Hiking for Love


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Mark and Carrie never met before, until an accident to Carrie, brought them together, and now maybe for good.

Chapter 1

I’m Mark. 39 years old, single, a computer geek who is lucky enough that I can work from home, and make my own hours. I wasn’t always like this. When I was 18, I had a choice, jail or join the service. I just made some bad decisions back then, doing drugs and getting in fights. So I opted for the Marines. I spent 15 years with them, and advanced to Master Sergeant, which is the forth highest position an NCO can go. Served 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, which are true shit holes. Great thing about the service, besides 3 square meals a day and a place to sleep, you can be taught almost any useful job in the world, which is where I learned computer programing.

Now I pretty much free lance my abilities out and make a good wage. Most times I have jobs to do, but sometimes I don’t and have lots of free time. If I do have jobs, I can make my own hours.

I don’t have a steady woman at this time, and I am ok with that. Being deployed all the time, whether it was in the Middle East, or on some ship with a bunch of Squids, I really had no time for a relationship.

I had been out almost a year this past August, when I decided I needed some down time. I decided I was going to the Adirondacks and do some hiking. I grew up outside of Syracuse Ny., and have always wanted to go there. My one uncle owns a cabin up there and offered it to me when he heard I wanted to go hiking up there. He told me it had one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, and a living room with fireplace. It had running water and electricity. He warned me that I would need to turn on the hot water tank, since they shut it down last fall, after they used it last.

I had decided that I would take two weeks to explore all the different mountain ranges this area had, finishing up at Mt. Marcy, the highest of them all. Since it was just after Labor Day, tourism should be at a low, with vacationers and school kids back into their routines. My plan was to hike daily, a different range, and if need be, camp out at night. Being a Marine, we are taught all types of survival skills, so this would be no problem for me. One thing my uncle did ask me to do, is stop at the Ranger station and let them know I would be occupying the cabin for a length of time. People sometimes like to use squatter rights and just use cabins, regardless if they are allowed, or not.

I also like that the temperature doesn’t get to warm up there either. I prefer cool nights and just warm days. Maybe it’s because of my time in that hell hole of the middle east. My trip took almost 4 hours to get to where I wanted to go.

Chapter 2

The skis were quite cloudy when I pulled into the Ranger Station. I got out of my truck and headed to the stations door, and when I opened it, a woman was coming out at the same time and we bumped into each other. We both apologized, then laughed, and then she continued on to her vehicle.

After letting a ranger know where I was going and for how long, I exited the station and headed back to my truck. That’s when I noticed her again. She was 5 ‘7, maybe 130 lbs., caramel colored skin, shoulder length hair. From the side, she did not look like she had any boobs, and if so, they were small, just the way I actually like them. She was wearing camo style shorts, and a tan polo shirt. Boy, she had nice legs, long and muscular, very toned. If I had to guess her age, early 30’s. Whoever was getting lucky with that, was one lucky son of a bitch. One thing I did notice, she was wearing white running shoes, and not hiking boots. Judging from the backpack she was attempting to put on, she was going hiking and camping out. Running shoes are not the smartest thing to wear hiking. No ankle support what so ever.

As I drove off, I stole another look at her, as I drove by. Great looking ass. Bigger than a model would have, but smaller than many of the women I have seen in my lifetime. I exited the parking lot and started heading up Whiteface Mountain. My uncle’s cabin is up about 4 miles from this point, on a long and windy road. If I had to guess, it would be about a third of the way up the mountain, and only because of the road, which I believed was cut out by a snake.

Once I arrived, I unloaded everything into the cabin. Found the circuit breaker and turned them on, especially the hot water tank. Too many cold showers in my life, so no need to suffer this time now. One thing I did notice too, the temp was cooler up this high. It was around 70 down by the station, but I bet it dropped a good 10 degrees.

Next, I unload my coolers, which had meats and eggs, butter, and all of the necessities needed to eat well. I had enough for 2 weeks, if not more. Also brought along 2 12 packs of beer as well, and water. Man I love roughing it.

After stowing away my gear and food, I checked the place out. Nice queen size bed, in the bedroom. They even had TV, which I could care less about. May to use for the weather is all I can see a use for it. I’m not one to sit and watch TV much, except for football and maybe playoff baseball.

I then went and checked the area out. The back porch had a gas grill on it, plus what looked like a cord of wood. I figured if I used any, I could go into town and buy some to replenish, unless Unc had a chain saw, then I would do my own. I then went for a small hike just around the area.

I did not want to venture to far today. It was already after 4pm, and the skies were really getting dark, so some rain, if not storms, were moving in soon. About a 1/4 mile into the woods, was a hiking trail, well used too. I wondered if that lady was on this trail, if she even made up this far yet. If she did, she better start preparing her campsite for the weather that was due in soon. I kept hiking for another 30 minutes before heading back to the cabin. I figured a good early start in the morning, may get me to the top by the afternoon, early evening.

Chapter 3

I was now back from my little hike and relaxing, but also getting hungry. I settled on frying up some home fries and grill up some polish kielbasa. I cooked up the potatoes first, and then set the pan in the oven and set it to warm. Then took the meat out to the porch and fired up the grill.

It was a little after 6 now and the wind had really picked up and the skies hung low, full of rain that to start shortly. As I waited for the grill to heat up some, I thought I heard someone cry out. At first I thought it could be just the wind, but then I heard it again.

I stepped off the porch and headed towards the trail, behind the cabin. As I got on the trail, I heard the cry again, but this time could make out the word Help. I yelled out for the person to keep yelling, so I could judge where it was actually coming from.

Whoever it was, must have heard me because the Helps were coming more quickly. I was at least a good half mile now from the cabin when I came upon a woman, lying on the ground, holding her foot. It was the lady I saw down by the ranger station when I first arrived.

When she saw me coming she said, “Oh Thank God. I wasn’t sure anyone could hear me.”

“What happened?” I asked. “Oh stupid me wasn’t watching where I stepped and then all of a sudden, I’m on the ground from twisting my ankle.” she explained, then went on,

“I tried walking on it, but damn, it hurts. I don’t think it is broken.” I kneeled in front of her and took off her shoe, then her wool sock, and could see the ankle was swollen and just starting to turn a little purplish. I’m no doctor, nor was I corpsman in the service, but I have had my share, and have seen many a sprained ankle, and this sure did look like one.

After looking at it, I looked up at her face and could see the pain written all over her gorgeous face. I then gently removed her backpack, which had to weigh a good 25 to 30 pounds. “Christ, what the hell is she carrying in this.”, I thought. Then I put the backpack on over my shoulders. Just then, the rain started. “Great, just what I needed”, I thought.

“Oh damn. This isn’t good. What are we going to do now?” she asked.

“First off, grab my arm and let’s get you up, then we’ll hike back down to my cabin, which I think is about a 1/2 mile from here.” I said. “By the way, my name is Mark” She retorted back to me “Carolyn, or Carrie to my friends, which you are fast becoming.”

With my help, she stood up, using her good leg. Now I am not a tall man, 5′ 10 175 lbs, and still in great shape, since I workout 4 times a week. I then asked her to put her right arm around my neck and I would hold her waist, and we would try and keep all the weight off of the foot.

We did quite well actually, and she didn’t complain one time. Only twice did we have to stop and rest a minute. That didn’t matter, we were both soaked to our skin by now, and it was quite chilly out. What should have taken maybe 5 minutes to walk, turned into almost 25 minutes, by the time we got back to the porch of the cabin. At one point, I felt I should have just carried her fireman’s style, just to speed this up.

We then entered the cabin. Luckily it was still pretty warm in there, but I knew that wouldn’t last long. I guided her over to a leather chair and had her sit. Then went and got some towels to at least dry off some of the rain.

I then went into the bathroom and saw that my uncle had 2 inch wide medical tape and some gauze. I went into my pack and pulled out some aleve. I came back out, got some water and then handed her the medicine. Then I knelt down and removed her shoe again, sans the sock, since we didn’t put that back on. I carefully dried her foot and ankle, and then wrapped gauze around it, then taped it up.

After I finished, I could see she was shaking from being cold now. Both of us were soaked to the skin. I went into my uncles dresser and looked around. My aunt had a set sweats in there. I hope they fit her. My aunt is only 5’4, but is big chested, so the top should be fine. I also pulled out some socks for her as well. I then looked in the closet, and in the back, found a pair of crutches. Unc’s family comes up here a lot to ski, so crutches would be a wise investment, especially for my one cousin carol, she is a klutz.

