Families Desire



This is a follow up to my previous ‘Siblings Desire’ series but you do not have to have read those stories to enjoy this one!

Rain pattered against my apartment window as I lay back on my couch staring at the roof as the minutes slowly slid by. How was this the most exciting thing to do right now? There was nothing but shit on TV and it wasn’t like I could go outside during this storm so here I was, stuck spending a long weekend evening staring at the roof.

Suddenly the sound of my phone vibrating on the coffee table broke me out of my daze. I rolled over on the couch and almost fell off of it as I did that and I grabbed my phone.

When I read the message that I had just received my heart seemed to skip a beat and the world froze. I could not hear the storm outside all I could focus on was the message. It was from my younger brother Wyatt.

“Hey Katie…” The message read. “I am going to grandpa’s cabin with my kids and we were wondering if you maybe wanted to join us?”

Twenty years ago Wyatt and I were hormone crazed teens and one night we discovered that we were in love with each other. I wondered if we had went back in time knowing how everything turned out if we would do it again. We were so young and completely infatuated with each other. Every night that we could I would sneak into Wyatt’s room or he into mine and we would fuck the night away.

This went on for many years until one night our luck ran out and everything came crashing down. My parents forced me to move to my grandparents house while they took Wyatt and moved far away from where I was. My grandparents tried their best to love me as any grandparent would but no one could ever replace Wyatt for me. Wyatt was not allowed to contact me and for so many years I didn’t hear from him. My parents would visit every now and then but they were sure to never bring Wyatt. They blamed me and thought of me as a slut that seduced and corrupted my younger brother, if only they knew it was love.

Eventually I had to get far away from them and I moved across the country and tried to bury my past behind me. But I never could. As much as I wasted to move past Wyatt over the last twenty years I never could.

One day after several years of having no contact with my family I received an invitation in the mail for Wyatt’s wedding. I have never been as close to rock bottom as I was the day I learned that the love of my life had moved on when I could not.

That wedding was the most awkward moment of my life. For some reason after they found out about Wyatt and I, my parents thought it right to inform everyone in the family that their slut daughter had fucked their son. No one from my family would even look at me, I had to sit in the back row and watch as my younger brother, now a man got married and my dreams and hopes ended.

My grandparents practically fought with my parents to allow me to even go to the after party and at that party all I could do was sit at the open bar and drink my sorrows away.

After a couple of drinks I rose from the bar and began to make my way to the exit. But then from across the room I saw Wyatt. It was as if the party had paused and the entire world revolved around the two of us making eye contact. Wyatt left the group that he was in and motioned to behind some curtains where none of our family could see us. I practically sprinted as fast as I could in my dress over to where Wyatt was.

I don’t know why I had thought we could run off together that night, away from our family who hated me. I thought that we were meant to be with each other and that even though the universe stood in our way we could make it work.

When I got behind the curtains Wyatt stood in front of me dressed in an expensive tuxedo and looking as handsome as when I had left him. His hair was shorter than when we were young but it still had the trademark curls he was known for. Only a couple of freckles remained on his smooth face. His eyes shone a magnificent sky blue as he looked at me intently, trying to get words out.

“Hey….” He said filled with nerves.

“Hey Wyatt.” I smile warmly back at him

He looked over my slender body and a soft smile developed on his face “You look…great”

I blushed a bit and thanked him for his kind words. The music of the party was nothing but white noise as we stood in front of each other for the first time in years.

Wyatt walked over and pulled me into a tight hug. His fit muscular body held me tightly as I hugged him back. I never wanted that embrace to end, I wanted to be in Wyatt’s strong arms for all eternity.

As we broke away I could see tears glistening in his eyes. “I…I am sorry.”

For the first time in years a smile had spread across my face “It’s okay…it wasn’t your fault.”

I walked over to him and reached out for his hand. Wyatt however backed up and looked at me with wide eyes “Katie…I can’t…we can’t be like that anymore.”

My heart dropped and once again my world collapsed around me, was what we had even real anymore? Did any of it matter?

I burst into tears and turned around “Katie…” I hear him say “I know nothing can ever be normal between us…but please, I do want you in my life…in my families life.” I did not turn around but kept walking, away from Wyatt and away from the family that turned him against me.

For ten years I had never heard from Wyatt until one night where I received a phone call from a number I had never seen before and I heard my brother crying on the other end.

“J-Jade left me and the kids…Katie…I don’t know what to do.” A broken Wyatt told me

Had I been younger and impulsive I would have seen that moment as a miracle and finally a moment to get back with him now that his wife was gone. But I knew heartbreak first hand and from that night onward Wyatt and I slowly began to rebuild our bond.

This message I just received from Wyatt brought a new sense of joy to my evening, hell my life. I had visited Wyatt a couple of times since his wife left him and each time had been a pleasant time, but I wanted more than just a pleasant friendship. I wanted the love of my life back.

I specifically have gotten close with his two children; Levi and Emmy and they would jokingly tell me that I was their favorite aunt which was kind of a given because I was their only aunt but it still meant a lot when they would say it.

Looking at the message Wyatt had sent me caused my heart to race. What if something could happen between us? Did he still feel the same way towards me as he did so long ago?

“I would love to get together with you and the kids!!” I typed to respond to his original message. I took a deep breath and prayed that this could be the moment everything changed. I sent the text and lay back onto my couch while my heart raced

As I laid back on the couch and looked at the roof my mind was racing about what could happen. I could not get my expectations too high, but I could hope. We communicated between each other over the evening and put plans into place about spending the weekend at the cabin.

I could barely fall asleep that night as I eagerly thought about seeing Wyatt again. I spent hours laying in bed like a kid on Christmas eve imagining just what could happen if we were together. I wanted to see his naked body, his toned abs and developed pecs. Most of all I wanted to feel his massive cock inside of me again. I wondered how much had changed with his body since the last time I had seen him naked.

