Sheltered Siblings 2. Incest story


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Life has been getting busy, but I finally finished the second part!

When I had first requested to my parents that they should let my sister Ava and I stay at home alone I was expecting a day where we would just get to hang out with no rules and do whatever we wanted. However things had went much differently than either of us had expected.

We were both raised by conservative parents that had equated anything to do with sex as sin and vowed to protect Ava and I from any knowledge that lead to the ‘temptation of the flesh’ as they called it. However in a twist of irony their efforts to shelter us had made us more curious and gave us a greater desire to figure out what was going on with our changing bodies. This culminated today when Ava brought a text book from her friends that introduced us to all sorts of sexual excitement.

It had been several minutes since Ava and I had experienced the greatest feelings of our young lives, both of us were coming off of our very first orgasms. My fingers were still wet and sticky and Ava’s chest and face was still splattered with my first burst of cum. We both lay naked on our parents bed holding each others hands and looking up to the ceiling. What we had just done and the feelings we had both experienced were starting to sink in. Already I craved more, even though mere minutes had past since my orgasm I desperately wanted that feeling to never end.

“Cody….” Ava whispered to me in an exhausted fashion. I turned and looked into her beautiful face, seeing her beautiful brown eyes and freckled face covered in my cum made my heart flutter. She looked like she was about to say something else but all she did was look at me and smile with a look of peace. We both were looking into each others eyes coming to a realization of what we had just done. These things that our parents had tried to protect us from had turned out to be the greatest things that we had ever experienced!

“Sorry for um, shooting my stuff on you and making you messy.” I told her softly.

“It’s okay Cody, I am just happy that you were able to feel as good as I did.” Ava said looking over my naked body that lay next to her. “Looks like your penis is pretty tired as well.” She giggled pointing to my bright red penis that was laying flaccid just under my hips.

“Yeah…” I answered with a soft laugh. “I am just glad to figure out why it gets hard.”

“So every time it gets hard it can make you feel good and shoot this white stuff if it gets rubbed a lot?”

“I, um think so?”

Ava quickly sat up and reached over to grab my tired penis.

“Whoa, whoa what are you doing Ava?” I asked her in a panicked voice. I had literally just had my orgasm so I thought there had to be a cool down or something for my penis, but as soon as Ava’s soft hands touched my penis all hesitation and caution left as I felt a familiar wave of pleasure flood over me.

“I want to see if it happens every time!” Ava said as she playfully massaged my still soft penis. “Oh! I think its getting harder Cody.”

All I could do was lay back and nod, my mind was flooded by the amazing possibilities that I was learning right now. I didn’t just have to wait for my penis to get hard I could actually just make it hard myself.

As Ava continued to play with my penis it soon regained its erect form and stood upright from my body. Once again she started to slide a hand up and down my shaft causing me to just lay back and close my eyes as I let my sister pleasure my penis. Ava’s other hand reached down and began to play with my ballsack as it slowly shrunk and retreated closer to my penis. The feeling of her playing with my balls and stimulating my penis caused a soft moan to escape from my mouth.

Ava looked at me with a smile. “I like it when you moan Cody, because it means that I am making you feel really good.”

I could feel my face blushing as I looked up at Ava. “Thanks.” I reached over to her leg and softly ran my hand over her smooth thigh and looked over her body as she focused on bringing me pleasure. I had always felt funny when I looked at Ava, it was only today that I realized that it must have been love. Not because I got to see her naked or she would make me orgasm, but because I genuinely loved her.

The more I looked at Ava the better that my penis felt, as much as what she was doing made me feel amazing just looking at her made it ten times better. “Ava…I love you.”

Ava stopped what she was doing and looked at me curiously. “Yeah, because I am doing this to your penis!”

“No…I mean it, I actually like love you.”

Ava’s freckled face grew bright red and she looked away from me for a second before timidly looking into my eyes. “Do you mean it?”

“Yeah, I love you like mom and dad love each other.”

Ava’s face brightened and a wide smile spread across her face. “I…I love you too Cody, but isn’t it wrong for us to like, actually love each other?”

All I had was tunnel vision looking into Ava’s eyes. “I don’t care, all that I care about is you Ava.”

Ava leaned forwards and gently kissed me on my lips, neither of us knew how to kiss but that didn’t matter to either of us. As Ava kissed me her hand began to slowly continue to slide up and down my fully erect penis. Every time I moaned it was muffled by Ava kissing my mouth. Her speed picked up and she broke away from our kiss and looked at me with a devilish look.

“Do you like this Cody? I cant tell?”

