Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal Pt 9


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Maria goes weekend shopping for clothes and toys. First time seeing my possible future mother-in-law in all her glory.

Ok, I like the plan sexy as she give me a quick kiss and rolls off me. Let’s get a good night sleep honey. Ok, as I moved my right arm over her and she held my arm & hand. Sorry Mark, but I can’t stop saying it I LOVE YOU. I squeezed her left tit as she laughed. Goodnight sexy!

I woke up as Maria was still sleeping and I slide my arm from her body. I rolled over to see the clock 7AM so I got out of bed and went to the bathroom room. I closed the door so I didn’t wake her up to take a morning piss and brush my teeth. I walked back out and grabbed my short & shirt as I walked out of the bedroom. I got a glass of OJ and sat on the couch thinking of last night. Do I really love her or is it just the sex and companionship? What if it’s both and more as I started thinking more about her. As I look up I noticed the video game controller so I should practice to play Marco later. Plus that will help me from making my head spin about Maria. I turned on the tv with no volume and started playing they game. At first it was a challenge against the computer but slowly started pickup the game with passing and scoring. Before I knew it Marco was standing next to me watching rubbing his eyes. Mark you are playing better as I froze Looking at Marco. Did I wake you up? No, I get up on Saturday For morning around this time. Let me get some juice and we can play. Ok, but we need to be quite. Ok. He sat down next to me as he grabbed his controller to play me. The game started as we started kicking the ball around the field and sealing it from each other 0-0 at the half. Good game Marco so far. Yes, it is. Second half stared as I got the ball and finally scored 1-0 within 8 minutes in it. Marco tells me nice kick. Thank you. Do you ever want to play soccer? Yes, I would like to but it’s hard to do with my mom schedule. Yes, I understand that problem but maybe in High School you can play but that’s a long time away. Marco just tied up the game 1-1 now with 3 minutes remaining. We finished the regular game time as they add 3 minutes to the clock as I have ball and he knocks me down for a penalty kick in the box. Marco yells NO. I went to kick ball as a penalty kick and I hit the goal post as I miss to win the game. Maria comes out in a night shirt “What are you kids doing”? O No Marco we woke her up so we are in trouble now. Maria comes behind me sitting on her knees hugging me from behind. Marco got the ball with 1 minute and got in the penalty box as I tripped his player now. Marco yells out “Penalty Kick”! No, No, No you are going to win now. Maria whispers in my ear..he is going to win now. Marco scores and game over as Marco jumps up and down so excited. Good game to buddy as I did a fist bump.

Marco put the controllers away and Maria says the winner gets a hug. Marco walks to his mother for a winning hug. I say what about a second place hug? Ok, as she smiles at me as we place are arms around each other for the hug. I whisper in her ear you look beautiful in the morning. Stopped it before I take you back to the bedroom. Marco goes to the kitchen for breakfast and I told her let’s get some breakfast as I tapped and squeeze her ass. mmm Mark. Maria made some eggs, pan fried diced potatoes, toast, and some juices. Marco you ready for the birthday party? Yes, it’s a swimming birthday party. Cool! Do you have a pool in the condo? Yes, it’s a roof top pool. Really maybe we can see it tomorrow. Can Mark and I go swimming tomorrow? Maria looks at me with the biggest smile and tells Marco sure if Mark wants too. Mark can we? Sure, why not. Mommy can I ask Grandma to come too? Sure, you can ask her but not sure she don’t have plans already. Can I ask her now? Sure, as Marco runs over to Rose. Maria gets up and walks over to me and sits on my lap as she looks at me eye to eye. Here is one of many reasons I love you as she kisses me. Marco loves you too. You better get off of me before I put you on the table. As she was getting up my hand moved over her shirt knowing she has nothing under that shirt. Sweet ass as I squeeze her. Let’s clean up and get ready to shop sweetie.

Marco returns as Maria tells him to brush his teeth and get ready for the party. Maria & I walked in to room as I went to brush my teeth again as she got dressed in something that I didn’t know what she as putting on. I came into the bedroom and almost died seeing Maria halfway bending over putting on a khaki mini shirt with no panties. Wow…can you do that again? She pulled down the mini skirt then grabbed her ass cheeks to spread them for me. You like it? I love it as she let go and pulled the skirt up. You are beautiful in that skirt and anything you wear. She turns around walking to me topless “Thank you” and I want to keep thinking that way about me all the time. She gives me a kiss and walks into her walk-in closet for a top. I got some khaki shorts and a Polo shirt on and told her I am ready. She comes out of the closet looking at me saying you look good too. I was looking at her with a white top with a khaki mini skirt and black shoes with 3” heels. Marco comes running in the room and says I am ready mommy. Ok, 5 minutes we will leave and make sure you have your bag of extra clothes. He leaves to get the bag and I will wait out on the couch if you need more time. Ok, just need to fix my hair 2 minutes. Marco what did your Grandma say about tomorrow? Grandma said she would join us tomorrow. Maria comes out ready now.

We got to my car as she told me the way to Marco’s friends pool party. Maria leaned over to my ear let’s make it a quick stop because the husband is creepy to me. Ok, I understand and I will be right next to you. I parked the car as Marco ran to the door as we got out to walk together to the door. It was a nice house on the inter coastal like the kind of house I would like to have. The birthday mom opened the door as she told Marco that Jose is in his room playing video games as he headed inside. Maria introduced me to Lisa 5’4 150lbs (34/32/36) black hair with a pretty face as of her husband Jose Sr. 5’10 200lbs more on the heavy side came to the door that was a typical Miami Cuban 80’s flashback with 5+gold chains on his neck (Don’t take it the wrong way I have some great Cuban friends). Lisa says come in Maria I need to show you my new kitchen as we walked to it. The kitchen was all white and stainless steel appliances as I said nice and Maria followed my lead with the same reply. I didn’t like it at all but didn’t know this person to tell the truth and it’s Marco’s friend parents. I looked at my watch and told Maria we should head out. Jose said Maria let me show you the pool? Jose we you can show us later when we come back to pickup Marco by 4PM because we have a meeting with one of my client’s. Ok, Mark I understand. Maria squeezes my hand as Jose leads us to the door as I let Maria go in front on me to the car. I opened her car door as she got in and walked around to my door as I see Lisa & Jose waving to us.

I drove away as Maria told me thank you. What for? Getting us out quickly and not letting Jose to check out my butt when we walked out. How did you know I did that? I noticed how you stood right behind me as we walked to the car. No, I just wanted to be close to you and picture that sweet ass on my face. She placed her hand on my right leg and moved it under my shorts. You better stop because you could cause an accident and no shopping. Ok, we need to shop. We arrived at the parking lot at the Bal Harbor mall as we walked in holding hands. Maria if you ever in the future need to walk away from anything just squeeze my hand twice and I will make up an excuse to get away. Mark I like that system. Maria says let’s get you a suit now as we entered a high end suit store. She started walking around looking at suits as I glanced at some of the pricing. In my head I said hell NO I would buy that suit for $1800. She grabbed 1 suit as she placed against me and said you would look great in this color. It was a sweet smooth looking suit and I asked her what was cost? Don’t worry about it with a firm voice. Maria I don’t want you buying me a $2000 suit. Mark can you not argue with me on the suit price. I am not arguing but I don’t need you to buy me an over price suit that is all I am saying. Can you try it on? Sure, as I carried it to the changing room and put it on for her to see. I came out and you look great in it. Do you like it? Yes, it very nice but most likely to expensive. Mark do me one thing on this shopping day? What..Don’t talk about price and specially if I tell you I am buying. Ok, as I gave her a kiss sorry and yes I like it a lot. She looks over to the manager and asked can he get his measurements for this suit? The man finished all the measurements with a shirt/tie for Maria to purchase it with next Saturday pickup.

