Snowed in with an older woman



Dame meets an older woman who is stranded in the snow. He becomes very helpful and it incites her to reciprocate.

Winter afternoons can be so boring. The snow was absolutely flying outside, as was the wind. Perfect day to do nothing I thought, as I performed a half assed pick up of my apartment bedroom. Typical laundry strewn about with some loose change at the foot of the bed where my jeans had landed from the night before. I contemplated what to do with my time before the storm got worse. As I opened the fridge it became quite clear. “Time to hit the grocery store.” I threw on some thick boots, a black sweatshirt and my winter hat, snatched up my keys and headed for the door. I hopped in my big black truck and noticed the plow had just cleared off the street of its first 2 or 3 inches of the storm. The grocery store was a few miles away and I didn’t really feel like I was in any rush so I took it slow even though My truck was more than enough to handle what little patches of dirty snow there were left on the road. As I pulled up to the ‘Hannaford’ sign I noticed the parking lot was fairly empty, a few cars up near the front so I took a spot near the front and grabbed a cart. I grabbed a few veggies and fruit, then some other snacks and a frozen pizza. Seemed like a good day to heat up the oven and make something easy. As I began to check out in the self checkout line I looked over a few aisles and notice an older woman pushing her cart forward and bending over to grab a case of water bottles. I began to stare a bit as her ass was so shapely and plump. I was completely fixated on these wonderful black yoga pants, and when she bent back up it was no disappointment to see a large chest and such an adorable face attached!! ‘I’m Lucky with the eye candy today I thought’. I finished up scanning in the self-check out and got one last peak at this beautiful woman as I walked by to the exit. Only this time, she caught my glance almost immediately! Slightly embarrassed I whipped my head forward and made my way to my truck. As I was loading the back seat I realized my cock was just pulsing. This woman I had just seen had certainly cause a frenzy in my head. I sat in my drivers seat and turned on the radio. As thoughts were flying through my head I told myself it’s time to calm down. I open the glove box and pull out a pre-rolled joint and a lighter. I found my favorite rock station and lit that sucker up. I spent the next few minutes relaxing and spacing out knowing it was going to be a boring day and I had time to kill. As I finished up I took a swig of my water bottle and started up my truck engine.

The drive home was pretty quiet. I noticed the plow had missed some of the side roads, and about 3 blocks for my neighborhood I noticed a small car that had bottomed out turning on to one of those side streets. I was feeling generous so I pulled over slowly and rolled down my window. And offered up a “howdy, need help getting unstuck?” I know there must have been such a shocked expression on my face but when the stranded woman looked up my way I immediately recognized her as the sexy older woman I had been checking out in line! She was even more stunning up close, with a helpless look she said “oh my goodness that would be fantastic.. the snow is just too deep on my street here..” I let out a chuckle and smiled and told her I was more than happy to help. I introduced myself “all my friends call me Dame, ma’am, but you can call me whatever you’d like” she blushed a bit and laughed and said “Dame, thank you so much for pulling over, you can call me Happy.” seemed like an interesting nickname, but she was so fucking sexy she would make any name attractive. I pulled my truck to the side of the main road and threw on my hazards. I always carried a snow shovel in my truck bed because of times like this. It made me feel good to be handy and helpful and especially for a woman with such a smoking body. I insisted she stay in her warm car as I shoveled out the nose of it and the front to tires a bit. As I went to scoop some of the final bit up, my foot stumbled a bit and I slipped. “Great” I thought, “ just had to look foolish infront of someone I’m trying to impress..” my knee was a little sore, and my jeans were completely soaking wet on the butt and back of my legs. I look her way as she’s rolling the window down “oh my goodness are you alright young man?!” More embarrassed than anything I mustered out a quick “oh of course, I’m just finishing with the shovel I should be able to push you free if you put it in reverse now!” A beautiful flash of a smile and she stated “alright! I’m ready.” I started pushing on the grill of the small car. She hit the gas and almost instantly the small car freed its bumper from the last bit of snow it had gotten caught on. Elated, she jumped from her car and came up to me. I noticed her short dark hair underneath her winter jacket hood and he wonderful eyes just locked into mine. “Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure how long I would be stuck there!” I laughed and said it was nothing. Truly the roads were empty at the time and the snow was only getting worse.. it gets dark really early this time of year so at this point it was getting hard to see very far down the road. A bit of a worried look came across her face as she looked back at her road and her car lead me to ask if there was anything else I could do to help her out.. “well I’m just not sure about getting down my road at this point until the plow truck comes. I need to get my groceries into the fridge and I’m sure you’re just as freezing as I am.. I’m just not sure what to do at this point..” she stared off as if her stare might melt the snow or something. my head began to spin with a bit of an idea.. “well how about if you parked your car here on the main road, we could go back to my apartment and wait for the plow to come by and then I can drive you back!” I felt like I was really pressing my luck with this offer, but fuck it, I had to take a chance here. She looked very unsure.. “I have an empty fridge to put all your groceries in as well. It would really be no trouble at all” I not my lip and my heart started beating just a little faster as I knew my bold offer was just that; a bold one. “Well..” she sighed in between a small shiver of cold “I think it may be a good idea for now.. until the plow comes..” I couldn’t have been more excited but I played it as cool as possible. “Let me help you get the groceries” I said as we loaded up and headed to my place.

