The Shortest Skirt in School Part 01


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Puberty hits Simone in an unusual way.

I guess that it started when puberty hit me when I had just turned 14. Yes, puberty hit me much later than all my friends at school and I was so relieved when I woke up one morning and realised that blood was seeping out of my vagina. I had started to believe that my parents or maybe my brother had been sneakily giving me some puberty blockers.

Anyway, I was having my first period and I was happy. I was also in some pain.

I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to where I was expecting my mother to be and told her my good news.

“Oh right, they told you what to expect and what to do about it at school I assume?” My mother asked.

“Yes mum.” I replied.

“Off you go then Simone, you don’t want to miss the school bus do you?”

“No mum.” I replied as I dejectedly turned and walked back upstairs.

You see my mother, and my father didn’t really care for me, I was a girl and I had overheard mum telling Mike, my 16 year old brother, that they had wanted 2 boys, not one of each. That revelation had explained a few things to me, like why they were so distant with me. Things that I had got used to.

Thankfully, Mike is a good brother and he has always shown more interest in me than either of my parents. He spends time with me, helping me with my home work, playing games with me and it was him who taught me to swim in our pool.

Oh, by the way, I’m Simone or Si, dependent on who you are and if you want to annoy me or be friendly towards me. I’m skinny with shoulder length dirty blonde hair that I often wear up in pony tail. At that time my breasts couldn’t really be called breasts as I was only just starting to get little lumps under my nipples.

I guess that I should say that my parents both have good jobs that take them away from home a lot and my monthly allowance has always been quite generous, probably just to keep me off their backs.

In the last year or so, Mike has been particularly attentive to me, especially when Lizzy, my BFF was around for the day or even sleepovers. I didn’t realize it at the time but he got more attentive when Lizzy’s body started developing. He played games in the pool with us, and card or board games on an evening after Lizzy and I had changed into our sleepwear.

Looking back I guess that it was only natural, he was an older teenage boy and Lizzy’s body was developing nicely.

We had a live-in babysitter cum full time housekeeper until a couple of years ago when my mother decided that I was old enough to be left on my own when Mike wasn’t at home. Now, a cleaner comes in twice a week to do the washing and cleaning and an oldish man who comes once a week in the Spring, Summer and Autumn to do the garden and look after the pool.

We live in a nice house in the suburbs of a big city, mum and dad having an en-suite bathroom and Mike and me sharing the other bathroom. We have a small swimming pool that is great for when the weather is warm and I love swimming and sunbathing when I have nothing better to do. The house has neighbours but their houses are about 50 metres away and at the bottom of the garden, at the other side of the pool, is a wooded area that gives the pool man a lot of leaves to take out of the pool.

Anyway, I told my girl friends at school my good news and they were all pleased for me, Lizzy telling me that I should go and see my doctor and get put on the pill. She also tried to take some bets on how big my tits would grow before the next school year started in 4 months time. I’ve never been a fan of big breasts since I saw some older women with huge breasts that looked quite painful to me so I hoped that mine would grow no bigger than my mother’s which are a B cup.

Life went on for a few weeks with me checking my breasts every day to see if they’d got any bigger and me being disappointed that I couldn’t see any change in their size.

I made my own appointment to see my doctor and didn’t even tell my mother that I was going. I just knew that all she would say would be words to the effect of,

“Oh, right, okay.”

The girls as school that were on the pill didn’t tell me that the doctor would want to examine me and I was surprised when he poked and prodded my breasts and my pussy. My eyes opened wide when he was poking my pussy and I got a nice warm feeling as he did so.

As I was walking home I remembered Lizzy and other girls saying that they got all tingly when they touched their pussy and Lizzy said that she’d had what she assumed was an orgasm when she’d played with her little clitoris. Ms Johnson had explained things like that in our sex education classes and I had felt a little backward when I’d told Lizzy that I hadn’t even explored ‘down there’.

The doctor touching me had made me think about such things and that night when I went to bed I took my knickers off and explored myself with my fingers. It felt good.

The next morning I propped up a mirror between my legs and watched myself exploring. That was the first time that I really discovered my clitoris. The lump of skin near the front of my slit was definitely a lot bigger than the last time that I’d looked at myself, and playing with it as I watched felt nice, really nice.

The other things that I noticed was that the flesh at the sides of my pussy and the front of my slit felt a but meatier. I thought that I must be putting on weight and swore that I’d eat less. The other thing was that my slit and pubic bone appeared to me growing forward, getting more pronounced.

I didn’t put my knickers back on under my T-shirt when I went down to get myself some breakfast. I wasn’t exposed or anything because the T-shirt was a long one designed to be a nightdress. It did feel nice being without knickers in parts of the house that I had never been undressed in before.

Over the next few weeks I started to notice changes in me, not only my body which was turning more womanly instead of being straight up and down., but in my mind as well. I started becoming obsessed with my breasts, my pussy and the rest of my body. I had my first proper orgasm as I played with my growing lump of skin at the front of my slit. I discovered that I could pull the hood back to reveal another lump, my clitoris that was even more sensitive than the rest of my pussy.

Once I had that first orgasm I wanted more and started trying for orgasms every opportunity that I could.

I started sleeping without knickers or nightdress and it felt good, only putting a nightdress on to go down for breakfast.

