Farewell Lunch


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Playing green light/red light

Chapter 1

Red Light – Green Light

Diana’s office was anything but uptight. It was the Eighties and everyone was still enjoying the sexual revolution, so things were pretty loose around the office.

Women in the office environment were shedding the dusty image of the 1950’s receptionist and were working in jobs once reserved for men only. The woman’s movement of the 1970’s had adopted the bra as its symbol of being tied to old standards and they burned them in protest, now women were going without a bra on a regular basis; and many ladies extended this new-found freedom to wearing sexy underwear or none at all.

The men of the company thought this was a great opportunity to have a little fun and men being men and technically still in charge of the office, they instituted braless Tuesdays to spice up the week and the ladies agreed. In exchange for braless Tuesday they wanted casual Fridays, where their skirts and dresses could be even shorter than the other days of the week and the ladies could wear jeans or pants to work, they were always very tight and often without panties, thereby allowing for the formation of camel toes. Naturally, all this sexy dressing caused an increase in the horniness level of everyone in office.

Diana was young, still in her 20’s and looked every bit the typical California surfer girl in bell-bottom jeans with her long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. Or, she could go the other way and be the young professional woman in her business suit or dress with hose and her hair curled to frame her beautiful face. It just depended on her mood and the occasion.

Diana and John had been moving closer to some sort of sexual relationship with other couples. They were very open to expanding their sexual parameters but they had not identified a clear way to do so yet. Neither of them was interested in having an affair behind the other’s back, but yet, both of them wanted to experience sex with someone other than their spouse. They also agreed that whatever they decided to do they would be completely open and above board about it, so there was no need to hide things or to continue if the other didn’t want you to.

This was also the era of the three-martini lunch. Drinking at lunch was not only acceptable but almost mandatory in Diana’s line of work. Then there were the vendor dinners or just the occasional Friday night office party in celebration of TGIF. These dinners could get pretty risqué and that’s where our story begins.

Diana and her office colleagues were out for drinks, which turned into dinner and then dancing and of course, more drinking. Diana was dancing with Mark, which she definitely enjoyed because he was a good dancer and he was a total hunk. Not as cool or as good looking as he thought he was, but he was still tall, dark and handsome, as her mother would had said.

Whenever they went out like this, Mark would always try to sit next to Diana so he could try to feel her up under the table. This was a regular game they both enjoyed playing, sort of like playing red light green light when you were kids. Diana would let him get pretty close to her pussy or maybe right to it for a short time and when she felt herself getting wet from his attention, she would drag him out on the dance floor where he would pull her close to him to slow dance so she would feel his manhood in its wondrous glory.

She used to fantasize about his cock when she was home alone taking care of herself. On nights that they were out drinking and partying, if John wasn’t home, then for sure she was doing herself with her big dildo when she got home. A night of drinking and rubbing up against his cock left her plenty horny and one orgasm was never enough.

This night she was wearing a shear white blouse. During the day she wore a lacy white bra under it, that allowed the guys a little peek, but was still semi-respectable for office wear, or at least for their office. But when it was quitting time, she removed the bra and unbuttoned the blouse several buttons so her boobs were on display.

Her skirt was tight across her butt and it stopped about 5 inches above her knee when she was standing. Under it she was wearing garter style pantyhose, the kind that go on like pantyhose but there is no panty. In fact, she was sans-panties today. She loved the look of hose on her legs but she hated to wear panties under her pantyhose because it was just too warm and depending on the skirt, like the one she was wearing tonight, panties would leave the dreaded visible panty line and she really hated that!

When they came back to the table to rest after dancing, Mark resumed his green light red-light maneuvers. Only this time she allowed Mark to get his hand all the way up under her skirt and to the promise land. Mark smiled like a little boy who got his first bike at Christmas and ordered another round of drinks for him and her while he tried to get her to spread her legs. She did spread them a little as she snuggled closer and his hand confirmed there were no panties to deny him what he wanted most. As he explored her hidden treasure and she listened to his whispered sweet nothings in her ear trying to convince her to spread her legs a little more to allow him to finger her while she drank her fourth, or fifth drink of the evening; she couldn’t remember.

His attention was working and she was becoming over heated and her legs seemed to part of their own accord. He finally had his middle finger in her and he was twisting it and pressing it against that spot behind the clitoris that causes orgasms. She could feel the beginnings of an orgasm coming on and looked at him and whispered in his ear, “if you continue, I am going to cum right here at the table.” He smiled and his left hand continued to manipulate her pussy!

