Jamie’s phone alarm went off, sending a shock through his body. He groaned as he felt the slightest twinge of a hangover. It wasn’t as bad as he expected it to be considering how much beer he drank at the party the night before. He hadn’t wanted to go but Blake dragged him along as usual. I really need to work on my impulse control, he thought. Thank god I don’t have training today.

Jamie was the running back for the college team. He wasn’t as obsessed with fitness as some of his teammates but he was no slouch either. When it came time to hit the gym or run drills he was ready to go with even the most intense guys on the team. Girls had always admired his body despite the fact that he would’ve liked to be known for his personality. There was no stopping college cheerleaders though.

He got out of bed with surprising ease. He’d expected to be feeling sluggish but a wave of refreshment washed over his body. Weird, he thought as he stretched. His wardrobe was somehow bigger than ever. Normally the top of it was just an inch or two above his head, but it looked as if it had grown a whole foot overnight. As he looked around his room everything seemed a lot bigger than before.

Jamie brought a hand up to his face to scratch himself under his eye and noticed something strange about his hand. His fingers were a lot more slender and delicate. He looked at both hands in horror. What is going on? his mind was screaming. He ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Looking back at him was a petite young woman.

“What the fuck!!” The voice that came from his mouth felt different and sounded a lot higher. Jamie poked and prodded his face while he looked at his reflection. The nose was a smaller version but still the same shape. And his eyes were still the same blue as before, but somehow sparkled just a little bit more. Everything else was different. His lips were plumper and his cheeks were more round.

With both hands on the sides of the basin, Jamie hung his head in despair. Was he going mad, this seemed beyond the reach of his imagination. Oh no, he thought as he looked down to see the swell of some firm breasts and a flat stomach, no no no. His eyes widened as he let his boxers slide down. There it was, or at least there it wasn’t. His stomach ended in the absence of a cock. Everything tipped upside down. He wasn’t a guy who let his dick do the thinking but he was attached to it, literally and figuratively. But it was as if all he had ever known had been torn away from him. For the briefest of moments he questioned reality. Were all his memories real? Was he actually Jamie? Taking a deep breath, he centred himself.

Looking back to the mirror, he decided that this was something he had to accept until he figured out what to do. First he had to assess the situation. Jamie stood on his toes so that he could see all of his new body. His breasts were bigger than his pecs had been. With both hands he gave them a squeeze. It wasn’t the first time Jamie had felt boobs before, but these were so soft. He felt his face flush as he got a little more bold and pushed to see how much he could go with them. His eyes widened as his nipples stiffened. He circled one areola with a thumb and his body let out a shiver. Softly he pinched his nipple and let out a soft moan.

Electricity shot through his body. Is this what girls feel? It was so much more widespread than what he usually felt. Normally it was centred in his cock. Sometimes his lips felt sensitive, but nothing like the warmth that was overcoming him now. He slid his hands down over his flat stomach and was amazed at how soft it was. Not at all like his previously hard abs. His stomach was so smooth and much more sensitive. As he rubbed it, he felt a tingling between his legs. Jamie’s breathing became shallow and he saw his cheeks flush red.

With a whimper, he tentatively stroked the top of his mound. The tingling intensified to a burning throb. What am I doing, Jamie thought to himself. He should have been thinking of a solution, but nothing was stopping him from exploring his new body to the fullest extent. From his chest down to his thighs, the whole experience felt so sensual.

His finger grazed the top of his slit and another shock ran through his body. He was so sensitive down there that Jamie wondered how girls coped with it. Lower down he spread the lips of his pussy to find them slick with juices. He got some on his finger and held it up in front of his eyes. He pressed his finger and thumb together and watched as the strands of juice stuck to each other. With some curiosity he brought his finger to his lips and poked out his tongue. The tangy sweetness was interesting and he sucked the rest off his finger. He was surprised at how tasty it was and went back for another helping.

This time he slid his finger up the slit and felt another bolt run through him. Jesus, he thought as another girly moan escaped his lips. Maybe it was time to explore just how good it could feel down there. A nervous thought crossed his mind. He was getting carried away. I can’t just ignore what’s happening to me, he thought. But then again this might be the only opportunity he would get to experience this.

