Boating Fun 3


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Tim and Vicky meet up with her boss and boyfriend

I hope you have liked the other 2 stories. I have tried to recall all of the details from my encounter with Tracy and Vicky. I know Tracy wanted to have a 3 way with Vicky and I, but that never happened in the time Vicky and I dated.

It was now August and Vick and I were your normal dating couple. We saw each other as much as possible during the week and every weekend for sure. The sex between us was amazing. I never dated a woman who loved sex the way she did. Luckily, be 21 at the time, I was always ready for it too, and could go many times with her in a single day. Wish that was the case now, but age catches up with you in all departments.

The week before her friend, Carrie, was throwing her party, I surprised Vicky around 5pm, one evening while she was at work. I brought Chinese for dinner. She was so happy I came up there and did that.Before we ate, she introduced me to her cohorts that she worked with. Most were young, like we are, except for Carrie, who was 35 and this other lady Donna, who looked about the same age as Carrie. Donna is married and a little on the plump side, big tits, and bleaches her hair. Vicky said she would be at the party too, along with one of the younger girl’s, Patty.

I didn’t find Patty all that attractive, at least, not to me. Carrie introduced herself and told me how happy she was to meet the guy making Vicky so happy.Carrie, is 5’6, or so, and skinny. If she weighed 110 lbs, it was soaking wet with a wet towel on her. Her breasts, I would say were 34C. She was pretty though, and had a raspy voice, probably from smoking.

When I was getting ready to leave, Vicky gave me a deep kiss and asked me to stop by when she got home later. Then carrie came up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “Great meeting you and can’t wait to see you next weekend, and I mean all of you sexy” and then winked at me. That made me slightly blush, which she laughed, as she walked away.

In bed, later that night, I was deep inside Vicky, but we were talking and she said, “Carrie wants to fuck you next week.”

“Oh really. And how do you feel about that?” She giggles, “Well right now, with your cock so deep inside me, it has me really turned on Baby. But, if you do, I want to be there too watching.”

“Ok. but I am not promising that will happen. You, for sure, we will fuck with them watching. But if we do, what will you be doing?”

“Playing with myself, unless Rich is there. I may just blow him until you two are done. Then I want to eat your cum from her”

We started fucking hard then. We were both turned on at those thoughts. I was surprised her bed didn’t collapse from the pounding it got. We made love shorty after that, then I had to get going, since I had work the next day.

That weekend, I spent with her all night, then actually went to my mom’s for dinner. Mom liked Vicky a lot, but she really did not approve of us sleeping together. I had to sit through that conversation a few weeks back. Parents are from the old school. No sleeping together until you are at least engaged, but prefer married.

That evening I told Vick I needed to get a haircut and she said to come up thursday night. I’ll give you the full treatment.

“What’s the full treatment?” I asked. She giggled and said, “Well, wash the hair, cut it, style it, then a massage and after the massage, use the Sauna. You’d be surprised how many of the women come in for just that.”

“I didn’t know you had a masseuse, or even a Sauna.”

“Yeah. You saw that one door back by the office, it is in there. I’ll give you the massage though, since our lady who does that will be gone by then, and then I’ll join you in the Sauna. God I love that room.”

“What time should I be there for this treatment?” She thought for a minute, “Say around 8pm or so. Were usually pretty dead and maybe I can talk Carrie into closing then.”

“Sounds good to me. You don’t think Carrie will mind do you?” “Oh hell no. Carrie and Rich use it all the time and I know they fuck in there at least once a week. So does Donna and her hubby on occasion. Just park out back though, because if we do close up, the lights will be off up front. We are the last door on the left back there.”

That Thursday, I arrived just before 8, and went to the door and knocked. Vicky answered within seconds, kissed me passionately and then motioned me inside and to the office they have back there.

“Ok. strip down and then put this robe on. While you do that, I’ll will finish getting my stuff to cut your hair.”

I felt a little weird getting undressed but figured, what the hell and just go with it. The robe was one of those terry cloth types you see in hotels. In fact there was a bunch of them hanging up and all were white. I came out of the office and saw Vicky over by a chair that had a sink behind it, and walked over to her.

“Hey sexy, I like the look” she said. Then she told me to take a seat and she’d be right back, and I saw her head to the office. A minute later, she came out, wearing a white robe as well.

“You always wear a robe when you cut hair Babe?” Vicky chuckled and said, “Only when I have a sexy man to do, especially if he is going to do me later.” then smiled wickedly at me.

She then went to washing my hair, kissing me on several occasions. Never had my hair done like this before. Then she proceeded to cut my hair and style it a little. I was trusting her in doing this. Then she blew dry my hair.

Next she took out a pair of clippers and came in front of me, untied the sash to my robe and peeled the robe back, exposing me. Thank God there was no one there and that the area was blocked by a wall to the front of the salon.

Whatcha doing Babe? I asked. “Well. Look I like you a lot and I love sucking you, but I hate getting hair in my mouth. So I am going to just trim this down some. Luckily, you don’t have a lot down there, but if it is short, and I clean your balls of its hair, then I won’t get so many hairs in my mouth. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Sweetie. You do what you think is best. I don’t mind at all. Just don’t shave it off. When I had that hernia surgery, they shaved me and it itched for days when it started growing back in.”

“Not to worry Hun, I’ll just make it shorter, and then take care of it weekly for you. Promise.”

Just then a door open and Carrie came into the room. Damn, I thought. I thought we were alone. I looked right at Vicky and she just smiled, and mouthed to me, “Relax.” Carrie was wearing a robe too.

“Just needed to get another bottle of wine kids. Bring two glasses when you join us in the sauna.”

She left then and Vicky giggled a bit. “Relax Hun. They are taking a sauna too and want to just be with us tonight. Nothing sexual between us 4, but want to see how we are with another couple naked. Like we will be Saturday night.”

I just shrugged my shoulders and winked at her. To be honest, I’d love to see Carried naked. I’m only a man, and Vicky and I are dating, but by no means, married, nor dead.

As she trimmed me, she kept moving my cock out of the way, and would lightly stroke it. This had the desired effect she was looking for, since it starting growing. She leaned in a couple of times and would kiss the head of my cock, which was now oozing pre-cum.

Vicky finished up and put the clippers away. She then said to come follow her. She opened the door that Carrie had used a short time back. When we entered the room, I saw the massage table on the one side, and then ahead of us, a cedar wood door, with a light above it. A sign below it said, “occupied when lit”.

Vicky picked up 2 wine glasses and headed towards the door. “Let’s go for a sauna Babe” The removed her robe, exposing her naked ass to me. She hung the robe up on a hook next to the door, where 2 other robes resided now. I took mine off and hung it up and pressed my body into Vicky. My semi hard cock was nestled between her ass cheeks and my hands came around her front, and I massaged her tits.

“MMMMMMMM, I love when you play with my tits Baby” I was then kissing her neck and lightly pinching her nipples. Her body shivered a little when I did this. My cock was now fully erect and she wiggled her butt into it.

“Oh God, I love that hard cock. Baby? No matter what happens inside her, my feelings for you will not change, well maybe for the better. I have no reason why I am so turned on by others watching us together, but I am. They also want to see how we are in a setting with another couple that are engaged in sexual fun.”

“Baby, no matter what happens, my feelings aren’t going to change. We’ll just go with the flow. Who knows, it may creep us out. But then again, you may feel an urge to be with one of them, and I am cool with that. I’d love to see you eat Carrie.”

“OH Geezus Baby. I am so wet, and we haven’t even made it into the room. Let’s grab some towels to sit on. The wood can get a bit warm.”

I kissed her one more time, on the side of her neck and she cooed. We entered the room and saw Carrie and Rich on this big bench. The seat was quite wide. The room itself was about 12 foot square. All wood, cedar to be exact. There was can lights in the ceiling, that were turned down to cast a soft slow.

As we entered, carried was laying on her side, with her head in Rich’s lap, and I do believe she was giving him a blow job, They both stood as we entered the room.

Carrie was smiling and greeted us. “Hi guys. Oh Tim, this is Rich. He is the co-owner, with me, of the salon. He is also my significant other, lover and best friend. “

Rich and I shook hands. It was kind of weird feeling, shaking hands with a naked guy, sporting a hard on, and I have to admit, it was big too. Bigger than mine, so Vicky wasn’t lying. Not real thick, but long, that’s for sure. Rich is about my height, but about 15 pounds heavier than me, and has a slight gut, and an all over tan, just like Carrie does, so they must lay out nude somewhere.

Vicky took our towels and laid them out next to Carrie’s and Rich’s. Rich said, “Towels are a good idea. The wood can get pretty warm on the skin.”

Vicky gave Rich a warm lingering kiss, then kissed carrie, fairly passionately. Then Vicky turned towards me, and for the first time, I saw she had done some woman scaping. All that was left of her bush, was a small strip, just above her mound.

“Wow Babe. When did you do that?” “Do you like? She asked. “Oh hell yeah. That is so sexy.” Vicky smiled and then kissed me. “About as sexy as your trim job Honey. About 2 hours ago, Carrie trimmed me up, and I trimmed her.”

I hadn’t noticed before, only because I didn’t want to be rude by staring at her naked body, which I had to admit, was pretty nice. I noticed that Rich was completely shaven of his hair.