In only a minute or two she had to bite her lip in an effort to keep from moaning out as her orgasm exploded and filled her with that delightful sensation of being a woman! She made several little sounds that may have given her away if the music hadn’t been so loud and everyone else wasn’t so preoccupied with their own games.

She reached under the table and held his hand still so she didn’t go into a bigger orgasm and looked him in the eye and mouth the words, “stop or I may scream!”

He kept his hand still and began laying every line he could think of on her and she was beginning to succumb to his advances. Mark noticed her drink was empty and asked if she wanted another.

“No, no more for me, I won’t be able to drive as it is; I need to sober up before I head home.”

“Ok, do you want go sit in the car where we can talk, he said smiling.”

“Why, asked Diana with a shy smile, what do you have to tell me that you haven’t already told me?”

“He said well it would be quieter and more private and we could talk about the way you tease but never finish the job.”

“Oh, is that what I do, she responded?”

“Yeah, it is, and to be truthful, you tease and then run away, see, he said as he placed her hand back on his rock-hard cock.” “Plus, I can show you just how much you tease.”

“Really, Diana asked, let’s see; hmm, it does feel pretty hard, why is that?”

Mark had his hand under her dress still so he just tickled her pussy a little and said, “because of this.”

“Oh,” Diana said stifling a groan. She was trying not to show too much emotion when he hit her clit. “Oh God,” she moaned softly.

“Ok, why would I want to see your hard thing, she asked?”

He leaned over and whispered, “its, eight inches long and very thick.”


“Yeah, really!”

“Ok, this I have to see it then, and that will keep me from drinking anymore, she giggled.”

“Good, you won’t be disappointed.”

“Hmm, we’ll see,” she said and after a restroom break, they headed out to her car.

She had a four door Oldsmobile and when she unlocked it Mark said, “it may be more private in the backseat.” Diana thought, why not, one thing every girl of her era learned at the drive-in movies was that there was more room in the backseat without the steering wheel.

They climbed in the back and settled into the seat and Mark said, “where were we,” as he placed his right hand under her skirt and went for her pussy while leaning over her and kissing her on the lips. Just like high school, she thought, making out in the backseat of a car while the guy tried to feel you up. Oh well, it was good then it probably would be now also. Besides what other option was there? She was horny as hell and wanted to cum but she didn’t want to go to a motel and fuck him so this was better than coming at the table inside where everyone was able to watch. She leaned back a little and pulled her skirt up high over her butt so she could spread her legs wider and he would have better access to finger fuck her.

After a wild tongue fight and another orgasm, which went into a third orgasm almost nonstop she was panting heavily and fighting the urge to scream out so he wouldn’t know just how easy she was or how hot she was now. She put her hand on his and panting heavily said, “hey, weren’t you suppose to show me something.”

“Oh, yeah, but you acted like you didn’t believe it was eight inches.”

“I don’t, but I want to see anyway.” She was really drunk tonight and her rapid pulse rate was causing the booze to go straight to her head.

“Ok, let’s make a little bet,” (these little bets were big around the office and they almost always involved something sexual).

“Ok, what are we betting for and on?” Diana asked.

“If it is as big as I say you have to give me a blow job and if it isn’t, you get whatever you want.”

“Ok,” said Diana, thinking to herself, what the hell, I’m about to explode again anyway, so if I’m going to let him finger me like a high school girl I might as well do something for him. She normally gave handjobs in high school but an occasional blow job were reserved for special dates!

Mark pulled down his pants and reveled his cock. Although there wasn’t enough light to see really well, she was impressed; but she wasn’t going to say anything just yet. They went back to kissing and she played with his cock while he went straight in for a two-finger fucking that had her cuming again in no time.

This time as she reached orgasm, she didn’t try to hide it, she let everyone know that she had just reached her climax and it was great. Mark held his fingers against her G-spot and that started another round of orgasms that were even greater than the first round and she filled the car with OH FUCK I’M CUMING, AND OH, OH, OH, FFFFUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!

He released her afraid someone might come to investigate the screaming lady in the backseat of a car and as he pulled his fingers out, her orgasm began to subsided and she leaned her head back panting in an effort to regain her composure. He kissed her on the neck and the ears and then softly and passionately on the lips while he unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her tits.

God, she felt great! She was still drunk and in an orgasmic afterglow, so after he sucked on her nipples he said, “how about taking care of me now?” She didn’t hesitate. She smiled, “sure just to show you I’m not all tease.”

