Is There Life After Seventy, I’ll Never Tell


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I take care of myself and stay in shape. Now I’m finding out that someone else is noticing me.

Until recently, I really never considered that I was getting older. It was something that I just never noticed. I’m Kenneth Jamison, I’m 70 years old. I’m 6 ft. 2 in. tall, I weigh 176 pounds, I have 6 pack abs and the rest of my muscles are all toned and look good. I run an average of 2 miles a day and lift weights for almost an hour a day….. I have always tried to take care of myself.

My wife passed away a few years ago, and for a time, I let myself go. I ate too much, drank too much and all the while, falling deeper into depression. We had been married for 40 years and our worlds both revolved around each other. My family had all became quite worried about me.

One morning, after I got out of bed, I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t recognize the man that stood there. I knew, right then, that I had to get my head out of my ass. I had to begin my life again and stop feeling sorry for myself. That was the first day of the rest of my life.

I got back into my training routine, I started eating right and taking care of myself. I began to spend a lot of time with my grandchildren…..and they, in turn, began spending a lot of time around me. After a year or so, I was back. I was in shape. I was happy, having put the past behind me, but not forgetting it.

My home is rather large, having about 6500 square feet and is located on 20 acres of land. I have a huge playroom, complete with pinball machines, a ping pong table, pool table, a fantastic sound system, 3 tv’s for sports and a full blown, professional, karaoke system. Outside, I have a custom swimming pool with a waterfall and an adjoining hot tub. The whole place is surrounded with large trees, over three acres of lawn and numerous flower beds. It took my wife and I many years to create this retreat.

As I walk around the property, I see different places where my wife and I had made love…. many times just a spur of the moment thing. We were very happy here. My kids keep telling me that this place is just too big for me alone and that I should sell it and find something smaller. I am happy here and have no intention of selling.

My grand kids and their friends all enjoy coming out here and entertaining themselves. I like them coming here instead of going to keggers and other clandestine parties and get-togethers that young people do. All of these young people have become my friends and know that they are all welcome here.

My favorite granddaughter, Aubrey, spends more time here than anyone. She is a freshman in a nearby university. Many times she stays here for several days at a time, commuting to school then coming back here. I don’t mind, I have 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms…..plenty of room.

I guess this is where this story actually begins. One thing I do every day, is swim laps in my pool. I like to go out early in the morning when the day is new and the air is fresh. I had just finished doing my 50 laps and was sitting on one of the lounge chairs, drinking a large cup of coffee. The sun had been up for an hour or so and a very thin fog was about to melt away.

I saw Aubrey coming out of the house, headed for the pool. With her was a very attractive young lady. One thing I have always appreciated is a woman’s body. No matter what age she is, if she has taken care of herself, I love to enjoy the vision of a beautiful woman.

“Good morning Grandpa, you’re sure up early this morning…..finished your laps already?”

“Yes, my dear, I have,” I said as I got up off of the lounge.

“Grandpa, I want you to meet my best friend, Jamie……Jamie this is my grandpa, Ken,” she said as Jamie extended her hand to me.

“I am so pleased to meet you Jamie,” I said as I took her hand and lightly shook hands with her.

“You certainly have a beautiful home Ken…….Aubrey has told me so much about you and this place. I was really happy when she invited me to come out here for the weekend…I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all Jamie, I’m always glad to have Aubrey’s friends come out here.”

The girls took off their robes and headed for the pool. I couldn’t help but notice Jamie’s body. It was immaculate….perfect in every aspect. She was about 5 ft. 8 in. tall, measurements about 36-26-36, long dark brown hair and not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. Just looking, I would say she works out. I can see her muscles are all toned. She is one beautiful woman. Her bikini accentuates her body. I can feel my cock begin to stir watching this vision of beauty.

Alongside of the pool, I have an outdoor kitchen. I love to cook and cooking out here just makes everything taste better. The girls were still swimming, so I walked over to the edge of the pool. “Would you gals like some breakfast? I can make anything you might want,” I told them.

They swam up to the edge of the pool and rested on their elbows. “That would be nice,” Aubrey said, “what are you having?”

“I think maybe eggs, some bacon…I have some fresh pineapple and orange juice.”

They both said, “That sounds great, we’ll have the same.”

While they continued to swim, I made breakfast. When it was ready, I called to them to let them know.

While we ate breakfast, I continued to enjoy looking at Jamie. Every time I would look over at her, I could catch her checking me out. I thought to myself, ‘it’s all my imagination’. After the breakfast dishes were done, I took another cup of coffee and went back out to the lounge to catch a little sun. It was Saturday and I had no plans for the day.

Aubrey said to me, “Grandpa, I need to run to town and make a deposit, do you need anything while I’m there?”

“Yes I do, matter of fact. I need several items from the grocery store and I need my cleaning picked up from the cleaners. I was going in later, but if you want to do it for me, I’d be happy to let you do it. My credit card is on the kitchen counter in my money clip.”

Aubrey replied, “I think I’m going to go ahead and go so I can get back by 1 or 2…….do you want to go with me Jamie?”

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d like to stay here and just hang out… you mind?”

“It’s no problem with me, you can keep Grandpa company.”

Aubrey went inside the house and Jamie and I continued to sit out in the sun and enjoy the morning. “You sure have a nice place here, Ken….I think I could just stay here forever….it is so relaxing.”

“Yes it is, I enjoy this place so much.”

Jamie sat up and stared at me. “You know, Ken, Aubrey has told me so much about you. What she didn’t tell me was how attractive you are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an older man that is built as well as you…I mean, you look like you work out a lot….I find that really attractive, a man that takes such good care of himself.”

“Well, thank you Jamie. You know, you’re not any slouch yourself…if I were 30 years younger, I’d make some moves on you…….but, hell, I’m 70 years old…..a lot older than you.”

“Ken, I’m 21, and like they say, age is just a number. You know like wine, it just gets better with age.”

“You flatter me Jamie.” I told her.

My phone rang, which interrupted our conversation. It was one of my friends that I had grown up with. We call each other quite often just to shoot the shit and keep up with what is going on in our lives. I got off the lounge and walked to the house, leaving Jamie out by the pool.

My friend, Norman, was passing through the area and was checking to see if I was home. “I’ve got a little time so I thought I’d stop and say hi,” he told me.

“I would love to see you, come on by….you know the way,” I told him.

“I’ll be there in half an hour or so, talk to you then,” he said.

I hung up the phone and went to my bedroom to change out of my swim trunks into a pair of cargo shorts and one of my Hawaiian print shirts. I slipped on a pair of sneakers and went back out by the pool.

“I thought you had abandoned me,” Jamie quipped.