I came back into the living room and looked down at her. ” How does that feel now Carrie”

“Still hurts, but not like it was, and thank you.” she said. I extended a hand to her and told her to grab it, then pulled her up. “I got you some clothes to change into, and these crutches. The shower is down the hall. A good hot shower should help you warm up a bit . Also, take this baggie and wrap it around your foot and ankle and tape off the top, to keep it dry.”

“Oh My God, you are so nice. I am so sorry for being a pain in your ass, but thank you so much.”

She trudged down the hall to the bath. I couldn’t help but look at her great legs and chubby butt as she went. I did notice she wore no wedding, or engagement ring, so that was a good thing. Just before she opened the bathroom door, I told her I was going to finish making dinner. She just grinned, but said nothing. Before I did that though, I pulled out some sweats. Both the top and the bottoms had the Marine logo on it. Those sweats last forever.

I had to reheat the fried potatoes and then went and relit the grill. The kielbasa was done in about 10 minutes. So when I came back in, she was still not out of the shower. “Women”, I thought. They take so fricken long to get clean. Although I did have some thoughts about how she looked in the shower.

I had just finished setting the table, when she arrived back out in the living room. The sweat top was definitely tp big for her, yet looked cute. The sweat pants were a little snug and stopped short about two inches from the top of her feet. She was like staring at me, but didn’t speak.

“Is something wrong?” I asked. “No, not a thing, except for those Jarhead sweats you have on.”

“What? You don’t like Marines?” She laughed and said, “They are ok, but to a Navy gal, they don’t get my motor running”

“Oh shit. I helped a god damn Squid? Christ sakes”, then laughed, and so did she. “Come on, let’s eat”

I asked her what she would like to drink, which was limited to beer or water. She chose a water, as I did too, and sat down to our little feast.

Chapter 4

She was quiet at first, so I broke the silence and asked her “So Miss Carrie, and I presume Miss, what has you up here by yourself?”

She chuckled then spoke ” I love hiking and always wanted to come explore these mountains. And Yes, I am a miss. Divorced actually, 5 years now. I have a 20 year daughter too, who attends Syracuse University. I spent 14 years in the Navy. I was also a Navy brat too. My dad and mom live in Pensacola, after he retired from the Navy as a Master Chief. I left the Navy 7 years ago, but that’s another story.”

She took a drink of water, then continued. ” I live right outside of Syracuse now, mostly to be close to my daughter. She was adopted when she was 3 years old. I couldn’t have kids, and she was orphaned when her parents were killed in an auto accident in Norfolk. What about you Mr. Mark?”

I smiled at her and looked her right in the eye, which were hazel in color. “Let’s see, I spent 20 good years in, and then retired from it. I did pick up a good vocation, programming computers, so that’s what I do now. Mostly free lance myself out. I make a good wage doing it. My uncle owns this cabin and I needed a vacation, so I too, wanted to explore here. I took the next two weeks off and hope to finish up on Mt. Marcy. I grew up just east of Syracuse and moved back there. Both of my parents are deceased now, and I have one sister, who is two years older than me”

She then asked, “What did you end up at?” “An E8, Mater Sergeant, and you?” She chuckled and said, “E8 as well, Senior Chief. How many deployments?”

” 3 tours in the sandpit, then countless boat rides. Served on the GW (washington) and the Lincoln, and ended my career at Quantico.”

“OH shit. My dad served on the Lincoln too, John Reynolds. Master Chief of the Boat.”

I laughed and said, “I know your old man. I served with him on the Lincoln for 6 months. At the time I was a E6 (Staff Sergeant), but I got to know him well. I even got to meet your mom too, when we got done at Norfolk. Beautiful lady and not being forward, I can see where you get your looks. Your old man had a way with the crew. They all respected him and did anything he told them to do. I can still remember his one saying, “Son. Don’t fail me, or I will open a can of whoop ass on you”. Usually scared the shit out of some teenage kid”

She laughed and said, “Yeah, he did have their respect, but at home he was a teddy bear, at least to me and mom. I remember in high school, any boy I would date, he would just stare at them, which usually scared the shit out of them”

We laughed and told stories about our time in the service. Then I did the dishes up while I had her go relax on the couch. When I finished, I asked if she would like a beer now, which she gladly accepted. Before I came out with the beers, I wrote down my name, address and phone number, and handed it to her.

“What’s this for?” I told her, “Look. You were injured and I would like you to call your family and tell them and that you will be staying here tonight. Plus give you peace of mind that you are not bunking with some crazy guy in the woods. So let them know that info, and all should be good.”

She chuckled then said, “Well, for one. all of you jarheads are crazy, so I am not to sure how safe I am with you, but so far, you haven’t shown any craziness. But I will call my daughter and let her know.”

She then called her daughter and explained the situation to her. They chatted for about 10 minutes or so. Her daughter must have asked her if I was cute, because she softly spoke, “yeah. pretty cute” After that she hung up her phone and sat back on the couch.

“I want to thank you again for saving me from a very bad situation. I know I have to be a pain in the ass to you, and you weren’t planning on someone screwing up your vacation like this.” Carrie said.

“Number one, you are not a pain in the ass at all, and two, you haven’t screwed anything up. I rather enjoy your company, if I am being honest here. Granted, I came up here alone, but now I have made a friend, or at least, an acquaintance, and if I may add a very beautiful one at that..

Carrie blushed, “Thank you. I mean for a Gyrene, you are pretty nice, and a bonus, you can cook too. How come some pretty woman hasn’t snatched you up?”

I just chuckled at that, “Well, you know how it is in the service. Always deployed to some ungodly place, or never being able to put roots down in one place. That’s not fair to anyone. Plus, there has been no one who really rocked my world. The closest I came was living with this one girl for like 6 months, but she opted out after seeing me off to Iraq, and just couldn’t handle the unknown. When I got back 8 months later, she was long gone. Never heard a word from her either, except for the letter she left behind. So from that point on, I just dated here and there, nothing steady. And now, I haven’t really looked. You say you are divorced, what happened there, if you don’t mind telling.”

She smiled, and when she did, her whole face smiled. Her almond shaped eyes were to die for. A man could get lost in those eyes. I know I was. I also wondered if she had a special man in her life. If so, he was a complete idiot for letting her go on this by herself. Not to keep her safe, or anything like that, but just to be with her.

“We met at Pensacola when I was just 2 years into my first term. He was a Seal. So of course he hung the moon and stars. But growing up Navy, I knew what this entailed. We had a great marriage, at least I thought we did. Only when he got deployed, did I get scared. You know how it is with them, they are not going to some amusement park. When he got transferred to a base, I got one too, since I worked in procurement and distribution, it was no big deal.”

She took a swig of her beer and breathed out, then continued. “We tried having kids, but I came to find out that my tubes were closed and I couldn’t have any. So we started looking at adoption and then about a year later we were informed about Jenny. Her parents killed in an auto accident and she had no living relatives. We took her in as a foster child and then about a year after, we adopted her. Things were going good for us. We both got transferred to Norfolk, and luckily, Dad was stationed there too, but as usual, out on a boat. Then Jack started to change. He became withdrawn and started drinking more.”

I put my hand on her shoulder and told her she didn’t have to continue. I knew this story well, which was one of the reasons I never settled down. Seen to many start drinking, and relived the action in their heads, and shut out their loved ones.

“No. I’m good. Any ways, about 9 years ago, he went on deployment and was gone a month. Who knows where, but called the night before and said he’d be home around 1700 hours. I was excited, yet nervous too. So, and I can’t believe I am telling you this, (chuckled), but I left work early that next day. I wanted to make it special for him. Jenny was going to stay with my mom. So I left around 2 and went home. When I got there, his car was already in the drive. We lived off base then. So I rushed from the car and went inside. I didn’t see or hear him, so I thought he was upstairs. Oh God… (chuckling again), I stripped down and figured I would surprise him being nude. I walked silently up the stairs and saw the bedroom door closed. Then I heard muffled sounds, so I opened the door, and there he was, on the bed. But he wasn’t alone. Our neighbor Joann, who lives two doors down, was there too. She was on top of him fucking him.”

“Oh shit Carrie, I am so sorry” This must have been bad for her, because tears were streaming down her face now. I didn’t know what to do actually. I am not good with women crying, and since I hardly knew her, I knew not to reach out and try and hold her.

She fought through it and smiled a little, “It’s ok, it really is. Joann was a divorcee and always flirted with the husbands around her. Lord knows how many time she and Jack fucked before I caught them. I shouted at them, which startled them both and I told her to get her skanky ass out of my bed. Then I told Jack to pack his things and get out. He did too, never saying a word to me as he did. About a month later, he was transferred to San Diego. I know in my heart, my dad had something to do with that. He had many big wig contacts. It took 2 years for the divorce to be finalized because he was never in the area. I had just ended my time in the service and wanted to get away from there. Dad and mom had already moved down to Florida, so I had really no one, so why stay. The next 5 years, I lived down near my parents, so I could give Jenny a new start, like me. Then she said in her senior year she got accepted to Syracuse. I was working for a big fabric company, in logistics and put in for a transfer, since they had a big distribution center up here. Another good thing is, my mom’s mother still lives in Syracuse, and I have lots of cousins I never knew I had until now.”