We departed the store and headed to a dress store for Maria. She grabbed my hand as she pulled me into a store that had a lot of formal dresses in the window. She was looking at so many nice dresses and one caught my eye as I grabbed it to show her. Wow..I like and specially that dress design as she looks at the size and let me try it on. She came out of the dressing room the prettiest I have ever seen her. You have me speechless with your beauty as I had the biggest smile on my face. You look so beautiful, classy, sexy, and that’s my girl! She did a spin to show me the full dress. Mark I like it and going to buy plus it will match you suit as a couple. Yes, we are going to be the best looking couple in Mexico. She needed a little alterations for her boobs to be more comfortable and scheduled for next Saturday pickup as she was paying for it. Let’s go get a quick bit of food in the food court and talk about what we would like to do tonight? Ok, as we got some burgers, fries, and drinks at the court. Do you want to go out, cook something, or order out? What do you want to do Mark? I am open but I was thinking we could order out and send some time with Marco maybe play some board games or cards. I like that idea and maybe invite your mother over to play games with us. Really? Yes, I need to know your mother a little more if we want to see the future road. Wow…I love you Mark. When am I going to meet your mother? Maybe after your trip from Brazil. Ok, deal. As we walked out of the food court a jewelry store as I stop in front looking at Maria eye to eye. What’s wrong Mark? Nothing so don’t get crazy on me with my next request. Ok, what is it? I need to know what kind of jewelry stone cut you like. She smiled at me as I held her hand as we walked into the store. Maria I just would like to know what you like only. She squeezed my hand with smile like a kid going into a candy store. Maria tells me she likes this kind of ring as the store salesman walked over to us. Would you like to try on a ring? Maria said no thank you and I told her try one on for me. Maria picks one ring out to try on as he put it on her finger. Wow that looks nice on you as she looks at me with a big smile. I asked her do you like this ring style? Yes. I asked the man what is the ring size and price? The man tells me 3.5 ct at $12000. Ok, Maria do you want any others to try on? No, I am good as she grabs my arm close to me. Thank you sir maybe I will be back. We headed to a shoe store to match the dress and that was the fastest part of the day. Do you need anything for the trip? Nope, I am good and Thank you for the suit. You are a totally worth it and I love getting things for you. I love making you happy Mark. Maria you make me happy anytime I am with you and you don’t have to buy anything for me to be happy. Mark remember I told you I was buying you a suit..yes, I am buying the bikinis and toys. Toys? Remember we are stopping in a sex store…really, I thought you were joking…No, joking with me. Ok, let’s get my bikini. You mean bikinis Maria.

We headed to the car and drove to the Bikini Shop store on the beach. I was lucky to see a parking spot right in front of the Bikini Shop as we both got out and walked in. Maria was so excited seeing all the swimsuits in all different styles and colors. I grabbed Maria and pulled her to me as she looked at me eye to eye. We are going to Mexico for 4 days right? Yes, then get yourself 4 swimsuits 1 per day. I can wear the same one twice. Remember you didn’t want to argue with you so that works for me too. Ok, sweetie but I want you to pick 1 for me. Really. YES..Ok. I thought it would be fast and easy on swimsuits but I was wrong. I was thinking what sex bikini to get for her. I saw this fluorescent green bikini that would look great with her black long hair. I handed the suit to Maria to add it to her collection to try on. Mark come with me to give me your opinion on the suits. I stood outside waiting to see the first one as the curtain open to see her in a silver bikini that showed her hips off a lot. How do you like it as she turns slowly? You look hot and I can’t wait to be with you on the beach in that suit. She turns around to walk back behind the curtain I slapped her ass cheek..ouch. She turned her head Ok, teasing me already. I don’t tease..I please. I know you please me for sure. Couple mins later she reappears with a black and white designed bikini that looked better on her over the silver one. She turns as I told her to stop to see her backside as the bikini bottom showed more butt skin. I placed my hand on her left ass cheek as I squeeze it. I like how do you like it. I love it Mark..2 down so try on another one as she goes back in. Mark are you ready..yes as she comes out in a white bikini. Wow you look great in white as she turns around for the butt view. O my I love it Baby as it was basically dental floss between the cheeks.

She walked back behind the certain and I had to see her change. I asked her behind the curtain do you need any extra help? Mark I think I can do it. I popped my head behind the certain you sure you don’t need an extra hand. Are you crazy? Yes, as I moved behind the curtain to kiss her topless as she accepted my invite. We started to make out a little in the changing room as I slide her button down to the fall with my hands. I grabbed her left tit with my right hand rubbing her nipple as we kiss. I broke the kiss and moved my mouth to her left nipple and sucked it strong with a soft bite. She placed her hand on my head pushing me to her tit “Suck it baby”. She placed her hand on my cock with a slow rub. I raised my head to her I want to fuck you here. Are you crazy? No one is the store just us right now. I turned her around as I undid my shorts button to lower them as my cock was fully hard for her. I pushed my cock right against her as it slipped between her wet lips. Baby you are so hot right now. Yes, you made me this way. I pushed my cock back and forth slowly as I reached around her rubbing her clitoris. O Mark…you are so bad but I love you so fucking much. I looked down at my cock as I pulled back seeing white coating on me. You cumming already yes, I just had a small one and you are going to tell me so I can swallow you. Ok, as I rubbed her clitoris more because I wanted her to cum more. O Mark keeping doing that baby. I pushed myself fully in her as I was feeling the tightness applied to my cock and shake holding the wall Ooooo yes. That was pushing me and I told her I am getting close as I pulled out of her and she sat down on the bench to suck my white coated cock. I was watching her take my cock in her mouth and as I released myself in her mouth as I placed my hands on her shoulders to mouth fuck her.

She stood up as she swallowed my cum then gave me a quick lip kiss. She grabbed the white bikini bottom to dry her pussy and told me get out before some finds us. I stepped out as the cashier noticed me and smiled. She came out with the original clothing on and I asked what about my suit? You will see it on in Mexico now. I want you to get another for tomorrow pool day and Marco told me your mother will join us too. Really? Yes, well I just I need to get 2 suits. Why 2? 1 for you and 1 for your mother. Ok, but do you know her style and size? O yes, we like the same styles and I know her size too. I will stood by the cashier waiting for Maria to pay for the suits. She walks over to me holding the bikinis and told me you need to step out of the store. Why? I don’t want you to see the 2 bikinis. Ok, to the cashier use my card don’t make her pay as I handed my card as I stood outside. I looked at my watch it was 3PM as Maria comes out smiling. Next stop sex store. You are serious? Yes, you don’t want to go? No, we can go just never been in one before. Let’s put the suits in the trunk and the store is the next block. How do you know the store is up here? I asked the cashier. O My! We walked to the next block to the Sex store “His & Hers”.