My shaved pussy was so wet thinking about what might happen if we rekindled our love. I wanted Wyatt like I never had before. The minutes passed by slowly and soon I awoke to my alarm going off a 5am, it was time.

I packed a travel bag and put a change of clothes and the essential things I would need to stay at my grandpa’s cabin. As I was sifting through my lingerie I saw the tight bra that I had inadvertently worn and seduced Wyatt with on the night our love was born. My tits had rounded out a bit as the years went on but they were still the same perky tits that Wyatt was obsessed with. Against my better judgment I put the tight fitting bra on. It was even tighter than it was when I had first worn it but it did the trick and left very little to the imagination, hopefully this would be the key in bringing Wyatt back to me.

I put on a pair of shorts and a loose fitting top and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair went past my shoulder and had a couple of blond streak in it that highlighted my dark blue eyes. I was not as tanned as I was in school as I worked in an office a lot more but I still did my best to be active and that translated into me having a slender and fit body that my ass and tits popped out from.

I got into my car and placed my bag in the back. “Just leaving see u soon.” I messaged to Wyatt before I started up my car. I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and backed out of my driveway and left to meet my former lover.

The four hour drive felt like a century as I made my way through the countryside and onto back roads as I headed towards the cabin. When Wyatt and I were kids we used to go to our grandparents cabin all the time to spend weekends there in nature and away from the busy commotion of the city. A lot of my most cherished non sexual memories with Wyatt happened there in our younger years.

Much to my disappointment I was the first one to arrive at the cabin. It was like a flash of deja vu walking into the cabin and exploring the rooms I had not been in for so long. It was not one of those small cabins but rather it was practically a second house. It had two bedrooms on the top floor and a kitchen area on the bottom floor. Right by the entrance was a well sized living room area with two couches and a rug in between them.

Every time I would pass a mirror or a window I would look intently at my reflection and make sure that I struck the balance of looking attractive for Wyatt but also not overly sexual for his kids.

As I was organizing my stuff I heard the sound of a car driving down the dirt road towards the cabin. My excitement and anticipation was quickly overcome with nerves as I began to second guess myself, what if Wyatt had truly moved on?

I walked towards the entrance and stood on the porch as the car drove towards the house. I could see Wyatt’s son Levi sitting next to him on the passenger seat. When Levi saw me he rolled down his window and waved excitedly at me. When the car stopped the back door quickly shot open and Wyatt’s daughter Emmy came sprinting towards me

“Auntie Katie.” She yelled excited as we embraced.

“You have grown so much since I last saw you last year!” I say to my niece as we hug each other tightly.

Emmy was a gorgeous young woman who looked a lot like Wyatt’s ex wife. She had long blond hair and a very fair complexion. Her eyes were green like trees that surrounded us and her smile was filled with warmth. Even though she was wearing a very loose shirt it was clear to me that her tits were very well sized and had developed a lot since I had last saw her.

Levi was going to the back of the car to help Wyatt with unpacking their stuff out of the car, surely wanting to be ‘a man’ and help out with the heavy lifting. Wyatt pointed at me and told Levi to say hello to his aunt first and then he could help out unloading the car.

Levi raced over towards me with a beaming smile that he surely inherited from his dad. His hair was a mix between his father’s curls and his mothers blond hair. His eyes were almost identical to Wyatt’s beautiful sky blue eyes and they shone nicely against his tanned face.

Levi wrapped his arms around me and we hugged on the porch. Levi was the unfortunate height where every time he would hug me his face would be pressed tightly against my tits. It was awkward for sure but I am sure his hormones loved having his face squished against my tits. Levi looked slightly awkward after hugging face first into my tits and blushed a little bit from embarrassment. He opened his mouth as if to apologize but then closed it and smiled at me.

Levi sprinted back to help his dad unload the heavy bags and show off how strong he was. Emmy stood next to me and scoffed “boys…”

I laughed at her disgust “If it means I don’t have to lift those bags I am more than okay with it!”

Emmy burst out into a laugh and her face lit up with a big smile. “Yeah lets allow them to do that! If we are lucky Levi will break his back carrying a heavy bag and then my dad would have to take him to the hospital so we can have a girls weekend.” Emmy said in a voice laced in sarcasm and hope

I had to do my best to pretend to love this idea even though I hated the idea of not being with Wyatt this weekend. “You would want that to happen to your younger brother?”

“Of course, he can be so annoying!” Emmy announced. “You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t have felt the same way when you and my dad were our age.”

“That’s true, I guess.” I said lying through my teeth. I always knew that Wyatt and I’s relationship was an oddity for siblings even before we started falling in love. It did make me sad to know that Emmy and Levi did not have bond and friendship that Wyatt and I had when we were young.

Emmy and I walked into the house and sat down on one of the couches in the living room and we began to catch up on the comings and goings of our lives.

Wyatt would walk in every minute or so with one of the bags. I tried to make eye contact with him but he was either ignoring me or oblivious.

“Hey auntie Katie…can I ask you something?” Emmy said after Levi and Wyatt left to get the last of the bags.

“Of course you can.” I say smiling at my niece.

“…um, a lot of girls in my class talk about their boyfriends and how they do sex stuff all the time…is it weird that I’ve never done, um that kind of stuff?” Emmy asked while staring at the floor.

“There is no rush Emmy…” I say in the most motherly voice I could muster. “To be honest I was like those girls in your class…I was obsessed with trying to get with a guy, but whenever I did it was not what I was wanting.”

Emmy looked up at me and smiled. “Thanks auntie Katie, I guess I was just jealous that they got do something that I couldn’t…”

“Do what!?” Levi asked as he entered the door only having heard the end of our conversation.

Emmy rolled her eyes and glared at her younger brother. “Shut up, its none of your business.” She yelled

Levi appeared to be hurt by his sisters anger and his shoulders slouched back. “…oh…oh okay sorry.”

“It’s okay Levi” I call to him. “Your sister and I were just talking about girl stuff.”

