Pictures of the Family Album


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This is a fictional story and the events of the story take place with everyone over the age 18. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Mark had slowly been driving himself mad. Over the years there had been so many signs that he had missed. He sat on the couch flipping through the old family album. There they were, at the lake cabin. His two older sisters- twins- were standing by a canoe then. Each had a paddle in each hand and the life vests they wore basically covered their whole top, only their belly buttons poking out underneath, resting above matching pink bikini bottoms. He stood on the other side, looking at them instead of the camera. They were 15 in this picture. Yes, he thought, the lake house was when it must have started. He recalled the odd looks they had given each other after then had come back from their day on the lake. Mark also vaguely remembered that night- quiet feet on the wooden ladder next to his head, small whispers and possibly something else, but it had been four years since that trip.

From that day on, anytime they went to the lake they wouldn’t let him come in the canoe, and they started making him sleep on the fold out couch. The girls had convinced their parents to get two full beds instead of the bunk beds, but he always noted that one bed looking untouched whenever he went in to shower in their bathroom in the morning.

He flipped the page, watching his sisters develop before him. Their chests grew to their present day B cup, their bodies lithe and athletic. It was around sophomore year that Grace needed glasses. Mark remembered the first time he saw her with those thin black glasses, and it made his groin twitch. It was around then that he had begun to fantasize about them.

He looked up as the door opened, and Heather walked in. She wore short running shorts and a tight shirt- tight enough that Mark could see she didn’t have a bra on. The shirt showed him more of her figure from where it clung to her from the sweat. Her morning jog must have been a good one. She nodded to him, then moved upstairs, bobbing her head to whether music her headphones played. Mark was thankful that he had the book in his lap. Thinking about the clues and seeing Heather like that seemed to rub him in all the right ways. Mark hadn’t realized his eyes lingered at her mounds under that tight shirt..

He put the book down and stretched, ignoring the tent in his pants until he heard a cough from the kitchen. He locked eyes with Grace, who had been sitting there drinking some tea. Did she watch him oogle at Heather? He couldn’t do anything to hide his erection except turn away, giving an awkward nod. Shamefully he retreated upstairs. When he made it to the top he groaned and reached down his shorts, hearing the shower made his thoughts change to Heather’s solid body dripping with soap. He made down the hall to his room before closing and locking the door.

Heather took pride in her body, and always showed her curves with form fitting clothing. She was aggressive and always ready for an adventure. Her green eyes challenged the world around her, appearing even brighter against her silky brown hair, which she usually kept in a ponytail.

When she had come in after her jog, she had seen Mark there looking at the family album. She never took him for the overly sentimental type, so it was curious. She had felt him stare at her chest and it made something tingle inside of her. She had cast a glance at Grace, a glance that meant she was ready for her and Grace had nodded in response. She shook the water out of her hair with a towel and walked to their shared room, the towel surrounding her body barely covering her firm ass.

Waiting there on their bed was Grace, she sat with her legs crossed and her chin in her hand, watching Heather come in. She walked up to her sister and leaned down, kissing her deeply hello. Her run and thinking about Mark made her especially horny. She pressed Grace’s shoulder back and moved atop of her, kissing and biting her lip as the towel fell off of her figure.

Her sister was both her mirror and her foil at once. She had always been the more timid one, not as much of a go getter as her sister. She’d prefer the arts and introspectiveness to running circles on a track any moment in the day. When Grace got her glasses, she fit the bookworm stereotype. She always preferred to wear her hair down, easily able to shield her eyes from the world at the tilt of a head.

Right now, that shyness was gone from her. When she was with Heather, Grace felt like she could conquer the world. She wouldn’t do anything crazy of course, she just felt like she had a safety net and that brought her such comfort and a little bit of daring. Her hands reached up to pull Heather’s hips into hers as her lips explored her sister’s. Her hand wandered down to her freshly trimmed bush and slipped a finger inside her snatch, eliciting a purr from her elder sister. Her bravery escalated as she whispered into Heather’s ear, “Ya know.. I think I have something you’d like to hear about..” as she wiggled her finger in her pink flesh and added a second one.

Mark laid back, staring at the ceiling, spent. He was still trying to piece together the puzzle and it was infuriating.

The thoughts that there was something more between them never left after that day at the lake. They were twins after all, so they would have a special bond. It made sense. What didn’t make sense was when they were at the mall and they would go into the same changing room for longer than it took to check out a pair of pants. It was always too noisy to hear them but when they finally did come out, Grace would usually be flustered. He swore he remembered Heather sucking on a finger one time. She had claimed a pin pricked it or something. How naive he had been.

Watching them and their closeness almost made him feel like he was missing something major, and not just the obvious. Mark felt like there was an inside joke that he didn’t get, or maybe he was the joke.

It was a more recent event that had triggered his descent into indecency that kept him up at night in more ways than one. Whenever everyone was downstairs on the couch or the floor, that they would be cuddled up next to each other under a heavy blanket. Even in the summer heat, they’d be under there. Grace would sit in Heather’s lap, occasionally squirming and making small noises, trying not to get caught by Mark or anyone else.

One night, Mark had placed his mini spy camera under the couch where they usually sat. The camera was poor quality and grainy, but it was his first solid evidence of their intimacy. He watched in the shadow of the blanket his eldest sister tease down the shorts of the other. He saw on her index finger a purplish shape, and could hear a low buzz during a quiet part of the movie. He watched as her slender hand reached around, and his imagination filled in the rest. That clit stimulator would find Grace’s little bud and would do wonders between her legs. He imagined Heather ’s hand cupping Grace’s left breast as she did, kneading her soft mound.

His eyes had been on them intently, and after watching the video, he knew that whenever Grace’s breath caught or she threatened to voice her orgasm, Heather would graze her teeth on her sisters shoulder or bite her neck. Only once did Heather look over to Mark on the couch behind them. She made no indication that she saw his hand stroking his cock in the dark as she returned her focus on their squirming sister.

Mark had kept himself from his own climax until he had watched the video. He made note that when the girls had walked back upstairs, Grace had been a little unsteady. He wondered how many orgasms she had had right under his nose, for how many years. He seriously needed some new equipment.

The next morning Mark came downstairs after he heard Heather leave for the morning. He poured some milk in his cereal bowl and sat down across from Grace, who had her nose in a book. She said a quiet hello, and he watched her face as he began his experiment.

“So what did you think of the movie last night, Gracey?”

She kept her focus on her book when she replied, but her ears started to turn red, “Umm, it was good, Mark.”

“Yeah I thought so too. Hey, I must have been in the bathroom and I missed when the prospector was in the desert collecting something. Do you remember what it was?”

Grace squirmed in her seat “….rocks?” the look on her face gave away that she hadn’t been paying attention. Mark smiled to himself and smacked his head.

“Snakes! They were looking for snakes and they were slithering and withering in their hands. It looked like they were hard to grasp.” Her ears remained very red and she made a silent “Oh” face and sought protection from her book.

Mark was happy with her silent confession and it showed in his pants. He stroked himself stealthily as he looked over Grace’s beautiful face, remembering her face as she orgasmed. He felt himself nearing the edge and he imagined cumming on her soft pink lips. It felt so so dirty imagining doing that to his sister but the thought made him jizz. While his body shuddered and he let out a small noise, Grace looked up at him and her eyebrows raised at his postorgasm expression.