We got to the store and grabbed her hand as I ask her are you ready. Yes, let’s do it. As we entered I looked at Maria as she had wide eyes because she was seeing leather outfits, whips, dildos, strap on’s, sex jelly, and etc. We walked around in the Anal section as I showed her a butt plugs as I grabbed one that was all chrome with a green color stone like jewelry. The store assistant walked up to us asking if we needed any help. Sure, what are the new hot items selling like crazy? Well you have the best selling butt plug in your hand but if you want it to vibrate it would be this one. We also have men toys like cock rings too. Sure, look at them. I looked at Maria as she was in shock but excited all in one. We just got a remote control mini bullet and vibrating panties as the lady tells us about them. Can I see them? Sure right this way as I told Maria I am buying you a couple things and anything you want. She gives me a quick kiss as I placed my hand on her butt to follow the lady. Maria you want vibrating panties? Ok, as she grabs her size. I still had the butt plug in my hand too. I want some sex lube. I leaned over to tell Maria buy a sexy nighty for Mexico. She asked the sale lady on night wear as she told come with me. I walked away holding 5 things as she walked to the other side of the store. Couple minutes later she comes back with a brown store back as the assistant had the price tag in hand at the cashier area. I purchased everything and the lady thanked us for coming.

How did you feel in the sex store? It was fun and the staff was so helpful with us and how did you feel? It was fun looking at all the different sex lubes and different toys for pleasure. I can’t wait to test the new toys out with you baby. Yes, I can’t wait to know how they feel. Do you want to head to pickup Marco now or go to your place it 3:00PM. Let’s head together Marco now..Ok. Can I see what you got with the lady? No, you will see it in Mexico. Ok, as I reached over to her left thigh and moved between her legs as I touched her pussy. Mark you need to drive as she grabs my arm. I looked at her “Commando” again? Yes, because I was trying on bikinis. Ok, that is fine with me if it makes you happy. Mark if I am with you I am happy. That is the same way I feel when I am with you as I touched her leg.

We pulled up to the house for Marco and must have been 6 cars parked in the driveway so I parked in front of the neighbors house. I walked over to Maria’s door as I opened it as she step out with her long legs. Ms Commando right this way as I moved hand out for hers. She moved her head to my ear “I would love to sit on your face right now”. Why are you teasing me now? You teased me in the car and jewelry store. Ok, sorry as I held her hand to the front door. I rang the doorbell and Lisa opened the door in a bikini with a see thru skirt wrapped around her waist. Come in as we are all at the pool with the kids as we walked in following Lisa to the pool. Lisa had wide hips with a nice ass when her flip flop broke as she stopped and bend over. Maria and I stopped right behind her as Maria slapped her ass..O my as she stood up and turned around toward us. Lisa it was him as my mouth hit the floor in shock. I didn’t do that that Lisa..Maria said no it was me as she nicely slapped her arm. Maria I was hoping it was him as they both laughed and started walking to the pool. I whispered in her ear you will pay for that..I sure hope so tonight. Marco ran over to Maria and asked us to come swim with me. Lisa said you have shorts on and Marco says yes you have shorts on. I said what about your mother? I have swimsuits in the car as she smiles to me. Maria waved to another lady at the party that was laying out on a chair getting some sun. Where is Jose? He is at the grill cooking some food. Lisa asked us if we would like anything to drink? Maria said sure I will take a beer after I get my suit from the car. I will have the same as Lisa tells me come with Mark. I walked with Lisa to the cooler and bent over as she opened cooler of kid juices. Not that Lisa as she looked back at me..nope. She opened the next cooler that was all beer as I told her 2 Bud Light will do. Thank you as she handed me the beer. I am a little disappointed you did slap my butt again like Maria. Its a nice butt Lisa but I am with Maria. Thank you so I have a nice butt. Yes, if we were single I would tap it. Mark that would be nice I bet with you from behind.

Maria walks to the car for a swimsuit and returns to the poolside bathroom to change. I walked over to Jose to say Hi as we had some small talk and found out he is in the real estate business and I told him my business. Maybe we can work together on some house flips that I am working on. Maria comes out of the bathroom in the black/white swimsuit that made me get a semi hard instantly. Lisa tells me you better not let her get away because I can she how she effects your friend as she was looking at me waist. Maria was talking to this lady and then waved me over. I walked over and this lady was a body copy of Maria but a little shorter in height. Nicole her is Mark as I reached to shake her hand finally meet the man that makes Maria floating on a cloud in the office. Nicole don’t tell him that. Maria it’s true you are a happy woman in the office since you started dating Mark but I can totally understand why. Marco yells Mark are you coming in to swim with us? Ok, buddy coming now as I handed Maria my beer as I told can you hold it for a second as I am going to cannonball them. I started to remove my shirt and dropped it to the ground. I looked back at Maria to kill my beer as Nicole & Maria stared at my stomach. Maria do you wash your clothes on his stomach? WOW you have the best looking abs I have seen. Thank you Nicole.

I gave back my empty beer back to Maria and told Marco her I come as the 6 kids moved to the sides of the pool. I ran to the pool and jump in as a cannonball position hitting the water. The water splashed very high I was told from the kids as two empty chairs got wet. I looked over at Marco as he held the side of the pool. Wow that was a big splash as the other kids said do it again. I told them later guys as I looked back at Maria looking hot as hell in the swimsuit. Nicole & Maria were talking as I spoke out ladies you need to get in the pool so you don’t get sunburn. Maria got up and told Nicole to join us as she got up behind Maria to the shallow in pool steps. I watched them both walk into the pool as I reached out my hands to them both. Nicole tells Maria what a gentlemen. He is the best man in the world next to my Marco as she swims to him as I still had Nicole’s hand. Thank you Mark but the water feels cold now. It’s because you were is the sun and your body is hotter then normal as I noticed her nipples coming thru her top. I see you are cold as she shakes with water coming over her waist. You like my suit? Yes, it looks nice on you. I felt Marco arms around my neck as Maria picks him up on me. I grabbed his legs to hold him on my back and told him to hold on. I started to move around the pool as we splashed around.

