The Witcher Hunt News 12/25/22


Hi everybody.

This week has been great. We did a good job. New locations will be added to the game: a church and barracks. In addition to friends, you will meet a lustful nun.

In total, I made 117 pictures in a week. Some of them are erotic animations.

Now the flowchart looks like this.

Those who have access to the “Behind the Scenes” section can see the whole scheme in more detail. This is the “Get more” tier. These lucky people also have access to videos in which I show how I create animations.

That’s it. Happy holidays to all!

PS: Now the game “Lust for Power” will appear on our website. A free version with parts 1-5 is available. Parts 1-6 are available by tier “Access to all our games”. Parts 1-7 by tier “Early access”.

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