“I, uh, I’m going to go take a shower.” He said sheepishly, ashamed of what he had just done five feet from his sister.

The water hit his body as he heard Heather come in and speak to Grace. He felt like he needed to drown then, Grace must have known what he had done. He was leaning against the wall when he heard both girls pass the door, not before Heather slammed her fist on the door,

“Maaarrrkkk!! You know I shower now you jerk!”

“Sorry” was all he could muster before his prick started hardening at the thought of Heather joining him in here. His hand found it and he went to cloud 9 for a second time that morning.

After drying his hair and wrapping a towel around his waist he stood, looking in the mirror. He could not continue to fantasize about his sisters. It had to be unhealthy. And still he thought of the lake, and movie night.

To put the issue to bed, Mark snuck out of the bathroom and disappeared into his room. He came back out with a clear piece of tape and he taped the door latch. He realized that they may not hear the click and turn to inspect the door but it was a risk worth taking.

He returned to his room again normally, calling out to Heather that he was done. There was no response from their room. Mark leaned against his closed door, and waited.

Grace had spilled her worries out to Heather when she had gotten back from her run. She was terrified that Mark would rat them out, and they would be ruined socially, emotionally and anything else.

Heather had moved around the counter and rested Grace’s head against her warm chest. She cooed and calmed her down with gentle touches, she told her that she’d make sure he wouldn’t find out.

Then she led her sister up the stairs and became mad that Mark was in the shower. She banged on the door and took Grace into their room, where she laid her sister out and started licking her flower bud, teasing it between her teeth and a flick of the tongue.

She slid a finger between her cheeks and teased her rim with it. Grace moaned and pressed her tight hole against her sister’s finger. She really wanted to be fucked but Heather was obsessed with her pussy. She suckled on her clit and popped a finger in her asshole which brought out a gasp out of her shy sister.

Grace was grinding into Heather’s face as Mark called out to them. She had to bite her arm to stop her moan as she squirted on her sister’s face. Heather lapped up her juices as Grace rode out her orgasm and she felt better.

Once she had stopped squirming Heather led her little sister to the shower. The hall was empty and Mark’s room was closed and quiet. He must have left for school after he finished showering.

Grace helped undress her sister and herself, turning on the shower. There was still steam from Mark’s shower. She took some soap and began to lather it on Heather’s shoulders. She moved it down to her firm mid sized breasts, circling each areola with delicate strokes. The water washed off the soap as Heather gave in to her sisters touch, closing her eyes and enjoying the tenderness. She began to wash Grace’s body and had only done a little before Grace spun her around and her hands went up to catch herself on the wall.

“Spread your legs” she commanded in a sultry tone, detaching the showerhead and handing it to Heather, so she would only have one hand to support herself with.

“Hold that on your chest until I say so.” That was when Heather felt something cold kiss her heated lower lips. Grace spread Heather’s labia open and showed her the size of the bottom of the shampoo bottle. It made the elder sister hold her breath as Grace’s fingers traced her slit, testing her wetness. Grace bought her mouth to her sister’s ass and kissed her firm flesh a few times, drawing nearer to her center and making Heather whimper.

Both sisters were completely absorbed in each other as Grace’s tongue flicked Heather’s rim and neither heard Mark gasp and quietly curse to himself. He moved fast back to his room, his cock already at full mast as he scrambled to get his camera and bring it back to where he had the door cracked.

He winced as he tried to get the camera in the door without having to open it wider. Such a simple task became nearly impossible as he was thinking only in colorful languages and about how aroused he was. He pulled out his shaft and started stroking himself as he listened to Heather moan. It was such a gorgeous noise.

And seeing Grace like that. Forcing a bottle into Heather’s pussy and telling her what to do. Hearing her command her sister to turn the shower head onto her clit in a voice that shocked him and made his cock twitch. Where was the quiet and timid sister that he’d known all his life? It certainly wasn’t the girl who was eating out his other sister’s asshole. And yet there they were right in front of him.

He had to bite his lip to stop himself from groaning. His sisters were lost in their own world and he was getting a front row seat to it. Heather let out another moan and cried out that she was going to cum.

Mark wanted to cum with his oldest sister so badly. His hand worked himself faster and harder as her breath got shorter until all she was doing was moaning. Her noises, her quivering body and orgasmic face were all he could think about, all he could focus on. Too focused in fact, that he forgot to bring anything to finish in and before he knew it he let out a small grunt and started shooting his load on the bottom of the door.

He cursed as he heard Grace inquire about a noise and he practically bashed his head into the door trying to grab the camera and taking off towards his room, realizing too late that he shouldn’t have slammed his door behind him.

Leaning against his door he let out a few more curses, then held his breath as he heard the shower turn off. His blood ran cold as he heard his sisters’ hushed whispers, their pitch increasing as they feared the worst.

“Oh g-god is that?!” he heard Heather gasp by the bathroom door as she saw his cum dripping onto the floor. His lungs burned for air as he held his breath. This was it, he thought. His life was over. Their whispering had moved closer to his room and to his horror he saw his door knob jiggle. When they saw that it was locked the girls must have retreated to their own room for the hallway had fallen silent.

He didn’t move for another fifteen minutes, knowing he had missed the bus to school. He figured he had to take his bike as he slowly gathered his things and quietly crept down the stairs.The silence coming from his sisters’ room was deafening. Riding to school at least kept his mind off of things but that wasn’t the case at school.

He barely paid attention to any of his classes. His head swam with all the scenarios where they shunned him for the rest of his life, or where he’d somehow get into trouble for all of this. During lunch he sat in the corner with his laptop and rewatched the video from the morning. It made his stomach turn as well as his loins. How could he have been so sloppy? He had ruined such a beautiful thing. He scolded himself the whole way home. Locking his bike in the garage, he ended up standing on the porch for longer than he should have before nerving up enough to go inside.

Mark had expected the quiet house but was still relieved to see that neither sister was on the main floor. He dropped his backpack on the floor by the couch and went over to the refrigerator. He poured himself a glass of water, looked at it and with as calm a voice as he could muster he yelled “Anyone home? I was thinking of ordering pizza for dinner!”

His voice echoed through the house as he took a sip. That may have been for the best. Anything to delay having to be confronted by his sisters about this morning. Walking up the stairs, he noted that their door was closed and so was his, just how he left it. What he hadn’t expected when he walked through his door was to see Grace sitting cross legged on his bed. Her face brightened to a rosy color at the same time his paled whiter than paper.

“H-hey Mark.. So, we have something we want to.. Ah.” Grace looked at her older sister desperately, who was sitting at Mark’s desk. Her hands were pressed together by her fingertips and she swiveled in the chair slightly. His heart leapt in his throat as he saw right next to her was his camera. His palms were sweating already as Heather cleared her throat.

“So.. the cat is out of the bag, little brother.” her eyes followed his to the camera as she flicked it with a finger, knocking it down. Her gaze returned to his wide eyes, Heather silently hoping that he couldn’t see that her own fear was rising up from her chest. Voicing her closely guarded secret was proving harder than she had imagined.

Mark put the water down on his nightstand and looked between the two of them. Grace looked anxious while Heather was fairly stone-faced.

He sighed and closed the door behind him. Their parents wouldn’t be home for another few hours but somehow it felt safer to have this conversation contained within four walls.

“Do you two kick me out of the family now? Or swear me to secrecy?” he asked, unsure of how to proceed. The girls exchanged looks, both a little surprised by his extremeness.