Carried reached out with her hand and ran it over my short hair and said, “Nicely done Vick. I hate a hairy guy, but this will do nicely.” Her hand then encircled my cock and stroked it lightly. Vicky just smiled at me, and I could see she was really turned on now.

Carrie then got the wine bottle and filled all of the glasses and raised hers in a toast. “To our new friends, who get to see more than normal friends would ever dream of.” We all clinked glasses, then, Carrie said, “Let’s sit and talk”

She directed Vicky to sit next to Rich, then she sat next to Vick, and I sat next to Carrie. “You ok with this Tim?” Carrie asked. “Yes I am.” Carrie laughed and said, “Good. I don’t bite either. Nibble some, leave some light teeth marks, but never bite.” We all laughed then, which helped lighten the mood.

I have to admit. She was a skinny thing, but naked, she was sexy. Her brown hair was in a ponytail, as was Vicky’s. Her nipples were hard and sticking out. Her nipples and areolas were a dark brown, as was her landing strip just above her clit hood.

Carrie then took her hand, which was closest to me, and wrapped her fingers around my cock, and started lightly stroking it. I looked over at Vick, and she smiled at me as her hand found Rich’s long cock and was doing the same.

Carrie then said, “Look, tonight is a time for us 4 to get to know one another. Both physically and personally too. We know Vicky pretty good already and love her to death. But Rich and I figured that we should know you better, before the party this Saturday.”

Both Vicky and I nodded in agreement. “Some couples have a hard time getting past this point when it come to swapping and such. One thing we do not tolerate is drama. So if just this bothers you 2 in any way, then we stop, no harm, no foul.”

We both, again, nodded in agreement and she continued. “We love Vicky, and since you two are dating, and she wants to try this lifestyle, we figured it best to go slow and be alone tonight with you two. What you may witness Saturday is pretty much a full out orgy, with who know who will be hooking up and fucking in the open. I’m not saying that we’ll even fuck each other tonight. I know Vick wants to watch us fuck, and we too, want to watch you guys because it is very erotic and stimulating.”

Rich then said, “I’ll be upfront with you Tim, I am bi-sexual. Really, the 3 of us are bi-sexual. But, I won’t do anything that would make you uncomfortable with that. But if you ever want to give it a go, then I would lead you into it, just you and I, and of course these two lovely ladies, whom I am sure, will be quite turned on and also busy with one another.”

I looked over at Rich and said, “I’m cool with that. Not sure if I want to give it a go, but I will not freak out or get homophobic about it. I have to admit, you have a nice looking cock. One I am sure, that could pleasure these two fine, sexy ladies.”

Carrie giggled and said, “Ohhhhhhhhh I like him Honey, and this piece of dick I have in my hand is quite nice. Vicky choose well. Oh yeah, I have heard that you can make her squirt with that talented tongue of yours.”

I chuckled a little, looked at Vicky then said, “Talking in class again I see.” She slightly smiled and said, “Sorry. But you do have a great tongue.” I leaned way across Carrie, and Vicky met me and I kissed her softly on the lips. Then, I don’t know why I said it then, I softly said to her, “I love you”

Vicky’s eyes got real big then and then she beamed a big smile, and kissed me again. Carrie giggled and said, “Should we leave you two alone?” Vicky said, “Oh hell no. You are the first people, including me, to hear that from him.” At that time, I knew I liked her a lot but wasn’t sure it was love yet, but I needed her to know all is fine with us, no matter what.

“Good to know. You have to have love, trust and respect to do this. We may end up fucking each other, but I will only make love to that man there, and you better only make love to her Tim.”

“I got a good idea. Tonight, we make love to our respective partners, with some oral on others. Then Saturday night, you guys come over say around 10:30. By then the party will probably be over and most all gone, and the 4 of us will play the rest of the time. What do you say?”

Vicky looked at me, and I nodded, and she said, “Sounds wonderful to us.” “Good” Carrie said, “Now that’s settled. Bring some clothes though, and spend the night with us. We could be up really late. Now if you don’t mind Vick, can I suck this nice cock for a bit?”

Vicky kissed Carrie on the lips and said, “Sure thing, if I can suck this beautiful cock here.” “By all means, enjoy it, then we’ll play some together to give the boys a break.”

The girls then positioned themselves so they were laying on their sides, and their heads in our laps. Both of the ass cheeks were touching together. Both girls started their work on Rich and I. Carrie had soft lips and knew how to suck a man, as did Vicky.

Rich and I both moaned a great deal. I was also stroking Carrie’s back and ass, and then would rub on her breast, and a very hard nipple. I did comment to Vicky that she looked really sexy sucking Rich, which made her moan.

My hand was now sliding between the girls asses and I was playing with Carrie’s pussy lips, which were soaking wet. This elicited a moan from her that reverberated around my cock. Both girls were now starting to pump our cocks while sucking us, which was bringing me close to cumming.

“Oh Shit Carrie. I am going to cum soon.” She lifted her head and told me, “In my mouth Sweetie. I love cum” She sped up her hand movement and started running her tongue on the sensitive area around the head, and within a minute I yelled out, “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” and started shooting ropes of cum in her mouth.

This set Rich off and all I heard was ‘Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk” and I could tell that Vicky was swallowing his cum too. Both girls milked us dry and then turned to each other, embraced and started kissing and sharing our cum between them. Now that was super hot.

They broke their kiss and Carried looked at me, leaned in, and I could see cum all around her lips and on her chin. I kissed her passionately then, and licked her chin up. When I broke the kiss, I noticed Vicky and Rich doing the same. Carrie then giggled and said, “Fuck Vick, he is truly a keeper. Not many men will kiss after a blowjob or clean you up like that.”

“Ok guys, moved down a little so Vicky and I can play a bit. Come here Baby, lay down and let’s eat” Vicky did move down some, lay lengthwise on the bench, with her head close to me. Carried straddled her head and lowered her pussy on top of Vicky’s waiting mouth, and then bent down and place her louth in between Vicky’s spread legs.

Rich and I just sat back in took in the sight. “So” Rich said, “Is this the first time you have witnessed 2 girls together?” I closed my eyes and thought back to Deb and Rhonda doing the exact same thing one evening, 69ing twice, and Bill and I fucking the hell out of them a few times.

I told him no and explained how my high school girlfriend and I hooked up with a married couple that she babysat for.We were both then stroking our cocks and I could feel Rich’s eyes on it, but I didn’t care now. The girls were really getting into their love session. Rich got up and went to the other side of the girls, lay down on his stomach and stuck his head between Vicky’s thighs and started licking her too.

“OH Christ Yessssssssssssssssss” Vicky moaned out. I leaned into Carrie and put my tongue right on her brown hole and started licking. Carrie lifted her head and said, :Fuck Yeah Baby, lick that ass” It was just a few minutes more and the girls started cumming. I could see Carrie’s body start to shake, and I could tell Vicky was cumming too.

As they lay there, coming down from the orgasms they just gave each other, Carrie got up, and then Vicky followed. Vicky took my hand and asked me to lay down on the bench. Carrie had Rich lay down too, with his head a few inches from mine. Both of our beautiful lady’s straddled us and impaled themselves with our cocks.

Vicky sat there a second, and then started rocking back and forth on my cock. She was also watching Carrie start to fuck Rich. She leaned down to me and kissed me, then said, “Thank you. This means a lot to me.”

We kissed and fucked for a good 15 minutes, Carrie even commented on our staying power right now and that Vick and I looked really sexy together. At one point, Vicky leaned by my head and I could hear her kissing Carrie, as we fucked.

I was getting close now and grabbed hold of her ass and started pumping my cock up and into her. “Oh yesssssssssssss Babe, fuck me good. Cum with me” Carrie and Rich were already starting to cum themselves, which Sent Vicky over the edge again. Her pussy clamped down me, as her arms went around my neck and was almost choking me. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkk Yessssssssssss Cummmmmmmmmmmm. Cummmmmmmm in me Baby”

I was shocked at how many times my cock shot inside her, since I had unloaded earlier in Carrie’s mouth. “Fuck Baby, your cum feels so good inside me.” Vicky said as she lay on top of me, then kissed me. She started to get up and I told her to just kneel, and then I scooted down so my head was between her legs and I ate her, collecting our juices.

“Oh yeah. I like him even more now Sweetie. Any man that will eat his own cum is a guy I want to be with” I could hear Carrie say. When I finished and sat up, I looked over and Rich was on his knees doing the same to Carrie.

We all then sat next to each other, drank the rest of our wine, which was pretty warm and we were all sweating. Carrie held up her glass and said, “Toast. Two our new lovers and friends. I hope you enjoyed as much as we did tonight.” We Vicky and I both said we did.

We then gathered up our towels and Carrie suggested we go shower first, then she came up and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. As she did, she grabbed my cock and whispered in my ear, “Saturday night, I get some of this too”

Vicky and Rich were embracing then too, and kissing. His hand was holding her ass as they kissed. Then the girls kissed, but theirs was a bit more passionate.

We exited the room, and the cool air felt so good. Vicky and I showered quickly, so we could head home. As we were dressing, carrie came in and said she would see Vicky tomorrow at work and me this Saturday and winked. She turned and went to shower with Rich.