As well as the above, I realised that I liked what was happening to my body. I’d noticed that some of the girls at school had got all shy and tried to hide their bodies as much as they could, even skipping the showers after PE. Me, I was the reverse. Stripping had never been an issue for me and when puberty finally hit me I liked what was happening to my body and I was proud of it. At the end of PE lessons I’d proudly strip naked and walk to the showers.

I’d often got a few nasty comments about my lack of, then the very small tits, from the unpleasant girls but I didn’t care. They’d started growing and I was proud of them.

When I noticed that a few pubic hairs had started growing I had a decision to make. Most of the girls at school removed their pubic hair, some bragging about how they shaved them off or plucked them out. One girl bragging that her parents had bought her a laser hair remover. I looked at the girls who had full bushes and didn’t like what I saw so I decided to get rid of mine.

The next time that daddy was at home for a meal I asked him if I could order something that I wanted from amazon. Without even asking me what I wanted he let me take photographs of his credit card so that I could use it. All he said was,

“Be sensible using it. I’ll get you a card of your own but if you abuse it I’ll cancel it.”

Three days later my very own laser hair remover arrived and was put into use that evening. I’ve been bald ‘down there’ ever since.

The other thing that I noticed around that time was that I became more aware of the clothes that I wore. Until then I’d just worn the clothes that I had, most of them being young girl’s clothes. Our school doesn’t have a uniform policy and I’d never heard of anyone being sent home for what they were wearing. Most of the girls in my class wear clothes designed for older teen girls, most of them wearing jeans.

I had some jeans at home but I have never been a fan of jeans or shorts, much preferring skirts and dresses.

The next time that my mother was at home I asked her if I could have some new clothes, clothes that were more appropriate for a teenage girl. Thankfully she understood where I was coming from and she let me photograph her credit card but gave me a similar warning to what daddy had given me. I went online and started shopping.

I looked at the models wearing teenage girl’s clothes and couldn’t help notice that most of them wore short skirts, their bare legs looking good. I wondered what I would look like in skirts that short. I stood in front of a full length mirror and experimented holding my skirt higher and higher up my thighs.

Giggling a little to myself I held the skirt so that my knicker covered pussy was showing and wondered what people would say if I wore a skirt that short. As I was studying myself I realised that my pussy and nipples were tingling. I started thinking about male teachers and older, cute boys at school seeing me like that. Then my brother, Mike, and even my father seeing me like that. My pussy was feeling good, really good.

Then, without even thinking, I lifted my skirt to my waist and pulled my knickers down and off, then pulled my skirt back up to where it had been, revealing my now bald pussy. I stared at myself for a good minute then fell back onto my bed and started rubbing my clit.

Two minutes later I had what was at that time, the best, most intense orgasm that I had ever had.

Al I lay there, my breathing starting to slow and my brain starting to work again, I realised that the thought of men seeing my bald pussy was a real turn-on for me and I started to imagine me being in school wearing a skirt that short with no knickers. My tingling got stronger and the fingers on my right hand started getting busy again.

After my second orgasm withing 30 minutes, my brain was still thinking about the teachers seeing my bare pussy when I heard a noise in the house. I got up, went and closed the bedroom door then went back to my online shopping. Although I only stopped browsing when I got to pages of models wearing very short skirts.

I ordered half a dozen skirts, the longest could be called a miniskirt, the shortest, a short microskirt. I also ordered some G-strings, all of them see-through to one extent or another. I was sick of the old granny style knickers that my mother had bought me and if anyone was going to see up my skirt and see my knickers I wanted them to see my pussy.

I also ordered some new tops made of thin material and in designs that I thought looked good on the teenage girl models.

Even though my breasts were starting to grow I never even considered buying some bras. I’d only ever worn a bra (of sorts) when mum bought me a little girl’s bikini and I had no intention of starting to wear one unless me breasts got big and unmanageable.

I spent the rest of that day wearing just a T-shirt that was knee length. It felt good being knickerless and I vowed to not wear knickers most days, even when I went to school.

My first knickerless day at school felt good to start off, but I soon forgot about being knickerless and only remembered when I saw boys or teachers staring at my legs, bare below my knees..

It was only when I saw a teacher staring at my bare legs as I sat on the front row in the classroom that I started thinking about the way girls sit. Although my mother had never said anything to me about always crossing my legs when I sat, I’d noticed that some of the girls had started crossing their legs and I’d started doing the same some of the time.

Until I saw that teacher staring at my legs I’d never even considered why girls crossed their legs. As I looked around the classroom I realised that nearly all the girls who were wearing short skirts were crossing their legs. I remembered looking at myself in the mirror when I’d held my skirt above my pussy and I remembered the nice feelings that I’d had.

Even though I was wearing a knee length skirt because my new ones hadn’t arrived, I opened my knees a bit and felt the fresh air on my pussy which started to tingle.

I looked around and saw the few girls that were wearing a skirt as long as mine. All of them were sat with their knees not crossed and slightly apart.

“I bet that they are all wearing knickers.” I thought and smiled to myself.

I saw the teacher look at my legs again and wondered just how far up my legs he could see. As I watched him looking at me I saw that his face looked as if he was concentrating on something. It could have been him just concentrating on the boring history lesson or it could have been because he was straining to see if he could see more of me.

I doubted that he could see my pussy but I decided that when my new skirts came I would be knickerless in his class and that I would sit with my knees apart. I was going to tease him.

A few days later my new clothes arrived and I rushed to my room to try them on. As I tried each one on I bent over in front of the mirror to see if I could see my bare butt and pussy.