I told Marco let’s play like a shark and let’s get Maria & Nicole. Ok. I moved over to Maria under the water sucking on her stomach and Marco played like a shark above the water. I come out of the water as I let Marco off my back to catch my breath and then I felt another kid grab my arm can we play shark and get my mommy. Ok, who is your mother because we had a couple others mothers in the water. Here is my mom as he pointed to Nicole. Ok, hop on he said mommy I am coming to get you and she pretended to run to the steps as I went under the water toward her. I looked under the water as I placed my hand on her upper thigh and felt her ass. I move to come out of the water as her son had his arms around her neck. As I got the water out of my eyes looking straight at Nicole she had a smile. Mark here is my son Nicholas or Nick. Nice to meet you dude I am Mark. Did the shark get her dude? Yes, I got her as he pretends to bite her neck. Thank you Mark. No problem I love kids as I looked back to Marco and Maria here comes the big shark. O no mommy here comes the shark as I went under the water pretending to bite Marco’s leg then I popping up. I wrapped my arms around them both and I am a friendly shark now as I hugged them both. I let go of the hug and Maria let Marco down to swim with his friends. She placed her arms around my neck then her legs I am going to tell you again..I love you for being you and specially with Marco. She gives me a quick kiss. I told her I need to put you down or I am going to have a problem getting out of this pool. she moved her hand under her ass to rub my penis. No teasing Maria. She gave me a low laugh in ear and said I want to show you off. Are you crazy? Yes, you bring it out of me…Did I use you line Mark…lol I said ok, as I slide my right hand under her swimsuit button and popped a finger in her asshole. O boy…you win Mark as she let go of me but I didn’t stop for 15 seconds. Mark please stop as she whispers in my ear. Ok, I am done now as I let her down as she adjusted her suit.

I stood in the water until I felt ok to get out as Maria got out and sat next to Nicole. I looked around and swam to the deep in to view the intercostal water way. Jose walked over to me would you like a burger or dog? sure that would be great coming over. Jose you need a beer? Sure Thanks. I got out of the pool and walked over to Maria & Nicole…Do you ladies need a beer, burger, or hot dog? Maria says yes I will take a beer and Hot Dog. Nicole says I will take the same as she gets up to walk with me to the cooler. I reached down to get 4 beers as I handed 2 to Nicole and asked her to give 1 to Jose. She said no I will give Maria this beer and meet you at the grill. Ok, I was a little puzzled. Here you go Jose as I gave him the beer and I asked for 1 cheeseburger & 1 hot dog. Nicole comes behind me as I was moving backwards and placed her hands on my back. Opps.. sorry I said as Nicole says can I have a hot dog. Yes, anything for you sexy. I say Nicole was uncomfortable with Jose as I said the ketchup is over her. Thank you Jose. Nicole I see you looked uncomfortable with Jose. Yes, he gives me the creeps specially his lines and some issues I have heard about him. Like? Ask Maria later. Maria is very lucky to have you for her and specially how good you are with Marco. I am the lucky guy. May I ask you where is your man? No, he eyes through I was not good enough for him so he had an affair with the neighbor as I was at work. He lives right next to me now. Wow..that is weird I bet. O yes, in so many ways specially when Nick is with his father on the weekend as I am home alone. You will find someone 1 day. I hope you are right because I need a man because it sucks living alone.

We walked back to Maria and I sat on the side of Maria’s lodge chair. Can you hold my beer as I place my cold beer between her legs against the swimsuit bottom. Mark…she grabbed the beer yelling at me saying that is cold. Nicole laughed Maria I thought you would like that cold beer in that location. Maria looked at Maria you are a bad girl too. I looked at both of them and noticed they had some kind of connection. Nicole do you want to hold it for him between your legs? Right now in my life I might freeze the beer. Don’t you worry Nicole I bet Mark might know someone for you. I was speechless as I looked as a lost duck in the pond. Are hot dogs are good Nicole? Nice change of subject Mark. So Mark what business do you have? I am in the Pool business. Really? Yes, what did Maria tell you I did a Chippendale dancer…as we all laugh. Nicole says I think you could be one..Maria does he have moves? O yes! No, maybe you can check out my pool. What is wrong with it? It will not run because my ex never fixed it before I found out he was cheating on me. Mark can you help her out by Maria? Yes, sure text me your address and maybe I can stop by to see what the problem and I will bring a spare motor with me. Thank you Mark because Nick always has to swim at his father’s next door only if he stay outside with him.

I look at my watch as it was 5:30PM as I finish my beer as I told Maria we should start to wrap it up to go home. Did you pack for Brazil yet? Nope, I need to do it tomorrow morning. Marco can you get out of the pool now and dry off. I noticed some other parents and kids leaving now. Marco comes over and Nick right behind him as I help dry Marco off. Maria was helping Lisa pickup the staff from the party as Nicole dried her son off. Jose came over and asked me can I get your number so I might have some business for you next mouth? Sure, what is your number and I will text you? Done.

Maria came back and asked if we all are ready? Yes Nick is was nice to meet you as I reached out for a fist bump. Nick tells Marco you have a cool Dad as I looked at Maria then Nicole said Nick Mark is not his Dad just a good friend. O well you are really cool. Thanks as I smile. I said ladies first as I was followed Nicole to the door watching her ass move under see through skirt. I told Nicole I would call her sometime on Monday or Tuesday about seeing the pool next week. Thank so much Mark. Maria see you next week I guess and have a safe trip. Thanks as they gave each other a hug.

We started drive to the condo and I ask what do you all want for dinner because it 5:50PM now? Marco yells out Pizza as I look at Maria..silent lip movement I am fine with that if you are. Ok Marco pizza it is. Do you want to see if you mother wants to come over? Wow…sure let me call her now. She started talk Portuguese and then I heard Marco whisper in my ear they are talking about you. What are they saying about me? A couple more minutes went by that you are such a gentlemen and how all the ladies stared at you at the pool. Thanks Bud. She ends the call and says mom is coming over dinner. I should stop to get some wine so where is the closest liquor store? The next block on the right side. I parked the car and asked what kind of wine does your mother drink? She drinks any kind of wine but she can’t handle it very well. Cabernet, Pinot Noir, or Red blend? You pick Mark. Ok, Do you want to order the pizza as I get the wine? Will do. I purchased 4 bottles of wine and a couple shooter nips. I get back to the car and drive to the condo. We got to condo garage and walked to the elevator with all the bags. As we entered the condo door Maria tells Marco & Mark hit the showers. Ok, mom and I reply ok mom. Marco started laughing. I got in the shower for about 10 mins because I was thinking Maria wanted to shower before the pizza arrived. I turned off the water and was drying off my hair standing outside the shower. When I removed the towel from my face I was surprised seeing Rose standing at the doorway starring at me with her saying O My..sorry after walking away. I got dressed and walked out to the living room with my shorts & T-shirt. When I walked out of the bedroom Marco was in his room and Rose was standing in the kitchen. As I turned to Rose reaching for the plates as I told her let me help you as I walked behind her as my penis rested against her ass. Thank you Mark as I handed her the plates as she smiles at me. Maria opened the door holding the pizza’s and Rose placed the plates for the table.

