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Virtual girl Emma Sweet

Sexy girl Emma Sweet

This is the main girl who will participate in many of our games CYBERGENIC.

Description of Emma

She herself appears to be a native of Ireland. High intellect, absolute knowledge of the history of mankind and ways of development of space transportation, several entities in a number of stellar institutions. These are the same people who know where the solar wind is blowing. And also when they open jumps through the Cascade of jellyfish, and in general, they say, it is because of their close attention The universe consists of particles, not waves.

Straightness, sense of humor, excellent physical and genetic data, lack of operations to change the appearance.

A more complete description of Emma Dworkin made in this post.

Game featuring Emma Sweet:

Emma Sweet Gallery

To make you know our girls more, we made a section with their pictures. Here is the link to see the images of Emma Sweet