I was trying them on in the order longest to shortest and it was only the second skirt that I’d put on when I bent over I could see my bare butt and bald pussy.

“Wow,” I thought, “I’m going to have to be careful when I’m wearing this.”

As I smoothed my hand down the back of the skirt I smiled and added to my thought,

“Maybe I could have some fun teasing the boys.”

I tried on the other skirts and when I put the fifth one on I wasn’t sure that I had the courage to wear it in public, especially without knickers. When I put the last skirt on I questioned my sense in buying a skirt that short. When I was stood up straight my butt and pussy were covered but as soon as I bent even a little bit, without knickers on, anyone who wasn’t close to me would be able to see the bottom of my butt, the front of my slit and probably my clit.

I put that skirt in the back of my wardrobe thinking that I would never wear it.

As I stood there, naked, looking at myself in the mirror, the thoughts of what I could easily show made me so horny that I lay back on my bed and rubbed my pussy to another orgasm.

That evening was typical for those days with Mike and I home alone and I had to get the tea ready so I put on my longest, new skirt and one of the tank tops and looked at myself in the mirror. My legs were bare to above mid thigh and my little breasts and nipples were making tens in the thin material of the top. It was the first time that I’d worn a top so thin and I was pleasantly surprised how big my nipples looked to be. I thought about the other girls that I’d seen after PE lessons and was sure that my nipples were bigger than all the other girl’s. I made a mental note to check again after my next PE lesson.

As I entered the kitchen I saw Mike sat at the table reading a magazine. I watched as he looked up, said hello, looked back at his magazine then looked back to me.

“Wow Sis, you look different.”

“What do you mean Mike?”

“Your clothes, and you’ve got some tits.”

“Only 2 I hope, and I’m a girl, girls grow tits.”

“Yes, I suppose that they do, but from what I can see with that tight top yours are growing nicely.”

“Thanks Mike, I think that they look great as well.”

“So you’ve got some new clothes then Simone?”

“Yep, mum let me photograph her bank card. The only problem is that she threatened to change it if I spent too much on clothes.”

“You can’t blame her for that, it’s only common sense that she keeps an eye on what you’re buying.”

“I suppose. Do you like my outfit then?”

“It’s cute, it suits you.”

“This is one of the longer skirts, I’ve got some that are obscenely short.”

“Going to flash your knickers to all the boys are you?”

“I bought some see-through G-strings but those are for emergencies. Most of the time I’m going to go commando.”

“Well you be careful Simone. Will you take a bit of advice from a caring brother?”

“If you mean you, yes.”

“If you are going to flash your tits or pussy then make it look accidental. That way there’s little chance of you getting arrested.”

“Who says that I’m going to flash my tits and pussy?”

“That top with no bra and a short skirt with no knickers does.”

“I was going to ask you to not tell mum but what’s the point.?”

“You’re probably right Si, but I’m not going to tell mum or dad what you wear or don’t wear anywhere. So are you going to wear those to school?”

“Yes, why not?”

“You do realize that lots of the boys will follow you up the stairs so that they can get a look at your butt and pussy don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I’ve discovered that seeing a boy, or man looking at my pussy makes me feel good.”

“Does it make you cum? You have had an orgasm haven’t you Si?”

”Yes I have, and I’m sure that if more than one boy or man was to stare at my pussy I’d cum without anyone even touching it.”

“That horny eh Sis?”

“Yeah, is that normal Mike?”

“Being horny is normal for teenagers.”

“You as well Mike?”


“So if I were to lift my skirt up and let you see my pussy would you get hard and want to fuck me?”

“I’m hard just looking at you in that outfit Simone. There’s going to be lots of hard cocks at school tomorrow.”

I giggled a bit then said,

“So would you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, but you’re under 16 and you’re my sister so it ain’t going to happen.”

“Spoilsport, I was hoping that you might be my first. Do you want to see me naked?”

“Bloody hell Sis, yes, no, your my sister, of course I do, what teenage boy wouldn’t?”

I put my hand on the hem of my top and pulled it up and off, not feeling at all embarrassed, but feeling quite wet between my legs.

“Cool move Sis, yes, your tits are growing nicely, are they an A cup yet? I like the swell, the mounds that are growing behind your huge nipples. Jeez Si, they are way huge, are they hard, they look hard.”

“Touch them Mike.”

He did and I moaned as he rolled them between his fingers and thumbs and I felt bolts of electricity going from my nipples to my clit.

“Wow Sis, they’re amazing.”

“Yeah, I like them too, I’m sure that they’re bigger than those on all the other girls in my class.”

“I can believe that.”

I decided that it was time for Mike to see my pussy. He hadn’t seen it since we shared a bath when we were little. I unfastened my skirt, let it fall to the ground then jumped up and sat on the kitchen table.

“Wow Sis, no pubic hair, hasn’t it started growing yet?”

“I had a few but I used dad’s credit card to buy a laser hair remover.”

“Does he know?”

“That I used his card yes, he let me photograph it, but no, he doesn’t know what I bought.”

“Naughty girl.”

“So do like my bald pussy?” I asked as I spread my legs wide.

“How could I not like it. Actually, it looks very much like the last time I saw it all those years ago except that now it’s oozing your juices and you now have a clit. And what a clit, is that the hood sticking out or is that your actual clitoris?”

“It’s my actual clit, it’s too big for the hood to cover it.”