I followed Vicky home then and once we were in the door, she turned and kissed me hard. “That was fantastic tonight. I am so turned on right now. But, I have to get some sleep. I open tomorrow and then Tracy is dropping the kids off for me to watch.”

“That’s Ok. I mean, I’d love to take you to bed right now and make love to you, but I am cool with it. I had a great time tonight. I really like them. They seem so laid back and you did look sexy as hell with them both.”

“Oh Yeah? That turned you on watching me with them? Fuckkkkkkkk. I really want to get naked right now and have you, but, I know we’ll be at it for hours then.”

We kissed some more and then said our good nights. She did invite me over tomorrow, if I wanted too, but I reminded her that I had to work until 9 and then be up up at 6am saturday. I promised my cousin I would take him fishing. I did suggest that if all went fine Saturday, we invite those two the following sunday on the boat, which Vicky thought was a great idea.

That Friday, I did call Vicky and she was excited for the next night. “Damn Baby, I awoke this morning so horny and then, at work, Carrie and I made out in her office for a short while. Just some kissing and fondling, until Ashley interrupted us. She’ll be there tomorrow night too, alone. She broke up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago when she found out he was actually married. Ash is so down now, so hopefully this helps pick up her spirits.”

Ashley, I found out after I met her a few weeks ago, is a year older than I. She is part Chinese, part American. Her mom being the Chinese. She has that short bob hair, which is black, and a tight little body. She is only 5’ or 5’ 1 and if she weighs 100 lbs., it would be a miracle. From what Vick told me, she is Bi as well. Her job there is manicures and such.

Vicky and I then discussed what time I should be over. I suggested dinner, which she said yes too. So we made plans to go around 8pm and after dinner, go hang out down by the boat, until we needed to leave around 10, or a little after.

“So Babe, Carrie is really looking forward to just being with us tomorrow night. She likes that you didn’t force anything with her sexually last night, but, she did say she plans on fucking you a few good times.”

“Really? And how do you feel about that?” She giggled a little, then said, “Look. This is for fun. It is just sex with friends. It’s not like she is going to leave Rich for you, or vice a versa. I’m not running off with Rich either. Plus, I am dying to see you two fuck and know she is enjoying it as much as I do.”

I said ok, then said, “Good. I am dying to watch you two as well. You looked so damn sexy with him last night and I knew you were enjoying it.”

“Oh Baby, I was and I loved when you tongued her ass when I was licking her. I want us to eat her together too. But, I will be honest here. If I found you were out fucking others now, well that would hurt me. I have strong feelings for you and would feel betrayed by that, and please know, I wouldn’t do that to you either.”

“Vick, it is all about trust, even if we weren’t going to try out this lifestyle. I do trust you and respect you and have deep feelings for you, so rest assured, I would not do that to you.”

She did not bring up the fact that I said I love you to her, last night. That was fine. Like I said, that was more for reassuring her that all was fine last night. I do have feelings, but I am uncertain that it is love yet. We said our goodbye’s and then hung up.

My cousin and I had a great day out on the boat. It was hot too, seeing it was August, but being on the water, helped cool things down. We did catch a few walleye, which is what we were after. I got us back in about 2:30, and I was home by 3. I went and took a nap then and got up about 7, shaved and showered, dressed in khaki shorts and a nice light green golf shirt and was at Vicky’s by 8pm.

Vicky met me at the door and she looked gorgeous. She had on a white, with a floral print, sun dress that stopped about mid thigh. I noticed she was not wearing a bra, and it showed quite a bit of cleavage. Her blond hair was done up nicely too, not in a ponytail and she was wearing lipstick, which was a first for me to see.

We kissed for a good minute, and my cock was starting to rise. I then kissed down her neck, to her cleavage and slip down one of the spaghetti straps and let my lips latch onto a hard nipple.

“Oh shit Tim. You keep that up, we won’t make dinner, let alone the party. I love when you suck my tits Baby.”

“I love your tits. Hell, I love your whole body. But, I’ll quit for now.” She kissed me again and then said, “Trust me, you will have them later. Promise me you’ll save some lovin for me later, after being with them.”

“I have every intention of doing that, and in the morning too”

I had brought my travel bag in, so she took it and put some clothes and toiletries in it, for tomorrow morning, since we were spending the night there.

We went to dinner at the restaurant that is on the river, and enjoyed a good meal. During the meal, she told me that Carried had called about 7, saying that she was going to have everyone gone by 10 that night. The party started around 3, from what Vicky said. Vicky said that only 6 couples came this time, and 2 single girls, Ashley being one of them, and Patty, and Carrie’s cousin John.

We then headed over to the boat and found Mitch, Vicky’s cousin, and his girlfriend Pam, along with Ron and Mitch’s sister Jeanie sitting on the boat drinking beer and just hanging out. They were surprised to see us. Jeanie asked what we were up too and Vicky said that a friend from work invited us over later to go swimming in their pool. She sure the hell wasn’t going to tell them we were going to go fuck over there.

We passed the time talking and laughing. I had a beer and Vick had 2 wine coolers. Not sure where they got the refreshments, because I was the only legal aged one there. Pam lit up a joint, and was passed around, but I declined, since I was driving. I figured I’d have some later with Vicky, if she brought any.

We left about 10, and headed the 25 minutes to Carrie’s house, which was out east of where we were, in the town of Madison. Nice area, where houses are spaced far apart, like country living, yet close enough to the city life, so you didn’t have to make it a day to get there and do things.

On the way there, Vicky took my right hand in her’s and then asked, “Are you sure about this tonight?” I looked over at her and smiled, “Yes Baby, I am, and I hope you are too. If not, say the word and I will turn around”

“No. No. I want to go with you. I know you would turn around if I asked you too. Had this been Bill, he would have ignored me and been hell bent on fucking anything that moved there. I just hope you know my feeling for you are so strong and feel so good with you. It does scare me. I know we said just buddy’s, but I think this may be more and I don’t want to get hurt.”

“Sweetie, I am not going to do anything to hurt you, and at anytime tonight, you want to stop, say so, and we will and come back home, no questions asked. This is about us as a couple. Hell, we may not even like it, or then again, we may love it. No harm in trying. But my feelings will not change for you because of it. Look how Carrie and Rich are. That could be us one day.” Vicky leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then squeezed my hand tight, and held it the whole drive there.

Carrie and Rich’s house was a split level, standard size for that time of year, and very nice. Vicky said we were to enter through the garage, which led into the kitchen area. When I pulled in, there was only one car there, with the hosts car’s in the garage.

“Shit” Vicky said. “What?” “Donna is still here. I was hoping she would be gone by now. Her husband is an ass, and worse when he is drunk.”

“Well. We’ll just play things by ear and you should just ignore him, if you can.”

We stepped into the kitchen and saw Carrie, who was wearing a blue silk robe, and Donna, who was dressed, doing up some dishes. Donna saw us first and asked Vicky where the hell we had been, the party’s over now.

“Oh Darn” Vicky said, then said, “Tim had some folks in from out of town and had them out on the boat and didn’t get back until 8 or so.” Good recovery I thought. I just let her do the explaining.

“Well shit. I was hoping to hook up with your lover boy there. Maybe next time. I have to round up Phil and get home. Have a babysitter for the kids tonight. Nice seeing you again Tim” I nodded and said nice seeing you too.

Carrie went to the front room with Donna and we could hear Phil and Donna saying good night, and the door shut. Carrie came back with Rich, who was holding a garbage bag and was cleaning up. I lent him a hand, which he protested at first, but I didn’t listen. The girls were straightening up the kitchen.

Carrie then asked Rich to take us to the bedroom we’d be using tonight, so we could stow away our bag and then Carrie said, “Get undressed and put on the robes I have on the bed for you two”

After Vicky and I stripped down, I took her in my arms and kissed her. Her naked skin felt so good against mine. Her hand made its way to my growing cock, and my hand went to her ass cheeks.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, I know I need some of this soon.” We then donned our robes, grabbed our smokes and she grabbed her baggie. I knew she would bring some pot. We got back out to the kitchen and Rich suggested we go out by the pool, and asked what we wanted to drink. Rich and I had beers, while the girls opted for wine.

The pool area was lit with torches and had a nice glow to it. Just before we exited the kitchen to the deck, Carrie suggested we get rid of the robes, so we all were naked then. Rich and I followed our lady’s out to the deck, watching their fine asses swing back and forth. Carrie turned her head back towards us and asked, “Like the view boys?” We all just laughed.

I think since we’d been with them the other night, naked and fucking, there was no tension now. We took seats and carrie was telling us how the party went. She said that Rish and her, basically hosted the party and really did not partake in the activities because they wanted to save it for us. She laughed and did say, “Well, I did get to lick Ashley for a bit, but that was it.”

Then she told us about the little drama that happened earlier. Her cousin John had been keeping Patty company most of the day, and then he hooked up with Ashley, and Patty didn’t care for that. Those two aren’t really friends, so Patty stormed off and left. Ashley and John then got back together and left about 8, so I am sure he has her at his place fucking her brains out.

“But otherwise, people just hung out, talked, laughed, had some sex and most left by 9:30 or so, well, except for Donna and Phil.” Phil was pretty drunk by the end. Not sure what Donna saw in him when they married. I think he’s an ass.”

