Tracey’s first job whilst still at school. Pt 1.


Tracey was a good friend of mine when we grew up in the 70’s and into the late 80’s early 90’s, she was a beaut young lady but always told me about some of the things she had gotten up to in her early teens with older guys.

Tracey was 15, a few months before her 16th birthday she was able to start working, she applied for a few weekend jobs at the local shops and supermarkets in the hope they would need someone, if she got a job she’d be able to help her mum a little with some money for the house, they didn’t have a lot, it was just them 2 but they had already had each other, her mum had a few boyfriends that made passes at her, touched and kissed her whilst her mum had gone to the toilet but her mum never knew and she didn’t want to spoil things for her mum.

Tracey was 5.3, 26” waist, 30” hips and 32” but B cup, dark brown hair that fell down her back just above her perky tiny bottom, she had slender firm legs from her gymnastic days, you could see she was in good shape. The top of her thighs where tight together, she was a virgin, never had time for boyfriends due to gymnastics, netball and hockey that she played after school.

Tracey had sent out about 15 applications and only heard back from 1, she was very excited to get an interview, she was thinking of all the help she could give her mum finally and they’d be able to have a nice holiday in the sun.

Her mum took her shopping for a nice dress and shoes for the interview, it was a short yellow dress half way up her thighs, and a pair of flat white shoes, her mum gave her some money to buy a little bit of new underwear, she brought some white g-strings that’s she’s always wanted, not much fabric to them, just about covered her smooth tiny pussy and the string sank into her bum cheeks, she found a couple of white sheer bras, nothing much to them but you could clearly see her small breasts through them, she looked at her self in the mirror, her hands gently gliding over her nipples as they slowly become erect, down her flat stomach to her knickers, her middle finger running up and down the length of her pussy giving her goosebumps, she knew she looked sexy and she wanted this job at any cost, she took them off, put them back in the packets, put her white flowery knickers on, white T-shirt, no bra and tight jeans and trainers, she looked at herself again in the mirror at how her jeans were hugging her arse and pussy as the jeans were a couple of years old now, she thought to herself how hot she looked and her nipples were still poking out, she went to the counter and paid for the underwear and met up with her mum, they went for some food and then home.

Once they got home her mum said to her to go and put on all her new stuff she wanted to see what she looked like, so Tracey went to her room threw off her clothes and got dressed in her new stuff, as she put her bra and knickers on she couldn’t help admire herself again in the mirror, again touching her private parts this time her hand went inside her knickers whilst watching herself on the mirror, she was a little horny at the thought of what may happen to get this job, she put on her dress and brushed her hair all the way down to her bum, put on her new shoes, 1 last look on the mirror and down she went.
Once in the front room her mum see her and said how beautiful she looked and any boy would be proud to have her on his arm, she gave her a hug, her hands rubbing up and down her back as mums do but she accidents caught her bottom, she asked if she was wearing any knickers which Tracey said of course I am mum, so she lifted her dress and spun around to show her, her mums jaw dropped and said there’s not much to them but god you look sexy, she slid off her dress and asked her what she thought of her bra, totally see through her mum said you look amazing darling, growing up fast, but there isn’t much hidden, she told her mum that was the idea, I like people to see me, I want o show my body off, with that her mums boyfriend Richard walked in the front door and coped an eyeful, jeez is that our young Tracey standing there half naked, her mum nodded and said yeah, what do you think, he said I looked amazing and very fuckable, her jaw dropped and her mum slapped his arm, but she just stood there so he could get a good look as she liked the attention.

The following Wednesday and it was interview day, she waxed her pussy and arse, showered then got ready, she got the bus into town with a few guys starring up her dress because she left her legs open on purpose, it was a hot day and she was glad to wearing such a thin dress and underwear, she arrived at the shop, the manager came down and introduced himself, his name was George, they shook hands then he showed her up to the board room, looking out the large windows at the back over a lake with Ducks and swans in, he asked her if she wanted a cool drink, she asked for water, when he returned she gulped it down in a flash as she was so thirsty, some of it spilled down her chest and onto her dress, she didn’t realise it became see through now, he asked if she would like a towel to dry herself, she wiped her chin and her chest and exposed tiny cleavage but left the rest as she thought it was nice and cool on her body, again not realising what her potential new manager was looking at.

Anyway the interview started good, he was ideally looking for a young female to look after the woman’s section of the store, makeup, hair products deodorant perfumes etc.. he had a mock display set up in the board room which was a mess and asked her to arrange it so it was tidy, presentable but inviting for people to come and look at products, Tracey immediately tipped everything onto the floor to start afresh, he was impressed, she lined everything in order, as she was bending over to sort the products and pick them up her dress was rising so he had a real good view of her arse and he was just about making out the lips of her pussy, her knickers looked a little wet, he then felt the movement in his pants, he was starting to awaken at the sight of this beautiful young lady exposing her sweet parts in front of him, he started to fiddle with his cock and accidentally let out a soft moan of enjoyment as she bent again, she looked behind her to see his eye had just closed and his hand was on his cock through his trousers, she could see this huge bulge and realised what she had accidentally been doing, she turned back and carried one, she then heard him get up, he told her to carry on and would be back in a moment, he returned with a box and told her to arrange these on the bottom 2 shelves.