“Is it that big all the time or does it shrink when you’re not horny?”

“It does get a bit smaller and softer when I’m not horny.”

“So it’s like that all of the time?”

“Very much.”

“It’s like the end of a finger without the nail.”

“So is it bigger than most girls, it’s bigger than Lizzy’s., but it’s difficult to see the other girls in the showers.”

“I’d like to see Lizzy’s clit, but yours bigger than any that I’ve seen.”

“You’ve seen a lot of girl’s pussies have you Mike?”

“On the internet. Can I touch it?”

“Sure, but don’t be surprised if I cum.”

He did and I did, me shaking and jerking as I lay flat on my back on the kitchen table with my spread legs hanging off the side.

“Told you.” I said when I was able.

“Fuck Simone, that was awesome.”

“So will you measure my tits please Mike? I want to know how big they are and it’s pointless asking mum.”

“I don’t know how?”

“Neither do I but I’m sure that google will.”

We both had a little laugh then Mike said,

“Shall we get tea ready then? And maybe you’d like to put your clothes on.”

“Do you want me to.” I replied, “I’m not cold and mum and dad won’t be back tonight, or does me being like this bother you?”

“Hell no Simone, I just thought that you might want to get dressed. You could stay like that 24×7 for me.”

“I might just do that, you looking at me makes me horny.”

After a while Mike asked me why I was suddenly happy to, and wanting to be naked in front of him.

“I don’t know, it’s since I had my first period. Foe some inexplicable reason I just want to let people see my naked body.”

“Well don’t worry about it Simone, I’m sure that you’ll grow out of it but in the meantime I can’t think of one normal boy who wouldn’t want to see you naked.”

I did stay naked and after we’d cleaned-up after tea we went to the computer in my room and googled how to measure breasts. I was just shy of an AA cup.

“So do you want to show me your other new clothes Simone?”

“I can do that for you Mike. Sit on my bed at watch.”

I went through the skirts the same way as I had earlier, but putting on a new top that I thought went with that skirt. With each outfit on I bent at the waist in front of Mike and each time he told me that I was going to have to check who was around before I bent over.

Each time that I put a different skirt on, as well as bending over, I squat down with my knees wide apart and each time Mike made some comment about my clit being visible.

When I put on my shortest skirt Mike said,

“Fucking hell Si, if you go to school wearing that you’ll have to stand perfectly still all the time.. Walk to the door and back.”

I did and Mike repeated his comment about me standing perfectly still.

By that time I was feeling so horny that after I’s taken the skirt and top off I went and knelt in between Mikes knees and said,

“Mike, if you’re half as horny as I am right now you’ll let me give you a blowjob. I’ve never given one before but I’m sure that you can teach me.”

“Bloody hell Sis, I so want to but it wouldn’t be right, you’re my sister.”

“It’s not like you’d be fucking me so I don’t see a problem.”

Mike thought for a couple of seconds then he lay back and pulled his jeans zip down. I put my hand into his jeans and pulled his hard cock out. It was the first real, hard cock that I had ever seen and my first reactions and thought was,

“That will never fit in my hole.”

But that wasn’t the main thing on my mind. Instinct told me that I should put my hand round it and move my hand up and down. As I did that I was staring at Mike’s cock from close up. Some clear fluid was coming out of the end and I said,

“Is that your cum?”

“No, the clear liquid is pre-cum, when I cum it’s white and shoots out. Lick it Simone.”

I gingerly did and was surprised that it didn’t taste bad.

“Put it in your mouth and lick all round it Simone.”

I did.

Mike then taught me how to suck a cock properly and even how to take it into my throat. I didn’t have much time to develop my new skill because all of a sudden Mike said that he was cumming and my mouth filled with his cum. I tried to keep as much of it as I could in my mouth and let me properly taste it. I was about to spit it out when Mike told me to swallow it.

“That tasted okay actually.” I said, “Some of the girls at school said that boys cum tasted horrible and some said that it was nice. I think that I’ll join the nice side.”

“Would you like me to do the same to you Simone?”

“You can’t, I haven’t got a cock. Oh, ooooooooh, I see. Err yes please.

After Mike had sucked and tongued my pussy for a minute or so he said,

“Can we try something please Simone?”

“Is this going to be another first for me?”

“Probably.” Mike replied as he got to his feet and got properly undressed.

Then he surprised me as he climbed on top of me but with feet at my head.

“What are you doing Mike?” I asked.

“A 69.” Mike replied as his soft cock and balls hung over my face. “You’ll like this.”

I then felt his tongue run along my very wet slit.

“Oh my gawd.” I said just before the tip of his tongue found my face lips.

Instinctively my mouth opened and I took his soft cock inside. At first I found it difficult to suck his cock whilst his tongue was starting to drive me crazy, but wow, it was awesome what Mike’s mouth was doing to me. I soon found it difficult to concentrate on Mike’s cock because I had another orgasm rapidly approaching.

Somehow I managed to avoid biting Mike’s cock as the waves of my orgasm rolled over me but as they started to subside I really started to suck as he gently thrust down with his cock. Only once did he leave his cock in my throat for a long enough for me to think about breathing and that was when I felt his warm cum going down my throat.

Finally spent, Mike rolled off me and we lay there in post 69 bliss.

That was the first of our almost daily 69s. Sometime Mike would be on top and sometimes me. We never stopped until I’d cum twice and Mike at least once. We talked about us being siblings but we both agreed that as Mike never actually put his cock in my pussy it wasn’t incest. Neither of us wanted to go online to verify that.

