father had been beautiful! What a lover! She deliberately refused to brush her teeth that night so she could savor the final lingering traces of his jizz in her mouth.

Her own Daddy had taken her virginity, and she felt so gloriously excited about it she knew she had to tell someone. But who could she trust? Who would share in her blissful happiness, her delicious secret? Who would understand? Certainly not her brother, Jim.

A faint throb began to pulse in the girl’s loins when she thought of her brother. She’d seen Jim naked just a month or so ago. He was coming down the hall on the way to the shower, and not knowing she was home, he was naked. Lord, he had a long cock! It dangled down over his balls like a hose. He couldn’t compete with his father, but it was easy to see he’d inherited an impressive head start. Funny, she’d never thought of Jim sexually before. Her father, yes, in fantasies, but never her brother. He was really very good-looking, Becky realized.

The adolescent began to imagine giving her brother a blow-job, astonishing him with her hunger and skill. Then she would sit on his lap and give him an unforgettably furious fuck, one that would shame those dumb girls he dated.

Becky drifted off to sleep, determined to seduce Jim at the first chance it was the right thing to do, she knew, because anything that brought a family closer together was good.

Beside Glenn in bed, Sheila’s regular breathing told him she was asleep. Groping in the dark, he lit another cigarette. Hell, it was easy to see why he couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t every night a respectable father went down on his own daughter’s virgin-pussy, then took it and then encouraged her to perform what the law called an obscene act in certain circumstances.

The thing that troubled him was Becky’s age. She was now madly in love with him sexually, a lot different than the father-daughter version. And there was no telling how she might act now. Sure, Becky had been a terrific piece of ass, hot and juicy and thrillingly tight, but now that his lust was temporarily sated, he began to weigh the possible hazards.

Glenn Marks had the funny feeling he was treading on thin ice. Very thin.

Next to him, Sheila pretended to be asleep. Again and again, she went over her lewd, violent affair with Carol that night, trembling with remembered passion and excitement. Was the reason her husband was still awake was that he suspected?

What bothered her even more than her sense of guilt and shame, though, was the fact that ever since her hot wanton night with the beautiful stewardess, she’d begun to look at girls and women with different eyes. Very often hungry eyes, accompanied by wild forbidden thoughts.

Just tonight she’d found herself staring at her daughter, Becky, across the dinner table with the most shocking thoughts, thoughts that made her face now turn crimson. Her own lips kissing and teasing and sucking Becky’s lovely tits. Then every silken inch of her whole naked body, pausing greedily before her tender cunt, dipping swiftly down to lick at Becky’s sweet asshole before devouring her with breathtaking excitement.

Terrible, absolutely horrible. How could she ever think such things about her own daughter? If Glenn knew, he would possibly kill her for such depravity, even imagined.

Because Glenn adored their beautiful daughter. Becky couldn’t have a more kindly, loving father.

Far more loving than Sheila Marks suspected.

The entire family finally slept, unaware they were on a collision course with lust at the helm and disaster straight ahead.

As her father had promised Becky, he’d gotten a new van from his agency the next day. Copper-colored, with drapes and every conceivable accommodation, the van was a motel room on wheels, with even greater privacy. Glenn wondered why he hadn’t thought of it before. It was the perfect answer for quickies without the cost of a motel room or the risk of being spotted.

The idea was such a stroke of genius on Becky’s part that her father rewarded her that first afternoon by screwing her three times in a row after school. Glenn was glad he had the good sense to park the van in a secluded spot on the outskirts of town, though. Even with the tape deck turned up to a near-deafening level, his daughter’s shrieks of wanton ecstasy seemed to carry a mile.

Glenn knew now that his wildly aroused daughter would do anything he wanted, and that Friday evening he called the redhead’s number. The idea of a torrid threesome with the two girls had kept his cock throbbing urgently for days. He discovered, with disappointment, that Marge had gone away for the weekend to visit her parents.

The weekend was usually a social whirl for the Markses – dinners with friends and neighbors, an invitation to his boss’ house, social obligations that couldn’t be avoided. Glenn and Sheila were tremendously popular.

Saturday night they left the house at seven to attend a dinner party, leaving Jim and Becky home alone. Jim had a date with a plump, but rich, college girl at nine. Becky had turned down two dates. After her lewd and violent sex-episodes with her own father, high school boys were almost laughably ridiculous to Becky.

At seven-thirty, Becky stripped and put on her terry cloth robe. There was a smoldering gleam in her wide eyes as she knocked on the door of her brother’s room.

He opened the door, looking annoyed. “What is it, kid?”

Kid! If Jim knew, he’d keel over in shock. “Do you want the shower first or what, Jim? I mean, I know you’ve got a hot date with that fat-assed college broad and you must be rarin’ to go.”

He looked at her with a cool grin. “Listen, you keep your comments to yourself. She’s a nice girl. Besides, she’s rolling in money.”

“But she’s a lousy lay, right?” Becky smiled. “I’ll bet that dumpy ass of hers lumbers like an earth-moving machine. Is that the best you can do?”

Jim stared at his sister in surprise. It was common to hear kids Becky’s age use profanity, but it was surprising to hear angelic Becky talk like this. She seemed different somehow tonight. The belt of her terry cloth robe was loose and he could see her tits almost to the nipple. His sister would be an absolute knockout in a couple more years, and already her lush promise was blossoming overnight.

“I can do a hell of a lot better,” he retorted. “But tonight I work on my bank account, got it? I’ll take the shower first. Now beat it.”

Becky grinned, nodded, and went back to her room. She lit a cigarette from the pack she’d stolen from her father’s room, and calmly waited. Ten minutes later, Jim walked down the hall to the bathroom. Her heart beating wildly, Becky stubbed out her cigarette, slipped out of her robe and walked down the hall stark naked.

Without knocking, she opened the bathroom door and walked in. Her brother stood before the mirror with a towel draped around his waist. He had his electric shaver in his hand but hadn’t turned it on yet. He looked at his sister in astonishment, blinking his eyes.

“Jesus Christ, Becky! Are you crazy?”

“No, Jim. Just horny. For you, brother. We’ll shower together, okay?”

Jim gaped at his sister in disbelief. For a wild moment, the latest rage of movies about demonic possession flitted through his mind, and he wondered if Becky was suddenly possessed. Then he realized she wasn’t Becky any more. She was already tall for her age and her silky tits were ripening quickly, with fat lush nipples that tilted upward, as if begging to be kissed and sucked. Beneath her narrow waist, her hips curved out in sexy fullness. And the golden tangle of her pussy-hairs above her softly rounded belly triggered an immediate surge in his long cock. He quickly pressed his hard-on against the sink to hide his reaction from her.

“I don’t know whether you’ve been smoking grass or what, kid,” he shook his head, “but you don’t know what you’re doing. You’d better beat it, Becky.”

“Grow up,” she said with a sneer. “We’ll shower together. Take your towel off, Jim. I want to see your prick.”

“Now listen, kid, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but…”

Becky reached over and ripped his towel off. His long pulsing cock sprang forth and she sucked in her breath. “Oh, beautiful,” she murmured. “Oh, Jim, that’s a hunk of meat!” Her eyes went up to his, shining wildly. “Be honest with me, brother. How many times can you come in one night?”

“Jesus Christ!” Jim exclaimed, shaking his head. “Becky, are you sick? This isn’t like you at all, honey.”

“How many times?” Becky whispered, stepping close to her lean, powerfully muscled brother. She grasped his hard-on in her fingers and stroked it tenderly, and for a wild moment Jim thought he would burst his load on the spot.

Sister or not, crazy or not, possessed or not, a beautiful naked blonde was playing with his prick and was driving him crazy. “How many times?” she demanded.

“Four, maybe five,” Jim said hoarsely. “Listen, Becky, if you don’t stop playing with my prick I’m gonna come all over the place.”

“Would you like me to give you a blow-job, Jim? Would you like to come in my mouth the first time?” Becky panted, jerking his cock in her hot fist with a lascivious smile.

She is crazy, Jim thought with awe. Could his sister be a raving nymphomaniac? But hell, he realized quickly, did it matter? His own beautiful sister wanted to make it with him in the most vulgar possible terms, and the message in his urgently pulsing rod was achingly clear. He had to decide quickly. He was about to come from sheer excitement, from the electrifying feel of her hot fingers.

“Okay, okay, Becky,” he gasped. “We’ll shower together. Come on, honey.”

They both stepped under the warm spray. Both of them were fiercely excited as they faced each other, naked. All the years of joking and playing and taunting each other, all the wholesome brother-sister love they’d built up, all these feelings only served to add a fiery fuel to the lust both teenagers felt at that moment.

“We’ll soap each other down,” Becky said. She began by stroking suds on Jim’s broad chest, moving her fingers down to his flat belly and the thick dark bush above his quivering prick. Becky avoided lathering his cock and balls, though, and instead reached around to stroke suds on the crack of his hard-muscled ass. She pressed her hot tits into his chest as she did so, grinding her pulsing cunt to his huge erection.

Jim’s lips found hers and almost at once her wet tongue slammed into his mouth urgently. His fingers lathered her satiny ripe ass meanwhile, then moved up to soap her beautifully formed tits, pinching gently on her taut nipples.

A moment later Becky had slipped out of his grasp and dropped to her knees, deep moans of excitement coming from her throat. She clutched his rigidly pulsing prick eagerly in both hands, aimed it at her tingling mouth and shoved it in.

“Becky! Oh, wow, Becky! Sin, it’s wild!”

Jim Marks had a girl go down on him only once in his life, briefly, awkwardly, and as a simple mechanical prelude to screwing her. This was unbelievable! Under the warm spray of the shower, his own sexy sister was passionately sucking him off with such artistic hunger, Jim’s mind reeled. While one of her hands jerked the base of his quivering prick, the other squeezed and fondled his balls. And all the while her burning mouth sucked and coaxed, her lashing tongue whirled and flicked against the tip of his knob to make him groan in surprised pleasure.

Just when he thought he was going to spurt his load into her electrifying mouth, the blonde adolescent released her lips and began licking and sucking on his balls for a new thrill. Jim cupped her head in his hands, grinding his hips, dazed at his sister’s lustful eagerness.

“Oh, shit, sis, that’s fantastic, honey. Gooooooood! At, Becky, I wanna come now in your hot mouth, baby! Yes, oh YEAH! Ummmm! WOW, WOW!”

Becky was in a state of pure rapture as she devoured her brother’s burning prick. Sweet Jim’s cock tasted utterly delicious to her, not nearly as gigantic or thrilling as her father’s, but still fabulously exciting! She loved the hot pounding feel of his meat surging in waves in her fist and mouth, the sensation of his creamy come building up for a delicious explosion.

With a thrilled shock that only fired her runaway lust, the girl realized that in just the past few days she’d lavished hungry blow-jobs on both her father and her brother, and she loved it with all her fiery soul. She loved eating her daddy’s thick molten cum, and now her brother’s gushing flood was starting to explode in her frantically sucking mouth. Low frenzied moans issued from Becky’s throat as the boiling juice spurted forth, hotter and sweeter than her father’s. The jizz streamed down her throat in enormous bursts, wave after searing wave while Becky sucked and jerked on his quivering rod.

Becky realized she was now addicted to going down on men. She craved oral sex, daydreamed about sucking cocks at idle moments during the day, had exciting erotic visions of them in her sleep. Her father’s immense, powerful prick had sparked this new hunger and there were moments when she fantasized going down an a dozen boys in succession, smacking her lips and savoring each new fountain of cum.

And once the idea even occurred to her it might be fun to try a girl sometime, just to see what it was like. The prospect of blowing another girl filled her with a weird anticipation, an excitement that left her lusting and breathless.

The last few drops of her brother’s creamy jizz seeped into her mouth and with a last ravenous suck, Becky released his deflated rod and stood up, panting.

“How was it, Jim? Did you like it?”

Jim shook his head, speechless. Her innocent mouth had given him the roller-coaster ride of his life and now she asked him if he liked it! But staring at her beautiful face, a sudden twinge of jealousy struck Jim. Where had she learned to give such an incredible blow-job? The thought occurred to him that his own sister might be the most eager cocksucker in town, the laughingstock of school behind his back.

“How many guys have you done that to, Becky?” he asked.

“Just one, honest. You might say I’ve got a natural flair for it, Jim.”

Jim wondered if he ought to ask who, but decided it wasn’t any of his business yet. They got out of the shower and dried each other down. The feel of his sister’s hot satiny tits and sleek legs beneath his fingers quickly sparked a new powerful hard-on for Jim. He realized Becky had done him a bigger favor than she knew by sucking him off the first time. He hadn’t been laid in almost a month and his urgency was so fierce he would have come in two seconds if he’d rammed it into her juicy cunt. At least now he had some staying power.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Jim. Have a nice night, brother.”

She started to leave the bathroom when Jim seized her wrist. “What do you mean, sis? Hell, I’m not through!”

She smiled maliciously. “What about that dumpy-assed date of yours? Aren’t you going to keep it?”

“Screw her,” Jim said heatedly. “I want to spend the night with you. Come on!”

Becky chewed her lip, pretending to think it over. Already she was beginning to realize the power of her lips and tongue and pussy and she hadn’t even let Jim have that yet. Once he got it, Becky had a strong feeling she could wrap Jim around her little finger like a ribbon. They could suck and fuck at her whim, whenever she felt like it. And ever since her handsome father had turned her on a few nights ago, the girl felt as if her pussy was on fire. Sex was all she thought about, dreamed about, looked forward to, breathed.

