Boating Fun


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Taking Tracy for a boat ride and then her sister a few weeks later

Thought I would share an adeventure with you that happened years ago. In Fact, before I met my wife. I can still remember it though.

Back before I met my wife, Carol in 1978, and this is a year before that, my buddy Ron and I bought used boat. It was a 1962 22 foot Chris Craft. A wooden boat with a 120 hp outboard on it. We only paid $800 for it. We wanted to buy new, but both of our father’s talked us into a used one, in case we didn’t like the boating world. Father’s. They ain’t so dumb.

We bought the thing at the beginning of May in ‘77. We had some work to do to get it sea worthy, so we worked daily on it, and in two weeks, we had it up and running. Even found a dock too so we wouldn’t have to trailer it every time.

Now Ron and I were good friends for ages and also good friends with Mitch, and we 3 always traveled together, so Mitch was with us when we went out on the boat. When not boating, we usually gravitated to Mitch’s house. He had cool parents that pretty much left us alone, so we just hung out there quite a lot.

I should say that at the time, I was 21, Ron was 20, and Mitch was 19. Mitch also had a sister, Jeanie, who was 17. Ron had the hots for her and I know was seeing her on the side.

Mitch also had a couple of cousin’s, Tracy, and Vicky. They too, were always over there. Tracy was 24, married to this real asshole, who’s name was also Tracy, but spelled Trace. He was a truck driver, and gone a lot during the week. He also treated Tracy like dirt too, like he owned her.

Tracy always liked to flirt with me, but not when asshole was around. If she had, he probably would have hit her. He’s just that type of person. I would say man, but any guy that hits a woman, is no man in my book. But when she flirted, I would flirt back, and always told her, “One time with me, and you would be kicking him to the curb”, and then we both would laugh.

A week after Memorial day, I was over at Mitch’s, and Tracy was there with her two kids. We were sitting out back watching the kids play, and she asked, “So when are you taking me out for a boat ride Sweetie?”

Now Tracy is “OK” looking, not a knockout, but she is kind of plain, with a halfway decent body. 5’ 6, maybe 130 lbs. Brown hair and eyes, and I would say 34 B, maybe C cup breast. One thing she did have was a great ass, and knew it too. She caught me on many occasions looking at her ass.

“I don’t know, when are you free?”, I asked. Tracy laughed and said, “I’m never free Sweetie, but for you, I may be nice and let you get off without paying.”

So the flirting banter went back and forth for a bit, then I told her I was off in two days, my day off from work. She said she could get a babysitter, and her husband was in route to Georgia, so he wasn’t around. So we made plans to meet up at 10am, that Wednesday.

Before she left for the evening, she asked, “You aren’t just teasing me about Wednesday, are you?”

“Hell no. I’m not that much of a dick.” I said to her. “Good. I’m married to one. Swim attire I take for clothing?”

“Or nothing at all”, said, then we both laughed. “Shit Sweetie, I’ll wear something. I don’t want to scare you off, after seeing me naked.” Tracy then left, with the kids for home. Before she left, I told her how to get down to the dock area, since it was a tributary off of the main river, which leads to the Lake.

That Wednesday, I got down to the boat about 9:30, with just some soda’s and ice tea. We usually did not drink when driving the boat. Coast Guard kind frowns on that shit. That and pot.I got the cooler loaded in and made sure the rest of the boat looked presentable, especially the little cabin area. It wasn’t big, but could sleep two, easily. We had a tendency to throw junk down there.

Tracy showed up about 20 minutes later. She got out of her car and saw where I was and came walking down. She was wearing cut off jean shorts. You know the type, frayed on the pant legs, and were very short, and she was wearing a yellow t-shirt as well.

I helped her on board, and as she was stepping down, lost her footing and I caught her just in time. We both were holding each other tight, for a good 20 seconds, and she felt very nice. When she regained her balance, she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for catching her.

She had one of those big bags, that girls carry everything from the kitchen sink, to a wardrobe in. She asked where to set this down at, and I told her place it under the seat at the back. When she bent over, I had to stare at her ass, which both cheeks were showing now, and her yellow bikini she had under her shorts.