She took his cock in her hand, “just sit back and let’s see what this thing can do.” Mark sighed softly and thought finally she is going to blow me, and then I am going to fuck her.

She was impressed with his size. He was not only long, perhaps even as long as he said, but he was definitely the biggest, thickest cock she had ever had.

She was working the shaft up and down with her hand and she leaned down and licked the head to get a drop of precum. She continued to jack it slowly with her left hand while using her tongue on top of the head of his dick. She looked closely at his face and she could tell he was where she had been just a few minutes ago and she started talking dirty to him, knowing that men in general like that and him in particular since the guys in the office often talked dirty around all the women.

“Did you like playing and sucking on my tits?”

“Oh yeah, baby, you have great tits!”

“Thank you, did you like fingering me?”

“Yes, but what I really want to do is fuck you bad!”

“Oh, you can’t tonight but I can jack you off, do you like this, do you like having your big thick cock jacked off by me?”

“Oh yeah, I love it, but will you suck it.”

“Suck it, you dirty man you, you want me to suck that big thick cock that you stick in all of your girlfriends?”

“Oh yeah, please.”

“Well, I don’t know, you didn’t eat my pussy, why would I suck you?”

“I will gladly eat you if you’ll let me, he pleaded.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know, I think this is all you deserve tonight, a hand job for a hand job!” Diana said as she began jacking faster and harder. She reached down and took his balls in her left hand and began massaging them and squeezing them real hard.

“Aaagggggggg, Mark groaned.”

“What baby, you want to cum?”

“Oh yeah, please make it cum, he whimpered.”

“Ok baby,” Diana leaned down again and took most of his cock into her mouth to get it wet and then went back to jacking him faster and faster. He arched his back and she could tell he was ready to cum. She held her left hand over the top of his cock so his cum wouldn’t shoot all over her car and said, “come on baby show me what you have, cum for me.”

Mark blew a big, hot, sticky steam of cum out and she was surprised at the force of it. Wow, this guy can cum, she thought.

“That’s it, baby, cum, cum hard for me.” Another stream of cum and another.

Mark was making that aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggg, sound over and over as he shot cum into Diana’s hand.

She switched hands so she was using his cum to jack him off more and this only increased his squirting and now it was going everywhere. “God, you had a lot built up their mister, she said.”

“Yeah, he moaned, I have thought of you forever and I guess this is the result.”

He was done blasting out cum but there was still some bubbling out and she said, “it’s a good thing I didn’t try to swallow you or you would have drowned me.” Then, without thinking she leaned over and took his still erect, throbbing, cum coated cock into her mouth and slowly sucked the cum off of it.

“Hmmm,” she purred around his cock. That made him groan again and his cock twitched. She was impressed that it didn’t immediately shrink down to normal and she loved the sensation of sucking such a big, thick cock covered in sweet, sticky cum. She wondered if she continued sucking him if he would come back to fully erect and sure enough it did. It took another 10 or 15 minutes of serious sucking before she felt him tense up and his hands went to her head to assure, she didn’t pull off. She was deep throating him and she had no intention of not getting all of this load she had worked so hard for.

Suddenly he pushed up with his pelvis and said “OH FUCK I’M CUMING” and shot a hot rope of gooey cum straight down her throat. She closed her mouth around his cock harder and continued to suck him off as rope after rope filled her mouth to overflowing. When he finally subsided, she swallowed hard and then raised up and swallow again to get it all of his thick cum down.

“Wow you cum a lot,” she said as she wiped some cum off of her lips and into her mouth with her fingers. She looked for something to wipe her lips with and realized everything was in the front. She leaned forward so she could get a Kleenex out of the glove box and this exposed her beautiful ass and pussy to Mark.

Mark couldn’t resist and he leaned forward and kissed her ass and put a finger in her pussy.

“Oh, Diana exclaimed, what are you doing?”

“Just showing my appreciation, Mark said.”

“Oh, well thanks, but don’t start that again, I need to get home.”

“Ok, but I owe you a licking.”

“Umm, Diana said, that sounds wonderful and that was all the encouragement Mark needed.” He spread her ass cheeks and began licking her pussy from behind. “OH GOD” she moaned as she braced herself on the dash in front of her. She knew she needed to get home but her pussy had coming in mind rather going home.

“Oh, stop, stop please she whimpered.”