“We wouldn’t kick you out Mark, jesus. What we need to do is get you to stay quiet… so swearing to secrecy, yeah.” Heather said. The three of them sat in a painful silence until she looked at the camera again, nodding at it “Aannd you need to delete that.”

He crossed his arms as he looked at Heather. The girls could have easily deleted the videos themselves while he was away and yet they were here now, asking him to do it.

Grace spoke next, her voice quiet and shaky “How long have you known?” Mark looked at her until she squirmed.

“I knew that night the other week when we had watched that movie, you know, the one with the “rocks” ‘ he watched as the realization dawned on her face from his inquiries the day after. Grace pulled her knees up to her chest and hid herself behind them with a small groan. “My turn.. how long have you to been, um.. involved?” his question elicited another groan from Grace and some squirming from Heather.

The eldest spoke up, drawing his attention away from their sister. “At the lake house, I think it was four or so years ago. In the bunk beds we.. we took turns fingering each other. It was also when we decided to keep things on the island to keep it safe but well, you see how well that precaution panned out..” Heather chuckled nervously then looked away.

All three of them were wrapped up in their heads, occasionally looking at each other or shying in another direction as no one knew where to go next. Mark picked up his glass just as Grace spoke up, looking at him with earnest, “Do you promise to keep this between us, Marky?”

“Yeah sis, I promise. And I’ll delete the videos off of the camera, Heather. I don’t even know what else to say right now though..” He added at the end as he brought his cup to his lips to take a swig.

“What would you say if I wanted to blow you every day, to practice for when I get a boyfriend.” Heather stated bluntly as Mark was drinking, causing him to choke on it and painfully clear his throat. This had his sister grinning from ear to ear.

His red cheeks and his tented jeans emboldened her as she strode over to him and gripped his package and leaned in close. With a slight squeeze she whispered against his lips “You’re buying the pizza tonight. And we’ll start in the morning.” before stepping back, pulling him from the doorway by his crotch before releasing him.

Mark was breathless as Grace hopped off of the bed, gave him a quick hug and scurried out after Heather. He blinked a few times before occupying the space that Grace had just abandoned. It was still warm where she had sat, suggesting they had been in his room a while.

What the hell just happened? The ache in his loins confused him greatly. His sister just propositioned him for daily blowjobs. His sister. And she touched his cock. Well, it was over his pants, but still. There was contact. His rubbed his bulge where her hand had just been and he moaned quietly.

Heather leaned against the wall just outside of Mark’s room. Her heart pounded in her chest. What had she done? What door was she about to open and what were they going to find on the other side?

Her dizzying thoughts were silenced the moment Grace’s gentle lips touched hers, with a startled little gasp that left her at the same time as Mark’s moan. The two girls giggled nervously upon hearing him, Grace stealing Heather’s hand and pulling her towards their bedroom for some alone time.

Several hours and a shower or two later, Mark’s stomach growled. He rolled onto his side and absentmindedly stared at the clock. Were they messing with him? They had to be serious, hell, Heather’s hand was on his cock. Even with that piled on top of of all the evidence he had collected, it was still difficult to believe.

The evidence.

He scrambled off the bed and to his camera, powering it up and scrolling through the files. The videos were still there. The pictures. Casting a nervous glance at the door, he went over to his computer and paused, staring at the now exposed memory card. Was it worth betraying the trust of his sisters by saving these videos? Mark sat heavy in his chair as he went through the steps to get into his encrypted file system, mulling over the moral dilemma of honesty and selfish greed.

It took longer than it should have to dawn on him that he was preparing to commit a greater sin, and that he had already acted upon it more than once. He felt his worn shaft twitch at the battling thoughts of what could possibly lay ahead and memory of Heather’s touch. Mark could not imagine going for another round yet, and luckily he didn’t have to. As soon as the files were downloaded securely and erased, Heather burst through the door unannounced. He looked at her expression of slight disappointment with confusion. Had she meant to catch him with his pants down? He felt his face brighten with embarrassment.

“What are you doing, Mark? We’re hungry. Get off of your computer and feed us. Now.” She huffed and stormed off down the hall, leaving his door wide open. He blinked a few times and only just realized he had been holding his breath, releasing it as he stood to follow her downstairs. Her hair had been wet, and she had changed clothes as well. His thoughts started drifting wildly trying to guess what they had been up to. He had made it ot the bottom of the stairs when Grace giggled at him, causing him to look down.

His erratic thoughts had his sweatpants tented again and he veered straight into the kitchen, trying and failing to pretend that he didn’t know they had seen him at attention. This was going to be hell, and he wasn’t exactly sure if he liked being at the mercy of two succubi yet.

Ten minutes later, Mark had placed the order and had run out of excess things to do in the kitchen. His hard-on had subsided but he still felt incredibly on edge. This was wrong on so many levels that he couldn’t count them. When he heard the garage door open, he had a sudden rush of relief followed by a stronger sense of dread. Could his parents figure out that something was off about the three of them? The girls had managed to keep their secret safe for years but this was foreign territory for Mark and he had very little confidence in himself at that moment when his father walked into the kitchen.

“H-hi Dad,” He said, unable to keep the awkwardness in his voice in check. As he was about to continue Heather came waltzing in and slung an arm around his shoulders, cutting him off.

“Hey Daddy, how was work? Mark was so nice he ordered us pizzas. They should be here soon!” She gave him a playful kiss on the cheek before skipping back out of the room. His expression was a mix of bewilderment and gratitude as she had managed to stop him from plummeting into a confession. He was able to chat about school with them until the doorbell rang and he excused himself to collect the pizza while their parents joined the girls in the dining room.

He sat opposite Grace and next to Heather while their parents sat on either end of the table. The school conversation resumed as Heather rattled off about the third semester and how she wished it were finals so that she’d get to graduate already.

“Never would have thought that I’d hear the day that Heather wanted a test!” Grace teased, earning a short glare from her twin.

It hadn’t dawned on Mark how close they were to the end of the school year and how close the girls were to leaving home. It made his stomach turn thinking about how little time they had left to explore this new territory.. well, he had little time left anyway.

“Look, I’ve got a few early callbacks from universities based on sport scholarships and I’m looking forward to getting out there!” She challenged, a small bit of sauce dripping on the side of her mouth.

Grace must’ve seen the dark cloud roll in over Mark’s head and she spoke up a little louder as she leaned over the table to scoop up the sauce with her finger, giving him a wink as she slowly licked it off of her thumb. The move made her heart race and it had similar effects on him. “I’m excited too, H, but you need to remember that when we go our poor baby brother will be all alone here with our parents pining over an empty nest.”

“We’ll be sorry to see you go, girls, but we know you’ll come back for holidays and for breaks.” Their mother said reassuringly, not having noticed the small exchange between the three of them. It did click for Heather as to what Grace was referring to as she watched her clean herself and she gave a sideways look at Mark when she continued off of her mother’s thought.

“Speaking of breaks and baby brothers.. Spring break is coming up in a few weeks, and it will be our last one before we leave. I was thinking we make it special, just the three of us. What do you think, Mark?”

Her hand had snaked it’s way over to him unbeknownst to him and groped at his crotch. It nearly made him jump out of his skin as he swallowed hard, trying to compose himself enough to respond.

