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An older man gets a chance to fuck a younger girl in her pussy as well as the ass.


When Reilly lost his wife Dora to cancer, nobody knew that much bigger pain was still to come. It was less than 2 months Dora’s elder sister Nora and her husband Bill, both were killed in the accident leaving behind a daughter Isabel, who was a junior in the high school. As no other close relative was left behind or willing to take the responsibility, Reilly opted to take her in and raise her.

Soon he realized that it was not easy to be in his 40’s, being alone and raise a young girl but now there was no going back possible for him. To make the things worse, he discovered that Isabel was a big cockteaser. At home being alone around Reilly, she never wore a bra or a panties and also made sure, her blouse was a must see through as she wore a tight mini skirt seated on the sofa directly opposite Reilly’s recliner seat. Many a times Reilly had to tell her to close her legs or asked her to go to her room and put on some decent dress with a panties underneath but she almost never listened to him, and always gave Reilly a delicious view of her assets. The sight was very tempting but somehow he refrained from jumping on her and only masturbated a lot more because of her doings.

With the ripe age, she had become a total knock out. Her 34 C cup breasts were as pert and sassy as they came and Reilly had seen on any woman or played with. Then the fateful night, once again, she had her usual see through blouse on, with no bra or panties but she went much further. She walked over to Reilly and offered him to take her, claiming that she was very hot and in dire need of sex. It was shocking to hear the offer from her, but the idea had been there, a while for him as well. Trying to be a ‘Moral Guardian’ Reilly told her that it shall be considered an incest and not a thing for him to do. What a cunt! Isabel. She laughed aloud and said that she had been disappointed by the school boys because no one was able to take her well and always left her alone when she was to hit her climax. She also asked Reilly, why he thought, she was displaying herself to him and then in no ambiguous words asked him if he still wanted to be moral or fuck her?

Very much double minded, Reilly thanked her for the offer and before, he could give her an answer, she fell on her knees in the middle of his legs and began to unbutton his pants. Reilly was shocked but he did not stop her and stood still. As a matter of fact, it felt so good, he did not want to stop her. To encourage him, she was being very verbal telling Reilly that it felt very good and to talk nasty to her, say filthy things to her, call her dirty names. “Oh fuck man, you have a big cock and ahhh! It is also cut and shaved clean for providing maximum joy”, she told Reilly as she took his dick out of the pants in her hands.

“Oh yeses, yes baby, it feels amazing”. Reilly was still a bit reluctant when Isabel said, “So you like it? Now imagine, we doing it for the rest of our life”. Reilly closed his eyes, utterly imagining to do this young woman for his life time. His desire was building up very fast and he was glad, not to hide it anymore. Isabel was kissing and licking his cock up and down like crazy, holding his balls, groping them gently and puffing the warm air on them. Then she asked Reilly to fuck her face for her.

Reilly happily consented and stood firm as she took a solid position in his feet with cock rocking in and out of her mouth. Slowly, slowly, she was sucking the full length into her throat to the last millimeter. Unbelievably, Reilly got his orgasm surging in his balls relatively quickly and as he warned her to be about ready to squirt his load, Isabel started moving faster on his cock, sliding her lips up and down his shaft. With less than half a dozen strong thrusts, Reilly shot his semen in her mouth and she swallowed all without spilling a drop. Wiping her lips and chin, she stood up and gave Reilly smiles while taking off the clothes, which were still on her. Reilly was very beholden of her 34, 26, 36 frame with the most beautiful long legs and shaved ‘Y’ containing her pussy. Isabel pulled him to the bed, where they laid next to each other caressing and kissing their bodies. Reilly mostly concentrated on her special nipples, sucking, tweaking, and twisting them while she was encouraging him and appreciated it by repeating to do it to her harder and wetter.

Just a couple of minutes working on her tits and she was pushing his head down towards her pussy to eat her there. Now Reilly did not need to be told twice and buried his face in her dripping folds to lap very greedily at her swollen cunny flaps, flicking her clitoris very expertly and pushing his tongue as deep in her hole as he could. Isabel’s pussy was getting very sensitive by the second making her grind her cunt on his face. With a loud demand of eating her, her inner thighs squealed, her pussy contracted and she screamed to eat her good. Reilly knew the need and he shoved 1, 2 and then the 3rd finger in her honey pot while slowly finger fucking her and lapping her big clitoris. Isabel was going out of her senses, talking filthy. “Oh fuck! You are doing something fucking great. It feels fantastic in my pussy”.

After good 15—20 minutes of pleasing her orally and finger fucking her, Reilly was now ready to fuck her pussy but as she had taken the lead so far, he let her initiate the next part as well. In no time after jumping on his cock, she was shrieking, “I am Cumming, yeses I am Cumming” and her body became so tense and her thighs became so hard that Reilly worried for his cock breaking inside her. She was totally choking his cock as her orgasmic waves swept through her. Soon as her euphoria ended, she thanked Reilly for an awesome and very passionate fucking. She was kissing him all over his sweat glazed face.