Levi nods and accepts that as a valid answer and puts the last bag in the kitchen before running over and leaping onto the second couch across from us.

“Don’t break this stuff dude.” An annoyed Emmy said to Levi.

“It is okay this couch is ancient!” Wyatt said closing the door. “This couch was here when auntie Katie and I were your guys age.”

The hairs on the back of my neck shoot up as I heard Wyatt’s footsteps approaching from behind me. He walked past and sits next to his son and puts his feet up on the coffee table.

“Did you and auntie Katie spend a lot of time here?” Levi asked.

Wyatt looked to me and gave me a slight smile. “Yeah…this cabin was a really special place for us. A lot of our best memories came from this old thing growing up.”

We spent the rest of the day settling in and enjoying the beautiful forest and lake and going on a beautiful hike. Wyatt and I barely talked but we would always exchange unsure glances at each other as if we were trying to gauge what the other was thinking.

After supper we decided to go down to the lake and while Emmy and Levi swam and played Wyatt and I sat on the bank over looking the lake. We both sat in silence for a while, it was not the awkward kind of silence but rather one of just enjoying the moment.

“Emmy and Levi sure have grown a lot since I last saw them.” I say breaking the silence as the two kids splash and play in the distance.

“Yeah, its kinda crazy you know. One minute I was changing their diapers and now I have to talk with them about sex and that kind of stuff.”

I laugh at Wyatt “I am sure that you are a great father, your kids do love you.”

“Yeah…It has been tough since Jade left and as much as I support them, they support me as well.”

“What is up between them though? They don’t seem that close.”

Wyatt pauses and looks at the ground. “Maybe that’s just normal for siblings…”

“It wasn’t normal for us.” I say looking down at the ground while trying to fight tears from remembering the years of pain.

“I know Katie…we were different. Even before we started…” Wyatt paused and looked away from me. When he turned back I could see his eyes glistening with tears.

“I am so sorry, for everything.” he said breaking into tears. “I was scared and I didn’t know what to do and how to deal with what happened.”

I placed my arm around Wyatt and pull him in tightly “It’s okay, it is okay, it wasn’t your fault.”

“I know, but I haven’t done much to help you. To everyone you were the whore and I was the innocent one. I was so scared, I should have let them know but I-I couldn’t. I thought if I married Jade I could move on…But I couldn’t.”

I pause, allowing my mind to put the pieces together. “Is…is that why she left, because you, um couldn’t move on?”

“Yeah…she knew that I couldn’t move on from you Katie.”

My heart seems to pause and I have to do everything in my power to not jump for joy and get him naked right then and there. “I couldn’t move on either.” I say as we both look into each others eyes. The world has frozen around us as we look longingly at each other. There is no more doubt or confusion about whether or not we had moved on from the other.

“I was ready to leave with you…at my wedding, but I couldn’t.”

I look out towards the lake and towards Emmy and Levi. “Jade was pregnant with Emmy wasn’t she?”

Wyatt nods solemnly. “Again, I am so sorry. I understand if you don’t want anything to do with me. But I thought you deserved to know…why I was so distant I guess”

Slowly I lean in and softly kiss Wyatt on the cheek as my answer. My face is bright red as we sit on the bank of the lake with the sunset in front of us.

Wyatt places his hands on my cheek and moves in and kisses me softly on the lips. I could not believe that this was happening, the love of my life had not moved on. When our kiss breaks a wide smile spread across Wyatt’s face. “I have missed this so much…I don’t deserve you.”

Wyatt reached his hands out and gently ran them over my shirt. Gently rubbing and massaging my tits. “Are you…is this the bra” He says in disbelief as he feels the tight bra on my tits..

“I thought it might excite you…”

“Katie, just sitting next to you gets me excited. I love you so much.”

I grab Wyatt by his hands and lead him over to behind a tree where we could not be seen. Wyatt wraps his arms tightly around me and pushes my back up against the tree and pushed me harder against the tree with each kiss.

My hands managed to work their way between us and made there way into his shorts. Wyatt breaks our kiss and lets out a loud moan “Oh god Katie…I have wanted you for so long.” He pushes me back into the tree and continues to kiss me. For the first time in 20 years my hands touch Wyatt’s hard cock and touch and explore his hard member. His cock felt to be about the same length as when we were younger but it felt quite a bit thicker. The head of his cock was already soaking with precum and it pulsed with every touch as I played with it inside his shorts.

My pussy was soaking wet at this point as years of emotions came upon Wyatt and I. Wyatt broke from our kiss and looked at me filled with desire “Katie I want you so fucking bad”

Before I could say anything in response thunder cracked in the distance and broke us out of our stupor. Wyatt looked out from behind the tree and called his kids over to get out of the lake before the storm arrived. I look over at Wyatt and let out a laugh “You might want to adjust yourself before your kids get here.”

Wyatt’s shorts were obviously tented from an erection and he quickly stuck his hand down his shorts to hide it from his children that were swimming over. “You know…tonight I could take care of that for you…” I say to Wyatt seductively.

“Katie…I don’t know if we can…not with the kids in the cabin with us. But we could try another time maybe?”

I looked at Wyatt with a smirk “Then make sure you’re quiet when your hard cock is inside of me.” Any reason or logic was long past for us, all that we had was twenty years of pent up love and desire. Wyatt nodded and quickly kissed me on the lips before we left from behind the tree.

Levi was the first out of the water and lifted his arms in triumph. “I beat you Emmy!” Levi yelled at Emmy as she exited the water. It was clear that only one of them considered the swim over a race.

Emmy was wearing a bright pink bikini that both expressed being playful yet also seductive. The water must have been cold as her nipples were easily seen through the top of her bikini. She was a beautiful young lady and I knew that her time being without a boy would be over soon judging off of her sexy maturing body.

Levi’s body was beginning to show some definition as he grew older and it was clear that he was soon going to develop the same abs and pecs that his father had when he around the age Levi was now. Levi brushed his wet hair away from his eyes and announced to us that he was tired and ready for bed.