“I-I uh, I think that’d be great. We’ve never really given ourselves a chance to.. bond really.” He had to drop his hand under the table and grip Heather’s teasing hand and remove it from his stirring package as heat rose to his face. He had barely had it off of him when he turned to speak to their dad when he felt her fingers brush him again. He leaned a little bit towards her and pinched her inner thigh hard enough that she withdrew and had to stifle a yelp. “Is that cool, Dad?”

“Mm I don’t know, we’ve got some maintenance to do at the lake house and it’ll be easier if we’re there to work on that.”

Mark chewed on a garlic knot, trying to think of something quick to change his mind, “Why not make a list of things that need to get done? I’ve helped you change filters before and whatnot. Leave it to me, and you and mom can have the house to yourselves for the first time in how long?”

Their mother raised an eyebrow and shrugged at the question, speaking up “He’s got a point, darling. Let them have the week. The house won’t burn down if a water filter isn’t changed immediately.”

The siblings looked at each other a little too enthusiastically and each caught themselves on their own, mischievous smiles faltering and giving way to more bashful ones. After some more chatter ensued and everyone had their fill, the twins took care of cleaning up. Mark discussed a bit more about what had to be done with the lakehouse and it was decided they’d be allowed to go alone in a few weeks’ time.

An hour later the parents went to bed and the girls’ cleaned up dinner. Mark was down in the living room on the couch, mind more than occupied about what the three of them could get up to at the lake house. He was lost in a thought of watching the girls splashing each other naked in the water and having them crawl up the sand to him afterwards. He had been absentmindedly rubbing himself over his sweats, unaware that the women of his fantasy were standing in the doorway staring at him.

Heather had thought to go up to him again and to do something to get under his skin but she had a better idea when she saw Grace watching Mark intently stroke himself. She pressed herself against her twin in the doorway. Her hand trailed down Grace’s stomach and teased itself into her shorts. Heather’s mouth found her ear and she nibbled on her earlobe as she started plying Grace’s clit with her fingertips. The middle sister gasped and widened her stance for Heather, silently hoping for her to slip inside her pussy. It was only when Grace gasped that Mark snapped out of his daydream and he saw what was happening. It made his eyes grow wider as well as his pants tighter as he watched Heather’s hand moving below Grace’s short shorts.

“What’s better, Marky? What’s in your head or what’s within your sight?” Heather asked as her lips moved down to Grace’s neck, kissing it with a knowing smirk. He had removed his hand from his crotch upon being discovered but he started rubbing again as the shock dissolved into something of forbidden lust.

“I.. I definitely think my daydream was better, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to top it, H..” Mark said slowly, savoring the moment. This was the first time he hadn’t felt starkly embarrassed by them and he felt somewhat daring.

Heather whispered into Grace’s ear and a moment later Grace pushed her shorts down until they dropped off of her soft ass onto the floor. Mark barely registered the bright flush that had overtaken the middle sister’s face, his eyes squarely on the slope of her finely haircoated mound and Heather’s fingers moving up underneath it. He let out an audible groan “Fuck..” as he watched with desires brimming.

Mark still wasn’t ready to pull his own pants down but he did wrap his hand around himself as best as he could while soaking in the view. Grace had dropped her head back against the doorframe and had moaned quietly, the timid sister having trouble matching Mark’s gaze.

All too soon Heather withdrew her slick fingers and painted them across Grace’s lips while Mark gawked at them. He almost came as Heather then licked the juices off and kissed her fully.

“That’s all for now, baby brother. Sleep well tonight!” She said with a wink, grabbing Grace’s wrist and tugging her away towards the stairs. She didn’t have a chance to grab her shorts and they were left abandoned just as Mark had been. He slumped back in the cushion, painfully erect and mind spinning.

It took him a good while longer to peel himself off of the couch and up the stairs towards his own room. He had let himself grow soft, which had taken longer than expected and left a dull ache in his lower stomach.

Mark paused outside their door, which was closed, and he looked at the doorknob for some time, pondering the risk of going inside uninvited. His sisters’ weren’t against barging in on him but he was apprehensive about reversing it. They had chosen to invite him into their incestual embrace and they could easily rescind that invitation. Well, not quite, he had remembered the files he had saved on his computer. He did have a way to get what he wanted, if push came to shove. Mark shook his head and continued onto his bedroom, that wasn’t necessary, and it wouldn’t be, right?

He had gotten into bed after discarding his sweats and laid back, hands under his head. No, that wouldn’t be needed at all, as they’d shown their eagerness to have him just as much as he had them.. But he wanted more. That’s when he had an idea that had him standing and by his computer, as well as awakening his shaft once more.

Taking his camera, he quietly crept down the hallway and into the bathroom. Inspecting the room, he found two locations that would work for what he had planned. One spot, which was incredibly risky but guaranteed to capture all of the action was on the back of the toilet, th lense pointed at the shower. He did a test recording and confirmed that the main focus of the shot would be at his hip level and he couldn’t stop himself from stroking a bit as he tested the second spot.

That second spot was wedged in the towel rack. It took a bit of work getting the camera to focus where he wanted and it was still a little higher than he had hoped. It was, however, a much, much safer spot and less likely for Heather to discover it. He just had to remember to give her a towel to ensure his secret stay safe.

That was where he’d leave it, and he’d be sure to have it turned on and recording for when she was ready for her.. Their shower. How exactly was this going to work? Heather hadn’t given him anything else to go on aside from what she wanted to do with him. He had edged himself yet another time in the bathroom thinking about her mouth and it took until that buildup of tension to start to dissipate before he returned to his room.

Mark found very little sleep that night, a combination of restless thoughts, a rarely idle hand and the anticipation of what was to happen had his eyes open when the sun’s first rays of light peaked through his window. He heard his parents speaking with Heather in the hallway, knowing she’d be departing for her morning run. Just the thought of her in her little running shorts made his morning wood hurt. Lugging himself out of bed he threw on some comfortable clothes and made his way downstairs.

He froze on the last step. Grace would be in the kitchen, all by herself. How was he supposed to act with her while they both knew what was going to happen in a small amount of time. He tried to tuck his shaft into his waistband to hide it. Mark was almost worried that he’d never be soft again at this point but he shook the thought out of his head and made his way into the kitchen.

There was Gracey, her light brown hair cascading down her shoulder on one side. She had her book sitting ready at her spot on the counter and she smiled timidly at him.

“Hey Mark, want some cereal?” she asked, raising a spoon to punctuate her question. He simply nodded and went to the fridge to get the milk out while she sought out some bowls.

“So..did you sleep alright, sis?” He asked, bringing the carton over to where she was. Grace was on her tiptoes trying to grab two bowls off of a tall stack on one of the higher shelves.

“I did y-yeah.. ugh I can’t reach. Help please?” She cast a pleading look over her shoulder to him and he came closer to do just that. His shoulder brushed hers and he paused, feeling her tension match his own. He dared to bring his hand back up to her shoulder and gently hold it as he plucked the bowls from the shelf.

She was incredibly quiet as his fingers brushed a bit of her hair away to reveal her neck. He was close enough to see the goosebumps rise on her skin as he leaned in to kiss her cheek gently. “There you go.” He handed them to her and went to sit down.

They had eaten in relative silence, the occasional glance or avoidance of looks when one caught the other. Each were blushing and within their own heads. Mark wished he knew what she was thinking but his nerdy sister was never very easy to read.

He glanced at the clock and realized that Heather’d be due back at any minute. So he excused himself and took the stairs two at a time to the bathroom. He double checked his camera in the towel rack and decided to turn it on then and re-secure it.