Rich excused himself and went inside. Vicky took out a joint and asked if it was cool. She knew that Carrie liked to smoke too. Carrie looked at her and said, “Hold off on that until Rich gets back”, which Vicky did.

About a minute later, Rich came back out to the table, carrying a wooden box. He set on the table and looked at Carrie, who nodded in agreement. He took out a small pill bottle, a razor, then a mirror. Vicky eyes got wide and asked, “Is that what I think it is?”

Carrie smiled and said, “Yeah. Not sure if you 2 want to try it, but we hope you don’t mind.”

Vicky giggled, then looked at me. I shrugged and then said, “You can Babe, I’ll stick with weed. We’re staying anyways tonight, but I haven’t ever done it” Vicky said, “Me either, but have wanted too. I’ve heard it a great high and turns you on sexually and you guys can go hours with us.”

Carried laughed and said, “Oh yeah. We will be busy tonight and into the morning with this stuff, and it’s good. Might give you a headache in the morning. Probably both heads will be aching”, then laughed, as did Rich.

Rich said, “Any inhibitions you may have had before now, will go away in a few minutes. Are you sure you don’t want to Tim?”

I siad I was sure and Vicky said she would. This was way out of my normal comfort zone, but what the hell. Plus, I don’t have the money for this stuff. I said to Rich, “At least let me pay for some of this. I know it is expensive.”

“Bullshit” he said. “You two are our guests tonight, so don’t worry about it. But thanks for offering. Most of the others that were here tonight, wouldn’t have offered at all, just use.” They then did a line each. I lit up a joint and smoked and even shared some with Vicky.

Carrie suggested we retire to the bedroom now. So we went inside. Rich was locking up and turning off lights as we went. Once in the bedroom Carrie and Vicky crawled up on the bed, which was a big kingsize, and did not look like it was used today for the party.

Carrie and Vicky were kneeling on the bed, facing one another and started kissing. These were deep, passionate kisses, like lovers do. Both were caressing each other as they kissed. Rich suggested that we just take a seat on the bed. “They’re going to be a while Bud, so sit back and enjoy the show.”

After a few minutes, Vicky pushed Carrie back, so she was against the headboard, and Vicky started licking down her neck, then sucked her nipples for a bit, which got Carrie moaning. At this time, my cock was hard as a rock, and it felt like my senses were in overdrive. I looked over at Rich, who was sitting next to me, and he was slowly stroking his cock, watching the girls. He caught me looking at him and just winked.

Vicky was now between Carrie’s legs, which were bent at the knee and spread wide. With two lamps on each side of the bed on, the lighting was good for watching.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yessssssssss. Suck that pussy Sweetie. I’ve have been looking forward to this all day.”

Vicky went to town on Carrie. Licking and sucking. Carrie moaning a great deal too. Vicky had her ass up, in the air now, and she looked so inviting.

Carrie looked at us and asked, “Do you two talk about fantasies?” directing the question to me.

I nodded yes, then said, “We have, but just a couple.” What are they?” Carrie asked.

“Vicky wants to be eating a woman, and one of us guys fucking her from behind. Then being watched as she fucks someone. Preferably me watching her fuck the guy. Mine is to watch her with another man, and see her with a woman.”

“Any others? Because those are coming true tonight. Be honest”

I got real quiet a second, then said, “I’d like to feel Rich’s cock and maybe have him suck me”

Vicky raised her head, “Oh fuck Baby. Do it. I am so fucking turned on now.”

Both girls watched as I reached over and took hold of Rich’s hard cock. It felt so smooth, and extremely hard right now. I stroke it a few times. I kept on stroking him as both girls moaned while watching it happen.

Carrie was all smiles and then said, “Feels good, don’t it. Go ahead, give it a lick. It’s all about fun and enjoying sex with your friends.”

So I did. I licked the head a few times, then went back to stroking him, as Vicky now was eating carrie hard. Carried yelled out, “Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmm you bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I got behind Vicky, and slipped my cock inside her and pumped it in her a few times. As I did, she moaned out “Yessssssssssssssssss Fuck my Pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” and then roated her hips as I fucked her.

Then Vicky moved off of carrie and said, “My turn Lady” and sat next to Carrie, up against the headboard. She now spread her legs and bent her knees. Carrie wasted no time in going down on her. Vicky patted the bed, next to her, signalling me to join her there.

I sat next to her and we started kissing. She then whispered in my ear, “I Love you for this.” Then I felt Rich grab my cock and started stroking it. Vicky eyes got wide when she saw Rich was going to suck me. “Oh Fuck baby, this is so Hottttttttt”

Our host were now sucking us both, and I could care less that is was a dude doing it. It felt great, to be honest. Vicky and I continued kissing as they took care of us and our moans filled each other’s mouths.

Not sure what carrie was doing then, but I felt Vicky grab my head hard and pull me closer, and her breathing got real hard, and she bit my bottom lip. Not real hard to draw blood, but bit it some, then screamed out.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg”

She squirted just then. Rich even looked at Carrie getting a faceful of Vicky’s love juices. It was all over her face and chest and on the bed too.

As Vicky calmed down, she hung her head a little and apologized for getting the bed wet. Carrie crawled up to her and kissed her softly and said, “Oh Sweetie, That was magnificent. I have never made you squirt before. Lucky for you, I love you, and you can squirt on me any day.”

Carrie then came over by me and kissed me. “Lick your lover’s juices from me Sexy.” So I did. As we licked and kissed, she climb into my lap and her hand went to my raging hard cock and began to stroke it. Rich had moved over to Vicky and they were starting to make out too. I thought to myself, “guess we’ll find out how tight we are as a couple now.”

I scooted towards the middle of the bed. Rich and Vicky got into a 69 position and were pleasuring each other orally. I pushed back on Carrie’s shoulders, indicating to her I wanted her on her back. Once she did, I started tracing my tongue down her neck, then to her breasts. Her nipples were very hard now, and my mouth sucked and licked each one.

Now I wanted to return the favor from the other night, from when she gave me a blowjob but I didn’t get the chance to eat her. I glanced over once and saw Vicky sucking the hell out of Rich’s cock, and her ass was moving big time, from the tongue lashing Rich was giving her pussy. Those two were moaning big time and really into each other, and my only hope was that I could perform as well for Carrie.

When I reached her beautiful pussy, I started kissing and licking her inner thighs first, then would blow on her engorged labia. I heard moan “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I kept teasing her some until she finally said “Oh fuck Tim, eat my fucking cunt. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee”

I buried my tongue between her lips and started licking.”Yessssssssssssssss that’s it. Tongue fuck me Baby”

I basically licked all over, but stayed away from her clit. I even got to lick her ass, which I could tell she liked having done. When I inserted a finger and started fingering her too, she came.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” and her body went stiff, and her legs closed around my head. I didn’t stop though, and once her body relaxed, she opened her legs again. I went back to her ass and tongued that for a few minutes.

As I did that, I could hear Vicky yell out, “Oh Shit Baby, I am cummmmmmmmingggggggggggg”

I heard Carrie say to Vicky, “Rich is an excellent tongue man, isn’t he Sweetie? But this man between my legs is just as good. You made a great choice in him.”

Vicky was panting and answered back. “Oh Christ, it’s so good to have men that can please us like this.” then she said, “Hey Baby, you like eating her pussy don’t you? I love how she taste”

I just nodded in response. I was to wrapped up in her pussy now and started sucking her clit and rubbing her g-spot, which was very easy to find. Carrie started moaning loud now, and let me know she was close to cumming again.

“Fuck Yeahhhhhhh, Fuck Fuck Fuck” and started cumming. I lapped up every drop I could of her delicious juices. She tasted sweeter than Vicky actually, and I love Vicky’s taste. I sat back up on my haunches now and was watching Vicky ride Rich’s big cock. Damn she looked really sexy then, and I held no ill feelings watching her enjoy it.

As Carrie was starting to relax from her orgasm, I leaned in behind Vicky and licked her asshole, which was winking at me. I only did it for a few seconds then straightened up and she pulled me to her to kiss her. We kissed as Rich methodically pumped her pussy from the bottom.

“You like his cock in you, don’t you Baby? Is this what you were hoping on tonight?”

“Oh fuck Babe, his cock is so long, feels so goooooooooooood. I love everything we are doing. I love all of you guys.” Vicky said, then said, “Baby, Fuck Carrie, she needs to feel your big cock now, that I have been bragging about. I’m dying to see that piece of meat buried in her hot cunt.”

I moved back over to Carrie then and lay down. She moved so she could straddle me. She looked down on me smiling, then grabbed my cock, and directed it to her wet opening and slowly slid down my shaft. Once she was seated all the way down, she smiled down at me.

“Damn Baby, your cock feels real nice in me. Vicky. You lucky bitch. I hope you enjoy this as much as you can.”

“As much as we can. I love him in me. Usually 3 times during the week and countless times on the weekend.”

I was chuckling to myself as I listened to these two beauty’s talk about fucking. Then Carrie leaned down on top of me, kissed me deeply, pulled her lips away and softly said, “enough talk Babe. Let’s fuck, and fuck good.

She sat back up and placed her hands on my chest and started rocking back and forth on me. Her pussy was so tight too. “Damn, your pussy is so tight.” She giggled and said “That’s from exercising it daily. Your Sweetie there doesn’t need to do that yet. But us old broads need to do that, so we keep our men happy” then laughed.