Neither of us put any clothes on for the rest of the evening and I enjoyed watching Mike’s cock and balls swing around as he walked.

The next morning I was still naked when we were getting breakfast ready.

“I know that it’s Spring,” Mike said when I told him what I intended to wear, “and getting warm out there once the sun has had a chance to warm things up, but you’re not planning on going to school in just that new outfit are you Simone? Not that I’d mind seeing you in it that is.”

“Yes I was, do you think that anyone will say anything? I mean some of the girls will be wearing shorts that are just as short or even shorter than my new skirts.”

“Good point, Are you still planning on going commando?”


“Well remember what I said about ‘accidents’ and I suggest that you wear a jacket to keep warm, at least for the bus ride there.”

“Thanks bro, I was planning on doing that.”

As we walked to where the school bus stops I could definitely feel the difference in the length of the skirts. The was a chilly breeze going straight up my skirt and tickling my pussy. I wondered if it was shrinking my clit.

There was another couple of kids waiting where the bus stops, one boy and one girl. After saying hello the girl asked if I was cold.

“Nice legs.” The boy said.

Mike got on the bus first, then me and I was followed by the boy.

“Fucking hell Simone.” I heard the boy say.

“What?” I asked as we walked down the aisle.

“Nothing.” The boy answered.

Mike and I usually sit next to each other and when I sat down I felt the cold plastic seat on my pussy.

“The seat’s cold.” I said to Mike.

“What did you expect Sis?”

“I didn’t think about the seats.”

“You’re going to find that problem every time that you sit down. If your pussy is leaking as much as it was last night you’re going to leave a little puddle on all the seats as well. Have you got any tissues in that bag?”

“Yes, oh well, I’ll just have to get used to that problem won’t I?”

“Yes, and maybe you shouldn’t have opened your jacket until you got into school, you’ve got your headlights on full beam.”


“You’re nipples are trying to poke holes in that top.”

“Oh, oh well, I guess that people will have to get used to seeing them.”

“Simone, is all this, this exhibitionism caused by you changing because of puberty or is there something else going on?”

“It’s like I said, I’m not sure Mike, I’ve been wondering myself. I haven’t been able to think of anything else so I guess that it must be the puberty, they say that it affects different girls in different ways.”

“Well I wish that more nice girls would get affected like you, it would be great to see tons of naked girls walking about school.”

“I’m not naked Mike.”

“Not quite but you’re certainly going to attract lots of attention, especially when you wear your other new skirts. You could wear some knickers to at least cover your pussy”

“I don’t want to, I like having my pussy uncovered.”

“Shh, I think the boys in the seat in front are listening.”

I looked at the boys and they were both silent with their heads turned like they were trying to hear what we were saying. We stayed silent until we got to school but when I stood up and looked at the seat there was a little wet patch. I smiled and shuffled out to the aisle and followed Mike off the bus.

Lizzy’s bus had arrived in front of us and I walked over to her.

“Hey there Si, looking good girl.” Lizzy said.

I returned the compliment and Lizzy continued.

“Cute skirt but isn’t it a bit short for school? You’ll get all the pervy boys and teachers trying to look up it. You are wearing knickers aren’t you?”

“I know and no. I don’t know what’s got into me Lizzy, I’m horny all the time and I want people to see my goodies.”

“Well I’m horny all the time these days as well but I don’t want boys to see my pussy.”

“I think that there must be something wrong with me, maybe I should go and see my doctor.”

“And tell him that you want to flash your pussy all the time? Good luck with that girl, he’ll probably want to bone you right there and then.”

“He’s already seen me naked and poked his fingers inside me.”

“Oh yes, mine did that as well. Are all doctors paedophile perverts?”

“I actually enjoyed it.”

“So did I.”

By that time we were walking into the building and heading towards our home room. As we walked I looked at what other girls were wearing and I saw one girl whose skirt was about the same length as mine, and 2 girls wearing shorts, one of them being shorter than my skirt.

A couple of girls told me that they liked my outfit and I saw a couple of boys looking at me. As I sat down I looked down at my chest and saw that the bulges made by my nipples weren’t as prominent as they had been when I’d been out in the cold with my jacket open.

During the lunch break Lizzy and I went for a walk outside. It was warm but a little breezy and as soon as I got outside I said,

“That breeze feels good Lizzy.”

“On your pussy?”

“Yes, you should try it Lizzy.”

“I’m not taking my knickers off at school. Besides, my skirt’s a lot longer than yours Simone, and I’m wearing a bra. Everyone can tell that you aren’t.”

I looked down at my chest and saw that my nipples had gone all hard and were making 2 nice little wigwam tents.

“Maybe I should wear a see-through top to school.” I said.

“A bit obvious Si, that would definitely get you in trouble.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I’ll have to get some baggy tops and lean forwards a lot. Hey, that’s not a bad idea, Mr. Harvey wanders around the classroom and looks down at what you are writing all the time, a baggy top would give him a great view of my tits.”

“Jeez Si, you need to go and see a shrink.”

“Maybe, but it’s nice thinking of these things and actually doing them, it makes me soo horny.”

“I think that we should go and sit on the steps to trap your skirt Si, it’s blowing all over the place.”

We did, sitting on a concrete step near the top. As I sat down I said,

“The sun may be shining but that concrete was cold on my butt.”

