Lust for Power. Episodes 1-5


The second episode of the erotic game “Lust for Power”, based on the Witcher world. Your journey with Ciri continues. Both day and night.

Episode 4

You may be attacked by a robber. You can also meet a beautiful and sexy girl who will help you. And of course there will be sex.

Episode 5

You find yourself in the astral, where you must find the amulet of life. In this place you will find a dragon, a kind old man and a submissive slave who will satisfy your sexual fantasies!

PLAY ONLINE (RenpyWeb) EP1-5


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    • DV on 18.03.2021 at 04:06
    • Reply

    Will there be a walkthrough for lust for power ever?

    1. Yes, it will, but not soon.We don’t have time to do everything. Sorry.

    • M on 21.04.2022 at 21:58
    • Reply

    Will it be possible to have sex with Ciri in the future? Because that would be really nice

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