“Me too buddy!” Wyatt said pulling his wet shirtless son into a hug and giving him a piggyback towards the cabin.

As the boys left Emmy looked at me a bit self consciously. “It was the only thing I had to wear…” She said referring to her not very modest bikini.

I smile warmly at her “You look beautiful, I am sure any guy would be obsessed with you wearing that.”

Emmy blushed and her face turned practically the same color as her bathing suit. “I think Levi…was a little distracted by it.”

“Of course he was! He’s a boy and you’re a beautiful girl.” I remark as we turn to follow the boys to the cabin.

“Yeah…but he is my brother, that’s pretty weird.” Emmy replies as she wraps a towel around herself to stay warm.

“Does it matter? A guy is a guy, all that matters is whether or not they love you…Levi does even though you guys fight a ton.”

“I love him too…like sibling love, sure he is kinda cute but that just yucky to think about.” Emmy says with a sweet little giggle.

I decide to laugh along with her as we walk back.

“I have seen pictures of you and my dad when you guys were younger, I am sure he probably had an innocent hormonal crush on you as well.”

I figured that Wyatt and I’s relationship was not mine to talk about with his kids and just smiled. “All boys that age are turned on by girls no matter who they are…”

For the rest of the way Emmy and I walked in silence. I had no idea what was racing through her head but I figured if it was something pressing she would have shared. All that I wanted was to get into bed with Wyatt. We got back to the cabin just as the storm rolled in and started dousing the cabin in rain. Wyatt instructed Emmy and Levi that they were sharing a room and to get ready for bed.

Emmy looked at me horrified while Levi was obviously excited at the prospect of getting to share a bedroom with his attractive sister. I gave Emmy a reassuring smile and both of the kids went to their rooms to get ready for bed.

Wyatt and I sat next to each other on the couch and looked outside at the rain hitting the window. It took a lot of restraint to not pick up where we had left off. “Did you see Emmy’s face when I said she was sharing a room with Levi!” Wyatt laughed as we lounged on the couch. Eagerly waiting for the moment his kids went to bed and could leave us to our love.

“Yeah, she said that Levi was checking her out while they were in the lake, but what did she expect with that bikini though?”

Wyatt laughed. “Levi asked me about that, like if it was weird to look at his sister that way.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him it was normal…even though she is his sister.”

I nod and tell Wyatt about the conversation I had with Emmy. “She asked about us, you know. About what we were like and if anything like that happened between us.”

Before I could continue Wyatt looked down at his feet and sighed. “It is about time I told them.…I just don’t know how they would react.”

“Maybe it could help to show them the kind of bond siblings could have…”

Wyatt looked at me and shook his head. “I don’t want them to end up like us, go through what you went through…”

“They wouldn’t…they would have us and we would not be like our parents.”

Wyatt’s erection had clearly not gone down in the walk back and as we talked about introducing Emmy and Levi to sibling love it seemed to get harder and harder. He just nodded and looked at me with a soft expression. “Only if they want it, like, I do not want to force it.”

I smile and look at Wyatt. “trust me, I don’t think we will, they do love each other and I think they would be open to at least talking about it…”Both of us were extremely horny and the idea of helping his kids find the love that we found excited us.

As we spoke we could hear a commotion arise in the children’s bedroom. Emmy came storming down the stairs wearing a faded out set of pajamas and plopped down on the couch across from us. “Why can’t I have a new brother?” She asked the question sarcastically but there was undoubtedly genuine hope that she could.

“What is it?” Wyatt asked concerned.

“Levi claimed the bigger bed even though I am a lot taller than him and he isn’t letting me hav-” Wyatt interrupts Emmy’s rant with a loud laugh.

“Your aunt and I were actually wanting to talk to you and Levi about loving your sibling.” Wyatt said putting things into motion.

“Dad-like, I do love Levi we just argue that’s all..” Emmy said defensively

“I know, but this love is more important and can bring siblings really close together.” Wyatt spoke with a fatherly affection and helped Emmy to calm down.

“I would like that, I do want us to be close and be friends like you and Auntie Katie.” I couldn’t help but to smirk at Wyatt when she said that.

“Levi! Could you come on down please?” Wyatt called.

Levi ran from his room and down the stairs and stood by the couches. He was also wearing a full pajama set covered with logos from sports teams I did not recognize.

“Why don’t you sit next to me Levi, and then aunt Katie goes next to Emmy.” Emmy looked at me with a look of concern and suspicion as I sat down next to her.

“Kids, there is something about you aunt and I that you should know.” Both Emmy and Levi looked at their dad intently

Wyatt took a deep breath and looked over at me, I nodded and smiled at him to reassure him to tell them the truth. “When Katie and I were your age we were more than siblings…we were, and are in love with each other.”

A stunned silence fell upon the kids as they thought about the bombshell that Wyatt had just dropped. “So does that mean you and Auntie Katie..um, like, ‘did it’ together?” Levi asked with a pair of wide eyes.

“If you are asking if we had sex then the answer is yes.” Wyatt answered

Emmy looked at me with her jaw wide open in shock. “But you guys are brother and sister, isn’t that wrong?”

I smile back at Emmy “Not if its love…It allowed us to get really close and become great friends.”

Emmy started to shake her head in shock and then looked at her brother. Levi was also looking at her with a face of confusion and excitement. “So do you and Aunt Katie still do sex stuff?”

“We have not in a long time, but tonight we were planning to.” Out of the corner of my eye I could see Levi staring intently at my tits, he wasn’t even trying to hide it. “Does it help you guys…get along and be better siblings?” Emmy asked while still shaking her head.

“Katie became the most important person in the world to me and she still is.” Hearing Wyatt say that reaffirmed every reason why I first fell in love with him.

“So why are you telling us this?” Levi asked finally breaking away from staring at my tits through my shirt.