That’s when he heard the front door open and slam shut. Then there was some quiet talking and he then heard her on the stairs. He turned the shower on and then rethink that action. Should he have been in here at all? Heather stopped and stood in his way.

Her white shirt clung to her sides and showcased her cleavage quite nicely. Her breath was still a touch heavy and it was hard not to look at the rise and fall of it. He swore he could see the tip of her nipples pressing through the thin cloth that covered them.

They both held their stance, unsure of what to do or how to proceed. Heather’s eyes flickered down to follow his gaze, then across the way and down his body. His cock had successfully freed itself from it’s temporary prison and had no qualms about making itself known.

“H-hey Hea-” he started only to lose his voice as she peeled her shirt off of her body. He remained silent as her bra was discarded. She turned around slowly, watching his eyes follow her pert breasts until she was facing away from him.

His attention trailed down her slender side to her ass as she took hold of her running shorts and sensually removed them. To his surprise, she had not worn any panties underneath and he had his first full view of his sister’s pussy and tight asshole peeking out between her firm cheeks. He let out a soft groan, his loins hurting. She stayed in that position long enough that he had taken a step towards her.

When he had, she straightened, turned to him with a playful smirk and shook her finger at him.

“Naughty little brother.” She teased and brushed by him, letting her thigh rub against his still covered hard on. She stepped into the shower and went for the soap straight away.

He ogled at her as she covered herself in bubbles. Mark gulped as he looked down at himself, struggling to formulate a plan or any thought at all for the matter. He decided that action was probably better than thinking at this point and he dropped his sweats and boxers, losing his shirt on the floor with Heather’s and he made his way into the shower with her.

Heather had been watching him and silently hoping that he’d be brave enough to join her. The nervous butterflies that swarmed inside of her made her jittery and brought her horniness to a new level. She had almost opened her mouth to say something when she felt the cold air of the shower door opening and she felt his breath on her.

She stayed facing the water as she waited with baited breath. His hands were shaky as they reached out to cup her hips and she nearly flinched from the touch. The flinch made him retract his hands as if she was something hot but she had caught his wrists, returning his hands to her body. She slid her hands down over his, they were much smaller than his and they shook slightly, that tremble matching his. She pressed his fingers into her sides and took a deep breath and she stepped back to press her body against his.

His shaft found itself wedged between her tight ass, the suds letting it slide slightly as she swayed just a little. He leaned forward into the cascade of water and kissed her cheek, just as he had Grace’s before. This time though, he kissed lower, onto her neck as Heather brought her hands up, dragging his up to touch her breasts. She smiled as he sighed into her ear.

“This is your first time, Marky? We could stop you know. I know this.. isn’t exactly right.” She leaned her head back onto his shoulder, looking up at him with doe eyes that sparkled with a hint of mischief that she always had within her. He locked eyes with her. He could feel she was as nervous as he was when he shook his head no. He leaned down and brought his lips to hers. There was little hesitation before Heather kissed back.

He cupped her breasts freely, molding them in his hands too gently, afraid at first that he’d hurt her. She sighed into the kiss and pressed against his cock with her ass. It wasn’t long before she broke the kiss and turned within his arms. Her hand found his stomach and traced down until it bumped into his shaft. She bit her lip and looked down at it before wrapping her hands around it.

Only the sound of the water splashing around them echoed through the room. He felt like it was his turn to speak, his voice almost dry as he said “You don’t have to, H, we could stop..” that was the last thing he wanted to do but he would end it to protect his sister.

Heather’s grip tightened as she leaned up to kiss him again and she whispered against his lips “Not a chance, little bro.” before she slowly sank to her knees to get eye level with his head. She could feel his heart rate increase beneath her fingers, or it was an extra rush of blood as she licked his wet head. Heather licked again and looked up at him with a grin and a wink before taking his head into her mouth. He moaned as she sucked and turned her head slightly. When she tried to go deeper she gagged a bit and pulled back up to his head. She giggled a bit nervously, and the vibrations had him groaning. That all too familiar feeling was starting to build up, and way, way, way too soon for Mark.

She had tried again, this time more prepared for his thickness in the back of her mouth and she bobbed there. He ran a hand over his face and splashed some of the shower water onto it trying to cool himself down. Heather was on a mission though and she still had several inches to conquer.

Bit by bit, she sucked and slobbered three fourths of the way down his shaft. He could feel her throat contact around him with each breath and Mark knew that he was going to lose it. She had had her eyes screwed shut as she worked his cock. When she had finally opened them their eyes met and Mark’s entire body shuddered.

“Oooh fucc–” he moaned as Heather started sputterint and choking. Her hands shoved his hips as she tried extracting his erupting cock from her throat. The entire night he had spent edging had proved to be enough to choke his sister as well as coat some of her face with his cum. She was still gasping as he started apologizing through his orgasm. He looked down at her, white dripping off of her cheek and onto her tanned breast. She was still breathing heavy as she caught her breath but she smiled up at him. She was beautiful. And then the spell was broken as she teased, “Well I don’t know whether I’m that good or you were that excited about being inside your sister, Marky, but I think that was kind of fast.. don’t you?”

“Look-I I wasn’t that excited.. wait, hold on, I mean I was but..” He was talking himself in circles and felt himself failing to defend himself or his lack of stamina.

She stood back up into the shower, his residual seed falling from Heather’s face as she turned into the shower. When she turned back to her flustered brother, she was smiling at his floundering. “”You actually tasted pretty good, Marky. I could get used to that.” She leaned up to give him another kiss before stepping out of the shower and over to the towel rack. Just as she reached for a towel Mark called out to her suddenly enough that she jumped and turned around questioningly.

“H, I-I ah, can I touch them one more time?” He smiled weakly, hoping his boyish charm would cover his nervous glance over at the camera, which could now be partially seen. She rolled her eyes but relented, moving up to him to let him grope her breasts once more. She had taken the towel with her and wrapped it up around herself before he was done.

“You’re going to be late for school, perv. Get moving.” She said and left the room. He sagged against the shower wall, relieved and absolutely spent. She was right though, he had to get moving. He dried himself off and carefully took the camera back to his room. The girls had already left and he had to get himself to on the bus quickly.

Saying it was difficult to focus in school was the understatement of the year. He pretended to take notes and was off in dreamland whenever he didn’t have a teacher’s eyes on him. Even then he was still preoccupied with thoughts of occupying his own flesh and blood. During third period he spent some time researching things and realized that what he had done that night was exactly the opposite of what he should have been doing to ensure he’d last longer. He made a mental note to change that for tomorrow morning.

It wasn’t until sixth period that he started to reflect from a less sexual standpoint of what they were all getting into. He started having doubts about all of this. Incest was forbidden on so many levels and having stepped out of the haze he had been in, there was a bit of regret from this morning. Had he crossed a line he shouldn’t have?

These thoughts ate him up through sixth all the way till eighth period, where he and his friends were sometimes allowed to leave early. There was always a chance one of the girls would pick him up instead of him hitching a ride with a friend and he sort of wished that he had ridden his bike to school that day instead of waiting on someone else.

His best friend, John, shouldered him on his way out the door with a shiteating grin as he turned on Mark with “So who is coming to get your sorry ass today? God I hope it’s Grace. She’s got the sweetest little face and oh you have no idea what I–”

A punch to the side made John double over slightly and fall into a fit of laughter. Instead of relenting, he continued “Or if it’s Heather I hope she has to get out of the car. Those legs are to die for” he emphasized at the end.