She turned her head around and caught me staring, as usual. “Like the view sailor?”

I chuckled and said, “Oh yeah. Much better than I am accustomed too on here”

After that, I got the boat going out to the lake. We cruised around the shoreline for a bit, and as we cruised, Tracy stood next to me, holding on to my one arm, as I drove. As we were motoring about, she sat down in the chair next to me, and shimmied out of her shorts, revealing the bikini bottoms, and then off with her shirt. Damn she looked good.

I told her to take the wheel, while I took off my shirt too. I was already in swim trunks. I let her drive for a while and she said let’s go way out and just sit around, so I can work on my tan and maybe swim. So I pointed to where we should go. About 20 minutes later, we were about 5 miles from shore, and not a soul in sight.

After stopping, I got out some beach towels, and ly them out, so she could lay down on the floor of the boat. I got her a soda and then she got out her lotions she wanted to use. She then lit up a cig, as I did too, and we sat back and relaxed.

We started talking about people we knew, and things we both liked. She told me all about her marriage, and how she is so depressed when she thinks about it.

“Why do you stay with him? He treats you and the kids like shit. And you don’t deserve that.”

“I wish I knew. I guess it’s because I don’t want to be alone and raise the kids on my own. I know he cheats on me, when he is on the road. So we don’t fuck much” she said.

She then pulled a joint out of her purse and asked if I minded. I looked around and said, sure, but hoped she didn’t have another. If caught with drugs, the Coast Guard will confiscate the boat.

As we shared the joint, she said, “You know, Vicky has the hots for you.” I laughed and said, “No Way”

“Oh yeah she does. Ask her out, and you will see. She tells me all the time how cute and sexy you are.”

Now her sister is 20, 5’4, 140 or 150 lbs., but not fat. If I had to think of someone, nowadays, that she looks like, I would say Amy Schumer, the comedian. Now her tits were twice the size of Tracy’s, and she was blond, with green eye’s. Very doable. But I knew she did have a boyfriend, or at least did, a few months ago.

Tracy then laid out on the towels and asked me to rub some lotion on her back and legs. Now being the gentleman that I am, how could I refuse. So I slowly rubbed the lotion on, starting at her shoulders, and slowly massaged it in. I could hear Tracy moaning a little bit, as I did this.

When I got to her legs, I started right at her butt cheek, and very slowly rubbed there, then worked down her one leg to her toes. Then started back up her other leg, massaging it the whole time. As my hands got closer to her thigh, she spread her legs a little wider.

My hand was now near her inner thigh, inching it’s way up, and close to her pussy. As my hand lightly brushed against her fabric, she let out a cooing sound, then said, “Oh god, this feels so good Sweetie”

She then turned over, looked me in the eye, then put her arms around my neck and pulled me down on top of her. My one leg was between her legs, and the top of my thigh directly on her mound. I could feel the wetness coming through her thin bikini bottom.

At the same time, she leaned up just a bit and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips and we tasted each other’s tongues. As we kissed, her legs closed some, so they were tight around my leg, and she moaned as we kissed. The kiss was hot and passionate, and left no doubt what her intentions were right then.

We broke the kiss and she pushed me back some. Sat up and undid her top. As she did that, pushed my shorts down and revealed my hard cock to her, then quickly got the shorts off, even though I was in a kneeling position. She scooted her bottoms down too. Once they were off, I was looking at her pussy now, something I had only hoped to see one day.

Her mound was shaved for a bikini, and her brown hairs were cut short. She smiled when she saw me looking. “Like what you see now big guy?”

“Oh yeah Baby, I do. Damn you are sexy.” She did have a scar from a c-section with her second child, but it wasn’t that noticeable, and I really didn’t care at that point. My hand went right to the mound and lightly stroked it. Her hand reached over and grabbed my cock and lightly stroked it as well.

“Fuck baby, you have a nice cock. Lot’s bigger than A-holes, that’s for sure.”

I am not hung like a porn star, but it around 8 inches and thick like a banana, so she wasn’t getting short changed. She started moaning when I slipped a finger in her. With my other hand, I pushed on her shoulder, like asking her to lay back.

