Half-naked girls fight with sex toys. News 03/24/24.


This week you continued your search for information in the den of the cult. You met two girls and prayed with them together. After getting what you wanted, you hear Ciri’s call for help. Upon arriving at the location, you saw a boogeyman wanting to hold a joint prayer with her. You and Dandelion tried to prevent this from happening and the three of you had to flee the place. Unlocking a sealed door on the way, you made your way back to the upper room of the sex shop. There you had to fight with the big guy and his assistants. Since you had no weapons, you had to fight with sex toys. After defeating the cult followers, you fled in a van to an unknown destination.

I ended up making 282 pictures this week. Most of them are images of sex scenes with cult followers. Memories of these will be added to the dream list. The block scheme has not changed.

My plan now is this:
By the end of this month to make pictures, etc. Next week I want to get Triss into the game and unlock the Three Bells Inn.
From the beginning of next month I will start preparing the update. I’ll be translating the script into Russian, German, putting music into the game, etc. This will take me about one week.

That’s the news for this week. Have a great lusty mood, everyone.

PS: What kind of mini-games would you like to see in the game? Write in the comments.

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