Cybergenic Universe Prequel (report #1)


One of the heroines of the Cyberenic cycle, adult games, charming and cunning girl StellaHello everyone! Hopefully, you remember me! It’s me again, not so lazy Dworkin. In Russia, New Year and Old Style New Year passed (yeah, we have two of them) and Ortodox Christmas as well. The holidays are over, let’s go back to business!

It’s perishing cold, -20 degrees Celsius. People watch Putin bathing in the ice hole on the TV, pre-election race is on, lots of commercial breaks.

As for me, I am writing a script for our prequel for Cybergenic universe. Hopefully, you’ll like it and the universe itself. It’s all about people like us, living in future like we live now. Although they fly spacecraft instead of driving cars, they feel and build relationship the same way. And what’s more significant than new emotions and impression? Nothing under the sun! And, let me tell you a secret: they produce new people as we do, after all the engineering achievements done. No need to change good and pleasant things after all.

Now I have written an intro for our game with a separate description of emotions and entourage. Stranger showed me a couple of screenshots, I can tell you, they look wonderful! I worry a little bit that the plot will not worth the art. Considering my poor eyesight, I never see such bright images in my real-life experience! ) But I won’t indulge in self-criticism too much, because Stranger thinks that my writing is absorbing.

The bar scene, where we met Stella for the first time (or second, if you have read my posts) is ready. Stella is our new main character. You can succeed in the things in this scene: enter files with limited access, and enjoy searching a new crew member.

See you soon!

Yours, Dworkin

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