Mark growled, glaring at his friend, “I can arrange that real fast, John. Keep that shit up.”

“How could I not when I’m fantasizing about your sisters??”

That sent Mark into another play attack as John howled with laughter, peppering in “Oh Johns” mocking a woman’s voice. Luckily for Mark, his agony was to end early as their car pulled up and both girls were there. This delighted John and he did what he could to hang in the window to chatter until Heather pulled the plug, or more precisely rolled up her window. Mark flipped his friend off as they pulled away and left the image of a laughing John behind them.

Mark sank into the seat and groaned a bit. If only John knew how close he was to the truth. He couldn’t know that, not ever. His self-induced torment was not noticed by the girls, who were talking quite excitedly with each other. It took a second or third prod from Heather that got him out of his funk.

“How was lil Marky Mark’s day of school? Did you tell all your friends you kissed a girl today? Or rather, a girl kissed you?”

“F off Heather, you know I couldn’t do that!” His answer had her laughing and teasing him more. He pulled his earbuds out and decided to drown them out with music.

By the time they had made it home, Mark had relaxed enough to be joking with them. His mood soured once more, however, when he was informed that he’d have to spend the next hour in his room by himself.

“B-but you said we.. you know, stuff!”

“We have to get ready, Mark. Stop being such a horndog and be patient!” he was chided by his eldest sister and he only replied with an eye roll, storming up to his room and dropping his backpack by the door.

He had tried to leave the room once about twenty minutes in only to be yelled at and shooed back inside. The girls were adamant that he not interfere with them and that if he’d just wait he’d get quite the treat. After this morning, getting a taste of what his sisters could offer, the waiting was absolutely torturous. He had exhausted YouTube and other means of entertainment when Heather finally knocked on his door. She had a smirk on her face but her eyes showed she was still a bit nervous about all of this. Mark wasn’t sure what he could do to erase that trepidation aside from letting her do things at her own pace. Which, in his opinion, was only so fair as they had had years of experience together and his was barely reaching two days. He wanted more. A lot more.

His brain stopped working when he walked into the girls’ room. He hadn’t expected to walk in to this, but his former thoughts were all but gone; they were jumping into the deep end, immediately.

Grace was splayed out on the bed, slender legs wide and bent, exposing her beautifully shaved mound to her siblings standing at the edge of the bed. Mark was still gawking while Heather was explaining to him what he was supposed to do.

There was a slight rosy color that sat high on Grace’s cheekbones, one that matched the shiny pink slit that continually winked at Mark every time he looked down at it. He was earnestly trying to listen to Heather but his attention kept sliding down Grace’s pale leg to her glistening pink lips. Both girls noticed, one growing frustrated and the other more flustered.

“Men! I swear. Alright, get on the bed Mark. She isn’t an exhibit to oogle at. She’s your sister. And she wants you to touch her.” Both turned their heads to Grace as she made a small squeak at Heather’s brashness. It made Mark flush and Heather grin like a madwoman. Grace really wished she wasn’t the only one naked here.

Heather gripped her brother’s wrist and knelt on the bed between Grace’s legs, dragging him down onto the bed with her. She released her hold on him and watched as his hand hovered in the air for a moment, a slight tremor in it. Finally he moved forward.

Grace moaned softly as Mark’s finger probed her slit. His finger was clumsier than Heather’s, sure, but it was thicker and it took a lot of willpower to stay still as he explored her. He was just shy of hitting the right spot so many times it was trying to even the most patient sister.

Heather watched as he added a second finger between her swollen lips and scissored them apart, his eyes soaking in Grace’s dampness as it clung to his skin. His thumb brushed her inner thigh as he pushed them in suddenly, causing Grace’s back to arch with a small gasp. He withdrew them enough to do it again to see her squirm and he couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face. Grace’s mouth was parted slightly as he thrust inside her again, just missing her gspot.

Their older sister could see Grace’s slight frustration on her face and her slender hand slid down Mark’s arm to his own, her fingers running alongside his and just against Grace’s pink lips. She said, almost at a whisper, “Here, Mark, rub her right here… like this..”

Gently she turned his fingers upwards and curved them with her own, stroking Grace slowly until Mark’s movements matched hers. The bookworm moaned freely as her siblings jointly fingered her. This was even hotter than she had imagined the night before.

“Now lean down and see what she tastes like, Marky. Lick from your finger up to and around her clit. You can really make her squirm if you suck on it and use your teeth a little.” She said with a devilish wink as Grace gasped in surprise protest. The noise wasn’t enough to deter him as Mark leaned down and took a short breath, inhaling her earthy scent before licking at her nub.

Her back arched slightly again upon contact, her hazy eyes looking down her body at her brother’s transfixed gaze at her pussy. She was glad that Heather had shaved her for him, his first pussy should be special. That’s what Heather had said, anyway, as both girls had prepped for tonight. She was pulled from her thoughts from earlier as Mark’s mouth returned to her body, kissing and licking her flower. Grace bit her lip as he worked his way back to her nub while their fingers danced in sync within her tender flesh.

Mark had had his eyes closed, lost in his sister’s folds with each new sense she invaded and overwhelmed. He had her clit trapped between his lips, flicking it and sucking on it. Her noises matched whatever he did with her and it drove him wild. He remembered Heather’s advice about teeth and he suddenly gave her a nip, forcing a cry out of her as her legs jerked in response. There was a long groan afterwards, which was difficult to decipher as to whether it was pleasurable or not for her. He almost didn’t care. He wanted her to jump again.

Her legs had started to quiver and her breathing grew shorter as she dropped her head back to sigh. His teeth found her nub again and she did just as he desired- a delicate yelp accompanied by a whole body twitch that had his cock move on it’s own in tandem. What he hadn’t realized as he grazed his teeth over her clit again was exactly how close she was to cumming. If he could have seen Heather’s face he would have had a clue, but aside from his athletic sister’s fingers curled against his working inside Grace’s cunt, she didn’t exist in that moment.

The middle child let out a sharp, unintelligible exclamation just as her walls constricted around their fingers. Her hips rose up just as the waves of pleasure crashed through her and carried her away. Mark wasn’t prepared for the small gush of liquid that left her but he did what he could to lap at it, a soft moan escaping his own lips only to be drowned out by hers. He slowed himself down just seconds after Heather’s fingers did, his licks elongating and his movements gentler. They still sent Grace mewling and squirming until Heather softly extracted their fingers from her pussy. The three of them sat there in a silence peppered with Grace’s short breaths.

“M-mark? Could I see it, please?” Grace had asked after she had recovered somewhat from her orgasm. Her face was still red from her orgasm but he could see it creeping down her bare chest as her eyes flickered down his body. It took another moment before he realized what “it” was and that’s when the ache in his loins hit him full force. He had been rock hard the entire time he had been exploring Grace and hadn’t thought twice about it. Hell, not even once.

He cleared his throat, his entire jaw feeling soaked from his sister’s juices and her scent still permeating his every thought. He looked down at his tented pyjama bottoms and back up at Grace, who was now sitting up, still stark naked and absolutely gorgeous. Mark nodded, “S-sure, Gracey”, as he pulled down his pants enough for his cock to spring out. Both girls gasped and giggled, the laughter making him feel somewhat insecure until he caught a whiff of his sister’s sex again and he joined in with a nervous chuckle.