“I don’t know,” Becky said coyly. “You promise to do whatever I ask?”

“Yeah, sure, anything,” Jim said hoarsely. Christ, she was a wildcat! If her tight pussy was half as exciting as her mouth, it would be a night to remember for life.

“Okay, brother,” Becky grinned. “My room. And bring a joint, a good one.”

There was no sense in denying he had grass, since Becky knew he smoked it, like almost everyone else in high school. He went to his room, ***ed two thickly rolled marijuana cigarettes and padded, naked, to Becky’s room. She lay casually sprawled out on the bed, one knee drawn up, her glistening pink cunt like a tiny kissable mouth.

Jim lit one joint, dragged deep and handed it to her. They smoked the entire reefer in silence, Jim’s long cock growing thicker and hotter by the moment.

“Ever eaten a girl’s pussy?” Becky asked huskily.

“No.” Jim laughed, feeling very high. “I never found one that looked appetizing enough.”

“Well, look at mine, brother. Because you’re going to eat it, nice and slow. Then we’ll fuck, Jim. We’ve got at least three more hours alone and I want to spend every minute of it sucking and fucking. How does that grab you?”

Again, he was shocked at the obscene words rolling so casually from her lips. There was an aura of tremendous lust and excitement in her eyes, a glow of sex reeking from her tawny naked body that suggested she was the greatest piece of ass in the world.

“Suck on my tits first, Jim. Nice and easy, though.”

He got on top of his sister and cupped a golden hot tit in each hand. His mouth sucked hotly on one swollen nipple, bringing soft moans from her lips, before he turned to the other tit. She didn’t have to coax him down – he’d already begun burrowing his lips down in her warm belly, curious about eating pussy, especially his beautiful sister’s cunt. He placed a hand on her stomach and pressed back so that her luscious pink cunt was fully exposed.

“Eat it, eat it, eat it,” Becky chanted, seizing his hair in her fingers. “Kiss my cunt, Jim darling, mmmmmm, suck me off, brother. Ooooooooh!Yes! Eat my hot cunt! Oh, God, Yes, Jim, unnnnnnnngh! Oh shit I love it!”

Without any gentleness or foreplay, her brother launched into the act by lashing his tongue deep into her succulent slit and licking up the honey that began to spew forth. It never occurred to him that going down on a girl could be so arousing. The fact that this was his own sister’s pussy, sweet and fragrant and juicy, was an inspiration. He wriggled his tongue up and down, sideways, back and forth, paused to suck lustfully on her tiny clit to make her scream with bliss. He was hardly aware that Becky was tugging painfully at his hair and that her feet were digging harshly into his back, or that her burning soft thighs were locked crushingly to his face.

“Suck it faster! Oh, brother, I love it! Gonna come! Unnnnnnnngh!”

Her tawny ass swung up and down in a fury of lust as her first orgasm rippled through her madly sucking pussy. It was quickly followed by another, hotter series of thrills as her brother’s greedy mouth sucked in a frenzy.

“Shit, it’s too much, too much!Yes, daddy, daddy, yes! Daddy, I love it, love you,love your mouth, your prick!”

Jim froze. She’d said Daddy! Jesus, he thought, dazed, our own father ate Becky’s pussy? Was that who she gave the first blow-job to, where she learned those fantastic tricks? His train of thought was shattered when Becky abruptly pulled his head down with violence, crushing his mouth once again to her hot quivering cunt.

“Don’t stop, dammit! Eat it, suck it!”

A few minutes later, Becky released his head with a long happy sigh.

“Beautiful,” she sighed to Jim. “Just yummy, brother. Let’s smoke the other joint, okay?”

Jim lit it, thinking hard. She could have just wed the expression Daddy, just a phrase in the heat of passion. Or maybe she was fantasizing about their father. Some girls did that. Hell, Jim decided, his father couldn’t possibly do such a thing, no matter how sexy and beautiful Becky was. What kind of a father would eat his daughter’s pussy? Or have her give him a blow-job?

It was impossible.

But he had to admit to himself that when Becky came on to a man, she was also impossible to resist, the hot mink.

“Hell, let’s screw,” Jim said urgently, feeling his built-up come like a blazing fire in his loins. “I’m as hot as a pistol, sis.”

Becky squinted at him through the marijuana smoke. “No.”

Jim blinked at her in disbelief. “What?”

“I said no. N-O. I changed my mind, Jim. I don’t feel like it any more. I’m happy and relaxed now. Try me in an hour or two, okay, brother?”

Jim’s temper was slow, Becky knew, but very dangerous once it got rolling. His face was turning red with rage now, almost as crimson as the head of his throbbing prick.

“What the hell do you mean, no? You said we would, you let me eat your pussy until you came and now you want to just lie there stoned, leaving me high and dry!”

She smiled at him arrogantly, but her heart was hammering wildly in her chest. Only last night she lay awake in bed, her pussy throbbing, her mind whirling with thoughts about sex. She found herself wondering what it would be like to be raped, to be brutally, savagely raped. To have a hot massive cock angrily ram her tight-burning cunt with thrilling power, piercing her by force. To feel completely helpless as a strong male pinned her down and took her in a fury of lust.

In school, a lot of teachers found Becky Marks annoying because of her intense curiosity. She was always asking questions that were hard to answer, unusual questions that irritated their limited minds. Now the girl’s intense curiosity about sex had awakened and she wanted to experience everything, no matter how twisted or seemingly strange.

She’d thought of provoking her father into raping her, but she knew he wouldn’t, not with her anyway. He was a stud, a bull, but a kind bull, she thought innocently. Jim was horny and headstrong. And right now he was glaring down at her with a chilling light in his steel-blue eyes.

“Why don’t you keep your date with dumpy ass?” Becky taunted him, stretching out on the bed so that her cute tits rose invitingly high. She deliberately toyed with her pussy hairs, drawing his attention there. “Why don’t you fuck her, brother? She can’t be that bad, can she?”

“Now listen, Becky!”

“Beat it. You bore me.”

The fury darkened his face like a cloud. He was suddenly on top of the girl, seizing her wrists in a vise grip. One of his knees kept her legs parted as he tried to ram his prick into her pussy. A stab of tenor shot through Becky. This rape wasn’t what she imagined. He was hurting her. She began struggling ferociously, with surprising strength.

Suddenly Jim managed to jam both knees between her thighs, exposing her pink cunt-lips. A few seconds later he slammed forward and his hot cock immediately pierced his sobbing sister. Jim began to fuck her with driving brutal strokes, pistoning his prick in almost to the hilt to make her cry out.

“Hurts! Damn, Jim. Unnnnnnnng! You’re killing me! Aaaaaagh! More of your prick! WANT MORE OF YOUR HOT COCK!”

Quickly, Becky started swinging her hips to a frenzied passion as her brother’s long rod began to batter her eager pussy with thrilling violence. The lust-crazed girl sank her teeth into his shoulder viciously and clawed his back in a fury of obscene excitement.

Jim was already beginning to falter beneath her hotly sucking cunt. “Oh, shit, sis! Hot, mmmmmmm! Hot ‘n tight! Jesus, what pussy!Wowwwww!”

Becky went into a reverie of delirious fucking, wrapping her legs around her brother’s waist and swinging her silken ass in powerful thrusts. His thick battering prick gorged her narrow slit until it was painful, but Becky enjoyed that too. While her brother’s cock wasn’t as huge or as thrilling as her father’s, or as tasty, Becky discovered when she’d given him her ravenous blowjob in the shower, it was still long and hard enough to make her come.

“Love your hot prick, Jim! Oh, brother, that’s wild,wild, wild. More of your big prick. Aaaaaaaaaagh! Shoot it in me! Ram it to me! Fuck me harder!”

With her hot, silken body squirming against his in a wanton madness, Jim felt his rod being coaxed and drained by her boiling cunt with electrifying excitement. Her hot ass-cheeks quivered in his hands in lustful spasms. Her swollen tits rammed into his chest while her hand reached around to the crack of his ass, grasping his balls, urging his fiery load.

“Gonna come, sis! I’m coming, sis! Jeez, what a cunt!”

“All of it,” his sister panted fiercely. “Gimme that hot cm! Shoot it hot and deep, brother! Oh Lord I wanna fuck all night!”

Five minutes later her brother collapsed against her, but still Becky writhed and squeezed his soft cock. The urgent fucking motions of her soft hips finally began to subside, but already she’d started stroking and massaging his balls, craving more.

Jim rolled off Becky, heaving for breath. He stared down at his sister in astonishment. Her wide eyes shone lewdly on his prick and her sultry lips were parted and wet, still murmuring obscenities.

“Oh Jim, that was a great fuck, darling. Oh, brother, I didn’t know what I was missing all these years! Listen, I want to try something different.”


Becky nodded eagerly. She rolled over on her stomach and placed her folded knees under her so that her tawny naked ass hovered lasciviously in the air.

“You mean dog-fashion?” Jim asked.

“No,” Becky panted. “I want it in my ass. Every burning inch, brother. Ram it in all the way! Lord, I’m so hot I could faint. Come on, Jim, shove it in. Hard.”

“Christ, Becky, it’ll hurt. You sure you can take it?”

She shuddered her beautifully rounded ass impatiently. “Don’t worry about me. Just ram it in! Go ahead!”

The mere sight of his sister’s succulent ass triggered a new rock-hard erection in Jim. Whoever else she might be, this wasn’t the shy sweet sister he’d grown up with. First she’d given him the wildest blow-job imaginable, greedily gulping down his juices, then she’d taunted him into raping her and now she was pleading for it in her tender asshole!

Whoever had turned Becky on had started a bonfire in her loins. Jim would try to find out later.

He kneeled upright between the blonde’s legs and spread the crack of her burning ass-cheeks. Her anus looked small beneath his big throbbing prick, tiny and utterly helpless.

“Maybe I ought to get some Vaseline,” Jim suggested.

“Put some of my pussy-juice on it,” Becky panted. “Put some on the head of your cock, too, brother. Then ram it home! Let’s do it!”

He dipped his fingers into her drenched hot cunt and rubbed her freely-flowing pussy-juice around the puckered slit of her asshole. Then Jim spread some on the head of his pounding prick. Hunching forward with her silky ass firmly gripped in his hands, he shoved the red knob of his cock directly against her quivering asshole.

Then he lunged forward with all his might.

“God Almighty!” Becky screamed. “Tearing me in two! Jeeeeeezus Jim! Oh, my ass! Wooowww!”

The stunned blonde gasped, trying to catch her breath. The gigantic boiling pressure in her ravaged asshole felt like a blazing baseball bat rammed to the hilt. Her brother’s thick hot prick throbbed fiercely in her narrow tunnel, surging with power, stinging like fire.

“Oh, shit, that’s nice!” Jim groaned, digging his fingers into the tender flesh of her ass-cheeks. “Ooooh, sis, your asshole is terrific!”

Jim began pumping his gorged rod in steady strokes, each forward thrust bringing a cry of anguish from his sister’s throat. It was impossible to be still, but with each slight movement of her naked ass, Jim’s long prick inflicted new bolts of pain in her tender asshole. An idea occurred to Becky and she quickly darted her fingers down to her soaked pussy. She found her clit and began stroking it furiously, hoping the obscene thrills she got from fingerfucking herself would take her attention away from the pain.

Then something odd happened. The burning ripping pain pounding savagely in her hot asshole began to merge with the sharp thrills in her searing cunt. Sobbing, the blonde shoved a finger up her pussy, then two fingers, and began fucking herself eagerly. Both her tender slits were now crammed with pounding excitement.

“Yes, brother, yes! Harder, faster! Fuck my ass harder, brother!”

Jim didn’t need urging. Her juicy tight anus boiled around his thrusting prick, squirming and wriggling to spark hot thrills along the length of his meat. The feel of his sister’s tawny hot ass trembling madly in his fingers fired his excitement tremendously. What a hell of a way to spend Saturday night! The night was still young and so far he’d screwed his sexy sister in three different places, all of them wildly sucking on his cock.

Becky’s naked body thrashed wildly on the bed as she furiously stroked her fingers in and out of her throbbing cunt. She was as excited by the idea of having her own handsome brother ravage her anally as the maddening experience itself. In her state of lewd delirium, she could no longer tell the difference between the gorged blazing sheets of pain rippling through her asshole and the lustful thrills racing through her soaked pussy. She felt completely crammed full except for her mouth. Lord, if only she had a cock to ram in there, too!

“Coming, sis! Oh, your hot wild ass, honey. Wow! Oh, that juicy asshole, mmmmmmmmm! Here it comes! Oh, baby swing that ass!”

In a fever of passion, Becky swung and jerked her naked ass with loud moans of joy. She felt her bowels tinge madly as her brother’s load began to spurt deep in her asshole.

“Oh, yes, shoot it in me! Shoot it in my ass, brother! Ooh, Jim,love your prick up my ass! Fuck me darling! aaaaaah!”

He was coming in great molten gushes in her burning anus, spurts that flooded her churning ass in torrents of wet fire. She masturbated to a frenzy as he came in her impaled ass, her blazing cunt exploding with thrills. She flexed her anal muscles powerfully to drain her brother’s load, swinging her cheeks up and down frantically.

When Jim suddenly pulled his cock out with a grunt, Becky shuddered from head to toe. Then she stayed in position, waves of delight coursing through her ravaged ass as Jim’s burning come trickled and tingled. She slowly undulated her ass with obscene pleasure, moaning low and deep.