When she did, her knees were bent and spread her legs wide. I then moved between her legs, and leaned down, and started to kiss all around her pussy and thighs. I was intoxicated by the smell of her sex, and she was already quite wet too, because her labia was glistening in the sunlight.

I took my time eating her. I figured no rush and if this is a one time deal, I might as well make it pleasurable and long lasting. I loved eating pussy. It is my favorite thing to so. I was taught just a few years back by a couple that lived next door to another good friend of mine. They were swingers, and she taught me the art of eating a woman. Always had fun with them, back then.

I laid between Tracy now, just licking and sucking away. I also fingered her too, but after a good ten minutes, she couldn’t take anymore and let loose a loud and strong orgasm. Her legs were like a vice around my head, almost making it impossible to eat her any more.

She relax then after a minute, looked down on me and said, “Oh fuck Baby, no more. Come up here and fuck me, fuck me good”

“Are you absolutely sure of this?” I asked her. She smiled and said, “Very sure. If he can do it, why not me? Plus, I have wanted you a long time, so let’s fuck and have fun.”

I got up and looked around, to make sure we were still alone, which we were. I reached into this one cabinet by the driver’s seat and pulled out a condom and slipped it on. Then positioned myself back between her legs, and slowly sunk my cock into her waiting love hole.

Once I was in all the way, we laid there for a bit, so she could get used to it. My god she was tight. “My god you are tight” I said.

“Oh god you are so big, but it feels great. I’m tight because I haven’t had any in a month. So go slow for now. But trust me, I’ll give that dick of yours a workout. And, you didn’t need a condom. I’m safe. I had my tubes tied after last pregnancy.”

“Oh. Ok. I didn’t know. I’ll be honest, it’s been a few months for me, so I will probably go off quick here. But I recover fast and last longer then.” I really hate condoms, but I was also concerned because of her husband’s penchant for fucking around too. Who knows what he could have picked up.

She kissed me then said, “Not to worry. I’ll get you up a lot more today. God damn, you really fill me up”

We started kissing passionately then, as I moved in and out of her at a slow pace. But, as I thought would happen, I could feel my balls start to alert me that they needed released, and only 5 minutes into our sex session, I erupted inside her.

“Oh shit Tracy, I’m cumming” I moaned out. She smiled and said, “Cum Baby, Cum”

I was pushing up with my arms, so my weight wasn’t totally on her. I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth and started sucking it, as I let my groin area take a little break. I was surprised that I didn’t go soft.

She moaned as I sucked her nipple more. “MMMMMMM. I like you haven’t gone soft. Pull out and take that rubber off. I want to feel skin inside me.”

I kneeled and took off the condom and laid it next to us for now. Tracy then surprised me when she picked it up, and placed the open end to her mouth and squeezed the cum out of it, drinking it in. When she was done, she smiled at me and showed me her tongue, just coated with the white cream.

I went back down and sunk my cock back into her, and as I did, I kissed her again, tasting my cum in her mouth. She even pushed a little of it into my mouth, using her tongue.

“God Damn Tim, that was so hot. Love a man who get’s into sex like this.”

“Wait Babe, you haven’t seen anything yet.” Now that I was fucking her bareback, when I cum in her again, I will go down and eat her out. My swinger friend said that was the best, when a man cleans up after himself, and women just love that.

This time I lasted a lot longer inside her. We fucked for 20 minutes before I was ready again to shoot inside her. Tracy had 2 orgasms during that session. She is a loud moaner, which is something I like, but doesn’t talk much during it. I do enjoy a woman who loves to talk dirty while fucking. And since she did not, I didn’t either, for fear it would offend her.

As she started to cum the second time, her legs wrapped around my waist and and pulled me in tighter. This set off a chain reaction in me and I started to cum “Shittttttttttttttttt”, and started pumping hot juice inside her. I was buried deep in her as I shot a huge load in her.

As we started calming down from our orgasms, she smiled up at me and said, “Oh yeah. That’s how I like it. Damn Baby, did you pump a gallon in me?”

I chuckled and said, “Not sure, but I will find out.” With that, I pulled out, scooted back a bit and dove into her pussy and started eating her again. My cum was oozing from her hot hole. Her pussy lips were red and swollen, as was her clit, which was sticking out now, almost a good inch.