“Rich laughed and said, “Honey, your pussy is the best and I know that. No offense Vick, because your’s is great too, but I love that woman’s more than anything in the world.”

“No offense taken Hun. Now fuck me with your big cock. I wanna cum again”

We all stopped talking and started getting into it. All of us were moaning and grunting. What surprised me was that I was hanging in there after 15 minutes of pumping her hard, and hadn’t cummed yet. Both carrie and Vicky came once each.

Carried leaned back down and said in my ear. “Fuck me Tim. Cim in me. I want your hot load inside me”. I grabbed her ass cheeks, bent my knees some and started pumping up into her and we could hear or skin slapping together.

Vicky and Rich were doing the same and I could hear Vick yell out, “Harder. Fuckkkkkkkkkk I’m cummmmmmmminnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg.” Rich grunted loud too and was cumming deep inside her. He was holding Vicky tight because her body was thrashing all over as she came. I could see too, Rich’s cock pumping inside her and saw the frothy mixture of their cum as he did.

That did me in then. I looked at Carrie and tried to say I was cumming, but could only say.”Shitttttttttttttttttttttt” as I started to shoot streams of cum in her.

“Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” she yelled out as she came too, then collapsed onto my chest. After some heavy breathing by all of us, the girls rolled off of us. Carrie was surprised when I went between her legs and licked her pussy, staying away from her clit.

“MMMMMMMM. Love a man that cleans up after himself.” Vicky giggled and said, “Yeah. He does that damn near every time.” Rich was just laying there. So I turned my attention to Vicky then. Her eyes got big and asked “Really?” “Fuck Yeah” I responded. When I was done after a minute or so, I went up and kissed Vicky, sharing their cum with her.

Then I sat up and was catching my breath. Rich then moved off the bed and said, “anyone want something to drink, or are we done here?”

Vicky and I looked at each other and she said, “God I hope we are not done yet. This is fun and I am still super horny.” I laughed and said, I’ll take anything cold you have, non alcoholic though.”

He laughed and said, “Pepsi or Coke?” “Either will do” Carrie said she would share mine. He got off the bed and Vicky said she would go help him. That left me and Carrie alone, which I was quite comfortable with. Any guy would. She is very attractive and fun and could fuck like no tomorrow.

She grabbed 2 cigs and lit them. I glanced at the clock and saw it was already 12:30. I was amazed that we have been playing since just after 11pm.

“So?” she asked, “Is this what you thought it would be, but most importantly, are you enjoying it?”

“Honestly. At first I wasn’t too sure how it would go and I was afraid that one of us would get some jealousy going, but I can tell, neither of us feel like that. I was so turned on watching you 2 together, then even more when they started playing. Then there is you. All I can say is wow. You are an amazing lover.”

She chuckled and said, “Good. We were hoping you would feel that way and I know we are glad we decided against you guys coming earlier. This makes it so much more intimate for all of us. Plus, this way, you guys could go bareback with us, otherwise you’d be using a condom, which I hate.”

I asked, “How come you guys didn’t have fun with your guest before?” She laughed and said, “We just felt it would be better to save it for you guys. I don’t know about you, but I surely want to fuck you again and again. Plus, we have been with those people many a time and it is so nice to find new friends to explore with.”

Then she got a serious look on her face. “What did you think of the coke? We usually don’t so that much, but thought it may relax you, but also it really heightens the sexual experience.”

My turn to chuckle, “Well. I never did it before, but it makes you feel so good and it felt like you and I could fuck all night. I’m still hard. I know that shit is expensive, so I wish you’d let me help pay for it. But all in all, I wouldn’t mind doing it on occasion, just like I hope we can party with you 2 again.”

“Oh do you now. So you like eating my little pussy and then filling it with your big cock? Good. Because I want to party again after tonight and to be honest here, you are a very selfless lover and I can tell your partners needs come before yours. Some of those guys we play with, only think of themselves. But you are more like Rich, a very giving lover and I hope the best for you and Vicky. You do know she is head over heels for you?”

“Yeah I can tell, and so am I for her, but it may take awhile for us to reach the love and respect you and Rich have for each other.”

“Just treat her good Tim, and all will work out. I like you a great deal and hope we all form a strong bond between us. I do know I want you again and very soon. In fact where the fuck are those two anyways. Glad we’re not dying of thirst.”

Carrie got off the bed and said she’d be right back. About 2 minutes later, she came back with a glass of coke and the mirror, with a line on it. She set them both down on the nightstand and crawled back on the bed.

“They might be a while. Rich and Vicky are fucking like crazy on the couch. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“Actually. No. Maybe it is good she has some alone time with him. She wasn’t sure how she would react to seeing me fuck. I know for me, it turned me on watching her.”

“Good. I like a little alone time with my partner, as does Rich, so if you are good with it, then let’s do our lines, then get into some hot fucking, cuz mamma here needs some hard cock right about now. Hope my potty mouth doesn’t bother you.”

“God no. I love talking like that during sex.” She then took the straw and the mirror and I did a line. We each took a big gulp of the pop, which she then set down on the nightstand.

As she put the mirror back we could hear Vicky downstairs, “Oh Fuck Yeeeeessssssssss Fuck me Hard.”

I asked, “I take it they already did a line?” and chuckled. “Uh Huh” she answered, then lay on the bed and spread her legs. “Now Come fill mamma up with that big cock of yours and fuck me hard too. I mean it Tim. Fuck me really hard. I love it that way.”

I got between her legs and rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy lips, which were still really wet, then slipped it in. “Uhhhhhgggggggg. Yeah Baby, Fuck Mamma”

We started fucking like crazy. She was talking so dirty too, and I was saying it back to hear as well. “God your cock is so nice in me. I could fuck you the rest of the night.” I had her legs up on my shoulders for a while, pile driving her. She came like that, but told me to keep going.

We then switched positions that I was behind her, laying on our sides, driving it in. I was surprised by my stamina, not only not cumming, but just in general. We frantically kissed when we fucked like that.her tongue was deep in my mouth and felt like she was touching my tonsils.

“Fuck me doggie Tim. Pound me hard, I need to cum again and I want your cum too”

She was on he knees now and her ass way up in the air, and her shoulders and head in a pillow. We could still hear those two downstairs going at it. I wished she was up here so I could watch, but oh well. I had this sex goddess in front of me to take care of.

We fucked for almost ten minutes when I heard her say she was getting close. I was too and I licked my thumb and inserted in her ass, and started fucking her ass too as I pounded her pussy.

“That’s it Baby. Fill both my holes you motherfucker. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

Carrie started cumming again, and this time, her whole body was shaking. I then unloaded inside her, holding on tight as I shot rope after rope of creamy cum deep inside her womb. Then we both collapsed onto the bed.

We were both panting heavy, like we ran a marathon. I got back up to my knees and looked down at her. Her hair was flayed over the pillow, her legs spread apart and I could see my cum oozing out of her. I leaned down and started licking it, which got her to moan again.

She turned over and asked me to quit because her pussy was sensitive right now. But she wanted me on top of her. So I laid between her legs and joined her for a passionate kiss. She is an excellent kisser and could make any man feel like he was on top of the world.

“God Tim. You are great. You really know how to make me cum, and cum hard.” I smiled ather and said, “I think it takes 2 to pull this off.You are so amazing.” As we kissed more, my cock, which was only slightly going soft, was at the entrance to her sex. She wiggled a little and back inside it went.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm. That’s better. My pussy likes your cock there. To be really honest and you can’t say a word to anyone. But you have the perfect size for me. I can’t do doggie with Rich. He is too long and it hurts to do that and I so love doggie, as you could tell.” as she giggled then.

As we fucked slow, and her arms around my neck, and her hands caressing my shoulders, she said, “Look. Rich and I do play alone too and I’d love a one on one session with you at times. I don’t know what your true relationship is with Vicky, but what she said was you guys date but are most sex buddy’s too. If that’s the case, then maybe we could hook up one day for some fun.”

“Wouldn’t that bother Rich?” “Oh heck no. He plays alone too. He’s been fucking Patty for months now. We even have her over for 3somes, then after we all play, I leave them be.”

“Well, I don’t know how Vick would feel about it. I know she loves and adores you, and I would never do anything to hurt that. But if she didn’t care, oh hell yeah. I got to admit, you are something else.”

“Something to look forward too then. Maybe you me and Rich could have our own 3some then. I have to tell you, when you started jacking him off, then sucking him, I got real turned on. I mean real turn on. Like now. Fuck me a little faster.”

Her legs were around my waist now, as we fucked a little faster. We quit talking and started kissing again. As we were getting into it again, the bed moved and we both looked over and saw our mates crawling back onto the bed.

“God, you 2 are a sexy sight to watch”, I heard Vicky say. I saw that Rich’s dick was pretty limp now, but Vicky was playing with it and they were kissing again. I pumped a little faster to help Carrie cum, which she did, but not with the intensity as we had before. I did not cum this time, as I rolled off of her and pulled her close to me.

We all then had a cig and just relaxed. “So Guys.” Carrie started, “Is this what you expected?”

“Yes. Very much so, and more.” said Vicky. I nodded along with Vicky’s statement. It was good. And no one was felt any jealousy or had drama.