“Wow”, is all I could say at first. “Now you see why I never married? Could have easily happened to me, but I come home and find her sleeping with some asshole.” Then I chuckled, which turned into a laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“When I was aboard the Lincoln, I was hitting on this young petty officer. Your dad took notice and pulled me aside. “Son. One thing you never do is shit where you eat. So keep your dick in your pants and stay away from them broads. Remember, you knock one up and they’ll throw you in Leavenworth for destroying government property.” I took him to heart too, that, and the fact your old man scared the shit out of me.”

She sat there and laughed and laughed, “Yep, that’s my dad. Gruff and to the point. He must have liked you, otherwise he’d let you screw up on your own and not say anything to you.”

It was now going on 10 pm, and she was getting real tired. I went into the bedroom and found a sheet and a blanket, and took one of the pillows off the bed. I came back out and threw them in a chair. I reached my hand out to her, so I could help her stand.

“Ok Squid lady, you take the bunk in the bedroom and I’ll be out here.” She shook her head, “No way Mark. I’ll sleep out here.”

“Please just take the bed. You’ll be much more comfortable in there, than on this couch. I’ll be fine. In the morning we’ll have breakfast and see how your ankle is. Maybe you should take a couple more aleive too.”

“See. I told Ya. I am a pain in the ass.” and huffed, as she got her crutch and started moving towards the bedroom. I just stared at her ass as she hobbled away from me. “God damn, what an ass”, I thought to myself.

After she went to the bathroom, I heard the bedroom door shut. I got my area ready for sleep. As I lay there, I could just think how sexy she had to have looked coming into the bedroom naked, ready to fuck her husband silly too. My dick started growing then, just thinking how hot I bet she looks naked. But, there was no way I was going to pound one off now, with her just down the hall.

Chapter 5

I awoke the next morning around 6 am, which is about normal for me now. It used to be 4:30am, when I was in the service. But I don’t run and do workouts like that anymore. I still work out, but nothing crazy like that. After relieving myself, and getting rid of the piss hard, I went out to the kitchen and opened the back door. It was quite chilly out and still raining. Now that could put a damper on the day. I thought I should check the weather a little later, once Carrie got up.

I was on my second cup of coffee, and had bacon in the oven when I heard the bedroom door squeak open. Then a few minutes later, the toilet flushed. So I got up and started the stove to cook some eggs. As I was preparing to cook, Carrie came into the kitchen. I turned when she said good morning, and was awe struck. All she was wearing was a red, plaid flannel shirt that came about mid thigh on her. Of course my depraved mind wondered how sexy she looked without it, but I’ll take this any day.

One thing my mind did wonder about, was if she was wearing anything under it. When I went to pee last night before bed, she had draped her shirt, shorts and a black pair of thongs over the top of the shower curtain bar. Oh well, one thing to ponder over and never find out.

“Morning Squid. How did you sleep and how is the ankle?”

“I slept really well, actually. It throbbed at first, but this morning it feels so much better. Not even using the crutch. That bed is so comfy. Thank you again for letting me use it. And, thank you again for everything you have done for me. Even if you are a bonehead Jarhead.”

“Ouch. That hurts. And here, I thought you liked me”, then chuckled. “Sit. Let me get you some coffee and the eggs will be done in a minute or so.”

We sat and ate, with little talk between us. Once we were finished, she made a remark about the weather looking quite shitty out. I agreed with her on that and told her I checked the weather channel, and it said it was going to rain all day today and finally move out this evening, then the next few days it would be clear and cool, up in the mountains.

“Well, I have another favor I am going to ask of you. Could you possibly drive me down to my car? Then I am going to rent a room for tonight and see how my ankle feels tomorrow. If all is well, I’ll try and tackle this mountain again.” she said.

I looked up at her and smiled, “I was thinking.” She laughed, “Now that will be a first. A Marine that thinks. No. Go on”

I grinned at her, “I see you have your dad’s wit too…. I was thinking, why don’t we do this together. I mean, we get along well, and it would probably be more fun doing it together, than alone. Your virtue would be safe with me. And, not sure if you know this, but there are quite a few animals out there that don’t really care for humans. Having a buddy around would make it safer.”

She sat and pondered for a moment, then after a bit, finally spoke. “You know, that isn’t a bad idea really. But understand, I am not going to cook every thing and do the cleaning, we share duties. As for my virtue, I think I am pretty safe with you. Plus, I have been around 41 years and done quite well, taking care of my own virtue. Plus, if I know Jenny, she was on the phone with dad and mom last night telling them everything that went on here. And daddy would hunt you down, if you hurt his little girl.” then laughed at her remark.

I started laughing, and shook my head. “What?” she asked. I calmed a bit and said, “Well, I should never try and do that age guessing game at carnivals. I’d lose big time.” She grinned and asked what I thought she was. “When I saw you at the ranger station, I put you in your early 30’s, not 40. Just a tad off I’d say.”

She laughed and said, “Yeah, just a little bit off, but thank you. I might like you more now.”

I told her the rest of my thoughts. After cleaning up and showering, we could go into Lake Placid. I need to get more tape and gauze, for her ankle. Some more food. And, she needed to buy some hiking boots, so her feet and ankles had better support. Depending on the time, maybe grab dinner down there too. Then pick up your car and drive it up here and we’ll make this our base of operation. She laughed at the last statement and I asked what was so funny.

“Oh nothing, except, you can take the Jarhead out of the Marines, but you will never take the Marine out of the Jarhead, that’s for sure. Base of operations? sheesh.”, then laughed again.

I started doing the dishes, and she joined me. Drying as I washed. I told her she didn’t have to, but she said to shut up. I was beginning to like her more and more. I like a woman with spunk, and speaks her mind. Granted, I like a woman who is also feminine too, which I believe she is. There is 3 things I find so sexy in a woman. Her eyes. They hold the keys to her being. Next is her attitude. If she doesn’t wilt when faced with conflict and then the sexiest is her ass and legs. If she has that, she is the total package to me. I just never found one yet. But now, I think I may have found one. Only time will tell.

We decided to take off around noon, and about 20 minutes before we left, my phone chimed. It was a text coming through. Only a handful of people knew I was going up here, and any of the companies I was working with knew I was on vacation and wouldn’t be available.

I was sitting in the leather chair when I opened the text. It stated, “You fucking Devil Dog. Thank You for taking care of my baby girl. Just remember who her old man is and not take any liberties that I would not approve of.” I sat there and started laughing. Carrie came out of the bathroom and asked what was so funny. So I showed her the text. She too started laughing.

“See. I told you Jenny would call them. She even gave them your number. Too funny.”

I texted him back. “You fucking OLD sea dog. Shock was an understatement when I found out who her old man was. Small world. We are going to tackle these mountains together. She’ll be in good hands Sir.” and I hit send.

A minute later, the phone rang. Carrie laughed, then I answer it. “Sir? you fucking idiot. You save that for those weenie ass officers, who still need their mommy’s to wipe their asses.”

(me) “Aye Aye Master Chief.”

(chief) “Mark. Not sure how you two stumbled onto each other, but actually I am glad. She’s a tough girl, but knowing you are there makes my stomach calm a bit. I wasn’t too keen on her doing this alone as it was. I know those woods. Lot’s of animals up there that don’t take to humans, especially the cougars and bears. So please be careful.”

(me) “We will Chief. No harm will come to either of us. Your daughter will be in good hands.”

(chief) “Now why’d you have to say that shithead. Remember what I told you back when you were eyeing up that young PO. It definitely goes for now (laughing). Seriously Mark. I know she is. Just keep my bay girl safe. And for now on, call me John. We served our time.”

(me) “Ok John. I will. I’ll let you speak to Carrie.” and handed the phone to her. They chatted for a few minutes. I caught her rolling her eyes a few times, but she was also glad her dad had called.

I wish I had a dad that care, like he did. Mine was a cruel SOB. I am not sure why my mom ever stayed with him. Hell, when he died, I did not even make an attempt to go home for the funeral. My sister did, but only because she wanted to be there for mom. I did go home for mom’s, when she died a few years later.

Carrie said her goodbye’s, then handed the phone back to me. She just shook her head and then laughed. She kept on laughing then too. I was perplexed, as to what she found so funny.