I let out a deep grunt “Yes…oh yes you are making me feel so good Ava!”

“You have to do better than that.” She said letting go off my penis leaving it practically begging for her touch.

“Ava!! Please!” I practically screamed, desperately aching for release.

Ava tried to look at me seriously but broke into a laugh. “You should see yourself right now. Don’t worry! I’m just messing with you Cody, plus you need to get messy just like me.”

Ava once again continued to jack off my penis that was now yearning for release. My hands were holding the covers on our parents bed and my entire body was shaking and bucking wildly. “Ah…ah yes just like that! Please don’t stop.”

Ava picked up speed and looked at me with a focused expression, she pointed my penis so that it was aiming for my chest and wouldn’t make a horrible mess on our parents blankets. “It feels like it’s getting even bigger, that means your close?”

“I-I think so!” I cry out before clenching my fists and letting out a moan that I am sure the neighbors could hear.

This time I had my eyes open and as I felt that familiar jolt of pleasure I could see the white liquid shoot out of my penis as it had done earlier. My penis was like a hose and it felt like it would never dry out. Finally I felt the pleasure subsiding and I flopped down exhausted on the bed. “Thanks…:” I moan.

“Wow you shot a lot more of that stuff than the first time.” Ava snickered. I looked down at my tanned chest to see that there was practically a pool of cum all over my chest and down onto my stomach. Ava leaned forward and dipped her finger into my cum filled belly button covering her finger in it and bringing it over towards my mouth.

“Ava, ew that came out of my penis.” I said horrified

“It tasted good to me, try it!” I opened up my mouth and she placed her finger into my mouth allowing me to suck my cum off of her finger. To my surprise it actually tasted pretty good, considering it came out of my penis. Ava looked at me with an expectant kind of ‘I told you so’ look.

“Yeah, okay it does kinda taste good.” I confess.

Ava gave a deep satisfied sigh and looked over my cum covered body. “I cannot believe that mom and dad weren’t going to tell us about this, it’s fantastic!”

I laugh “Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t want us to experience something that felt this good.”

“Probably because it is evil and sinful.” Ava said with air quotes.

We both burst out laughing and began to sit up from the bed, I looked over to the clock and to my shock it was already the middle of the afternoon. “Ava….the time.”

Ava looked over at the clock and frowned. “Oh, we probably shouldn’t be like this when they come back.”

“Yeah..” I muttered as the realization of this being over came flooding over me. We both looked at each other with uncertainty, would we ever get to do something like this again? Because our parents sure would not allow it to happen.

“Cody?” Ava said softly

“Yeah?” I responded

“Promise me that this does not end here.”

A sense of relief came over me, both of us wanted the same thing, we wanted to learn what it meant to love each other. “I promise.”

Ava leaned in and kissed me before stepping away from the bed, picking up her clothes and walking towards the door. She opened the door and gave me a small smile before exiting the room to get cleaned up before our parents came home. I carefully rose from the bed attempting to keep my cum on me and not on the covers, I looked back at the covers and saw that they thankfully were pretty clean and no evidence of what we had just done remained.

I heard the shower turn on as Ava went to clean her self and I collected my clothes and went to my room to wait my turn, I wanted to be in there with her but we could not risk it. I don’t think we could talk our way out of being in the bathroom naked together.

I grabbed a change of clothes and stood near the door of my room waiting to hear for the sound of the shower turning off. In the silence I could hear the distinctive sound of a car traveling down our dirt driveway. I let out a deep sigh of relief that we had stopped before our parents had come home. That relief quickly vanished when I remembered that the text book was still on the kitchen table. In my panic I made the split second decision to run like the wind to grab the textbook.

My naked cum covered body ran down the stairs and made a beeline to where the text book was. I could hear the car doors opening and it was at this moment that the adrenaline faded and I realized I might have made an idiotic mistake. I did not want my parents to arrive home after letting their kids stay home alone for the first time only to see their naked cum covered son in the kitchen.

Luckily I was fast enough and just when I retreated to my bedroom door I could hear our front door open and my parents were completely unaware of what they could have seen. “Cody! Ava!” My mom called out to the unresponsive house. I didn’t have time to shower so I grabbed one of my work shirts and wiped off my chest and quickly put my clothes back on and threw the soiled shirt into the bottom of my closet.

I looked in my mirror to make sure no evidence of what Ava and I had just done remained. When I was certain that I was safe I opened the door and walked past the bathroom and could clearly hear Ava clamoring around to get out of the shower and dressed.

“There you are!” My mom called seeing me at the top of the stairs.