“Good. Because we had fun with you two as well and I am glad we waited for you two tonight and not party with the others. I think I can speak for Rich and say we’d love to be with you two again, if you do too.”

I looked at Vicky and saw the big smile on her face, and I smiled too. “God yes. We’d love to do this again with you. But. I’ll be honest. I don’t know if I could handle the whole group scene. This was far more intimate and just felt natural. I can’t speak for Tim, but I love you both and would love experiencing this again with you guys.”

“I too, want to be with you guys as well. I can’t believe it’s already 2am. It seemed like we just got going.” We all laughed at that. “Well I hope you two sleep well tonight. I know I will. If you happen to wake before Rich or I, just turn on the coffee maker. I already had it filled and ready to go in the morning. Proper morning dress is, naked.” and she laughed.

We all got off the bed then and the girls hugged and kissed. Then I kissed Carrie good night, as Vicky did the same with Rich. Rich then surprised me and kissed me on the lips, quickly. “Hey bud, if you can suck my dick, you can handle a quick kiss.” The girls broke out laughing at that.

Vicky and I retreated to the bedroom we would share, after using the bathroom. Once in bed, I turned off the light. We had left the door open some. We were lying in bed and she came into my arms, and then kissed me softly, yet passionately.

Her head now was on my shoulder. Her one leg lay over my legs and her hand was stroking my cock gently. “Baby?” she asked, “Do you still like me as much as you did before?”

“Of course I do. I told you nothing would change between us. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering. I mean, I was alone with Rich for over an hour and not in the room with you.”

“Sweetie. Did you enjoy your time with him?” “Oh god Yes.” I kissed her forehead, “Then that’s all that matters.

“Do you want to know what we did?” “Only if you want to share”

“Well when we got in the kitchen, he set up 4 lines, and then told me to do one, and then he did. Then he showed me where the glasses were, while he got out the pop. I was facing the counter when he reached around me to grab a glass, and his cock was poking me in the ass.”

I was starting to get hard as she was talking. “Then he reached around me and started playing with my tits. So I turn around and started kissing him. He led me to the couch and we sat down and started getting into it then. I even asked him if Carrie would be cool with this and he said yes. They play alone at times.”

“Yeah. I know. Carrie told me that.” “Then we just started fucking. I lost count of how many times I came and we did about 5 different ways. The best was when he bent me over the arm of the couch and fucked me that way. It hurt at first, then it just went away and felt great. Guess I am not used to that length. I’m sure you heard us, just like we could hear you guys up here.”

“I have to admit though, when Carrie came down and saw us, I was so afraid she was going to yell, or something. But when she came over and kissed us both passionately, I knew she was cool with it.. That’s when I really started getting into it.”

I was stroking her back as she continued to talked. My cock was at full attention so I knew we’d be fucking soon. “Truthfully Hun, I was so turned on by listening to you 2 down there. I really was, just like I am now.”

She giggled, “I can feel that. We even snuck upstairs and watched you two for like 5 minutes, but you guys were so into each other and I got turned on again and led him back down. That’s when he bent me over the couch and fucked me hard. I’m not sore now, but I bet am I in the morning, or afternoon. Whenever we wake up.”

I took my other hand and put it under her chin and lifted it to meet my lips and we kissed. “She then softly spoke, “Make Love to me Honey, I need to reclaim my cock and know it belongs to me.”

I rolled on top of her and my cock found her wet slit and slowly slid inside.”Oh God Baby. It’s where it belongs. Promise me that if we do this again and anytime, we end the night like this. You have no idea how much you mean to me.”

For the next 20 or so minutes, we made slow, passionate love. Only a few times did our lips disconnect, and that was to softly moan out to each other. Towards the end, her legs wrapped around me and then came, and I came soon after.

I rolled off and she curled into my arms, and she drifted off to sleep. I lay there a few minutes just think about what happened. I knew she cared for me, but not enough for the love word. I think I love her, but I am not even sure, but, I was quite happy with her and this did open up new horizons for us.

I woke up with a start and for some reason, could feel eyes on me. I looked up at the doorway, and there was Carrie, leaning against the door jamb. She was smiling as she looked at me. I wasn’t covered by the sheet. Vicky stole that sometime in the night. My cock was hard, but I knew that was a piss hard. Carrie, mouth to me to come on.

I got out of bed and went and pee’d and Carried went downstairs to the kitchen. Luckily, I had placed my toothbrush and stuff in the bathroom. I had to brush my teeth. They felt like they were growing hair.

After a morning kiss from Carrie, we enjoyed coffee for the next 20 minutes or so and did nothing but talk. We were finding out things about each other, and our likes and dislikes in life, in general. Vicky was the next up and she was dying for some coffee. Carrie then cooked some french toast and bacon, which must have awoken Rich, because he made it down in time to eat.

We invited them out for the next Sunday to go boating, and they were super excited about that. Rich stated that he’d been water skiing before, but Carrie never has. So we solidified our plans for the following Sunday. Vicky and I then went and showered, dressed and then said our goodbye’s to them.

As we were standing in their foyer, Carrie gave Vicky a passionate kiss then said, “I really hope you two come back, so we can try this again. It was a great time for Rich and I, and you two fit in well with us.” Rich echoed what carrie had said then, and he embraced Vicky and they kissed for a long time too.

As they were kissing, Carrie came up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. When she broke the kiss, she whispered in my ear, “ Let’s make plans for a little one on one sometime soon.”

My mind went back to the night before and how wild she is in bed, but all I could do is nod to her. I did not want to jeopardize what Vicky and I had going right now. I did not want to actually cheat on her, even though we said in the beginning, we may date others. It just didn’t feel right, especially if sex was involved.

On the way home, Vicky said she had a big time headache and really wanted to just go and lay down for a few hours, but did not talk much after that. I was thinking, as we rode home, she might be having second thoughts about what we did last night. I Left her off at her place, then went down by the boat, but no one was there, so I headed home too, where I pretty much crashed the rest of the evening.

The rest of the week was pretty much back to normal. I stayed over at Vicky’s Tuesday and Thursday night, and she was very loving for some reason. She did finally speak about our time at Carrie’s on Tuesday. As we lay in bed, before we even started playing around she asked,

“Did you really enjoy what we did Saturday at Carrie’s?”

“Yes I did, and I hope you did too. It seemed at the time you did, but if you have second thoughts about it now, then we never have to do that again.”

“No No, I really did enjoy it. I was afraid you may not have liked Rich and I alone like that. I have to admit, I really like fucking him. He is just like you. Attentive and wants to make sure my pleasures come first.”

I chuckled a little and said, “From the sounds you were making, he was doing a good job. At first, I was a little apprehensive about being alone with Carrie, not knowing how you would feel about that. But after I heard you two enjoying yourself, I was cool with it and then when Carrie and I started getting into it, it was fun.”

“Good” she said, as she was stroking my hard cock. “I know we are boyfriend and girlfriend, but I also like us to be open with them. I really don’t want to be in that group setting. I’d prefer just us four, for now. Carrie really liked how you acted with her. Not demanding or anything, just rolled with it and had fun.”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, she was fun and made me feel like this was how it is supposed to be, when playing with another couple. I won’t lie to you. She wants to meet sometime for a one on one session, and also a 3way with her and Rich.”

Vicky laughed and said, “No way, a 3way? She said something to me about you and her hooking up and asked if I would be cool with it. I told her yeah, as long as Rich and I can too. Carrie laughed when I said that and told me of course you can.”

I looked at her and asked, “So you would be cool with that?” “Sure Baby, why not? It’s not like you and Carrie are going to run off and get married or anything. It’s just sex between friends.”

My mind thought for a bit, then came to the conclusion that Vicky wasn’t into me like I thought she was, and all I am is her dating partner and lover. I could live with that, because I really did not want to get tied down yet. After that, we did fuck for about an hour and I know she was turned on by just the thought of playing again with those two and possibly alone with Rich.

That Saturday night, we met up with Patty and Ashley at a bar that was near the salon, and hung out with them for a few hours. It was hard to believe that those two girls did not have steady boyfriends, because both of them are quite pretty. Patty I learned was 22 and Ashley was 20, but Ashley also had a fake ID, so she was getting served. One thing I did notice was that Ashley did hit on Vicky a couple of times, and even me once, but I blew it off, due to the fact she had a few drinks in her.

On the ride home, Vicky stated the Ashley wanted to come home with us and have a 3way. Now that would have been fun. Vicky told her no for tonight, maybe some other time. Vicky asked if I was ok with that. I told her she was the boss when it came to stuff like that. Vicky said, she would not have minded, but Patty was with her and Patty has a big mouth and tells everything.

We met up with Carrie and Rich the next morning, around 11am, and took them down to the boat. Carrie was super excited, as was Rich. We did bring food and drinks, which consisted of beer, wine coolers and some soda, since I do not drink and drive the boat.

We headed out into the lake and went about 4 miles out, where no one was around. Both girls wore one piece suits, since we were going to go tubing and skiing, so I suggested that they would be better off. We played around with the tubing and Rich tried skiing for a bit. He was pretty good at it. Carrie and Vicky both had a hard time, and decided tubing was more fun for them.