Rubbing his finger down the slit again, he curled it up to get a feel of the opening. It was tight. Tighter than any girl he’d ever been with but then again this was a brand new pussy as far as he knew. He slowly started to slide his finger inside, gasping as he did so. It didn’t feel as good as when he rubbed the clit, but it didn’t feel bad either.

Giving it time, he rubbed his clit with his thumb. That tingling warmth throbbed again and he felt his cheeks grow hot. While he rubbed, his finger went inside bit by bit until he was fully up to his knuckle. Damn this feels good, he thought and started to finger himself more. His soft moans became louder and his breathing sped up.

As he fingered himself, the pussy started making slick squelching sounds. He hadn’t realised but there was so much wetness leaking from it. Somehow this made him even hornier than before and he felt a new throb of pleasure. Jamie felt a wave building deep inside his body. His free hand went to his clit and started strumming quickly. He wanted to catch that wave and ride it to whatever pleasure was waiting.

His breath caught as he found what he was searching for. The burning pleasure ran through his entire body and he squealed with pleasure. His hips bucked against his finger and his face flushed hot. As the throb subsided, Jamie sank to his knees breathing heavy. His brain was blank and he just stared at the cupboard under the sink. That was more intense than any orgasm he had ever felt before. Was giving that up going to be harder than he thought? “No I have to get my body back,” he told himself. He just didn’t sound convincing.


Jamie stood in front of Blake’s dorm room door. He had managed to slip into the building when some girls he recognised were coming out. Of course they didn’t recognise him in his new body but they still held the door open for him.

He must have looked odd. The only clothes that wouldn’t slip completely off his body were some loose fitting sweats. That said they still looked ridiculously baggy on him, like the rap music videos he used to watch as a kid.

Taking a deep breath, Jamie knocked on Blake’s door. He was unsure of how his friend would react. He hadn’t come up with a plan for how to approach this. Would Blake be easily convinced that this girl was in fact his friend Jamie? The door opened and suddenly Jamie was intimidated.

In his old body, Jamie stood eye to eye with Blake. In this one he barely came up to his chest. He’d never realised how tall his friend was, but damn he was big. Blake was wearing nothing but a pair of basketball shorts and judging the bulge in them, he had just woken up. A thought of wondering what Blake’s cock looked like flashed through his mind. It happened so quick that Jamie was unsure if he had even thought it. That newly familiar throb between his thighs confirmed that he had.

“Uh can I help you?” Blake asked. He made no effort to cover up upon seeing a strange girl at his door. In fact he tried to act suave, but Jamie knew he couldn’t pull it off.

“Dude, it’s me,” Jamie said, trying to push his way into Blake’s room. For the briefest of moments his mind had thought he was in his old body.

Blake put a hand up to stop him from getting into the room. “As much as I’d like a hot chick like you coming in, I’m gonna have to stop you until you tell me who you are.” The look on his face said that he was dead serious.

“It’s me, Jamie.” Blake’s reaction was far from the freakout that Jamie had earlier. In fact he barely looked surprised.

“Oh shit man, I didn’t think that crazy chick was being serious. You better get in here.” Blake closed the door as Jamie sat on the bed.

“What crazy chick? What are you talking about?”

“You remember whats-her-name, um, Dana. That goth girl you rejected last week?” Blake said trying to remember her name through the haze of his own minor hangover. He was pacing back and forth.

“Rejected is a bit harsh,” Jamie cut in.

“Well I heard some dude say something about her putting a hex on you. Honestly I thought it was just drunk talk. I guess this is what happened.”

“Then how do I fix it?”

“How the fuck should I know. You’re gonna have to ask her yourself.” Blake sat down on the bed. Jamie knew when his friend felt helpless and that he was trying to help.

“Yeah I know. I guess we’ll figure something out.” Jamie noticed that Blake was looking at him. “What?”

“Well I was just thinking. What’s it like having a girl’s body?”

“It’s so different man. Weird even. Everything’s so soft. I’m just not used to it.” Jamie unzipped the jacket that he was wearing, exposing his soft tits. Looking down, he felt like they had grown slightly, but he couldn’t be certain.