“Mark stopped, what’s was wrong?”

“I can’t stay like this,” she said and sat back down in the back seat. “Here, just finger me like you did before she said as she took his hand and guided it back to her wanton cunt and we will save the licking and fucking for another time.” With that she kissed him and he stuck two fingers up her cunt and began finger banging her hard. “Oh, fuck yeah, that’s it baby, fuck it hard like that!”

Mark was banging her so hard the car was rocking and Diana came quickly! Once she had regained a little composure, she told him she really needed to go and tried to put herself back together but she couldn’t that sitting in the backseat. They got out of the car and she pulled her skirt down looking around hoping no one would see her, then she kissed him good night. It was a very slow, sensuous tongue kiss that promised more on another night. When they broke, she had to force herself to not go back in for another kiss or she knew she would wind up letting him take her right there in the parking lot!

“Uh, ok then I guess I will see you next week, huh?”

“Certainly, and I had a great time tonight Mark commented, thank you!”

“Thank you, I did too, but I really need to get home now, bye!” She got in the car not worrying about her skirt as she normally did and Mark got one last look at that beautiful pussy before she said goodnight again and left!

She looked at the clock on the dash and saw it was late but not super late thank god and then she realized she hadn’t called John to tell him what time she would be home. He knew she was going out but she had not told him how late she would be. Shit, he is probably worried sick and I in trouble.

Chapter 2

Sorry I’m So Late

When she got home, she was in a hurry to get inside, so she just grabbed her purse and headed into the house. She saw there was a light on in the back and she knew John was still awake. She thought ok, just put a smile on your face and act naturally.

“So, where have you been, I have been worried, John said when she came into the bedroom.”

“I’m sorry, she said, genuinely meaning it.” “We went out after dinner and I lost track of time and just forgot to call you like I normally do; sorry.”

“I worry when you’re out drinking, but at least you are home safely.”

“I know you do and sometimes I drink too much, like tonight, and then forget you are home worrying.”

He was looking at her in a strange way, so she opened the walk-in closet and stepped in to undress for bed and as she removed her skirt John saw she didn’t have her panties on.

“Uh, where are your panties, John asked?”

“Huh, oh, I didn’t wear any today because this skirt is so tight across my butt it shows the panty lines.”

“Oh, and I see you’re not wearing a bra either, is this pantyless and braless Friday?”

“Well yeah, sort of, you know how the office is, less is more.” “But I did wear one to work because this blouse is so sheer but I took off at the end of the day, before we went to dinner and dancing.”

“Why?” He asked.

She turned around to explain, “uh, well, she stammered because it’s sexier without one and that’s what you want to feel like when you’re out dancing and drinking.”

“Wait a minute, come here, what’s that in your hair and on your face?”

Suddenly she remembered being hit on the side of her face when Mark blew his first load. Oh, shit she thought, no underwear and cum in my hair – BUSTED. She said, “uh, I don’t know let me see,” and hurried to the bathroom. When she came out there were no signs of anything in her hair or on her cheek but her hair was damp where she used a wash cloth to wipe it clean. She slipped into the bed and hoped he would drop it but no such luck.

John raised up on his elbow and looked at her and said, “ok; let’s have it, what’s going on?”

She looked at him and then reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her and buried her face in his neck. She was weeping, “I’m sorry honey, I got too drunk tonight and let things go too far tonight.”

“What do you mean things went too far?”

She just laid there not answering and trying to cuddle with him.

“Come on tell me what happened so I don’t think the worst.”

She whispered, “I love you.”

“I know you do and I love you, but you did something tonight that you shouldn’t have and now you need to tell me.”

“She mustered all of her courage and said, you know how I told you the guys are always trying to see how far they can go with us girls when we all go drinking and dancing?”

“Yeah, but you said you had that under control and you just tease but never go all the way.”

“That was before tonight.”

“What?” “You went all the way tonight?”

“Not all the way, all the way, but pretty far.” “For some reason the booze hit me hard tonight, probably the tequila shooters and I lost all inhibition and allowed Mark touch me a lot more than I normally do.”

“Ok, what do you mean by, touch you?”

“Well, you know how we play that old green light, red light game?”

“Yeah, go on.”

“Well tonight we were both drunker than normal and danced slow a lot and then we were resting and he was playing red light, green light and for some reason I didn’t stop him when he got to my pussy.”

“Ok, but you have let him touch you there before, right?”