“You should have worn knickers and a longer skirt.”

“No, this is the new me and I like it.”

We sat there until the bell went. We’d both sat with our feet on the step below our butts, Lizzy wrapping her skirt round her legs like I used to do, but my short skirt wouldn’t allow me to do that. I could feel the breeze tickling my pussy and it felt nice.

After about 10 minutes I noticed a couple of boys stood at the bottom of the steps looking up towards me. It took a few seconds for me to register that they would, and probably were, looking at my bare pussy. I didn’t say anything, or move, but I did feel my pussy getting wet.

As I talked to Lizzy I thought,

“Maybe I should steer Lizzy to these steps every lunchtime and put on a show for the boys. Maybe I could ask Mike to stand at the bottom and charge the boys, I wonder how much I could make?”

All too soon that damned bell rang and we got up and walked back into the building.

My day went well, I saw 2 teachers looking up my legs and skirt. They probably saw my bald pubes but I was sat up straight so they probably couldn’t see my slit or clit. I was going to save that pleasure for when I was wearing a shorter skirt and I’d got used to wearing short skirts.

Mike was right about going up the stairs to the science classroom. I saw a small group of boys lingering at the bottom of the stairs and they followed me up. I could hear a couple of them sniggering behind me.

By the end of the day I was getting more comfortable with what I was wearing at school, and also more confident. I even slid down my chair in my last lesson and sat with my knees well apart but the teacher never even looked at me. The rest of the time I tried my best to forget that I was wearing a skirt that was around half the length of the one I wore the previous day at school.

On the bus home Mike asked me if I’d left any puddles anywhere and I confessed that I never even looked. He also asked me if we could have some oral before dad got home.

“I thought that you’d never ask.” I replied.

I then went on to tell him about Lizzy and I sitting on the steps. He smiled and told me that he’d hang around there each lunchtime just to make sure that I was safe. When he told me that his friends Luke and Duncan would probably hang with him, I asked if they knew about my recent desires to expose myself.

Mike laughed and told me that the did, and that they’d be coming to visit him on the Saturday. He also added that mum and dad were going away for the weekend so we’d have the house to ourselves.

“They’re not expecting to fuck me are they?” I asked.

“Hell no, they know how old you are and besides, they are both good guys, they would never hurt you.”

“Yes, they’ve always been nice to me.”

After a VERY nice 30 minutes on my bed and 2 orgasms from Mike’s mouth and tongue we heard the back door open. Mike jumped up and went to his room and I put my skirt and top back on and went down to see daddy and help getting the tea ready.

Daddy didn’t comment on my short skirt or my pokey nipples.

After clearing up after tea I went and did my homework then got ready for bed. But instead of putting on my long nightdress T-shirt I put on just a much shorter one that only just covered my butt. I didn’t have any real interest in flashing my father but I liked the risk of an accident happening.

Back downstairs I watched the TV for a while. Both daddy and Mike kept coming and going, neither saying anything about how much leg I was showing.

Then I went to bed, discarding the T-shirt and bringing myself to another orgasm before finally going to sleep.

The next morning I got dressed in a slightly shorter skirt and a top and went down for breakfast. Both daddy and Mike were eating their breakfast and neither of them said anything about my outfit.

As soon as daddy was out of the door Mike said,

“Have we got time for a quick 69 Sis?”

I didn’t answer him, instead I took his hand and led him into the lounge, unfastening my skirt as we went. As soon as we got to the sofa I let go of his hand and pulled my top up and over my head. His jeans and pants were round his ankles within seconds and he was on his back within another second.

I jumped on Mike putting my knees either side of his chest and lowered my pussy onto his waiting mouth as my mouth engulfed his waiting, hard cock.

Five minutes, and one orgasm each, later, I was pulling my top back on and walking to my skirt. We both quickly finished getting ready and almost ran to the bus stop.

It was another chilly morning but I just held the sides of my jacket together but I had to let go of the sides when we go on the bus. I could feel my hard nipples trying to drill their way through my top and I noticed a few eyes looking at me as we made our way to the back of the bus. I again commented on how cold the seat was when I sat down.

“Is that skirt shorter than the one you had on yesterday?” Lizzy asked when I walked up to her after I got off the bus?”

“Yep, and I’ll be wearing an even shorter one tomorrow.” I replied.

“And I see you top isn’t any thicker.”

“Nope, I like looking down and seeing my nipple bulges.”

“I’m sure that the boys will notice as well. Have you remembered your PE kit Si?”

“Yes, but I’ve decided that I need a new PE skirt, a shorter one.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the one that you’ve got, it’s as short as mine.”

“True, but it’s longer than the skirt that I’m wearing right now.”

“Jeez Si, you really are turning into an exhibitionist. I’m assuming that you won’t be wearing any knickers for PE?”


“And what if we do gymnastics? Now that the school has to do mixed sports you could be flashing your pussy to lots of boys.”

“That’s what I’m hoping, I’m just hoping that the teacher will tell us what to do and then leave us to it again.”

“Probably, all the PE teachers are quite lazy like that, more interested in coaching just the football teams than the rest of us normal people.”

I got a few boys looking at my pokeys as we walked from lesson to lesson but no one really took any notice of my short skirt. Again I saw some of the other girls wearing short shorts which showed just as much of their bare legs as my skirt did.

