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Description of Greta

Dossier. Extended version for admission 2. Adapted artistic version of the AI ​​398222TE210YY. For official use.

Head of Security, Greta 27 Mi. When they ask her where her department is, she always answers: “In safe.”

Greta from a family of hereditary officers, inexhaustible drill and army jokes. Her home planet should be called the birthplace of the absurd, because there are no wars a long time ago. But they found a solution to the problem. The entire population of the planet is divided into two camps and are fighting among themselves, though in cyberspace.

The peculiarity is that no one wants to be a soldier, but everyone wants to command, therefore artificial intelligence acts as soldiers. Greta was the only one who wanted to go all the way up from the lowest step, and succeeded in this.

The downside for the inhabitants of her world was that she organized a third party, under her command. The mass desertion of soldiers under its banner was intensified by rumors of a good attitude towards the troops and small losses. What artificial intelligence will resist careful use of resources.

During the year, the war was completed with a victory of a third party, and in reality a delegation was sent from both sides of the people, with the aim of inviting a talented military leader to their ranks.

Both proposals were rejected due to the fact that after deep analysis, Greta realized that her success consisted in the absence of hereditary officers on her side, and the transfer of the solution of tactical tasks to artificial intelligence. Greta honestly admitted that there was no command of the people at the moment and invited everyone to take courses on her system. Naturally, there were no applicants.

Greta realized that she would have to leave the planet when the new annual game did not start at the appointed time. It turns out that all these warriors were interested only in moving the figures, and the real qualities of the army: mutual assistance, friendship, honesty, were undeservedly forgotten, and did not want to be remembered.

The next day, Greta woke up to the sound of a bravura march coming from the gateway of the corvette standing on the field in front of her house. “Curiously, what is there?” She thought.

Greta was never seen again, and the population of the planet breathed a sigh of relief.

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