“Jesus, what do you do for an encore after that, sis?”

“Don’t worry,” Becky sighed, rolling over on her back, “I’ll think of something, Jim. You just keep that beautiful rod ready to go, brother. Mmmmmm, that hurt gloriously. Do you suppose Dad ever did that to Mom?”

“Nah, I don’t think so. Mom is too square. Now you tell me something, sis. Who took your cherry and turned you on? I mean, whoever he was, I gotta hand it to him.”

Becky lit one of the cigarettes she’d stolen from her father’s room. “Well, if you like,” she said lazily, “you can congratulate him when he gets home tonight.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “Christ, you mean Dad?”

“You bet I mean our father. And brother, is he hung! To think that Mom has been getting every loving inch all these years,” Becky sighed, stroking her brother’s limp cock with her hot fist. “I’ll tell you something else too, Jim. Your father could give lessons in pussy-eating. His cum is saltier than yours, too. But he doesn’t have as much,” Becky consoled her brother.

“I’ll be damned,” Jim muttered. He knew his father had a reputation all over town for being a stud, but fucking his own daughter! Well, what the hell, he reminded himself sheepishly, she’s my own sister too.

“Ever think about making it with Mom?” Becky asked him.

“Well, the thought occurred to me, but hell, you know Mom. She’d be shocked out of her wits. She’s still got a fantastic body, especially her gorgeous tits.”

“Don’t be so damn sure about that,” Becky said thoughtfully. “Mom isn’t as square as she seems. I think it’s an act, the respectable housewife routine. I’d almost be willing to bet she’s making it with someone on the side. You know what, Jim? I wouldn’t mind making it with Mom myself.”

“Are you kidding?” her brother said, startled.

“Hell no, I’m not kidding,” Becky laughed. “I don’t suppose you’ve seen her naked lately, but I have. She’s as sexy as anything around. I’d like to suck on those fabulous tits for an hour before I’d eat her pussy until she faints. Mmmmmm, I’ll bet she’s delicious!”

Jim stared at his sister in awe. No wonder his father had found the temptation irresistible. Becky was so wildly sexy with those smoldering eyes and high, ripening tits and tawny ass and legs, he’d have had to be blind to resist the urge. And the idea of sultry Becky going down on their beautiful mother sparked a hot strange excitement in his loins. That would be an unforgettable scene, almost as exciting as the prospect of screwing his own voluptuous mother.

At the same moment the girl felt a stab of lustful urgency as she too pictured having sex with their mother. She wondered if she ought to sound out her father about it first. If anyone could persuade their mother to give it a try, he could. Glenn Marks could talk almost anyone into anything. Well, maybe she could talk him into that, too. After all, her father had a limited number of hours he could screw, and he spent almost every stolen moment with Becky, unable to get enough of her hot pussy. Becky suddenly laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny?” Jim asked, his prick erect once more.

“I just wondered if there’s a bed in the house big enough to hold all of us,” Becky grinned. “Let’s cut all this talk and get down to business, brother. I’m horny. Let’s sixty-nine.”

A moment later Becky’s eager mouth slipped down to seize her brother’s burning meat. She began licking and sucking with lewd moans, pausing to lap at his balls every so often. With her steaming crotch over Jim’s mouth, brother and sister rocked and jerked with spasms of lust as they devoured each other. Only after they came in each other’s greedy mouths did they lay back, temporarily sated.

Becky’s ass felt excruciatingly raw and tender, but she liked the warm erotic glow spreading outward from her hot ass-cheeks. Tomorrow she’d get her father to spank her, to renew the lustful sensations. Strange, how pain could feel good. She’d gotten Jim to screw her anally not only out of curiosity, but as a sort of practice session. If she could take Jim’s long prick without fainting, she ought to be able to take her father’s immense cock. She knew he adored her cute ass, fondling and stroking its velvety heat constantly with powerful fingers. She knew he’d thought about fucking her in the ass, although he never mentioned it. She looked forward to the surprise and pleasure on his face when she offered her nakedly rounded ass-cheeks to him.

How many girls loved their fathers enough to offer them their helpless asses for pure pleasure?

Her mother had to be next, Becky thought restlessly. There was no one else left in the family.

What instinct prompted Becky to search her parents’ bedroom the following day, she didn’t know. Just a sharp curiosity about her mother’s seeming innocence. She had to have a secret somewhere, Becky sensed as she went through her mother’s closet. She found a pair of panties in the laundry hamper and sniffed her mother’s pussy fragrance with excitement. She moved next to the dresser. In a bottom drawer, beneath a set of folded towels, she found two items that left her dazed with astonishment.

One was a gigantic dildo with dozens of soft rubber spikes on its prick-shaped length. Becky fiddled with the red button on the bottom and almost dropped the humming cock as a sharp electric tingle raced through her fingers. The other item was a Polaroid snapshot, in color, of a beautiful naked blonde.

Becky sank down on the bed as she gaped at it. The blonde was tall, high-breasted with huge pink nipples and long sleek legs. She lay casually on a bed, her thighs slightly parted so that her pink pussy shone through her curly cunt-hairs. The expression on her face was lewd, her eyes smoldering, her sensuous lips curved in an inviting smile.

The snapshot was signed: All my hottest love, darling, Carol.

“Incredible,” Becky murmured out loud. “Too much! Oh Mom, did you have me fooled!”

Becky tried to imagine a dozen different reasons for the dildo and the obscene snapshot to be in the drawer, but only came back to one answer – her mother, the cunning bitch, was having an affair with a beautiful blonde! For a long time Becky stared it the dildo and the photograph in turn. Her father couldn’t know. Suddenly Becky realized she had the upper hand completely over her mother.

All she had to do was blackmail her sexually. Becky went back to her own room, bringing the dildo and the snapshot with her. She smiled slyly as she went to take a bath. Her father had promised, in front of the family to take her to see a special movie tonight. Meaning they were going to make it again. But there was another hidden meaning in his eyes she couldn’t fathom, a sort of amused secret, accompanied by an I’ll-tell-you-later look.

Well, now Becky had a surprise or two for him. She would keep the evidence hidden from her mother and look as innocent as possible for a day or two. Her sexy mother might crack from the tension of not knowing who took them, but it was just this sort of tension that would make her a pushover at the right moment.

Again Becky stared at the seductively naked blonde in the picture. So her mother was a real swinger, a raving switch-hitter!

Maybe, Becky thought with a soft hungry tingle in her lips as she stared at the blonde’s ripe curves, I inherited some of that. Mom and I could make a real team.

Becky Marks felt like the horniest girl in the world as she slipped into the steaming bathtub. But if her own father and his surprise couldn’t fix that, nothing could.

The surprises began coming fast and furiously as soon as Glenn and his daughter drove away from the house.

“The thing is, Becky,” he said as he drove, “I, ah, had this date tonight with this redhead, see? I sort of wanted you to meet her. She’s anxious to meet you and I was, ah, hoping you’d like each other.”

Becky laughed. “I’m not a dummy, Daddy. You want to make it with both of us, right? You want to play threesies.”

Glenn glanced at his daughter, partly startled, mostly with pride. Very sharp, as well as a terrific lay. He’d been meaning to broach the subject by degrees, carefully, but his beautiful daughter was so laughingly open about the subject of sex, she’d probably thought of it as soon as he did.

“You won’t object, angel?” he asked.

“Any way you want to swing is all right with me, Daddy. I just hope she’s sexy.”

Glenn grinned. “Don’t worry about that, Becky. She says she’s never done it with a girl before. But she’s willing to try, especially when I showed her a picture of you. The one in your pink bikini, where your tits almost spill out of the top. As a matter of fact,” he added smoothly, “I thought we might play a few games with Marge.”

“Games?” she said excitedly.

“Tie her up, tease her a little, get her all hot and bothered. Then torment her a little bit before giving her more pleasure.” He figured Becky may as well find out about the whip and manacles in his briefcase now. She wasn’t exactly the timid type when it came to sex, he thought.

“Well, in that case, I’ve got just the thing, Daddy. Look.”

She took the dildo from her straw purse and held it up. Glenn gawked and the car almost skidded on the road. Becky explained about the electric-shock button on bottom.

“Where in the hell did you get that?”

“I think you’d better park for a minute, Daddy. This is going to blow your mind, I’m afraid.”

He parked the car, and Becky handed him the snapshot of the sensuously naked blonde stewardess. Thea she told her father where she’d found the dildo and the picture. For a long minute Glenn stared at the picture, stunned.

“I’ll be Goddamned,” he muttered, shaking his head. “I’ll be a sonofabitch. Sheila? Sheila playing around on the side with another woman? Christ, I wouldn’t have believed she had it in her. My own wife a switch-hitter!”

He suddenly felt ridiculous. Here he was bringing his own daughter along for an orgy with himself and another woman while he was seething with anger over his wife. But if only she’d told him years before! To think of the time they’d wasted when they could have had terrifically exciting threesomes!

His eyes went to Becky’s jutting tits and smooth legs. Well, they could still have threesome; his wife, his adolescent daughter and himself, couldn’t they? And if Sheila was tormented in the process, well, hell, she deserved it, didn’t she? Glenn shook his head and started the engine. Becky coughed.

“Uh, there’s one more thing, Daddy,” she said with a smile.

“What now, angel? How can you possibly top that news?”

“It’s, uh, about Jim, Daddy.”

“What about him? What’s he done?”

“Well, it wasn’t what he did. It’s what we did, last night while you and Mom were out. I couldn’t help it, Daddy, I was so darn horny and you were gone for the evening.”

Glenn shook his head, dazed, and turned the car engine off again. Becky no longer seemed little. He knew Becky did the actual seducing, knew how lust-crazed she could get when she was turned on. “All right,” he said finally, “how was the kid in bed?”

“Oh, great, Daddy,” the blonde girl beamed. “For his age, that is. I mean, he’s not hung like you, but he’s not exactly a boy scout, either. You don’t mind, do you, Dad?”

Glenn patted her ass-cheeks affectionately. “No, I don’t mind, Becky. As a matter of fact, I’d rather Jim came to you when he was worked up than some scatterbrain in school who’d make him spend money first or else give him the runaround. You know, we’re all going to have to be careful, Becky.” His voice was serious. “If anyone in town found out about what’s going on in the family…”

“Daddy, when can we get Mom for a threesome? Or a foursome, with Jim?” the blonde asked excitedly.

“Soon,” he promised. “Very soon.”

He drove off again, suddenly overwhelmed by all the wanton possibilities presenting themselves among his own family. This first threesome with his daughter was only a prelude. He knew Becky liked games, and if he could get her to like them enough with other girls, he could teach her to lure other teenage girls into threesomes or even foursomes. As for his wife, she apparently was doing fantastically well on her own, he realized with irony. The naked blonde in the picture was a knockout.

His wife and daughter could get all the girls he wanted, for himself and Jim. A whole dazzling new lifestyle of excitement opened before his eyes, all because he’d decided in a moment of irresistible lust to take his daughter’s virginity. There was risk there, danger, but, hell, that made the game all the more worth the effort, didn’t it?

The redhead Glenn had sold the new Chevy convertible to the week before was waiting outside her apartment building. Becky’s heart began to beat with excitement as Marge got in the car beside her. Glenn introduced them and he could see the rich college girl was immediately taken with Becky’s soft loveliness. She was nervous too, her lushly curved tits rising and falling rapidly with her breathing.

Becky laughed, thinking of the colossal dildo in her purse. The gadget fascinated her, especially the shock button. It wouldn’t be long before the redhead found out just how mischievous the blonde actually was. And how wantonly exciting.

Glenn used his usual motel, owned by a friend whom he gave liberal discounts on a new car every year. This insured his silence, but even so Glenn carefully cautioned Becky to stay down in the back seat until she could slip in the motel room safely. When he was registered, Becky followed him and the shapely redhead into the room.

Glenn took a fifth of Scotch from his briefcase, and made three drinks, deliberately making Becky’s weak and Marge’s very strong. Glenn waited a few minutes for the liquor to take effect on the nervous redhead. His prick had been hotly pulsing ever since he’d left the house with his blonde daughter. And it was Becky who broke the ice.

“Look, gang,” she giggled, “we can’t just sit around all night. I’ll strip first, okay?”

Without the slightest bit of self-consciousness or shame, the blonde removed all her clothes. Her eyes blazing with eagerness and curiosity, Becky walked up to the trembling redhead. She put her hands on Marge’s heavy tits, squeezing gently, aroused at the strange feel of another girl’s warm tits in her fingers.

To Glenn Marks, the sight of his daughter passionately feeling up another sexy girl was tremendously exciting. Marge was beginning to melt already, fascinated by Becky’s boldness and lewdly searching fingers.

“Take it off now,” Becky whispered to Marge, rubbing her wetly throbbing pussy against the redhead’s warm crotch. “Take it all off and I’ll lick your pussy. This is a first time for me, too, Marge, so don’t be nervous.”

Her fingers shaking, the college girl obeyed. She barely took her eyes off Becky, Glenn noticed, as though hypnotized by the woman’s vibrant lust. As she stood naked before Becky, his daughter seized her creamy tits with a soft hungry moan and began sucking on one of the nipples.

“Oh, that’s exciting,” Marge gasped, putting her arms around the girl, feeling Becky’s warm soaked pussy grind to hers. “Oh, you’re getting me hot, Becky. Mmmmmmm.”