My English teacher took an interest in my legs as I sat on the front row in his lesson. I was sat with my knees about shoulder width apart and laying back on my chair. Mr. Wilson has a reputation for perving at the girls and that day was my lucky day. It was his lucky day as well as I opened my knees wider when I saw him looking at me.

He must have been able to see my slit and clit because I watched a bulge start to appear in the front of his trousers. At the end of the lesson I had a little panic when he asked me to stay back when the bell rang.

I was a little nervous as I walked to his desk but I needn’t have been, all he said was,

“Simone, it’s nice to ‘see’ you taking more of an interest in English, I hope that I’m going to ‘see’ a continued improvement.”

The way that he emphasized the word ‘see’ twice told me that he had seen my pussy and that he wanted to see it every lesson. I replied,

“Yes sir, I’m sure that you will ‘see’ more of an improvement, I’ve decided that I like people ‘seeing’ me take certain subjects more seriously. Is that all sir?”

I too emphasized the words ‘see’ and ‘seeing’. We both knew what we were talking about and we were both smiling as he told me that I could leave. I felt his eyes staring at me as I walked out smiling.

As I walked out of his classroom I realized that my nipples and pussy were tingling a bit and that my pussy felt wet.

Lunchtime arrived and we again went outside. Spring had definitely arrived and after a little walk I steered Lizzy to the same steps. As we approached them I saw Mike with his friends Duncan and Luke. Mike smiled at me as we passed them and climbed the steps.

Lizzy and I sat in about the same place, and in about the same way. I looked down to Mike and he was still smiling. So were Luke and Duncan. I guessed that I’d got the revealing position right.

As on the previous day just about everyone ignored us, the only exception being the few older boys that had discovered that they liked pussies and were out looking for a glimpse up a girl’s skirt hoping that they would have forgotten to put any knickers on.

And some of those boys had realised that a girl sitting on some steps sometimes got a little careless how she sat. It was their lucky day when they walked passed where Mike and his mates were stood and looked up my way.

I don’t know how many other boys saw my pussy but Mike and his mates were looking at it for going on for 20 minutes before the bell rang. I wasn’t paying that much attention to what was going on below me because I was in a conversation with Lizzy.

Knowing that Mikes mates would be visiting on the Saturday, and that mum and dad would be away all weekend I asked Lizzy if she wanted to come for a sleepover. Before she answered I told her that Mike’s mates, those who he was stood with, could be there.

“So you will be in the house with 3 older boys, flashing your tits and pussy to them and you want me to come and do the same?”

“Why not, it will make you horny and I’m sure that they’ll eat you out. They might even let you give them a blowjob. Hey, and if the weather is like this we can go skinny dipping in the pool.”

“I don’t know Si, I don’t think that I’m ready to do those things yet, I’m not like you.”

“No, you’ve got bigger tits and I’m sure that they’ll like them. Mike has already said that you have nice tits.”

“How would he know, he hasn’t seen them, or did you been take some sneaky photos of me on our last sleepover?”

“No, no, I would never do that, but if you want to pose for them, or just me, I’m sure that I can take some great photos.”

“Maybe just you and me if you promise not to share them.”

“I won’t, until you ask me to.”

“Si, as much as it sounds tons of fun I’m going to have to say no.”

“Okay, I’ll ask you again the next time that mum and dad will be away.”

“Thanks Simone, you’re the best.”

Our conversation changed to more mundane things and before long the bell was ringing. We went and got our PE kit and went to the gym.

As usual, I stripped naked before putting my PE stuff on and one of the less pleasant girls said,

“Hey girls, we’ve all seen that Simone has some big nipples but now but has some tiny tits behind them. But she hasn’t got a bush yet.”

I turned and let anyone who wanted to see my naked front then started putting my PE kit on.

“No knickers Simone?” the same girl said, “did you forget to bring any or do you just want to flash your little girl pussy to the boys?”

“Actually, I’ve decided never to wear knickers again.”

“In the skirt that you were wearing earlier you’ll be flashing your goodies all day long.”

I just smiled and walked passed the girl into the gym with Lizzy right behind me. As we waited for everyone Lizzy said,

“You’ve shaved your pussy.”

“No, I’ve used a laser to get rid of the hairs.”

“You do know that you’ll have new ones growing for a few years yet Simone?” Lizzy asked.

“Yes, but I’ll laser them as soon as I spot them, I want to be bald down there for the rest of my life.”

“Hmm, I’ll have to think about getting one of those.”

The lesson started and yes, we were having gymnastics. I felt my pussy tingle and get wet when I thought about what would be showing. It was quite common for a girl to be showing her knicker if she was wearing a skirt but those knickers were usually proper, thick, granny style PE knickers that covered more than if she were wearing shorts and not worth the boys even looking, but I wasn’t even wearing a G-string.

As usual, the PE teacher told us what we had to do then told us to get on with it and that they’d look in on us every couple of minutes to make sure that we were doing what we had been told.

It was a sort of circuit that we had to do, going round the gym doing different exercises. When we first started doing that months ago, I thought that people would start messing about and someone would have an accident, but that had never happened and no one had ever got hurt, maybe because a lot of the kids never put much effort into it.

Me, I was different, I understand how important exercise is and I wanted / want to keep my body nice and slim, so I always threw my all into it, and I wasn’t going to change just because I had no knickers on.

Off I set, doing cartwheels, squats, leg stretches, splits, and many more things. I was about half way round when I noticed that about half of the kids had gone quiet, stopped and were looking at me. I stopped and turned to face them then said,


By then my skirt had fallen back to its proper position so nothing was on display, I looked just like the other girls in there that were wearing skirts.