“I want you and Emmy to be as close as Katie and I are, if you want.” Emmy and Levi both looked at each other in silence, shocked that this was even a possibility.

“So we have, um…sex together?” Levi asked his dad.

“It doesn’t have to be that way if you are not comfortable with it, if you want you could just start with being naked in front of each other.” Wyatt told his children.

“That would be cool I think…only if Emmy wanted to…” Levi said looking across the room to his sister, it was clear that Levi was really horny at the prospect of getting his sister naked, but was Emmy actually wanting to go forwards with it?.

Emmy’s face was completely pale as she looked at me and whispered. “I-I don’t know, Levi is really cool….and kinda cute, I guess but I just don’t know what I should do aunt Katie, he is my little brother.”

“What if your dad and I took off all our clothes as well, to show you that it isn’t weird and can be really special?” I suggested to Emmy

Wyatt nodded at me to agree with my suggestion. “O-ok…I think that could maybe help.” Emmy stammered.

Wyatt stood up off of the couch and grabbed my hand pulling me against his body. He kissed me passionately in front of his wide eyed children. Both Emmy and Levi stared at the two of us making out in the middle of the room. Emmy looked at Levi, “Hey, if you want we could…um, maybe try the kissing just a bit…see if we like it.”

For someone who would always run places as fast as he could Levi took a while to stand up off of the couch. He staggered into the middle of the room and stood dazed alternating staring at Emmy and his dad and aunt kissing beside him.

Wyatt and I broke away from our kiss and looked to Emmy and Levi. “Well, are you going to try it or not?” Wyatt asked. I reached out and grabbed Emmy by the hand and escorted her over to Levi who was being told advice and instructions on how to kiss a girl. Emmy looked to me clearly full of nerves. I gently pull her hair back behind her ears and kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t worry it is just a kiss, at any point you can stop.” Emmy nodded and smiled.

“You’re going to be my first kiss Levi…no pressure.” Emmy joked to Levi. It was clear that the barriers between the two were already coming down.

Levi had a mischievous smile across his face before he walked over his sister. Wyatt walked to my side and wrapped his arms around me as Levi and Emmy stood in front of each other. Levi raised up onto the tips of his toes and gently placed a soft kiss on his sisters lips. It wasn’t much by Wyatt and I’s standards but for the siblings it was earth shattering. Emmy let out a soft giggle after Levi finished and looked at her brother with a smile. “Thanks, let me return the favor.”

She wrapped her arms around Levi’s neck and planted a far more aggressive kiss onto the boys lips. Levi’s entire body seemed to shudder as he received the kiss from his sister. “Wow!..Emmy that was amazing, thank you.” Levi said with sincerity.

“Yeah, that wasn’t that bad…it was kinda fun.” Emmy said to Wyatt and I.

Wyatt knelt down next to them and smiled. “I have never seen the both of you be as nice to the other as how you were doing that.”

“Could we do more!?” Levi asked his dad before pausing. “I-if you want to Emmy.”

Emmy nodded and gently kissed Levi on his forehead “Yeah..I, um think I would like that a lot.”

“That means that you would be willing to let everyone see you naked?” Wyatt asked. Levi and Emmy both stood still and blushed. They clearly were self conscious and not wanting to strip nude in front of everyone. Yet at the same time both of them seemed eager to see what the other looked like naked.

“Well your dad and I will start and then you can after we are done if you feel comfortable.” I say not wanting to delay seeing Wyatt naked any longer.

With no hesitation Wyatt took his t-shirt off allowing me to see his muscular body. I thought that he was fit and had a sexy body when we were kids, but now Wyatt was so much sexier. His body was still hairless and it was clear to me that he put a lot of focus to staying in shape and clearly worked out a lot. “Wyatt…I have missed seeing you like this.” I say staring at Wyatt’s sexy body completely overcome by the sight of it.

Levi and Emmy had sat down on the couch to watch us and when Wyatt took his shirt off Levi looked at his dads shirtless torso in disbelief “I wish I had muscles like you dad…”

Before Wyatt could say a thing Emmy had softly kissed Levi on the cheek. “I still think you’re cute and you do have a nice body bro.”

Levi blushed and looked at his sister’s fair face. “You are really beautiful, I am glad you are my sister.”

While Levi and Emmy were breaking down the tensions between them. I had went over to Wyatt’s shirtless body and began to kiss every inch of the body I lusted after. Wyatt ran his fingers through my hair as my lips explored his chest. I softly kissed it all over and made sure to massage his tender nipples with my probing tongue.

I got down onto my knees and started to kiss each part of Wyatt’s toned abdomen. Wyatt had closed his eyes and tilted his head back as my lips continued to move their way down his toned body.

Emmy and Levi were staring at us in disbelief at what they were seeing. Both of them took a deep breath when they saw me kiss my way past Wyatt’s belly button and to the top of his shorts. My fingers made there way to the top of his shorts and slowly started to undo them. Wyatt had a huge smile on his face as the shorts loosened and slid off leaving him just in a pair of boxers.

Wyatt’s cock pitched an obvious tent in his boxers and where his tip was had small wet spot from precum. “Are you ready to see my cock?” Wyatt asked with confidence despite being exposed in front of his own kids.

Both Emmy and Levi were completely enthralled with what was happening and were both trying to look around me and get a good view at their dad’s hard member. I did not want to wait any longer and pulled Wyatt’s boxers down causing his cock to spring forwards and bobble in front of me.

Wyatt’s cock was just as sexy and appetizing as when I had last saw it. It was just over 6 inches and stood out straight with not a curve in it. The head of his circumcised was a bright red and the light above us glistened off of his precum. His cock was a bit thicker than when he was younger and his balls looked to have grown as well as I looked at the ball sack pulled tightly against him. I looked at the base of Wyatt’s cock and it was clear that he had just shaved it yesterday, Wyatt had planned for me to see his cock.

Before I could any further Wyatt looked at his shocked kids and smiled “Does this look fun?”

