Small Town Life


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Adam has a side job working for the Carlson’s. Husband Roger travels a lot for his job. His wife Jackie is a constant fantasy for Adam. Then her teenage cousins Amy and Samantha visit.

It was a typical hot summer in a typical small midwestern town. Dust hung over the fields, stirred up by farm equipment, and drifted over the downtown area. Downtown consisting of a general store, a diner, the town hall/police station and Green’s Hardware and Feed Store where I worked. There were a handful of other small businesses filling the two blocks of Reed Street in downtown Doylesville. Continuing along Reed past the railroad tracks you reach the residential district of Doylesville, a handful of small homes and three larger properties at the west end of town. My name is Adam McKay; my family had a farm north of Reed Street. Most of the properties surrounding the town were family farms.

At 17 I was happy to be done with high school for the year. Farm life wasn’t for me, so my father had helped me find a job with Mr. Green. After years helping on the farm I was fairly strong and able to handle the heavy lifting at Green’s. I was 5-10, muscular, sandy blonde hair and gray eyes. Life in a small town has its advantages, but then there was the downside. By luck of the draw Doylesville didn’t have many teen girls in my age range. Our small local school was mostly farm boys. So, yes, I was lacking in experiences. This brings me back to the summer of 1978. Mr. Green would let me drive the store’s truck to make deliveries to farms knowing I could load and unload as necessary. Towards the end of the second week in June he asked me to load up the truck with bags of dirt and seed and bring it to the Carlson’s out past the tracks.

The Carlsons had one of the bigger homes in town with a large mostly undeveloped lot behind them. Mr. Carlson was a salesman who often traveled, leaving his wife Jackie at home. To occupy her time he’d agreed to develop part of the property into a garden. Mr. Carlson had been in Green’s ordering supplies for the garden and materials to build a fence around a portion of the backyard. I drove up to the Carlson’s home. Classic wrap around porch, well maintained front yard, late model sedan in the driveway. Mr. Carlson showed me where to store everything and explained where the fence would go. He was friendly enough; although just about ten years older than me he tried to project himself as much older. As I transported the heavy bags to the backyard I noticed Jackie Carlson for the first time. Working in the heat my t-shirt was plastered to my chest and my bare arms glistened with sweat. She waved to me from the back deck.

“Adam, would you like something cold to drink? I have lemonade.”

“I’m almost finished, that would be great Mrs. Carlson.” When I’d finished I went to the porch where she had set a tall cold glass of lemonade. She stood watching in a lightweight summer dress. Jackie was maybe 25 or so, but no doubt the prettiest woman I’d ever seen. Not that I’d seen too many pretty young women in boring old Doylesville. I tried not to stare, but I stole a few glances. About 5-5, slim, nice legs showing beneath the hem of her dress, she was a breath of fresh air on a dusty summer afternoon. I finished my drink.

“Thank you Mrs. Carlson.”

“You may call me Jackie. Mrs. Carlson makes me sound OLD.” Then she laughed. Ah what a laugh. Light, sweet, friendly. “Will you be making the other deliveries? This is a big project. We may need some help too.” She cocked an eyebrow when I didn’t answer immediately. She must have known the effect she had on me, probably on most men. I caught myself.

“Oh, um, yes I guess. Mr. Green has me make most deliveries now. It’s easier on his back.”

“Do you do extra work? My husband travels so much this fence and garden will take forever. I like to plant the flowers, but there’s so much dirt to move. I can ask him if he’d hire you.”

“I can always use extra money. I’m saving for a car. Then I can get out of Doylesville sometimes. Mr. Green won’t mind as long as I get my work done at the store.”

“Oh good! I’ll talk to Roger. And it would be nice to have someone to talk to around here.”

Roger seemed satisfied with where everything was stored and said he would speak to Mr. Green. When I got home I headed back towards my room and grabbed a change of clothes for a shower. It had been a long sweaty day and I looked forward rinsing off the dust. As the water cascaded over me I found my thoughts going back to Jackie Carlson. Her lightweight clothes loose and flowing around her. The smile. The bit of her bare lower leg. At 17 it didn’t take much. My cock lengthened and thickened. I looked down. From what I’d seen in the high school showers I had nothing to be ashamed of. I reached down and took hold of my cock, lightly stroking at first as I tried to imagine what was hiding under Jackie’s dress. No luck. I didn’t have enough experience to imagine a real woman. Instead I remembered the time Patty Kent had met me behind the bleachers. She was a grade behind me and we were fumbling and making it up. She let me feel her small breasts through her shirt. She rubbed my cock through my jeans. I increased the pace, the memory of one of my few sexual experiences got me there and I spurted multiple times onto the shower wall. Somewhat satisfied, I cleaned up and joined the family for dinner. Later that night, alone in my room, the windows open to catch any breeze, I again stroked my cock and thought of Jackie. Hey, I was 17.

For the next week I mostly dropped off supplies. Then in late June everything was in place and I started working for the Carlson’s some evenings and on weekends. Roger directed me in how he wanted the fence and gardens laid out and we ran string to mark the boundaries. I mostly saw Jackie from afar, except when she’d offer me a drink. I imagined that she was admiring my strong physique under my sweat soaked t-shirt and gym shorts. I was certainly admiring her as I tried not to be too obvious stealing glances at her legs in shorts or her tanned arms showing from her soft cotton shirts. Then of course there was the magical swell of her breasts in those same shirts. She didn’t appear to have large boobs, but the hint and little jiggle of her modest breasts were enough to cause a swell in my shorts. I think she enjoyed my minor discomfort. She didn’t flirt exactly. More, she was friendly and approachable, not snobby, not treating me like hired help.

The last week of June Mr. Carlson was away. My tasks for the week were to finish spreading the dirt for the garden areas then dig holes for the fence posts. Since this required long hours in the summer sun I arrived at the Carlson house at about 8 am to take advantage of the relatively cooler hours. I was well into my work when Jackie appeared on the back deck in shorts and a light cotton shirt. She asked if I’d like a drink, but I said I’d wait until I’d finished the section I was raking. When I was done I sat on the deck with her to get some shade and cool down. We talked about growing up in Doylesville. Jackie’s experience was coincidentally almost a complete opposite of mine. During her teen years there happened to be mostly girls in town. Then a few years ago when Roger Carlson moved to Doylesville he seemed a perfect catch. Intelligent, hardworking, driven to succeed, he quickly opened a business and was off, travelling to increase business and move up in the world. When he asked Jackie what she wanted, she told him she’d always wanted to live in one of the big homes out the end of Reed Street. When they were married, he drove her to their new home, right where we were sitting. It was fun, but also lonely at times. Some of the girls she knew from high school now considered her snobby. When Jackie reached for my cup her hand touched mine. The electric shock ran through my body. She quickly recovered and picked up the glass. I took a quick sip and got back to my work. When I’d finished another section I went back to the house to get the hose to water over the area so it wouldn’t turn to dust. The hose wasn’t really long enough, another item to add to the future purchases list at Green’s, so I had to turn it all the way up. I was waving it back and forth spraying the garden areas when Jackie walked up behind me. When she spoke it startled me and I jumped, losing control of the hose. It began snaking around drenching both of us.

“I’m sorry Jackie, oh wow, I didn’t”

“No, no it’s my fault walking up behind. Come to the deck and dry off.” I followed her to the deck. The white outfit she was wearing was now skin tight and partially see through. When she turned I could see her breasts. Two perfect upturned breasts topped with hard nipples pressing against the fabric.

“Adam, take your shirt off to dry.”

I did it without thinking. Then caught myself staring at her breasts. When I looked up I saw she was staring at me. With a sharp intake of breath she looked down from my muscular chest.

“You may want to take these off too.” Jackie went down on one knee. She slid my shorts down and looked up at me as her hand felt the obvious erection in my underwear. Now I sucked in a mouthful of air then let a moan escape. Jackie stood and looked me in the eye. Then she removed her sodden shirt and pulled my head down to her shoulder. She whispered in my ear, “You must never tell anyone, ever.”

I could only moan, “MM, hmm” She reached behind and released her bra. When it fell I was now with the first pair of real live naked breasts ever offered to me. I tentatively reached up and held one in my hand. It was heavenly. Soft, firm, light, but heavy, pale, with the dark nipple on the upturned tip.

“Go ahead, touch me. Hold me tight.” I wrapped my arms around her. She sighed as she felt me gripping her tight. I say back on a chair and she sat on my lap. Her beautiful bare breasts were now before me and I sucked at one nipple, kissed around her breast, then the other. Jackie seemed to need to feel me holding her, she ran her hands along my arms, down my chest. “So, strong. Mmm, I like your arms, and chest.” I felt her body, her back, her thin arms, the swell of her hips. She held my face in her hands and brought her lips to mine.

I’d kissed a few girls, but nothing like this. Jackie opened her mouth to mine. I fumbled my way through catching clues from her as she offered her tongue all the while caressing my arms and back. I could feel the warmth from between her legs as my hard cock pressed against her. She moved her hips ever so slightly caressing me with her parts. Parts I’d never seen outside of a magazine or two. My cock was throbbing against her begging for release. Jackie kissed me hard then leaned back.

“Take off your shorts.” I obeyed. She slid off of me onto her knees to get a good look at my cock. She lifted it in her hand. Smiled.

“Just as I expected. It’s big and strong just like you.” She wrapped her hand around it stroking slowly, feeling the veins running down the side and under. She hefted my balls in her hand. Then looked up at me. I was nervous. Nude with a woman. A real woman. Uncertain what to do, afraid to mess up. “Relax. Have you been with a girl before?” I kind of shrugged a shoulder. “One who has done this?” She began stroking harder. I shrugged again. “How about this?” She flicked out her tongue. I shook no. “Then certainly not this.” She sucked the head into her mouth and squeezed my balls. I vigorously shook no. “So you’re a virgin?” I hung my head and nodded. “A stud like you shouldn’t stay that way long.” I closed my eyes and put my head back, then opened them quickly as she took more of me into her mouth. I watched her bobbing her head and felt the expected surge rising.