She calmed a bit, then said, “God Mark. When you answered the phone and heard his voice, you went parade dress attention. I bet you didn’t even know you were doing it. It was so cute. But you know what, now that I really think of it, you are a lot like him in so many ways”

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked. “Hell no. Just funny though. He never liked Jack. Jack would never look him in the eye, and that bothered dad. Can’t trust a man who won’t look you in the eye, he used to say. Guess he was right. He must like you some, or he wouldn’t have called you like that.”

Chapter 6

Carrie was dressed in tight jeans and a sweat shirt, This sweat shirt hugged her body nicely, and judging from the two peaks I saw, she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Her ass was like a dream to me. Nice and full, and the way the seam disappeared into her as, just made me think of badly I would love to be those pants right now.

We got the Lake Placid and found a sporting goods store. Inside, she tried on a few pairs of boot, until she found one she said really fit her nicely. Even the swollen ankle fit into it, which kind of surprised me. She also bought some socks. A couple of thin one’s to use on her bad foot and some thicker woolen type socks. Of course they matched.

Carrie also bought a new rain slicker, with hood, and I figured, what the hell, and bought one too. Mine was old and ragged looking. After our purchases, she sat down in a chair at the front of the store and put on her new socks and boots. She said she wanted to start breaking them in. Of course I asked how they felt around her injured ankle, and she said great, but who knows for sure.

The rest of the afternoon, we did the basic sight seeing around town. Every once in a while, we found a place to sit, that was out of the weather, so she could rest her ankle. She said it felt fine, but never complained when I suggested a rest.

By 5pm, we were both pretty hungry, so we started looking for a place to eat. We found this quaint little restaurant that served american flavor. I opted for a steak, and she did too. The girl could eat, but lord knows where it goes on her. We had a really good time while eating. We found out stuff about our early lives. Of course, hers was moving from base to base, and mine was not really giving a crap about school and getting into stupid trouble. She also found out how I detested my father when I was a teen.

For me, this felt like a date. I usually am tongue tied during these events. But with her, I felt really at ease and conversations moved smoothly, like we have known each other our whole lives. One thing I did notice, that anytime her parents were mentions, she had this twinkle in her eye. She adored them, which was hard for me to understand. My parents weren’t all that interested in what I did, and I pretty much gave up trying to get them to show me any affection or love when I hit 14, it just wasn’t going to happen. To my mom, my sister was an angel, and I was the devil. For Carrie, she was their parents whole world, especially her dad.

She had me in tears with some of the dumb things her dad used to do with her. Playing dress up and Barbies and such. If you knew her dad the way I know him, you would never think in a million years he would do things like this. For some reason, the more she talked, the more I was beginning to really like her, and I mean like in how a man wants to be with a woman. To share things with, and be with.

We left the restaurant about an hour and a half later. The rain had stopped, so we decided to just walk around a little more. As we walked, she took my hand in hers, like two teens would do. Now I am not the type that shows public displays of affection. I never did that, only because I really never saw it from my parents when I was growing up. But, her hand in mine felt so good to me. Then she just leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

I looked at her with a questioning look. “Thank you again. My vacation could have been ruined, or even worse, still stuck up on that mountain side.”

“Actually” I said, “Maybe it is fate, we found each other. But I will say this. I really like being with you” She just looked at me and smiled, and gave my hand a little squeeze in acknowledgement.

“Mark? Weird question.” she paused, then asked, “What’s your perfect woman to be with?”

“Oh God” I said, “Actually, I don’t want a perfect woman. I want one that when we are together, we can laugh, or cry, without feeling it’s not right to do. I’d want one who is independent, and doesn’t need me to keep her happy, but also, wants me in her life because I do make her happy, and she makes me happy too. She should be one with a strong mind and not afraid to speak her mind, or argue. But if we do argue, it is about something important in our lives, and not something petty, like I see so many do nowadays. When I commit to someone like that, I want that same commitment in return. It’s either all or nothing, because I only want to do this once in my life, and as you can see, I have never found her, nor have I really looked all that hard either. And lastly, when we are apart, she is the only person I am thinking of, and wishing I was with her, even if it is occupying the same room with her…… What’s your perfect man you want to be with ?”

She laughed, then got a very serious look on her face. “To be honest, I am not sure anymore. I thought when I met, and then married Jack, he was the perfect man. Rugged, good looking, and always attentive, when he wasn’t deployed. But as time wore on, he quit being attentive and acted like I was there to serve him. I felt as though I was raising two kids at times. I guess I want what you want, but in a man. I want it an equal partnership, and I base that on dad and mom, because they have that and always have, and it is what I grew up with. I want him on my mind 24 / 7 when we are apart, and when we are together, there is no one else alive that makes us happy, well except Jenny. I want to be able to look across the room at him and just make love with our eyes. I know, sounds corny, but that’s what I want. As for love making, that’s exactly what I want, love making. Pleasuring my man like no other woman can, and he pleasure me in the same way. To that end, it is a two way street. If you give 100%, expect to receive 100%. back. The last couple of years of marriage, now that I think back on it, it was mostly I gave, he took, and could care less about my needs at all, and I doubt highly he was even thinking of me then.”

With that, I just looked at her and said, “Well, sounds like we have some things in common again. As silly as this sounds, but this feels like a date we are on. But you know, it feels good. I’ll be honest Carrie. I have never been in love before. I am not sure what that feels like. But I won’t lie either, never have since being in the service, and I never will either, I like being with you.”

“Good to know Jarhead. I like being with you too. But, does my race bother you at all?”

“You’re kidding right? I think you are one beautiful woman. And if I may be so bold, a very sexy one too. Granted, you have a better tan than me, but that’s only because of my Irish blood. We don’t tan well. All kidding aside, why would you ever think that it would bother me?”

“Oh Mark. I didn’t mean it in a bad way but, when I was growing up, kids weren’t so nice about, from both races. About 4 years ago, I was dating a guy and he met my parents. Even though mom comes from a mix race parents, she is darker than me, and when he saw that, he sort of just couldn’t handle that. Since then, I haven’t dated at all.”

I chuckled, then said, “Good thing I already know your parents and I like them. I definitely respect them even more. Back when they got together, and hell, even your grandparents, that was a lot harder to live with. People are so judgmental and mean. But No, your race means nothing to me. To me Squid, you are one Hot looking woman.”

“Keep talking like that Jarhead, and I just may let you stick around me another day or two.”

After driving back up to the cabin, our talk turned to our hike in the morning. We decided to look over the maps and see how we would tackle it and what to bring. I asked her if she minded sharing a tent with me. I told her it was a 4 man tent, and would lighten the load of the pack. She even agreed to that. My backpack was almost as big as the one I had in the service, which is called a rucksack. I will be bale to get the tent and my sleeping bag in it, along with a small shovel and then a lighter, and food. If I pack right, i can get her sleeping bag into it and give her the lighter things like a coffee pot and water, and her carry the food. Just take enough for the day, and no more. Plenty of food bars and the such and canned stew. After eating MRE’s most of my life, canned stew is gourmet eating.

Once we got back to the cabin, we laid out the map and plotted our course. Once that was done, I went and showered, then packed my pack. Carrie was showering then. I changed into just running shorts and a t-shirt. When Carrie finished, she came out wearing just a flannel shirt again. Last time she had it on, she had it buttoned all the way to the top, except for the last button. This time, the top 3 buttons were left undone. “Damn. She does look sexy like that.” I thought.

We packed up her backpack, with food and such, and even a change of clothes for the both of us. I recommended sweats for at night, since it will be chilly up there, but she also pack a flannel, which she said she prefers sleeping in. One thing I did pack in my pack, was my 9mm glock. I have a permit for it, and I did inform the rangers that I was carrying it up there. Way too many wild animals that could prey on us. But, I did not tell Carrie this. Not sure how she would react. Hopefully, we’ll never have to use it. One thing I did pack, was a roll of toilet paper. Carrie laughed at that one. But once you are in the field, like I have been on patrol, it’s a comfort of home you want more than anything, and it beats leaves.

After packing, we retired to the living room, where Carrie turned on the TV. Checking the weather first, then some sappy movie she liked. I got us some beers, to which she toasted, “To a great adventure tomorrow.”, as we clinked bottles together. I then pulled out the ace bandage we bought earlier that day.

As she sat on the couch, she placed her bad leg over her good one and let me take off the tape, It ankle was a bit swollen, but not like it was yesterday. It was very hard to keep my concentration on her foot, because of her sexy legs right there. “God, I wish we were lovers. I would love nothing more than to kiss my way to heaven right now.” is all I could think about. But I pushed those thoughts aside, knowing my chances of that were quite slim, for now.