“No, that call was from a dear friend of mine. We started the first grade together and graduated from College together. You might say, he is the brother I never had. He is in the area and is going to stop by and say hi….I think you’ll like him.” I could hear a vehicle driving up and went out to greet Norman as he arrived.

Norman was getting out of his SUV as I came out on the driveway. “How the hell are you, you worthless bastard,” he said to me as he put a big hug on me.

“I’m doing great you old son of a bitch……better now that I see you. What the hell are you doing here, on vacation or something?”

“No, it’s a business trip. I am going over to Grand Junction to see a guy that wants to put our equipment in his produce shed. It will be a good payday for me if I can sell him, so I decided to come up personally and see him.”

“Let’s go out by the pool and visit, it’s more comfortable out there,” I said to him as I led the way, “plus, there’s someone there I’d like for you to meet.”

“Damn Ken, you’ve really got a nice place here, have you decided to continue living here or are you going to down size?”

“I’m going to stay here, I don’t think I’d be happy anywhere else.” As we got to the pool, Jamie was still laying out in one of the lounges, relaxing and catching some sun. She opened her eyes when she heard us coming.

“Norm, this is Jamie. She came out with Aubrey for the weekend.”

“Nice to meet you Jamie,” he said, “is Aubrey around somewhere?”

“Not right now, she had to go to town to run some errands. Hopefully, she will be back before you have to go…..I know she will be happy to see you.”

I went to the fridge and got a couple of glasses of iced tea and went back and sat down. We talked for a couple of hours before Aubrey returned. When she saw Norman, she came running up to him and gave him a big hug.

“Uncle Norman, this is a wonderful surprise. When did you get here?”

“I’ve been here for a while. I was passing through the area and decided to stop by to see Ken. It’s a real bonus to get to see you too while I’m here….it’s been way too long.”

I interrupted their conversation, “You know, it’s past lunch time, why don’t we all go into town and have lunch, we can talk some more there….Jamie do you want to go with us?”

“I’d love to, let me go inside and change……it will only take me a minute,” she said as she headed for the house with Aubrey behind her.

Norman was watching them walk away. “Damn Ken, those are two very beautiful women. Aubrey just keeps getting more beautiful and her friend is really something else. Too bad you’re not 50 years younger,” he said laughing.

We had lunch and caught up on everything that was going on in our lives. Norm said he had to get on down the road, but would be back by before he went back home, then left. Aubrey, Jamie and I just hung out around the house the rest of the day. That evening, I grilled steaks and made some of my “world famous” margaritas for us.

After dinner, we all continued to sip on my margaritas and watched a movie. When the movie ended, I excused myself and went to my bedroom and went to bed. It had been a long day and I dozed off to sleep rather quickly.

Sometime in the early hours of the morning, I woke up. I could feel the presence of someone in my bed. Then I felt someone move up very close to me. I could feel the body of a woman pressing up against me.

“What’s going on,” I said.

“Ken, it’s just me, I wanted to be with you….I hope you don’t mind. I waited till I knew that Aubrey was asleep before I came to you. I want to make love with you…..I want to make you feel good…really good……”

Immediately I recognized the voice as that of Jamie. I could feel her naked body pressing against me. My cock was as hard as a rock and pressing into her stomach. I ran my hands over her body and felt her soft skin, her full breasts and her squeezable ass. I pulled her closer to me as I kissed her. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and begin to dance with mine. Her hands were stroking my hard cock. I was feeling something I had not felt for a long time…..desire.

My cock is a delight to most women. My wife used to tell me that it was a really comfortable size. It is just over 8 inches long and about 2 ½ inches in diameter….enough to fill most pussies comfortably. “That’s really a nice piece of meat you have there,” Jamie told me. “I am going to make you feel really good.”

Jamie pushed me over onto my back and crawled on top of me, continuing to kiss me. She rose up onto her knees then moved down and removed my boxer briefs. I felt her lips encircle my throbbing cock. I grasped her head and pulled it down until my cock was in her throat. She began to bob her head up and down on my cock, sucking on it as hard as she possibly could. Then she began to lick my cock, going further down on it till she took my balls into her mouth, one at a time. I felt her finger probing my ass hole as she continued to pleasure me with her mouth. I had not felt such pleasure for years. Before I knew it, I was spewing a load of hot cum into her mouth. She continued to suck as she swallowed everything I gave her.

“I’m sorry,” I said, embarrassed that I had not been able to control myself.

“That’s alright, it’s what I wanted….I wanted to taste you…I wanted your warm cum in my stomach. The night is young lover….we are not finished.” She moved up over me again, kissing me. I could taste my cum on her tongue.

I grasped her ass and told her, “Bring your pussy up here to my mouth…..sit in my face….it’s your turn to be pleasured.”

She straddled my head. I began to lick her wet pussy. Her juices were flowing and tasted wonderful. Her clit was standing out like little hard cock. I began to suck on it probe her hole with my tongue. After a few minutes, I felt her tense and begin to shake. I knew she was cumming….I knew she tasted great and I wanted to give her all the pleasure I could.

I could feel my cock beginning to harden again. I knew I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to feel the warmth of her wet pussy wrapped around my 8 inches of throbbing meat. I wanted to fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

“Do you want me to wear a condom?” I asked.

“I’m on the pill, I want to feel you shooting hot cum inside me. I want you to fill my belly with your seed.”

Jamie lifted her body above my hard phallus and impaled herself. In one move, I was balls deep inside her. I could feel the head of my cock against her cervix. My hands were full of her tits as she moved up and down on me. The pleasure I felt was immense. Jamie was moaning, softly saying, “Ah, you are fucking me so good, you feel so good inside me….you are all man, Ken……all man……fuck me good Ken!”

It’s been years since I felt the warmth of a woman. I am so turned on by Jamie, there is no way I’m going to stop…I don’t care about the age difference….I’m going to fuck this woman and fill her with cum…..then I’m going to fuck her again.

I wrapped my arms around Jamie and rolled over so I was on top of her. I continued to pound her hot cunt. She had her legs wrapped around my ass pulling me into her body while grinding her ass into me, working my cock in ways I had never felt before. I felt like a mad man as I fucked her hard while she screamed for me to keep fucking her.

Then I felt it, a sudden surge of pleasure from my balls. Cum was surging through my cock. I felt it explode inside Jamie, painting the walls of her vaginal canal. It had been so long since I had ejaculated inside a woman… felt so good, like I wasn’t ever going to stop. I felt Jamie clamp down on my rod and knew she was cumming also.

I could hear the squishy sounds as my cock plunged in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Jamie had gone limp under me, breathing deeply like she was out of breath. I rolled off of her, straining to catch my breath.