“Jackie, I’m gonna.” She sucked and licked one more then sat back as I came hard, on her neck and breasts, then down her stomach. Great loads of cum. “I-I’m sorry, I couldn’t.”

“Shh, shh. Nothing to worry about. You were a gentleman and warned me. You did great. And so much.”

She wiped herself clean with her shirt, then casually slid down her shorts. Her hair was darker then that on her head, covering her whole area between her legs. She moved my now soft cock aside and sat on my lap. She took my hand and positioned it between her legs. “Now I’ll explain what’s going on here. Just do as I say.” She explained the parts, let me feel the moisture, dip my finger in her pussy and slide it up to her clitoris. She held my fingers there and encouraged me to rub and stroke around there. After a bit she removed her hand and let me keep going. She rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes, moaning as I continued rubbing her. “Oh keep going Adam. Don’t stop no matter how much I beg.” I listened and really never wanting to leave the promised land, I pinched and rubbed and tweaked and massaged, listening as her breath changed, moaning and gasping until finally she was “Uhh, uunghh, oooh, don’t stop, more, ooooooh, ooh fuck, fuuuck, UHHH.” Then she collapsed against me. Then turned and kneeled on me, kissing me and scratching at my chest. “Pardon the language, but that was so good. Thank you.” She kissed me again. Then looked down. My cock was rising again. I looked at her. Questioningly. She looked back, knowing of course what was on my mind. “I’m sorry. I can’t. Really Adam there’s nothing I want more than to feel you inside me. But we’ve already done too much. I can’t do that.”

“Of course, I understand. Not that it wouldn’t be the greatest thing ever to happen to me, but ok. I’ll wait for someone else.”

“I hope you don’t think I’ve led you on? You’re a handsome young man and so sexy. I got carried away.” I nodded in understanding. “I will do this for you.” Again she got between my legs. This time she looked up and said, “Don’t stop.” She began licking all around my hard cock, tracing the veins, licking around the head, sucking a good part of me into her, then letting it come out slowly. She teased and coaxed. Fondling and caressing and stroking. Letting me build, then backing off, then going harder until again I said,

“Close Jackie…”

“MM Hmm.” And she latched onto my cock, stroking firmly, the head between her lips until I exploded, filling her mouth with my hot cum. The cum I wished I was shooting into her vagina, but instead pulsed and throbbed in her mouth. She sucked until I was dry, then sat back to see if I was satisfied. She tilted her head to the side and pouted.

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” She smiled. By now our clothes were dry. We dressed and Jackie held me to her. She looked me in the eye.

“Can we go back to being friends? You can’t be looking at me around here like, yeah I’ve seen it all.”

“I’m ok. It was just one time. A memory for myself.”

“Oh jeez, you’re going home tonight and jack off thinking of me naked?”

“Just once?” She laughed and gave a playful slap.

“Anyway, I may have a temporary solution for your lack of female companionship. My cousins from upstate are coming to visit for awhile. Their parents think some time out of the city would be good for them. Amy is a little older than you and her sister Sam is a year younger. Maybe you could show them around your farm, maybe take them horseback riding? And you’d have someone more your age to talk to here.”

I looked at her. I had all kinds of mixed thoughts running through my head. “OK, yeah that would be fun.”

“Hey now, I’m not promising they’ll put out or anything! I know how boys think.”

“No, I, well, no ok.” She smirked at me.

“Now you better get back to work. I don’t pay for sex. Even if you did do a good job down there…”

I got back to work with seemingly more energy. This was a day I’d remember for a long time. Over the next few days I worked at digging post holes. Jackie was friendly as usual but there was no hint of what had happened Saturday. When Roger returned on Wednesday all was back to normal. Jackie would bring out drinks on the deck, we’d talk about things in town, not that there was a whole lot to discuss. She mentioned that Roger had a longer trip coming up and that her cousins would be visiting to keep her company. The next Saturday I was carrying bags of cement mix out to the holes I’d been digging. Jackie’s car pulled into the driveway and she got out followed by two teen girls. I was covered by dust from the cement bags when Jackie called me over to make introductions. The older looking girl seemed to look me over, sweating, dust covered, but my arm muscles tight from carrying several bags.

“Amy, Sam…”

“It’s Samantha, Jackie. Sam is a boy’s name.”

“OK Samantha. I forget how grown up you are now.” Amy gave a small snicker while watching me from the corner over her eye. “Amy, Samantha this is Adam. He’s been doing work for us here in the back. He lives in town. His family has a farm not far from here.”

I managed a quick hello. Feeling shy and unsure of myself. Here I was, a kid from the boonies and Amy was older, from the city, beautiful. Not as tall as her cousin, she had reddish hair, green eyes, light freckles, and, well, her breasts were sure bigger than Jackie’s. Not huge, but wow. When she smiled and said hello I nearly melted. Then she spoke,

“Wow, you must be quite strong to carry all those bags.” Her cousin added,

“Oh, you have no idea. He’s moved loads of dirt and carried in the fencing and dug holes. We’d never have gotten anywhere with this project without him. And he works all week in the hardware store.” Amy smiled again. Samantha looked me over. Then,

“Let me see your muscles.” She seemed a bit more like a kid, but blossoming in her own way. Similar in height to her sister, she had long dark hair, a slimmer figure, but the same cheerful smile. I rolled up a sleeve and flexed my arm. “Wow.” Amy just bit her lower lip.

Jackie, “Sam, Samantha, don’t be rude. He’s working for us, not on show. Maybe he’ll show you around his family farm one day. They have some animals. And horses to ride.” Samantha got excited,

“Oh could we ride a horse!”

“Sure Samantha. I’ll check with my Dad.” I looked at Amy, “Would you like to come riding too?”

“Sure, sounds like fun.” Jackie broke up the conversation,

“Let’s get you girls settled. Adam has more work to get done.” I waved and walked back to the bags of cement at the side of the house. There were two left so, well let’s face it, I was showing off a bit, I got one up on each shoulder and carried them out to the fence line. When I’d finished up the heavy work I set everything up for my next day. Then with the extended hose I got to the side of the yard out where the garden would be, removed my shirt and washed the dust from my hair, arms and chest. Feeling better I picked up my dirty shirt and walked out front to make my way home. Amy was sitting on the front porch. I gave her a wave. She smiled and waved back. I saw her looking me over. It felt good to feel attractive to the opposite sex. It felt good to just have members of the opposite sex around. When I got home, Mom told me I’d had a call. She told me Mrs. Carlson had invited me to have dinner with her and her cousins. I explained about the cousins and asked my father about giving them a tour of the farm. They seemed happy that I had girls my age to hang out with and readily agreed.

I took my time cleaning off all the dust and grime, then released the need I felt thinking about Amy. Jackie’s breasts had been amazing to hold and feel, but Amy’s seemed so full I wondered how they’d feel. Running my hand through Jackie’s bush had been exciting and enlightening; I wondered if Amy’s was maybe red down there. The thoughts and possibilities caused my knees to go weak as jets of cum were released. I got myself together and borrowed my Dad’s car to drive down to the Carlson house. We were all dressed casually, laughing and telling stories as we enjoyed the meal. Samantha in particular was very outgoing and chatted endlessly. We let her go on, bouncing from topic to topic. Amy, while more reserved, wasn’t exactly shy. It seemed she was trying to be more grown up around her older married cousin, and possibly for me.

Samantha, “So do you play football? You should. You’re very strong. Lots of muscles. And with your shirt off, Amy said…”

“SAM! I said nothing. I said Adam was nice and waved good-bye.” Then she gave her sister a death stare to end that line of discussion.

I decided to break the tension. “We don’t have football at our local school. Not enough students. You have to go to the regional high school for football. I had farm chores and later worked at Mr. Green’s. Besides, I wasn’t very big until I did all that work.”

After dinner we sat out on the porch. After awhile Jackie asked Samantha to help her with something inside. Amy and I sat together on the porch swing. As we’d gently rock forward she’d stretch out her legs. Very nice legs. I could smell whatever she was wearing. Light, not overpowering. We rocked a bit.

“So, you must have a girlfriend.”

“No. No one. Not many girls my age in town.”

“Oh that’s a shame. You seem nice.” We rocked. “Don’t mind my sister. She’s still a bit of a kid.” We rocked. “I told her that with your shirt off you were hot.”

“Oh thanks. You’re very pretty. No girls like you around here.” We rocked. She turned to look at me. When I met her gaze she kissed me. Lightly. Right on the lips. “Oh.” She pulled back.

“I’m sorry. Was that ok?”

“That was better than ok.” This time I kissed her. Gently. She smiled. Then leaned in for more. She wasn’t quite as gentle. At first a thousand thoughts were running though my mind. Then I banished them and lost myself in her soft lips, her green eyes, her tongue touching my lips, then meeting mine tip to tip and further. We didn’t stop until we heard footsteps inside the front door. Jackie kindly making just enough noise opening the door to let us get ourselves in order. Then she and Samantha joined us talking about their family, the city where the girls lived. Samantha was looking from her sister to me. She seemed determined to say something but held back. Amy and I said nothing in reply to her accusing stare. We rocked. We sat out in the cooler air until about ten. I would be up early enough to help with some farm chores. Monday I planned to ask Mr. Green for a few days off. I’d been working hard and was hoping to spend some time with Jackie’s cousins. There was the farm, and the pond for swimming. Plus I had told Roger I’d have the posts in the ground by the time he was home. I said goodbye to everyone, then lingered a moment to let Jackie and Samantha go inside. My good night kiss from Amy lasted more than a moment. She caressed my arm as we kissed deeply.

“Good night Adam. I think it’s going to be a fun week.”

“I’m sure it will. Doylesville isn’t so exciting but it will be more fun with you here.” I hardly noticed the ride home.