Blake put his hands up in front of his eyes. “Whoa, man.”

Jamie laughed. “They’re just tits. Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be playing with them if you were in my situation.” Blake put his hands down and shifted his legs slightly. Jamie knew he was trying to hide his growing erection. He himself had pulled that move only days before when he was still a guy. The throbbing between his thighs started up again. Or maybe it had never really stopped since seeing Blake’s bulge. You want to see the whole thing, his mind told him. He tried to fight the idea but the throb turned into a soft burn.

Jame slid closer to his friend. “You can touch them if you want.” He couldn’t believe those words had just come out of his mouth. But it just felt right.

“Are you sure?” Jamie nodded his head and gave his breast a squeeze. Blake didn’t waste any time in reaching up and taking one of them in his hand. He was definitely rougher than Jamie when he was feeling them for the first time. Jamie let out a moan as Blake’s hand groped and his thumb rubbed over his sensitive nipple.

Jamie leaned his head against Blake’s chest as he let his friend feel him up. “Fuck that feels good,” he groaned. His heart was racing as he placed his lips on Blake’s neck. It was as if his body was taking control and his mind was watching and enjoying all the sensations. For his part Blake went with it. That was until Jamie reached out and put a small hand on his erection through his shorts.

Blake looked at him with wide eyes, “Isn’t that a little too far?” Despite saying that he didn’t try to move Jamie’s hand.

What am I doing, Jamie’s mind almost snapped back to reality. “It’s okay, no homo.” This brought a small smile to Blake’s face and he just nodded. Jamie put his hand inside Blake’s shorts and pulled out his thick cock. The urge to see a cock had been fulfilled. He looked down at the cock pulsing in his hand and gave it a slow stroke. Jamie marveled at how the cock felt in his hand.

Jamie’s mouth watered and he slid off the bed to his knees. He positioned himself between Blake’s legs. From this angle his cock was absolutely gigantic. His mind wandered to how girls see big cocks in porn and knew this is what he must have looked like. He did the next thing he’d seen them do.

Jamie pointed the cock towards his soft lips and spread them to take the head of it into his mouth. He had only wanted to have a lick at first but his body took over and made him suck it. Jamie was surprised at how quickly the cock filled his mouth. It felt new and exciting and he made sure to wrap his lips tight over the head of his friends cock. Blake let out a moan and Jamie couldn’t help but join in. He felt his pussy tingling as his tongue swirled around. As he pulled his mouth up he increased suction and felt his cheeks hollow out. This was met with moans of approval from Blake.

As he got used to the rhythm of what he was doing, Jamie increased the speed of his movements. He was really getting into it and even though he wasn’t able to take a lot of Blake’s cock, he somehow felt the need to have it fill out his throat. Is this the way girls are or am I going to be a slutty girl, she thought. It didn’t even cross his mind that he thought about being a girl in the future or that would be the start of thinking of himself as a girl.

As she bobbed up and down on his cock, a few strands of Jamie’s new long hair dropped down around her face. Ugh is that something I’m going to have to deal with from now on? Jamie tucked the hair behind her ear and resumed sucking.

Blake’s breathing became shallow and his cock started to pulse. Jamie recognised those signs. She knew what was coming and suddenly got very excited. She wanted to taste his cum and wanted it all down her throat. Stroking his cock while she sucked on its head, Jamie could sense that it was time. She took more of his cock in her mouth and that’s when it started.

Blake groaned and Jamie gripped his cock with a tighter hold. She felt Blake’s cum hit the back of her throat and tried her best to swallow it all. But there was just too much and it fell out of the corners of her mouth, some landing on her chest and thigh, but mainly sticking to her chin.

Jamie let Blake’s cock out of her mouth with a satisfying pop. She had been such a fan of that when girls did it to her when she still had a cock so it only felt right to give it a try. She grinned at Blake and said, “I didn’t think that would be as fun as it was. Especially when I started thinking of myself as a girl.”

Blake cocked his head to the side. “You were thinking of yourself as a girl?”

“Well, yeah. I mean look at this body and I was just so caught up in the moment. Part of me was just this is who I am now.” Jamie stood up and sat on the edge of the bed next to Blake again, who was leaning back on his hands. His cock lay against his thigh and was beginning to soften. “I don’t know, does that sound weird?” asked Jamie sheepishly.

