Anya. A romantic story.


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Friday night was particularly nerve-wracking at work. The boss, before checking, almost all the nerves were ruffled by Natasha. The girl didn’t know what to do anymore.

And yet the hands of the clock pointed to six, so you can already relax and go home.

Natasha did not initially want to go to this party, arranged by Irka, but the last nervous days at work firmly indicated to the girl that she should relax.

After dropping in and taking a shower, Natasha put on a brand-new red dress that had been hanging in the closet for a month and still hadn’t been used until that day.

After straightening her hair and applying a light touch of makeup, Natasha noticed for herself that she was still pretty as hell. However, a worthy man for this “treasure”, for some reason, has not yet been found…

Irka always knew how to arrange noisy and fun parties, So today in Irka’s apartment there were many invited guests, half of whom Natasha did not even know.

Why are you sad, my friend? – Irka turned to Natasha, when she was smoking at the window. Neither alcohol, nor music, nor the general fun did not allow the girl to really relax.

“It’s all right, Irochka, don’t pay any attention! Flicking off the ashes, her friend said.

— You need a man! And then it’s already thirty soon. Let him distract you from your sad thoughts, ” her friend said, smiling.

— Yes, where can I get them?

— I have a friend in mind. You’ll definitely like it. If it wasn’t for my Tolik, I would have taken it myself! – as the fox, zagovorcheski uttered Irka.

Immediately, a phone appeared in her hands, and a call went out to someone.

Hello… Mish, hi… yes. It’s all good. we’re resting here. Would you like to come in for an hour?… I know I’m busy… Well, I’m asking you very much… Well, all right, we’re waiting… – it seemed that Irka could persuade anyone, so Natasha could not avoid a new acquaintance.

Irka was not deceived, Misha turned out to be a really nice young man. In addition, he told a very interesting story, drank only orange juice and … kept looking at the clock.

Mishenka, you will not refuse to spend dear Natashenka, and the time is already late, you never know what hooligans roam the street, – Irka still sang like a fox.

Misha looked at his watch again and agreed.

It was a thirty-minute walk to Natasha’s apartment, but it was the best time of her life in the last few years. Misha told interesting stories, funny jokes. Even already slightly beaten by life experience, Natasha melted from the affectionate speeches, like a high school student.

When they were at the entrance, the girl had absolutely no desire to let go of a new acquaintance.

“Will you come in for tea?” – after a delicious kiss, the girl asked.

Sorry, it’s late, I’ll go, – somehow awkwardly justified the guy, once again hugging Natasha tightly – it was clear that he liked her very much…

Natasha was lying in bed. What would be a great pleasure it would be now laid in bed next to Misha. He’s so cool, so wonderful, so… such… – with these thoughts, the girl fell asleep.

Oddly enough, on this Saturday morning, Natasha was woken up by the trill of a phone call. The girl really wanted to sleep, but picked up the phone, dissatisfied with the unfamiliar number.

Hi, Natashenka, this is Misha. I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday. I’m sorry if this is a bad time. It’s just that I … ” the guy stammered: it’s just that it’s interesting and easy for me to be with you.

Sleep had long since left Natasha when she heard a pleasant, familiar voice on the phone.

Of course, Mishenka, I agree!

The day was pleasant with the warm June sun, when the young people strolled carelessly through the park. They were holding hands. Misha was still telling interesting stories, and Natasha was eating ice cream and looking at her companion with already loving eyes. It seemed to her that there were no flaws in Misha at all.

The only thing that confused the girl: Misha practically did not talk about his personal life, although she herself even told how she and Irka fought in the third grade. And yet there was a special charm about the guy, making the girl fall in love more and more.

Like a hurricane, they burst into Natasha’s one-room apartment, not stopping to kiss, demolishing the hanger on the way. These passionate hugs, these sensual strokes, these… – Natasha has long realized for herself that she will not let Misha go anywhere. She wants to be with him for the rest of her life.

He only paused for a couple of seconds, admiring the beautiful eyes as Natasha lay on her back, completely naked. These eyes could not lie – they really burned with love…

Misha brought Natasha to the peak of excitement with gentle strokes. Every inch of her body seemed to be an erogenous zone. The girl only languidly closed her eyes, and her beautiful body was given to every male movement.

What a sweet female cry was reflected when Misha entered her. It wasn’t sex, it was a dance of passion. Natasha enjoyed the process. She was a princess. No! She was a queen who received all the benefits of the world in one moment! Misha was simply divine, making the beautiful female legs shudder in small convulsions from the next orgasm they received…

They still took a shower together, they still drank coffee together, they still kissed… and then… and then Misha looked at his watch again and went somewhere else.

Their meetings took place almost every day. Natasha was drowning more and more in the pool of love and boundless tenderness. She could no longer imagine herself without Misha! That’s just the guy, again looking at the clock, ran away somewhere, which really infuriated the girl.

Once again, after the sweet moments spent in bed, Misha went to the shower, and Natasha, under the pretext: “I’ll lie down”, remained in the room.

Quite quickly, a mobile phone was extracted from Misha’s pants, which, to Natasha’s delight, turned out to be without a code.

Quite a lot of text messages, all sorts of spam, and other nonsense. Ah, here it is! Misha wrote to some Anechka. There were different messages. However, many of them: – ” Anechka, I love you, I’ll be home soon.”

It was as if a red veil fell over Natasha’s eyes when she found out that Misha had “Anechka”!

After seeing Misha off, Natasha began to cry. She only believed in fate! She just saw Him! And He Is… and he is… and he has “Anechka”…

Natasha didn’t pick up the phone for several days when she saw Misha’s calls. If earlier she had run to meet him with a smile, now she felt only pain and disappointment.

Misha even tried to meet Natasha near the entrance, but the women’s eyes sparkled only with anger. Without saying a word, Natasha walked past her lover, leaving him perplexed.

And you go to him! – Irka did not let up, seeing her upset friend.

“Yeah, and what am I going to tell him?” Advice and love? Natasha answered tearfully.

Go!” Break all doubts for yourself. Put an end to it! – do not let the mess.

The girls were finishing their second bottle of wine when Natasha plucked up the courage to go to Misha’s house.

A bell, another bell! No one seemed about to open the door. Only a minute later, slow footsteps were heard. Misha appeared in the doorway. It was clear from his astonished face that he had not expected Natasha to visit at all.

“Where is she?” Show me!” – the girl, warmed up by alcohol, went to the apartment by herself.

No one in the kitchen! The hall is empty! What kind of room is this?

Natasha practically burst into the back room…

Pink wallpaper with a pony, children’s toys, a crib… And in the middle of the room sat a little girl in a wheelchair.

Natasha even took a step back from the surprise.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you right away. This is my daughter. Two years ago, he and his wife had an accident. No wife, but a daughter… Well, you can see for yourself. I was always in a hurry to get to her.

“Hi, honey,” the girl said, sitting down: – And I’m Natasha.

“And I’m Anya,” the girl replied kindly, holding out her small fingers for a handshake…

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