“That was absolutely the best fucking I’ve ever had,” Jamie said to me still breathing heavily. “I never knew any man could make me feel this good.

We laid there for some time before we both recovered. Jamie was laying on her stomach. I moved into a position straddling her ass and began to give her a massage. She was a beautiful sight, laying out flat with her arms spread out. I heard her moan quietly as I began to rub her shoulders, then her back. Her tight body felt so good to the touch. My cock began to come to life again.

I continued to work on her back moving my hands on down to her beautiful ass. As I squeezed those fleshy orbs, I pulled them apart slightly and could see the wetness between her labia. I moved my cock closer, just touching her wet pussy and began to move it up and down her wet slit. Jamie moaned and moved her ass in response to the stimulus. Soon she was raising her ass, waiting for penetration.

Slowly, I pushed my hard rod between those puffy lips and into the depths of her warm pussy. She felt so good enveloping my hard cock. I began to thrust, my hands on her shoulders……Jamie was moaning and groaning from the pleasure I was giving her. Her ass moved in rhythm with mine…I felt her body tighten, then begin to shake. She said, “fuck me hard Ken…give me all of your cock…fuck me harder, harder…..ahhhhhh yes, yes, yes !!!!!!!!!

When she started screaming, I pushed into her till my balls rested on her clit. Again, I filled her belly with my creamy seed, collapsing on top of her.

The door to my room burst open. As I looked around, there was Aubrey looking at us with a shocked look on her face, which slowly changed to a big smile. “I heard Jamie scream and thought something was happening to her, so I ran to see what was the matter.”

I rolled off of Jamie as Aubrey walked toward the bed. Jamie had rolled onto her side and said, “You needn’t worry Aubrey, I was in very good hands….I’m sorry I awakened you with my screams, I couldn’t help myself… felt so good.”

Aubrey was still grinning, “Well Grandpa, I am so glad to see that you have started to move on with your life….and with one of my favorite people in the world. Aren’t you glad that I brought her out here with me this weekend? Oh, and by the way, you really look hot naked. I wouldn’t mind it if you fucked me too….I mean, Grandpa, you are hot.”

I couldn’t easily cover up as Jamie and I had kicked all the covers off of bed. I saw that she was looking directly at my semi-hard cock. Aubrey never ceased to surprise me. I can still remember the day that my daughter and her husband finalized her adoption. She was 6 years old and the cutest thing I had ever seen. She and I had become best buddies after that. Now, I was having a hard time getting my head around what she was saying. Jamie was laying on her back giggling.

“Now Aubrey, I just don’t think………” I stopped in mid sentence as I watched my beautiful granddaughter pull her pajama top over her head and discard it, followed by her pajama bottoms. She began to crawl into the bed with Jamie and I. “Now…Aubrey, I think……….” She pushed me onto my back and straddled my stomach. Her body was gorgeous, at least 36D tits, shaved pussy and a fantastic figure. She leaned down over my face and put her index finger over my lips.

“I don’t want to hear anything from you……Ken….after all, you know I am adopted….so just shut up and enjoy…..this is going to be fun.” Then, she kissed me fully on the lips. I could feel Jamie taking my hard cock into her mouth and sucking me. Aubrey positioned her pussy above my head and lowered it to my lips. She was dripping pussy juice onto my face as my tongue instinctively went inside her and my lips closed on her pussy……she tasted wonderful. Then, I felt my cock enter a hot pussy….Jamie had mounted me.

All of a sudden, I had no problem with what was happening to me. Lust had overtaken me and I had stepped over a line that I had never even considered. I knew that this shouldn’t be happening, but I was unable to stop.

Aubrey lifted off my face and turned to face backward, then lowered her wet pussy back to my face. I could tell that she and Jamie were kissing as I fucked one and ate the other. Aubrey’s juices were flowing into my mouth. My cock was so hard it felt like it was going to split.

It surprised me when both women got off of me. I watched as they traded places…Aubrey positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and lowered herself down on it while Jamie straddled my face and lowered her sopping wet pussy down to my mouth. My tongue dove into her. I could taste and smell our co-mingled fluids as they dripped into my mouth. It didn’t taste bad, like I always thought it would. Perhaps it was just the heat of the moment….anyway, right now…I didn’t really care.

When I felt Jamie cum, it excited me more. I pushed my cock into Aubrey as far as it would go. My hands were grasping Jamie’s tits and I could tell she and Aubrey were kissing again. I felt Aubrey begin to shake violently… she was cumming. I was beginning to feel my orgasm building as Aubrey continued to rise and fall on my cock. Suddenly, I unleashed a geiser inside my granddaughter. Hot, sticky cum was spewing from the head of my dick, drenching her insides. I had no idea I was capable of generating this much cum. Jamie had moved off of my face and stretched out beside me. She was squeezing my balls and kissing me as I unloaded inside Aubrey. Cum was seeping out of Aubrey’s pussy, around my cock, with each thrust. I felt Aubrey cum again then lay forward on top of me. She kissed me gently, all the time staring deep into my eyes. “She whispered, “I always knew it would be this good!” Then she rolled off of me onto her side. I was lying there, smiling with a limp, wet cock and two hot women snuggling up to me on either side. It can’t get much better than this.

The sun was just beginning to come up when we drifted off to sleep. I was extremely tired after the bedroom romp that had just happened. Sleep and sweet dreams…..mmmmmmmmm.

I woke up about 10 am and eased out of bed and left the girls sleeping. I went out to the pool and began swimming some laps, trying to wake myself up. All the while, I was remembering the events of the early morning hours. I know I want to continue this…I had no idea what I was missing. As I got to the end of the pool I saw Jamie and Aubrey coming out of the house and walking towards the pool. It was a pleasing sight, they were both totally naked.

“Good morning ladies,” I smiled at them.

“Good morning Ken,” they both said in unison.

I stepped up out of the pool and hugged both of them. “I want to thank you both for a wonderful morning….it was fabulous.”

Jamie put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her lips, kissing me deeply. “Ken, I want you to know, last night was just a beginning. I plan to make you a happy man. Just know one thing, I am not looking for anything serious, I just want to be your fuck buddy.”

I pulled her close to me and kissed her. “I want the same thing,” I told her.

Aubrey interjected, “Now listen you two, I want to be included too…I have never been screwed that good. The one thing I do know is to hell with these young guys…give me an older guy anytime. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. I saw you naked once….never was able to get the sight of your cock out of my mind.”

“Well, my dear, you can have it any time you want it. I’m going inside and take a shower. I have an appointment this morning in town and will be gone for a while. Maybe when I get back, we can have an encore performance.”