We all sat at the table as I opened a bottle of wine and poured three glasses. I held my glass up and said cheers to a great day and great night. Maria passed out the pizza and we started it up. Marco said I can’t wait for all of us going swimming tomorrow. Maria told her mother that I have a gift for you so come with me. I watched them both walk to her bedroom. Rose was wearing sun dress. They both came back and both smiling at they sat back at the table. In my head I was thinking Rose told Maria that she saw me in the bathroom nude. Maria tells Marco when you are done please bring your plate to the sink. Marco got up with his plate to bring it to the sink and when he came back. I asked him Do you want to play a board game or cards? Yes, can we play Uno? Ladies are you up with some cards? Rose looked at Maria and said if you don’t marry him I will marry him. Marco comes out with the Uno cards and I tell him 1 minute need to clean the table. I grabbed the pizzas and plates as I return with a couple napkins/glass cleaner for the table. Marco dealt the cards and Maria went first as we drank the first bottle so I opened another one. We played for 2 hrs and killed 2 bottles of wine now as it was 9PM. Maria tells Marco it’s bedtime and he went to his Grandma for a hug then came to me thinking fist bump but gave me a hug. I heard Rose say o how sweet. After she got him to bed she said she was going to take a quick shower. We both said ok.

I asked Rose do you need more wine? Sure but we need another bottle as I say no problem I have 4. Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of my daughter and me? In my head I said where the fuck did that come from. So I knew she was getting drunk so I was opening up another bottle. Mark can I tell you something? Sure fire away. My daughter loves you very much because you treat her like a queen. Plus I can see you can take care of her on a sexual way too. are big. I must have got red in the face and I said I am sorry I didn’t close the door. Mark I was thinking Maria was in the shower and you went to get the pizza’s. Don’t be sorry for what you got..I can understand why Maria is crazy for you in 1 reason. I would love to have a man your size but not sure I could take it. I see how Maria will look when she get older and I will be a very happy man. You are a very pretty lady. Thank you Mark. Rose says let me go get adult cards and not kid cards. She stood up and lost her balance for a second as I got up quick for her. Do you want me to go with you? No, because I will keep you at my place. I laughed..I am not joking because I have not been with a man in many years. Rose sit back down and let me ask Maria if she has any cards. Ok. I walked to the shower as she was getting out and ask her do you have any playing cards. Yes, in the kitchen drawer next to the sink. Damm you look hot. Get out so I can get ready..ok.

I went to the kitchen for cards and sat at the table. What game do you want to play? Blackjack. Ok, as I dealt the cards after I shuffled the cards. Maria comes out placing her arms around me and gives me a kiss as she grabs my hand with something in it. She goes to sit down and tells her mom you should see the suit Mark is going to have for Luz’s wedding. Your dress is beautiful but I like what will be in it more. Maria starts to drink her wine as I push the button and her eyes went right to my eyes as she moved in her chair. I turned it off as she relaxed now. What are we playing? Blackjack. I dealt the cards again and they both won. We play for 10-15 mins when Rose said let’s play poker. Maria said stripe poker? Rose says I am ok with it if you are? Maria said let me go get more clothes as we laughed. I say only shorts and bra as Maria got up and went to her room. Rose do you need to put more stuff on? Nope, but you might need too…lol

Maria comes back as a joke with a jacket on and warmups with shorts over them. I guess I will have to beat your shorts and pants off now as Rose laughs at Maria. Ok, I started passing out the cards and said you lose 1 piece per hand with the winner picking what comes off. Shocking I lost the first hand so Rose tells me your shirt off. I removed my shirt as I watched Rose and Maria watching me. I looked at Rose to ask her “Do you think Maria did well getting me”? O yes she got the treasure chest with a body like yours. I would love to have a man like you. Mom stop it you bad woman. Maybe Mark can find a single guy for you to date. Only if he is Mark’s twin. I was dealing the hands but Maria was losing the last 4 hands. I forgot I had the panty clicker so I hit it in my shorts. Maria jumped as she looks at me with her eyes wide open and about 15 seconds went bye as Maria says Mark. I hit the clicker as she relaxed now. Rose you have no lost a hand yet so Maria let’s get your mom now as I raised my glass for cheer. My I win and get you both in your bra and panties soon. Rose says you wish you could be that good to take Maria and I at the same time. I personally didn’t know how to take that line but in my head I said I would try it if Maria was ok with it. Rose finished her glass and said can I have a half glass and Maria yes I need some more too. I gave them so more wine as we killed the 3 bottle.

I passed out the cards and Maria asked for 1 card, Rose asked for 3 cards, and I got 2 new cards. Ladies lay them down because I think I won this hand. Rose said you finally got me this hand as she stood up to remove her sundress to the floor. Wow Maria you are so right about your mother have a nice body as she stands in bra and panties. I told you Mark so would you call her a MILF? No, Maria looked at me puzzled she is a GILF. Rose looked at me what is a GILF and Maria said yes what is that meaning? In my head I said we are all drinking so they will forget it tomorrow I hope. She is a Grandma I Like to Fuck. Rose & Maria face was in shock with the meaning and then Maria tells Rose you are a GILF and I’m a MILF. So I am GILF? Yes. So you would want to if you didn’t meet Maria? I looked at Maria as she was looking back with go ahead. Yes, you have a very nice body and pretty face too.

She got up and walks over to me in her bra and panties as she sits on my lap to place a soft quick kiss on my lips. When she sat on my lap some how she hit the clicker as I placed my left hand on her ass rubbing it. After the kiss she told me thank you for dating my daughter and making me feel wanted even if you are taken. She got up and got back to her chair as I looked at her ass..nice butt Rose. Thank you and I love a butt man too. I looked over to Maria because I was thinking she was going to be pissed at me with my comments. She had her head down on the table as I ask her are you ok? Mark, Mark, Mark stop it…o fuck she is pissed off at me because I went to far. Then I heard her say controller..controller. It hit me as I reached in my pocket to turn it off as she gasped for air. Rose said are you ok? Yes, much better now. She looks at me with the same eyes when she cums with me so I think the panties do work. Let’s play 3 more hands because some one will lose then. Maria said ok and Rose says I want to play all night.

I dealt the cards and was surprised I had 2 aces and the ladies requested 2 new cards. I said before we lay the cards down what will you remove if you lose? Maria says shorts and Rose says bra, I guess it’s shorts for me so lay them down. Looks like Maria lost again. Rose says remove the shorts young lady as Maria stands up and walks to me. May you remove them sweetie? O yes love too. I grabbed the shorts and pulled them down as she bend down giving me a better view as I moved my face to her ass as I kissed each cheek. She stepped out of the shorts to walk back to her chair as Rose noticed the vibrating panties. Maria what kind of panties are you wearing? Mom they are vibrating panties that we got at the store today. Wow do they work? O yes they do but you need to make sure it’s placed in the right spot. Rose stands up as she rubs over her panties any place would work on me. I saw her think bush in her panties and Maria tells her we need to trim that before the pool tomorrow. Ok, will you help me Maria? Joking around I said I will help. Both of them said it at the same time “You are a bad boy”. Yes I am. Mom maybe we can stop at the store next week. Ok. I dealt the next hand.

