Forbidden Valentine Card


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All the characters involved in the sexual scenes have reached the age of majority.

Misha never liked Valentine’s Day, for good reason. It all started at school, when after the 6th grade there was a division into humanities and techies. Choosing between literature and mathematics, Misha chose the first option. As a result, there were many more girls in his class than boys, and at first it was even happy, but only until the beginning of February 14. All because of a silly tradition: girls could put their valentines in a special box in the morning and give them to the boys after school. They were unsigned, but with the name of the lucky owner. Someone got three, someone got four, and he got none. A year later, it all happened again, and the most annoying thing is that now he was the only one who was left without a sign of attention. In the 9th grade, he decided to cheat: he made a Valentine card himself and at one of the breaks, he quietly threw it into a box. He was out of luck. Lop-eared Anka, the main brat in their class, noticed this and, of course,told everyone. From this disgrace he departed until the end of the school year.

After school, the February 14 curse didn’t end for him. In his first year at uni, his girlfriend left him a few weeks before the holiday, and this year he had a fight with his girlfriend the day before. It would be something to fight about! Misha liked one of her friends, wrote a couple of funny and harmless, at least in his opinion, comments. It turned out that this is the most terrible crime that a guy can commit. This morning, he tried to reconcile, but was sent in a certain direction.

The mood was disgusting, at such moments he often felt sad because of his boring life, because everything was not going as it should have been. He was already 21 years old, and he still lived with his parents. Here, too, he was unlucky. A couple of years ago, his parents bought an apartment in a new building, and if everything went according to plan, he would have moved long ago. But the construction was delayed, and before the summer, you could not even dream of separate housing. They have a large family: mom and dad, sister Ksenia, and even a younger brother, with whom they had to share a room. The little one is not interested in anything but the computer, on weekends he is ready to play video games from morning to night. Misha usually kept him company, but now he didn’t even want that.

He hadn’t done very well in school, and he still had debts from last semester. It was necessary to prepare for the retake, it was still not enough that he was expelled and sent to pay his debt to the Motherland. In order to concentrate and not be distracted, he went to Ksenia’s room. On weekends, she was almost never home, so you could sit at her place in peace. She’ll be out all night, probably with a boyfriend. He didn’t know for sure, and he wasn’t particularly interested. He and his sister had no interests in common, and for the past couple of years they had simply not noticed each other. Ksenia is a short, petite, thin woman with green eyes and dark hair. Recently, for some reason, she dyed one strand pink. In general, an ordinary girl is not ugly, but also not beautiful. But among her friends there are some absolutely charming specimens, which, however, you can not even dream of. Misha understood that he was an unattractive guy and would never be interested in such beauties. It would not hurt to lose a couple of extra pounds, start walking in the rocking chair, and generally bring the body in the appropriate form. And he also wanted to look more masculine, for this he had already planned to grow a beard for the second year, but only some light fluff came out of his chin.

Misha heaved a sigh, trying to put the sad thoughts and seductive images of his girlfriends out of his head, and opened her laptop. There was a password set there, but he had learned it long ago. With the preparation, it did not go, instead, he lazily climbed the sites, at the same time looking at which pages his sister visited. Nothing interesting: women’s magazines, social networks, and other nonsense. Without any interest, he looked at the folder with the photos. There was nothing there, of course. She kept the photos in a special folder, not realizing that they were easy to find through the search. He was only interested in her friends, he flipped through all the photos of Ksenia without even looking. Misha was about to close the folder, when one photo caused him a pleasant excitement. Ksenia was lying on the bed, her legs bent at the knees. The angle was so good that you could see the black strip of underwear from under the skirt. His cock reacted to this, making Misha immediately feel like a pervert. He had experienced something similar only once in his life, when he was spying on his aunt in the country. She thought that no one was home and decided to sunbathe without a bra, and Misha, hiding in the bushes, stared at her. He’d felt what he felt now, a mixture of shame, self-loathing, and forbidden arousal. He glanced around furtively and scanned all the photos to the end. The most recent photo made him sit up and open his mouth in surprise. The same angle, the bed again, but now there was no skirt or underwear on Ksenia. The legs are spread apart, and what is between is covered with the palm of your hand. Unable to resist the temptation, Misha downloaded the photo to his phone.

Except for the little brother, there was no one at home. My parents are out shopping somewhere, and I don’t think they’ll be back soon. You can lock yourself in the bathroom right now and, so to speak, pull the shutter. Misha understood that chasing a bald man in a photo of his sister was not the most sensible thing to do, but it was hard to resist. The thought flashed through my head, and suddenly there is also a video? Without much hope of success, he still decided to search. Again, all the nonsense from school, but he was no longer interested in Ksenia’s friends. Finally, he came across something interesting. The video file was named “Valentine”.