“Sorry I couldn’t hear you.” I laughed.

“Where’s Ava?” My dad asked, although these were normal questions I felt like I was at the receiving end of an interrogation.

“Um, showering.”

“Oh?” both of them looked at me with what I took as suspicion.

“Yeah, we were playing in the barn and Ava got a little dirty and thought she needed a shower.” I said with confidence.

I walked down the stairs and my parents began to share with me the excitement of their time shopping and how much fun Ava and I surely missed. I kept on glancing up the stairs waiting for Ava to come down the stairs. I could see her feet at the top of the stairs but she was not coming down. Thankfully my parents were distracted by their reminiscing and were oblivious to their hesitant daughter.

Finally Ava began to walk down the stairs and to my surprise she was wearing a pair of my shorts. I remembered that she had been wearing a pair of short shorts that my parents definitely would have crucified upon seeing so I guess she went into my room and had grabbed a pair of my shorts.

“Ava! There you are, how was your time at home alone?” my mom said cheerfully.

Ava looked at me worriedly not knowing what I had told our parents. “It…was pretty fun.”

“Yeah we had a lot of fun playing outside and in the barn!” I chimed in.

“Oh, yeah that was a lot of fun.” Ava said before glancing over to the table and seeing that the textbook wasn’t there.

Her face practically went pale as she looked at me. I nodded to reassure her that I had taken care of it.

The rest of the day seemed to go at a snails pace it was filled with ‘quality family time’ and awkward glances between Ava and I as we prayed that our secret would stay as a secret.

Every time that we would both make eye contact with each other, it seemed as if my heart would skip a beat and the world would start spinning. She was so beautiful and it drove me crazy, I had never even had a crush before. I didn’t know that I could feel this way about a girl but it if this was being in love it was incredible.

Ava and I were unable to spend anytime together because our parents still wanted family time and we spent the entire evening watching some awful movies. I couldn’t even sit next to her because guys sat on one side of the couch and the girls on the other.

After the movie my parents announced that it was time for bed and they both went with Ava to her room to say goodnight to her. I walked up to my room and changed into my pajamas and waited for them to come up to my room to say goodnight. I made sure that my dirty shirt and the textbook were hidden out of sight. I glanced over and saw Ava’s shorts hidden under the covers of my bed. I quickly threw them in my shorts drawer and then went to sit on my bed for the customary good night exchanges.

After a couple of minutes my parents knocked on the door and entered my room as if I was still a little kid needing to be tucked in, after today I definitely wasn’t a little kid. “Thanks for being the man of the house today.” My dad said as I crawled into bed.

“Ava had a lot of fun with you, your dad and I are so happy that you two can get along so well.” My mom said completely oblivious of how well her children did get along.

Both of my parents wished me goodnight and kissed me on my forehead before closing my door and heading down the hallway to their room.I tried my best to fall asleep but after the day I had and being a young hormonal boy there was not a chance that I was going to fall asleep. My mind was racing with images of Ava and memories of what we had just done. I could feel the familiar feeling of my penis’ rapid growth.

There was no way that I was going to sleep like this so I slowly crawled from my bed and shuffled over to my desk where I had hidden the textbook. I opened it up to the page where all of this had started and my innocence was lost. Looking at the drawing of the naked woman was not the same as when I had first saw it, after seeing Ava I couldn’t go back to just an educational diagram, I needed the real thing.

Unfortunately Ava’s room was downstairs and my parents would surely hear me going down the stairs. So I had to just sit down and stare at the clock as time slowly drifted by. I wondered what Ava was thinking right now, was she feeling the same way I was right now? Or had she just gone to sleep.

After an hour and a half I could hear snoring from my parents room and saw my opening. I went to my drawers and grabbed Ava’s shorts and walked to the door. My penis was no longer hard but my hormones were still racing and I desperately wanted to be back with Ava. I slowly opened the door and tip toed my way down the hallway and to the stairs. Each step was a careful balance of patience and finesse as I worked my way down through the pitch black house. At one point I bumped into a chair and though it didn’t make that much noise my heightened nerves made it sound like an earthquake had just hit the house.

Finally I made it to Ava’s door and I slowly opened it not wanting to knock and make a noise.

“Ava…..” I whispered.

I could hear shuffling in her bed but no response came from it.

“Ava…” I said in a slightly louder tone.

I could see the outline of Ava’s body sitting up from her bed. “Cody is that you?” She mumbled.

“Yeah…you, um left your shorts in my room and I thought yo-”

“Cody…why are you actually here?” Ava interrupted me turning on her lamp.