As I finished eating her, I made sure I left some of our combined juices in my mouth, crawled up between her legs and shared it with her with a very hot kiss. As we kissed, she would pull away and lick around my face, collecting any remnants that were smeared on my face, then sink her tongue back in me. This kissing last almost a good 5 minutes.

I then rolled off of her, when she broke the kiss, and laid there panting away. I could not imagine why Trace doesn’t want to fuck her more. If it was me, I’d be looking to get in her pants on a daily basis.

We both sat up then, and I reached for our cigarettes and lit us each one. We really did not talk at first, just enjoyed the solitude of the moment and the tranquillity of the place we were in.

Tracy positioned herself now, so she was sitting cross legged and facing me. “You are awfully quiet Tim. What’s wrong?”

“Not a thing. That was truly amazing. You are a fabulous lover. I just did not want to ruin it by asking how you were with this.”

“At first, just a little reserved about it. But this is not my first rodeo hun. To be honest, I’ve had 2 other affairs in the last 2 years. Fuck, if he can, why can’t I? But you are definitely the first to ever eat me after cumming in me. That was amazing.”

I then got up and put up the bimini top, to shade us some. I told her I did not think it was a great idea for her to have a sunburned ass or tits, since she doesn’t tan nude. Tracy chuckled and said that it was a good idea. I sat back down and we started talking again, but mostly about Mitch and Ron, and the rest of Mitch’s family.

Then she surprised me when she asked,” So are we done here, or are you going to make me feel good again?”

“I’m here to please Baby.” I then leaned across to her and started kissing her, and as I did, her hand went for my cock and started stroking it, getting it hard again. My hand went for her slit and started rubbing the lips, which were still extremely wet. As I did, she let out a soft moan.

Tracy then pushed on my chest and told me to lay down, which I complied. She bent over and took my cock in her mouth and slowly gave me a blow job. Licking up and down the shaft, and was now talking.

“You like my mouth on this hard cock, don’t you Baby. Because I love sucking cock, especially yours, since it has given me more pleasure already, than anyone else has in a long time.”

“Tracy, your mouth feels like heaven, but I think I would like to taste you as you did that.”

“Oh yeah Babe, I can handle some pussy eating about now too. Fuckkkkkk, I like your cock Tim.”

Tracy turned around then squatted over my face, and I dove in. As she sucked, I licked and sucked. I could hear her moaning a great deal too. After just a few minutes, I inserted 2 fingers in her and found her g-spot and rubbed it.

“Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Damn, I’m gonna cum” she yelled out. Then push hard on my face and my lips sucks in her clit, which set her off. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”.

Her body was trembling and her head was between my legs, as she came. Then she dismounted from my face, turned back around to face me, straddled my waist and impaled my cock into her soaking snatch.

I looked up at her with a smiling face, and she smiled back down at me. “Fuck Baby, I don’t know what you are doing to me, but damn, you have me so turned on. Sorry about the dirty mouth, but I get like this when turned on.”

I chuckled and told her, “Glad you are like that. It turns me on hearing you talk dirty. What’s your favorite way?

“This way. Me on Top, unless I need pounded, then my legs over your shoulders, on my back. Then pound my pussy.”

Tracy then started rocking back and forth on my cock, which was buried deep inside her. Then she would go in a circular motion, then rocking again back and forth. As she did that, my hands were holding her ass cheeks, gently squeezing them, and letting my fingers play with her asshole.

“Oh Baby, your cock is so fucking deep and hard. I could stay here all day”

She then leaned down onto me and we started kissing. As we did, I started pumping into her. As we fucked more, she moaned a great deal now. I think she figured out, not a soul could hear us way out here.

After 15 minutes of solid fucking, she said let’s switch and got on her back. I got between her legs, placed them over my shoulders, and slammed into her.

“Fuck Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck me like you mean it.Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”, she yelled out.

You could hear the small waves slapping against the boat, and our bodies slapping together with every thrust. It didn’t take either of us long before we started to build to our orgasms.

