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My two young nieces

Even now I wonder if it was all a dream. My two nieces,

sisters and by marriage, were visiting at the same time.

April was hot and Laurie was happy but both were sexy

and delicious and loved to fuck. Both had bodies that

wouldn’t quit. Laurie thus far was lacking

in the tit area but I, being an ass man, didn’t really


Even when, my wife, their aunt, was home we would all

use the hot tub together. I would fix strawberry

daiquiris for us all. Now my wife and nieces thought the

girls drinks were virgin. I knew they weren’t and for

that matter, all of theirs had crushed up sleeping pills

in them. I knew that alcohol would quicken the effect,

as well as make it more potent. So time after time I

would doctor their drinks. The alcohol, the heat from

the hot tub, and the pills made them tire quickly.

I always confirmed my wife was asleep before proceeding

further with my plans. Once I was certain of this I

would go downstairs to the guest room where the girls

were sleeping on the sleeper sofa.

April was the oldest so I always had more fun with her.

Rubbing her ass, sucking her titties and fingering her

sweet pussy. It took so long for me to work up tasting

her, but when I did, I did it every night making her cum

twice. Laurie on the other hand was the tougher nut to

crack as she slept in long PJ pants and wore her bra to

bed. Still she was good for a rub and since she slept

with her mouth open, twice I put the tip of my dick in

it. That was great. Other than that all I got out of

this was a stiff hard dick and a crazy jack off when I

went back upstairs.

So this night was going to be different. The wife was

gone to a far off trade show and would be gone for two

nights. The kids both had sleepovers so it was the girls

and I. Of course they went out but curfew was at

midnight so I just happen to still be up. I was certain

they would drink or do drugs while they were out, so I

knew half my work was done.

I was right and when they came home they were feeling no

pain. They tried to turn down the offer of the hot tub

but I convinced them I was lonely and it wasn’t safe for

me to get in alone, which is why I waited. I offered an

extra hour to them on their Saturday night curfew if

they joined me. April mentioned she was busted for money

but in case she figured out away to make some she would

go along with me, Laurie was up for it too.

Before April went to change I made her an offer. I told

her I’d pay her $25 to wear a slinky purple see through

negligee of her aunt’s to bed. She looked at me like she

was shocked and then asked why. I just told her I

thought she would look great in it. I was happy she

hadn’t said no yet. She wanted to see the negligee and I

went upstairs and got it for her, When she saw it was

see through she started balking. I reminded her that she

would only be sleeping in it. She asked me why I wanted

her too and I said it would look great on her beautiful


I knew the flattery would work as well as the cash. Then

she wanted to know what she would tell Laurie about why

she was wearing it, in the first place. I told her she

could say she snuck it out because it looked sexy. She

smiled at me. I knew she was going to say yes but she

instead asked for $50. Hell I would have paid $100. I

had my digital camera ready and my dick as well. We

agreed on $50 and she went to change.

I got extra strong and potent on the drinks for the

girls, both extra rum and sleeping pills. If all went as

plan I would be fucking April tonight and I wanted her

out cold. Laurie came out in her bikini and I thought I

was in heaven. If I thought I could talk her into it, it

would have been a great investment. I watched Laurie’s

ass all the way to the hot tub, and my dick was wide-


We were already enjoying the drinks and water when April

came in wearing a skimpy thong swimsuit; I had never

seen her wear before. I handed her the drink and she

smiled. She whispered to me that I would get my moneys

worth. I toasted my glass to her wondering if she had

any idea what I was up to.

After our third drink April was gone and barely able to

get out of the tub. Laurie laughed at her but I was

concern she would forget to change. I reminded her and

she gave me a drunken smile and took my hand to her ass

and said I’d get a great bargain. I left my hand there

as she stared at me and I rubbed the crack of her ass.

Laurie had her eyes closed and I knew she was close to

passing out. I told April I would get her sister and put

her on the couch while she changed. She stumbled off and

I knew I had to have her.

Laurie said she wasn’t ready to get out of the hot tub

yet. She kept looking at me with her drunken eyes. I

asked her if anything was wrong but she wouldn’t answer.