Glenn quickly stripped, watching his daughter eagerly French-kiss the redhead. Her fingers groped Marge’s fully rounded ass. Becky was fiercely, wildly excited at the soft sexy feel of Marge’s naked flesh. It was so different from her father’s or her brother’s hotly thrilling cock, so deliciously guilty and forbidden.

Becky stepped back from the college girl, panting, and looked at her father. He delved into his briefcase, talking to Marge meanwhile.

“Becky and I want to play a little game, Marge. Don’t worry, you won’t get hurt. We’re just going to tie you down on the bed with these manacles, see?”

“Why?” Marge’s eyes mirrored fright.

“A game,” he said patiently. “It’s more exciting this way, Marge. A little teasing, that’s all. Right, Becky?”

Becky nodded quickly, her eyes blazing with anticipation. “Just a game, Marge,” she said, stroking the redhead’s hot ass. “Come on, be a sport. I’ll give you the time of your life if you do. I’ll eat your hot pussy until you faint with joy,” she whispered lasciviously in Marge’s ear, snaking her wet pink tongue into it. Becky felt on tire with lust, driven by an overpowering curiosity. “I’ll lick your asshole,” she promised. “You’ll love it, Marge.”

Glenn marveled at his daughter’s cunning, at the way she deliberately used obscene words to arouse the redhead. She rubbed her golden-haired cunt to Marge’s crotch as she talked, until Marge breathlessly nodded, her eyelids fluttering with excitement.

Quickly, Glenn manacled her wrists and ankles to the four bedposts. She lay naked and spread-eagled, totally helpless, her lush tits panting with fear and desire, panic welling up in her eyes for the first time when she realized how completely helpless she was. Her gaze went from Glenn’s massively throbbing cock above his swollen hairy balls to his daughter’s mouth.

Eagerly, Becky got the grotesque dildo from her purse, Marge’s face turned white with tenor.

“Oh my God, you’re not going to – you’re not going to use that thing on me, are you? I’ll scream!”

“We’re situated in the far rear of the motel,” Glenn told her. “The adjoining room is vacant. I don’t think anyone will hear you, Marge. Besides, I’ve got a funny hunch you might just fall in love with that gadget.” Sheila obviously loved it and Glenn was curious to know why.

“Let me eat her pussy first, Daddy,” Becky implored. “Let me suck her off. She looks so damned yummy!”

Glenn grinned at his daughter. “Okay, angel. But don’t let her come. I want her so hot she’s smoking.”

The blonde hurried to climb on top of the nakedly trembling redhead. For a few minutes Becky sat astride her plump hips, so that their burning cunt-lips were in contact. Moaning softly, Becky passionately squirmed her aching pussy to Marge’s, creating a delicious friction between their tingling crotches. Her hands stroked and massaged Marge’s hot tits meanwhile, loving their fat nipples.

“Oh, I, I like that, Becky. Ummmmmm, oh, it’s making me so hot, faster, please?”

Marge forgot her fear as the silken-skinned blonde triggered dreamy thrills in her throbbing cunt. Glenn sat on the side of the bed meanwhile, watching his beautiful daughter arouse the redhead to a feverish pitch. Now Becky was sliding down, clutching Marge’s round hips as she traced circles on her soft belly with the point of her burning tongue.

A soaring excitement shuddered through Becky’s naked flesh as she hunched between the spread-eagled girl’s milky thighs. With a tentative motion, Becky flicked her long tongue out to taste Marge’s pink wet pussy. It was sweet and juicy, unlike anything resembling a hot prick. The blonde took another taste and then another, entranced by the honeyed rife oozing out of the redhead’s silken cunt.

Then, with a moan of lewd delight, Becky dove in. She began sucking the crying girl’s boiling pussy-flesh with ravenous lashes of her tongue, sucking deep and hard.

“Oh, Mother, ooooooo! Oh, God it’s – oh, Becky, eat me, darling! Ohit’s wonderful!”

“Don’t let her come!” Glenn cautioned his daughter. His long pulsing rod leaped at the sight of his naked daughter ravenously going down on the helpless redhead, lapping and sucking in a frenzy of hunger. Christ, he couldn’t just sit here and watch! Not while Becky’s lush ass twitched and jerked to her frantic pussy-eating. He debated rapidly with himself – the college girl’s helpless mouth or his daughter’s luscious hot pussy? Its tiny pink cunt-lips were shiny with her juices, already sucking with desire.

Nor had Becky forgotten his warnings. Sensing Marge was about to have an orgasm, she dipped her mouth down a couple inches to the crevice of her burning ass. The blonde’s tongue shot into Marge’s asshole to wriggle and squirm for a minute, causing the bound girl to shiver with obscene pleasure. Becky was suddenly aware that her father was mounting her poised ass from behind.

“Yes,” she gasped up at him urgently. “Fuck me, Daddy. Do it to me dog-style! Give me every inch. YES!”

Every time Glenn Marks fucked his daughter, he marveled at the tight, electrifying juiciness of her hot cunt. It writhed like a starving animal on his ramming prick. Kneeling behind her, Glenn could watch his daughter lewdly suck and kiss and lap at Marge’s pink throbbing pussy while he lunged deeper and deeper into her thrilling slit.

In spite of her own wanton urgency, every time the naked, spread-eagled college girl came close to a fever of orgasm, Becky, pulled away her frenzied lips and tongue, kissing and licking Marge’s hot thighs instead. Now Becky slammed her soft ass back furiously to meet her father’s powerfully pumping cock, hearing his big balls slap loudly against her ass-cheeks with each plunge.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she cried happily. “Ooooooh, more of that hot prick! More, Daddy! Unnnnngh! Shoot me your load now, now, now!”

Less than a violently jerking minute later, Glenn Marks felt his burning cum literally sucked from his loins by Becky’s madly wriggling cunt. Wave after wave of thrills shot along his bursting meat as Becky thrashed and gyrated her erupting pussy on his cock. Panting with satisfaction, Glenn climbed off his daughter. His initial urgency was gone now and he could settle down to business with the redhead.

Becky sat up, catching her breath. She wiped at the wet pussy-juice on her cheeks with her fingers, licking them dry with obscene relish. Beneath her, Marge continued to sob in a torment of pent-up lust, nudging her pussy in Becky’s direction with pleading spasms. For Marge, the ordeal was just beginning.

“Don’t leave me like this,” Marge begged. “Please, Becky, I’m so worked up I could die. Please, darling?”

It wasn’t the first time Marge had her pussy sucked off, but it was the first time she’d been devoured with such thrilling lust, such wildly sucking passion. And it was the first time a beautiful girl had ever aroused her. From the tips of her aching hot nipples to the soles of her feet, the helplessly bound college girl throbbed with need.

Becky picked up the dildo. “Let me rape her with it, okay, Daddy? I’m dying to see how it works. Oooh, please?”

Glenn nodded, grinning. After that last piece, he couldn’t refuse his luscious daughter anything. Intensely excited, Becky placed her naked ass on Marge’s lush tits and leaned forward, face down to the redhead’s eagerly pulsing cunt.

“No, no, no,” Marge sobbed, trying to twist away from the hovering monster. She tugged fiercely at her chains, tenor shivering through her hot flesh. She wondered if she ought to scream but then realized if she was heard and someone called the police, her wealthy parents would undoubtedly hear about it. And how would she explain an orgy with a beautiful girl and the girl’s father?

Marge bit her lip to keep from screaming. Her breath panting on Marge’s steaming pussy, the blonde pressed the knob-shaped head of the immense cock to Marge’s cunt-lips. She switched the on button and breathlessly worked the giant cock-head into the college girl’s trembling cunt. As the piercing dildo quivered and hummed in Marge’s hotly aroused pussy, the rounded spikes began shooting intense thrills into the redhead’s loins.

“Oh, God, that’s exciting!” the helpless girl gasped. “Oooo, Becky, that’s fantastic! Oh, easy, easy, it’s gorging me! Aaaah!”

Deeper and deeper, the blonde adolescent shoved the buzzing massive prick inside Marge’s now-fiercely sucking pussy. She experimented by twisting it, which made the redhead’s nakedly helpless flesh leap off the bed, quivering madly. When she had three inches rammed in, Becky nudged her mouth forward and found Marge’s swollen clit-bud, wet, and exposed. She sucked on it hungrily to give the spread-eagled girl a new series of shattering thrills.

Then Becky pushed the red button on the base of the dildo.

“Aaaaaargh!” screamed Marge, shaking her head wildly from side to side. “God! No more! Please Becky, too exciting! Eeeeee!”

The electric jolt that tore through Marge’s impaled pussy left her gasping for breath, totally dazed at the violent new sensation. She tugged ferociously at her manacles, forgetting for the moment she was bound. Between her creamy dripping thighs, the girl watched in fascination as she worked another spiked inch into Marge’s hotly soaked cunt. Becky was getting hotter and hotter as the obscene prick squirmed and wriggled in Marge’s pulsing cunt-flesh. Each time she pushed the red button – only for a couple seconds – the redhead responded with a maddening moan and a shuddering leap off the bed, with her big ass-cheeks bouncing furiously.

Digging her hot tits into Marge’s belly, Becky inched her ass backward until her own boiling cunt was crushed to Marge’s mouth. Delirious with lust, the redhead didn’t hesitate. With a deep moan, she began licking and sucking the blonde’s fiery wet pussy. She rammed deep with her frenzied tongue to lap up Becky’s hot juices. She crushed her nose to Becky’s fragrant asshole so she could plunge her tongue even deeper into the succulent, burning cunt-flesh.

At twenty-two, the college girl had no idea such maddening, nerve racking sex-thrills even existed. The humming spikes vibrating against her pussy flesh made her feel as if her rammed cunt was going to explode momentarily. Again and again Marge came, each orgasm more intense and shattering than the last.

And each time Becky pushed the red button, the redhead almost fainted with the blend of pain and sheer ecstasy. The sharp current that tingled in her ravaged cunt was driving her literally insane, she felt.

“Can’t stop, oh God! Can’t stop coming! No more, Becky, please! You’re fucking me to death! Coming again! Unnnnn!”

Her muffled cries from between Becky’s hotly dripping thighs only spurred the naked blonde to inflict new jolts of current into Marge’s lust maddened pussy.

All the while, Becky’s father watched with intense curiosity. The sight of his daughter raping the helplessly spread-eagled redhead with such obscene pleasure filled him with pride and a fierce lust. Any reservations Marge might have had about eating Becky’s pussy had long since vanished between the thrilling dildo and Becky’s eager lips on her clitoris.

The sight of his naked daughter’s boiling crotch jammed to the redhead’s helpless mouth hardened his long meat until it quivered impatiently. His mind explored the current lewd possibilities quickly. He could sit on Marge’s face, raping her in the mouth while he hoisted Becky’s naked ripe ass up, with her legs on his shoulders so he could eat her hot pussy at the same time. He could mount his naked daughter from the rear and assault her tender asshole while Marge devoured her. Or he could, even though it might be a little awkward, position himself so that he could rape the redhead’s vulnerable asshole while Becky continued to ravage her drenched cunt with the dildo.

The view of his daughter’s luscious naked ass shuddering with delight over Marge’s face decided for him. His fat prick surging with lust, he crouched next to Marge’s head. His powerful hands lifted Becky’s soft hips up high in the air. A loud wail of protest came from Marge, whose eyes were gazed with wanton hunger, her face smeared with the blonde’s hotly trickling cunt-juices.

Glenn carefully positioned himself over the redhead’s eager mouth, planting a folded knee on each side of her face. Crouching over her head, he leaned forward and rested Becky’s upper thighs over his shoulders, so that her hot ass was crushed to his face. Already his naked daughter began to eagerly squirm her ripe ass-cheeks to his face. The hot breath of her boiling cunt hit his face like a blast of steam.

With one hand, Glenn guided his huge burning prick into the helpless redhead’s mouth beneath him. Immediately a long low moan of passion came from her throat as she gulped as much of his pounding meat into her mouth as she could. A moment later Glenn began sucking and kissing his naked daughter’s delicious hot pussy while he fucked the madly moaning college girl brutally in the mouth.

“Ooo, Daddy!” Becky cried out with lewd delight. “Ooo, eat it, eat it! Oh, Daddy, I love it! Suck me faster!”

Squirming her cunt lustfully to her father’s mouth, Becky was in such a fever of excitement she plunged the quivering spiked dildo savagely into the helpless redhead’s frantic pussy. Then she pushed the red button and forgot to release it.

Jolt after jolt of blazing thrills rippled through Marge’s bursting cunt, driving her into a delirium of passion. She whipped her mouth up and down on Glenn’s massive hot prick with feverish abandon, yearning for his thick molten juice. The giant head of his dick battered her throat cruelly, but the fiercely aroused college girl was beyond pain, leaping and thrashing on the mattress with insane excitement.

Now the wanton blonde was sucking fiercely on her clit to intensify the shattering thrills in her exploding cunt. Becky locked her burning thighs savagely to her father’s face as she writhed and fucked his stroking tongue. The girl was starting to come, a wild fiery orgasm that tore through her silken flesh in a flood of lust. There was blood on the spiked prick, she saw with lascivious pleasure. Marge’s pussy-blood. Eagerly, Becky licked it off the humming dildo. Her legs scissored violently behind her father’s head as a long spasm of ecstasy shuddered through her hotly sucking cunt.