Maria and Rose lost the bra’s now and I said Maria I like want I see for future as I look at Rose. Rose holds her boobs they never snagged but they are starting to a little now. They look good to me and I see where Maria got her great tits from. Last hand I said..Rose said you still have your shorts on so 2 hands. Maria reply’s I am going to loss because I only have my panties like you mom. I only have shorts on as Maria say no underwear? Nope, ok fair game now. I dealt the last hand and went o shit can we redo this hand. The girls laugh at me..Nope! I got 4 new cards and the girls got 2 each. Ok, last hand so lay them down. I looked at the cards as Rose had a better hand then me and noticed Maria had the best hand out of us. Shit I said out loud. Maria don’t wake up Marco. Opps sorry. Remove the shorts sweetie for us. I stood up as Maria tells Rose you will see 1 of many reason I love this man. Come on Mark let’s see your sex tool. Maria tells me let my mom remove your shorts. I walked over between Rose & Maria as she slowly pulled them down as my cock sprung up against my stomach. WOW out of Rose mouth! You girls won the game as I walked back to my chair and I noticed Rose rubbing herself as I clicked on the button that I grabbed before my shorts hit the floor. Maria’s head rested on the table. I clicked it off and 30 seconds later I clicked it back on. Mark you need to stop teasing me.

So is everyone happy we played cards? Yes, I can’t believe I didn’t lose the game and you did Sweetie. Rose please invite me over anytime you play again. Maria got up and walked to the bedroom and was thinking she went to the bathroom. I am going to put my shorts on now and Rose says you don’t need to with a smile. I need to because it’s getting cold. Some time went bye so Rose said I am going to check on Maria…ok as I continue to sit at the table pickup the cards into the box. Another 2-3 minutes went bye as I got up seeing Maria on the bed laying down facing the balcony and Rose rubbing her back. She was passed out and Rose moved over as I got in the bed behind Maria. I whispered in Maria’s ear are you ok? Yes, can you help my mom back to her condo? Sure, go to sleep. I turned over to be on my back as Rose was laying on her back next to me. Let me walk you back to your condo and Rose said yes I might need some help as she reached over to grab my leg but got my cock. Opps sorry Mark as she started moving her hand up and down me very slowly. I moved my head to her ear and told her you better get to your room now. Ok, as she let go to get out of the bed as I followed her. I watched her bend down to put on her dress and I moved right behind her as I whispered in her ear you have a great ass. Thank you and I love a man from behind too.

I moved my arm around her waist and walked her to her condo door as I opened it. Rose turned around and asked me if I was coming in for a drink…I laughed and said I think we both had more wine then we should have had tonight. She gave me a quick kiss and said your lose three times tonight. Why 3? You lost in cards, getting nothing from Maria tonight, and turning me down for a drink. Goodnight Rose as I walked back to Maria’s condo. I grabbed the door knob and it’s locked “Fuck”. I can’t knock on the door because Marco will wake up. I walked back to Rose’s condo and knocked on the door. She opened the door with nothing on as I looked at her bush. Rethinking my offer? No, I am locked out of the condo so can I use the key to get in? Sure, but disappointed. Rose I think you have a killer body but I think I love your daughter and wouldn’t want to hurt her specially with her own mother. Mark you are 100% right because it’s the wine making me this way. Here is the key and I will get it back tomorrow as she gives me a quick kiss on the lips. I walked back to the condo and got in the bed covering her up with me holding her.

The next morning we both slept in a little later because of all the wine. I moved my arm off of Maria but she grabbed me. Sorry baby I didn’t want to wake you. Well then you better talk to your buddy below as I was resting against her ass with morning wood. See what you do to me even when we sleep. Mark how does your head feel? Ok, but a little slow. Ok, I am feeling the same way what a night. Yes, it was. My mom was crazy last night. Yes, but you kept feeding her like removing my shorts. Yes, I wanted her to enjoy the night. She probably went to her bedroom with a vibrator after last night. How do you like your vibrating panties? O yes I like them. I am glad you like them. Maria did I do anything to make you mad at me? No, everything is good. Did I do anything to upset you? No, I had a good time just holding you and spending time with you. Me too Mark. Did I shock you when I asked you to let my mother to pull your shorts down and your cock was inches away from here face. I paused…Yes, you should have seen your mothers face when it sprung up against my stomach. Sorry if that was no cool. Nope, it’s all ok with me Maria. I was going to allow her to touch it but I was not sure if I was pushing it to far. No, I would have been fine with it because it my mom. I know she with talk about it today. I wish I could get her some dick based on her eyes looking at yours penis. Are you asking me? Maria turned around looking at me and then turned back to place her head on the pillow. Maria ask me If I didn’t meet you and you met her would you fuck her? Maria yes based on what I know of her today, but not sure I would if I met her on the street. Do you understand what I mean? Yes, I think so. Maria I can’t believe I am going to say theses words…I would never have sex with your mother without you giving me approval. I would worry about our relationship if I did and you & your mothers relationship was not hurt going forward. Understand what I am saying? Yes, Mark so if I told you that you can would you? Not sure because your mother would want it and I would want to be 100% you are ok with it. You are my number one girl always even if I did your mother. She held my arm and hands with a squeeze.

Get your panties off because I need to feel your pussy. She pulls them off and I slide myself in her from behind slowly…O Mark you feel so good. I slowly picked up speed as she held my arm tighter…you love my cock baby? Yes I do because you go so deep in me. O baby keeping fucking me just like you are…getting close already. I squeezed her nipple a little as her pussy squeezes on my cock so I knew she was close on cumming. O baby as I felt her wetness come over my cock. O shit baby..I am going to cum as I pulled out and laid it against her stomach and shot off 3-4 streams. Sorry baby. It’s ok because I need to change the sheets anyways today. Let take a shower Mark and get some food. I bet Marco is already up. O my I think our clothing are on the floor by the table. Nope, I picked everything before coming to bed. I bet you mom feels like shit right now with all the wine. I bet you are right. I will check on Marco and you get in the shower baby…Ok, Thank you Mark.

Good morning Marco. Good morning sleepyhead it’s 10AM. Did you eat anything for breakfast yet. Yes, I had a bowl of cereal and OJ as he lifts up his glass. Good job buddy as I walk to the kitchen for some OJ as I waited a good 10 minutes before walking back into the room. As I walked to the bathroom the door was locked so I walked back to the kitchen to prep to cook some eggs. Marco you want some eggs? Sure I will have some as Maria comes out in a black silk robe. Good morning Marco as she walks over to him for a hug. Cooking eggs I are reading my mind because I was going to do that when I came out. Well take over so I can brush my teeth as I walked to the bathroom. After I brushed my teeth I got my clothes as I placed them on the sink. I came out as I see her big suitcase on the flood next to the bed. I walked out as I tell Maria I see you starting to pack. Yes, I want to get it done before we go to the pool. Good idea…do you need my help…no because it will not get done with you touching me. Do you want me to see if your mother is up and want breakfast if you want too. Ok, maybe Marco & I will go over. Marco do you want to come with me to see if your Grandma wants breakfast? No, you can go. Ok, buddy.