It was a cold, wet ride back to my place but it was quick, we shuffled up the stairs and stumbled inside to the kitchen. I was a bit upset with myself for not picking up very much but I took her grocery bags and put them in the fridge and invited her to have a seat on the couch. “Could I offer you a hot coffee, happy? I’ll go start a pot before I change out of these soaking wet pants” I joked and made my way to the kitchen. I started some coffee and headed into my bedroom, on the way I scooped a few of my dirty clothes off the floor and began to strip down my wet jeans. “Instead of coffee do you have any of that pot I’m smelling left to smoke?” I just about half jumped to see Happy standing at my door. She had taken her Jacket off and was wearing a low cut, thin grey sweater that hugged her huge breasts and wrapped her figure perfectly down to her hips. I stood there with my blue plaid boxers and a black sweatshirt. Slightly embarrassed I grabbed the closest pair of basketball shorts and slid them up my legs and passed my now-growing dick. I caught Happy’s eyes taking in my package as I settled the waist band. “Uh I actually do!” I said as I opened my side table drawer and removed one of the prerolled joints I had picked up from a downtown dispensary. She began to walk closer as I lit the joint and we both got comfortable on the bed. She opened up to me a bit and told me more about herself. She said she was almost 70 and that she had just moved to South Portland about 10 years ago and about how she always loved the beaches in the area. I made a joke about how I wouldn’t be able to contain myself if I saw her in her swimsuit. “Oh your just saying that, I’m sure you have a lot of young ladies chasing after you” she was blushing a bit and I couldn’t help but be so attracted to this much older woman. She didn’t really act old so as she pulled on the joint I let my hand rest on her leg, took in a deep breath and said “there may be, but from the moment I saw your ass from across the checkout I knew I had to have it.” I leaned in and took the joint from her mouth, smoke slowly escaped as my lips met hers. It was instant fireworks. My eyes closed and her warm lips stayed pressed onto mine. My hand moved back and forth on her leg as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer. This was a full on steamy sexually charged kiss. As it finally broke and my eyes opened I saw a smile instantly erupt on her face. I didn’t want to waste any time as I push my lips back into hers, this time when our lips smacked I wiggled my tongue out to meet hers. This was easily the oldest woman I have ever kissed like this but it was easily the most exciting kissing of my life. I decided to get even bolder. I slouched my back a bit and made it quite obvious that my cock was standing at full attention and her hand responded immediately. Up and down she started rubbing her small hand over my ever throbbing tented shorts. My hands found the hem of her sweater and I lifted, her hands following. And out fell a dark bra with a fantastic set of 40D tits. She unclasped the bra herself very quickly, revealing a tiny pink areola that supported a very thick nipple.. bending in for some kisses and a few suckles, I thought to myself “these are the nicest fucking tits I’ve ever seen.” I made my way back to her lips and our kissing just wouldn’t stop as I lifted my bum slightly from the bed. I threw my shorts and underwear down in one swoop and Happy broke our kiss to take in a gaze of my big thick penis. Her smile reappeared for just a moment and she cooed lightly “Mmm Dame do you mind if I get a taste of this?” And without hesitating for an anwser bent forward and started licking her tongue along the side slowly. Up and down a couple of times until she popped the thick head into her wet, warm mouth. Her tongue slashed all over my cock and I laid back on the bed as this sexy woman turned from a quiet and helpless, grandmotherly woman i had pulled over to help out of a snowstorm into a slut that wouldn’t be stopped from conquering my cock. She really worked my penis tip until I was almost ready to cum. She felt it building in my cock when she finally