The college girl feared she was losing her mind beneath the madly raping cock gorging her bleeding pussy, but at this moment, she couldn’t care less. She twirled her tongue in a frenzy around Glenn’s rock-hard prick, using her lips to suck his hot jizz with all her might. The smell of his hairy, sweating huge balls in her face only fired her hunger. She issued a long low scream in her throat that was incoherent, but the message was clear come in my mouth now!

Glenn dug his fingers harshly into the silken flesh of his daughter’s ass as she came in his mouth, her sweet hot juices pouring like liquid lust. The redhead’s crazed mouth sucked so greedily on his prick, he could feel his cum tingle like a knot of explosive lava in his loins. He jerked up and down in urgent lunges, grunting in great burning gushes in her eager mouth, fucking the helpless redhead’s lips in a fury of excitement.

Marge gulped down the boiling liquid as rapidly as she could, draining his softening prick with ravenous moans, as though his fiery thick juice could quench the maddening fire in her quivering cunt.

Heaving for breath, Glenn gently lowered his naked daughter’s ass away from his face and climbed off the sobbing redhead. Only Becky could inspire such a wild, frenzied blow job from the normally timid college girl. Without thinking, Becky lowered her hotly glowing cunt onto Marge’s face – and immediately was sorry. Feverish animal sounds coming from her lips, Marge began sucking the naked blonde off with savage laps and kisses, her mouth insane with insatiable passion.

Becky quickly jerked her crotch away from the redhead’s lust-maddened mouth. Then, with a final ten-second jolt of the red button that shuddered Marge’s trembling hot flesh from head to toe, the blonde carefully removed the spiked dildo from her ravaged cunt.

For a few minutes, Marge twitched and gasped on the bed, undulating her big ass in slow, lewd circles.

“Fuck me more,” the redhead panted feverishly. “Fuck me again! again! Don’t ever want to stop coming! Eat me again, Becky, oooh, suck me off, darling! Fuck me, suck me, don’t just sit there. Want more!”

“She’ll be all right, won’t she, Daddy?” Becky asked her father with concern. The college girl’s eyes were glazed over with shock and lust and her creamy helpless flesh shook with lingering spasms.

“She’s just a little crazy with excitement,” Glenn said. “She’s stopped bleeding, anyway. She just couldn’t stop coming. I think we could use a change of pace. Give me a hand, Becky.”

Glenn unchained her wrists and ankles, but the redhead was raving softly and she barely seemed to notice. They nudged her over on her stomach and manacled her again, with her luscious round ass now helplessly exposed.

“More?” Marge whimpered. “Oooooh, more? More big cock? Yes, fuck me!”

“I think what we need is some shock therapy,” Glenn told Becky, “Too many thrills, too fast, too hard. A little punishment will bring her out of it.”

From his briefcase, Glenn took his short leather whip. Becky stared at it in fascination. The short things were vicious-looking, black and shiny and almost alive.

The naked blonde remembered her wanton desire to have her father spank her, but at the moment she was more interested in the helplessly chained redhead on the bed. Marge’s asscheeks were lush and creamy, trembling excitedly. She was barely aware of what was happening, Becky noticed, her wet lips raving softly, dried blood caking her softly sucking cunt-lips.

Glenn trailed the thongs gently over the velvety white surface of Marge’s ass, his long rod already stiffening again. When the smooth milky skin turned a bright crimson, he would savor the redhead’s hot beautiful ass – but not before then. When her naked buttocks were fiery with punishment, they would be hottest against his bushy groin.

Glenn suddenly twitched the whip sharply and the thongs lashed out savagely on Marge’s naked ripe ass. She yelped sharply arid quivered. Again he lashed out with the whip and a low scream came from the bound girl’s throat as her white ass bounced and jerked.

“Hurts!” she sobbed. “Don’t – aaaagh! My ass! My ass is on fire! Ooooooo, Christ!”

Becky watched with rising excitement as the pearl-white flesh began to turn bright red beneath the stroking whip, a beautiful crimson hue that spread all over her soft hot ass. The college girl jerked wildly at her manacles, her yelps becoming sharper with each brutal stroke.

In minutes, the burning glow in Marge’s nakedly thrashing ass began to fuse with the hot fire in her pussy. Each white-hot lash of the whip started an intense sensation in her squirming ass-cheeks that raced to her ravaged cunt, until she began to plead for more punishment.

“Yes, hurt me! Don’t stop! Shove it up my ass!Rape me, pleeeeeze!”

Becky watched, amazed at how the chained redhead had gone from agony to shivering excitement in minutes. She stared down at the spiked dildo in her hand, awed, understanding now why her mother used it. Now that Marge’s creamy ass was a glowing crimson, Glenn laid aside the whip. His prick hovered out from above his huge balls like a battering ram, its knob oozing out a milky drop. He dipped his fingers into Marge’s wetly drenched cunt and spread her fluid around the head of his throbbing meat.

Then he mounted her from the rear. Eager to help, his daughter crouched close, spreading the redhead’s quivering hot ass, until Marge’s tiny brown anus was exposed.

In one violent thrust, Glenn rammed his massive prick deep into the helpless college girl’s burning ass.

“Unnnnnnng! Tearing me up!” she screamed.

Glenn began raping the helpless redhead’s hotly glowing ass with deep groans of pleasure. Each time she squirmed her hips in a vain attempt to free herself, juicy new thrills from her fiery bowels raced though his pounding rod. Her narrow slit was incredibly juicy and tight, obviously a cherry.

Deeply aroused at the obscene spectacle of her father’s huge prick slamming into the chained girl’s helpless ass, Becky climbed onto the bed. She lay on her back between both of them, her face up between their thighs. Inching upward, the panting blonde craned up her mouth so she could suck on her father’s massive hairy balls while he thrust powerfully into Marge’s ripe ass.

Becky brought the spiked dildo to her eagerly waiting pussy and raised her knees high. She switched it on and plunged in the head, moaning in surprise. Sharp hot thrills began throbbing in her sucking cunt as she rammed another painful inch of spikes in. And another.

Becky began to fuck the humming invader furiously, all the while sucking and licking her father’s swollen balls with lustful hunger. Her hips jerked and swung savagely as she inched more of it in, thinking she was going crazy from the hot, lewdly grinding monster cramming her pussy.

Then she remembered the red button and pushed it.

Good God! Becky thought deliriously. No wonder Marge went insane! The jolting current that rippled through her wildly sucking cunt was so shatteringly exciting she almost fainted. She opened her mouth wide to clutch one of her father’s hot balls in her mouth and sucked lewdly, daring to push the red button again.

And again Becky’s tawny nakedness shuddered wantonly as the electrifying huge prick rammed deeper and hotter, cramming her tight slit to the bunting point. Oh Lord in heaven, Becky thought feverishly, I could fuck myself to death with this loving monster!

Above her madly sucking lips on his balls, her father was losing his stamina between his daughter’s tingling mouth and the redhead’s writhing juicy asshole. Marge was sobbing deliriously now, slamming her hips up to meet his pistoning hot prick, imploring him feverishly to come. The bolts of agony piercing her tender asshole were almost pure bliss in her lust-maddened state. Even the pain of the manacles on her bound wrists and ankles added to her frenzy of joy.

“Fuck it harder!” she begged, “More of your big cock up my ass!Rip me in two with it!”

Her burning tight asshole clasped and squirmed on his throbbing meat like a fiercely sucking mouth, until Glenn began to spurt powerfully into her juicy slit. Becky was lapping at his bursting balls with ravenous greed meanwhile. Even after his last molten drop was drained by her greedily sucking anus, the crying redhead begged for more, twisting her hot naked ass in a furious plea.

Between their thighs, Becky moaned incoherently as she fucked herself with the jolting monstrous dildo. She realized even, in her torrent of lust she had to stop now, or she’d go on until she fainted from sheer exhaustion. With an effort, the shaking blonde pulled out the humming giant and lay panting for breath. Long after her father had climbed off the frantic college girl, Becky rubbed her palms over her steaming crotch with obscene sighs of satisfaction. Becky was still so hot, she felt enveloped in a sheet of fire.

She rolled over on her stomach, spread Marge’s twitching pink ass-cheeks with her fingers and plunged her tongue deep into the redhead’s fiery asshole. Eagerly, Becky began to lap up her father’s trickling hot cum from Marge’s squirming ass, shuddering with delight.

The college girl could only moan and rave beneath this new delicious sensation, greedily shoving her ripe ass up in Becky’s face.

It took almost half an hour for Marge to calm down. Nothing in her secure, sheltered life had prepared her for a long violent night like this. The shattering thrills and sheets of pain that tore through her vagina and anus that night left her in a state of numb shock.

“I don’t want to go home,” she mumbled as Glenn drove toward her apartment building. “I want to spend the night with you two. I want to suck and fuck and get raped all night long. I want to eat Becky’s hot pussy and suck your big cock, Glenn. Let’s go back.”

“Do you have any tranquilizers at home?” he asked sharply.

“I suppose. Why?”

“Take two and go straight to bed,” he ordered. “You’ll get over it in a day or two.”

“Hell, I don’t want to get over it,” she retorted. “I’m horny, dammit! I want to go out and get laid.”

“Jesus,” Glenn muttered in disgust. Too much, too fast, too wild, that was the trouble. All he needed now was an unpredictable college girl on his hands. She was on a sex binge, obviously, triggered by the dildo and the whip. And, of course, Becky’s madly sucking mouth. He didn’t like the wild gleam in the redhead’s eyes. Again he’d made the mistake of turning on a girl too thoroughly and too violently. She knew his phone number, and she’d have no trouble finding his house if she wanted to. And that would be a hell of a scene.

Before he let her out of the car, Glenn forced her to drink some Scotch straight from the bottle, hoping it would calm her down.

“I’m okay now,” she said, sighing. “I’m exhausted anyway. I guess I’ll go straight to bed.”

“Don’t call me, I’ll call you,” Glenn warned her. They watched her shapely curves bounce and sway as she entered her apartment building.

Glenn had an uneasy feeling as he drove himself and Becky home. His daughter cuddled next to him as he drove, her fingers fondling his cock through his pants.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” Becky asked. “It was a terrific night, honest. I loved it, every minute of it.”

“I don’t know,” he said, shrugging. “I don’t trust Marge. She changed too fast. Maybe she was a little unbalanced to begin with. You never know about those quiet types. They can explode like a dormant volcano.”

“Shell be okay,” Becky said casually, with the certainty of youth. “Daddy, will you spank me sometime? And use the whip on me? And put your big beautiful cock up my ass?”

Amazing, Glenn thought, how her mouth could utter such obscenities so nonchalantly. She took to hot raw sex like a duck to water. And why not? She was a chip off her mother’s block. Recalling the seductively naked blonde in the snapshot, Glenn realized his whole family was brimming over with surprises.

Well, he would have a surprise for his beautiful wife soon, when he got rested up from the torrid session tonight. Hot Becky would have a surprise or two for her swinging mother as well. And her son, Jim, a chip off his block.

But the biggest surprise of all for the outwardly wholesome, clean-cut Marks family would come roaring into their lives in less than forty-eight hours like a freight train.

None of them, from passionate, hot-lipped blonde Becky to her secretly swinging mother had the faintest notion it was coming.

There was an air of seething tension around the breakfast table the next morning. Sheila Marks, her voluptuous face taut with fear, glanced at her husband and son and daughter in turn. Which of them took the picture of naked Carol and the dildo Carol had loaned her? Which of them knew her shocking secret? Her fingers shook as she pecked at her food.

Becky’s innocent face revealed nothing. But when her mother wasn’t looking at her, the blonde raked her eyes over her mother’s high, luscious tits recalling the sweet hot taste of the redhead’s mounds the night before.

Jim shot smoldering glances at his sister, their Saturday night orgy still vivid in his mind. That business of her going to the movies with their father last night was pure bull, he knew. His father was getting Becky’s hot pussy any time he wanted it, while Jim had to wait in line.

Glenn Marks kept up a cool, casual front while he ate. He could see the panic in his wife’s lustrous eyes over the missing dildo and obscene picture. She’d find out what happened to them soon enough. One thing he’d made up his mind about – the blonde was a switch-hitter like his wife, and he was determined to get both of them in a wild session soon.

But first ripe-breasted, long-legged Sheila had to be severely punished for her bizarre secret. She didn’t know about the whip and the manacles, just as he didn’t know about the sexy, luscious blonde lover his wife had on the side.

“I want everyone to stay home tonight,” he announced as he pushed his plate away. “Important family conference.”

Sheila’s face went chalk-white. Would he dare to expose her wanton sex life in front of their own children? Was that the reason for the meeting? She bit her lip, realizing she could only wait in nerve-racking suspense until tonight.

Becky’s eyes smoldered with anticipation. A family party! Oh Lord, Mother, she thought passionately, am I gonna eat you tonight! And vice versa. Becky shivered with an eerie excitement at the prospect of torrid hot sex with her own gorgeous mother.

The long day passed with agonizing slowness for all of them.

At one point in his routine work day at the automobile agency, Glenn had a phone call from the redhead.

“Meet me after work,” she urged him. “I’ve got to see you, Glenn. I don’t know what you two did to me last night, but I’m horny. Come on, honey, I need it!”

“I can’t tonight,” he said irritably. “I’m tied up with my family.”