Where we were at, no a soul was near us, so after eating, the girls suggested losing our swimwear and we all got naked. Within ten minutes, we were all enjoying sex with each other. Vicky and Rich paired off, while Carrie and I fucked a few times. At one point, Vicky and Rich went below to fuck, leaving me and Carrie up topside alone.

She was sitting in my lap and asked, “How come you haven’t called me to set up a day for us to play?”

“I honestly thought you were kidding about that, and I did not want to piss either of them off by doing that.”

She giggled, as she wiggled her ass on me, as my cock was buried deep inside her. “I told you last week, Rich and I are cool with it, and, after talking with Vicky the other day, so is she.I only do this with someone I like and trust.”

“Ok then. Before you guys leave today, give me your phone number and I’ll call and set something up. Maybe you and I could go boating one day, just you and I, and do this most of the day.”

“Now that sounds like a plan to me. I really like it out here. And I like it even more with a nice hard cock in me too. Now let’s fuck”

The rest of the afternoon was a variation of us fucking. Vicky and I would fuck, then the girls would play, then it was me and Carrie again. We got back to the dock about 7pm that evening, with all of us pretty tired. After they left, Vicky and I showered but she asked if it was ok with me, if we didn’t spend the night together. I was cool with that because I had work early in the morning.

The following weekend was Labor day weekend and we spent the whole time together, but I could tell something just didn’t feel right. I asked a few time if anything was wrong, and she said not a thing. She did invite me to a party at Carrie’s that she throws every year for the Salon. It was a big BBQ and swimming, but no swinging at this thing. It was to be in two weeks, like an end of the summer bash.

The Thursday before the party, I came up and visited with Vicky at the Salon. It was something she liked me doing at times. This night I asked her if she wanted to try the Sauna out, and she said yes, but the way she said it, made me feel like she really wasn’t interested in it. When we were about to enter, Ashley saw us and asked if there was room for one more, but Vicky gave a terse no thanks.

I asked if there was something wrong, but she just begged off saying she had a slight headache. I asked why she gave Ashley such a terse reply and she told me that Ash has been wanting to get with her for the last couple of weeks and she keeps putting her off. We then pretty much stayed in there only 15 minutes and I suggested we head home.

We didn’t see each that Friday, but did talk on the phone for a bit that evening. I went hung out with Ron and Mitch that night. I did tell Vicky I’d pick her up at 6 for the party, which I did. She was all excited to go, but still not her usual self. It seemed like we were getting farther apart. I guess the newness wore off on this.

At the party we both mingled with people, but Vicky was drinking pretty heavy this evening, which was unusual for her. On three different occasions, I found her chatting away with John, who is Carrie’s cousin.

He is a nice looking guy, and the type that knows it too. 6’, 180 lbs, with long blond hair. I remember him from the last party that Carrie threw. He caused some drama by being with Patty most of the time, then hooking up with Ashley. From what I heard, Ashley just gave him a blow job. But, Patty did not like that and left. Bad thing was, that Patty brought Ashley to the party. So I guess john took Ashley home that night. When we got there, Vicky did point out John’s car. A ‘67 cherry red Mustang, which was in mint condition.

While Vicky was socializing with others and John, I would be talking with Carrie, or Rich most of the time. The last time I saw Vicky talking with John, she had her hand on his arm, and was caressing it, like she would when she was letting me know she wanted sex.

I was standing in the kitchen viewing Vicky and John, and Ash walked up to me. Ash was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white halter top. Since she did not have a lot of boob to fill it out, she still looked pretty hot, and her ass is something to die for.

She patted my hand, which got my attention and said, “Doesn’t that bother you that those two are pretty cozy over there?”

I just shrugged my shoulders and told her, “Hey. Nothing I can do about it. If that’s who she wants to spend time with, then who am I to say anything. I don’t own her, or married to her, and she’s shit if I ever told her to knock it off.”

“Well that’s pretty lame of her to do, with you right here. And John, well he is just a user. He wants nothing more than a fuck, and then it is goodbye. No strings, just sex.” Ashley said.

Then she asked, “How come you never took me on the boat?” I looked at her and said, “I didn’t know you even knew I existed, let alone wanted to go out on it. Maybe we can in the next week or two, before I have to take it out for the season. I’ll see when Vicky can go too, and we’ll all go together.”

She just smiled and said, “Nah. that’s ok. Your girlfriend has changed of late and we don’t see eye to eye for some reason.”

I chuckled to myself, knowing she had hit on Vicky a couple of times, then told her to give me her number and I would call her and see if she was busy and her and I could just go. She did write her number down, but I had no intention of calling her. I was just trying to be nice. I had to admit though, she probably would be a firecracker in bed.

By 10pm, the party was winding down and Vicky was pretty shitfaced. She was sitting on the couch, sort of like staring off into space. I had helped Rich with a lot of the cleanup, but now thought I better get Vicky home. Just getting her in the car was a feat, in itself.

On the ride home, Vicky said, “I’m pretty fucked up tonight Babe. But I still want you to fuck me good.”

I wanted to asked, who would you be thinking about as we fucked, but thought better of it. By the time we got back to her place, she was passed out. It took me a good five minutes to get up and in the house. I got her to the bed and removed her pants and top, then laid her on the bed, close to the side and set a trash can next to the bed.

When I kissed her forehead, she grabbed my arm and said, “I don’t feel so good. Please don’t leave me tonight.” I told her I wouldn’t. I covered her and then turned off the light and I went to the couch and fell asleep.

I know around 2am she got up and was throwing up, then went back to bed. I got up around 8am and checked on her. I crawled in beside her and watched her sleep. I doze off, myself then, until 10, when she woke up.

“Did you sleep in here all night?” “No. I stayed out on the couch. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Thanks for staying. I remember at 2 or so, I had to puke and you weren’t in here. I’m sorry for getting so drunk. God I feel like shit.”

I asked if she wanted anything, but she said no, except for aspirin and water. I got that and told her to call me later when she got up, if she felt up to it. But, I never heard from her the rest of the day, nor on Monday or Tuesday. I didn’t call either, just giving her space. My thought was that she was embarrassed about the party.

On Wednesday, I went up to see her, just before the Salon was to close. I parked out back and saw her car, along with Ashley’s and the Mustang. I knew from carrie, that John was doing some remodeling for her in the shop. When I knocked on the back door, Ashley answered.

“Oh Hi Tim. Vicky didn’t say you were coming up.” I looked down at her and said, “I just wanted to surprise her is all. She’s been kind of distant from me at late.”

Ashley had a look like, oh what do I say now. “Tim. I’ll let her know you were here. She’s finishing up a customer right now.”

I just raised my eyebrow at her comment and she shut the door. I was kind of ticked off, but I am not one to make a scene, so I got back in my car and left. I went over to Ron’s and just chilled out there. Mitch was there too and I told them what happened. Mitch said, “Man, what a bitch.”

I had to work late the next night, but when I was at work, I was getting kind of pissed off. Mostly because Vicky had been avoiding me, and I didn’t understand why. When I left at 9, that night, I drove straight from work to Vicky’s, so we could hash this out.

When I came down her road, I was shocked when I saw John’s Mustang sitting out front of her place. I don’t know why I didn’t just keep on going, but I stopped a few houses down and walked back to her place. All her lights were off, except for her bedroom. As I walked up to the door, I could hear her yell out, “Fuck Me John, Fuck Me”

I was so tempted to bang on the door and have it out with her and ruin their time, but I just turned and drove off. I went down by the boat and sat there for a few hours, just thinking. It really hurt that she would do that to me. I’m usually not the jealous type, but I felt it that night. This whole time I thought she was really mature and had strong feelings for me, at least, that’s what she kept saying.

I went home then and just went to bed. I vowed I would not call her. If she wanted to talk, she needed to call me or come see me. That Friday evening, I took out the card Ashley gave me and I called her. I think I was doing it to spite Vicky. If she could fuck around, then I could too. I asked Ash if she was still interested in going on the boat, which she said yes too. It was towards the end of September, but still fairly nice out too. We made plans for Sunday, around noon. I had no intentions of having sex with her, just going out to get my mind off of Vicky.

Vicky finally called Saturday and asked if I was busy on Sunday. We needed to talk. I told her I was busy, but now would be good. She said she had plans with her sister. Of course I knew that had to be bullshit, but said, maybe we could Sunday evening, then ended the call.

That Sunday, I went to Ashley’s and picked her up. She lived about 5 miles away, in an apartment with her older sister, who was leaving that day with her boyfriend, for a vacation in the Cayman Islands.

One good thing, it was about 80 degrees out and Ash was dressed in a pair of cut-off jeans and a pink polo shirt, but I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking through the material. Ashley is of Oriental descent, and like I said earlier, is a pixie of a girl, at 5’, and maybe 100 lbs, but cute as hell.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon just riding around and talking. I made no pass at her, although she did like standing with me, holding my arm when we were riding along and would always grab tight when a wave hit.

We got back to her place and she asked if I wanted to order pizza for dinner. I said, sure to that. It was nice spending some time with her. As we ate, she finally asked what was up with Vicky and I.

“To tell you the truth, I have no idea. But I am pretty sure it is over between us.” She asked why is that. I told her about me stopping to see her Thursday night and John’s car was there.

“That fucking slime ball. He is so fucking arrogant and thinks he is god’s gift to us women.”

