Surprised by College Friend. Vacation sex story


It was a much-needed vacation after months of coronavirus pandemic and social isolation. For the long drive, I was wearing only a short, light floral print sundress that barely covered my boobs. The hem showed my legs up to mid-thigh. Thin shoulder straps connected to the waistband in the back left my back bare. I usually wear a camisole with this dress, but not this time. My husband loves to see my side boobs as he drives. To add to his excitement, I left my panties home. A look at his pants told me he was enjoying the scenery.

We arrived at the resort in the early afternoon, parked the rental and checked in at the office. This was our 4th stay at this clothing optional resort in the past four years. The bra free receptionist cheerfully welcomed us back and directed us to our newly remodeled room. Once in our room we quickly stripped naked, tossing our clothes on the extra bed. Stepping out onto the balcony we sprayed sunscreen all over us and went down to the pool.

It felt good to totally shed our clothing and not be concerned about what may be going on beyond the privacy of the walls. We walked hand-in-hand around the first pool which was active with a lively volleyball game. I admired the men’s limp penis’s break the surface of the water as the guys jumped to hit the ball, then splash back down. The women’s breasts similarly didn’t miss the admiration of my husband. The lounges along the sides of the pool, spread farther apart than usual, were all occupied with naked men and women. As we walked past the lounges, I enjoyed looking at all the penis’s on display. Definitely a wide range of big and small. I particularly like the ones who were shaved on full display, like my husband. I noted how his penis and balls swung back and forth as we walked. While not here for the sex, I wondered how each one might feel buried deep inside me.

Passing the pool and the hot tub there is a second pool which was more relaxed and quieter. We managed to find a couple of lounges, spread out our towels, and settled in. The sun felt wonderful on my naked body. I was eager to replace my pale white skin of winter with a new all-over golden tan.

Flotation mats were neatly piled in the corner, just like I remembered and we each got one. I slipped into the water and onto the mat and just floated on my back. My breasts and nipples reached for the sun like a growing flower. I spread my legs slightly, feeling the warmth of the sun between my legs. The water from the pool gently licked at my bare labia and clitoris. My husband floated beside me, his relaxed penis resting quietly on his trim belly. I closed my eyes, totally relaxed on my floating bed. Ahhh….

At the far end of the pool there was a little shade where I could float without getting burned too badly. I gradually paddled my hands in that direction. My husband suddenly rolled off his mat with a splash all over me to swim a few laps. The warm gentle breeze and water on my nipples made them stand up even more, casting small nipple shadows across my breasts.

After several laps, swimming around the obstacles of people, he got out of the water and laid on his towel on one of the lounges. The shadows were starting to get long when I emerged from the pool. We lay on the lounges together as the sun moved further down in the west. This was the get-away we needed!

As it started to get dark, we walked over to the hot tub, kicked off our sandals and slowly settled into the 102-degree bubbling water. My hand rested in its normal position, high on my husband’s leg, occasionally secretly flicking his penis anchored below the surface. My breasts floated just at the surface, the bubbles teasing my nipples. We politely introduced ourselves to the others and joined in the usual conversation of weather, nude resorts, travel, sports, etc. Nothing sexual, except the view of the other women’s breasts floating on the surface like mine. Below the surface, I know my husband was enjoying that scene.

Warm and relaxed, we finally said good night and went back to our room. By the time we got to our room my husband and I were both horny. I knew he wanted to play.

Our room was on the 2nd floor, so I didn’t bother to close the drapes. Hey, it’s a nude resort and one would need to look directly in the window to see in anyway. The soft moon light was all that illuminated the room.

I grabbed my husband’s growing penis and led him to the bed. He lay down beside me and immediately started sucking on my breasts. The moisture between my legs was not from the pool. He reached down and ran his finger along my sensitive clitoris. Pleasure shook my body as he played.

Rolling on top of me, he pushed my breasts together and had me hold them together so when he laid down, they were smashed between us. His hard penis nestled between my labia. He rocked back and forth spreading my lubrication. He then slid down slightly, his penis taking aim at its target. With one easy push he fully entered me, and I pushed up to meet him. Our pubic bones smashed together. Ahhh, that feels so good!

He rested briefly while my vagina adjusted to him, feeling him fill me. His penis pushed hard against me. It felt good to have him in me and I groaned with pleasure as my first orgasm pulsed through me.

He pulled back and then pushed in again and I groaned louder. He hushed me because we were between two other rooms, not knowing how soundproof the walls were. But that didn’t diminish my pleasure in any way as he pushed in again. His needs became greater. He pounded in harder with each stroke. I felt another huge shiver go through my body. I pushed up to meet him and heard him moan. I knew he couldn’t last much longer. I tightened my legs around him pulling him deeper into me. A few stokes later he exploded. I felt him spray the insides of my vagina. He collapsed on top of me. We lay quite still while his penis softened, still inside me. I think it was good for both of us. He rolled to his side. Still connected, we cuddled together as sleep took us to dreamland.