I knocked on Rose’s door and she opened the door in a robe. Hi Mark come in for a minute..Ok as she closed the door. First I want to say sorry for last night and anything I might have done wrong to you. I don’t want to hurt your relationship you have with Maria. Rose everything is ok and fine about last night. You didn’t do anything wrong in my eyes. Really? Yes. Did I rub your penis and show you my whole body at the door? Yes, but I am not complaining or saying anything to Maria. Thank you! She smiles thanks. The wine and you made me hot. I am glad I can do that to you and Maria. She is one lucky girl to have you and I will be over shortly for some coffee. Ok, see you soon as she hugs me she squeezed my butt so I grabbed her ass with both hands. She looks at me to tell me thank you for not fucking me last night because I would want to hurt Maria. Me either as I walked back in to see her spooning the eggs in on the plates and I said Rose will be over for coffee shortly. We finished the eggs and toast when I told Maria go ahead and pack as I get the dishes. You sure, yes because Marco and I want to spend time with you at the pool. Right Marco? Yes..go pack mom. Ok, Ok, going now. After I cleaned up the dishes Rose came over as I gave her a cup of coffee. Is Maria in the bedroom? Yes packing. Rose walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Marco let’s play a game. Ok, loading it now. We played 2 games and both of them still in bedroom with the door closed. Let play another but give me a minute. I walker over to the door and knocked as I slowly opened the door. No one was in the bedroom so I walked to the bathroom with the door closed with running water from the sink. I knocked on the door and Maria said yes. Everything ok? She opened the door and said yes just helping my my shave for the bikini. Do you need any extra hands? Rose spoke up you are to late because Maria is almost done. Ok, did you get all your packing done? Mostly done just a couple small things I will do later. Ok, I will play another game with Marco.

I went back playing soccer with Marco even if he won all the game so far. I looked at the clock and it was 12N now and asked Marco want time do you want to hit the pool? Can we go now? Sure, you go get changed and I will tell your mom we are going up. I walked back in the room seeing the bathroom door open and Maria was washing her hands standing in the white bikini. Damm you look hot baby as I see the string thong between the check. Rose was putting her robe back on and walking out of the bathroom door. Mom the swimsuit is on my dresser for you as she grabbed it opening the package. She dropped the robe as she put the bottom on as she was bending over giving me a great back view? Maria moved over to my ear whispering “would you”? I looked at her with a puzzled look are you asking me to in a whisper tone to her. Maria went back to work with her hair. I told Maria that Marco and I are heading the pool now. Ok, I will see you shortly as she gave me a quick kiss. I walked to my bag for the swim shorts and soft ass slap on Rose. I went to grab my swim shorts that I had in my bag and put them on in front of both of them. Ok, Marco you ready? Mark I will bring up the towels and get 4 chairs. Ok, will do.

Marco show me the way as we got in the elevator to the top floor. Wow..what a view of Miami from up here. I looked around and no one was up her as Marco was about to run and I said no running around the pool area. Ok, Mark. Let’s read the pool rules Marco so we understand what we can do and not do. We walked to the Pool rules and the normal guidelines but they added no loud sounds. I felt that was a little weird for pool rules but rules are rules. We put our shirts and shoes under the other 2 chairs for the ladies. Marco I am getting in the water first as I walked to the shallow in steps but Marco jumped right in from the side of the pool. I sat on the steps watching Marco swim side to side in the 20 X 60 pool. It was nice and the water was warm mid 70’s I guess. I heard the pool door open and the 2 surprises walked to the pool Maria and Rose in white matching bikinis. I whistled at them as Rose said something to Maria and as they got closer I got excited. Maria says do you like the twins. WOW was all I could say at first… you both look great! Thank you Mark from Rose. You both look good in anything you wear. I hear Marco asking Grandma come in the water and swim with me. 2 minutes Marco as she puts down 2 towels and Maria lays 1 out on the chair. I got up and picked up Maria and said I want you with me in the water as she played hard to get…No, Mark, No Mark…Marco yelled throw mommy in the water…Maria said Marco why me why not Grandma. I walked her in the water holding her as she held my neck with her arms. The water was at both of are necks now and Rose was just about to walk in the water to Marco.

Maria told me I am going to miss you this week. Yes, me too but you will still call me. Yes, I will call you and Marco everyday. Promise? Yes, promise. I gave her a strong deep kiss as I holding her in my arms like I was carrying her still. After we broke the kiss Rose was throwing a ball in the pool with Marco and I looked back at Maria to say they are having fun. Ok. I moved my hand to her tit and rubbed the nipple..Mark not her in front of Marco and my mother. Really? Yes, really..ok don’t want to make my Portugal Princess mad at me. We both walked to the pool chairs as we came out of the water. Marco was playing with the ball as Rose started coming out of the water. Wow..I noticed the camel toe with her bikini and it was a littlest through as I looked at Maria. Maria’s top was a little see-through as I can see the outline of her nipples. I called Maria as I moved over to her you bikinis are a little see-through as she looked at her top. Then she looked at her mother walked out of the water to her chair as she noticed her bikini was see-through. She said something to Rose in Portuguese as Rose looked at herself. O well after last night I think we are all good with each other bodies. I agree Rose.

We laid out under the sun as Marco started playing pool basketball in the low in of the pool. After hour Maria said she was going to the condo for drinks and snacks. I asked do you need any help? No thank you as she said something to her mother in Portuguese. They both looked at me for a quick second and I said what? They laughed as she walked away. Rose said the water feels real good and I do like this bikini. Yes, the water is nice and you both look good in the bikinis. I watched her playing with her bottom piece as she says Maria did a good job as I watched her move her hand inside rubbing herself. I bet it’s smooth like a baby’s bottom. Yes it is. I had to get in the water because Jr was growing watching her rub herself. I walked into the pool and played basketball with Marco as Maria walks back to the chair with a small cooler. I watched her bend over to place the cooler down as she gave me a pretty view of her bare ass with a string between the cheeks. Rose said something to Maria in Portuguese as she turned her head to bending over with a smile. She calls Marco to get something to drink as we both came out of the pool. I sat down on the side of Maria’s chair as she was laying out and Marco sat on the side of Rose’s chair. We all ate some crackers and some water. Marco went back in the water playing basketball as I rubbed Maria right leg. What time is your flight tomorrow? It’s departs a 10AM. Ok, so we should leave by 8AM? Yes that should be fine because I shouldn’t have a long wait time to check in travel first class. That is sweet! We only travel First or Business when it’s for business at the firm. Maria gets up and heads to the pool to play with Marco.

Rose and I watched them playing and I told Rose let’s play them? Ok, as we both got up walking into the water I said Rose & I are going to play you both. Marco says no…boys against girls. Maria says ok Mom let’s show them. So Maria had the ball and passed it to Maria as she scored on Marco. I got the ball passed it to Marco and he passed it back to me as Maria grabbed my body trying to hold me from scoring but no luck. Rose started with ball as I went to help Marco she passed it to Maria and I grabbed her with my right arm squeezing her butt. She dropped the ball as Rose grabbed it now. I reached with my left arm grabbed them both holding their sweet asses. Marco got the ball and I told him to score as I got them both. Maria tells me that I am cheating because you are holding us from the basket. I let them down as I rubbed both asses Rose said something to Maria as the both reached for my nipples for a tity twister on me. I dropped them both as they laughed. You win ladies because I broke the rules. Marco says what rule? I held them from scoring…Maria said no Marco you won because I did it first to Mark. Marco jumped up and down in the water we won Mark. I joked around don’t we get winner hugs? Marco says yes come on Grandma and Mommy. Rose gives him a hug as Maria gives me a hug and kiss. Rose comes over to me as Maria goes to give Marco a hug. She opens her arms as I do the same and she gives me a quick cheek kiss. Maria says I am going to the condo to use the bathroom does anyone need it? Yes, I guess I should go because we don’t want it in the pool…right Marco? No way no peeing in the pool is one of the rules.

