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Sarah Holland discovers that consequences can be much worse that she thought

common-law ‘husband’ worked 2nd shift he wouldn’t be home until midnight, and her child, Don, would not be home until about 9:30PM. PERFECT.

I mostly hung out with Don thru high-school because had a big house, generous ‘parents’, & his Mom was utterly gorgeous. Some of the guys say his mom was 15 or so when she had Don, so Mrs. Sarah Holland couldn’t be over 40. We were 18 now, so my personal bet in our cash pool for her was age 34. She was maybe an inch shorter than my 5ft. 8”/173cm frame in those heels she always wore, with dirty-blonde hair, big breasts, thicc hips and a flat tummy. Sarah Holland had a sexy MILF body I intended to enjoy.

I pulled into the drive & nonchalantly walked to the door. Sarah Holland opened it before I even got there; she appeared frazzled to see me, as though she was expecting someone…of course she was.

Sarah was filled with anticipation, thinking of John, the man with which she’d recently been having an affair. Her boyfriend was a very good financial provider, but lately had been so tired, and sex with John was new & exciting. But John wasn’t due for another hour, so she was very surprised when Don’s schoolmate, Danny Goddard, pulled in.

Danny Goddard wasn’t the most attractive kid. He really didn’t work out, so he lacked the hot bod, and until recently he wore glasses. Even without them, he was still just average at best, so Mrs. Holland thought nothing of meeting him at the door, as she really needed to shoo him away, and quickly too.

“Hello Danny, Don isn’t here, he’s at – “ She said

“Yes Mrs. Holland, I know, I just came by because I really needed to speak you.” I said. I pointed to indicate coming in and did so quickly, before Mrs. Holland had a chance to stop me.

“Oh! Well, umm…Danny…” Sarah said, backing up, as she didn’t expect Danny to barge in. “Is something going on with Don?” she asked, curious now.

“Well no,” I answered, “I just heard that you were getting divorced/breaking up or whatever.”

“WHAT!” Sarah Holland exclaimed. “What are you talking about – NOT TRUE/where did you hear such a thing!?!?!”

“Oh, I got it from this.” I replied, and held out an old tablet I had, in which I had downloaded the video I had shot of her and the other man. It was replete with her blowing him, and his skin tone was obviously different from Mr. Holland. I watched as Sarah Holland turned shock white. It made me smile.

The color ran from Sarah’s face as she saw what this little dweeb of a kid was holding. “SHIT” she finally said, as her knees went weak. Sarah Holland leaned for a moment on the door frame to steady herself self. Her mind was spinning. “What…H-H-How….” Was all she was able to get out.

“I was getting a tool Don let me borrow from the shed in the backyard,” I explained, “but wow was I ever surprised when I saw this! Mrs. Holland, can you imagine for even a moment what your Son would do if he saw this? Your Boyfriend? Shit is right, ‘Sa-rah’, and you’re in it.”

Sarah was at a total loss. She had been caught at the one thing she feared most. Her boyfriend had been an excellent provider; large house, nice car & clothes, and a more posh lifestyle than she had ever thought she could live. And now this twerp was in a position to take it all away, and it angered her.

“Ok Danny, I get it now.” Sarah said, crossing her arms. “You want something, what is it? Cash? Go ahead little boy, spit it out.”

Her name-calling flashed anger in me, but I understood, and was ready. “I’m not the one who’s going to be spitting anything out, ‘Sar-AH’.” I said. “if you want to keep your relationship and this lifestyle, you’d best change that tone, because you are NOT in charge here, you got that?”

Seeing her shrink a bit at my flash of temper, I scooped her phone off the table beside us and tossed it to her. “You’ll start by letting lover-boy know he’s not coming by. You’re about to be busy.” Before she had a chance to react I said, “We’ll discuss the rest in your bedroom.” And with that I walked right past her and marched up the stairs.

“Danny-HEY!” Sarah exclaimed, as she followed the young man, who simply marched past her as though he owned the place. The master Bedroom was at the end of the hall on the right at the top of the stairs. Little asshole had a fast pace too, because she only got to him just inside the door, only to have him pin her against the wall just inside it.

I let her catch me and now, my prey against the wall, I stuck a finger in her face, and in a loud voice proclaiming “ONE EMAIL….ONE!!!” I grabbed her by her shoulders, pulled her away from the wall, and dropped her in a large, overstuffed chair, and continued my tirade “MAYBE YOU DON’T GET IT SARAH! – MAYBE I SHOULD JUST SEND THIS TO YOUR MAN AND BE ON MY WAY!”

Sarah Holland knew she had poked the bear too hard. Little jerk was right, He had her, dead to rights. Sarah had a ‘fear’ or ‘weakness’ towards angry men, so his yelling made part of her break. “NO!” she exclaimed – “PLEASE Danny…I…I CAN’T….” She teared up a bit, and then said “ Danny, you wouldn’t do that. Please…”

“If I have to, I most certainly will,” I responded, “So like I said before, take that damn phone and get rid of lover-boy, then we’ll talk. Do it now. My prey’s hands were shaky, but she got it done. I took her phone away, turned it off, and tossed it across the room.

Stepping in front of Sarah Holland, I then said “I’m going to take everything you intended for your lover, and then some. If at ANY time, you say no or refuse me in any way, for ANY thing I desire, I’ll send that lovely video, and the life you know will be over.” I let that soak in for a minute, and then added “Now to show you agree, you get on those knees and take my cock out. We have a few hours, so let’s get this party started.”