“I was planning on it,” Aubrey replied as she stepped off into the pool.

I saw my chance and took Jamie by the hand and led her over to a couch that was nearby. My cock was hard and I wanted to put it somewhere warm. “Just lean over the back of this couch, I’ll take care of the rest. Jamie was smiling as she leaned forward onto the back of the couch and spread her legs wide. I could see she was wet and I knew that I could slide inside her with ease.

I stepped up between her legs and put the head of my cock between her moist lips and pushed forward. I watched my cock slid inside her, inch by inch, till my balls rested on her pussy. Jamie moaned and spread her legs further apart. I felt her push back against me till I felt my cockhead press against her cervix. I grasped her hips and started to thrust. I would pull my cock back till just the head was inside her, hesitate for a short amount of time, then push back inside her. Her pussy felt like velvet.

“Fuck me hard Ken…give it to me hard and fast,” Jamie said to me.

So I did. The sound of skin slapping echoed across the yard. I fucked her as hard as I possibly could. Shortly, I felt Jamie begin to cum. I continued to ram my cock in her as hard as I could. Jamie continued to cum and all the while screamed her head off. Aubrey was hanging on the edge of the pool watching us with a big grin on her face.

I continued to fuck Jamie at warp speed….soon I began to deliver hot cum deep inside her. I pulled her pussy as close as I could and let my cock pulse, shooting hot ropes of sticky cum inside her as she screamed and moaned. When I pulled out of her, I watched cum slowly seeping from her gaping pussy and down the insides of her legs. I have no idea how I manufactured that much cum. I just know there were thick streaks of white semen flowing all the way down to her ankles.

She stood up and kissed me saying, “Thank you……damn I like the way you fuck me! God that felt good.” I watched as she scooped up cum from the inside of her leg and licked it off of her hand. “Mmmmm, your cum tastes so good…it’s really sweet.”

“My wife used to tell me it was because of all the fruit that I eat.”

She smiled and continued to lick her fingers.

“I need to get going so I can get done before sundown. You two gals enjoy yourselves today, I’ll see you later.”

I went inside and got dressed. I was in the kitchen finishing breakfast when Aubrey came in. “I came in because I want to talk to you in private. I must confess that I brought Jamie out here to try to bring you out of your shell. After grandma passed, you withdrew from everyone you knew. You are a real good looking guy and I hated to see you just wasting away here alone. I thought that you needed female companionship and I knew if the situation was right, you and I could become very close and I used Jamie to help get it started. Jamie does like you a lot and Ken, I do too. There’s no need for any of the family to ever know about you and I. Just know that I will always be around to take care of your needs…….and for that matter, my needs also.”

I kissed Aubrey, knowing I was doing something I shouldn’t, but at this point, I don’t care. I’m going to pleasure her young body and at the same time, fulfill all my dreams. These two beautiful young women are going to be my fuck toys and me, theirs.

“Aubrey, if the rest of the family ever finds out about us, you can bet that we will both be excommunicated, and probably shot.”

She looked at me seriously and said, “I know that all too well. It will be our secret.”

I left the house and headed to town to take care of some business. Life was about to become a lot better for me.

When I got to town, I needed to go to the bank to talk with my banker about an investment I wanted to make. As I got to the front door of the bank, my phone rang….it was Norman.

“What’s going on you old fucker,” I answered my phone.

“I’ve finished my business here in Grand Junction and am headed back over to your place. Have you got room for me for a few days? I think we need to get down to some serious drinking and tell some lies to each other.”

“You bet, I’ve always got room for you. The girls are out at the house, I don’t think I’ll be back there till about sundown….I’ve got a lot to do in town today. I’ll let them know you’re coming today.”

“Ok pal, see you later.”

I called Aubrey. “Hey darlin’, I wanted to let you know that Norman will be arriving sometime today. He’s going to spend a few days with us. Think you two can keep him entertained till I get home?

“Really, Uncle Norman is coming here again and staying a few days…..that’s great. Don’t worry ‘bout that aaaat all….I think we can keep him very well entertained till you get home,” she laughed slyly then hung up.

As I went into the bank, her comment suddenly became very clear to me. ‘Oh, shit,’ I thought to myself, ‘Norman is in for a big surprise’. I was laughing as I went into my banker’s office.

“What’s so funny?” Gerald asked. “Am I dressed funny or something?” he laughed.

“No, just something I was thinking about as I came in….private joke.”

“Well, Ken, I’m glad you’re in a good mood……what can I do for you today?”

“I’ve got an idea I want to run past you, something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Last year when I was in Atlanta, I was looking for some gifts for my girls. I came across this shop at the mall I was in. I thought it handled high end women’s clothing and accessories. After I entered I found it to be much more. Along with the clothing and accessories, there was a coffee bar that put Starbucks to shame. There was also a day spa that did all kinds of things. Manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, hot rock treatments and much, much more. There was a fitness center in there with trainers….I mean, it looked like just a little shop. And the main thing, it was full of women, spending money. I want to build one just like it here. I can cover the cost of the whole thing, but I don’t want to stretch my cash position, so I will need to borrow around a quarter million. I think I can get the whole thing built for around a half mil. Think you could handle backing me on this?”

Gerald leaned back in his chair with a thoughtful look on his face. “Ken, you have come up with a lot good ideas through the years and have done well with all those startups. When you sold those businesses you have made a small fortune and while doing that, you have made this town very prosperous. I’m inclined to go along with you. Why don’t you get me a prospectus, for this venture, put together and let me look at the projections. If the numbers work, I can’t see why I can’t go along with you on this venture.”

“Thanks, Gerald. I’ll go by my accountant’s office today and have him put some numbers together for you and I’ll try to get it to you later this week. I think it’s a gold mine for this area. We have so many women that go to Denver or Colorado Springs to do their high end shopping, then you throw in the day spa and coffee counter….I think many of them will hang out there a lot…..spending money. I’m going to look for a location today and see what I come up with.”

“I think it sounds great,” Gerald said to me laughing. “I know a lot of husbands that are not going to be real happy with you. Get me the numbers and we’ll go from there.”

I left the bank and decided to drive around looking for an existing building or a location to build. I started laughing to myself again when I thought about what Norman was going to walk into……blind.

As I looked around town, I found that there were no buildings available that would be appropriate for what I wanted to do. I had found a couple of places I could build and decided to go that route. It would cost me a little more in the long run, but I think it will be worth it. I found a contractor I had done business with in the past and sketched out and explained what I wanted. He told me he would have me a preliminary layout done early next week.

I stopped at Appleby’s for lunch and ran into an old friend waiting to be seated. “Mary, it’s so good to see you. I know it’s been a while.”

