The Witcher Hunt News 12/18/22


Hi everybody. This week we had a little pause in the creation of the game again — the screenwriter was sick with coronavirus. At this time, I was dealing with errors in games. Some things I managed to fix, some things I can’t understand. For example, I can’t figure out what the error is in the game “The Solomon Ring 2: Lust’s Domain”. And I made sure once again that on iOS devices, you can play only HTML versions of games.

As a result, the screenwriter is healthy and continued to delight us with a new plot. The flowchart is getting bigger and bigger. Now it looks like this.

We’re making history with Fiona. I have created 66 images this week.

These are the standard news. Good luck to all of you, don’t get sick. And many thanks to everyone for your support.

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