It was her room again, but there was only an empty bed in the frame. At first, nothing happened, and then, like in a horror movie, Ksenia suddenly appeared on the screen in close-up. She adjusted the camera a little, changing the camera angle a little. Someone called her, she cursed loudly, answered, but the camera was still on. Misha scrolled the video forward, and then the most interesting action began. He quickly realized that it was a kind of Valentine’s card, a gift for some guy. When Ksenia reappeared in the frame, she was wearing nothing but tight panties. The chest was covered with a velvet cushion in the form of a heart. She twirled coquettishly, turned her back, and finally flipped the heart to the side, revealing her breasts with small buttons on the nipples. He’d seen bigger and better ones, but right now they were the most desirable tits in the whole wide world!

Grinning nervously, Misha wiped his wet forehead with the palm of his hand. Despite the coolness of the apartment, he was sweating profusely. The member was filled with blood and stood so that it did not fit in the swimming trunks. The performance ended too quickly, Ksenia threw on a robe, grabbed the phone and lay down on the bed. Soon the phone rang again, apparently she was talking to the same guy she was going to send this Valentine card to. Misha was not interested in their conversation, he turned down the sound to a minimum. The nurse was talking, gesturing with her hands, and laughing. They chatted for a long time, but the shooting continued. Unable to stand it, he twisted the recording forward, not really counting on anything, but in this he was wrong again.

Continuing to talk, Ksenia put the pillows against the wall and leaned back against them. It seemed that they had decided to arrange something like phone sex. She asked questions, and then touched her thigh or ran her hand over her underpants, sharing her feelings with her interlocutor. Misha even thought that there was a wet spot on the fabric, but he wasn’t sure. Ksenia squeezed her breasts, rolled her nipples between her fingers. She was looking directly at the camera, and her gaze sent a chill down my spine. When she put her hand in her panties and began to rub herself between her legs, Misha felt that he could come at any time and looked for paper napkins.

It seems that Ksenia has inflamed herself in earnest, having already finished the conversation, she bent down and pulled out a box from under the bed. She sat down, turned away from the camera, and then took off her underwear and lay down on her stomach. Now Misha could see almost nothing but her slender legs and her slightly covered ass. He did not immediately notice that her hands were free, and she satisfied herself with a small vibrator. On impulse, he stopped the video and quickly reached under the bed. It turned out to be a mini vibrator in the shape of a lipstick, hidden in a cell phone box. Finally losing control, Misha sniffed it and for some reason licked it. To calm himself down, he counted to a hundred and carefully replaced the vibrator.

He really wanted to watch the video to the end, there were only a few minutes left and he was waiting for the moment of her orgasm. There it was waited by disappointment. The orgasm, if there was one, passed unnoticed, there were no moans, arching or shaking of the body. Still, there was another surprise waiting for him. Ksenia lay down for a while, and then turned over on her side, revealing to him the most fascinating picture in life. He’d seen naked women and had sex many times, but this was different. After all, he saw what he was forbidden to see, and because of this, the sensations were incredibly sharp. Ksenia pulled out the vibrator, put it next to her and squeezed her buttock with her hand. Misha has long dreamed of anal sex, but in practice it did not work out. His girlfriend flatly refused to discuss it, and he was too shy to ask his ex-girlfriend about it. Right now, he was staring at his little sister’s neat little hole, drawing completely insane scenes in his head. The climax occurred at the very end of the video: Ksenia licked her finger, moved it along the perineum, pressing and massaging the ring of the anus. And then her finger went into her ass.

His cock was twitching like a clockwork, ready to explode with impatience and splash right into his pants. With an effort, he opened the top drawer of the dresser and grabbed the first thing that came to hand. It turned out to be white panties, but they didn’t help much. As soon as he pulled off his sweatpants, his cock shot cum right into the laptop screen. Cursing, Misha quickly wiped the monitor with his underpants, noticing that drops had fallen on the table and on the notebooks. He was overwhelmed with emotions, he knew that for a long time he would masturbate to this video. This is the best Valentine of his life! Who would have thought that such a gift would be unwittingly given to him by his own sister. After wiping away all the stains, he finally caught his breath. The excitement did not even think to leave, in a couple of minutes he would be ready to repeat everything.

And yet it is no accident that he never liked February 14th. The bad luck streak of the day has not gone away, continuing to haunt him. He looked back at the door, startled. Smiling stupidly, still holding the white panties in his hand, he looked with fear at Ksenia standing in the doorway.

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