The tales of a Teen girl torn between right and wrong


My name is Mandy, I’m 13 years old, 5.2” 26” hips and waist 28AA breasts, yes I’m a tiny teen girl, I live with my mum, dad & 2 older brothers, we have a big 5 bedroom home in its own land not overlooked, our closest neighbour is about 1 mile away, we have open fields around us and a dense wood about 800ft from our house (my dad said it was that far)

In our back garden we have a small pool at the back, a jacuzzi with a bar next to it where the summerhouse is, the BBQ etc, we sun bath on loungers in between the pool and house on a large lawn, the lawn also expands around either side of the house where 1 side is a large garden shed the other side a large green house where my mum and dad grow plant vegetables and fruit so we can be a little self sufficient, the behind the greenhouse is a vegetable patch, the back garden is south facing so is always hot.

My dad had the house renovated some years back, very modern, open planned, the downstairs has a lovely large walk in hallway, to the left is mums study room where she does beauty therapy and massage for her clients, to the right is a large front room with real fire, and the back is a big open kitchen dinner, upstairs 5 bedrooms, mum and dads have a en-suite overlooking the front, my bedroom is at the back, a large family bathroom in the middle, with a large walk-in shower, the bathroom has floor to ceiling glass which the shower is up against (my dad thought no one overlooks us so why not) and the door to enter the bathroom is glass with glass panelling so as you walk past you can see in and also out, the large toilet is next door and the other bedrooms and closets. We are a very religious family as well and go to church every Sunday.

My family have always been naturists, always walked around naked in front of each other which is why the bathroom being totally exposed is not so strange, my mum and dad have always been open with us children about our bodies, sex and exploring our own bodies, it’s been strange growing up looking at my brothers and how their cock have grown longer and thicker, my mum waxes us all so we are all nice and smooth which I also think looks better.

Whilst I sun bath in the garden I often see my brothers in the shower looking at me naked on the loungers, my brothers are older by 6 years and 9 years, as they shower I watch them stroke their cocks, I sometimes open my legs to give them a view, it just feels good, I have my sunglasses on so pretend I can’t see them, I lay there and watch them climax over the glass window then clean it off, by then my pussy is usually soaking wet, once they have finished I usually dip a finger in to my tight wet pussy to make myself cum, my brothers joke at me when they come down and say how sexy I look just laying there but I usually laugh at them and nothing happens, one day I was sunbathing and my dad had finished work early and was taking a shower, then I see my mum walk in with him, she knelt down and took his big cock in her mouth, he gripped her hair and started to fuck her face, balls deep whilst looking at me, he seemed to enjoy it that he thought I was watching, I spread my legs for my daddy and ran my finger up and down my pussy, I was soaked and so nervous at doing this, with that he stood mum up and pushed her back against the glass, lifted 1 leg and slid his cock in her and began to fuck her, I couldn’t help but stare as his big fat cock impaled my mother whilst he was still staring at me, it’s was as though he was pretending to fuck me, I could see his cock fucking in and out of my mums wanten pussy, her hand around his shoulders, his hand holding her leg up, the other on the glass as he continued to fuck her hard, I could hear her moans out side all the while he was staring at my tiny naked tight teen body, my legs open and a finger ducking my tight pussy, after I cum I got up, took off my sunglasses and walked inside, all the while looking at the amazing sight in the bathroom, I went to my bedroom and left my door open and started my homework, all while listening to my dad pound my mum, when I walked past the bathroom I could see he had bent her over by then and was taking her from behind, whilst I sat in my bedroom I could hear the sounds of the wet bodies slapping together as he pounded her hard and fast, her cries of pleasure and begging him to fuck her harder and deeper and how she wanted to feel him explode in her cunt.

I have heard mum and dad fucking all the time, my bedroom backed on to theirs and when they fucked I could hear everything, I knew mum was his slut because he always called her that when he was fucking her, she would always reply with the same thing that she was and always would be his slut, to use however he wanted and that she liked it since they had met.

My dad was 6 years older than my mum and met when she was 12, he had been fucking her since they met, he took her virginity at his parents house whilst they was away for the weekend and he used to take her to woods in his car every weekend, strip her naked and fuck her over the bonnet, in the back of the car or walk her naked deep into the woods, tie her to a tree and spank her hard with his belt and use her, my mum was a whore for him, she worshipped him and would always do whatever he wanted, very soon after they met he always told her not to wear underwear as it was sexy and easier for his hands to roam, this has always carried on and as a family we have hardly any underwear as we are not allowed to wear it, even when we go out shopping or to church.

A few days after the shower incident I was in my bedroom, reason a book listening to some music, my mum was in her room with a client and my brothers were out, my dad walked into my bedroom and told me he wanted to speak to me about wha to saw, I told him I have seen and heard them many times, he asked me if I enjoyed it, I told him I liked to watch and I enjoy watching porn, whilst I was telling g him this his hand was running up and down my bare thigh and brushing the tender soft folds of my pussy, each time his hand brushed my private delicate parts it made me jolt and it felt like electricity was flowing through my pussy and it was getting me wet, I told dad to stop as I wasn’t interested in what he was trying to get me to.