Once I had her all wrapped up, I suggested she use the thinner of the socks tomorrow. She said her ankle feels really good wrapped like this. She then patted the couch seat next to her, for me to join her. She was sitting next to me with her legs folded under her. As we watched the movie, not much was said. We just enjoyed each other’s company. I wondered if this how couples spent evenings together. I had never been in one before, and still am not in one, but this is close, I guess.

I have never let a woman get that close, even the one I lived with. To her, I was a place to live and a fuck. And I viewed her pretty much the same way. We never got mushy or even showed PDA. We just existed together and pretty much fucked. Of course, back then, I was in my 20’s and sex was all I had in mind. Not once was, I love you, ever spoken between us…. When the movie ended, Carrie stretched and said she was tired and needed some sleep.

“So Jarhead, you take the bunk tonight and I’ll use the couch.”

“No. You take the bed. Please. I am fine out here. This couch is pretty comfortable actually.” though I was lying through my teeth. The couch sucked. But I was raised with some manners, mostly obtained in the Marines.

“God. You Gyrene’s are so bull headed. Next time, I take the couch.”

I don’t know what possessed me, but I leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, and as I got close, she turn her face to me and it landed on her lips. It was a quick one, intended for her cheek.

I stammered then saying, “Sorry. That was meant for your cheek. And thank you for a great day. I really like being with you”

She giggled, then grabbed my face with both of her hands and kissed me on the lips.

“I prefer the lips to a cheek, any day of the week Grunt.” then stood and walked towards the bedroom. I couldn’t help but watch her fine looking legs and ass, as she disappeared down the hall, saying good night to me, softly.

Chapter 7

I was up at 6am. I got coffee going and changed into jeans and a polo shirt. About an hour later, I heard the toilet flush, so I started breakfast, It was best to eat a big breakfast, since lunch would consist of power bars and water.

Carrie came out in the same flannel that she had on the night before. “God this woman makes me crazy for her. ” I thought. One thing I have noticed, she is not big with wearing make up. She doesn’t need too. She’s one of those women who could easily go with out it. I bet she is smoking hot when she is made up.

After eating, I did the dishes up, and she went and changed. The weather called for a daytime temp of 70 and tonight in the 50’s. But on the mountain top, it would be in the 40’s.

Carrie came back to the living room, dressed and ready to go. She had on a pair of khaki shorts, that hugged her frame nicely and a light green shirt, and judging from the way the nipples were poking through, no bra. This could be a long hike today. I must keep my mind out of the proverbial gutter.

I asked how her ankle felt, and she said fine, just a little bit of stiffness. I told her we would rest as many times as she thought it was needed. It should take about 4 or 5 hours to get to the top. After putting on our gear, which included now, a thermal mat to put under the sleeping bags my uncle had, we left, making sure the cabin was secure.

The trail we chose was not all that hard, compared to some of the places I had to climb in Afghanistan. Carrie was keeping up too without a problem, If her ankle hurt, she surely didn’t say. Most times I would let her lead, and got to watch not only the scenery, but also her lovely ass and legs. Now that was picture perfect. Her body could put 20 something year olds to shame.

We stopped for lunch about a mile and a half from the top. There was a clearing that overlooked a valley below, and the sight was breathtaking to say the least. Carrie was all giddy about this and took out her phone and started taking pictures, commenting how beautiful it was. I too, took a few photo’s with my phone as well.

After a brief rest period, we continued our trek up the mountain. The higher we climb, you could feel the air getting cooler, but not cold. That would come later this evening, but we were prepared for that.

I was letting Carrie lead us this time, and I could not help but watch her body as she walked up the trail. She had asked the previous day, what my perfect woman would be. Well, if it was just the body, then hers would be it. Toned legs, and a great ass. Slim waist line, and a shocker to most, but small boobs. I have always preferred a woman with smaller chests. I just think they look incredibly sexy. So Carrie fit that build to a tee.

Would I like to be her lover? Hell yes. Who wouldn’t want too. But, there was no way I would ever make the first move. Not only out of respect for her, but also for her dad, who I respected a great deal. If sex was in the cards for us, she would have to initiate it. But in reality, any time you have sex with a woman, it is always her call, unless you are a complete asshole.

As we continued our climb, a couple, not more than 25 I’d say, was descending from the top. They greeted us and told us what an awesome view we were to behold, once we made it to the top. We found out too, that they were on their honeymoon. They, like us, camped overnight up there and said it was the most romantic place on earth. They then departed after a short rest, and we wished them well on their journey down.

Finally, around 3 in the afternoon, we were at the top. The air was cool, but not too bad actually. With the sun beating down, I would venture to say it was in the 50’s. I saw a clearing and put my rucksack down, and took Carrie’s from her. She ran up another 1000 feet to the top and a clearing. One thing about up here, it is a tourist attraction and has manmade lookout observatories, which takes away from the place. We are going to camp right by a wooded area, away from the trails.

Chapter 8

“Mark, Mark” she yelled. “Come up and see this.”

I dropped what I was doing and trekked up to her and she grabbed my hand, pulling me along faster. She was so excited, almost like a kid on Christmas morning. Once up there, we could see all around, and off in the distance, loomed Mt. Marcy, the tallest of these over 40 high peak mountains that made up this range. It was a majestic sight to behold.

She skipped up and onto a rock formation to get a better view, and left me with another beautiful view, her. God she was intoxicating to look at.

“God. This is so awesome. What a beautiful site. Don’t you think Mark?”

I chuckled to myself, then said, “Yes. It is a gorgeous sight to behold” Now I was staring at her body, and had no thoughts of the surrounding area then.

She turned her head, back towards me, and just smiled, and motioned me to join her. She was right, it was breathtaking to look out over the area. Ponds and streams below us. We could actually see a herd of Moose below, by one of the streams. We both took out our phones and took pictures. Carrie cursed herself for not bringing her digital camera. I don’t own one, and thought may be when we got back down, we could go to a store and buy one.

I suggested she explore a bit while I set up camp. One great thing about this place, it had bathrooms. One for men, and one for women. I figured they were outhouses, but was wrong when I went to relieve myself. Actual running toilets and sinks. I knew some of the other areas we were not going to be that lucky.

About an hour later, she came strolling back to where I set up the tent. I had just finished laying out the pad, and placed the sleeping bags on top of it. I wasn’t to sure how she would feel about being right next to me, but the pad was only so wide, like the width of a queen size bed.

She came inside and looked around. “That looks cozy”, then smiled at me. That made me feel a little better. I surely did not want her to get the wrong ideas, like I wanted to do something with her, even though I really did.

I got us a fire going then and cooked up a scrumptious dinner of beef stew, and canned corn. We even had bread for dipping. We ate without complaint. In fact, it was quite good. Trust me, after eating MRE’s (meals ready to eat) in the service, your own boot would taste good.

After cleaning up, which included taking our bowls, and the pan to the bathroom and washing them in the sink, I came back and made sure the fire stayed nice. We again sat and talked about our adventure so far.

“Mark. This has been so amazing today. I cannot believe the sights I have seen so far. And being totally honest. I am so glad to be spending this time with you. God. I love it up here.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I am not sure I would find this as amazing as I do now, with you with me. What I am really looking forward too, is the night sky, with all the bright stars. It has to breath taking. Just like you.”

I think the comment just flew over her head, because she made no remark at all about it. Then said, “I bet sunset is really cool looking up here. Especially when it starts dipping behind these mountain peaks all around us.”

We finished cleaning up the area. No need for unwanted guest later. I suggested going back up to the top and watch the sunset. I was surprised because as we walked, she hardly limped at all. I figured with the rest we just had, her ankle would be screaming to her.

We reached the summit again and surprisingly, no one was there, except for us. We sat on this crop of rocks and just marveled at the sight. The majestic mountains all around us, and the sun slowly setting in the west. A big orange ball.

Carrie grabbed her phone again, turned it on and took a picture. Then she asked me to sit close to her and face away from the sun, so she could do a selfie of us, with the sun behind us. That took a good minute to set up, and get it just right in the picture.

As we were doing this, a lady ranger just happened to be walking up our way. She was checking the area out, making sure all was fine up here.

“Would you guys like me to take the picture of you two, with this gorgeous sunset?” she asked.

“Oh God, would you please?” Carrie answered back.

Carrie set the camera back to take normal pictures and handed it to her. The lady gladly took a couple for us, then asked, “How about you two love birds kiss while the sun is behind you. It’s so romantic like that.”