“So.. now that you see it.. Do you want to touch it?” He asked with bated breath. He still had the feeling of Heather’s lips memorized but the thought of watching Grace wrap her delicate ones around his shaft.. oh he seriously needed to not think about this. He did not want a repeat of this morning and nutting shamefully early. But then again Heather choking on his seed… Mark had to pinch himself and focus on the now and he did just in time to see Grace lean forward and gingerly grasp his cock. He groaned softly as she gave him an experimental tug.

The three of them had their eyes glued to Grace’s tentative strokes and how Mark’s cock twitched in response to her fingers. Both girls bite their lips at almost the exact same time when Mark let out a quiet “Oh jesus christ” as Grace lowered herself to kiss his head. She made a bit of a face, looking up at him and then at Heather.

“It’s a little salty.. but that’s okay..” She said with a smile to ease the worried look off of Mark’s face. Heather had said the same thing after she had swallowed half his load this morning in the shower and surely she would have told Grace about the taste. Her tongue poked out of her lips and found his head again, licking the rest of his precum off of him and making him shiver.

Heather had gotten off of the bed to slip off of her long legs, keeping her gaze at the pair on the bed. She spread her legs slightly, letting her hand move down her still covered stomach to the edge of her panties. Just as Grace took Mark’s head into her mouth Heather slipped her fingers underneath and inside of herself.

Mark’s attention was torn between his sister fingering herself inches from him and his sister sucking tenderly on his shaft. When he tried to speak, his throat was dry. “Come closer, H.” She listened, propping one knee up behind him on the bed and keeping her stance wide. He watched as her fingers played underneath her pink lace panties and he brought his fingers up to join them inside. Heather was absolutely soaked and her snatch throbbed as his fingers entered her in a similar fashion to how he had Grace’s just before.

Heather leaned down to breathe onto his ear, her lips brushing his neck just below it and sending a fresh wave of goosebumps over his skin. She paused just long enough for him to wonder what she was doing before he felt her nibble his neck. He groaned and leaned his head the other way to offer her more. His eyes closed again as he felt Grace suck more of him into her mouth, her small hand wrapped firmly around his base. It was rapidly becoming more and more difficult to think for him.

Grace finally opened her eyes to look up at her younger brother fingering their sister. She whined slightly around his shaft, the noise needy and involuntary. The vibrations brought Mark’s gaze down towards her and they locked eyes. Her big eyes behind her glasses managed to get bigger as she blushed again, her cheeks matching the pink color of her lips that his dick disappeared into. His own parted in a low groan, he could feel the pressure within building quicker than he could keep in check.

He pressed another finger into Heather as his eyes stayed glued to Grace’s mouth. Her focus was solely on him, her wrapped fingers working in sync with her mouth while her other snuck forward. Mark held his breath as she cradled his balls until her big doe eyes met his again and he lost everything then.

There was a grunt and a short hip thrust from him that gagged Grace enough that she tried to pull back. His unoccupied hand caught her cheek as gently as possible as he thrusted again with his second spurt of cum. She froze as he held her there, filling her mouth for the first time. She tried swallowing some while still attached to him and he made a pained sound that startled them all.

“I-it’s really sensitive now,” he tried explaining, still lost somewhere on cloud nine, “G-gracey, christ. Th-that.. oh god that..” still unable to express things. He was tugged somewhat out of his bliss when Heather whimpered, her needs still unmet. It was an uncharacteristic sight, seeing her with a face of desperation and it struck him as another thing he’d remember for the rest of his life.

Grace had carefully disengaged from his shaft, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and giggling slightly. She edged closer Mark and she tentatively kissed him, the smile on her face equal parts bashful and mischievous. He wanted to kiss her more but she had turned to Heather, pulling her down onto her back on the bed.

She brushed some matted hair out of her twin’s face before leaning down and kissing her fully. Heather’s fingers traced up Grace’s neck and tangled themselves in her hair. The two moved almost as one, while Mark was left attempting to figure out what he should do with himself. The position shifts had left Heather’s pussy vacant and upon making that connection, the boy couldn’t help himself.

Mark hooked two fingers around her darkened panties and pulled them down and off his sister’s legs. Her pussy was a perfect mirror of Grace’s and shaven just as bare. He looked up at his sisters’ locked in their lustful kiss and still somehow he felt a pang of missing out from the bond that they had. He must’ve watched them for too long as it took Grace gripping his hair and pushing his face down into Heather’s slit to get him out of his thoughts and back with the program. He flicked her nub with his tongue and renewed his efforts inside her. Only when Heather’s breath caught did Grace release her hold on his hair to go back to groping their eldest sister’s chest.

Settled between her legs, Mark employed what he had just learned on his eldest sister and to his surprise he had gotten the lessons fairly well. Each gasp that Heather tried expelling was stolen by Grace’s commanding kiss. With his other hand, at last was able to grope Heather’s firm ass at his leisure. She squirmed within his grasp which made him grip her tighter until a finger brushed her rim a little too roughly. Heather bucked and Mark swore he heard her gasp his name into Grace’s mouth but that didn’t stop him. He had seen Grace do it before and he wanted the same. Purposefully, he brought his pointer finger back against her rim and he pressed in.

She writhed and did what she could to stop him but any effort was lost as he returned to sucking on her clit while fingering both her holes. Combined with Grace’s kiss and her hands kneading her nipples, Heather was soon overwhelmed and brought to her own beautiful climax. He felt her body constrict around him, an extra thrust forced her to squirt on his face and part of his shirt. Mark was stunned from the excess liquid, his hands still inside her quivering body.

Grace had finally released Heather from their kiss and she sat back, the heat of the moment giving her much more confidence than he had ever seen in her before. He sat back as well and practically fell off of the bed, which sent all of the siblings into a short fit of laughter. It was still a little nervous but it did wonders dispelling the awkwardness of what happens next.

“Hah..well, I don’t know what to say other than thank you both and uh.. wow this sounds lame huh?” Mark brought a hand to the back of his head and chuckled a bit more before falling back into silence. They all looked at each other, exhausted but with a sense of achievement. He looked down at the floor to where he had discarded Heather’s panties and he scooped them back up, holding them out to her, “Want these back?” he asked with a wolfish grin.

She returned her own with a bit of sass, “No, that’s your trophy for making it through your first day with us. Alongside all of those juices dried on your face and shirt.” Both girls giggled as Grace leaned in to whisper into Heather’s ear. The eldest shot her twin a look before returning her attention to Mark. “And I guess you’ve earned a place in the bed tonight. You’re kinda big, so it’ll be tight.. but I don’t think you’d mind that, would you, Marky?”

He was shocked by the offer and he nodded a bit too eagerly, sending them into another giggling fit. Mark rolled his eyes and tugged off his wet shirt, dropping it along with Heather`s panties onto the ground.

“Just for tonight though, Mark, we can’t get caught by our parents. God knows what they’d do…” Grace had a worried look on her face as Mark crawled between them.

She seemed to melt a bit as he stopped a few inches from her face to whisper “Well you need to learn to be quieter, huh, Gracey?” before kissing her into the bed. She whimpered into his mouth and it made his worn cock twitch. He wanted more, so so much more, but he could sense all of their exhaustion despite the excitement and newness of everything.