Blake’s cock twitched a little bit. “It sounds hot to me.” His hand stroked Jamie’s soft thigh and she leaned against his shoulder. She felt the warmth in her stomach and longed to feel that explosion of pleasure again. Jamie felt small against Blake’s body. She found that comforting.

Sitting in silence, they felt each other’s heavy breathing. Blake’s hand had found its way back up to Jamie’s breast and was slowly massaging. God that feels good, Jamie thought. She turned and looked at her friend and leaned up for a kiss. It just felt like the right thing to do. As their lips met, they both fell back on Blake’s bed.

Jamie slid her hand down Blake’s stomach to find his cock hard and ready to go again. She had an uncontrollable urge suddenly. She needed it inside her. It didn’t take long for that signal to go to the rest of her body. She was up and straddling Blake in an instant. He offered little resistance. “Damn you’re a girl for just a little bit and it doesn’t take you any time to get a dick in you.”

“Shut up. You’d do the same if you were in my shoes.” Even though this was the first time doing this, Jamie’s body knew exactly what to do. Or maybe she’d just internalised all the times girls had ridden her when she had a dick. This time was different though. She wanted to try some stuff.

Blake’s cock was laying flat on his stomach and extremely hard. Jamie made it so that her extremely wet pussy lips were kissing the underside of his cock and started to grind against it. She had always found this move hot when she watched porn before and now she got to try it. Every time her clit brushed against the ridges on the underside of his head she shivered and jolted.

It didn’t take long for Blake’s cock to be absolutely slick with pussy juice. Jamie could tell that he was straining to feel a release and frankly she wanted it too. She propped herself up and reached down with her little hand to position his cock in the right direction. As she grabbed in, Jamie realised that this cock was bigger than she had figured and it was probably going to split her in two. That just made her want it more.

Jamie’s eyes went wide as she lowered herself onto her friend’s cock. It made her feel so full and she could only make it halfway down. She paused for a moment to get used to it. Jamie felt confident enough to slowly ride his cock and the wetness of her pussy certainly helped get it deeper and deeper.

Blake had his hands on her hips, but as she rode him the feeling of being touched took over. Jamie took his hands and placed them on her tits, making him grope her and showing that it was okay. Having him manhandle her tits and play with her nipples broke the floodgates for Jamie and her moans became louder.

With Blake’s cock deep inside her, Jamie leant down and began making out with him once again. Her nipples felt sensitive against his chest. Blake’s breathing had become shallower and Jamie knew that he was going to cum. “Do it inside me,” she moaned into his ear.

“Are you sure?” Blake asked as he grunted. Jamie just nodded and felt the sudden warmth spreading throughout her tummy. This made her shudder and buck her hips against him. She had no idea that having him cum inside her would bring her there too, but that now familiar wave of orgasm washed over her. She was glad she tried that because who knew if she’d ever have the chance to have a guy cum in her again.

Rolling off him, Jamie felt Blake’s softening cock slide of her. She lay breathing hard for a moment before scooching to the edge of the bed. “I think I better track down this Dana and figure out how I can get my body back.” She stood up and started putting the sweats back on.

“And if there’s no way, I’ll be here waiting,” Blake teased. Jamie gave him the finger and pulled the zipper of her top up.


Jamie felt super out of place in public. Walking the corridor in the dorm was one thing, but trying to get to the library was completely different. She had to get halfway across campus and was sure people would know that something was up. But no one so much as gave her a second glance. Not even the girl who smiled at her as she held open the door to the library building.

She was easily getting used to thinking of herself as a girl. It scared her to think that being the girl was so easy. in a limited experience anyway. she wandered around the study room of the library looking for Dana. she found her hunched over stack of books scribbling away in a notebook.

Immediately Jamie remembered who she was. Dana had ambushed her, well him at the time, after football practice the week before. It was in the locker room, when Dana rushed out of nowhere and confessed her love for Jamie. It was incredibly strange because the only interaction they’d had previously was in a very boring English lit class. Jamie had let her down as gently as she (he?) could, but considering the current situation it might not have been soft enough.

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