Finally she asked me if I loved April more than her, and

I said no. Then she wanted to know why I would pay April

$50 to wear something sexy to bed but not her. I was

stunned that April told her our deal, which I was

completely calling off as I listened.

Laurie went on and on about how guys always wanted April

because she was a blond and had bigger tits. I told

Laurie she was beautiful too. She didn’t believe me

saying that if she was, I’d pay her to sleep in her

panties. I kept waiting for her to laugh like she was

joking. After a minute or two she took my silence as a

refusal. When I saw her crying I realized she was


I went over to hold her and then I told her I’d pay her

$25 to take her top off now. She pulled away from me and

smiled, but only for a minute. She said her tits were so

small I would want my money back.

I tried to assure her I wouldn’t. Then she said if they

were to small I could suck on them so she could earn the

$25 dollars. I told her we had a deal.

Laurie took her top off exposing two of the sweetest

little boobs a man has ever laid eyes on. Then I laid my

hands on them and finally my mouth. Laurie took my

sucking as an agreement they were small. I told her that

actually they were too beautiful to ignore. As I sucked

on them her moans motivated me and soon I had her

sitting on my lap with her legs spread around me. My

hand found her ass and I rub it as she moaned yes. I

eased her legs apart until I could feel her soft mound

of pubic hair. I wanted to rip the bikini bottoms off

but I was taking it slow. Finally I cleared the crotch

of her bottoms from her pussy and I put two fingers in

her hot, wet pussy.

I kept telling her how beautiful she was and how sexy

she was and how great she was making me feel. I sat her

up long enough to pull my dick out from my swim trunks.

I was afraid she was going to stop me. She kept telling

me we shouldn’t it was wrong but I told her wrong didn’t

feel this good. I bit her left breast and she moaned and

I eased her down onto me. The tip of my dick felt the

crown of her pussy and I thought I would shoot my load

right there. I felt her push herself down on my

throbbing dick and I realized she was no virgin.

She rode up and down and squealed with pleasure as I

came in her. It was much to fast but she was much to

hot. I pulled her off my dick and stood with her around

my waist. I laid her on the edge of the hot tub and took

off her bottoms. I saw my cum, water soaked and running

from her young pussy. I put my tongue to her clit and

licked it. When she moaned I buried my face into her

waiting pussy. Her moans and shakes told me it was the

first time someone had eaten her pussy. If she would let

me it wouldn’t be her last.

When she finished she pulled me up on her to kiss her,

but not like and uncle and a niece kiss. She was stunned

I had eaten her pussy especially after I came, she said

boys she went out with wouldn’t eat pussy and especially

after it was full of cum, they didn’t want to even look

at it. I reminded her they were boys. Laurie wanted to

know what I was going to do about April. She was going

to be jealous if I fucked her but I explained how bad I

wanted to. She understood, but said if I did, I’d never

get to fuck her again. I asked her if I didn’t fuck

April what I would get, and she said we would fucked

whenever we could.

We went in the house and found April passed out on the

bed, face down lying in her own throw up. She had never

gotten the bikini off and her ass was left uncovered by

the thong. I wanted to take her right there. I looked at

Laurie and she smiled. Finally she said I could fuck

April but only in her ass. She got some butter and we

lubricated her sister up real well. Then Laurie soaked

me in butter as she sucked my dick.

Finally Laurie grabbed the camera and took pictures of

me fucking April, except she kept my face out of the

shots. My dick found resistance at the rim of the ass

hole but resistance was futile at this point and I moved

forward until my balls were slapping April’s gorgeous

ass. I stroked only a few times before I explode in her

tight ass and Laurie took pictures of it all. I pulled

out and Laurie licked the cum from her sisters asshole

and then sucked my dick. Soon I was cumming again and I

wanted to never stop. Laurie swallowed all that I gave


She got up and kissed me and reminded me that I could

never fuck April again, only my wife and her. I agreed

happily to this arrangement.

So now seven years later the fucking is still great and

though we only see each other on holidays and spring

breaks, I’ve never cheated on my niece. Something I can

be proud of. Absolutely proud!

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