“You really mean you’re going to tie your family up,” she laughed, a slightly crazy sound that stirred his uneasiness. “Come on, lover, Marge is so hot she’s frantic. A quickie, okay? Wham, barn, thank you, Ma’m. Bring a friend if you like, as long as he’s hung.”

Christ, she was still raving, he thought with disgust. The turned-on college girl was getting to be a real problem, a serious one. Stall her.

“Tonight is out of the question, Marge. Maybe tomorrow night, okay?”

“Dammit, by tomorrow night I’ll need the fire department to put out what’s going on in my pussy! Don’t you understand? I’m so hot I’m going crazy! At least let me borrow your sexy daughter for an hour or two.”

“Go to a whorehouse,” Glenn snapped, and slammed down the phone. Almost at once he regretted his burst of anger. He should have soothed her somehow. Hell, there was no telling what she might do, or who she’d do it with. Goddamned rich neurotic college bitches anyway, he cursed, pushing her out of his mind with an effort.

In their living room after dinner that night, the Marks family had gathered, silently waiting for Glenn to speak.

“Before we start this family meeting, I have to have a few words in private with your mother,” Glenn told Becky and Jim. “You two will wait here until I call for you.”

White-faced, the tall brunette followed her husband upstairs to their bedroom. She panted nervously as she faced him.

“You know about Carol, don’t you,” she whispered, averting her eyes. “I don’t know why I did it, Glenn, honestly. I wanted excitement, something different, a new kick, new thrills. Do what you like with me,” she shrugged, tears in her eyes. “But the children mustn’t know, not ever.”

“New kicks, hmmm?” Glenn mused dryly. “Take off your clothes, Sheila.”

The trembling brunette obeyed, shame burning her face. Maybe he just wanted to have violent sex with her, to take out his rage. That was a healthy enough reaction. She stood naked before him, her proud velvety tits thrust out, her ample curves still strikingly sexy at thirty-five.

It was hard for Glenn Marks to look at his naked, sensuous wife after all these years and not feel a sharp tingle in his heavy cock. Until his own lusty daughter came along, Sheila had been the wildest, hottest piece of action he’d ever known, her silken hot cunt capable of remarkably passionate sucking and squirming.

“Lie down on the bed and stretch out your arms and legs,” he ordered Sheila.

She swallowed hard, chills running up her spine. “Why?”

“Because I said so,” he said sharply.

Slowly, fear tingling in her blood, the trembling brunette hurried to obey. Glenn had a slow but extremely vicious temper. If she had to be punished for her bizarre secret, she would rather it was his massive beautiful prick that did the punishment.

To Sheila’s astonishment, Glenn opened his briefcase and took out a set of chains and a whip.

“Where in God’s name did you get those?” she whispered.

“We all have our secrets,” he said sarcastically. “As they say in the movies, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Hold still, dammit.”

In two minutes, he had her chained helplessly on the bed. For the first time, terror raced through Sheila’s naked flesh. He was going to whip her! Of all the cruel, sadistic things imaginable!

Glenn went to the top of the stairs and called for Jim and Becky to come up.

“For God’s sake, Glenn,” the horrified brunette cried, “you’re not going to whip me in front of the children! That’s-that’s obscene! You wouldn’t dare!”

Glenn laughed harshly. “Tonight, my dear wife, your eyes are going to be opened as never before. After this, you’ll never keep another secret from me, especially not a sexy, switch-hitting blonde. From now on, this is a sharing family.”

Their son and daughter filed into the bedroom. Jim’s eyes widened on his mother’s luscious naked body. Christ, his mother was a knockout! His eyes went from her huge panting tits down to her thick, silky cunt-hairs, and at once his long rod began to powerfully rise.

Becky’s eyes gleamed with hunger on her mother’s ripe flesh. The redhead was child’s play compared to her own statuesque mother. Oh, Mom, Becky thought with lewd tingles, you can sit on my face anytime!

Sheila stared at Jim and Becky in horror. “Don’t look at me, children, please. Your father’s crazy with rage, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Jim, leave the room!”

“Jim stays,” her husband said crisply. “Get undressed, kids. This is the family meeting I called. Your mother is going to be punished, and you’re going to help me, both of you.”

The dazed brunette’s horror turned to sheer shock. Why would he have them undressed to punish her? She wrenched at her manacles, wincing in pain.

“Children, leave, I beg you!” she sobbed. “Becky, Jim, don’t listen to him!”

“Oh, grow up, Mother,” Becky said impatiently. “For Christ’s sake, what do you think has been going on in this family lately? Stop sounding like a Victorian play. We know about your blonde on the side and the dildo. Jim and I have made it, Daddy and I have made it, and now we’re all going to make it with you.”

Sheila’s mouth dropped open, “What? What did you say?”

Naked, Becky sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her mother’s hot ripe tits lovingly. “Ooooh, Mom, I can’t wait to suck on these. Only I’m not a baby any more, dig? I’m going to suck off your beautiful pussy, Mom. And Jim’s going to ram his long cock up there as far as it will go. And I don’t know what Daddy is going to do, but I’ll bet it won’t be a picnic. So let’s make the most of it.”

The brunette gaped at her daughter in numb disbelief. This wild-eyed creature couldn’t possibly be her own sweet daughter, not with those incredible obscenities rolling from her lips.

Jim stepped up to the bed, his rock-hard prick oozing a drop of semen. “Can I fuck her first, Dad?” he asked eagerly. Most of the girls Jim had screwed had been clumsy and inexperienced, except for his own sister. This was a real woman, lush, fantastically sexy and at the moment very helpless.

“Not yet,” Glenn said, himself naked, his blood-gorged prick hovering out. “Get the dildo,” he told Becky.

“The dildo?” his wife whispered. “No, no, it’s too dangerous! Glenn, you’ve got to get the kids out of here. This is insane! Hurt me any way you like, but don’t let them watch, please?”

Becky brought the spiked monster to her father. Her tits heaved eagerly as her eyes burned on her mother’s nakedly helpless flesh.

“I’ll give you the first ten minutes with her, Becky,” Glenn told his daughter. “Just to warm her up.”

With a low moan of wanton excitement, the blonde climbed on top of her mother’s spread eagled body. She dug her own hot tits passionately into her mother’s silken orbs and ground her aching pussy to the brunette’s. For a minute, Becky snaked her tongue into Sheila’s burning mouth while she used dreamy fucking motions against her mother’s warm pussy.

“Christ, you’re sexy, Mom,” Becky panted as she slid her tawny body down to suck on her mother’s huge-nippled tits. She bit gently and sucked fiercely on the hot mounds for a minute, before she snuggled further down. In a teasing ritual, Becky traced lewd kisses around the brunette’s bushy cunt.

“No, no, no,” Sheila whimpered, closing her eyes. But in spite of her shock. The feel of her daughter’s naked ripe flesh crushing to hers, the lustful kisses Becky’s hot, mouth teased her pussy with began to arouse her intensely. Because it wasn’t so different from the blonde stewardess’ lascivious lovemaking.

It was, in fact, far more exciting because Becky was her own beautiful daughter. And the loving way the girl was now teasing her tingling cunt surpassed anything the stewardess had done to arouse her.

And also because Jim was watching his sister with burning, wildly excited eyes. Jim was almost an exact replica of his father twenty years ago, with his long bristling cock and lean, muscled body.

“Dad, I can’t wait,” Jim said urgently to his father. “Can I fuck Becky first? Her cute ass is driving me crazy!”

“Go ahead, son,” Glenn told him, eager to watch his daughter in action any time. The sight of the girl’s sensuously curved ass madly swinging was like a shot of Spanish fly to him.

“Becky, Becky, darling, don’t, don’t! Uuummmmm, oh, Becky, honey, you don’t know what you’re doing! Aaaaaah! Ooooooo, God, that’s good! Oh, faster, honey,faster!”

The carefully built walls of rigid family structure collapsed in a crumbling heap as the blonde began to suck her mother’s fragrantly soaked cunt with ravenous lust. The chained brunette was already swinging her ass to an eager rhythm against her daughter’s searing lips and tongue. My God, Sheila thought deliriously, she can eat pussy! Becky’s inspired tongue lapped and snaked and slithered deep into Sheila’s hotly throbbing slit, loving her sexy mother with unashamed fervor.

Her ass poised in the air, with her knees folded under her, Becky was suddenly aware that Jim was mounting her from behind. His hands gripped her hips tightly. His boiling cock-head banged hard against her asshole and Becky gasped. Still the naked blonde didn’t miss a stroke of her furiously lapping tongue in her mother’s trickling pussy. She pushed back on her mother’s soft belly to fully expose her pink clit. Becky began sucking and whirling her tongue around the swollen bud to make Sheila cry out with passion.

Suddenly her brother’s throbbing prick slid into Becky’s tight slit and she moaned wildly at the blazing fullness. Lord, this was heaven! She was eating her gorgeous mother’s hot sweet pussy while her handsome brother was fucking her with loud excited groans.

But the girl’s real inspiration was a contest. She wanted, at any cost, to outdo the voluptuous blonde her mother was having an affair with. She yearned to give her sensuous mother the time of her life, to weld the happiest family unit in the world. The prospect of sleeping with her mother and father every night made Becky’s mind whirl with wanton excitement. When Becky darted her tongue down to plunge it into the sobbing brunette’s tender asshole, Sheila almost leaped off the bed.

“Oh, Becky, baby! Yes! Oh, lick it, darling daughter, oh, your hot tongue! Ooooooo, yes, yes, eat it!”

Glenn had almost completely forgotten the punishment he had planned for his spread-eagled wife. His son was fucking his daughter to a savage rhythm, plunging his red prick in and out of her juicy cunt with hammering power, while Becky ate her mother with ravenous delight. And Sheila wasn’t missing a thing. Her burning eyes watched the naked couple intently, all the while she squirmed and crushed her inflamed pussy to Becky’s devouring mouth.

“Oh, darling Becky. Sweet hot mouth, baby! Yes, daughter, oh, God, yes! Oh, suck me harder!Unnnnnnn!”

The very last of the madly aroused brunette’s shame and inhibition dropped away as she began spewing hot pussy juice into her daughter’s greedy mouth. Her stewardess was an expert at it, a cold, mechanical expert, but sweet Becky was an artist, inspired by love. And the sight of her handsome son plunging his hardened rod lustfully into Becky’s tight cunt, his face contorted with passion, filled the chained brunette with a strange lewd pride.

“Fuck her, Jim,” she whispered, “be good to her! Oooo, Becky, baby, you’re starting in again!”

Raising her juice-smeared cheeks, the blonde suddenly began to fingerfuck her mother so she could devote her attention to the blazing thrills her brother’s hotly pounding prick was inflicting on her squirming cunt.

“Shoot,” she urged her brother fiercely.

“Shoot your load, Jim! Aaaah,I’mcoming, brother! Fuck me, gimme your hot jizz! Now, now, now, eeeeeee!”

His creamy come bursting in a blazing gush, Jim grunted with wild excitement as his sister’s furiously sucking cunt squeezed his cock dry. All the while he watched his mother’s lush body quivering passionately on the bed, a ripe, full-blown version of Becky. But could anything be wilder than Becky’s fiercely sucking slit or her hot swinging ass?

“Dad, can I fuck Mom now?” he asked eagerly as he slipped his limp prick out of his sister’s steaming pussy.

“You’d better wait a few minutes,” Glenn told him. “So you’ll have something to screw her with.”

Slowly, her cute ass twitching with her lingering orgasm, Becky climbed off the bed. She darted her tongue out to savor her mother’s honeyed cunt-juice on her lips.

“Gee, Mom, that was delicious,” she panted. “Au hot and wild and yummy. Dad, can I sixty-nine with her?”

“No, not yet. How would you like to play a little game with me, Becky?”

“Game?” Her eyes gleamed with excitement.

“The game goes like this, Becky. Your mother deserves punishment for what she did. Not so much for what she did, but because she didn’t offer to share with us. This is in the nature of a lesson to her. How much punishment she gets is up to you, Becky.”

“Me?” Becky glanced sympathetically down at her chained mother, who lay with her swollen tits panting, her eyes closed. She was listening intently, though.

“It goes like this, sweetheart,” Glenn explained, picking up the whip. “You go down on me. Every thirty seconds your Mom gets one of these.”

Abruptly the whip stung viciously across his wife’s soft belly. A sharp scream came from the helpless brunette’s throat and her ass shuddered high off the bed.

“One of those,” he continued calmly, “until you can make me come, angel. Now the faster you can do it, the less punishment your mother will get. So it’s up to you.”

“Oh you bastard,” Sheila sobbed, tears stinging her eyes. Crimson welts appeared on her softly rounded belly. “That hurts! It’s cruel, heartless.”

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Becky said quickly. “I’ll get his rocks off in no time. You’ll see.”

The truth was, Becky was far more excited about the challenge itself than in saving her mother from severe punishment. She hurried to kneel on the carpet before her naked father’s massive red prick.

“Can I use my hands, Daddy?”

“You can use anything you like, angel. But don’t touch until I say go.” He studied the second-hand on his watch. “Mark, get set, GO!”

In an instant Becky had grasped the thick trunk of her father’s hardened meat and began jerking it in her hot fist. The next moment her wet mouth seized as much of his cock as she could manage and the blonde began sucking greedily. Glenn had already wondered what he would choose if it came to a showdown between Becky’s thrilling hot mouth and her juicy tight cunt. Moaning happily, Becky flicked the tip of her wet tongue across his knob for a few moments before whirling it around furiously. She jerked his burning meat in both hands as she whipped her mouth back and forth in a fever of lust.