“Well, Ken…’s so nice to see you. I don’t think I’ve seen you since Chelsea’s funeral……I just don’t get out much since Dan went into the home with his dementia. I spend a lot of time over there.”

“Why don’t I buy you lunch, it’ll give us a chance to talk and catch up.”

“That would be nice,” she said.

Mary is probably around 65, but, for her age, she is a knock out. She is a large framed, athletic woman about 5’10”, maybe 160 pounds, not an ounce of fat on her, big tits and a really nice ass. I can tell by looking at her arms and legs she works out… those legs… The heels she is wearing accentuates them. As we are being seated, I can see there are no grey strands in her dark brunette hair. She really looks good.

“So what have you been doing for yourself Mary?” I asked.

“Not much,” she replied, “I spend a lot of time at the home with Dan….but, it’s getting so bad that I’m not going to be going over there very much. The grandkids keep me busy. I work out a lot and spend quite a bit of time jogging. That’s one place I can clear my head and keep myself in shape… the way, Ken, you look exceptionally good. Do you spend time working out?”

“Yes, I swim a lot and lift free weights. I don’t seem to have the time to go run anymore. I think that swimming is my passion. It helped me to clear my mind after Chelsea died.”

The waitress came and took our orders. Our conversation continued. After some time, Mary said, “You know Ken, I’d love to cook dinner for you sometime, that is if you’d like to come over.”

“That would be nice, I think I would enjoy that. It would give us time to catch up. I’ve not wandered too far from the house during the last three years, it’s time for me to get out more.”

We finished our lunch and left the restaurant. As we left the building, she said to me, “Call me this week and let’s set something up. I really want to do this.”

“I will, Mary. It’s been really nice visiting with you. I look forward to dinner at your place. I’ll call you.”

I had to get my truck serviced so I went to the Ford dealer for my appointment. Then I had several small errands to do. By the time I finished, it was about 6:oo pm…..time to go home and see if Norman has, “gotten into” anything. I laughed again.

When I arrived home, Norman’s Expedition was parked in the driveway. I parked in the garage and got out of my truck and, seeing no one outside, I went inside. I could hear moaning and groaning coming from one of the downstairs bedrooms, so, with a smile on my face, I went to investigate. I peeked around the corner into the room. I had to grin when I saw what was happening to Norm. He was naked, tied to the four corners of the bed eating Jamie while she sat on his face, facing Aubrey, who is grinding on his cock and kissing Jamie. I only wish I had a camera.

I continued to be the voyeur for quite some time. As I watched, Jamie and Aubrey both came several times, all the while, Norman was holding his load, waiting till the last moment to fill Aubrey’s pussy with hot cum. Then it happened, Norm grunted, lifted his ass off the bed, pushing his cock into Aubrey as deep as he could. From my vantage point, I could see his balls pulsing as he pumped cum into Aubrey’s depths.

Jamie had dismounted Norm’s face and moved down between his legs. Aubrey was leaning forward, giving Jamie access to her cock filled vagina. She was licking up cum oozing from Aubrey’s pussy and down Norm’s cock, as fast as she could. Aubrey continued to lay on top of Norm as his softening cock slipped out of her, releasing a torrent of thick, sperm laden semen. Jamie began feasting on this thick, rich protein, noisily slurping up every drop. Jamie locked her lips onto Aubrey’s pussy and began to suck Norm’s cum out of her, pushing Aubrey into another orgasm. After several minutes of this, they all three were sated and drifted into a restful sleep.

All of the action was over for a while. My cock was as hard as a rock and I really wanted some release after watching the spectacle that had unfolded in front of me. I could see that Jamie was laying bent over the end of the bed, her cunt exposed. I decided to go over and give her a good fucking. Her legs were spread and I could see cum between her puffy lips. I dropped my jeans to my ankles and pushed the head of my cock into her gaping hole. It didn’t wake her, she only moaned and shifted her ass a little. I could feel Jamie begin to move her ass in sync with my thrusts. She was quietly moaning as I continued to fuck her. Her body began to quiver slightly as she moved into an orgasm. Jamie was semi-conscious while I fucked her. Once, she looked back at me then drifted off to sleep again.

I continued fucking her for a short time then unloaded my balls deep inside her. Jamie was moaning while in a deep sleep. I pulled my cock out of her, then stopped and admired my work. A small wad of white jizz was laying between those puffy pussy lips. I always like to see a nice creampie on a woman after she has been fucked.

I decided I would let them sleep for a while. In the mean time, I would go fix some dinner. I know they will all be hungry when they wake up. I decided to do a pork loin on my Traeger with chili beans and mashed potatoes, plus the aroma generated by cooking it will drift throughout the house and bring them in.

I wasn’t wrong. In about 45 minutes the aroma had awakened the crew and they were beginning to wander into the kitchen one at a time.

Norman arrived first. He had kind of a sheepish look about him as he came in. I just smiled and shook my head. “Did you have a good time,” I asked him.

“Good time isn’t an accurate de***ion of what I just went through. Did you know this was going to happen to me and not warn me?”

“Oh, I suspected something like this might happen, but, I didn’t know for sure……pretty damn good fucking isn’t it?” I asked him.

“Damn good. How long has this been going on. If I had had any idea I would have been here to see you a lot sooner.”

“Well, Norm, it only started a couple of days ago…..quite to my surprise. Jamie just showed up in my bed early one morning. She told me she wanted to fuck, so I obliged her. She is a little vocal and woke Aubrey up. She came into my room and found me fucking Jamie. She took everything off and got in bed and joined in. She reminded me that she was adopted and that she had wanted me for a long time. I think you can figure out the rest.”

Norman looked at me smiling, “Well, old friend, let me tell you what happened when I got here today. Jamie met me on the driveway when I arrived. She told me that she was supposed to show me to my room. Well, when we got in there, she sat the suitcases she had down and totally came on to me. We ended up naked and fucking like a couple of dogs in heat. Like you said, when she starts to cum, she gets a little vocal. It didn’t take long till Aubrey showed up. She watched us fucking for a while then I saw her strip and come to the bed with Jamie and I. I’ll say one thing for that young lady, she can suck a golf ball through 50 ft. of water hose….I felt like she was going to suck my balls out the end of my dick. She’s one damn good piece of ass too.”

“Norman, you know what? I’m too old to worry about fucking these young women. If they want me, I’m going to deliver. I want to live out my years being between the long beautiful legs of a young woman, and I don’t care who she is. If she wants to fuck, we’re gonna fuck.”

Aubrey had made her way from the frige to where Norm and I were talking. “What are you two talking about so seriously?”

“Welllll, to be honest, we’ve been talking about fucking you two and how good it was,” I said to her. “Now, we’re wondering what we are going to get into tonight.”