I looked at Carrie, and she at me. I raised my eyebrows like Groucho Marx used to do in his movies. That made Carrie giggle, but then she leaned in and softly kissed me on the lips. I so wanted to part her lips and taste her tongue, but why ruin a good moment. The only lasted a few seconds, when we heard the ranger say she got it. But during that time, Carrie’s hand rested on my one thigh. The kiss alone brought a strange sensation to me. One I have never felt before. Maybe it was fear if her dad found out we kissed up here. “Christ”, I thought to myself, “I’m acting like some dumb teenager.

When we broke away, she smiled a very bright smile. I smiled too, then thanked the ranger for helping us out. She did caution us on making sure we take care of the fire we had, and to make sure all food was secure, and away from our sleeping area.

Her hand was still on my leg as the ranger walked back down the hill, towards her car. I looked back at Carrie and she sort of had her head down, like she was embarrassed. I surely wasn’t. The kiss brought me alive actually, and if her hand was any closer to my crotch, she may notice that something else enjoyed her lips.

“Sorry about that” she said. “What. I found the kiss very nice. You have soft lips. Very kissable lips in fact. If given the opportunity again, I would jump at the chance.” I boldly stated.

We turned again and sat there and watched the sun start to sink behind the mountain tops. As it did, we just talked about our work lives, and things we did during the course of a normal day. Mine is pretty boring actually. I work a great deal. I don’t go out much. I am not a bar type of person and have just a few select friends. It’s been ages since I went out with a woman. Most that I do know are either married, or divorced with young kids. It’s not that I don’t like kids, I just don’t relate well with them. The only two I get along with are my niece and nephew, but they are teens now and could care less about old Uncle Mark.

With the sun dipping behind the mountains, the air was changing. It had to be around 50 now, and it would probably get a bit colder. We walked back to the campsite. Carrie had to use the restroom, so I went with her, and also took care of business. Once back at the site, she went inside a put on a sweatshirt. I did as well, after she reappeared from the tent.

We then sat around the fire ring. I’m sure I must be a bore to her. But she too, is kind of quiet. We did talk more about life, and things we had done. I found out she loves to ski, both snow and water. She even likes to fish, and can bait her own hook. She told me that she hasn’t dated since moving here, and it’s been four years since she dated anyone, since that guy who couldn’t handle her mom and her being part black.

“Carrie. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I asked. She giggled, “That’s a real deep question coming from a Jarhead”. I gently shoved her a little. “Really. I have no idea. I’d like to meet a nice guy and settle down and hopefully grow old with him, and help Jenny any way I can, especially if it involves grandkids. But who knows. I am pretty picky. I settled once, and I won’t do that again. What about you?”

“I’m kind of like you and don’t know. I don’t go out much, and I’m not a bar person. Plus, I don’t think you can meet a quality person in a bar. I’d like to meet someone special and see where it goes. It’d be great if I could meet that one I could grow old with, but those prospects look kind of bleak. I mean my sister, Ann, has tried setting me up with her friends, but I hate those dates. I only do it to make her happy, and to quit bugging me. But who knows.”

It was very dark now and I told her to look up and look at the stars that seemed like they were closer than ever before, to us. “God. It is so amazing up here. Had I been by myself, I would probably scared shitless about now. But being with you, makes me feel safe, and the company has been quite good.”

I started banking off the fire, so it would go out in a little while. I suggested going back to the bathrooms and changing into sleepwear. She agreed. As we walked down, she grabbed my hand, which was quite warm, and felt so good in mine. She was making it very hard to act like a gentleman. I wanted to just scoop her up, and take her to the tent and make love to her all night.

After changing, I came back out, in just my marine shorts and a t. She emerged a few minutes later, with that new flannel she bought the day before. The shirt was cut like a dress shirt. Tails in the front and back and scoop up on the sides. though I couldn’t really see all that well. We had to look a sight though, we both had on our hiking boots. Not the sexist combination, that’s for sure.

She laughed as we started back to the cabin. “Bet we make a sight, the way we are dressed. The boots really set us off.”, then laughed again, and so did I.

Once in the tent, the only light we had was from the flashlight I had on. But boy, did she look sexy as hell kneeling there, unzipping her bag. I also noticed she had the top 3 buttons undone again, like she did last night. “She’s killing me” I thought. She was rubbing her arms, like she was cold. Granted it was chilly out now, but once in those sleeping bags, it would be fine. We both had the same type, except for color. Her’s was blue and mine was black.

“You know”, she stated, “It might better serve us if we put our bags together and made it one big bag. Our body heat will help keep us warmer.” I wanted to chuckle at that, but thought better of it. “Sure. If you feel that would be better.” She didn’t hesitate. She opened them both up and then zipped mine to hers. She had me get in first, so the zipper would be on her side. I guess in case she needed to escape from me.

We were both laying on our back’s, and I was just closing my eyes when Carrie spoke softly.

“Mark?, do you think we’ll be bothered by bears tonight?”

“No. We put our food up and away from them and nothing is in the tent with us, so we should be fine. And, if feel the need to use the head, please wake me, so I can go with you.”

She gabbed my hand and squeezed it. “Ok. I will, but I probably won’t need it until morning.”

I started closing my eyes again, but also felt that she did not release my hand. That made me feel good, actually. A minute later, she said, “Mark?” softly. “Yesssssss” I answered.

“Remember out on that rock, after we kissed?” “Yes. I do remember.” I said. she sighed, then said, “Remember you said if you got the chance again, you would like to kiss me again.”

“Yes. I do remember, and I meant that. I hope I didn’t offend you.” She giggled, “You Jarheads are pretty thick aren’t you. Will please just kiss me, and mean it too.”

I turned towards her. She let go of my one hand, then grabbed the other, as I leaned in and touched her lips with mine. As our lips touched, her mouth open and so mine also and our tongues met. The longer our kiss continued, the hotter it became. “My God. This woman can kiss”

Our tongues now explored each other, our eyes open to each other, looking into each other’s souls. Her hand then took mine and brought up to her chest, then under her shirt, and placed my hand on her one breast. Her nipple was like a rock, and her breast, small yet filled my hand. I started to massage it as we continued kissing. She took her hand then, put it around my neck, as she rolled to her side and pulled me in closer to her.

She moaned in my mouth as I lightly pinched her nipple. So many thoughts moved in my head then. All the things I wanted to do with her right now, but, I wanted her to lead this, wherever it was going to go.

We continued kissing, and she also kept moaning more and more. I moved my hand to her other breast and massaged it as well, again, lightly pinching her nipple. It too, was hard as a rock, and her breast seemed to get firmer, the more we made out.

I pulled my hand from her breast, then reached it around her and pulled her into me. She kissed me now with a passion I have never felt from any woman. My hand was rubbing her back, and her knee slid between my legs now, so I know she could feel my hardened member against leg.

When my hand slid down her back, and then over her butt, she moaned loudly into my mouth. I couldn’t resist, and moved it so it would go under her shirt until it felt her naked butt cheek. I lay there caressing this beautiful ass of her’s and her moans grew louder still. She somehow got both her arms around my neck, and I was hoping it wasn’t too uncomfortable for her.

Our lips have yet to part, but neither of us cared at this point. We both knew in short time, we’d have full carnal knowledge of each other. He hand then came down my chest, as I moved slightly, to give her access. She snaked her hand under my shirt and was rubbing my chest and nipples now. I too was moaning into her mouth. How could I not. This beautiful woman was making love to me. It was so sensual, and sweet. My hand was now exploring both cheeks and now started toward her crack. “God. will she freak if I go further than this?” I thought.

But, her hand made it’s way down my belly, then went under the waist band of my shorts, where she lightly grabbed my hard cock. “Oh God.” I moaned into her mouth. She lifted her one leg, which now gave me access to her sex. My fingers found their way to her moist thong, and gently moved it to the side. I started rubbing her labia, which was coated already soaked with her fluids of delight.

She broke the kiss, and softly said, “yes. make love to me Mark.” Her hand was now stroking my cock gently, yet with a firm grip. Every time she would come up to the tip, her finger would play with the head and smear my pre-cum all over. My finger was gently massaging inside her, which was driving her crazy.

I started teasing her some. Slipping my finger in, then pull out and rub her clit, which was quite pronounced. God I would love to see that right now. I love eating a woman, but right now, I don’t think that is in the cards at this point. She kept darting her tongue into my mouth, with each entry of her pussy. I loved hearing her moan, as I did this.

I now inserted my finger again, but this time deeper, and took my thumb and rubbed her clit. When my finger found that rough patch of her g-spot, I concentrated souly on that.

Then her body tensed up, “Oh God Markkkk. Oh God” and she started cumming for me. She couldn’t kiss now, as her orgasm took over her body. I could feel her body tremble, and I know it wasn’t because she was cold. We were both hot now.