took a breath. “Dame, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a man..” and before she could finish her thought I was sitting forward and had my hand pressing between her fat tits on her chest. I pushed her back slightly and she took my queue very well.. my hands found her hips and the band of her yoga pants. She also had some white underwear, ‘granny panties’ if you will, so taking the band of those in as well I tugged towards me and brought them down to her ankles.. such a tight lower body for anyone yet alone a much older woman.. my eyes made their way up her legs to her pussy. A slight patch of dark hair above it made her center look very clean and beautiful. A few thick folds of skin made her pussy look like a pink rose. A wet pink rose that I couldn’t resist anymore.. I drove my tongue down and she immediately let out a sharp breath. My tongue flipped and flicked through the layers of her lips until a small pink swollen bump made its way to the forefront. I lingered on the wetness of her hole for just while, long enough to draw a few more moans from her, and then I locked in. I found her clit with my tongue and vegans softly rolling it around. Giving a bit more pressure every so often with the licks until my lips slowly locked around it. I sucked and rolled that sweet button until her breathing really picked up. I brought my hand away from her hip and gave my index finger a very quick lick and then brought my lips right back onto her clit. As I worked the pressure back up with my mouth, my wet finger made its way down to her ass.. circling a little and slowly pressing into her asshole.. her breathing was so heavy as she exclaimed “yes Dame, make me fucking cum all over your mouth!!” And just then she let out a constant yell and I tasted a light flash of wetness overcome this older woman’s vagina. I knew she had just cum and now it was my turn. I stood above her as she lad sideways on my bed. My cock was so swollen it almost hurt. I used my knee to push open hers, and Happy offered no resistance. She opened her legs right up and bent her knees back. I could tell by her breathless look she was so ready to be filled up so I didn’t waste any time. I lowered myself forward and her arms and legs greeted me with a grasp. Her left hand went down and took hold of the tip of my dick and guided it to her entrance. I just couldn’t help myself and thrusted forward. Our eyes closed as we both shuddered over the amazing feelings that were overcoming us. I slowly worked up a rhythm and my hands found their way to her hips. My Rhythm picked up until my full cock was burying into her. It seemed like we fucked and kissed and slashed our tongues around for hours. At one point she turned over and got on her knees behind me. My cock filled her pussy up in this doggystyle position and the sound of my balls slapping off of her hot clit was fantastic. When I told her I was close she turned her head and met my eyes “fill me up Dame. Fill me all the way up..” that’s all it took. I pushed my hips forward and locked them there as my penis began spilling all the hot seed it could spit out. Fucking heavenly.

After a few remaining kisses I stood up and stretched my legs a bit. A quick peer over to the window showed a wintery haze but the blinking lights of the plow truck could be seen down the road. “I think the plow truck has probably made its way to your street! We could probably get dressed up and get you home now!” I hollered back into the bedroom to Happy. She was still laying in the bed catching her breath. “Honey” she said “you just plowed me better than I ever have been. I’m not going home tonight.” She stayed the night and we ended up having so much fun. More and more sex followed by a shower, which I ended up spending the whole time on my knees in front of her licking and sucking her freshly fucked pussy.

We still speak from time to time and have even spent a few nights fucking the snowy nights away. None more exciting than that first night though. I made a promise to myself that I will Always be willing to help an older woman in need. They can be very grateful.

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