Aubrey just smiled and said, “I am absolutely sure that you two are going to get into Jamie and I tonight. You two are a couple of hot guys and we thoroughly intend to fuck you two till the sun comes up. Better get ready for a fucking marathon.”

I just smiled at Aubrey and said, “Bring it on babe, it’s gonna be a long night”

Norm and I went out by the pool and pulled a couple of beers out of the frige and sat down. “Norman, I think that it’s time we teach those two what it is to be fucked.” I opened a drawer behind the bar and pulled out a bottle of pills.

“This is our secret weapon, my friend. 5 mg pills of Cialis. We’ll take two of these babies and we’ll be hard all night and into tomorrow. We need to take them around 5 pm. That will give the stuff time to go to work. Believe me, Norm, when you get stimulated, you’ll be rock hard every time you even think about it. I’m going to take a little nap so I can stay up all night, I suggest you do the same.”

I gave Norm his two pills and went to bed for a while. I’m going to show Aubrey what an old guy can do……it’s going to be fun.

After about an hour nap, I felt great. I went to the kitchen and pulled some steaks out of the freezer for all of us. I popped the two Cialis I had and put some potatoes in the microwave and some asparagus into the steamer. I got a bottle of Merlot out of the cooler and sat the table. The steaks went onto the grill and I poured myself a Makers Mark and went to work putting the dinner together.

After a while I sent a group message out to Norm and the girls and told them that dinner was ready. They all arrived in a few minutes. We all chowed down and drank two bottles of wine with dinner.

Aubrey got up from the table, raised her glass of wine and said, “Here’s to one hell of a night!” We all toasted, drank the wine down and went to the living room. We paired off….Norm and Aubrey and Jamie and I. Jamie said to me as she began to take her clothes off, “No sense in wasting time with a lot of foreplay let’s get to the sex.”

I stripped and saw that Norm and Aubrey were doing the same thing. Jamie put a lip lock on me and my cock immediately came to attention. Jamie grasped it and began stroking it while we kissed. Jamie was on her knees in front of me sucking my hard cock down here throat and squeezing my balls with one hand and tickling my ass hole with the other. It felt so damn good that my knees were getting weak.

The only light in the living room was from the fire in the fireplace and one small lamp on a table. Aubrey had pushed Norm down on a couch and was kneeling between his legs, licking his balls and cock. Norman’s hands were on each side of her head pulling and pushing it on and off his big cock. Norman’s cock is bigger than mine. It was probably about 10 inches long and as big around as a can of Campbell’s soup.

My knees were about to give out so I sat on a couch. Jamie smiled and turned around, backing up to me, lowering her wet box down onto my 8 inches of throbbing meat. This position gave me a great view of my dick sliding in and out of her toned body. I laid my head back on the couch, grasped her hips and enjoyed the ride.

For a young woman, Jamie certainly knew how to fuck. For the longest time, she continued to slowly rise and fall on my phallus. The Cialis I had taken was doing its job, my cock was so hard it hurt. But, the inside of Jamie’s pussy was so hot and slick I felt nothing but the pure pleasure she was giving me. After a few minutes, she dismounted, straddled my midsection and sat back down on my dick. Her tits hung in front of my face. I squeezed them both as I took a nipple in my mouth and gently chewed on it. Jamie was moaning, her eyes had rolled back in her head as she began an orgasm. I continued to chew on her nipples and thrust up into her body. Jamie was moaning, the pleasure taking control of her whole being.

I was feeling so good, but I didn’t want to blow my load too quickly. I wanted to enjoy this young, beautiful woman to the fullest. To take my mind off of the pleasure, I watched my best friend fucking my granddaughter. She was on her back with her legs spread, one on top of the back of the couch and the other off the edge. Norman was between those long legs fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I could hear the squishy sounds made by his cock pounding her spread pussy. Her arms were wrapped around him, pulling him to her as close as she could. I heard her moan as Norm pushed his cock deep inside her and began to fill her belly with cum. Norman continued to pump her pussy, moaning as he continued to shoot his seed inside her. I watched as he collapsed on top of her, Aubrey wrapping her legs around his ass holding him inside her.

The vision of them fucking had pushed me to the edge of cumming. The pleasure of Jamie’s hot pussy wrapped around my hard cock was overloading my brain. Jamie was beginning another orgasm when I felt a torrent of sperm laden cum rushing toward the end of my hard dick. It exploded inside her and I could tell that she felt it squirting against the walls of her vagina. I pushed inside her body as far as possible, feeling my cock deliver one rope of cum after another into her pleasure hole. I could feel our co-mingled juices running down my shaft, onto my balls. Jamie laid forward onto me, moaning and groaning from the pleasure she was experiencing.

After a few minutes of recovery, Jamie kissed me very passionately. My cock was still rock hard and wanting. I positioned Jamie onto her hands and knees on the couch and told her, “Now Jamie, I’m going to take your ass.”

She had a frightened look on her face as she said, “Ken, I’ve never done it this way, I don’t know if I can handle your cock.”

“Jamie, just relax your ass, I’ll be gentle with you….I promise you, it will feel good after a little discomfort….trust me.”

Jamie presented her tight ass to me. I lubed my fingers with the mixed juices from her pussy and slowly worked two fingers into her ass, lubing it well. I pushed my cock into her pussy. It came out with a mix of cum and pussy juice dripping from it. I place the head of my shaft at her ass hole and began to push slowly. The head popped inside her and I felt her tense. I knew she would feel a little pain. I could hear faint sounds of pain coming from Jamie as I slowly pushed my hard rod deeper and deeper into her colon. I would stop periodically and let her get used to my size. Inch by inch I continued to push inside her body till my balls rested on her pussy lips. I stopped and let my cock soak inside her while she overcame the pain. I knew it was hurting her, but I also knew the pain would pass.

I slowly began to fuck her, pulling out till just the head of my prick was still inside her, then push slowly till I was fully inside her. When I heard her moaning with pleasure, I picked up the speed till I was fucking her at a steady pace. I could tell that Jamie liked the feeling of me in her ass. She would push back toward me, taking my cock as deeply as she could, moaning in ecstasy with every stroke. I felt her cum three times before I injected her guts with another huge load of semen. Jamie collapsed onto the couch with me on top of her, both of us breathing hard like we had just ran a marathon.

“Damn that was good. It felt so good to have you in my ass. Now I know what I have been missing.”

I pulled out of her and sat on the edge of the couch. Jamie raised up and kissed me. I grinned at her and said, “Darlin’, there’s something else you need to feel. You need to have a dick in your ass and your pussy at the same time. Believe me, you will love it. You will never feel as filled as you will when this happens. Before this night is over, you will experience it. Norman and I will both be inside you at the same time…..believe me, you will like it.