I held as she kept cumming, then as she started to relax, she removed her hand from my member and then tried to push my shorts down.

“Mark. I need you inside me. Make love to me. Please”

I got to my knees and removed my shorts. I then unbuttoned her shirt, and opened it. I left it on her, so she was protected from cold on her arms. I unzipped the bag, to give us more room to move and got between her legs. I carefully then started to remove her thong, and when I had it off, started kissing up her leg. When I got to her thigh, she said to do that later. Please get inside me. I can’t wait anymore.

“Are you sure Carrie? I mean we are definitely crossing a line here that I have never crossed before.”

She smiled up at me “Yes. Please. Yes”

I already knew she was extremely wet from her orgasm, just minutes before. I line up my ridged member to hew slippery sex and gently pushed in. In unison, we both said, “Oh God”. With good reason too. Her pussy was so hot, so wet and yet felt velvety soft as it engulfed my cock.

“Go slow Mark. It has been 4 years since I have done this. Oh My God, you feel so good.”

I slowly, and I mean slowly, inched my 6 1/2 inches into her. I am not a big man, by porn standards, but pretty thick and can usually last a long time, but right now, I could feel I could cum in no time flat. Once I was in all the way, I stopped and rested. I could feel her pussy muscles contract all around my cock, like it was milking it. I was still kneeling, keeping my weight from on top of her, but my hands were on the ground, next to her shoulders. Her hands were gripping my forearms tightly.

I pulled back slowly, then forward again slowly, thinking of anything I could to stave off my impending orgasm. She was moaning and cooing, as I did this. “Faster Babe” she said.

“Sweetie. If I go faster, I am going to cum quickly. It’s been along time for me too.”

“Don’t worry about that. I want your cum. I need you to cum”

I leaned my head down and took her one breast into my mouth. I could suck the whole breast inside. Then, while sucking, pulled back to suck only her nipple.

“Oh God Mark Yessssssssssssss” is all she said. Then I did the other. In my mind, her breasts were perfect, and her nipples were divine, and so sensitive to the ministrations I was performing.

Her arms came around my head and pulled me tighter to her breast, then her legs came up around my waist and she called oout, “Awwwwwwwwwwwww Goddddddddddddd” and started cumming, yet again.

That did it for me. I couldn’t stave this off any longer and grunted, “Goddddddddddddddddddd”, and started pumping rope after rope of cum, deep inside her. My mouth left her nipple and found her lips, as we tried to kiss as we rode our orgasms out, but all either of us could do was touch lips and moan. I then had to concentrate on keeping my weight off of her. I’d be too heavy for her, since no bed was under us.

After a good minute of heavy panting, I somehow got my arms around her neck, grab firmly and rolled us over, so she was on top now. Surprisingly, I did not lose my erection, and was still inside her. She giggled when I did this. “Good Job Jarhead”

We started kissing again, but this time I had free reign to her ass. My hands immediately went there. Gently squeezing her round cheeks, then massaging them. She was laying on me as I started to pump in and out of her again. She would moan into my mouth with each penetration I delivered. Her pussy fit to me like an expensive glove. My one hand did leave her butt to find the top flap of the bag and pulled it over us, keeping our body heat inside.

“Oh God Mark, you feel so good” she whispered in my ear.

“Oh Carrie, you have no idea how you feel to me. Incredible. Just Incredible. You are beyond beautiful and sexy my Dear”

As we continued to make love, she pushed up some, revealing her breasts to me again, which I took advantage of and began sucking them both again. This I am finding out, is a huge turn on for her. Her moans were soft, yet reassuring, that I had her where she wanted to be.

I started picking up the pace. I didn’t want her to work at all, trying to keep any pressure off of her ankle, which I was trying to be mindful of. We were still going at it for now almost ten minutes when she pulled my head into her chest, harder, and moaned out, “Christ Yesssssss. Ohhhhhhhhh Markkkkkkkkkk: and started cumming again.

Her whole body began to quiver and shake. This then set me off again, and all I could do was grunt loud, and started cumming again. Once I was done shooting deep inside her. my body felt like it did, when we had to do 10 mile run’s, in the service. I was totally spent, as she was.

She put her arms around my neck, loosely, and her head on my shoulder, and all I wanted to do, was lay there and listen to her breath. All I could think of was how she is a woman that I have never known before. A woman who could make you forget everything going on in life, except for her. I have never felt like this before.All past lovers, including the one I lived with, never had me feeling like this. It was strictly sex, for the sake of sex. Once I came a few times, I was done. I would either then leave, or roll over and go to sleep, like I did with my former girlfriend. But Carrie, I did not want to let go of. We lay in there for another 10 minutes. Neither saying anything. My hand would lightly rub her back, and she would just coo.

After those ten minutes, she rolled off, and onto her back. My whole groin area was soaked with our combined juices, and it felt great. I did reach over to my pack and fished out the toilet paper. I know most women don’t like the feel of cum draining from them, and I am pretty sure Carrie would feel the same. I ripped a good portion off and leaned over and began wiping it up from her pussy.

“You are a Sweetie, aren’t you? But here, let me get that.” After she did herself better, she took some more from the roll and cleaned my groin area, then threw the tissue’s to the corner of the tent. I then kissed her lightly on the lips and thanked her.

We didn’t say a word to each other. I didn’t for fear of what I may say. I am having very strong feelings for her, but if I said that, she’d probably freak out, or something. When she nestled her hand in mine, I knew she was good with what just took place. Love making twice, and by me. Not the normal fuck, like I was accustomed too. This had feelings involved and meaning.

It must have been a good ten minutes of laying there. I really thought she was starting to sleep. I figured we could discuss this in the morning, if at all. Then, as I slowly started to close my eyes, she spoke.

“Mark. You awake?” I had to smile at that one.” Like really? you really think I could sleep after what we just experienced?” I thought to myself.

“Oh yeah.” I said. “Me too” she said, then giggled. “What we just experienced is beyond words for me right now. No man has been that selfless in bed with me. It was fantastic for me and I have a lot of feelings running wild right now. But, if this was a one time thing, then so be it. It was fantastic and I will cherish it. But if it is more, then we’ll deal with that, if you want too. I guess I’ll know in the morning, after you can process it and sleep on it, just like I will.”

I started to say something, but she just put a finger to my lips, to hush me up. Then rolled over on her side, facing away from me. At this point, I was very unsure of what to do. Leave her alone? or cuddle up next to her and hold her against me, spooning, like real lovers would do. I chose the later and cuddled up to her. To my surprise, she grabbed my one hand and held it softly, as her butt wiggled into me. She felt so good, molded into my body like this. “Is this how a couple really acts like?” I thought. I fell asleep a few moments later.

Chapter 10

At some point in the night, I awoke, and felt that we had not moved. Her butt was still nestled against my thigh and groin, but my cock was hard. My hand was still with her’s, yet it was also pressed against her one boob. God I loved her boob’s. Seeing I didn’t have my watch nearby, all I knew that is was oh dark thirty out, and went back to sleep.

When I awoke, the sun was up. The tent felt warm inside now, but Carrie was gone. “Uh oh”, I thought. My mind was reeling now. I figured she got freaked out over last night. “Well, this could be an awkward hike back down to the cabin.” I got up and put on my watch, which said it was almost 8am. “Damn. I never sleep like this.” I got out a pair of sweats, and a sweat top, since it was probably still chilly out. Took my kit and exited the tent. Carrie was no where around the area. I headed to the john, since I had to pee real bad. After relieving myself. I washed my face, then brushed my teeth, and exited the bathroom.

I finally looked up towards the summit, and saw Carrie sitting on the outcrop of rocks we first kissed on. I hesitated at first, going up there, but being a true Marine, we never run from anything. Once I made the trek up the hill, she saw me. She too, had sweats on, which were navy blue, with Navy written on front of the top and pants.

“About time Gyrene. Plan on sleeping your life away?” All I could do is just chuckle, then looked out over the valley below. It had a nice haze, or fog enveloping the ground below, or at least it gave that appearance.

“Sorry. I didn’t hear reveille this morning.” as I smiled at her. “Well, watch it next time bucko, or if we were on a ship, you’d be up for Captain’s Mast” she said then laughed.

Well, at least she was in good spirits and not freaked out. “What time did you rise today? I’m kind of surprised I didn’t hear you leave.” I said.

“About an hour ago. I had to pee and got up very quietly. I tried not to disturb you. Guess I was good. By the way, you do snore, but softly. Not like my dad, who could wake the fricken dead at times.”