“Yes, but only when I was wearing panties and he couldn’t get his fingers in to my pussy. But tonight, I wasn’t wearing panties and I let him slipped a finger in me and it went right to that spot that drives me crazy and I lost all control and I let him finger me.”

“There in the club?”

Yes, but under the table where people can’t see.

“Ok, how far did he go?”

“You mean with the fingering?”

“Yes, how far did you let him go?”

“Uh, he made me cum and it was so hard to be quiet that I went outside with him to the car so I wouldn’t drink any more before I drove home.

“Did you fuck him?”

“NO! Honest, I didn’t fuck him!”

“Ok, calm down, and just tell me everything that happened.”

“We got into the car and I let him finger-fuck me the way we use to and I had several orgasms and then he asked me to make him cum and I gave him a hand job, but then after he came, I started to clean his cock and wound up sucking him off until he came in my mouth and then he fingered me again and then I came home.”

“But you two didn’t fuck?”

“No, we didn’t do that. He wanted to, but all I let him do was fingered me to climax and I jacked and sucked him off.”

I take it that was what it looked like in your hair and face?

“Yes, cum.”

“So, how did that happen?”

“I was holding my hand over his cock when I jacked him off so he wouldn’t shoot everywhere but still some of his cum flew around and a little hit me. I didn’t see it when I cleaned up because it was so dark.”

“Wait a second, you Jacked him off or you sucked him off?

“Both.” “First, I jacked him off, but like I said, I was lost in the excitement of it all and after he came from being jacked off, I started cleaning his cock, like I use to do for you and then I just kept sucking until he came again, but this time he came in my mouth so I think the cum on my face and hair was from the first time he came.” “But honestly, we didn’t fuck.” “He wanted to but I said no!”

“You said he wanted to; did you want to fuck also?”

“I didn’t honest, you have to believe me, I would never do that to you, honest.” “I got carried away tonight, yes, but I didn’t cross the big line, honest!”

“OK, but you did want to fuck him, didn’t you?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so, but I didn’t, honest you have to believe me!” Diana began to sob again and it sounded like it could turn into a honest cry session. John took her in his arms and held her tight!

“It’s ok, I believe you and I thank you for telling me the whole story.” “I really appreciate that.”

“Do you still love me?”

“Yes, of course I still love you. I could never stop loving you, you know that. I have loved you since our first kiss and I could never stop loving you! But we need to think about what we want to do now that the cat is out of the bag.

“What do you mean?” “Can’t we just forget it ever happened”

“No, we can’t do that, and we shouldn’t do that because if we don’t deal with it, it will always hang over our heads.” “Besides, this may be just what we have been waiting for, so lets just sleep on it and we will talk more tomorrow, ok?”

“OK, just don’t hate me or leave me.”

“No, I love you babe, you know that, this is just something that we have to deal with and quite frankly I’m not surprised it happen.” “I half expected it every time you go out for drinks with your office friends.”

“Why is that?”

“Because your office is so sexually charged and everyone in it is playing the tease game, so sooner or later someone it going to score.”

“Ok, I understand and I am sorry about tonight.”

“I know, and I believe you, honey.”

John had the weekend off for once so they had to time to talk everything through and in the end, John explained how it could happen and, surprisingly, he was ok with Diana pursuing a strictly sexual relationship with the man at her work as long as there was no romantic attachment and that she tell him all of the details afterward.

They also agreed now was the time to try to advance their relationship with another couple to see if they were interested in swapping. This would provide a mutual outlet for sex for both of them rather than just Diana.

John’s reaction and ultimate decision was a pleasant surprise for Diana, she thought a lot about the other night and although she was ashamed at first, she couldn’t get the excitement of doing it out of her mind, nor could she get the thought of Mark’s large member out of her mind.

Any number of thoughts began running through her head about what she could do. After all, John said as long as it didn’t happen too often and there was no romantic attachment it would be ok. Well, too often was open to interpretation and she could certainly agree not to fall in love with Mark. He was sexy as hell but he wasn’t the kind of man you wanted to marry because he would always be looking for his next conquest.

Hmm, what to do? She had fantasied about several different scenarios and perhaps now was a good time to live out one or two. She spent some time when John was at work thinking about which fantasy, she might want to try first. She could blow him in his office or perhaps let him take her in the club or in the car, although public sex was scarier than office sex. At the office she could be fired but that was nothing compared to being arrested for fucking in public.

She decided that she had always fantasied about office sex so she would try that one first

To be continued:

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