In the morning, I climbed on top of him and slid down his already erect pole. He grabbed my swinging breasts and pinched my nipples as I bounced up and down. I was already excited and came quickly. Soon his hands fell to my hips and held me down as he filled me again.

We went outside to shower in the public co-ed showers. Even though we have a private bath in our room, I love showering outside, usually with guests I may have seen but don’t know. The warm water ran down my back as I watched the naked people come to claim their spot at the poolside. I washed my body, rubbing my breasts and gently pinching my nipples. My fingers secretly parted my labia, washing away my husband’s morning deposit. I watched the man next to me wash and rinse the soap off his penis and balls. He caught me looking and smiled at me with a polite “Good Morning”. I wanted to help him but could only smile in return.

Clothing was not needed in the on-site restaurant. Only a towel to sit on. My husband loves watching the topless waitress serve us. Her pendulum breasts swing forward with each plate she placed on the table. For sanitary reasons, she wore only sheer bikini panties. They didn’t hide anything.

After breakfast, we walked back to the quiet pool, found some mats, and floated around for several hours. The warmth of the sun on my bare body felt incredible. When the sun was higher in the sky and the temperature rose, we found a place in the shade and laid on lounge chairs. As much as I enjoy checking out the naked men, I realized that I was also on display for them. For a middle age woman with four kids, D-cup breasts, and shaved pubic hair, I still turn a few heads my direction.


The next day, once again we showered outside, went to breakfast, and then back to the pool. This time we stopped at the volleyball pool for a while and talked with a couple we met last night. They were from Canada but visited here two or three time every summer. Their bodies were a beautiful golden brown. Not a hint of any tan lines. I glanced at his penis which even in its flaccid state was larger than most I’ve seen. I wondered what it would feel like working in me. I felt my moisture forming between my legs.

Meanwhile, my husband was giving his wife a detailed inspection. From the foot of her lounge, at the top of her long slender legs, her labia lips were gently parted showing the tip of her clitoris. She was shaved bare leaving everything on display. Her firm breasts and hard nipples sat high on her chest. She was a beauty to look at.

Promising to talk with them later, we went over to the quiet pool. There were more people in the pool today, so there was only one pool mat available. My husband gallantly gave it to me since I don’t swim very well. He swam laps for a while and played around splashing me with water before getting out and laying on a nearby lounge. I closed my eyes from the sun and totally relaxed. The gently waves of the pool almost rocking me to sleep.

A splash of water caught my attention from the opposite direction. Through water spotted sunglasses and half opened squinting eyes I looked to see the cause, when a man popped up out of the water next to me and said, “Well, hello”. I opened my eyes a little wider and realized I knew this man. It was David, a fellow I dated in college, many years ago and had not seen since. I noticed he was really studying my naked body, head to toe. I’m certain he was thinking about what might have been years before.

Surprised to find me there, he said he and his wife just arrived and only had day passes at the resort, so they didn’t have too much time. Still, he seemed really happy to see me, especially since he was seeing me naked for the first time. Something he had frequently tried to do while we dated, but never succeeded.

His fingers, almost undetected, slipped along the side of my breast as he held on to my mattress. I held my breath as he continued sliding his fingers along my side, wondering, cautiously hoping he would do more, much more. I pretended to not notice and didn’t stop him. I looked around to see where my husband had gone and saw him sitting on the edge of the pool talking with Diane, David’s wife. I didn’t know if he knew who he was talking to or not, but he seemed to be enjoying talking to his new naked friend.

David just kept staring at me, focused mainly on my breasts. He had tried so many times to feel them, but I never let him get far past first base. Now, totally naked, and merely inches away, I surrendered to his gaze. I knew that he was wishing he could touch them, hold them, suck on them. He continued to look at me as we talked.

When my husband came back into the pool, he saw me with David and swam to my other side. I introduced them, and they said hello. My husband knew I dated David but had never met him. Then Diane slid into the pool, coming to find David. When she got to where we were, I said; “Hi, Diane, it has been a long time”. She realized who I was and said she was glad to see me again. I introduced my husband to her, but she said they had already met.

The sun was high in the sky when I suggested that the four of us go over the restaurant for a late lunch. I was hungry. David and Diane agreed. We talked while we waited for our food and my husband seemed to enjoy spending time with them.

Diane is a pretty woman a little shorter than me, with brown hair, smaller C-cup breasts, and pebble sized nipples. Her legs are long and trim from her jogging. She had trimmed her pubic hair into a bikini cut just above her labia. Her pale skin needed some sun. David needed to exercise more. His belly was round and needed to lose some weight. His penis looked to be about average, partially hidden between his legs and an ungroomed tangle of pubic hair. I prefer shaved men and women and thought how much better they both would look if they shaved.

Finishing lunch, we moved outside and sat in the shade on the around the fire pit. I was very aware that David couldn’t keep his eyes away from my body. Every time I looked at him, he was looking at me and it wasn’t my face. I spread my legs a little wider to give him a better look. I watched his eyes get bigger as he realized what I had done for him.