Both of them nodded in unison, overwhelmed by seeing their father standing naked in front of them. “Why don’t you do what we just did?” I say to them wanting to hurry this whole thing along.

“So…I take off his clothes?” Emmy said motioning to her brother.

Wyatt nodded “I promise you that it is a lot of fun and it makes both people feel great.”

“Do…do you want to do that Levi?” Emmy asked her younger brother.

“Promise you won’t laugh…?” Levi asked his sister.

Emmy looked at her brother lovingly and smiled “I don’t see any reason why I would laugh.”

Wyatt walked over to them and grabbed both of their hands and walked them to the centre of the room. Levi’s face was beet red as he looked around nervously. Emmy however seemed a lot more composed, perhaps even a bit excited. “Lift your arms up” She instructed her nervous brother.

Levi complied and pointed his arms straight up. Emmy grabbed the bottom of his pajama top and pulled up and over his body. It was clear from looking at his body that Levi loved to be active and cared about fitness just like his dad. He had a lot more of a slender frame and had muscle that was starting to develop. “You look even cuter than when you were in the lake.” Emmy complimented.

Levi blushed and looked at his sister. “T-thanks.”

Emmy tried her best to follow my example and softly kissed Levi on his lips. She moved down and kissed all over his neck. Each kiss seemed to drive Levi’s young body crazy as he would softly moan and shake with every kiss planted on his young body. She moved down to his smooth chest and kissed it all over showing specific attention to his nipples just as I had done.

Wyatt and I sat down on the couch as we watched Emmy kiss all over Levi’s hairless body. Wyatt was clearly turned on by it and his cock stood straight up and was clearly rock hard and had a solid stream of precum flowing down it. I dipped my finger in his precum and spread it all over the head of his circumcised cock making the head slippery to the touch. My other hand was massaging Wyatt’s balls and softly playing with them both.

Emmy had just gotten past Levi’s belly button and then stopped. “That was incredible.” Levi said smiling in between sharp breaths. His shaking had caused some of his blond curly hair to fall a bit to cover over the top of his sky blue eyes.

Emmy looked at her brother and smiled “That was kinda a lot of fun…” she said looking over her brothers freshly kissed body that shone in the light.

“Yeah…” Levi said still in a stupor. His sister was kneeling in front of him inches away from his boyhood. He looked over at us and saw the attention that I was paying to his father’s cock. I could only imagine the thoughts that were racing through his virgin mind at that moment.

Emmy was clearly aroused by what she had just done and as she saw saw me playing with her father’s member a look of lust spread across her face. She looked up to her younger brother and smiled. “Do you want to have fun like Dad and Auntie Katie?” She asked in a very seductive manner.

“Please Emmy, I want it really bad.” Levi said practically begging to be exposed in front of his older sister. Both of the sibling were overcome with lust for each other, they desperately wanted to see the other naked and get to experience the joys of sex for the first time in their lives.

Emmy put her fingers into the waistband of Levi’s pajama pants and started to massage his hips teasingly driving the poor boy crazy with anticipation to have the last of his clothes removed. Finally Emmy pulled Levi’s pants and boxers down in one fell swoop leaving her younger brother completely naked in front of her.

Levi’s young cock swung upwards after being released from his clothes and pointed straight out and twitched with the boys heartbeat. Levi’s cock was what I had expected it to be considering his age and how his body was developing. I could clearly tell that Levi’s cock was going to become like his dad’s very soon. It pointed straight out with no curve in it at all just like his fathers and his circumcised head also was the same bright pink hue. His cock looked to be just under 5 inches but it was clear that it was still in the process of growing as he got older. His young balls hugged the bottom of his cock tightly and they looked to be the size of a walnut. Levi had no pubic hair what so ever and looked over at his dad awkwardly, clearly comparing his cock with the size of his dads.

“Nice cock dude!” Emmy said looking over Levi’s member, she reached out and gently poked it causing it to bobble back and forth until it return to its still state. Levi blushed as he looked at his sister in disbelief that this was all happening right now.

“Thanks…It’s nothing like dads though…” Levi said feeling slightly ashamed at the difference of sizes between the two cocks in the room.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of! That is a really impressive cock for your age, hell its probably bigger than mine was at your age!” Wyatt said which caused Levi to smile and look far more confident with his naked state.

“Wow Emmy and I sure are lucky to have two hard cocks to play with!” I announce which causes everyone to laugh slightly. “Why don’t you sit down next to your dad Levi and allow your sister and I to give you something to look at.”

I stand up while Levi walks over to switch places with me. As my nephew passes by I get a nice close look at his young body and hard cock. I couldn’t believe that I was looking at my nephew in this way but he was a very attractive young man and if he was anything like his dad he would be a lot of fun to play around with.

Levi sits next to his dad and looks intently at his dad’s hard cock. “Wow, it is even bigger this close!” He says clearly hoping that one day he would be sporting a cock like his father’s.

“You have a really nice one as well!” Wyatt says reaching over and wrapping his hand around Levi’s hard cock. Levi’s whole body shakes as his dad touches his young shaft and starts to slowly jack him off. I could only imagine how overwhelmed poor Levi was at having his virgin cock jacked off for the first time, by his dad none the less!

Levi reached over to Wyatt’s cock and began to explore the far more developed member taking particular focus in exploring Wyatt’s head and playing with the precum. Levi wrapped his hand around his dad’s shaft and began to return the favor and jack his father off. “Not too fast, just slow enough for it too feel good but not cum too early.”

“O-okay, like this?” Levi asked slowing his hand down to a pace that matched his dad’s.

Wyatt let out a moan and nodded “That’s perfect, now lets watch these two beautiful women take all their clothes off while we jack each others cocks.” Levi smiled and eagerly looked at both of us in anticipation of seeing his sister and aunt naked.

Watching Wyatt and Levi jacking each other off made me incredibly horny as Emmy and I stood to watch them. Both of us wanted to get at the cocks as soon as we could, but I also wanted to put on a show for them and make them excited.