The next day I was up early taking care of the animals so my Dad could have a day of rest. In the afternoon I walked down to the Carlson’s to begin work on the fence posts. Mixing cement and spraying water had me a mess in no time. Still much of the time was spent standing with a post getting it balanced until the mix set enough. Curious, Samantha walked out to see what I was doing. She wore a halter top and shorts. I could see where she might soon be filling out more like her sister.

“Hi Adam. You look kinda funny with gray hair, and gray skin. Messy job.”

“Yeah, but once the posts are all in line I can do the fence. It’ll be nice back here when it’s all done.”

“It’s soooo hot out here, how do you do it all day?”

“I guess I’m used to it from the farm. It’s not so bad.”

“Jackie says you have a lake on your property for swimming?”

“Yeah, did you bring a suit? We can all swim one day.”

“I hear people skinny dip at private lakes.”

“Oh, well, I guess some might somewhere.”

“Have you?”

“No. Maybe by myself after working on the farm to clean up and cool off. But not with people.”

“Aw too bad. If I don’t have a suit can I still swim?” She smiled. I wasn’t sure what to say. Here was another girl flirting with me.

“I, uh, don’t know.” She looked at the house, walked next to me, leaned against me looking at the woods.

“I’m closer to your age. All the guys check her out, but I’m not a little girl.” She took my hand, slid it into the opening of her shirt. Oh jeez. Her breast was nearly the size of Jackie’s. I cupped it in my hand, felt the nipple, then realized where I was. I pulled back.

“What’s the matter? Not big enough like Amy’s?”

“No, it’s nice. Real nice. But I, we, shouldn’t out here. Your cousin’s house.”

“Oh come on. You don’t think Amy wasn’t bragging to me last night about making out with you?”

“So, that was between us.”

“So, this is between you and me. Would you want to make out with me? Or do more?”

“Sure, of course. You’re great. I like you. Would it be the right thing to do?” She stood right up against me, held my shirt.

“Adam, get me alone and I might just let you do anything you want. Anything.” I was stunned. She was standing so close she had to feel me rising against her. She turned away. Reached back and quickly felt my swollen cock. Look over her shoulder. “Anything.” Then bounced along up to the house. I picked up the hose, rinsed my hands then moved on to the next pole. I tried to distract myself until the tent in my shorts relaxed. This was going to be quite a week. When I finished I walked up to the house to let Jackie know I was done.

“Why don’t you stay for lunch?”

“I’m kind of a mess. I guess, if I sit out here.”

“Take a shower. I’ll run your clothes through the washer.” I was caught off guard. With the way her cousins were behaving, being naked, even in the shower….

“That should work.”

“Great! Just leave your clothes outside the bathroom door. Use the one at the top of the stairs.”

I found the bathroom, stripped down and put the clothes outside the door. There was a shower stall with a glass door. The warm water felt great as it washed off the cement dust. I heard the door open, then Jackie’s voice.

“Just bringing you towels. The clothes will be a little bit. Join us when you’re ready.” Her voice stopped, but she hadn’t moved. I realized she could easily see me, nude, in profile. I was washing my hair, arms stretched upwards. “I’m sorry for staring. I’ll go.” I heard the door close. When I’d finished I dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist. I looked outside the door, but no clothes. Shrugging I walked downstairs, meeting Jackie and her cousins in the dining room. When I walked in Samantha noticed me and said,

“Lunch is served.” I laughed, but noted the way her eyes were taking in every bit of me. Amy walked over and took me by the arm to sit next to her.

“Don’t listen to my sister. Make yourself comfortable.” Jackie brought in sandwiches and I noticed that she held her gaze on me a bit too. I was having mixed emotions, feeling that I was on display for their pleasure, but also totally enjoying having three women looking at me with desire. That of course was causing my cock to tent the towel, which Amy must have noticed sitting next to me. Jackie also got a look when she came around behind us to put dishes on the table. Samantha just stared at me from across the table. She didn’t need to say anything. He last word outside was burned into my memory – ‘Anything’.

As we ate Amy held my hand, touched my arm. Samantha pouted just a bit as Jackie kept conversation going. We decided that after I spoke to Mr. Green on Monday and completed any tasks he had for me, I’d finish the fence posts out back so that I was free on Tuesday to have the girls up to the farm for the day. As we talked I could feel Amy’s fingers move to my leg. Although the towel was there I could feel her nails moving back and forth. Then as Samantha was asking about the animals I choked on a bit of sandwich. Mainly because Amy’s nails had moved from my leg to my cock. I tried concentrating and answering her sister’s questions as Amy traced the outline of my now hard cock through the towel. Up, down, up, down, barely touching, but making me feel harder than ever. Perhaps noticing my flushed skin and guessing what was going on Jackie asked Amy to get the cake from the kitchen. This allowed me to settle a bit and regain my composure.

With lunch completed Jackie got my clean clothes and directed me down the hall to a small bathroom. It seemed I might be able to get up without making a scene. Still my not completely flaccid cock was apparent under the towel. I heard Samantha barely whisper, “wow”. As I entered the bathroom, the door didn’t close behind me. I turned to see Amy pushing her way in. She put her finger to her mouth to shush me. She stepped up against me and pulled my head to her for a deep full mouth kiss. Her hand reached down between us to release the towel and free my now hard cock. Breaking our kiss she looked down to see my cock for the first time. She smiled.

“Sorry for the tease. Let me take care of this.” She began stroking my cock while kissing and nibbling at my chest, her free hand clutching my ass, moaning as if she was the one being pleasured. With the nonstop teasing and femininity all day I felt my cock throbbing and getting even harder.

“I’m close Amy.” She bent to get the towel and stroked me hard until I flooded the towel with cum.

“Hey look at all that. I like your cock. It looks strong and powerful like the rest of you.” Holding the towel to collect any last bits she kissed me again. “Is that better?”

“Yeah, wow.”

“It’s a long week. Maybe we’ll find more time together. I’m not a virgin, so who knows?” With that she slipped out of the bathroom. Damn, now that’s both sisters saying they wanted to have sex with me. Hopefully it wasn’t just a tease. I dressed. Now with some relief I joined them all on the deck for lemonade, enjoying the warm afternoon with no more work planned. Awhile later I followed Jackie in when she carried the pitcher into the kitchen. At the sink I was right next to her rinsing my glass. I could feel the warmth coming from her skin. She turned to me.

“Don’t. Please. I know I shouldn’t have watched you in the shower. Believe me, there’s nothing more I’d like to do than to take you to my bed and have you make love to me all afternoon. I really must control my needs.” I backed away just a bit. My urges, my desires, were firing on all cylinders.

“OK, it’s just, the past few days. I went from no women to having three around me all day. All pretty and….”

“I know they’re interested. They’ve told me as much.” She put her hand to my face. “I’m not sure if I should say this, but…I doubt you’ll be a virgin at the end of this week.” I started to say something, she moved her hand to my lips. “I know.” Then she kissed me on the forehead and continued cleaning up. I needed to leave to take care of the evening chores at home. I let them know that I’d be over to do some fence work after confirming my time off at the store.

Monday morning at the hardware story Mr. Green readily agreed to let me take a bit of a holiday. “With all the extra business from the Carlson’s you’ve earned it.” I helped stock some items then made my way down to the Carlson’s. I was moving sections of fence, lining them up by each pair of posts when Samantha found me at the far end of the property. With the fence section leaning against the posts we were blocked from view of the house.

“Hi Adam.”

“Hi Samantha. What brings you all the way out here?”


“Oh um, I’ve got a few more things to finish out here then I’ll be in by the house.”

“I though we could have a few minutes with just us.” Then she pulled at the end of her shirt where it was tied across her midriff. Her shirt fell open and she pulled it back to let me see her perky breasts. “Like them?”

“Yeah, but should we be…” She stepped forward and took my hands, placing them on her breasts. Once again I could feel the nipples poking at my hand as each hand fully engulfed a breast.

“Kiss me.” It was more question than demand. Still holding a breast in each hand I bent my head to her and we kissed. She wasn’t as experienced at this as her sister, but then I wasn’t exactly a pro. I caressed and squeezed at her breasts as we did our best to share our tongues. I removed one hand and cupped her tight little ass, holding her to me as I pinched her nipple. I put my second hand on her ass, lifting her up while kissing down her neck until I could take her tits, first her left, then the right in turn into my mouth. My tongue tasted her soft skin, her firm nipples. She worked herself free, then got to her knees, quickly pulling down my shorts, exposing my rigid cock. “Oh wow, this is better than I imagined. It’s so big and thick.” She held it. her fingers just able to wrap around it, looking it over then tentatively licking the underside with her tongue. “Can I?”

I looked around. “If you want.” She was able to get the head in her mouth but not much more. She sucked at it like a lollipop, mostly licking then popping the head in and out of her mouth. She ran her hand up and down my length feeling it throb under her touch. When I told her I was about to cum, I’m not sure she realized exactly what that all would involve because she kind of held it looking at it, squeezing it a bit, then her face was soon covered from multiple spurts of cum.

“Oh shit. So much. Oh. It’s kind of salty. I’m covered in your stuff!”

“I..I told you.”

“Yeah I just never.” She looked down. “I’ve never had a guy. Like that.”

“Are you ok?”

“Uh huh. It was cool. I liked it. When can I get more?”

“It may take a few minutes, but if you sit here with me I can do something for you.” Her shirt was already gone. “But you’ll have to take off your shorts and underwear.

“You want me naked, with you?” I nodded. “What are you gonna do?” I sat on the ground, waved her down to me. She kicked off her shorts and underwear. First I saw her pale naked ass. It was cute, small rounded, firm. She turned to let me see her. The hair between her legs was fairly dark, hiding her most intimate parts. I guided her down to sit on my leg. “So, am I ok? You probably go with older girls.”

“I haven’t been with many to be honest. And you’re as nice looking as any of them. Your body is very sexy. You have a cute butt.”

She giggled and settled in on me, letting my right arm cradle her as my left hand touched her from breasts, then working on down to mound, then lower.