She was wearing light pink pajamas and her brown hair was loose and messy around her face. No matter what she looked like Ava was beautiful in my eyes.

“I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking of what we did….and thinking of you.” I answered.

Ava let out a deep yawn and moved the covers off of her. “Well, um come in.”

I slowly made my way through the softly lit room and towards the love of my life. I could feel my stomach tighten and my penis start to expand in my pajama bottoms

Pajamas were clearly not made to hide the erection of a horny boy and Ava gently reached over to my tented bottoms and gently ran her fingers over it.

“Cody, this can’t be an every night thing. Mom and dad are going to find out one night, and I…I don’t want to lose you.”

I leaned in and gently kissed my beautiful sister on her forehead. “I know, I am sorry but I need you right now.”

“It’s okay, to be honest I love playing with your penis and making you feel really good, but we just need to be careful, okay?”

“I promise Ava.”

“Well, there’s no sense making you go back to your room while your penis is still like that.” Ava said reaching over to me and gently sliding my pajama pants off.

I let out a soft groan as I felt the coarse fabric run over the head of my erect penis as my bottoms fell off my body and left my penis exposed in front of my sister.

“I swear that this thing is always rock hard Cody.”

“I can’t help that it gets like that every time I think of you Ava.”

Ava let out a hushed giggle and gently ran her hands over my hairless thighs. “I don’t know how we do it without making a mess everywhere?” Ava said gesturing to the dark room, it would not be as easy to aim my penis when I hit my orgasm. We were both too paranoid to turn the lights on so we stood in silence trying to solve the predicament.

Ava’s look of concern slowly faded away and she looked at me with a curious look. “What if it was in my mouth?”

“Wait? What!” I asked confused before I paused realizing I had said that pretty loud.

“Yeah, the stuff you shoot tastes really good anyways so if it was in my mouth it wouldn’t make a mess anywhere.”

The thought of putting my penis in Ava’s mouth was beyond anything I had thought was in the realm of possibility. But now that it was a possibility I was really excited to how it would feel.

“If-if you want to, yes please Ava.” I stammered before stepping closer to Ava causing my penis to sway a bit. Ava reached over and wrapped her hand around my penis and moved over so she was sitting at the side of her bed.

Ava took a deep breath and looked at me with a slight look of worry. “Let me know if it hurts or does not feel as good, okay?”

“Ava, anything with you makes me feel so good.”

Ava took a second to steady herself before she leaned forwards and gently licked the head of my penis. I thought that Ava’s hand was the peak of pleasure but the moment I felt her tongue against the head of my penis I almost fell over.

“Oh….wow.” I gasped. “That is so amazing.”

“Really? Even better than with the hand?”

“So much better! You have to experience it as well Ava.”

“It’s fine Cody, you are the one who wanted this anyways.”

“Ava…Please I want you to feel just as good as you make me feel.”

Even though I wanted the feeling of Ava’s mouth on my penis as soon as possible I knew that it was only fair to make sure she was able to experience the feelings that she gave to me.

Ava slid back on her bed and pushed her covers over to the side. She slid her pajama bottoms off giving me another amazing view of her young vagina. “We can do it to each other at the same time.” Ava whispered motioning me to her bed.

I understood what Ava was implying at and crawled onto her bed stopping every time it creaked for fear of waking our parents up. I crawled over her until my penis was over her mouth and I was staring directly at her bare vagina.

We both were filled with giddy excitement at the possibility of how this could possibly feel any better than what we experienced. Ava reached her hand over and grabbed my bum pushing my penis closer towards her mouth. I took a deep breath and prepared myself to bring Ava pleasure through my mouth. I knew that the stuff I shot tasted good, but what about Ava’s juices? What if it was nasty?

I could feel Ava’s warm breaths against my penis and my heart raced with excitement at what we were doing right now. I readied myself and lowered my lips to softly kiss her hairless vagina. Feeling my lips press against her smooth wet vagina was incredible to me and judging from Ava’s soft gasp it felt good for her as well.

I used my tongue to lick around Ava’s vagina and found the parting off her pussy lips and gently thrust my tongue inside causing her body jolt. Ava let go of my body and covered her mouth as she fought back a massive groan. “Just like that Cody.”

I nodded and gently pressed my face against her moist vagina with my tongue dancing inside her virgin vagina. As I did that Ava helped lower my body so that my penis was dangling above her in easy access.

Her tongue reached out and gently flicked against the head of my penis and cleaned the precum off of it. She took a deep breath and slowly began to take my penis into her mouth. The feeling of my penis being inside her warm moist mouth was heads and shoulders above just using her hands.