Oddly, Sarah found herself immediately sinking to the floor. She SHOULD fight, but what choice did she really have? He had already unzipped, and her stomach turned as she unbuttoned his pants. He was wearing boxer briefs, and only took a small tug for a surprisingly large, uncircumcised penis to pop out. It hung there in an arc, at nose level, staring at her. Sarah took the thing into her hand, surprised at how much wider than the width of her hand it was. “this is wrong.” She blurted out.

“Yep, what you did WAS wrong…” I said. Sarah automatically gave the body of my cock a ‘squeeze’ with the pump. Damn that felt good. I leaned forward just a bit, and said “And now you get to pay.” I then had only to touch her chin with my thumb, and Sarah Holland’s mouth popped open. For someone so resistant, she took me into her mouth with no resistance at all. “Yes-s-sss…” I said.

‘For a twerp kid he had a good sized one’ Sarah thought. While not the thickest, it was nearly double the width of her hand. It was also grotesque, being uncircumcised and feeling the foreskin on the top of her mouth nearly made her gag. However, Sarah kept at it, figuring she could make this kid pop his cork early and buy time to figure some damn way out of this.

I guess she thought holding it in her mouth for a minute would do it. Not hardly. Mrs. Holland had her hair back in a ponytail, and I grabbed that thing like a fucking handle, & began to pump her face, working my way towards the back of her throat, her “Guh-AA-ck-Gu-Wack-gurgle-gurgle-cough noises really making me feel good.

Sarah was never that big on sucking cock, and now some damn twerp kid’s ugly-ass uncircumcised one was working it’s way to the back of her throat. He had ahold of her head too, but she managed to wrestle it out of her mouth to complain. When she did so, a big wad of spit & goo rolled down her chin and on to the front of her workout shirt. “AH-Dammit Danny!” she said, then coughed and spat, heaving as she took in a deep breath.

I wasn’t one to let some bitch, hot MILF or not tell me what to do. I grabbed her hair harder and tugged on it, making her call out. “Dammit my ass, Ms.H, we aren’t done yet.” I said. Stopping lower I grabbed her shirt and pulled up roughly on it, adding, “Peel that damn thing off, woman, and the bra too.” As she struggled to follow my commands, I stepped out of my pants and boxers.

Everything reset I said “OK, we’re going to try this again. If you suck it like you mean it, I won’t be so rough.” Looking down at Sarah Holland’s ample naked D-cups, I noted her nipples were poking out. “You gag, but those hard nipples tell me you really like it. Now this time, you suck it like you meant it, or I’ll give you a lesson in rough.” Her eyes glared at me for a moment, then she gave my cock a squeeze as she began to lick the very head as it protruded out.

‘Buy time girl…buy time’ she told herself. Sarah took the uncircumcised head into her mouth after coaxing it out its sock, as it were, and with one hand, she began to stroke up and down its length while her tongue swirled on the head. Part of her had to admit the damn thing had size, it was too bad…then she pushed the thought out of her head as she got some salty precum in her mouth

“Shee-yit you know how to suck a dick.” I said, and I wasn’t joking. Again taking that pony tail in hand, I pulled her head back, taking me out of her mouth. I slapped the side of Sarah Holland’s face with my wet cock, smearing her makeup, and said “take the one hand you go that’s not on my cock, shove it in those yoga pants and rub that twat while you suck this thing” and then pushed my dick back in her mouth.

Sarah felt totally humiliated, with some damn pissant kid rubbing his wet dick on her face, then telling her to masturbate, but she had little choice. It was uncomfortable as he shoved it forcefully into her cheek, making it poke far out, then it was back out to the head as before. Sarah was both surprised and not to find herself wet, and her fingers on her clit made her moan, as he started to pump himself into her again.

My cock moved along the ridges at the top of Sarah Holland’s mouth as I pumped, but soon enough, I found the soft area at the back. I was now fucking this MILF’s throat. Sarah had been moaning on my cock as she played with herself, and she gagged a bit. Shifting herself to handle me, she had her mouth opened as wide as she could, trying to breathe, so I shifted as well, grabbing the sides of head at the base of the skull and began to thrust harder and faster, making the MILF’y Mrs. Holland gag all the more. I was getting close.

Sarah had enough sexual experience to know what was coming. This damn kid was pumping her face like a masturbation tool, and as humiliating as this was, part of her was excited at being used like this. Sarah knew that if he blasted her throat, she was going to vomit his ejaculate and the smoothie she had consumed not too long before, and ruin her nice carpet. Sarah Holland began grunting and struggling, because she already got a small taste and could feel him twitching.

I couldn’t stand it, time was up. At the last possible moment, I jerked my stiff dick out of 30+ year old Sarah Holland’s mouth, and cupping one hand behind her head so she couldn’t get away, I dumped three heavy, solid spurting cum ropes on her gorgeous face. The first two were right on her nose, eyes and forehead, the third on her cheek and neck, with some drips on her chest for good measure. As she sat there sputtering, I scooped my phone off the dresser beside us and got a pic of her face coated in my thick gooey jizz, my dripping dick in frame for full effect.

Sarah sat there on her knees, her eyes shut, face covered in another man’s ejaculate, and cried. She had never in her worst nightmares thought something like this could happen to her, and yet here she was, forced to service the dick of someone the same age as her child. The shame of it was, it was a REALLY nice dick, and the whole episode excited her to almost making her cum. Her torturer sent her to the bathroom to wash her face, and Sarah thought he was done, but when she came back a few minutes later, she found Danny Goddard pulling a particular item out of her lingerie drawer. “Oh Shit.” She said again, realizing it was far from over.

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