On the Sunday we went to church as normal, I had a dress on that came half way up my thighs, I put on some long white socks and some shoes, I had no knickers or bra on as this was are normal attire, we always sat at the front, this time as we sat down I took off my coat and placed it by the side of me and we had foot stools, as I put my feet onto it and relaxed my knees fell open and I’m guessing the reverend was getting a good look as he kept smiling at me.

After the service I wanted to speak to him about what my dad had tried to do, so I told my mum I was staying behind and would walk home as I wanted to talk and confess my sins, the reverend saw out the congregation and locked the door, he said we wouldn’t get disturbed now and we could talk on confidence, he took me to a room out the back and offered me a glass of squash, I was ver thirsty and nervous, I quickly gulped it down and asked for another, as he handed it to me he sat opposite me and started to ask what was the matter, I told him what I had seen and that it wasn’t the first time and that I could always hear them, I told him that my mum was my dads slut as she kept telling him this every time he was fucking her, I told him it really turned me on watching and the thought of a man doing that to me, then I told him that my dad came into my room and was brushing his hand over my bare pussy and that he wanted to do to me what he does to my mum, I told him no it was wrong but the thought turned me on but I knew it was wrong, so I told him what I was really after was some guidance from the lord above on what’s right and wrong and what I should do.

The reverend came and sat next to, he took my hand in his and told me that all service he had been able to see up my dress and that I wasn’t wearing any knickers and that in church it’s a sin and I need to be punished, he told me that what my dad was proposing was because he loves me and wanted me to feel good and for me to enjoy my first experience of intercourse and that I should encourage it with my dad and 2 brothers, that way I would get to experience 3 different males that would all be gentle with me and teach me what men really like.
He said now for your punishment, he told me to stand and turn my back to him, he unzipped my dress and pulled it over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor, he told me to bend over the table which was in the middle of the room, I looked at him nervously, he said god needed me to punish you for being naughty and this is they way he wanted me to do it, he told me to relax that I would be fine and my sons would be washed from me after, as I lay across the table he put some cuffs on my wrists and then tied them to the table legs opposite, he then cuffed my ankles and put a spreader onto them to force my legs wide apart and then tied my knees to the legs to keep me open, he then put a gag in my mouth to stop me screaming.

He stood behind me and started to feel dizzy, very weird sensation as though I was really spaced out, he said to me, relax my child, the drink should be helping you by now, I’m going to wash the sins from your body inside and out, I just laid on the table all relaxed when I felt a hard whip across my arse cheeks, it stung, a loud muffled cry come from my mouth, then another whip across my cheeks, tears running down my face, he told me I was being a really good girl, then I felt his hands rub my cheeks as if to heal them, then I felt his open hand across one arse cheek and then the other, more muffled cries came from my mouth but I couldn’t scream, I was tied and gagged and useless to resist him, then smack smack across both arse cheeks, it hurts but was also starting to feel good because of the memories of dad doing this to mum, a few more slaps and I was moaning at the same time now, you’re enjoying it now I see, slap slap, more moans of pleasure, the slap, the whip was now hitting my pussy, a few more slaps and I was crying again and trying to squeal, I felt his fingers open my lips and out flowed my juices, I can see how much you’re enjoying, you are a little slut, he held my lips apart, slap slap I felt the whip on my exposed clit, more juices ran from my pussy, he rubbed his finger over my clit which was now soar but felt good at the same time, he rubbed some of my juices of my clit and made it really wet, slap slap, another 2 thrashings, it kept getting harder and harder, my clit and pussy lips red and soar but the juices were flowing, then I felt his hands on may arse again, needing rubbing and spreading my cheeks, what a lovely pink puckered arse you have, he kept me spread and then I felt his breath against my tight pink hole, then I felt his tongue run up it, it made me jump but turned me on so much, you’re enjoying that I see, he said, then licked again, then again, then from my clit up to me arse, mmmmmm you taste so sweet, I really need your virgin arse and pussy you filthy slut, then I felt his finger probing my arse, then it slipped in to his first knuckle then the next, it hurt a little bit felt so good, he could hear me moaning with pleasure as his other hand explored my pussy and clit, he pushed a finger inside and curled it down and found my g-spot, this made me just and cry with pleasure, he started to finger fuck both holes, it felt amazing, much better than I had ever thought.