“Oh God Tracy, I need to cum.” She grabbed my arms and said, “Cum Baby, shoot that cum inside my fucking cunt. Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Cummmmminggggggggggg”

Her pussy grabbed my cock and started pulsating on it, which set me off then, as I shot rope after rope of creamy goodness deep inside her hot box. As we came, we started kissing. I released her legs from her, and she wrapped them around my waist, as our mutual orgasms started to subside.

“Oh Baby, that felt so damn good. I needed this so badly.” I smiled down at her and said, “Oh Yeah. This was by far our best today. You are such an amazing lover.”

We lay in each other arms now, lightly kissing and just enjoying the post orgasmic bliss. Tracy then said, “I bet you think this is a one time deal. But, rest assured it’s not. I definitely want to hook up again with you. Wanna be my fuck buddy?”

I looked at her and said “Sure. But how? Can’t always rely on the weather to be good for us to enjoy it like this.”

“True” she said. “But, we’ll be able to find places. As long as I can find a babysitter, we”ll find a way. God you make me feel like a woman again. And trust me, no one is going to know about us, not even Vicky, and I tell her most everything.”

“Yeah. I don’t think that would be wise if you told Vicky. She may not understand you having an affair.”

Tracy laughed, then said, “Oh shit, she could care less if I fuck around. She hates Trace. He always picks on her and has even told her she is fat, on many occasions. Asshole that he is.”

“Your sister is hardly fat. I’d love to be with her. I hope that doesn’t piss you off.” As I said that, I was kneeling between her spread legs, and was watching my cum ooze from her gash. I couldn’t help myself, and leaned down and started licking my cum from her.

“Oh Damn, I can’t believe you would eat me like this. You are so fucking sexy.”

I gathered in a mouthful and climbed back up on top of her and fed her the cum. Her mouth was hungry for it, and licked and sucked my tongue into her mouth.

“God Damnnnnnnnnnn Timmmmmmmmmmm. Promise to do that again to me. I am so turned on by this. You ever get the chance with Vicky, and do that, she’ll probably want to marry you. She is just as kinky and as horny as me.”

“Oh, and how would you know this?” I asked.

Tracy got quiet for a moment, then finally said, “Ok. This is between you and I. Promise me.” I said that I promise. She continued, “Vicky and I are very close. We tell almost everything and we also take cares of needs when no man is around to do that. In other words, we are bi. Our biggest fantasy is to share a guy, one of these days. Maybe that could be you.”

“Oh Wow. I’d love to just sit back and watch you 2 go at it.” Tracy laughed and said, “Typical male. Fuck watching, we’d want that cock of yours involved lover.”

“Really?” I asked. “Really. Trust me, even if you 2 started dating, she’d be open to it, but, would you?”

“Oh hell yeah I would. Especially knowing how you are as a lover. I’d be nuts not to want to join in.”

As we were talking, my cock was again, growing hard. Tracy, who was laying on her side, noticed it and started stroking it.

“I can’t believe the short amount of time it takes you to get hard again. No sense in wasting that.”

She crawled to her knees and was now on all fours, looked back at me, and said, “Care to fuck me one last time?”

I got behind her, leaned down and licked not only her pussy, but also her brown hole. When I did that, she moaned and told me she also enjoys anal at times. Maybe one of these days she’ll let me experience it, but for now, just fuck her hard again,

I slipped inside her, which was extremely wet from our cumming a short time earlier. We started fucking again. This time I was going slower. My cock felt like hamburg from all the sex, but I wasn’t complaining. As we fucked, Tracy would rub her clit, and I was pinching her hard nipples.

“Fuck Baby, you feel so good. I can’t believe you get hard like this after cumming 3 times.”

“I think it has something to do with my partner here and since I haven’t had any in months.”

“Oh God, I know that feeling. Just think if you were in Vicky right now, and she was eating my cunt out. Turns you on, doesn’t it?”

That made start pounding her harder now, and she was receptive to it. Telling me to fuck her harder, over and over. We only lasted like 10 minutes, and she came. I unfortunately, did not sum this time, but that was ok.