“Oh you’re…” I kissed her and worked my fingers in between her lips, separating them and letting me find her wetness, down to her tight opening… “Careful, I haven’t.” I circled her opening then moved my fingers up to her clit. I kissed her hard as two fingers pinched her clit then circled it, moving down for moisture, then up, around, down and up. She moaned into my mouth her hands scratching at my back and my chest. As I felt the tension build I remembered Jackie’s demand – ‘don’t stop’. I kept going as the small body in my arms began bucking and thrashing, letting out screeches and a few curses I wasn’t sure girls her age knew. She began punching at my chest then in a moment collapsed onto me, spent. “Oh for fuck’s sake. If sex is better than that I can’t wait. Look at you, so hard again, I’m tempted to fuck you now.” I was ready to. I had half a mind to lay her on the ground and plunge my cock balls deep into her. Of course I couldn’t. Wouldn’t.

“When you’re really ready, I’d be honored.” She kissed me with a smile.

“I guess I did say, anything. You’re a great guy Adam.” Then she was up and dressed. She used my shirt to clean herself off. I was left with a hardon and a few more fence sections to align. When I’d finished aligning the fence and had checked my measurements I walked back to the house, carrying my cum stained shirt. Jackie met me on the deck, glanced down at the shirt, then at my bare chest, maybe pausing along the way to take in the bulge in my shorts, then up to my eyes.

“All done? Not that I mind but what happened to your shirt?”

“It got messy out there. Can I ask you something in private?”

“Yes, certainly.”

“Um, both your cousins seem….interested in me. Will it be a problem if something happens?”

“Has something happened?”

“Not THAT something, but yes.”

“They’re old enough compared to you. If they want to do anything, that’s their decision. So they’re not just teasing you?”

“It’s gone beyond teasing, some.”

“Lucky guy. And very lucky girls, if you ask me. Both of them?”

“Yes. But I don’t, haven’t…”

“Don’t worry. It comes naturally. Just be more gentle with Sam. I think you know what I mean. Oh and definitely use a condom.”

“Oh yeah I hadn’t thought, where, oh jeez I need to see Mr. Jackson at the pharmacy.”

“I can see where that might be awkward. Wait here.” Jackie returned in a few minutes with a handful of wrapped condoms. “Here, we keep these around, well we do. I can get more when I drive up to Pendleton.”

“Thanks. So you don’t mind?” She held my hand.

“I only wish it was me.” That caused a tingle in my shorts.

“I kind of do too.” She smiled, touched my chest, then stepped away. We turned as the girls came out of the house. I quickly put the condoms in my pocket. Samantha was looking at me with a satisfied smile. Amy sat next to me. Close enough to whisper.

“Sam told me. I want that too.” Then in an even lower voice, “Then you’re going to fuck me.” Now trying to appear more confident than I felt I turned to her and replied,

“Just once?”

Jackie was taking in this exchange from across the deck. Maybe deciding that the inevitable was obvious she announced, “I’m taking a ride up to Pendleton to get some groceries. Why don’t you come with me Samantha?”

Samantha pouted a bit, maybe jealous that her sister was getting time with me, “If I have to.”

Jackie, “Yes please. We can have some time alone to talk.” When they went into the house to get their bags, Amy squeezed my hand, held my arm, looked me in the eyes and licked her lip. I felt like a rare steak happily ready to be devoured. When we heard the car start in the driveway Amy turned and met my lips as I turned to her.

“Oh god, finally I have you to myself. Please, touch me everywhere, I’m so hot for you.” Amy had already begun lifting off her shirt. Before I even had a chance to fully take in the amazing breasts contained in her bra the bra was released and the two most magnificent tits ever were my for the taking. Full, round, soft, firm, the size of grapefruits, pink nipples facing forward. I took one, larger than a handful into my hand, lifting it, admiring it, then the other, just as perfect. I kissed one, then the other, working my way around; so much to cover, then finally to her comparatively smallish nipples, licking, teasing, sucking. Then holding, kneading one I rejoined Amy for a kiss,

“You have the nicest I’ve ever seen.” I kissed at her neck, her shoulders, then down again to her breasts.

“Oh, oh, keep going, uh thanks, just, more.” I spent more time, then worked my way to her flat stomach, kissing, flicking my tongue, my hands sliding down then up her legs. He head was back, the sun on her face, my face moving down, then reaching her shorts, I hesitated, just a moment, but that was too long for Amy. She lifted her butt and slid her shorts and panties down in one move, “Don’t stop.” I continued kissing, now reaching her dark red hair, now doing something I’d never done before. I kissed down lower, into her hair, lower, then reaching her slit. I parted her with my fingers and licked between her lips. Now doing with my tongue what I’d only done with fingers before I probed lower, around, then tentatively inside. “Oh fuck yes, oh my god, more.” More, I was willing to do. While continuing with my probing tongue I used a free hand to tease her clit, pushing it back and forth, rubbing over it. Amy began moving her hips, pushing into me, then with a hand she grabbed a handful of my hair and held me in place. I was obviously doing what she wanted so on I went, my tongue touching her inside, my fingers working on her bud, breathing on her, tasting her, lapping her juices, feeling her grinding, moaning, verbally insisting I do “more, don’t stop, I’m gonna… oooooh, oooooh, fuck fuck fuck, oooh aaaaah, eh, eh, fuuuuuuuk.” I thought she was done, but she hadn’t let go of her death grip, so I moved my mouth up to her clit and sucked at it, licking at it as she screamed aloud, very loud, and finally relaxed. I looked up at her, panting, glistening in the warm sun. She finally looked down at me. “You can fuck me as many times as you want.” She stood and took my hand leading me into the house. I followed along, up the stairs to the bedroom she was using. When we were in the bedroom she turned to me. Then she removed my shirt and shorts. Looking down at my hard cock, “Sam said she sucked it a little.” I nodded. “I bet I’m better.”

Amy pushed me back on to the bed, then got on her knees between my legs. She took my cock in her hands and stroked it, then licked its length. She took me in her mouth and sank her head lower onto it than her sister had. Going a little deeper, then back up she looked at me, “I’d finish it, but I have other uses for this.” She stood above me, “scoot back on the bed.” Then she knelt, straddling me, rubbing my cock along her slit, “do you have condoms?”

“Yes, in my…”

“Good, save them for when you take Sam’s cherry.” Then she placed me at her opening, sat down a bit, and I was no longer a virgin. I was now sinking into the most blissful feeling ever. Amy’s tight young pussy fit snugly over my cock, gripping and holding me as she let more and more in until she was stretched far enough and I’d reached the depths of her. She sighed with satisfaction. “This is nice, let me…” And she rocked forward, then sat back, every time as good as the first. Now ready she began a regular rocking, her hands on my chest, my hands on her tight ass. Hers was a bit larger than her thin sister, but still round and firm. Amy looked down at me, her auburn hair framing her face as she rode me. He breasts hung and rocked in time, her eyes closed, her mouth forming a small O as she sighed and moaned in satisfaction. I seemed to be along for the ride and I couldn’t be happier. It was natural, then all too soon for my liking, but hopefully not too fast I felt the familiar tingling, tensing, throbbing. Amy felt it too and increased her pace, riding me harder, coaxing me to…

“I’m…” And then I was. My toes curling, body shaking I delivered what felt like an unending stream of cum up into Amy. She sat as far down on me as she could and let me fill her. Then she lay down on me as my cock continued pulsing, not wanting it to end. “Was that, ok?”

She propped herself on her elbow, smiled at me, kissed my nose, my lips, “You haven’t done this much.” A statement of fact. “Or you’d know you just had a great fuck. Now let me snuggle on you.” She held me as my cock fell from her. I could feel the come escaping her and pooling on me. I’d finally done it. With a hot girl, older than me. And she liked what I’d done. And we’d probably do it again. And my cock was already tingling. Amy may have been satisfied to lay like this all day, but after a short while she felt the stirring below her. Sitting up she reached back and felt my hardening cock. “It feels like my stud is ready for more.” She got up cupping her hand under her and ran for the bathroom. I had to admire her body as she left. When she returned with a wet washcloth I got to admire her again. Seeing me staring at her she stopped and posed, “Like what you see? It’s all yours Adam.” Oh god, the shape, the bountiful breasts, the red hair, above and below, the legs. My cock was now firm and pointing to the ceiling. “I like what I see too. Tight muscles, handsome face and a big ol’ cock ready to rock my world again. She wiped us clean, spend some time playing with my cock, then lay alongside me. “So, how do you want to do it?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Hmm, well what I want is for you to use that big strong body and fuck me senseless. Hold me in those arms and go and don’t stop.” I knelt on the bed, lifted Amy and moved her to the center. She separated her legs to make room for me. I lifted Amy by her ass as she lined my cock up, then I pushed into her. I sat back on my legs and held Amy as I pumped my cock into her. Her back arched and her tits lifted, her mouth opened wider as I slid as much of my cock as would fit up into her pussy, deep into her. Then kept up at a firm driven pace, watching her tits rock, her body tense and relax, her head rock from side to side. Then shifting back I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and leaned into her pumping my cock into her over and over. Her short sharp, “oh,oh,oh” with each push, her tits shaking and bouncing, her hands, nails rubbing and scratching at me. I was letting years of want and weeks of teasing and frustration out. With a loud, “aaaaa fuck”, Amy came for the first time. I let her legs down and leaned forward one arm on either side propping me up as I fed my cock into her again and again. The bed was squeaking and Amy was moaning, and yelling wanting, “more, more, oh fuck, fuuuuuck.” I’d heard the door open downstairs. I don’t think Amy noticed, or maybe didn’t care. In some ways I didn’t mind either, making sure the bed rocked and squeaked, and Amy squealed and cursed, and I fucked and fucked. It was amazing, all consuming. She came again and screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Then I tensed, pushed in and gave her my cum, reveling in the feeling as my cock throbbed inside her tight pussy, milking me, drawing it all from me. When, panting, I was done, I leaned lightly on to Amy, kissed her in thanks, breathing heavily with my exertion,

“I think they heard us.” She looked up at me.