After a few minutes I could feel the pleasure building up inside me, I knew I was about to cum, a few strokes later and my arse clenched on his finger, my pussy on his other finger then my pussy convulsed and exploded, juices flooding out over the floor but he didn’t stop, he continued to finger fuck both holes, then another orgasm and more juices flowing out, then another and another, I lost count and I must have passed out, a few minutes later I woke to feeling of something g very big and hard piercing my wet cunt, it was hurting like nothing I had felt before, I screamed as much as I could, relax my child, this is the work of god, this is your punishment, this is gods will and you need to learn to take it like a slut, I could feel he very hard throbbing cock inside my tight blood soaked pussy, he was sliding in and out very slowly but with purpose, he was taking it steady, I have to feel every part of your pussy my slut, I have to take it slow so I can feel how good and tight you are, I have to allow you to get over the pain and start to enjoy the pleasure, after what must have been 20 minutes of slow deep penetrating I was starting to enjoy it, my pussy was responding by clenching and dripping juices over his cock down over his balls, my hips bucking with every gentle thrust, he took off my gag and told me to be a good girl, I told him I am his slut to use me and I wanted him to fuck me like a little whore, he started to build up a steady rhythm getting harder and faster, my moans getting louder, my pussy getting wetter and wetter, I could now feel his hairy wet heavy balls slapping again my clit, with every slap it was turning me on more, he was snarling as he was ducking me, he got deeper and deeper until he was balls deep inside me, my tiny tight pussy was filled to the brim with his piece of solid man meat, he now started to pull my hair with one hand whilst his other took turns to spank my arse hard and twist and pull my tiny nipples, this really was starting to turn me on, so much so that I orgasmed again, pussy juice flooding over his his huge thick cock, over his balls and down his legs, you’re making me very wet you slut, he continued to fuck me deep and hard but because of my organs my pussy contracted on his cock, my muscles massaging him inside me, then I felt it swell, cum inside me reverend, fill up your dirty slut, fill me with your hot white seed, then I felt him explode inside me but as soon as I felt him hit the pussy walls inside it started to flow out as I was full up, dripping all over the floor, a few more strokes and he was finished, I must have felt about 7 red hot loads of cum hit the top of my pussy, our bodies covered in sweat, his sweat dripping over my back and down my arse crack, I had never felt so alive than I did whilst he was fucking my soaked cunt.

He untied me and told me that I was a very good girl and that the sins had now been washed from my teen body and I was now a young woman, I fell to my knees in front of him, put my hands together in a prayer style and thanked him for washing the sins from my body, as I looked up at him standing towering over me I noticed his cock getting hard again but still covered in our mixed juices, then by the time I had taken this all on he was rock hard, that’s it, prey my child and open your mouth, you need the seed of god in your belly.

As I opened my mouth and the bulbous purple throbbing head approached, I could see it glistening with our mixed juices, cum still oozing from the cock slit, open wide and taste our juices he commanded, my tongue ran over his slit, I could taste his salty cum, then I licked up and down his hard ripples shaft and could taste our mixed juices, it all tasted amazing, my head was still reeling from the amazing fuck I had just received, the smell of his sweaty musky pubes was flowing up my flared nostrils along with the pungent smell of our mixed juices, this was making me dizzy as the bulbous head was forcing its way into my mouth, my mouth was stretched and my teeth scrapping over the head of his enormous cock, he pulled out, slap, his open hand landed across my face sending me flying across the room, get back here slut and mind your ducking teeth or you’ll get it again across the other side, I told him it was to big for me, he said rubbish now open wide you fucking slut, I could hear the anger in his voice, he wasn’t messing now and was going to use my mouth, I felt the tip on my lips and instinctively open my mouth wider, his head went in then more of his cock, he told me to sit on my hands as he began to push his cock further and further in, it hit the back of my throat and he wasn’t even half way in, that’s it, gag on my cock you fucking whore, this is gods work and how he likes me to take the sluts sins away, he told me to get used to cock on my throat as I’d be getting it a lot more now, he with drew, I gasped for breath then he forced it back in, hitting the back of my throat then I felt him thrusting into me, holding the back of head forcing it down my throat, then he succeeded, he went down my throat, I thought he was going to rip it open he was so big and fat, my muscles contracted on his cock, yes that’s a good girl, just like that keep going slut you’re really working my cock, he pulled back out, breath bitch, then he shoved it back in, pushed it right down, he was balls deep in me now, I could feel him fucking my throat, pulling in and out slowly then faster, a few more strokes and he pulled out, take a deep breath slut, then he was back in fucking my throat, this lasted about 30 minutes then Dudley the last time I felt his cock swell in my throat and then I felt his body shake, then I felt his hot load, rope after rope of hot sticky cum hitting my throat and into my tummy, it was being shot down inside me, I was gagging, running out of breath, but he just kept coming inside my throat into my tummy, then I passed out as I couldn’t breath, the next thing I knew I awoke on the sofa in the room, still completely naked with my legs spread wide open and now my dad on top of me naked and deep inside my pussy with the reverend now rock solid stroking his cock, time for double penetration my slut.
I couldn’t believe what was happening, my dad must have set this up with the reverend, the rest in the next part

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