“Gee, Ken, I don’t know about that. That’s a lot of cock to be inside me….at the same time. But, if you say it will be good, then I believe you…you haven’t lied to me yet.”

We leaned back on the couch cuddling, watching Norman and Aubrey. He had her bent over the back of the couch, fucking Aubrey’s ass like there was no tomorrow. Norman had reached around her hips and was playing with her clit while he pounded her ass. Aubrey was screaming for him to fuck her harder and harder. We watched them both cum at the same time. When he pulled out of her, they both walked around the couch and sat down. We could see streaks of cum running down her legs as she walked. Norman’s cock was still hard.

“Hey Ken, I need some more pussy. I think I want to fuck Jamie for a while. Aubrey said she wants to fuck you, so let’s trade partners and take advantage of these hard cocks…, I haven’t had this much fun in years.”

“I know what you mean, but I just don’t know if I can cum again for a while. I’m think that I’m gonna just sit here for a while and recuperate,” I said.

Norman pulled Jamie to her feet and headed for his bedroom. “I’m going to go in here where it’s more comfortable, see ya later buddy.”

Aubrey sat down next to me and started stroking my hard cock. She looked like she had been rode hard and put up wet. “I’ll say one thing Ken, Uncle Norman certainly knows how to use that tool. I mean, he damn near fucked me to the point of passing out. He literally filled me with cum. I need to go take a shower and douche out my pussy and ass…..I want to be clean for you….ok?”

“Yeah, ok….I think I’ll just go with you and clean up myself. Let’s go to my bathroom, it’s got a shower with room enough for both of us.”

Aubrey and I got into the shower. She had retrieved a douche bag from her room. She cleaned herself inside and out while I showered too. We both stood in the hot water and held each other. She looked up at me as the water fell on both of us. “Ken, Grandpa, you know I love you don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” I told her.

She turned off the water and led me outside the shower. She took a towel and handed me one. As we each dried off, she said to me, “I want you to take me into your bed and make love to me, don’t just fuck me, make love to me…..please?”

When we finished drying off, I took her by the hand and led her to my bed. I pulled all the top covers off the bed, then crawled on it. I held my hand out to her and brought her onto the bed with me. I kissed her passionately as we held each other close.

I moved down on her body and began to caress and kiss her breasts. Her nipples were hard as a rock. I continued on down to her pubic mound. I took her erect clit between my lips and sucked on it as I pushed my finger into her lubricated hole. I moved on down between her legs and began to lick her pussy as I grasped her ass cheeks. I felt her legs tighten and felt a rush of her juices as she began to cum. I moved up over her beautiful body, positioning myself behind her, spooning her. She raised her leg up over mine, allowing me access to her wet pussy.

She groaned as I penetrated her. I fondled her tits as I pushed in and out of her body. Her juices flowed freely. I kissed her shoulder as I continued to plunge into her depths. My left arm was under her neck and my hand was squeezing her left breast. My right hand was free to wander across her body. Her skin was soft and smooth. My hand laid on her belly, I could feel the indentation of her navel. She was breathing so hard as I continued to use her body for my pleasure. I could feel the muscles of her abdomen tense and knew she was experiencing another orgasm. She was whispering to me, “Ooooh yesssss…’re screwing me so good Ken…..soooooo damn good…….ah yes, yes, yes, yes. I love your cock inside me….it fills me….it makes me feel complete.”

I moved my right hand further down and found her engorged clit. I took it between my thumb and forefinger and began to squeeze it. She went into another orgasm. Her stomach muscles tightened as she began to cum again. My cock continued to move in and out of her body. I felt my balls twitch as I began to pump stream after stream of my fertile cum into her belly. She moaned as her body reacted to the feeling of hot cum coating the inside of her vagina.

When my cock stopped pulsing, we lay there together not moving, my cock still buried inside her. She turned her head to me and we kissed, our tongues dancing together. I pulled my semi hard shaft out of her. She rolled over and we embraced….holding each other tight as our emotions ran wild. We continued to kiss and hold each other till we fell asleep.

When I awoke, the sunbeams were streaming across the room. It was so quiet I could hear Aubrey’s heart beating. I looked at her naked body laying beside me….she was so beautiful. I was thinking to myself that I really shouldn’t be doing this with Aubrey, but, I wasn’t about to stop. Yes, I loved her as my granddaughter, but I also loved her as my lover. We both had crossed a line that we couldn’t go back across. If our family members ever find out, we will both be ostracized beyond belief. Our secret has to be just that….a secret, something only she and I will ever know about. We have begun a sexual odyssey that cannot exist outside these walls.

Aubrey was waking. She looked at me and smiled. She moved her hand behind my head and pulled me to her. Our kiss lasted for several minutes as our eyes looked into the others. She rolled over on top of me and guided my hardening penis between her soft pussy lips. I slid inside her and we fucked slowly and deliberately, feeling every move, feeling every inch of penetration. She fucked me slowly, staring into my eyes as my cock moved inside her body.

I could see the feeling of urgency in her face as she fucked me faster. I could feel that familiar twitch in my balls. She smiled and her eyes closed….her mouth opened as she took a deep breath and held it…….I exploded inside her…..we were both cumming….together, feeling that intense feeling as the world stood still for a few fleeting moments. Our bodies became one.

She collapsed on top of me. My arms surrounded her and I held her close. We drifted off to sleep, a feeling of peace and contentment within each of us.

Aubrey and I awakened just before noon. We were hungry, so after we showered, we went to the kitchen. Aubrey was laughing and joking around as we walked. When we got to the kitchen, Norman and Jamie were already there. Norman was cooking pancakes and sausage. Jamie was joking around giving him a hard time.

“Well look who finally decided to get out of bed,” Norman said grinning at us.

“We got hungry and needed something to eat, it’s sure nice of you to be cooking,” I jabbed him back.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he quipped.

“So Norm, what are your plans?” I asked him.

“I have to get out of here today and get home. My secretary sent me a text this morning telling me of a problem that has come up at the office, so I need to get home and take care of it. After yesterday, I really wish I could hang around here for a while and have a little more fun, but, business calls.”

“I really wouldn’t know what you’re talking about,” I laughed, “I’ve been out of the business world long enough to have forgotten what it’s like.”

“I’m going to miss having you around Uncle Norman,” Aubrey said as she walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

He patted her on the ass and said, “And I’ll miss you, my dear.”