The whip lashed out and Sheila shrieked, lip ripe flesh shuddering in her pain.

Now the kneeling girl felt a sense of urgency. Her blow-job became a ravenous race with time, but she took a few precious seconds out to tease the blazing head of his prick with her sharp teeth. Then Becky licked at her father’s huge balls for five more seconds before she resumed her fierce sucking on his meat.

Spread-eagled on the bed, the sobbing brunette watched in an agony of suspense as her lovely daughter sucked and licked and kissed her husband’s prick and balls. Jim, too, watched in fascinated suspense as his beautiful sister raced ahead in her frenzied blow-job.

Again the whip came down and Sheila’s scream echoed throughout the house.

“Hurry,” she urged Becky, “Oh God, honey,hurry! Make him come! Suck, darling, suck!”

Glenn had never had such an urgent wanton blow-job, sensing that Becky was enjoying the game as much as he was. In fact his chained trembling wife on the bed even seemed to be enjoying it, the suspense humming in her sexy nakedness like a dynamo. Low moans came from the blonde’s throat as she exerted all the hot silken pressure her tight mouth could on her father’s immense prick.

The whip came down more viciously than ever on Sheila’s soft thighs and she could barely scream this time, almost fainting.

Now Becky could feel her father’s boiling load begin to quiver in his hard meat. He was jerking his hips, meeting her eagerly fucking mouth with powerful thrusts, gazing down at his naked daughter with lust. Glenn remembered to glance at his watch. He raised the whip ominously.

Shuddering wildly on the bed, Sheila arched her lush curves and gritted her teeth. But even in her tenor she was deeply aroused at the sight of her luscious daughter whipping her sultry mouth in lewd thrusts on her father’s enormous prick. God, they were beautiful together! Sweet Becky had turned out to be such a passionate swinger, so exciting Sheila could hardly wait to try everything on the hot blonde – fingerfucking her while she held Becky on her lap, going down on her with ravenous delight, licking her darling ass, cuddling her cute tits all night.

Before the chained brunette could even see it, the whip stung her trembling thighs like blazing fire. Sheila tried to faint, but couldn’t.

Come on, Daddy, come! Becky silently urged her father. The massive throbbing cock in her mouth was swelling even bigger and hotter, getting ready to burst. Becky’s tight fist jerked as she sucked in a frenzy, her other hand squeezing his immense balls. The idea of saving her helpless mother from further punishment didn’t inspire her half as much as the prospect of her father’s boiling cum exploding in her mouth.

Again the whip raised, directly over Sheila’s naked crotch this time. She shut her eyes tightly and held her breath, bracing herself for pure agony.

Then Glenn shot his load into Becky’s madly sucking mouth. Blazing thrills erupted in his loins as his prick throbbed intensely, pouring great gushes of thick jizz into Becky’s eager hot mouth. His daughter swallowed the fiery liquid in frantic gulps, loving its pungent creamy taste, wishing, in her frantically aroused state, she had a gallon of the hot fluid.

Sheila opened her eyes, shaking with relief. Becky was milking the last of her father’s juices from his soft cock with her hot fist, moaning with greed.

“Thank you, darling,” Sheila whispered. “Oh, thank you, angel. Please release me now, Glenn. You’ve tortured me enough.”

As Becky rose from her knees, Glenn laughed. “Come on, Sheila, that was only a warm-up. You’re not going to get off that easy. I’m sure you know the way the procedure runs, from that sexy blonde you’ve been biding. A little pain, a little pleasure, a lot of pain, a lot of pleasure.”

The spread-eagled brunette began to tremble with new terror. The depths of her own husband’s wicked mind were alarming. What could he possibly do to her that was more agonizing than that cruel whip? But Sheila knew. She didn’t dare think about it.

“You did beautifully,” Glenn told his daughter, squeezing one of her luscious ass-cheeks. Becky glowed with pride.

“Dad,” Jim said hoarsely, “can I fuck Mom now?” The boy’s long cock was hovering out eagerly, crimson with blood.

“Go right ahead, son,” Glenn told him. “She deserves a break right now.”

His blood singing with excitement, Jim climbed on top of his mother’s hot naked body. The feel of her velvety full tits squirming into his chest, the sensation of her moist warm pussy throbbing beneath his hard prick filled him with a terrific excitement.

Sheila gave her son a long torrid French kiss, then bit him on the lips. “Fuck me, darling Jim,” she whispered in his ear. She undulated her steaming crotch to his fleshy rod with lustful promise. “Give me all of your hot cock, Jim. Be good to your mother, ram it hard and deep, sweetheart. But make it last!” The fiercely aroused brunette wanted to postpone her coming torture as much as possible.

Awkwardly, Jim poised his shaft over Sheila’s soaked, throbbing cunt. His knob found her pussy-lips and he slid into her fiery slit with a long groan of pleasure. At once the brunette’s silken cunt clasped and squirmed and wriggled with wanton excitement on her son’s bristling meat.

“Oh! Oh, that’s good, Jim, nice and big and hot! Fuck me slow, now, son. Aaaaaaaah, yes, Jim! Oh, I’d love to blow you, you darling boy. Mmmmmmm! Harder, deeper, YES! Oh, your mother loves you, ummmmmmm!”

So wildly aroused he was afraid he’d come almost at once in his mother’s hotly sucking cunt, Jim lunged his long prick cautiously. Sheila fucked him with slow, dreamy gyrations of her hips, snaking her tongue in his mouth, then his ear, lustful moans of passion coming from her throat.

If his sister was a wild, frenzied piece of ass, his gorgeous mother was determined to get the most out of his hot prick. She swung her ripe ass in wide circles, then up and down, then side-to-side to feel every inch of his cock in her eager pussy.

“I’m getting hotter, Jim!” she panted. “Kiss my tits, honey. Suck on them, squeeze them. Ahhh, yes, yes, oh you sweet fucker, oh my darling boy. Ummmmmm, oooooooo!”

Quickly, Jim hunched down to suck on one of his mother’s fat nipples, caressing the lush tit in his hands. It was getting harder to control his tempo now, because Sheila’s blazing cunt was sucking back at his meat with lustful power, writhing on it with sticky urgency.

“Christ, Mom, I think I’m gonna come!” he gasped.

“No! No!” Instantly Sheila hugged his rod fiercely in her juicy cunt and Jim clenched his teeth in pain. But the savage grip stopped him from ejaculating.

“Slow and easy,” his mother panted to him. “Be good to me and I’ll go down on you later, son. I’ll give you a blow-job you’ll never forget. Fuck me slow, aaaaaaah, like that, sweet boy, mmmmmm. Yes!”

While the helpless naked housewife crooned obscenities in her son’s ear, her husband and daughter watched the lewd spectacle avidly. Becky fondled her father’s cock meanwhile, feeling a sharp thrill as it began stiffening in her fingers.

“Gee, Daddy,” she murmured, “they’re beautiful together, aren’t they? Mom has the sexiest tits and legs in the world. You think we might be able to get that blonde of hers over here for a party some night?”

“I don’t think,” Glenn chuckled. “I know.”

Glenn realized with a stab of ironic amusement that his handsome son was more than a chip off the old block – he was the only motherfucker, literally, that Glenn knew. And Sheila was having the time of her life with him, draining every morsel of obscene pleasure she could from her son. She fucked Jim with leisurely passion, lifting her naked ass off the mattress a full six inches each time Jim stroked to the hilt in her wet cunt. She urged the boy to suck on her ripe tits, then to squeeze her wriggling ass, then to bite her lips.

Now Jim was having a hard struggle to keep from shooting his load. His mother’s boiling pussy was sparking molten thrills along his burning meat. In spite of his promise, Jim began to lunge faster and harder into the chained brunette’s juicy cunt.

“Can’t help it, Mom,” he gasped. “Gotta come! Your pussy’s too hot! Oh, what a great fuck!”

Sheila’s own lust had soared to the point of unbearable excitement as her handsome son rammed his prick in and out like a brutal piston. She met his urgent thrusts with maddening spasms of her blazing pussy.

“Then come!” she sobbed. “Give me your juice, darling! Ah, love it, fuck me, son! Stick your finger up my ass, Jim! Now, now!”

Jim probed and quickly found his mother’s hot asshole. He rammed his middle finger deep into the boiling channel to make Sheila cry out with obscene passion. Swinging her naked ass furiously, the brunette’s orgasm erupted just as her son’s outpouring of thick jizz spattered for a full minute into her wildly squirming cunt.

“Oh wonderful!” Sheila moaned. “Oh God, beautiful! Oh, my darling boy, ooooooooh, I could fuck you all night! Lord, your hot juice feels good, oh your hot cream, Jim! Ummmmmmmm, if I only could eat your come! Yes, yes.”

Heaving for breath, Jim slowly climbed off Sheila’s trembling flesh. His mother’s praise filled him with a glowing sense of manhood and pride. But more exciting than that was the fact that less than a week ago he’d only had the dumpy college girl to lay. Now he had, at his fingertips, his own insatiably hot sister and his voluptuous mother available every night. And if he had to choose between Becky’s madly sucking cunt and his mother’s fiery, silken pussy on any given night, he would have a problem.

“Well done,” Glenn told his son. “Now you know what to give her on Mother’s Day.”

The manacled brunette still jerked softly as Jim’s come trickled deep into her tingling pussy. With a shock, Sheila realized she’d just had raw wanton sex with both her daughter and son.

And she’d thrilled to every moment of it. Now Sheila braced herself for the worst as she watched her husband’s mocking smile and the way he hefted the gigantic spiked dildo in his hand.

“Daddy, can I use it on her, please?” Becky asked eagerly. “I’ll be good to her, honest.”

“That’s the trouble,” Glenn said. “You’ll be too good to her, angel. Your mother still has a harsh lesson to learn. Tell you what, though, Becky,” he added with a look of thoughtful cruelty that made his wife’s blood run cold. “You can use it on her, but I’ll tell you where to use it.”

“Okay,” the blonde said eagerly. She took the dildo from him. His wife, his son and his daughter waited in suspense for their next lesson in lust.

“This is going to be a family affair,” Glenn announced, his huge prick tingling with anticipation. His fingers played with Becky’s satiny ass as he talked. “Now, Becky, you can’t join unless you do exactly what I tell you.”

“I will,” she promised fervently. “Don’t leave me out, Daddy. I’ve never had so much fun in my life!”

Glenn wondered just how long his naked daughter’s girlish enthusiasm would last once he got his enormous pounding meat rammed up her tawny, cute ass. No matter how much it hurt her, it was impossible to resist the urge, not after watching Becky’s luscious hot ass take its sexy shape for years. Jim, Glenn saw, was almost ready to go again.

“Here’s the drill,” he told them. “Becky, you can sit on your mother’s face. I’ve got a hunch she’s going to love eating you. At the same time, you can go down on Jim. But here’s what I want you to do.”

He leaned over and whispered in Becky’s ear for a minute. An eerie look of excitement and horror crossed the girl’s face, and Sheila shivered with fear. Then the chained brunette felt her flesh crawl as Glenn handed Becky the whip along with the monstrous electrified cock.

“Whatever it is, don’t do it!” Sheila pleaded. The sharp memory of the maddening giant prick wielded by the blonde stewardess made the helpless brunette shake from head to toe. She could lose her mind if it was used too lustfully. And the vicious whip at the same time.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Becky said, coming over to her and kissing her tenderly on the lips. “I’ll try not to hurt you, honest.”

Becky placed the whip and the dildo on the bed between her mother’s parted thighs, only inches from Sheila’s exposed pink cunt. Then Becky climbed on top of the shivering brunette’s spread-eagled body in reverse, with her folded legs on each side of her mother’s face. Becky’s golden cunt-hairs poised over Sheila’s mouth, her satiny nakedness hunching forward in a sixty-nine position.

The burning fragrant whiff of Becky’s succulent pussy wafted into Sheila’s nostrils like a hot summer breeze. She forgot her terror for the moment. Her lips tingled with lewd anticipation as her daughter gently lowered her ass-cheeks, until her rosebud cuntal-lips pressed squarely to the eager brunette’s mouth.

At the same moment Becky crushed her mouth to her mother’s cunt and gave her the most lascivious, unforgettable pussy-kiss of her entire life. The tip of the blonde’s tongue traced the rim and slit of Sheila’s hot pussy with loving tenderness.

Sheila would remember that passionate cunt-kiss vividly, because every moment after that was tinged with a nightmarish quality.

While her mother began sucking and lapping Becky’s juicy slit with her torrid lips and tongue, Becky drew her mouth away and picked up the dildo. Precisely as her father told her, she switched on the spiked cock and nuzzled the vibrating knob against Sheila’s steaming crotch. Instantly the brunette whimpered and nudged up her pussy, craving more than this initial teasing.

She got much, much more than she ever bargained for.

Although Becky watched in fascination as she tantalized her mother’s trembling pussy-lips with the immense prick, taking care only to get plenty of honeyed juice on the knob, her mouth was free. Jim had only to figure out how to get to it.

There was only one practical way, her brother decided. He sat between Sheila’s parted thighs facing Becky. By sprawling his legs out over and on each side of his mother’s thighs and leaning back on his elbows, he could ease his eager rod into Becky’s waiting mouth. It was awkward at first, but he managed, until his bristling cock was within reach of his sister’s lips. That was as far as he got. Becky’s mouth quickly leaped forward like a starving animal and seized Jim’s hot meat in a tight gasp.