“Fuck ’em. Better yet, fuck me, again.” I wasn’t sure I’d be ready for awhile but I lay alongside Amy, touching her, squeezing her now sensitive nipples, kissing her long and hard, touching and playing around her now messy pussy. Testing, prodding, until she started writhing under me. “Oooh, you, oooohh you’re going to…yes….again, oooh, oooooh, ah fuck, don’t, oooooh, AHH AHH, uhhhh.”

“I could do that all day.”

“I might bring you home with me.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to give pleasure to this body, to you. Do yo think we should go downstairs?”

“Let’s make believe we don’t know they’re home.” So we lay together and kissed and caressed and being 17, in 20 minutes I was hard again. So Amy climbed on top and rode me slowly. More for the comfort of being attached to each other. Kissing, touching, holding hands, as we made love slowly. When finally I’d managed to cum again, we were sated. We cleaned up, dressed and walked downstairs. Jackie looked at us with a smile. She raised an eyebrow to Amy, who tried to discretely show her three fingers. Then Jackie looked at me and nodded. That’s when Samantha came running inside,

“We heard you upstairs! You guys were SO doing it. That’s why Jackie took me to the store so you guys could…”

“SAMANTHA!” Jackie and Amy said in unison.

Samantha cut off her sentence, then looked at me, “How was it?” Amy wrapped her arms around my arm and put her head on my shoulder,

“Nice girls, and guys don’t tell.”

“But you tell me everything.” Amy put her finger to her lips. “Oh ok.”

Jackie suggested a late lunch and asked the girls to bring the plates and such to the porch. I joined her in the kitchen to help carry the fried chicken she’d picked up. She looked me over, “My cousin looks very pleased. Good job lover boy.”

“If she’s half as pleased as I am….”

“I HEARD her up there. Damn boy.” I was almost embarrassed, but also kind of happy that this sexy adult woman had a good impression of me. We ate lunch. There was little conversation. There was a certain amount of not necessarily bad tension in the air. Jackie was wise to that and suggested a board game. I think they conspired against me. I got my butt kicked, but there was much laughing and fun. As we cleaned up after the game Samantha blurted out,

“Let’s play another game. Truth or Dare!”

Amy shrugged, “Sure, I’m in.” I’d heard of it but never played, so I kind of mumbled,

“Yeah, I guess.”

Jackie was standing holding the board game, trying to say, “No, maybe not a good idea.” Then “Shit, out voted in my own house.” There was a light rumble of thunder in the distance. “Let’s take this inside.”

“But it’s so nice out here,” Samantha complained.

Jackie said, “No, it might rain soon, plus if we’re playing this I need fortification.” We followed her inside.

“Get comfortable on the living room floor.” She looked around. “Amy, you’re old enough. Adam, close enough.” Then she looked at Samantha, took a deep breath. “OK, I’m SUPPOSED to be the responsible adult here. Adam you didn’t drive, so from here on out NOTHING that happens is mentioned to anyone outside us four.” We nodded. “I’m pouring four glasses of wine, you ok Samantha?”

“Yeah!” She was more than pleased to be included in adult activities. Jackie looked at Amy, “This won’t be a problem. And just a little for your sister.”

“She’s ok. But yes, maybe just small glasses. Sip Samantha.”

Jackie returned with four glasses. A large for herself, half pours for Amy and me and a bit less for Samantha. She sat across from me as her cousins were either side of me. She looked around and offered a toast. We all sipped. Samantha made a little face then sipped some more.

Jackie asked, “Who goes first?”

Samantha, “I’ll go. I pick Amy.”

Amy, “Truth.”

“So how was it with Adam today, we’re playing a game now so nice girl rules don’t apply!”

Amy glanced over at me, “Best ever.” I blushed, Samantha clapped, Jackie gave me a crooked grin. “OK now my turn, I pick Samantha.”


“So just what did Jackie discuss with you today?” Samantha had a bit of a shocked look on her face. She likely thought she had no big secrets to reveal. She looked at Jackie for assurance.

Jackie shrugged at her, “This is your game.” Sometimes I forget Jackie’s not that much older than us. Samantha thought is over then decided she wanted to keep playing,

“Well she told me, that she figured I knew what you guys were going to do and she thought I was thinking about it too. She said to only do it if I really wanted to not because I thought I had to.”

Jackie, “And?”

“And, if I decided I wanted to, Adam is a good choice.” Well, that got the game going. Samantha went in for the kill now.

“Jackie” “Truth” “How many guys did you do it with before Roger.”

“Oh, um, 5, 6.”

Amy, “You SLUT!” and gales of laughter.

“Hey, I’m older than you guys. And I went to college.”

“I’m teasing.”

“OK Amy, my turn, how many have you done, prude.”

“I guess I got truth without choosing? OK, it’s now four.” With it now being her chance Amy looked over at me. “Adam, Truth or Dare?”

“Uh, Truth?” Amy thought a moment.

“I guess we’ll stay on theme here, what number was I?” I looked at each girl, decided to have some fun,

“Let’s see, this may take some advanced math….” Then shyly I held up one finger, “First.”

Amy, “Oh my god! I was your first? But you were so good! Wow, a virgin.” Then she got on her knees and kissed me. Long enough that Jackie cleared her throat.

“Back to the game you two.”

Amy sat back, I was flushed. Samantha looked at us, then at me, then down to my crotch. “So when I, when you, you hadn’t yet?” I shook my head.

I took my turn, “Samantha?” “Truth.”

“Was mine the first you saw?”


Amy, “No? Who else’s did you see?”

“Timmy Shelton, it was way smaller.”

Amy laughed, “Yeah but he was younger than Adam, give him a break.”

We went on a bit longer, learned that each girl had sucked a cock. Jackie had to admit she had before Roger to count. I could confirm that I had now licked a pussy too. When we ran out of sex topics Samantha asked Jackie, “Truth or Dare.” Surprisingly Jackie asked for a Dare. Now Samantha was caught off guard. What to Dare?

“OOH I’ve got one. Take off your top, show your boobs. Adam’s already seen ours.” Jackie was a bit surprised and of course didn’t mention that I’d already seen hers too. Still she put on a show of,

“I don’t know. Should I? Well OK, but remember, no one knows!” She lifter off her shirt, then bra. Once again I could see her nicely shaped breasts, upturned, dark nipples. I’d seen them before, but who doesn’t like tits. Jackie let her breasts stand out proudly, “OK Samantha, now you too!”

“Maybe I wanted a truth?”

“Sis, I think we’re done with truths.”

Samantha looked at us, shrugged and undid her halter top. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her perky little tits, very much a slightly smaller version of her cousin’s, were fully on display.

“Oh wow, cuz, yours are already almost as big as mine. I’ll be the little titty girl in this family soon.”

Samantha enjoyed the compliment and seemed not to be self conscious at all.

“So Samantha, should I just whip off mine now too or do you want to check out Adam’s pecs?”

“Why don’t you save time and just both?” So we did. And now on my left were Amy’s much bigger pair. Amy now had a new suggestion.

“Let’s stop the game and get naked and drink wine.” I looked around the room. This was going to be me with a painful boner and three attractive women.

Jackie, “One at a time. Hootin’ and Hollerin’ allowed. Adam first. Stand in the middle.” Oh jeez, but I’d be seeing all of them soon and really they’d seen me.

Amy, “Oh look at cuz, wanting to finally get a look at the stud. Go for it Adam show her what you got.”

I stood not sure which way to face, so since she’d picked me I faced Jackie, slid down my shorts, my cock bending down, then bouncing up towards her. From behind me, probably Samantha,

“Nice ass, so solid” A hand grabbed one cheek, then a different sized hand, longer nails, Amy, grabbed the other. They pushed me forward a bit, my cock now right in Jackie’s face. Jackie looked up at me. She was biting on her lower lip. I could see her breasts lifting from the deep breaths.

Samantha, “Go ahead cuz. It’s so hard. Remember just between us.” Jackie hesitated, as her hand lifted,

“I shouldn’t.” She grasped my cock.

Amy, “Show us how it’s done.” Jackie opened her mouth, extended her tongue, licked the underside of my head. My cock jumped. Samantha and Amy were now close on either side. Waiting, watching. Jackie leaned forward, the first couple inches disappeared into her mouth. Samantha noted that’s all she could fit. Amy told her it takes practice. Jackie had my cock good and moist. And further into her mouth. Beyond what Amy had done. Amy said, “Lots of practice.” Jackie had me at the entrance to her throat, she backed off for air, then easily slid me deep inside again, working it back and forth. Rain had started blowing against the house, but we were all interested only in the connection between Jackie and me. She cupped my balls, rolling them gently, then pushing herself against me into her throat. I groaned, my knees got wobbly. Amy and Samantha gladly held me up by my ass. Jackie let them see her nose against me, then backed all the way off.

“Anyone else want to try?” Samantha quickly shook no. Amy turned me towards her and gave her best effort. Better than earlier, but still gagging. Jackie took my cock from her. “No worries, not everyone can, or wants to.” Then she began sucking and licking at me until I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it all and complimented me on the taste. Then she stood and quickly pushed down her shorts. “Isn’t it supposed to be everyone?” Sit there Adam and enjoy the show. Jackie stood and turned for us, letting us see her in full. Samantha quickly followed stripping down and showing her nude form. Thin, but with a nicely developing butt, perky tits and a patch of dark hair. When Amy stripped it was a completely different look. More full bodied than her cousin or sister. Heavier full tits, larger but firm butt, red hair between her legs. It was quite a contrast. They all sat again. Jackie asked,

“Does anyone have any questions? Nothing to be ashamed of. All I see are beautiful young bodies.” We looked around unsure what to do. My cock was laying fairly soft on my upper thigh. Samantha looked at me,

“So they get small when you’re not?”