After we rested, Tracy got back on her suit, as I did too. We headed back into the dock, and got back by 3:30. She had to be home by 4, so we made it in good time. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her later this week, so we could make plans again, and also told me she would work on Vicky, to make the 3some come true.

We did hook up 5 more times over the next 3 weeks. Each time was amazingly good too. She is quite the kinky woman in bed, and out of it. She even told me that Vicky is quite receptive to a 3some, as long as I was the man involved. She even gave me Vicky’s phone number, so I could ask her out for a boat ride. Vicky had been bugging me a couple of times for that, before I had taken Tracy out on it.

The 5th time we were together, she told me to come over to her house. The other 4 times we fucked, it was either on the boat, or at her friends apartment. So this was taking a major chance. She told me that Trace wouldn’t be back until Friday night, or Saturday afternoon. Last thing I need is to be fucking the guys wife, and he comes home and catches us.

Now the day before, I was at Mitch’s house and saw Vicky. I got her alone and asked if she wanted to go out on the boat Sunday. She was elated that I finally asked her out. She still did not know that Tracy and I had been out on it, and I think she hasn’t a clue that I have been fucking her sister. Before she left, she gave me her phone number and told me to call her anytime I wanted too.

See, Vicky lives in her mom’s trailer, but her mom no longer lives there. She moved in with her boyfriend. I met her mom a few times over the year’s, at Mitch’s. Nice lady, and definitely a flirt as well. She’s always wearing short shorts, and halters in the summer. Same body style as Vicky, and has even bigger tits than Vicky.Anyways, Vicky lives alone in the trailer.

That night at Tracy’s, I told her I was taking Vicky out this Sunday on the boat. But, Tracy already knew that. “Oh, I know. She told me that night you asked her. She is super excited.”

“I am too. She is very pretty and I won’t lie, I find her pretty hot too” Now mind you, as we are talking about this, Tracy is on top, riding my cock. I found she likes to talk to prolong our sex sessions.

“Well, there is a good chance you will be doing this same thing with her Sunday. She has wanted to fuck you since forever.” I was moaning pretty loud, and had to stifle it some, so we wouldn’t wake her kids. We were in her basement, on a couch.

“You know, if you 2 do hook up, we are done doing this, and I am ok with that. I’ll miss this cock and tongue of yours, but it is ok, if she is the one receiving it, and we might get to do that 3some.”

We fucked 2 times that night, but I felt really uneasy about it. So after the second time, with us both cumming, I said I had to get home and get some sleep, since I had work tomorrow. She agreed and said that it was really exciting doing here, and made her orgasms even stronger.

Saturday afternoon, after I got off of work, I gave Vicky a call. I called to set up what time I would pick her up, and get direction to her place, which was about a mile away from my boat. She too, had just got home from work. She is a hair dresser.

She asked what plans I had for the night, and I told her that I really didn’t, except to hang out maybe hang out at Mitch’s. She said if I wanted to, come over and watch a movie on HBO. I told her that sounded a lot better than hanging out. I suggested getting a pizza, which she said great.

I showed up about 7:30, with pizza and beer in hand. Vicky was dressed pretty comfortably in jean shorts, that were really short, and a red polo top. I could tell she had a bra on. I had on shorts, and a t-shirt.

When she went to the cupboard, to get some plater, she had to stretch a bit, which showed off the cheeks of her ass quite nicely. I love a woman with a nice booty, and she has one. She did catch me staring at her ass, but just smiled and didn’t say a word.

We then grabbed the pizza and headed to her couch, and ate, while something was playing on TV. We were to caught up in talking about our jobs and people we knew, and of course her family. She did tell me that Trace tried on a few occasions to get in her pants, but she rebuffed him every time. She thinks he is a slimeball, but won’t tell Tracy that.

When the movie started, I sat at the one end of the couch, and Vicky sat next to me, with her legs folded under her, kind of facing my way. I couldn’t even tell you what the movie was about, because we were to busy talking and laughing.

About an hour into the movie, Vicky excused herself to go to the bathroom, and asked if I wanted another beer. She returned with two of them, one a piece. She sat down next to me again, with her legs stretched out in front of her, on the floor, and her shoulder rubbing against mine. I did notice that her bra was no longer on, because her nipples were slightly raised through the top.

