You’re infiltrating a cult’s lair. News 03/17/24.


This week you continue your adventures with Ciri. You met again at the sex shop, changed into the cult’s clothes, and infiltrated its lair. There you split up to search for information more efficiently. You approached two female followers of the cult and decided to socialize with them. One of them gladly accepted your offer to pray together.

I made 105 pictures this week. I made environments for two locations: the main cult room and a separate room. The screenwriter was writing a continuation of the quest. The flowchart has enlarged and now looks like this.

I’ve also been looking for bugs in the game this week. Found a few minor ones. Here’s a list of what I fixed plus some minor work:

  • I made lettering icons for Ciri’s house, Katarina’s house, and the sex shop.
  • I fixed a bug where the player doesn’t go back to his house after remembering prostitutes.
  • I made weaker Sigismund’s succubus.
  • I reduced the player characteristic requirements in some of the initial quests.
  • I fixed a bug with ghosts in the graveyard in the RenpyWeb version.
  • I changed Amrynn’s moan when fucking her in the throat.
  • In the RenpyWeb version of the mini-games, items do not move out of the area when you press the arrows.
  • I’ve hidden the interface in some story scenes.

That’s this week’s news. Have a great day everyone.

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