I looked at Jackie, but then answered myself, “Yeah they get kind of small to stay out of the way. When we see a nice girl sometimes it grows without thinking about it.”

Samantha again, “How come it’s not hard now, aren’t we nice?”

“Yes, of course you are, but after we, cum, it can take awhile to be ready again.”

Samantha, “How long?”

Amy cut in, “NOT long with Adam. We did it THREE times while you were out!” Then she realized what she said and covered her mouth.

Now my turn again. “Well I was very stimulated.”

Jackie, “And he’s young.” Samantha lifted my flaccid cock. A little disappointed maybe.

“Will it get hard again tonight?” I shrugged. Now Amy moved in close to me. Then there was a flash of lightning, then more rumbles of thunder, rain was driven against the windows. Then the lights went out. Not two minutes later the phone rang. Jackie carefully got up to answer.

“Hello? Yes he’s still here. Yes, our lights too. OK, yessir. I will. Do you want to speak to him? OK, we will.”

I assumed she was speaking to my father. But I was more distracted as each flash of lightning brightened the window behind Jackie and showed her in silhouette. What a sight. My cock stirred in Samantha’s hand.

“My Dad?”

“Yes. With the weather he suggested you stay here tonight. Better than him driving to get you and he thought we’d be safer with you here.”

Samantha, “Pajama party, with no PJs!”

Jackie, “So, more wine anyone?” We raised our glasses. Jackie refilled us, then we settled in again. It was dark, we were naked. Hands were roaming. But there was one cock and three women. I wrapped my arm around one on each side. I could tell by fondling their tits which was Amy and which was Samantha. I felt their hands on my chest. I adjusted them so could reach their,

“Oooh, yes please” “Uh huh, yeah, do that.” They were disembodied voices. Then they were moaning and gyrating under my touch. With Amy I dipped two fingers into her and fucked her with my fingers, Samantha I touched more lightly around and around, then moved up on both and circled their clits. I was surprised when I felts lips on my chest, kisses, licking, sucking at my nipples. This encouraged me to increase pressure on the younger pussies. Rubbing until both were lifting their hips pushing themselves into my hand. Amy was loud, Samantha was louder. When they’d finished they turned to kiss me and met their cousin, busy still working over my chest. Then I heard kissing, realizing Jackie had turned Amy’s head towards her.

Samantha asked, “What’s going on..” I turned her to me and kissed her with my mouth open. She quickly sat on my leg and happily shared her tongue with me. On my right I could hear them break for a breath.

Amy gasped,

“I never, I’m…”

“Ssh I don’t either, but back in college, for fun sometimes.” Then I heard more kissing. When we broke Samantha asked if she could try. Jackie leaned across me and engaged her. With Jackie’s body across me, I took Amy’s hand. I put both out hands on Jackie’s ass, we caressed her, Amy following my lead. Then when I slipped my hand between Jackie’s legs and found her wet pussy Amy followed. I kissed her as we pushed a finger each into her cousin. I put Amy’s hand on Jackie’s clit then went back to fucking her pussy with my fingers. Our double pressure on her pussy had Jackie kissing her younger cousin with more passion. When we had her ready she separated from Samantha and slapped the floor as she came, clamping on my fingers, then relaxing, laying across me, my cock rising between her legs.

“Damn you two that was intense. You had me everywhere at once. How did you like that Samantha?”

“Kind of like with Adam but different. What were they doing to you?”

“Both of them on my pussy, wow.” Jackie seemed in no hurry to move and I was enjoying having my hard cock pressed against her wet pussy.

Jackie, “Hey girls, what about Adam, he’s been doing all the work.” I assured them I didn’t mind, besides,

“I don’t really mind where you are at the moment.” Jackie lifted her hips then settled down, letting her pussy massage my cock. She replied,

“I bet you don’t. Feels pretty good to me too.” Then unfortunately she sat up. “So?”

“I’m a guy. Boobs. Bring all those luscious boobs in here. I want to play with boobs, lots of them.” The girls all crowded in. Smothering me with flesh. Their bodies against me, their breasts in my face. I began touching and licking and sucking. Three sets of different breasts, six nipples, a dream come true. Amy’s bigger tits on my right, heavy in comparison, so much to handle, to cover. Then Jackie’s smaller but firm, nipples harder, larger, so nice to suck. Samantha, firm, sitting high, prominent nipples, giggling as I licked at her. I could have done this for hours. Maybe I did. They didn’t complain. Amy and Samantha fell back resting. Jackie sat back and my cock nearly pushed inside, she adjusted her position, I slid in. She kissed me as she sat on my cock. Then whispered in my ear,

“Say nothing. I need to feel this. Just let me.” I could feel her muscles contract and relax, contract and relax. Then the most subtle movement of her hips, contract and relax. She sat forward, back. Then with a sigh she sat up and let me fall away. “Thanks.”

Oh, but how I’d like to have filled her. To have really been able to go harder, but still. The way she fucked me, barely moving. Samantha said she was tired. She got up and went to her bedroom. Jackie sat with me and Amy. She asked,

“Do you guys need privacy?” Amy shook her head, which we could barely see, so she said,

“No, stay here with us.” Over the next hour or so I ate both pussies, they made out some more, they both licked my cock. Then finally Amy got up and took my hand. “Now I need him for myself.” She led me to her bedroom where we fucked some more. A bit more quietly. Then I slept with a woman for the first time. I woke with the sun coming through the window. I soon realized I had ended up sleeping with two girls. At some point in the night Samantha had joined us. I was laying facing Amy who had her back to me, my morning wood tucked between us. Samantha had snuggled up against my back. She reached over me, found my hard cock.

“Mmm, nice. Like it’s waiting for us.” Hearing us Amy turned. Like me she hadn’t bothered with clothes. She rolled onto her back.

“Hey Sam, when did you get here?”

“It was dark and lightning and all so I came in here to feel safe. And it’s Samantha.”

“Sorry, I forget. And yeah he is kind of like a big strong bear. But not as hairy.”

I broke in, “I think Sam is kind if cute. Easier to say all day than Samantha. It’s not like anyone could mistake you for a guy.”

“Hmm. OK, if you like Sam, it’s ok.”

“OK ladies, if you don’t mind, I need to pee. That’s one of the main reasons for the morning hardon.”

“Oh you two aren’t going to do it again? I wanted to watch.”

“Watch!”, Amy exclaimed, “we’re not a porno.”

“Sounded like one in here.” I laughed at that and went to use the bathroom. The were still going back and forth when I returned, my cock now softer but still bouncing in front of me. I lay down between them on my stomach. Amy ran her hand along my back,

“Look at these muscles. Something to be said for a hard working guy.”

“And this butt!.” Samantha smacked my ass. I clenched my cheeks. “So hard.” She smacked me again. Then Amy smacked the other.

“Hey ladies, easy on the merchandise. I think we better get up if we’re going to spend the day up at the farm.”

We washed up and dressed. I just had yesterday’s clothes, but then I hadn’t worn them much. Jackie greeted us with breakfast. She looked at me, unsure maybe. I smiled at her as naturally as I could. I knew what was unsaid at the moment. I asked,

“Are you coming up to the farm?”

She tried not to look right at me, “No, I think I better stay here, clean up a bit. You kids have fun. But you all remember your promise? Nothing about yesterday. I could get in a lot of trouble.” We all agreed that we remembered the promise. Nothing to anyone. After breakfast I asked how we wanted to get there. I could walk home then come get them in the pickup, or we could all walk and I’d drive them back later. It was decided that I’d pick them up. The girls would help Jackie organize things at the house. The walk home gave me time to think about how much had happened. I’d gone from nothing to a lot in one day. And despite the fact Amy and I had done it, for my first and a few more times, I kept coming back to the feeling of Jackie lowering herself onto me. I’d almost walked past the gate to our property. When I went in they asked me how the day was, if the power was back on, what the plans were for today. I answered quickly then ran up to shower. I was sure I must smell like what I’d been doing. When I was cleaned up I went downstairs and answered more questions, putting their minds at ease. Mom said she’d pack a lunch for us and put it in a backpack I could carry. We’d be doing quite a bit of walking to see the farm, then ride horses up to the lake. When I took the backpack out to the truck I opened a side compartment and dropped in the condom packets. Then I drove the pickup down to the Carlson’s.

Samantha jumped in the middle and Amy got in beside her. They seemed pretty interested in seeing animals and going swimming. As we were driving Samantha asked,

“Do you like my cousin Jackie?”

“Yeah, she’s real friendly and is nice to me when I’m working.”

“No, I mean LIKE her.”

“Uh well in that way yes she’s pretty and sexy too.”

“But you won’t have sex with her? It’s like she’s left out.” Amy cut in here,

“Silly, he’d probably do her twice as much as us, but she’s married.”

“Oh. I think she’s lonely.”

“Only when Roger’s away. She was only acting up a bit yesterday to show us stuff. Right Adam.” I was lost in thoughts of Jackie. “Right Adam?”

“Oh yeah of course. Right.” We pulled in to the property. Mom and Dad came out to say hello. Dad reminded me to rub down the horses when we were done. I put the backpack on and off we went. To me the farm is an everyday thing. Half the people I know are farm families. But for the two teens from the city it was an adventure. Pigs and cows and chickens and sheep. I told them how we handle them, feed them, when the babies come. When we’d seen the farm animals we walked up to the barn. “Have either of you ridden before?”

Amy said, “Well just like ponies at a fair.”

“OK then, I’ll get the big guy here, this is Hansel. Hansel was tall and dark black with a white diamond on his forehead. Then over here the brown mare is Gretel, of course. And the smaller beige one is Daisy.” I saddled them and helped each girl up, then pulled myself onto Hansel. “We’ll go around the corral a couple times. It’s pretty easy. They’ll follow my lead. Don’t do anything sudden and call me if you have any trouble. Just don’t panic. Even if your ride runs off a bit, it’s fairly flat around here so I can get to you. We followed the trails. I pointed out landmarks and circled back to be sure they’d kept up. When we got deeper into the woods I got down and helped Amy and Sam. I suggested walking and leading the animals for a bit. “We’re almost there.” The woods soon opened up to flat beach area, then the lake.