I tried to moan but it was muffled against Ava’s young sex causing her lips to vibrate from the sound attempting to escape my mouth. Ava was only able to take half of my penis into her mouth but I did not care because it felt amazing. Her lips were wrapped tightly against my shaft and she would bob her head up and down all while continually playing with the head of my penis with her tongue.

I could not believe what we were doing. It was the middle of the night and we were both sucking on the others private parts all while our parents were asleep in the room above us. The excitement of what we were doing only added to the pleasure that Ava’s mouth was bring to my hard penis.

As my tongue pushed deeper and deeper into Ava’s vagina her entire body would shake and I would hear muffled cries of pleasure reverberate from the mouth that was currently bringing my penis pleasure. At one point I thrust my tongue in and it was like Ava had just been electrocuted and she thrust her vagina upwards and wrapped her legs around my head burying my face deeper into her soaking wet vagina.

Seeing the affect that I was having on Ava only encouraged me to go faster and capitalize on what I assumed was about to become Ava’s second ever orgasm.

As I licked deep inside of her it was becoming wetter and wetter and the taste of her juices only encouraged me more. I could hear Ava’s muffled breaths increase as I went as fast as I could until finally she opened her mouth and rolled away from my penis and reached over to the blanket next to her and let out a muffled scream of pleasure. Even though her scream was muffled it still echoed through the silent house and as her orgasm subsided.

Suddenly we heard footsteps from our parents room start to head towards the stairs and down towards Ava’s room. We both looked at each other panicked and she pointed towards her closet so I sprinted over there grabbing my pajama bottoms and hiding in her closet.

“Ava, was that you? Are you okay!?” Our concerned mom asked.

“Yeah.” Ava said while still out of breath from her orgasm. “I am fine it was just a nightmare.”

My heart was beating as I hid in the closest. I did my best to hold my breath and not give any evidence to my mom that her son was in his sisters room with no pants and a rock hard erection.

“Okay, do you need to talk about it?”

“No! It’s fine mom, goodnight.”

“Oh-okay. Goodnight Ava, love you.” My mom said before heading back to our parents room.

When we were sure the coast was clear I took a step out and looked to Ava. “That was too close.”

“Yeah, sorry. But I couldn’t help it you made me feel so good.”

“I should go.” I whispered walking towards the door while still sporting an exposed erection.



“We aren’t done.”

Hearing her say that caused my heart to skip a beat. All caution and concern was gone in an instant as I practically ran back to Ava’s bed.

Ava slid over to the side of her bed and beckoned me towards her.

As I stepped to her my penis gently poked her nose causing both of us to snicker. Ava wrapped her arms around my hips and guided my penis into her open mouth.

It was like my penis had never left her mouth and just like that I was back to the insane feeling I had experienced only minutes earlier.

This time Ava got more daring and tried to take more of my penis into her mouth and managed to get about 3 inches into her mouth. I no longer had her vagina to muffle my moans so I grabbed one of Ava’s smaller pillows and shoved it over my mouth.

As Ava sucked my penis I could feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm nearing. “Ava, warning but I’m getting close to shooting my stuff.” I whispered. Ava shot me a thumbs up and then proceed to suck me even faster and with more suction. Ava’s pillow was all the way into my mouth as I tried to negate the moans getting louder and louder.

Ava’s tongue continued to dance on the head of my penis and at one point it slipped and ran all the way down the side of my sensitive head. This pushed me over the edge as I felt my knees almost give out and I bucked my hips wildly as I thrust into Ava’s mouth. Ava struggled to keep it all in her mouth but somehow she took it all without gagging or spitting it out on the her sheets.

I looked down at Ava’s face that was illuminated by the lamp next to her. Her beautiful eyes sparkled as she looked up to me. She gave me a big smile showing me her mouth filled with my spunk. I leaned down and gave her a thank you kiss, giving me the taste that Ava had just experienced.

“Thank you so much, that was amazing Ava.”

“Yeah, this cannot be every night.” She paused. “But as we learn to be more quiet we can definitely do it more often.”

I smiled and walked to my bottoms and slid them back onto my body. “I love you.”

Ava put her bottoms on and pulled her cover back over her. “I love you too Cody.”

I walked to her door and as I exited I could hear her lamp turn off and I turned to take the trek back to my room.

When I made it back to my room I let out a sigh of disbelief and looked up to the dark ceiling. Once again all I could think about was Ava and how much I loved her. I slowly drifted to sleep and entered into a night of dreaming what could possibly come next for us.

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