I just chuckled. I didn’t know if she did too, except for the time I awoke a few hours ago, and then, she was just softly breathing. One thing I did know, after looking at her now, with no makeup on, she is one woman I could see myself waking too on a daily basis. She just has a natural beauty to her. Right now I was getting lost in her eyes. I really wanted to pick her and take her back to the tent and make love again, but that was something I wouldn’t permit myself to do, until I knew exactly how she felt.

She then stood up and started walking back to the campsite. I caught up to her and was walking next to her. “What’s for breakfast” she asked. I just shook my head. She was acting like nothing took place last night. “Ok”. I thought. “So nothing happened last night. It was a dream. Either that, or she thought it was a huge mistake and ignoring it, would make it go away.” I continued in my thoughts.

“You have your choice, Fruit and nut power bar, or peanut butter and chocolate chip power bar.” I said,

“Hmmmmm. nothing else on the menu then? Guess I’ll do the peanut butter and chocolate bar. Hope the service is better than the menu.”

I took out a couple of bars and handed her one, plus a bottle of water. Right now, I had no idea what is going through her head. And I am too damn afraid to ask. Maybe this was a get back on me, for how I have treated others in the past. Like sex was no big deal. No emotions or feelings involved.

We talked little, as I tore down camp and packed everything away. Once we geared up, we started our trek back down the mountain. It should take a lot less time to reach the cabin, since it was all down hill. I did ask how her ankle was and she said it felt good. Almost back to normal.

When we came upon that lookout, that overlooked all the streams in the valley, she yelled out, “Selfie Time”. There was a mist still hanging over some of the streams, but this time, no moose were there. She took a few of her, alone, then asked me to join her. Just before she said 3, on the count of 3, Ieaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She didn’t say a word, but just put her phone away, and said “Let’s go. I could use a nice hot shower.”

We were about a half mile from the cabin, when she finally slowed up and walked next to me. I mean I really didn’t mind the view I had of her ass swaying in those sweat pants, but this felt better. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight.

“Thank you for a wonderful time. I just loved it up there.” and then smiled at me. I smiled back to her, “It was a pleasure, and I too, had a wonderful time up there, especially sharing it with you.”

She picked up the pace, like she had to pee or something, and before to long, we were on the back porch of the cabin. I opened the door and she ran to the bathroom. While she did whatever she was doing in there, I started unpacking my backpack. I put the tent over in a corner, and took out my clothes and all the other crap I was carrying. I felt like I just crossed a 100 miles, even though it was just a couple.

About 10 minutes later, she came out with a robe on. It was one of my aunt’s. All pink and fluffy, like an aunt would wear. She basically marched right up to me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me deeply. We stood and kissed for a few minutes, until she broke free and told me, “Come. Shower with me.”

“Whoa” I said. “What?” she asked. “What do you mean What. This whole morning you acted like nothing took place last night. I don’t know about you, but that was pretty god damn special to me, then not to even acknowledge it.”

She looked down at the floor, like a child getting ready to be scolded, then looked back up at me. “You don’t think I found that special last night? Christ Mark. I was made love too last night. I wasn’t fucked. I have never oragsmed from intercourse, and you had me twice like that. It was wonderful and amazing and I loved it. It’s all I thought of since I went to sleep and all day now. When you didn’t press the issue at first, I thought you didn’t want anything to do with me, but then I realized you were giving me space, to let me think this out. When you kissed me on the cheek for that selfie, I just knew in my heart, you want more than a roll in the sack.”

“I don’t want a roll in the sack either. I did make love to you last night. I’ve never actually done that before, and it felt fantastic to me. I’m falling for you big time, and if that scares you, then walk away now. By the way, you are the first woman since the ex girlfriend, that I didn’t wear a condom.”

She looked me in the eye then, which looked like they were smoldering now, “Good. Let’s go shower, then go to bed and make love again. Then spend the rest of the day in bed making love. But, you need to know, I too have primal urges, so a good fucking thrown in would be nice too”

I chuckled then watched as she turned and walked back towards the hall leading to the bathroom. As she did, she let the robe slip off of her, exposing her naked body to me. “Holy shit”, I thought. “What a sexy body.” After picking my jaw off the ground, I stripped right there in like 10 seconds and caught up with her in the bathroom. She was leaning over turning the water on and getting it warm for us. I couldn’t help but check her out, bent over like that, exposing her sex to me. My dick must have noticed too, because it was growing to its full potential now.

Carrie turned around and gasped. “Oh My. You are even more impressive now that I see you. God. You are one sexy man.”

I just blushed a little. She was equally as impressive. One thing I did notice is that when she tans, she wears a thong style bikini. Her but cheeks had just a thin lin above her crack and then around her waist. It barely covered her pussy and she only had a landing strip of hair above her clit. Her breasts were lighter in color too. To me, she was an angel sent from heaven. “My lord Carrie, you are breathtaking to me. I have never been with such a beautiful woman before.”

“Come on Gyrene. We have a bed awaiting us.”

We did wash each other, and it was quite sensual. We paid particular attention to our private parts, in between kissing a great deal. Once done, we helped each other dry off, then damn near raced to bed.

Once in bed, I pulled her on top of me and kissed her deeply. As we kissed her body kept moving back and forth across my cock, soaking it with her love juices. Some how, she reached down and guided my aching member into her love hole.

“MMMMMMMMM I love how you fit me so right. I want to stay here all day like this.” she cooed out

“Fine with me. I love you just like this. You are so beautiful.”

She sat up, letting me take in her beauty even more, then smiled down at me, “You know. I do love oral too. Both giving and receiving. Something to look forward too later.”

“Good to know. I love giving, and really don’t care if I receive. But will never turn it down. But, one thing I really adore on you, besides your butt, is your beautiful breasts. They turn me on big time.”

“Goddddddddddddd. I loved how you sucked them last night. I’ve always been self conscience of them, but you, you made me feel like a woman with huge one’s.”

I sat up and took one in my mouth, and that was all she wrote. She came like a minute later. Then came again after only a few minutes of faster penetration. She was on fire.

We made love one more time that afternoon, then took a nap. After our nap, we did leave the cabin for a good dinner. Neither of us felt like cooking. After dinner, we went walking around Lake Placid again. This time holding hands, and kissing like two teenagers out on a date.

As we walked along we talked about our next adventure. Which mountain we were going to try next. I really didn’t care if we went at all. I’d be happy to spend the next 10 days, holed up in the cabin making love to her and shut out the rest of the world. Then she shocked me when she said,

“You know, you made me wet the first time, when I caught you looking at my butt, as we climbed the mountain. Don’t know why, but you did. For some reason, I felt super sexy then. Then after you kissed me on the rock, I had a small orgasm, but nothing compared to later that night or today.”

“I was hoping you didn’t notice.” I said with a laugh. “Oh, I noticed Bucko. I also caught your remarks too about the beautiful sights, when the whole time your eyes were on my ass. I notice everything JH. I just choose not to say anything. But, it did make me feel good.”

“Shit”, is all I could say. She laughed, which I find intoxicating to hear. We then headed back to the cabin. We both changed into comfy clothes. Me in shorts, no boxers this time, and she in her one flannel again. I hope one day I can ripped that off of her and make passionate love to her.

We both drank a beer and watched a little TV. Her mom called about 30 minutes into our relaxation, and she excused herself to go talk with her. I can just imagine what she is telling her. “Christ. I hope she leaves out a few parts. Last thing I need is her dad on my ass.” is all I could think.

Just then my phone beeped with a message. It was the picture of us kissing on the rock, Her dad sent it. Then another text right after.

“You pissant fucking Jarhead. I said take care of her, not put your stinking lips on her.”

I was going to reply back that it wasn’t my fault, but got another text.

“Relax Mark. You just be good to my babygirl. She needs a good man in her life, and I can’t think of a better one than you, son.”

“I will be, and thank you.” is all I wrote back to him.

Carrie came out smiling at me. “Daddy gave you some shit huh?” I chuckled, “Yeah, then turned nice on me.”

“You’re lucky, he really likes you. Just like his daughter. Tell you what. I’m ready for bed, but tonight, come share it with me.”

I got up and she led me to bed. Once in the bedroom, we stripped down and crawled in bed. I was already hard, just looking at her. She smiled as she lay down and slightly spread her legs. I grabbed her hurt leg, and gently brought up by my face, and kissed her ankle gently.

She looked at me with a weird look on her face, “Foot Fetish?”

“No. Actually this is the one part of you I totally love all ready. Because of this ankle, it brought us together. Had you not been a klutz, we may never have met. And now I working hard on falling in love with the rest of you.”

She smiled then softly said, “Well hurry up and fall quicker, so you can catch up with me Mark. I am in love with you………………..

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