“It’s beautiful”, Samantha said in wonder.

Amy, “So romantic. Doesn’t anyone else come out here?”

“It’s on our property. Dad sometimes lets families rent it as a campsite. But it’s ours today. Ready to swim?”

Samantha began undressing. Amy looked at her,

“Sam, you have no modesty!”

“What? We saw it all yesterday, let’s skinny dip!” I looked at Amy, shrugged my shoulders and dropped my shorts. The sun felt amazing on my bare skin. I got some blankets from where we’d tied the horses. I laid them out and dropped the backpack on them. I turned to see Amy’s sexy body now nude also. We all ran down to the water and waded in. It was cold.

“Aaah, you didn’t say it was cooooold”, Samantha complained.

“It’s a natural pond. It’s not really that cold, your skin is just hot from the sun, you’ll get used to it.”

Amy looked down, “It’s making my nipples hard.”

“An added benefit.” She splashed me. Samantha had given in to it. She floated on her back her nipples pointed to the air, the tuft of hair showing below. Amy came to me to hold her and warm her. She looked down again.

“Ha, what’s this? Your cock’s almost gone.”

“An added non-benefit. They do that in the cold. Don’t worry it’ll come back.” Samantha came over to look. Then,

“Now he looks like Timmy.” We laughed and splashed, then decided to warm up and have lunch. After sandwiches we laid out in the sun. The warmth felt great and did wonders for the state of my cock. Amy reached over,

“It’s back.”

Samantha was stretched out on her back, up on her elbows looking out over the lake. “I’ve decided.”

“Decided what?” Amy and I said almost in unison.

“I want my first time to be with this view, with my sister by my side, with a great guy like Adam being my first man.”

I looked at Amy, then more closely at Samantha. “Are you sure Sam? I mean I’d love to. With you.”

“Oh Sam, I might cry. Yes it’s a beautiful site. What a view. Better than in some darkened room somewhere. IF you’re ready then this is the guy. But Adam did you bring.”

“Yes I have them in my back pack.”

“I have some.” We turned and looked at Sam. Amy asked,

“You brought condoms Sam?”

“Jackie got them for me. She said these will be better for Adam.”

“He is kinda thick.” Samantha crawled over to me.

“So, do we just, DO it?”

“No. First I hug you and kiss you and put you at ease. Then I touch you and caress you to put you further at ease. Then I whisper nice and encouraging things to you and kiss you some more. Then when you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, then we do it.

“That sounds so nice. Amy, will you hold my hand when we start, in case it hurts. I heard it hurts.”

“Just a little, it passes. Adam will be gentle.”

We knelt facing each other, I kissed her and caressed her back, her arms, let her feel me hugging her, kissing at her neck, a hand holding a breast, playing with a nipple, kissing her face, her mouth, open to me. Tongues entwined, my hand grasping her butt cheek, her hands feeling the muscles of my back moving as I moved my arms, my hands dancing over her slim body, already beginning to blossom, the swell of her breasts, filling out, now filling my hand. Her erect nipples, sensitive to the touch, firm and hard. The soft skin of her back, her thin hips, the curve of her ass, my hands cupping under her cheeks, then sliding up her body. Taking her face in my hands holding her looking into her eyes, kissing her, then her neck and up to her ear.

“Sam, you’re so beautiful, so sexy. You fill me with desire. I’m honored that you’d have me. Are you ready Sam?”

She looked at me, a tear in her eye, “Am I really? Do you really desire me?” I took her hand, placed it on my rock hard cock.

“That’s just one sign. My body wants you, that’s obvious. But I want you. Look at me, look in my eyes. I desire you.”

I shifted my position so that Samantha would be facing the lake. I had her straddle me. Then I opened the packet and rolled the Trojan XL onto my cock. When I was ready I positioned Sam over me and told her to aim my cock at her opening. When she seemed unsure, Amy leaned in and got me in position. Amy instructed her sister, “Go easy, give yourself time to stretch. You’ll stretch. When he hits your barrier decide when to press down. It may hurt, squeeze my hand. That’s the worst. Then go as far as you can. Samantha let the head in pressing, she gasped, cried out a little, squeezed, then wiped away a couple of tears.

“OK Amy, thanks. I think I have it.” I guess she did. She slowly, oh slowly lowered herself. She was incredibly tight, but somehow I was disappearing into her, bit by bit. She’d stop, then a little more. A little more. “I think that’s it. Let me rest.”

“Wow Sam, you fit more than me. Now lean forward on him and rock back and forth.” Samantha began a slow back and forth. You couldn’t call it rocking, more a shifting of weight. Her every movement squeezed me like a vise. Her insides working over my cock, clutching it holding on tight. I kissed her cheeks where the tears had left a line, kissed her lips, encouraged her that she was doing great, felt great. How good she was making me feel. Then the walls of her vagina had done their magic. I could feel the tingling, the tightening. I held her to me.

“Wow, it feels like it’s getting bigger.” I held tight, thrust just a bit up into her and held her in place as I filled the condom with my cum. When I finished, I lifted her from me then hugged her more. She sat up and turned to look at my softening cock, the cream filled tip of the condom, then down at me. Then she looked out at the lake, the trees around us, then over to her sister. “I’m not a girl anymore.”

Amy took her hand. “Welcome to the club.”

“How long until I can do it again? And again?”

“Hold on now sis. How about sharing?”

“OK, but I want to watch you two really fuck hard. Like I will when I’m not sore.”

I looked from one to the other, “Do I get a say in this?” Amy laughed.

“Like you won’t fuck either or both of us all day.” We rinsed off then rested. When I was read to go again I surprised Amy, lifting her off the ground and carrying her over my shoulder.

“Sam wants to see caveman style so get ready cave woman. I carried Amy to my blanket and placed her on her hands and knees. With my right hand I began massaging her pussy which was soon wet. I aimed my cock and slid it deep into her waiting pussy.

“Oh damn Adam. Fuck but that’s good.” Now rocking my own hips I drove my cock into her again and again. Sam was sitting up watching closely.

“Oh Amy, your tits rock and shake so nice. I hope mine grow more.” Amy’s head was down her hair flying around as I continued pounding at her bouncing myself against her ass, reaching deep into her. Amy caught up in the moment forgot her sister, “Fuck me Adam, pound that cock into me. FUCK me HARD, HARD into my cunt. HARD, OOh fuck yes, oh fuck, oh, oooooh, oh more more, more cock, AAAAAAAAAAAAAh, AAAAAH FUCK, ohh, oooooo.” She rested her head as I ravaged her giving her the hard fucking she wanted. Then without the condom blocking me I send a load freely up into her. I leaned forward, kissed her back. She rolled over on her back as my cock fell from her. I kissed her. Kissed her face, and her tits and her stomach.

“You wouldn’t.” I looked up at her, scooting lower. “I don’t know if I could take it.” I smiled. Kissed lower. Reached her bush, then lower. I wanted all of her body. I wanted to bring her endless pleasure. I owed her for introducing me to the wonders of sex. Lower. I licked at her clit. She shivered. I sucked it between my lips, she arched her back. I let my tongue trace a line between her lips, picking up a salty, tangy taste along the way. This was both of us, together. I teased the opening I had been stretching moments before. She clasped her legs behind my back. I wriggled my tongue around and flicked it inside. She called my name. Then continuing to lick and flick my tongue I worked my way back up to her clit. Flicked my tongue over it. Around it. She was moaning and whimpering and scratching her nails through my hair. Harder and faster I worked it. Sucking, licking, faster, then slower, then fast, then she shrieked, “OOOOOOOOH Fuck yes.” Holding me against her as she rode me, rode me hard. My face pressed against her, squeezing me with her legs. Then releasing me. Laying there like a rag doll. Sam looked at her sister, lying naked, flush, spent, cum leaking from her. She looked at me.

“Now that’s well fucked. When do I get to that grade level?” Amy looked at her, panting,

“More practice.”

After a bit of rest, we swam to clean ourselves then dried in the sun. Finally we dressed and rode the horses back to the barn. Sam complained about being a bit sore. We had dinner with my parents then hopped in the truck. I told my Dad I may be home late.

“Can’t say I blame you son. To bad they don’t live closer, they seem like nice girls. Pretty too.”

“Yeah they are.”

On the ride back Sam asked if she could tell Jackie about today.

“I don’t see why not. We didn’t make any rules, right Amy.” I smiled and winked at her. Amy smiled back.

“Cool. I want to tell Jackie all about it. I’ve never felt so special.”

When we got to the house Samantha ran inside. Amy and I sat on the front porch swing.

“You really were amazing with my sister. Thank you.”

“And I was just so so with you?”

“No silly, you were extraordinary with me. But I really appreciate how you made her feel incredible. A memorable experience for her.”

“I meant every word, she’s a great young lady. And I do feel honored to be her first.”

“And I’m honored to have been your first.” We sat and rocked on the swing. Trying to ignore the fact that they would be going home in a couple days. I was also thinking about Roger coming home the end of the week. This unreal, ideal can’t go on forever. Amy took my hand. We rocked. Then Jackie called us inside..

“Why don’t you girls go wash up and change. Then we’ll have a snack before Adam has to leave.” When they’d gone upstairs, Jackie turned to me. “Jeez, she told me everything. A million things in 30 seconds. But what I got out of it is that you are simply the best guy ever. She feels on top of the world. Most of us don’t get that for a first time. If half of what she blurted out is correct, I owe you big time.

“Honestly, you don’t owe me anything. You already showed me a few thing and that gave me confidence to..” She put her finger on my lips.