Tracey was now on her hands and knees, her arse and pussy fully exposed, she was doing a great job, he knelt behind her to slightly re arrange the products, as he learned forward over her she could feel his hard manhood pressing against her exposed arse, she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, as he lifted himself from over her he held onto her hips and ground himself into her again but this time with purpose but ever so gentle, she moan again, he told her she was a good girl and doing a really good job, she finished off whilst he was still rubbing his cock, she would look back and smile at him every now and then.

She got up and sat back down on the chair next to him but facing him, he pulled his chair a little closer making her open her legs to miss the chair legs and his feet, now he could see the sheer panties that she had brought, he could see she was wet and they had become see through exposing her plump tight lips, he stared them raised his eyes to meet hers, she knew what he had been looking at, he asked her a few more questions then asked if she would be looking to do overtime, sometimes it maybe just her and him, also if she got on well there was an awards ceremony each year for the highest sales people in Birmingham, they usually stayed in a Holiday Inn close by for the night as there was dinner and drinks which was all paid for by the company, she said she was ok with this as long as he would look after her and keep her safe, he smiled and said of course, he’d make sure he took extra care of her.

The interview ended, they were chatting and he said he’d seen a few girls today and was seeing another later, she looked at him with a sad face and told him she really needed this job as she lived alone with her mum and maybe her mums boyfriend when she had one, she needed it so they could finally have a holiday and buy some nice things, she told him she would be a really good worker and would do anything he asked, she sank to her knees, put her hands together, she begged him to give her the job, she would do anything, he stood up, his crouch was right in her face, his bulge was easy for her to see as it was 2” away from her lips, he looked down and said to her that is she was willing to do anything and everything she asked, without question no matter what it was then he would give her the job, she jumped up and hugged him, she said I will I will I promise, anything you ask, so he said, ok let’s put it to the test, she said ok, so he told her to remove her dress, she looked at him, he said this isn’t uniform, remove your dress, to which she did, he said now I want you to totally rearrange these shelves again but make sure you’re on your knees with them slightly open, he told her he knew she had caught him looking at her and that she was a very sexy girl and he wanted to have her as a staff member as well be her daddy, she look around at him and said she already has a dad, he said no, I want to be your daddy in a sexual naughty way, she looked and smiled and said that some of her mums boyfriends over the past 3/4 years have told her the same and enjoyed time alone with me whilst mum had been in hospital or was shopping or in the bath, he asked what’s sort of things did they do to her, she turned to him, could clearly see his excitement, she crawled over to him which made him hornier, he opened his legs, she knelt before him and said she would show him.

She looked into his eyes as she unbuttoned his trousers, pulled his zipper down, she could see he had no underwear on, she pulled out his huge cock, he slipped his trousers down a little to give her better access, he was about 9” and she could barely get 2 hands around his shaft, she gulped and said she had never seen one so big, he laughed and just told her to show him, she licked and sucked his balls whilst stroking his solid cock, she looked up at him and asked him how old he was, he told her 56 and works out every day, she smiled then licked up the underside of his huge cock whilst at the same time pulled his forskin right back exposing this Monster of a head, it was huge, she put her little tongue on the underside of his big head and started to lick slowly whilst stroking him and needing his balls, he looked down and told her she was a very good girl and had been taught well, after a few minutes his precum started to ooze from his cock, there was now a big blob, she run her tongue over his slit and licked it up, she told him he tasted good, she wanted all of it, she pushed her tongue into the slit of his cock, he was now moaning loud and dripping, Tracey was eagerly licking up every drop, she pulled her tongue away and slid her mouth over his enormous head, she struggled, he held the back of her head and told her she would get used to it and he couldn’t wait to be inside her and stretch her tiny tight pussy, he started to pump into her mouth, forcing his huge cock on now, he was a quarter of the way in and could feel her gag as he was hitting the back of her throat, he again told her she was a real good daddy’s girl and would eventually take it all in all of her tiny holes, he pulled out, looked down at her and asked if she was going to be a good girl for daddy and do everything he wanted, she nodded and said, yes daddy anything you want, anytime and where ever, he pushed his course l back in and told her he was going to cum, he advised her to take her underwear off, she struggled as he face fucked her, she managed to remove her bra and knickers, he pulled her to her knees and continued to fuck her mouth still with just a quarter of his length hitting the back of her mouth, he then moaned and erupted, he told her to drink but she couldn’t drink fast enough, her mouth was small and full of his stool cock, it was flowing from her mouth and over her tits down to her pussy, he pulled out have a few long strokes and shot 5 large ropes of hot thick cum over her face then told her to clean his cock.

He stood back, told her to put her hands under her bum and spread her legs, he buttoned up his trousers sat back down and admired the mess he had made on his obedient young girl, he smiled whilst he watched his cum drop off her face to her small breasts then down to her tummy and then slowly dripping over her small pussy to form a puddle on the floor, he told her to scoop it all up and drink it like a good girl, she looked at him and said ok daddy anything for you, after she had finished he showed her to the toilet which had a shower, she cleaned up and walked out all fresh and naked.