“Damn” she said. “It is so hot out and this air conditioning sucks” It was a bit warm in there, but not that uncomfortable, but I was glad she was braless.

Vicky then remarked, “Man, my feet and calves are so achy. Standing all day on them for work sucks at times.” I looked at her and asked, “Would you care for a foot massage?”

“Oh God Yes. I would love that” I had her lay on the couch and I turned so I was more comfortable, with one foot on the floor and the other kind of sitting indian style. She placed both feet in my lap then.

I picked up the outside one first and slowly massaged it. She cooed on a few occasions, the moan lightly. Then I massaged up her calf, to her knee, then back down again.

“Oh God, this feel so good Tim. You could do this all night to me and I would be a happy camper.” I smiled at her and said, “Good. Enjoy it and relax.”

While I was doing this, the heel of her other foot was right in my crotch, and she had to have felt my semi erection going. If we were lovers, I would have gone farther up her leg and to her pussy, but, that was for another time, hopefully.

After about 10 minutes of this, I switched to her other leg. She placed the other one so it was now off the couch, which gave me a nice view up her shorts. I could see her red panties, that she was wearing.

I repeated my process with this foot and leg, massaging slowly. I did this mostly, to hear her moan. I bet if I could slip a finger inside her sexy hole, it would be soaking wet.

“God Tim, you should become a masseuse. This feels terrific.” I chuckled and said, “I think it helps when you have a sexy client too. You put more effort into it. You do have sexy legs Vicky.”

She opened her eyes and smiled at me then. I don’t know what came over me, but as I came back up to her feet, from her calf, I leaned in and sucked one of her toes into my mouth. Vicky’s eyes got real wide them, but she also had a smile on her face.

I continued to suck her big toe, then went to each toe, and sucked and kissed it. As I did, she would let out little whimpers, and then a moan of pleasure.I then licked the top of her foot and up her calf. I was so tempted to keep licking up her thigh, but thought better of it.

When I licked my way back to her foot, her body kind of stiffened, as did her leg. I think she had a small orgasm, because I heard her go “Ahhhhhhhh, Damnnnnnnnn”

Vicky then sat up, so I released her foot, and she put it right now into my lap, and onto my raging hard on. She just smiled at me, then leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. She backed away momentarily then we kissed again. This time her arms going around my neck as we kissed passionately.

As our kiss got hotter and hotter, with tongues dancing over each other, she pulled me down so I was now between her legs, on top of her. My cock was now resting right on her pussy. When she felt that, she started sucking on my tongue.

Her legs hooked on to the back of my thighs now as our kissing continued. She broke the kiss and said, “Damn Babe, you fit real nice between my legs.” then started kissing me again. I pushed up with my arms, so my weight wasn’t fully on her. When I did this, her hands went under my shirt and started rubbing my belly and chest. I moaned into her mouth.

After a bit, she quit rubbing my chest and nipples, so I returned the favor and slipped a hand under her shirt and started rubbing her breast. Our mouths were still locked together, but she moaned a great deal as I gently rubbed her one nipple, which was quite hard now.

As my ministrations continued, she started moving her hips under me, like we were fucking. Damn this girl was hot. But, I played it cool and let her direct just how far we would go.

She finally broke the kiss and said, “Don’t be mad, but we better quit. I just don’t go all the way, on the first date. Sorry.”

I leaned down and lightly kissed her and told her, “It’s ok. It really is. But you are an awesome kisser.”

She pushed on my chest, for me to sit up, which I did. Then she sat up and straightened herself, as I did the same. Then she smacked me on the arm.

“Ouch. What the hell was that for?” She giggled and said, “You jerk. It took you this long to ask me out. Had we gone out already, we’d be in that bedroom right now, fucking our brains out.”

“Well then, something to look forward too next time.” I stood up and pulled her up too, and wrapped my arms around her. “That is, if you still want too, then.”

She kissed me and giggled, “Maybe. But maybe not. We’ll see.” She led me to the door and said you better leave, before we do something stupid, well, really me. We said our good nights and I said I would be by at 10am for boating.

Part 2 coming

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