He released her from the kiss and he saw a twinkle of something different in her eye before she scooched back, making room for him in the middle. It was a little awkward at first rolling onto his back but he paused to kiss Heather as well, though not as deeply. The eldest noticed that and when Mark had settled down she leaned onto his chest and brought her lips back to his. She broke the kiss off and took Grace’s chin into her hand, pulling Grace in to bite her lip until she had Mark groaning again from the show.

“Ladies, ladies, you’re killing me here!” he cried, rubbing his hand over his face. He could feel himself harden again. It only took one stray hand to discover that poorly hidden secret.

“Killing you? Sure it isn’t all the blood rushing from your head to your.. well.. head?” Heather said coyly as she teased his bulge. She had her cheek resting against Grace’s, their eyes on him, amused by his bewildered expression. “You probably wouldn’t sleep well with this, would you?”

“No, I don’t think he would, would you, Marky?” Grace’s smirk was almost as big as Heather’s as she turned to delicately slide down Mark’s core to his hips. Heather followed her twin, her cheshire smile disappearing behind her hair just as his pajama pants were tugged down to his knees.

He bit his own lip as both girls presented their asses to him, swaying slightly as they whispered to themselves just above his cock. He could feel their breath on his prick as they giggled and peaked back at him.

Mark frowned at the giggles and brought his hands up to swiftly slap both of them on an asscheek. The girls yelped and quieted down for a moment, foreheads touching as they looked back wide eyed at him. Something clicked with him then, and he lowered his voice to a level that surprised them all, “Neither of you will sleep if I have this all night.”

The silence that followed his threat was heavy enough to make him question whether that was overkill or not but Grace nodded, then Heather did as well. When their gaze returned to either side of his shaft, he returned his hands to their asses. He could feel each of them flinch and it made him smile. That flinch felt good.

Grace kissed his head as Heather licked around his base. His hands were full of flesh as he squeezed and pulled at each sisters’ asscheek. Heather’s was amazingly tight and muscular, he could feel her muscles working under her skin as she adjusted herself to reach more of his package.

Grace’s ass was still firm but it had a softness that let him mould it however he wanted it to be. It was a little plumper too, not that that was easy to tell from anywhere other than on this very personal level. He spread their cheeks apart again to spy their hidden rosebuds. Mark eyed Heather’s and licked his lips. He had already had his finger inside there and he knew he’d have to have more of her soon.

Removing his hands from their backsides was more difficult than he had imagined. When they decided to listen to him, they slid down to tickle each thigh and delighted in the little squirms he received. Twisting his hands, his fingers traced just between the girls’ velvet lips.

“You two are so fucking wet.” He said in astonishment and was met by a soft choir of moans. Mark felt his head become enveloped by Grace’s soft mouth. Heather had pulled forward enough to lap at his balls while still remaining within his reach. She was rewarded by two fingers finding their way into her slit.

Pressing into their velvety holes Mark had them both squirming and at his mercy. Whenever he took one hand away to grope a plump asscheek they’d whine needily until he slipped back inside, stroking their tender flesh just as Heather had taught him.

They had traded spots, Grace’s mouth gently licking Mark’s balls as Heather tried to take all of him inside of her mouth, something she still hadn’t been able to do. She gagged around his girth and he slapped her ass without warning, making her yelp on his cock.

“Take me in enough so you can kiss Gracey. I know you want to, H. So do it and don’t come back up until you touch her lips.”

He wasn’t sure if she could do it but it sure was thrilling telling his sassy sister what to do. He spanked her again and heard what he could only assume was a string of muffled curses. He struck her ass once more to elicit another yelp as he scolded “Mom taught you better than to talk with your mouth full.”

She groaned and tried to swallow more of his shaft. His fingers inside Grace hadn’t stopped moving and she was panting fairly strongly by now. She also may have felt bad for Heather as she brought her head closer to Mark’s base. He saw that but allowed it to happen. He wasn’t going to push his luck much further than this and right now he felt pretty fucking lucky.

Heather choked as she pushed herself onto his last inch, almost headbutting Gracey with a kiss. The middle sister gasped and kept her lips mirrored with Heather’s as she came back up to Mark’s head to breathe. He put two fingers back inside of Heather and let his thumb tease her asshole as he praised her.

The two girls made out atop of Mark’s head, their lower lips and tongues caressing it as they reached for the other. He pressed his thumb inside and forced a groan out of the eldest sister. He then teased Grace with the same motion before forcing his way inside. Grace yipped and squirmed somewhat and she whispered she couldn’t take it anymore.

Her holes tightened around his fingers and he rubbed her to and over the edge. Her hot breath trailed down his shaft as she laid her head on his leg, the quaking too powerful for her to stay up with. When he withdrew his fingers, instead of licking them clean he brought it over to Heather’s leg and pulled it over his chest, forcing her to straddle him.

Grace shifted enough to make this easy for him and Mark took little time between Heather settling down on him for his tongue to slip into her ass alongside his thumb. She squealed with surprise and delight, pushing back on him just as both girls returned their oral assault on Mark.

They groaned in unison, it was almost a race to see who could get who off first. Mark fingered her holes as he slipped his tongue in and out of her rim. It was a different taste than Grace’s pussy and he knew he was growing addicted to it with every thrust. Grace hand repositioned herself between his legs and had resumed kissing and licking at Heather as her twin went back to throating his shaft. This time she was ready and when he started moaning into her ass she pulled back and the two of them licked and suckled his head until he burst.

There wasn’t as much cum as before but there were several strong spurts that rewarded each girl with splotches of it on their lips, chins and cheeks. He drove a third finger into Heather’s slit and with the other he pinched her clit dragging her down into ecstasy with him. His chin and neck were awash with her sex as she came just as hard as her sister, collapsing onto him.

They laid there in a tangled mess of bodies, their breath slowing down over time. The girls sat up, Heather dismounting shakily and they licked and kissed each other clean slowly. Mark grinned despite his exhausted state as he watched them swallow every last bit of his cum.

At last, each girl flopped down on either side of Mark, kissing him in turn.

“This was.. unbelievable, Gracey.. H.. how.. how is this even remotely possible I don-” Grace touched his lips with a soft finger, quieting him.

“Let’s just let it be for now, okay? We can talk about this in the morning.” she said, nodding towards Heather who was already passed out in the crook of Mark’s right arm. He nodded and kissed Grace one more time, and he wished her a goodnight.

The middle sister snuggled into her brother and wished him the same, sneaking her hand down her side to find his and lacing her fingers in between. There was a warmth that formed inside of his chest, one he hadn’t felt before and it helped carry him off to sleep.

The morning after, Mark woke up in his sisters’ bed with neither girl in the room. Rubbing his eyes, it took a moment for everything to come back to him and when it did it hit him like a flood, nearly knocking him out of the bed.

He went downstairs after collecting himself and his discarded clothes, expecting to see Grace there. Instead, his bowl of cereal was there, alongside a small plate of freshly made cookies. There was a note tucked just under the plate.

Mark picked it up and read it.

Don’t be late for school! Gracey and I are headed out for the day and we won’t be back until tonight. When we get back, try to last a little longer.


Heather and Grace

Ps. Grace said you deserved cookies so she made them special for you. I think she is crazy.

Slightly disappointed about missing out on the promised morning blowjob he bit into a cookie and smiled, it was his favorite kind. He reread the note and set about daydreaming of the endless opportunities the future held for him and his siblings. Since he had the morning to himself, he figured he’d spend it updating his digital family album. That was, of course, after he enjoyed his treat.

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