He looked at her and said can you be this good all this time for your daddy no matter where we are, she looked and said of course, I really need this job and I want to please you however I can so I can keep this job, he told her she had the job and to get her dress on and leave the underwear off as he was going to show her around and where she would be working, he took her down to the shop and showed her around her section, she met a couple of guys who worked in other departments and a couple of other young girls and a few older ladies, he introduced her to a lady called Linda, he told Tracey she was the deputy manager and she also had to do what she asked of her, she looked at him, he winked and asked her if she could do that, she replied with a soft and nervous yes, she asked Linda to show her where the staff room was, fire exits and toilets, as they got out of ear shot, Linda asked her if she had the full interview treatment to get the job, she looked and smiled and said yes I think so, I did everything he asked of me, Linda looked at her and smiled and told her she was going to fit in really well.

Linda was 48, married, 3 children all in their 20’s now, her son worked in one of the departments, James his name was, Tracey had met him a few moments ago, Linda was on the plump side, large 38DD breasts, 36” hips and 34” waist, she had short bobbed blond hair and hazel eyes, she had a lovely soft smile with a devil look to her.

As she open the door to the fire exit this then closed behind them as they walked in, Linda showed Tracey outside and where they would meet, they came back in and she closed the door, as Linda turned around she told her to remove her dress, Tracey looked puzzled, Linda told her she was told to do as asked and now you are to remove your dress, she shyly removed it and held it in her hand, Lind told her to turn around and put her hands on the wall step back and spread her legs, Linda walked up behind her, got real close and started to caress her back, her bottom, her breasts, pinching her nipples, Tracey let out a small squeal, her hands then went to her pussy and her finger slipped into her lips, Tracey was very wet, Linda let out a soft moan, I see you have been a good girl in your interview, he has made you nice and wet for me, Linda kissed her way down Tracey’s back, she opened up her arse and her tongue started to devour her tight spinster, easing its way in, she bent her right over giving her access to her tiny pussy, she inserted a finger whilst her tongue was on her arse, she squealed again, Linda pulled out and told her she was very tight then asked if she was a virgin, Tracey said yes she had never been penetrated and that he was going to use her holes and use her like a good little girl, Linda laughed and said yes he will but he’ll struggle with you tiny hole with that huge cock he has, she told Tracey he uses all the ladies and girls here, it’s seems to part of the job but because he is so big all the woman love it and don’t mind. She spun her around, lifted her foot onto her shoulder and told her she was going to give her an orgasm like never before, Linda slowly licked her pussy, inserted 1 finger and slowly started to finger fuck her, then another finger, the momentum got faster, her fingers curled inside Tracey to find her g-spot, she tongue now sucking on her clit, Tracey was moaning loud, her hips were moving back and forth with Linda’s fingers, the juices where flowing and then that was it, that special moment, she exploded like a waterfall, Linda tried to drink up her juices but it was no good, Linda got soaked, she carried on for a few minutes as it was now to late as she was already wet and thought she may as well give Tracey this amazing experience, Linda slowly pulled out and watched the last juices flow from her pussy over the floor, Linda stood up and kissed Tracey on the lips, her tongue darted into her open mouth, Tracey’s mouth and tongue responded, she could taste her sweet pussy juice on Linda’s tongue and lips, after a few minutes of kissing Linda told her to get dressed and walked her back upstairs to the board room where George was waiting, he could see Linda was a little wet, he stood up approached Linda and asked if she was good enough for the job, Linda said most definitely and then George kissed her open mouth tasting Tracey’s pussy on her, he said that was good as he wanted to give her the job.

He brought in a few blouses and a couple of skirts, told her to take off her dress and try them on, he sat down and admired her tiny body, smooth pussy, small breasts and hard nipples, after a few changes she got the right size, he took the others back and brought her out a few items of the same size and told her this would be her inform and no underwear, she would have overtime available and could come in after school if she wanted, overtime would be with just him and Linda, the other boys and girls are not needed, he pushed her against the table, put his hand up her skirt and slid a finger into her pussy, her mouth opens so he took advantage and kissed her full on, as he pulled away he asked if she was going to let him take her virginity, she looked shocked, he told her he had watched what Linda had done and could hear everything, she smiled, sat back on the table and spread her legs, her bottom was on the edge pussy fully exposed for George, she looked at him and told him that she was his when ever he wanted her, he knelt down and slid his tongue into her pussy and have her another good licking until she cum, licking and sucking on her clit whilst his fat fingers fucked her tiny hole whilst he listened to her moans of pleasure.

Once finished he stood up and told her to strip and get dressed properly as they were now finished, again he sat back and admired her body as she stripped and dressed, he walked her down to the shop front doors and told her he would she her bright and early at 7am for her induction and training.

She knew the shop didn’t open until 9am so she could only imagine what sort of training she would be doing, she skipped home to tell her mum the good news

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