I dry off a little as Maria and we walk to the condo. We get in the elevator and Maria attacks me with passionate kisses as I never pushed any buttons. I told her to push the button as she reaches over for her floor. We got to her room as she pulls my shorts down and pushes me on the bed. She moves over me moving her suit to the side and rode my cock as I was hard as a rock with her kisses in the elevator. She didn’t last long because she coated my cock with her sweet white cream in minutes. She collapsed on my chest breathing heavy saying I needed that so badly because you are so hot to me in that pool. Plus I am going to miss you so much starting tomorrow as she got teary eyes. Maria don’t worry it will be a fast trip and we have each other tonight. I flipped her over as I started fucking her hard and fast. O Mark fuck me as hard and fast as you want…I love you! She wrapped her legs around me and after about 2 minutes I told I want you from behind. I pulled out and told her to lean over the bed as I pulled her suit down to the floor. I moved my head between her lips and pushed myself in her completely in one quick stroke. I turned up the speed as I pounded her pussy from behind and she was loving as much as me. Mark you feel so deep in me. Maria you feel so fucking good as I felt my balls ready to pop. I am going cum soon so where do you want it? On my back baby and keep fucking like this because I am getting close again myself. I held her hips and slammed myself in her sweet pussy as she moaned. I was feeling her tightness as she moaned O Yes as she cums on my cock and I couldn’t hold it as I just pulled out in time shooting my self on her back. I slowly helped her up as she turns around to me as we kiss wrapped my arms around her. I didn’t care if my got cum on my arms because I am falling for this girl.

I grabbed a towel and wiped my arms and her back off. We went to the bathroom and walked back to the pool. As we sat down in her pool chair and Marco was in the water. Rose says Marie what is in your hair as she reaches over and wipes it with her fingers. She brings it to her noise smelling it and then placed it on her tongue. Rose said you lucky girl and not a bad taste. I must have went bright red in the face as Maria and Rose looked at me. Marco came out of the water and asked if he could go back to the condo? Rose says I will take him back and you two can stay here a little more. Thank you mom. Rose you look good in that bikini..Thank you Mark as she moves her butt around for me. Maria tell me Mark don’t tease my mom. I am not teasing she looks good like you look delicious in that bikini. Come with me baby in the water as I reached out for her hand. We walked in the water together and held her close me in the water. Mark I wish you were coming with me to Brazil tomorrow but I know you have a business. Yes, that would be nice but we both have are careers to do. You will be back before you know it. Also don’t worry about coming because I will drain you tonight. Promise? Yes, as I grab my suit lower and grab Maria against my free cock as her eyes open wide. Mark are you crazy not here. I will not here but you will as I move hand to move her suit to the side as I rest my cock against her lips. I push my head between her lips as she moved her mouth on my neck O Mark I love how you feel in me. I moved my hips up as I held her shoulders pulling her down on me. O Mark, O Mark you feel like you are hitting my inside much deeper for some reason. She sucked my neck hard as I got her to cum fucking this way. Wow Mark that was so good but you need to cum. No, I will cum later in your bad. I can’t wait when I can take you in my ass because I think we will both like it. I gave her a strong deep kiss with my cock still in her. Maria tells me let’s go back to the condo and I can finish up packing. Ok, lead the way sexy because I will follow your body anywhere as I slapped her butt.

We got back to the condo as Rose was spread out on the couch. I told Maria I was going to hit the shower unless she wants it first. Mark may I go first? Sure. I grabbed a table chair and sat next to the couch watching Marco play a game. When I looked at Rose on the couch gave me a great view of her ass. Mark you going to miss Maria next week? Yes, but I can still talk to over the phone. Marco looks back and asked if I would still come over to play some games with me? I don’t think I will have the time with my full work schedule. That stinks. Sorry buddy. Mark what if I cook you a dinner 1 day this week so you can play games with Marco? Please Mark? Ok, maybe I can work 1 night out for you buddy. Maria you like chicken? Yes, I like everything. Maria comes out to us not looking happy for some reason. She leans over to my ear and tells me she just got her period. It’s ok it’s normal. She hugs me and tells me Thank you. Maria asked what do you all want for dinner? I spoke up quick No Pizza Marco…as we all laugh even Marco. Rose says how about some Latin food? Maria says is that ok men? We both said that is good.

Maria went to get the food as I was in the shower and when I came out she was back. We all sat down and enjoyed the good food and Marco was eating all the fried bananas. Maria tells Marco leave some for us as he was eating his last one. Rose tells Maria that I invited Mark over for a dinner and he can play a game with Marco. Maria looks over at me really? Yes, if you are ok with it? Yes, I am fine if they are ok with it. Marco said I wanted him to come over and game some games with me and Grandma said she would cook dinner. Maria says I am going to miss you all next week as she gets a little teary eyes. You will be back before you know it Maria. We are 2 weeks from Mexico as she smiles. I am going to start to pack on Friday so I am not rushing or forget something. I told the lady’s that I am cleanup as I grabbed the plates. Marco went to his room reading a book. As I was cleaning the plates Rose was ready to leave and called for Marco to give her a hug. Mark…Mark..I turned around as Rose had her arms out for a hug from me. As I was drying my hands and walking to her I noticed Maria showing me grab or slap her butt when I hug her. When I bent down to hug her she reached around me I grabbed her butt as I heard softly “yes” then say O Mark you bad boy as she grabbed my butt. I was looking at Maria as I did it and she smiled at me with approval. Rose leaves see you on Thursday night? Ok, I will make it work.

Why did you ask me to grab her butt? It makes her happy that you think she is pretty and she has no man. Ok, remember I wouldn’t do anything to her because you are number 1 to me. She walks to me as she gives me a kiss on the lips and tells meet me on the couch in 5 minutes. She when to her room and I finished up the cleaning up then walked to the couch watching Marco play a game. I sat on the couch relaxing when Maria walked out and asked us if we wanted anything. We both replied nope we are good as she walked over to sit next to me as she rested her head on my lap watching the TV. I was rubbing my hand in her hair feeling how soft and silky it was to the touch. I must have done that for 30 minutes watching Marco play the game. He finished the game and turned around to his mother to tell me she is sleeping. Ok, Marco go get something to eat if you want something. I looked at the clock and it was almost 8PM so I told Marco after the snack get ready for bed buddy. I moved her head up off my lap and rested it on a pillow so I could to he other side to carry her to bed. I slide my hands and arms under her as I carry her to the bedroom and placed her on her side as the head rested on her pillow. I cleaned up the kitchen and his ice cream bowl as he brushed his teeth for bed. I helped him to bed and I went to brush my teeth before I entered the bed.

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