For a minute Glenn watched the three-way spectacle, feeling like a successful movie director. While Sheila sucked and moaned blissfully on her daughter’s tender crotch, Becky teased her pussy with the humming prick-head, squirming it thoroughly around the chained brunette’s eager wet cunt. Sheila was jerking her hips up, craving more of the tingling dildo, but her naked daughter deliberately held back, as she was told.

And while mother and daughter sucked and fucked, Becky had begun one of her passionate, frenzied blow-jobs on her groaning brother. Which left Becky’s irresistibly cute ass completely vulnerable.

Glenn leaped into the fray with a hot expectant surge of his huge, fleshy rod.

He climbed onto the bed, kneeling behind his naked daughter. There was barely room for him between the headboard of the bed and Becky’s wiggling ass, but he made it. In this position he could observe everything – his wife devouring his daughter’s squirming hot cunt, his daughter passionately sucking off his son, and, best of all, Becky teasing Sheila’s tormented pussy with the monstrous quivering cock.

At the head of the bed, Glenn felt the dominating satisfaction he had at the head of the dinner table. Only this family feast was a hell of a lot more exciting.

He probed with his fingers down beneath Becky’s ass-cheeks to spread her warm pussy-juice on them. She was literally dripping honey from her mother’s lapping long tongue. Then he rubbed the fluid over the red knob of his cock, saving some for Becky’s tiny puckered brown asshole. Seizing his daughter’s hips, he inched his pounding prick forward until it met her tender rectum.

Then he slammed forward brutally.

Becky knew it was coming, but this didn’t diminish the blazing, tearing shock. Her naked ass suddenly felt as if it had been ripped open by a burning sledgehammer. A deep scream rose in her throat, but it was muffled against Jim’s pumping meat in her mouth. She almost snapped her jaws shut in painful reflex, and when her teeth bit down on her brother’s quivering cock, he let out a raging protest.

“Oooooow! For Christ’s sake, sis, suck it but don’t chew it!”

Glenn held his trembling daughter’s hips fiercely in his hands so she couldn’t move. For a moment he savored the delicious, blazing juiciness of her squirming asshole, letting his meat throb massively in her hot ass. Jesus, what an exciting fox his darling daughter was! No matter which part of her hot silky body he shoved his prick into, it was on fire with lust.

Slowly he eased his thick cock back and began lunging in and out of his daughter’s ass with groans of pleasure.

Just beneath his ravaging prick, his wife was torn between obscene joy and pure torment. She wallowed happily in the sweet, exquisite taste of her daughter’s hot squirming cunt, writhing all the more lewdly with her ass impaled by Glenn’s torturous big rod. But Becky was driving her insane with her merciless teasing. The giant dildo hummed on her trembling pussy-lips but refused to enter her aching cunt. Each time Sheila jerked violently up to clutch it in her crotch, Becky drew it back.

Just as the manacled brunette began sobbing with frustration, her teasing ended. With the most painful ripping agony she’d ever experienced in her life. Sheila never knew if she actually fainted or not, but she knew she tried with every fiber of her luscious nakedness.

In spite of the blazing pressure in her tender asshole, which blotted almost everything else out for a few minutes, Becky remembered just in time her father’s precise instructions.

She drew her head back so that Jim’s hot prick slipped out of her mouth. She ignored his loud protests, burying her head down into her mother’s steaming valley. Then she lowered the spiked dildo a couple inches so that its fearful head located Sheila’s naked asshole. And with both hands, the panting blonde shoved the quivering monster deep into her mother’s narrow brown slit.

The scream that rolled forth from Sheila’s mouth was ear splitting, even though it was muffled by Becky’s dripping cunt. Her reeling mind could only comprehend the agony by thinking someone had shoved a bonfire up her exploding ass. With all her strength, the chained housewife wrenched at her bonds, her helpless flesh rising off the mattress in a high arc, quivering like a bow.

The spiked giant rammed up her boiling rectum was pain beyond pain, so shatteringly intense any slight twitch of her ripe flesh was a thousand times worse than the whip. The thought that her own daughter was raping her tender ass so viciously sparked an instant retaliation. Only her strong mother’s instinct prevented her from sinking her teeth maddeningly into Becky’s writhing cuntflesh.

Instead, the raging brunette darted her mouth up to the soft rim of her daughter’s hot ass and bit into the tender ass-cheek in a fury.

Now Becky cried out in double pain, shuddering from head to silken toe. Her own father was raping her in the ass and now her mother was eating it, damn her! And on top of everything else, Jim had gripped her hair and pulled her head up, trying to ram his cock back into her mouth!

“Come on, sis,” he panted urgently, “suck me off!”

“Minute,” Becky gasped, trying to get her bearings. The buzzing dildo was jammed securely into her mother’s quivering ass and it was time for the next phase. Becky picked up the whip. She placed the thick round butt of the handle against Sheila’s soaked cunt-lips and, with an extra stab of fury because of the painful bite on her ass-cheek, she rammed it into her mother’s slippery cunt. Now she had her bearings. The gigantic dildo was plunged deep into the wailing brunette’s helpless asshole and the whip handle was wedged firmly in her trembling pussy.

There was only one final step. The grasping blonde placed a finger on the red button at the base of the humming monster jammed up her mother’s hot buttocks. She pressed it once for three seconds. Sheila’s ass shuddered so violently she almost dislodged the raping invader. Good, thought Becky. Now I can finish blowing my brother.

Strange lewd sounds echoed loudly in the Marks’ household that night. Sheila’s muffled screams of agony, Glenn’s obscene groans of pleasure, Jim’s panting comments and Becky’s whimpers of pain and delight all created an orchestra of lust.

In a few minutes the boiling pain in Becky’s gorged asshole became mingled with the thrilling waves in her throbbing pussy, inflicted by her mother’s lust-inflamed mouth. Her bowels ached for the gushing feel of her father’s spurting cum, stinging deep. Gee, Becky thought with girlish excitement, this is really weird and beautiful. Here I am being fucked in the ass by my handsome Daddy, having my pussy eaten by my beautiful mother and I’m blowing my own brother, all at the same time! Wild! The thought inspired her to apply fierce suction to Jim’s prick, making him groan happily.

And in response Becky pushed the red button on the spiked rapist for a full ten seconds.

By this time Sheila was in a state of depraved incoherent shock. The sheer intensity of the electric jolts shattering through her ass in periodic waves had not only become bearable, but the helplessly chained brunette was beginning to crave them. She would always associate the fierce agony rippling through her gigantically impaled asshole with the utterly sweet, oozing cunt-flesh of her own lovely daughter, crushed to her sucking mouth. And in spite of the white-hot sheets of pain pounding through her ass-cheeks, the squirming whip handle rammed up her pussy was triggering the most violent orgasm of her life. And she thought the stewardess was exciting!

“Ooooo, shit, coming, shit!” Jim grunted as Becky wriggled her mouth urgently on his swelling hard prick. He cupped her head in both hands and tugged as he slammed rapidly back and forth in her tight sucking mouth. Each time he had frantic sex with his eager sister, it was more wild, more thrilling, more lewdly exciting. Now the moaning blonde was gulping so much of his bursting meat she savagely battered the back of her throat with his cock-head.

When his hot load spurted, she almost gagged on his cream in her greed to swallow it all. Because the only time Becky felt vividly, gloriously alive was when she was sucking and fucking with every ounce of her fierce will and sleek nakedness. All the other moments in her day were now pale in comparison.

Becky had already decided her destiny. She was determined to be the greatest, hottest, sexiest switch-hitter of all time when she grew up. The blonde stewardess would be a girl scout compared to her.

So inspiring was her goal Becky pushed the red button on the humming giant for almost twenty seconds before remembering to release it. As she told her shaking mother later, it was Sheila’s fault really, because the brunette was sucking and kissing her exploding hot cunt so furiously Becky couldn’t stop coming.

And to crown the madly aroused girl’s moment of glory, her father began bursting his juices deep into her churning bowels only seconds after Jim began coming in her ravenous mouth. Now she was overflowing with family love, gagging on her brother’s come, wriggling her ass in a frenzy to flood her asshole with her father’s spurting cream, removing the whip from her mother’s squirming cunt to dip her mouth down and lick greedily at her juices.

Long after Jim and Becky and Glenn fell back exhausted, Sheila Marks moaned and twitched and shuddered against her chains. Oh God, would she ever recover from the excitement?

“Oh my ass,” she sobbed. “Oh Lord, that Goddamned evil dildo! I love it!”

Tenderly, Becky unsnapped the manacles binding her mother. She turned the whimpering brunette over on her stomach and reverently licked and kissed her mother’s ripe, inflamed ass, slipping her tongue into Sheila’s ravaged asshole to soothe her.

“Oh that’s so much better, darling,” Sheila sobbed. “You’re an angel. Even if your father,” she added bitterly, “is a prick!”

“Just a lesson, Sheila,” he reminded her. “I hope you learned it well.”

He looked at all of them sternly. “Remember this, gang. This family shares their action with each other. That goes for all of you. Jim, tonight you sleep with your mother. Whatever you do, I suggest you, leave her poor fanny alone. Becky, you’ll sleep with me, angel.”

“But not on my stomach,” Becky said, rubbing her raw ass-cheeks tenderly. “I love you, Daddy, but I can’t say I trust you.”

He grinned. “You’ll learn to love that, too, honey.”

Glenn Marks received the long distance call at his automobile agency at three o’clock the next afternoon. The caller was a man. When he told Glenn his name, it took almost a minute to register.

Then icy beads of sweat broke out on Glenn’s forehead. He fumbled for his cigarettes with shaking fingers. He listened intently for fifteen minutes, breaking in only a few times, very briefly in a tight, hoarse voice.

When he finally slammed down the phone, it almost flew off his desk. “Sonofabitch!” he snapped. He smoked another cigarette in rapid, nervous puffs, thinking.

The crazy bitch. That Goddamned spoiled neurotic. Why in the hell hadn’t his usually trustworthy instincts warned him about this one?

Here the town was seething with gorgeous ass, most of them sweet and sane, and he had to pick a pampered rich brat who threw an insane tantrum when she was frustrated. Oh, well, he might as well go home and tell his family.

It was Monday and they had to be out of town permanently by that weekend.

Without even bothering to tell his sales staff, Glenn left work at once. He drove home nursing a fury, recalling that every redhead he’d ever screwed always created problems. Not of this magnitude of course, but still redheads had been poison for him.

Jim and Becky were home in bed but Sheila didn’t arrive until five-thirty. They assembled in the living room quietly. Then Glenn told them about the phone call.

Marge Whitaker had, it turned out, flown to her parents’ home in another state only an hour after she’d called Glenn at his office and been brushed off by him. She’d been drinking, something she evidently couldn’t do very well. In her parents’ house, she first tried to seduce her father by getting him into her bedroom, taking off her clothes and attempting to perform an unnatural act on him. Unnatural act, Glenn explained in a sarcastic voice to his family, to wealthy people but known to peasants like them as a blow-job.

Shortly after that episode, the half-drunk, half-crazed redhead tried to seduce her mother in the bathroom while she was taking a bath. Again she tried to perform an unnatural act, called this time by the imposing name of cunnilingus.

And when that failed, she tried – and almost succeeded – in performing the same imposing act upon her sister, who had been under psychiatric care for some time.

Under sedation and with the help of a psychiatrist, the whole story of Marge and Glenn and Becky, and the whip and the spiked dildo, came out the next morning. The redhead’s father was a powerful politician who did not mince words.

The only thing that kept him from hounding and prosecuting Glenn was the possibility of a public scandal that might seriously hurt the politician’s wholesome image. But, he told Glenn in a voice of cold rage, he might do it anyway and to hell with his public image. He accused Glenn of destroying his daughter’s character, corrupting her for life, and wasting thousands of dollars of psychiatric treatments.

And since his daughter would be returning to college in this town, Glenn Marks and his depraved family would not be in even the remote vicinity. They would be out of town by that Saturday, never to return. Or he would prosecute to the utter hilt. Meaning, he told Glenn, he would ram it so far up Glenn’s ass his ears would wiggle. Was it clear?

It was, Glenn assured him, crystal clear.

They would have to do the heavy moving and sell the house via third parties, but they could leave by Saturday. Glenn could always get another job, easily with his glib sales ability. He was thinking of San Francisco, a wide-open swinging city. Did they all agree?

They all agreed.

“You know what I think?” Becky said. Her face was serious. “I think her father and her mother and her sister were stupid for not taking her up on balling them. Because maybe Marge was neurotic, but she was really something when she got worked up.”

They all burst out laughing, and the tension broke.

“What’s for dinner?” Glenn asked Sheila.

Becky broke in with a suggestion. They’d had so much family fun the night before, why didn’t they do it again before dinner? Without the rough stuff, she added hastily as her mother’s face turned white. Then, instead of Chinese food, tonight they could order Italian food. Ravioli especially. And eat it all sprawling on one bed. Why should some crazy redhead ruin their love lives?

“Family fun,” Becky said with her eyes shining warmly, “is the most important thing in the world. As long as we all love each other, I don’t care where we go or what we do. Right, gang?”

Sheila hugged her daughter tightly, Glenn kissed her on the forehead, and Jim squeezed her tit fondly. Then they went upstairs, Glenn fondling his daughter’s ripe ass, Sheila caressing the bulge in her son’s crotch.

The End

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