“I showed you a few things, but what you did with that.” She looked up, we heard the shower running. Jackie pushed me back onto a chair. She pulled at my shorts, so I lifted. My cock sprang free. She slid her shorts down, straddled me and once again let me all the way into her. She put her hands around me neck, pressed her lips to mine and began bouncing on my cock. Then sitting on me and rocking her hips, her ass resting on my thighs. Then I could feel her muscles contracting, squeezing and again. She put her mouth to my ear.

“I want to feel you inside. Fill me with your cum. Rocking, squeezing, gripping, release. The warmth, holding me, clutching at me, then the feeling coming over me. Cum spurting into Jackie. Flooding her. We turn and look. Samantha at the bottom of the stairs. She smiles,

“I’m happy he gave you some too.”

The next day, our final full day, Jackie suggested a ride into Pendleton. I’ll admit, I may have contributed to the pouting of the under 20 crowd. I think we’d anticipated another day of free sex. We piled into Jackie’s car, I rode in front, the sisters in back, listened to the radio and were soon laughing and having fun again. Pendleton had a busy main shopping street with many shops and places to eat. It really made Doylesville seem the backwater it was. Taking the hint after watching Samantha and Amy window shopping I slipped in and made a couple of small purchases. Charms for their bracelets to remember me by. As they were showing them off to each other Jackie held me back a couple steps.

“Now that’s a gentlemanly thing to do.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t get anything for you.”

“You’ve given me more than you could imagine. Best leave it at that.”

We had pizza for lunch, ice cream later in the afternoon, sat in the park to enjoy the warm clear day and ended the afternoon certain that we liked each other as people and not just as objects for sex. I had to admit that Jackie’s idea was perfect. Back at the Carlson’s, Jackie prepared dinner and I took the girls for a walk out to show them the nearly completed fence and to explain how the gardens would be laid out. I held hands, one girl on each side as we strolled the property. Amy looked at the line of fence posts and expressed surprise,

“I can’t believe you carried and set all of those by yourself. She was now clutching my upper arm.”

“It’s just time and patience. You can’t rush a job or it gets sloppy and you end up redoing it. That’s what my Dad taught me.”

Samantha chimed in, “Your parents seem nice.”

“They’re ok. Like most parents. They liked the both of you.”

We got back in time for dinner. Now after a full day together there was a bit more sexual energy in the air. After we cleaned up Jackie suggested she would sit outside for awhile and we could entertain ourselves. That was accompanied with a wink. This was our last night. The girls led me upstairs to Amy’s room. Clothes were lost with abandon and we tumbled onto the bed in a tangle of arms legs, cock, tits, and other good parts. Some quick fondling and I was hard and ready. I said I had an idea. If Amy would take care of me I’d like Sam to sit herself up above me and let me taste her sweet pussy. She giggled, but quickly straddled my head. Amy, knowing she’d have a turn soon enough settled in to licking and sucking my cock. I pulled Sam to me and poked around with my tongue. This was new for her and she squealed as I touched her with my my probing, licking, flicking, moist tongue. Not having to worry any longer I thrust it up into her and she gasped. I gasped too as Amy managed to sink my cock further into her mouth than I though possible. I nibbled on Sam, moving up to her bush and down again to her clit. She started grinding on my face, rocking her little butt back and forth as I teased her non-virgin pussy. I was now also bucking my hips as Amy worked me harder, stroking faster as she teased my head, popping it in and out of her mouth. Samantha began cumming in increasingly faster moans and shrieks, her moist pussy covering my face as she rubbed herself against me. With her release, I let her sit on me as I tensed and shot loads of cum I knew not where. When Sam climbed off me we looked down to see Amy smiling and showing that she’s swallowed every bit. Proudly she boasted,

“I took it almost all the way down, almost as far as Jackie, but I swallowed it all and it was a lot.” I pulled her up to me. I went to kiss her. She hesitated, “You got my sister’s stuff all over your face.” Then let me kiss her anyway.

“How do I taste?”

“Delicious,” I said.

“Hmm, not sure,” was Amy’s opinion.

“Let me see,” But without thinking Samantha kissed her sister rather than me. Or maybe she was thinking, because she soon was fondling Amy’s bigger breasts and pinching her nipples. Amy’s eyes opened wide, but she went along with her younger sister, returning the fondling and pulling at Sam’s nipples. I sat back and watched getting turned on by their play. When Amy pushed Sam back on the bed and lay over her to suck at her breasts I got behind Amy and took hold of her upturned ass, holding it in place as I began tonguing her exposed pussy. My attentions caused Amy to increase her kissing on her sister’s body. Sam was moaning from having her nipples pulled and pinched. Amy was moaning from my tongue fucking her pussy. Sam was scooting further up the bed until Amy was kissing down into her bush and then latched on to her younger sister’s pussy. Seeing this now had me fully hard again, so I held Amy’s hips and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. As I rocked forward into Amy her face was pushed into Sam, who was bucking her ass off the bed as her sister sucked at her clit and fingered along her slit. I was able to drive deep into Amy with each thrust and watch Sam’s face scrunch and mouth open as her little tits rocked and she held handfuls of Amy’s hair as she came multiple times on her sister’s face. When Sam had had enough she backed away and watch as I rocked Amy over and over, her tits swaying as she begged for more. I reached underneath and rubbed her clit as I gave her my cock again and again. When I felt Amy panting and getting near release I increased my efforts and came shortly after she did, collapsing atop her then rolling off. We were tired but satisfied. Still I knew I had one more effort required this night.

“I can’t go until Sam and I…”

“Yes please. Amy, do you mind if it’s just the two of us?”

“No, of course not. I’ll go hang out with Jackie.” Amy kissed us and left the room. I noted that she hadn’t dressed. I got up alongside Samantha. I cuddled her in my arm, teased her body with my free hand and kissed lightly at the side of her face.

“I wasn’t sure you wanted to do it with me again. It’s probably more fun without the condom.”

“No Sam, I just wanted time to be alone with you.” And we took a good long time. Laughing and kissing and tickling and touching, feeling. It was the best time ever. “How do you want to do it this time Sam?”

“I want to feel your big strong body over me. I want to feel you on me, holding me. But be gentle still.” Sam was laying back on the bed. I sat back kneeling between her, looking at her as I fished for a condom and got myself ready. She looked back, a closed mouth smile. Her hair spread around her head, her arms raised above her head, lifting her small pert breasts, stretching her already flat stomach, thin hips. Her legs bent either side of me. Her patch of hair hiding my ultimate goal. I shifted myself over her, supporting myself on one hand while positioning my cock at her opening. When I was just inside, I held myself up as I pushed in, slowly, letting her stretch. I bent down and kissed her as I made my way inside. She grimaced once or twice, then relaxed. I held her two hands in one of mine, over her head as I entered her. Sam smiled when she realized I was all the way in. “OK, that’s good Adam. Now, make love to me.”

Using my legs and butt I made love, pushing in, pulling out, all while kissing and nuzzling at her pretty face. Nibbling and kissing her neck while I entered and left, entered and held in place, faster, slower. She linked her ankles behind me, holding me as I rocked in and out, her tight, oh so tight body, gripping and holding me, squeezing me and drawing me in. Our tongues danced, she bit my lip, there were tears in her eyes. Then the soft exclamations, as my cock inevitable touched her everywhere inside. “Oh, oooh Adam, uh, uh, like that…oh uh uuuuh, mmmm” And on I went. I’d have gone on as long as Samantha needed. As she got closer I put my arms under her and lifted her to me, continuing, in, in. More. Then she shrieked, a high pitched sound that told us all she had arrived. Her nails clutched at my back, she banged her head against me, gripped me tight enough to possibly draw blood, then fell back as I pushed hard, once, twice, several more times, then came myself. Letting her feel my throbbing cock. I withdrew and rested beside her. “Oh Adam, sex is so great I want to do it with you every day.” I let that go, because this was our last day.

“Sam, I couldn’t think of anything better to do every day.”

“Really? You wouldn’t rather do it with Amy or Jackie everyday?”

“Can you keep a secret? Just between the two of us?” She nodded. “I like doing it with you best.” That got me a big hug and many kisses. Knowing it was getting late we dressed and walked downstairs, Sam never letting go of my hand. What we saw was Amy and Jackie, laying on side by side lounge chairs, holding hands, nude. It was quite a sight. The look on Sam’s face told them all they needed to know.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I walked down the next day to say good bye. I’d told Jackie I would work on attaching the fence sections to the posts while she took the girls home. This would have the fence further along than expected when Roger got home. Both girls wanted a little alone time with me, so we took a walk around the property and kept our good byes to some very intense kissing. I was going to miss them greatly. Watching Jackie’s car pull away was one of the saddest moments I’d experienced. I had most of the fence done by the time Jackie returned. She asked me to join her on the deck. We had lemonade and talked. About future plans, about what I’d learned this week. She again wanted to be sure we could return to just friends when Roger got home.

“We’re almost done with the work here. I guess if it’s a problem I could avoid coming out this way too much. But I think I’ll be ok.”

“That’s good. I’ve enjoyed your visits. You’re a nice young man and you’re going to make someone very happy. Now, since I’ve broken my vows once this week. Would you make me happy once more before we go back to normal?” Jackie stood and walk around the table to me, unbuttoning her blouse along the way. I stood and scooped her up carrying her inside, sucking at her nipples along the way. “Upstairs please.” I took her to the bedroom Amy had used. I placed her down on the bed and removed my clothes. She’d discarded her shorts by then. I made her happy twice more that night. Then the week of discovery was over. Roger returned the next night, pleased with the progress on the fence. As far as I know he never learned of my tryst with Jackie.

After high school I attended a technical college up near the city where Amy and Sam lived. We saw each other a few times. Amy and I would have wanton, physical sex for our mutual enjoyment. Sam and I tended to go for slow and passionate. In the summers I’d work at Green’s Hardware. I’d see the Carlsons around town and when I might make a delivery at their house. Jackie was always friendly, Roger business-like. In the summer after college I drove up to the city and asked Samantha to marry me. She made me the happiest man around by accepting. Amy would be her maid of honor.

We found a small place in Pendleton where we live to this day.

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