“Nothing Simone,” one of the boys said, “we were just admiring your, err, enthusiasm.”

A couple of the boys sniggered and I wanted to invite them all to look at my pussy but I didn’t have the courage. Just then the PE teacher came back in and said,

“Come on, what are you all standing around for? Get on with it.”

My next exercise was what the teacher called ‘the hollow body hold’ We had to to it 10 times, each for a count of 20. I was till doing those, and not showing anything, when the teacher turned and left the gym.

With my stomach muscles hurting I went to the last exercise which was the walking handstand.

“Here goes,” I thought, knowing that my skirt would be inverted and that everyone who looked would see my butt and pussy.

My pussy was tingle like hell as I launched myself over and onto my hands. I heard a couple of gasps and when I looked around most of the class, girls included, were looking at me.

It was only 5 metres that I had to walk on my hands but it felt like 5 kilometres. The whole gym was silent and staring at me. I was loving it and actually a little embarrassed.

When I got to the line my legs dropped leaving me in the crab position before I collapsed down onto the floor, right in front of a boy that I thought was cute. I turned and looked at the still and silent gym and again said,


No one said a word until the gym door opened again, the teacher saying,

“It’s too quiet in here, what’s going on?”

All of a sudden everyone was moving and the teacher gave up waiting for someone to speak.

I had to wait to start the circuit again, and as I stood inline I got a mixed reaction from the others waiting. A couple of the girls called me a slut, two more said that I was really brave. One boy asked me if I fucked as well and another asked me for a date.

My second and third circuit were both less eventful although I did see kids watching me when my skirt wasn’t covering my pussy.

I got similar comments from some of the girls in the changing room, especially when I stripped naked and walked to the showers, but I didn’t care. Lizzy told me to ignore them, that they were only jealous, although all the girls who called me a slut have bigger tits than me, hell, all the girls in my class have bigger tits than me but I no longer cared. I’d come to terms with my body and I was proud of the way it was developing.

I got called a slut again when one girl who was watching me get dressed saw that I didn’t put any knickers on. Again I just ignored her.

The last lesson of the day was uneventful as I was one of the last getting there and I had to sit near the back.

On the bus home Mike was amused when I told him about my PE lesson. Then I asked him about lunchtime and if there had been any problems.

“No, but a couple of boys said that they’d pay me if I could get you to let them have a close look or even a blowjob. They all liked your big clit.”

“Not going to happen.” I replied.

“But you’re going to let Duncan and Luke have a good look on Saturday, and give them a blowjob?”

“I didn’t say that I would do that.”

“And you didn’t say that you won’t Simone. Okay, we’ll see on Saturday, now tell me about your PE lesson.”

I laughed then said just one word.”


After a pause I continued and told him all the details.

“Good for you Simone. I bet that that shocked a few of them. Hmm, I wonder if you will have put the same idea in some of the other girl’s heads, it would be nice for there to be lots of knickerless girls in school.”

Mum was home when we got there and she didn’t say anything about my short skirt or my pokeys, in fact I don’t think that she even looked at me.

When we’d walked down the drive I saw that the front lawn had been cut and I guessed that it was the time of the year when Dave, the elderly gardener cum pool man was going to start his weekly visits. When I got up to my room I looked out and saw that the pool was uncovered as well and I wondered if the pool heating had been switched on.

I didn’t really know why we had a pool, never mind heated it, because mum and dad rarely used it. It was Mike and me, and sometimes his or my friends that used it in the summer months. As I looked at the blue water gently shimmering in the slight breeze I wondered what it would be like swimming naked.

I thought about the little girl’s one-piece swimsuit that I had and decided that I would never wear it again. Then I realised that I’d need a new swimsuit for school swimming lessons and for when I go on sleepovers to friends that have a pool. Then I thought about the once per year time when mum and dad had a barbecue with their friends and Mike and I were obliged to attend. I smiled to myself as I thought of me skinny dipping with all my parents friends there. I doubted that I’d get away with that so I needed to go online and buy a couple of bikinis.

Then I wondered what mum or dad would do to me if I walked out of the house totally naked and dove into the pool when all their friends were there. I imagined dad pulling me over his knee and giving me a good spanking.

My pussy got all tingly and wet when I thought about that last bit.

Back in the land of the living I got on with my homework then went down for tea. Dad had arrived home and we had a quiet family meal, no one commenting on my short skirt and top with 2 pokeys at the front.

Just as we were finishing mum reminded Mike and me that our parents were going away for the weekend the following day (Friday) and that they wouldn’t be back until the Monday evening. Mum told us that we could order food to be delivered if we wanted and she gave Mike her credit card details.

After Mike and I had cleared away I went to my room and stayed there for the rest of the evening. I stripped off and went on the internet looking for bikinis and found some designed by an Australian company that were very small and slightly see-through, and imagined me wearing them at school swimming lessons and at my parents barbecues.

After I’d ordered 3 of them I started browsing for dresses and skirts and tops. I ended up ordering more clothes, all the skirts and dresses being very short.

I’d just finished when Mike came in to my room..

“Oh good,” I said, “I was just thinking about coming to see you, my pussy is aching for attention.”

It was a good job that Mike’s cock was in my mouth when his tongue made me cum otherwise I might have had mum or dad running to my room to see who was murdering me.

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