“Yeah. When I went to the door, I could hear them in the back and Vicky yelling out. Fuck Me”

“Awe Tim. I am so sorry. To be honest, I think they were hoping Wednesday that I would leave, but I was the lock up person that night. Vicky said she would do it. But I said no, it was my responsibility, and I did not want to get fired for something I didn’t so”

“Oh well. If that is what she wants, then so be it. Like I told you before. I don’t own her and she is a big girl and can make her own decisions.”

“I am sorry she is treating you this way. I’ve heard only really great things about you. I have to ask, and I hope you don’t get pissed.”

“You can ask anything you want to Ash. I’m not the type that hides things, unless asked too.”

“I knew you guys were coming to the party at Carrie’s, last month or so.” I nodded in response. “Did you guys hook up with them that night?”

I chuckled a little then responded, “To be honest, yeah we did. We had a great time too. Maybe that is why Vicky is acting like she is now, I really don’t know. I heard you were there too, but left after Patty’s little blow up.”

She looked down, like she was ashamed. “Yeah. She got all pissy because I gave John a blowjob. We were all feeling pretty good by then and everyone was having sex. Hell, John fucked two other women, but Patty was getting pissed because he hung with her most of the time and I know they fucked at least twice. I don’t know why she got like that. It’s what that party was all about.”

I looked at her and said, “Look. I am not judging and if someone goes to a party like that, then they should know people are going to have multiple partners. Kind of glad we did it the way we did for our first time.”

“You are so right. You know, I didn’t screw anyone that night. I was mostly playing with 2 other girls. I’m Bi, as you may have guessed.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, I knew and I guess I am now too” Ashley smacked my arm and said, “No way. You and Rich? Cool. I like an open minded guy”

I laughed at that remark, then got back to her story, “ But I thought someone said you went home with John.”

“I did, but only because Patty took off and I rode there with her. He wanted to come in, but I said no thanks. He left in sort of a huff. Guess a blowjob wasn’t good enough for him”, then chuckled.

I looked at my watch and saw it was going on 7pm, and figured it was time to put this to rest one way or another. I told Ashley that I better get going and go see Vicky. I said I don’t think this is going to end well either.

Ashley grabbed my hand and told me, “Look, if you want to come back later and talk, I’ll be here. If you just want to come back, come on back. I really liked hanging with you today.”

“Maybe I will Ash. But I doubt that I will. I’ll probably just head home. You don’t need some debbie downer bringing you down. But, maybe later this week I could call you and see if we want to hang out again.”

She smiled and said sure, that would be great. She gave me a kiss on the cheek when I was leaving. I did look back at her and said to myself, “man, what a fool. Gorgeous little thing like that.”

On the short ride over to Vicky’s, my stomach was in a knot. I knew this was the end of it, and may be that was for the best. Could I see myself married to her in a few years, no. A few weeks ago, I probably would have said yes, but these last few weeks opened my eyes, and neither of us are ready for that step in life.

By the time I got to Vicky’s, I was nervous as hell. After knocking on the door, she opened it and let me in. She was wearing an Indians Jersey that I bought her at one of the games we went too. That’s all she had on and it looked really sexy on her. I didn’t mention a thing to her about it. She offered me a drink, which I declined, and then went and sat on her couch.

“So” I said. “What is going on. What have I done that you have totally shut me out of your life?”

“It’s not you Tim, It’s me, it really is. I got scared. We were going down a path I don’t want to at this time in my life. I have deep feelings for you, and all I ever wanted was a friend and a sex buddy. But I think if we keep going, it will lead to something else.”

I just looked at her. I have to admit, I too, had strong feelings for her. “Yeah, you are right. I did have strong feelings for you, but after this week, that was completely destroyed.”

“What do you mean, this week?” she asked.

“Come on Vicky, really?” she did not answer, but did have a tear in her eye. “Did Ashley tell you I stopped up Wednesday night, just before closing?”

“No she didn’t, why did you come up?”

“I was hoping we could talk after work. But she said you were busy with a customer. But I did notice John’s car there, so I bet he was the customer.”

“Yeah he was, so what? I trimmed his hair.”

“That’s cool. So I guess thursday night, you were trimming his hair too at your place.”

“I didn’t see him Thursday.”

I just laughed and said, “Oh Ok. So his car parked out in front of your place, was just a mirage. Just like when I got out and came to the door and heard you yell out, Fuck me John, Fuck me, was a mirage too.”

Tears were now running down your her face, and mine too. I was totally hurt.

“It’s not any of your business who I fuck or even see. I think you need to leave now, and never come back.”

“You’re right Vick. It isn’t my business now. I can’t believe I actually believed you that one night in bed, when you said you’d be so hurt, if I had sex with someone else and you did not know about it. That was a lot of bullshit. In fact, I was stupid for even coming here tonight. Did you fuck him last night too?”

“Asshole. No I didn’t. I told you I was with my sister.”

“Ok right. You know, I was with Ashley today. We went out on the boat. I should have just stayed over there with her. But no. I felt like I was cheating, even though not a damn thing went on.”

She had a pissed look on her face. “You were with that whore? I’m sure you two fucked all day then. I know her and I know she has wanted to fuck you for a time now.”

“Well, believe what you want, but I have no reason to lie. I didn’t even have to tell you, but I believe in full disclosure, unlike you.”

I got up then and looked at her. Her face was drenched with tears. I started for the door, and she ran up and grabbed me.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen between John and I. I got high with him and one thing led to another.”

“I don’t really care Vicky. I really thought we had a good thing going between us. But hey, I’m sure you will get over me pretty quick, and now you got the ultimate fuck buddy. From what I hear, he’ll drop you in no time and move on to someone else.”

“Fuck You. Get out now.”

So I left. I went home and just crashed in my bed. The next day my mo asked what was wrong and I told her that Vicky and I broke up. She said it was probably for the best. I was too young to be tied down, and I had to agree with that.

Later that week, I did stop at Mitch’s and he said he heard all about it. I said, yeah, too bad. Then I told him my side. His eyes got wide and said, what lying bitch she is. She said you were fucking around on her. I asked him if he truly believed that and he said no. It did not sound like me. He knew I was really into her.

Ron and Mitch were good friends to me. They made sure I didn’t sit around and mope about it. After a good month, I was pretty much back to my normal self.

One night, I was over at Mitch’s and Tacy showed up. She said she was sorry for what Vicky did to me. Then let me know that John dropped her after two weeks and was going out with some broad Patty. I had to chuckle at that.

I did talk with Ashley a couple of time, and we even went out twice. The second time, we came back to her place and she wanted to have sex, but I declined saying I didn’t feel it was right, since she worked with Vicky. I really didn’t want her going in and saying, “Oh yeah Vick, Tim and I fucked this weekend.” I may have been mad, but I am not out for revenge.

Over Christmas time, I was over at Mitch’s and Vicky showed up. I was surprised, because my car was there, in the driveway, so she knew I was there. I was civil towards her, but carried no conversation. Thankfully, she did not stay long. That was the last time we ran into each other like that.

Tracy had tried to persuade me to coming over a few times for some fun time, but I declined. It wasn’t her fault that her sister couldn’t keep her legs shut, but, I also did not want any drama from that family.

It was for the best, for the very next year, I met my future wife and lived a very nice life. To some, it probably was not the lifestyle that they would live, but we loved each other and trusted each other. Carol was my life. We had many an adventure too, which I will always treasure. It still hurts that God took her from me so soon.

About 10 years ago, Carol and I were at the mall shopping and I ran into Vicky. We chatted for a few minutes and I did introduce her to Carol. She said she was divorced, her second, and had 2 kids, which were grown and living out of state. I told her I Carol and I have been together since ‘78. I have to say that Vicky really looked haggard and gained a good 20 pounds.

As we walked away, it reminded me of a song by Garth Brooks, Unanswered Prayers. “Some of God’s greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers.”

That was also the first time that I had really mentioned Vicky to Carol and all that had transpired. She laughed and said she should go back and thank her, because if she hadn’t done what she did, who knows, we may never have gotten together.


Just an update. This past Thanksgiving I spent an enjoyable time with Kim and her kids and grandkids. As the day wore on, her daughter Karen, said how come you two don’t live together and quit this coming over. You both are good for one another and we all know you have sex. So just start living again. Aunt Carol would be very happy if you two were a couple now.

So we did move in the very next week. She is going to sell her place. As I have been writing this story, she has been reading it. She had no idea I went through this. She is a great woman though and we do love one another, and, I have to admit, it feels really good to wake up daily with her.

We are going to be taking a cruise later this year with Karen and Pete, and also Ann and Sam, so that should be fun, and if anything happens, we’ll write about it.

And to the anonymous folks that leave messages. Most of you are very supportive and I am grateful. But the one’s that just find something wrong in what I wrote, I am sure you have never written a story in your life, but have this need to put others down that truly enjoy doing this. One guy bitched because I said in the first part, my 8”inch cock, then in the next 7 ½”. Only reason that happened is because Kim measured it one night, and it stuck in my head. I was flabbergasted that I actually lost almost a ½ inch. Guess everything shrinks with age.

And one other thing too. I used real names this time for my friends. In the past, I did not. But I figured I hadn’t seen them in years, and they would never know who it was writing this. I doubt they even read stuff like this.

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