“Are you ready?” I asked Emmy

“I-I think so.” She said. It was clear that while taking her brothers clothes off was fun and exciting for her she realized that it was now her turn to get naked.

“You are beautiful Emmy and I know both of those horny boys are dying to see you naked.” I gently put my hands on Emmy’s shoulders and kiss her on the cheek. Emmy’s face had gone red but she nods and looks at me with a renewed sense of confidence.

“Well that’s give them something to jerk off to.” She says with a devilish smile.

At this point my heart was racing, never in a million years would I have ever seen this happening, hell I don’t think that I would have wanted it to happen before today! But now seeing both Wyatt and Levi naked while I was about to strip for them with my niece made me the wettest I had been in decades.

I took the initiative between us and slowly started lifting my shirt up over my body. Every time I would get to my bra I would stop and lower my shirt back down causing both boys to go crazy in anticipation. Emmy did that same as me and would lift her pajama top only past her belly button. We did this for a bit as Levi and Wyatt stared intently at us, alternating which of us they were looking at.

Both of their cocks were beet red and they had slowed to a snails pace as they watched us, it was clear that both of them were battling the desire to cum prematurely right now as they watched us tease them.

Finally in one fluid motion I lifted my top up off of my body leaving me exposed in the tight bra that I had first seduced Wyatt in. Wyatt was practically drooling as he looked over my slender body and the bra that it looked like my tits would explode out of. “God, Katie you look just as amazing, hell even better than last time…” Wyatt said staring at my body.

Emmy took a deep breath after seeing my take off my shirt and copied my movements and slid her pajama top off over her head. She was wearing a small purple bra that looked like it was too small for her rapidly growing tits. Her first instinct was to try and cover herself from her family but she took a deep breath and let her hands down allowing her beautiful torso to be seen.

“Wow…Emmy you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen.” Levi said looking over his older sisters body.

Emmy blushed and gave a shy smile at her brothers sweet compliment. “Thanks Levi.”

Not wanting to derail any of the momentum we had I reached behind my body and started to undo my bra. Wyatt was so overcome with lust that he began to rapidly jack off Levi’s cock in excitement. Levi squirmed and moaned. “Dad! Sl-slow down.” he said bucking his hips and drawing dangerously close to an orgasm.

“Shit! Sorry, these beautiful women are making me super excited.” Wyatt said stopping his son from a premature cum.

I unclasped my bra and held it up to my tits and softly massaged them through the loose fabric that I held up. Emmy took a deep breath and did the same and allowed her bra to fall loose but still held it up with a hand. Wyatt and Levi’s gaze went rapidly between the two of us as they did not want to miss a single moment of Emmy and I’s clothes coming off.

“Are you ready boys?” I asked our horny audience.

“Fuck yeah!” Wyatt says to the shock of both of his kids.

I was the first to drop leaving my chest exposed to my brother and nephew. My tits had rounded out over the years and were at a steady C-cup. My tits were the same the same light tan that the rest of my body was and in the light they glowed.

Emmy saw that it was her time and slowly lowered her purple bra off of her chest. Her young tits were a shade lighter than the rest of her tanned body and were far perkier than mine were. Her nipples were a dark brown that contrasted from the lighter color of her tits. Emmy looked around bashfully at her family around her.

“Well…here they are, tada!” She said still sounding unsure of herself.

“Sis, your tits are amazing! They are the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.” Levi said completely in awe of his sexy sister.

It was Emmy’s turn to blush at her siblings kind words and she smiled at her brother. “Thanks bro.”

Looking over at Wyatt it was clear that his desire for my tits had not disappeared in the previous years, in fact it likely had grown exponentially. Before Wyatt could say anything Levi said what he clearly was thinking. “Can we touch them?” Emmy looked at me as if seeking permission to go forwards.

“What are you looking at me for?” I ask her “Go let your horny brother play with your sexy tits.” Emmy walked over to Levi and he stood up to meet her. Levi was only slightly taller than the level Emmy’s tits were at, allowing him to get a great view.

I walked over to the now vacant couch and stretched my hand out to Wyatt to invite him to explore my tits. Wyatt’s face broke out into a huge grin and as he grabbed my hand he pulled me onto the couch and climbed on top of me. “Your tits are far more stunning than I remembered Katie.” Wyatt dove into my chest face first and began to kiss and lick my tits. My heart was racing at having my brother on top of me like this, every dream I had ever had was coming true. I ran my hands through his curly hair as he continued lick and suck all over my tits and drove my body insane. My entire body was at the mercy of Wyatt’s mouth and the more that he kissed the more wet my pussy got.

Levi meanwhile had taken a far slower approach to his sisters tits. He used his hands to explore and squeeze the first pair of tits he had ever seen. Levi got to Emmy’s hard nipples and gently rolled them in between his fingers causing her to let out a soft groan. Levi shot his hand back and looked at his sister with a concerned expression. “D-did I hurt you?”

“No it made me feel really good.” Emmy responded to her panicked brother. She looked over to the couch where Levi was kissing and sucking on my breasts and then looked at Levi, she wanted more than just a pair of hesitant hands.

“Do you remember how to kiss me?”

“Uh, yeah?” An oblivious Levi answered her.

Emmy then wrapped her hands around the back of Levi’s head and pushed it into her chest. Levi let out a muffled dry as he got a face full of his sisters tits. Emmy loosened her grasp on Levi’s head and allowed him some room to begin to softly kiss her tits. At first he was unsure and did it slowly, but the taste of his sister’s breasts in his mouth brought a great deal of excitement to him and soon he was just like his father in the passion and excitement that he showed in kissing his sisters tits.

Emmy and I were in pure bliss at having our tits caressed by the mouths of our brothers. I would writhe and shake on the couch, overwhelmed by the kisses and hot breaths on my chest. Emmy meanwhile moaned every time her brother kissed her and when Levi began to suck on and kiss her nipples Emmy’s entire body shook and she started to mutter to herself.