“WTF! You are still not fully naked. Please take off your clothes and get fully naked to fuck me. I want you deep inside me”. It was enough of an invitation for Reilly. He pulled his shirt off his body and got between her legs to insert his sex wand into her dowsed cunt. She moaned feeling his cock bury deep in her pussy. Isabel began to twitch around his hard cock. His balls were slapping against her ass as he tunneled deeper and deeper in her warm and wet pussy. His cockhead was striking against her cervix, making her cry with a mix of pain and pleasure. “Oh God! Fuck me hard, fuck me hard, I am very close to climax”. Her pussy walls were fluttering as Reilly jack hammered her cunt as brutally as he could.

“Yes baby, cum for me, cum on my cock, please glaze my dick and balls with your gelatinous exude. Cum baby, cum please cum all over my cock, make your pussy convulse hard on my rigid cock”. Reilly was prompting her while she did her best, motivating him to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. Now she had also started asking for his warm and thick breeding juices to be filled in her cunt.

“Oh fuck, I am Cumming”. She sighed and gasped. “Me too”! Cried Reilly and they both ejaculated with the force of a fire engine, drowning her pussy in the fresh silky sex fluid. After he pulled himself out, she started to suck and milk him much harder for any and all left over in his balls. Now, already shot thrice, tired and much sluggish cock pulsing with the heartbeat, Reilly heard Isabel give new command to fuck her in the ass. Well, to fuck an adopted girl was thought to be wrong and incest and immoral by Reilly and now he was being asked to do what he thought was a sin. Fucking a woman in her pussy was a thing to be punished as Adam was punished to fuck Eve and shunned out of the heavens, but fucking a woman in the ass!! No, fucking her in the ass was no sin. It was not so mentioned anywhere But! Then why there was so much stir in the society. Oh, that was for the men only, fucking and getting fucked in their asses. What a double standard, Reilly thought. He wanted to be sure, he did hear, what he heard.

“Are you sure baby, you want me to fuck you in the ass”? He asked Isabel.

“Yes lover, you see many girls talk about it in school. In the school, the boys who cum quickly and leave the girls quivering for their orgasm, also find the ass fucking, a good therapy somehow and some specific burden is off their shoulders and they can fuck longer, better and more satisfying. The answer was more than satisfactory.

Having her on the back and pushing a pillow under her tail bone, raised her ass in the air. Reilly did not know if she was expecting this, he moved quickly to her asshole, knotted like a balloon with his wet tongue. “Yes honey, lick my ass and breathe on it”. Isabel started sighing as she enjoyed him playing with her ass. Soon her ass cheeks began twitching with hot air being blown on them and wet licking of the anal hole. Reilly was also loving the sweet texture of her tasty ass flesh, stretching around his probing tongue. He used his hands to spread her slippery anal channel while moaning and groaning and loving her asshole, getting glazed and shiny. He began poking his fingers in her ass while she gasped and tides of joy ran through her body, making the fingers work deeper in her ass. “What a fucking pleasure it is to have your fingers in my ass”, She writhed on his fingers sodomizing her. Next, Reilly came on his knees and using his thighs as the lever, got ready to enter her asshole with his long and thick fuck pole.

“Yeah, give it to me now”, Isabel urged him. “I want it up my ass right now”. Reilly raised her legs and flipped them over his shoulders and pointed his thick cockhead at her anal entrance. The thoughts of allowing Reilly to deflower her anally were very overwhelming. Reilly pushed forward and his helmet began further dilating her ass tunnel apart. He took all the time needed to go into her ass feeling it very warm, welcoming, deep and bottomless. Isabel yelled, “Oh fuck! It is amazing”, as she felt him grinding his balls on her tight ass entry. Reilly wanted to savor the scene of his cock stuffing her ass and leaned back a little at the middle of his spine, which pushed is pubis even deeper in her anus.

“Your ass looks so awesome, groping the shaft all around with the slight of her pink showing”, remarked Reilly as he pulled out couple of inches to be shoved back in her asshole. Slowly while the rhythm was set, Reilly was thinking, the fucking school boys knew something better that he did not know. Fucking a woman in the ass more often for the daily sex was the most proper thing to do for warding off some very valid thoughts. The ass was as wet, as warm and much deeper to take any length of cock unlike the pussy offering a serious resistance with the cervix at the inner end. Now with a set pace and range of motion in her anal cavernous Reilly was fucking her much faster, harder and deeper as per her demand. Isabel was bucking her hips up to meet his far stronger and solid thrusting in her ass. Reilly was loving the ass fucking so much that he had no desire emerging in his balls to cum and fill her ass with his load, so he stirred and stirred and kept drilling and plowing in her ass with pure pleasure, especially knowing that she was loving every inch and every minute of the passionate ass fucking, creating thrill and sensations in her. Her ass was tight gripping and groping his cock as the ecstasy peaked.

Although being ass slaughtered but Isabell was still demanding for more. “Fuck me harder, fuck me harder and faster”, she was yelling as she felt a serious and severe churning in her cunt. “I am close to Cumming”. With the last ditch effort of drilling, plowing her ass, Reilly gasped, “Fuck you babe, I am Cumming in your sweet ass”.

“Please cum, lover! Cum your silky load in my ass”. Isabel said as she arched her back, raised her ass to impale herself even deeper on his pulsing twitching cock, before collapsing on the bed. They came together to boost the pleasure and wheezed until the nerves were calmed own. Reilly thanked her for the introduction to the new and far better sex which they promised to continue. What a pity, she was to leave home in little time for the college, but she committed to save her ass for him only at every trip she came to visit.

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