“Now listen here, you two promised to fuck me at the same time…..I want to know what that’s like. Are you going to do that before you leave here Norm?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t have to leave here till around 2, so if Ken is available, I guess we can do you before I leave…..what do you say Ken, are you up for it?”

“I guess so….. I think I’m up for it.”

We sat down to eat, everyone was in a good mood and still joking around. When we finished eating, we all went into the living room. Jamie took her clothes off and sat down on the couch. I stopped by my bedroom and retrieved a bottle of lube. Norm and I stripped and Aubrey settled down in a chair to watch.

“Norm,” I said, “you want the pussy or ass?”

“I think I’ll take the ass,” he replied.

“Ok Jamie, lean over the back of the couch and spread your cheeks, I need to lube you up.”

Jamie complied. I took the bottle of lube and put a generous amount on my hand. I rubbed it up and down her crack, then pushed my index finger into her rectum. I added more lube on my fingers and put two fingers all the way inside her asshole, stretching her sphincter muscle.

“Just relax Jamie, the more you fight it, the more it will hurt, so just relax your ass more.”

I worked more lube inside her rectum until I felt her finally relax her sphincter. I tossed the bottle to Norm so he could lube his cock. When he got it nice and slick, I had Jamie sit on his lap, facing away from him. Jamie hovered above Norm’s hard rod. He put the head against her little brown hole and pulled her down until the head of his dick popped inside her. Slowly she impaled herself on his cock. Norm grasped her by the hips and began to thrust into her.

Jamie was past any pain she may have felt. I lubed my cock and moved between their legs. I slowly I pushed my hardness inside her warm pussy and began to fuck her. I could feel Norman’s cock moving inside her rectum as I fucked her pussy. Jamie had laid back onto Norman’s chest. She was breathing hard, trying to comprehend the feelings she was having from the two rather large cocks inside her at the same time. Norm had cupped her tits and was squeezing them and tweeking her nipples while I was thumbing her erect clit.

It didn’t take very long before Jamie was having one, almost continuous orgasm. It felt so good. I didn’t know how long I could continue till I had to dump the load in my balls inside her. Norm was thrusting, I was thrusting, Jamie was screaming, “OH MY GODDDDD, THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD……KEEP FUCKING ME, FUCK ME FASTER, FUCK ME FASTER, FILL ME WITH CUMMMMMMM……AHHHHHHH SHIT….FUCK MEEEEEEEE……..”

I felt cum rushing through my dick and gushing into Jamie’s pussy. I could feel Norm’s cock pulsing, doing the same thing inside her colon. Jamie was still cumming also. My knees were weakening so I pulled out of her and found a chair, a long string of thick cum following my cock as it left her gaping hole. Jamie was totally spent, still laying on Norman’s chest, trying to catch her breath. I could see Norm moving, so I knew he hadn’t died from the exertion. I watched as his cock softened and fell out of her ass, thick streams of cum stretching toward the floor.

Aubrey was sitting, watching the whole thing, her eyes were huge and her mouth was hanging open, somewhat unable to believe what she had just witnessed.

“Think you want to do that honey?” I asked her smiling.

“I don’t think so….I don’t know if I could handle it.”

“It…..was…..a …..piece…..of……cake,” Jamie uttered, still trying to catch her breath. “It felt fantastic….”

Jamie slowly got off of Norman, cum still dripping from her holes. She laid down on the floor trying to regain her strength. Norm was smiling from ear to ear.

“That was fucking great,” he said fully pumped. “I really hate to go, I’d like to give that to Aubrey too.”

Aubrey just smiled and said, “I’m afraid I’ll decline for right now, maybe some other time.”

Norm got up and went to his room to clean up and pack his clothes. Jamie had fallen asleep on the floor and Aubrey and I went to my room while I cleaned my cock.

“I have to go to a class this afternoon, but I’ll be back tonight, if it’s ok,” Aubrey said to me.

“That will be fine, my dear, just leave Jamie at school, I want to be alone with you tonight,” I seriously told her.

“Me too,” she replied as she went to her room to get dressed for her class.

I heard her waking Jamie and telling her to get up and get cleaned up so they could go to school. Jamie was still weak, but got up mumbling to herself. After a short while, Aubrey stuck her head in my room and told me she would be back by 6. I waved at her and blew her a kiss.

I went to the kitchen to get a glass of tea and found Norm there sipping on a glass.

“Well, old buddy, it’s been great. I really hate to have to go. Hopefully, I can get back up here soon…maybe we can go fishing or something.”

“Come on back when you’re ready, you know you’re welcome anytime.”

He got up off the bar stool and shook my hand. He grabbed his suitcase and headed out the door with me following. He started his truck and pulled out of the drive way onto the county road.

All of a sudden, I was there alone. It felt great. I went into the living room and cleaned up the mess, then went on to all the bedrooms and changed the sheets. I started the laundry and settled into my recliner and fell asleep…..I just realized how tired I was.

In a little while my phone rang, it was Aubrey.

“I just wanted to tell you, this weekend was great…..and….I do love you Ken. I’ll see you in a while.”

I just smiled, remembering everything that Aubrey and I had done. That girl is special, I was thinking to myself. I went to the laundry room and moved the laundry around then went back to my chair and dozed off again.

I finished the laundry and got it all put away. It was approaching 5 pm, so I decided to fix Aubrey and I some dinner. I put a couple of chicken breasts on the JennAire and some asparagus in the steamer. A couple of baked potatoes, some salad and a bottle of Zinfandel and I was all set.

At 6, I had the table set and the meal prepared. I opened the bottle of Zin, sat down at the breakfast bar and waited for Aubrey to arrive. In a few minutes, I heard her car pull up in the driveway. When she came in, she put her books down and came straight to me and kissed me.

The dinner looks fabulous and I’m starved. I’ve looked forward to getting home all afternoon. I led her to the table and seated her. After dinner, we did the dishes and went into the living room and sat on the couch. Aubrey leaned over to me and kissed me again.

“I guess we should talk, a lot has happened.” She said to me.

“I suppose you are right….a lot has happened.”

We talked about the weekend and everything that had happened. We talked about our night together and how we felt about it. We both knew that we had to keep it a secret….no one could ever know. We knew it might be hard, but it had to be this way.

Aubrey and I went to my room, she undressed and got onto my bed. I undressed and lay down next to her. We kissed as our hands explored the other’s body. I moved between her long legs and pushed my hard cock inside her. I made love to her slowly for the next hour. After we both climaxed, we lay close to each other, our bodies again becoming one.

Aubrey has awakened me, sexually. We love each other in a way that the world would frown upon. But, we will continue to be together, hiding our feelings for each other from everyone… one else can ever know what happens within these walls. I don’t know if it is good or bad, but it is the life we have chosen to live.


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