As Levi continued to kiss my tits he began to grind his rock hard cock against my leg. His precum had smeared all over it and he was picking up speed as he humped my leg. I did not want Wyatt to cum just from humping my leg, I wanted to taste his delicious cock.

I managed to pry Wyatt’s face away from my tits and saw that were covered in his saliva. “I want to taste your cum so bad.” I say to Wyatt as I kneel in front of him.

“Oh god, Katie please.” Wyatt says shaking with excitement. I begin to kiss everywhere on Wyatt’s lower body while intentionally avoiding his cock. Every time my lips went near his cock I would hear him take a deep breath only for him to exhale moments later as my mouth passed by. Eventually I went to his balls and began to kiss them and softly suck on them. At this point Wyatt’s cock is standing as straight as a statue and is calling for me to take it all in my mouth. Using my tongue I lick all the way up his shaft up to the head of his cock and I spread his precum all over the head using my tongue.

I open my mouth and slowly take in just the head of Wyatt’s cock and suck and kiss it just on its own. It felt weird only having the head of his cock in the mouth but I purposefully wanted to take this slow and ensure that Wyatt got the maximum amount of pleasure out of it.

“Emmy…could we maybe try what dad and auntie Katie are doing?” I heard Levi’s quivering voice ask.

“Yeah, I think auntie Katie is enjoying it, and dad for sure is!” Emmy responds. I stick out a thumbs up to the kids and let them know that it is a great idea and that both sides would enjoy it.

“Come right here buddy!” Wyatt said to Levi inviting him to sit next to him “Ready to get your first blowjob?”

“Yeah, it looks amazing!” Levi said staring at me as I continued to suck on the head of his dad’s cock.

Emmy kneels down in front of Levi and next to me. She looks at her brothers hard cock and then over at my sucking on her Father’s cock. “Okay, I, um, will try my best.” She brushes her hair away from her face and begins to slowly kiss Levi’s smooth thighs. Her kisses continue up his virgin body until they get to his cock. Levi at this point is already in heaven and his sister hadn’t even got to his cock yet. She softly kissed and sucked on Levi’s ball sack trying to be as gentle as possible to her brother balls and not accidentally cause him pain.

Having Emmy give Levi his first blowjob right next to me made me incredibly horny, I thought back to my first time sucking Wyatt’s cock and how special it was for us, I hoped it would be just as special for them. Finally I began to descend and make my way down Wyatt’s cock. Wyatt let out a loud moan and I took his entire cock into my mouth.

Emmy had gotten to the top of her brothers cock and and looked at it with a face of lust, she wasn’t hesitant, she was hungry for Levi’s boyhood. She kissed Levi’s circumcised head and began to make her way down his shaft.

“Oh my goodness!” Levi squealed with his yells echoing through the house. “Emmy this is amazing!” Wyatt wrapped his arm around his son and gently kissed him on the forehead. Levi looked at his dad and smiled. “This is the coolest family ever.”

“Oh yeah, now just sit back and let your sister suck you dry.” Wyatt said laying back on the couch and closing his eyes as I continued to suck him. Emmy’s face was filled with concentration as she made her way down her brothers pole. While Levi’s cock was only under 5 inches that is still a lot for someone to take on their first blowjob but Emmy was focused on matching everything I did for Wyatt and that included taking an entire cock into her mouth.

Emmy’s nose eventually touched the hairless base of Levi’s cock making it clear to her that she had the entire thing in her mouth. Levi was already completely overwhelmed and was just babbling incoherent nonsense towards Emmy as she sucked his virgin cock.

Both Emmy and I bobbed up our brother’s cocks as fast as we could. Both Wyatt and Levi were moaning and thrusting into our mouths as we brought them to a place of extreme pleasure.

“Em-Emmy, I’m, um getting close.” Levi said in a panicked voice. It was clear that Levi’s young cock could not hold off an orgasm for very long and he began to breath rapidly. “Emmy…Emmy!” he yelled out leaning forwards and grabbing his sister by the back of her head and thrusting into her mouth as fast as he could. Emmy did not waver one bit and was determined to suck her brother to completion and get a taste of her brothers cum.”

Levi leaned forwards as Emmy continued to suck his cock as fast as he could. His entire face had turned red and was scrunched up. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” He shrieked as his entire body began to spasm and shake. The first blast of cum into Emmy’s mouth caused her to gag a bit and she pulled away from Levi’s cock just as another spurt of cum hit her in the face. Levi had absolutely no strength left and accidentally slid off of the couch and on top of his sister. Emmy giggled a bit as Levi continued to shoot ropes of his cum onto her young tits until he was finally done his orgasm. Levi looked up at his sister whose face and tits were covered in his cum.

“I’m sor-” Before Levi could finish Emmy pulled him tightly against her and gave him a kiss and a taste of his cum. Both of their bodies held each other tightly as they kissed passionately on the floor right next to me sucking off their father.

Seeing Emmy covered in Levi’s cum and then the two of them kissing on the floor pushed Wyatt over the edge and he titled his head back. “Fuck Katie, I’m cumming!” He exclaimed as the first shot of cum filled my mouth. Wyatt shot rope after rope of cum as he continued to thrust into my face.

“That was amazing thank you Katie.” Wyatt said after he had come off of his orgasm. Both Emmy and Levi sat up with Levi’s cum spread over their chests.

“Yeah, Emmy that was fantastic!” Levi thanked his sister.

“It was pretty fun, and I think it is going to help us be better siblings.” She said kissing her brother on the cheek.

“I hope that we can be like Dad and Auntie Katie.” Levi said looking at his sister with genuine love.

Years of heartbreak had vanished, I knew what I had known all along. Wyatt and I’s love for each other was real and we were meant to be together. Seeing the love that had been awoken between Emmy and Levi brought Wyatt and I even closer. They were just like us, siblings caught up in desire, but things would be different for them. It would be better.

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