David and I talked about our college / dating days. Diane and my husband were telling stories of travel and some of our nude adventures. Without realizing how late it was getting, David checked his watch and said it was time for them to go.

Shifting his glance from Diane to David, my husband took a chance and said, “We have an extra bed in our room, would you like to stay overnight?” Realizing what he just said, he looked over at me. I gently nodded my surprised okay.

David looked at Diane and with a nod from her, he said, “Sure, we’d love that”. Because of the two beds we had enough room, and we’d already spent the day naked together. My husband suggested that they get their things from their locker and bring them to our room while he checked with the front desk.

We shared some fish and chips for dinner, then went out to the hot tub. David and Diane sat on the opposite side from us with other couples in between. We sat there for quite a while listening and enjoying the stories and comments of those who were there.

Innocently or not, Diane needed to cool down a bit, so she slipped up to sit on the edge with her feet still dangling in the hot tub. Her legs were noticeably parted giving my husband a direct look between them. The shadows from the underwater lights through the bubbles danced on her belly. He didn’t miss the opportunity to look, seeing her partly open labia.

As we were gathering up our towels and things to leave, David took my husband aside and said something to him. Diane and I couldn’t hear them, but we both knew what they were discussing. David and my husband looked in our direction and seemed to agree as they both came back with big smiles on their faces. When we got to the room, we hung our towels up to dry on the shower bar and sat down to talk. My husband sat on the one bed with Diane and David sat awfully close to me on the other. His bare hip touching mine. Diane and I correctly knew what David said that made them both smile.

My husband’s hand was resting on Diane’s leg. David kept rubbing his hands together like he was not sure what to do, but finally put one hand on my breast. When I did not resist, he smiled and put his other hand on my other breast and tenderly began rubbing and feeling them. I reached up and held both of his hands firmly in place, encouraging him to continue. Back in our dating days, David had tried to feel my breasts so many times. His hardening penis told me he was thrilled to finally succeed.

At that point, my husband stood up, his penis proudly pointing toward Diane, and went over and turned out the lights. He went back and joined Diane again. Her hand caught his erection as he pushed her back on the bed. I could hear them getting comfortable as he found her breasts and started sucking on them.

David pulled me down on the bed and lay beside me and whispered; “I’ve wanted to do this for so long”. He then kissed my neck, my shoulders, and then my breasts, again and again. He turned on his side, and facing me, looked me up and down in the moon light from the window, and kissed me full on my lips, not liked he had ever kissed me before. “Now,” he whispered and sat up and moved into position on top of me. I spread my legs wide apart, giving him free access to everything I had. He smiled, put my knees on his shoulders, and aimed his penis toward my wet, waiting slit and lay down.

I was ready for him. He slid in easily as his body came closer to mine. He kissed me again. We began moving together. He came down slowly at first and, I came up to meet him, again and again. He picked up speed and pushed in harder each time. I was breathing heavily as I got more excited, and he was also. Then with a hard thrust he let go. He shot his full load into me as I shivered in a grand climax. After a couple smaller squirts, he lay still. For a long time, we laid there with his stiff penis still in me. The ear-to-ear smile on his face told me he had accomplished his long-forgotten prize.

Not finished, David started moving again. I felt him grow again as he rocked back and forth inside me. I tightened my vagina muscles around him and felt another orgasm sweep through my body. As much as David wanted me, I think I needed him too. David stiffened and pushed firmly back into me, depositing his second load. This time he softened and slipped out as he slid off to the side with his hands still on my breasts. In moments he was asleep.

I could hear Diane’s heavy breathing in the other bed that told me my husband had satisfied her. I held David’s soft penis in my hand, closed my eyes and fell asleep.


Sounds from the other bed woke me up the next morning telling me that Diane and my husband were already awake. Through half open, still sleepy eyes I looked over to see Diane’s breasts swinging wildly as she bounced up and down on top of my husband. His hands were holding tight on her hips.

I reached beside me to find David’s morning erection. My touch seemed to awaken him, and he began to grow harder. His hand found my breast and rubbed it tenderly for a time. He rolled toward me and sat up straddling my hips. He lowered himself toward me and easily slid into my waiting slit. We moved in unison, toward each other, then away, again and again. It was not long before I shuddered as he turned loose his morning load inside me. We lay together, quiet and content.

A while later we got up and joined my husband and Diane already at the communal outdoor shower and then went to breakfast at the restaurant. Following breakfast, we had just a few hours to spend at the pool. Check-out was at noon, so we didn’t have too long, but we enjoyed the time we had.

We went back to the room packed what little we had and walked out to our cars together. It felt strange to be wearing clothes again. As we said good-bye, we left the return question open ended. Perhaps we would meet here again next year.

With a playful kiss on my cheek and one more feel of my breast, David turned to his car, promising to keep in touch.

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