The card game. Sex story



My colleague Paul had come round. He’d been having a hard time of it lately at home and at work so a few drinks and games of poker were on the cards for the evening.

Beth was kindly keeping out of the way, giving us the space for a lads only night. She popped her head in “do you boys need drinks?” She asked. We agreed and she returned shortly after with two cold beers.

“Why don’t you join us?” Paul said, pointing to the chair between us.

“Oh I’m not much good at cards, plus this is your night, I don’t want to cramp your style” Beth responded.

“Nonsense, cards are better with more players plus I’d rather have you to look at than his ugly face” he gestured towards me and the two of them laughed.

“Maybe just a couple.of games then” and she sat down.

An hour later, Beth had played with pure beginners luck. She’d won almost every hand and was clearing up.

“Want to make it more interesting?” Asked Paul.

“What dyu mean” I said.

“Well, seeing as your wife here is winning and we’re running our of money, why don’t we play for dares”

“Like what?” Beth replied curious…intrigued almost.

“Well, If I win, I’d like you to do a dance for me…a sexy dance” Paul smirked.

“Are you joking?!” I said, annoyed at the cheek of it.

“She’s been winning all night, you don’t need to be worried”


“No babe it’s fine, I think I can take that bet.” Beth replied. “and if I win, you two play the next round naked” she laughed.

“Deal” Paul quickly responded.

Without checking what I wanted, Paul began shuffling the cards and dealt. The game was going well until a last minute shift in luck, and Paul pulled out the winning hand. A large grin crept across his face and I looked at Beth in shock.

Surely he wouldn’t make Beth go through with it…would he? After an awkward silence, there was no let up, no easy pass given by Paul, so Beth stood up silently and made her way upstairs.

Moments later, Beth reappeared, walking down the stairs. We both looked over to see her long legs stretching out, coming down one step at a time.

As she got further down it was clear she intended to keep the bet. Dressed to impress, Beth rounded the bottom of the stairs and walked towards us. Our mouths dropped open.

She was dressed in a black lace body that ran high on the waist, showing off the full curve of her hips. The lace wove intricately over her body, her breasts cupped in lace, perfectly round and firm.

Her nipples were erect and pressing through the material, thin straps reached up to her delicate shoulders. The lace cut low and the neckline dropped below her breasts, showing off her incredible cleavage.

As she walked towards us, her black stiletto heels clicked on the floor. Her legs seemed to be endless and the lace pulled tight between her legs, barely covering the shape of her mound and lips .

Her hips swayed as she walked and her breasts bounced in time. It was hypnotic to watch and we both sat speechless watching her approach.

“A bet’s a bet” she said, and giggled at the sight of us both open mouthed. “Im gonna need some music though” as she turned to walk away.

As she did, Beth’s ass was revealed in all its glory. The lace body sat finely between her cheeks, barely there. Her perfectly round ass looked incredible as she walked, the heels adding more length and shape than ever before.

She turned on the music and then dimmed the lights. She walked towards Paul and began to slow her movement in time with the music. She’d chosen a slow sexy number and she was really working it.

As she got close, she rested her hands on his knees and leant in to whisper in his ear “is this what you want?” She said quietly and began to dance for him. Slowly at first then she started to really warm things up.

Her hips began to gyrate and she turned around giving him a full view of her ass. Paul let out a sigh and rubbed himself through his jeans. Like me, he was enjoying the show and was clearly finding the restraint difficult to maintain.

Beth bent over and grabbed her ankles, the material between her legs strained and slid in between her lips, giving Paul a perfect view of her married pussy. I could see she was wet as the dim light glistened on her mound.

She slowly stood up, then lowered herself backwards onto Paul’s lap, her hips still moving to the music. Clearly working the spot, Paul let out a groan and his hands found his way to Beth’s thighs.

Expecting to see my wife stop the innappropriate touching, I couldn’t believe it when her hands joined his and moved them towards her inner thigh.

She leant back into him and continued to moved slowly to the music, getting him off him through his jeans. Paul’s hands made their way up her legs, grabbing at her thighs and pulling them apart.

Beth’s legs obeyed and opened further and his hands found her wetness. She gasped as his fingers began rubbing her lace covered pussy.

Making no attempt to hide his moves anymore, Paul slid his fingers under the thin lace and began massaging her lips and clit, his fingers thick and wet with my wife’s juice.

Beth’s movements slowed and she reached behind to pull Paul in closer, pulling him by the neck. He started to kiss her as he slowly finger fucked her married hole.

I looked on completely stunned yet aroused. My cock was so hard as I watched my wife and my friend together.

Then without warning, Beth stood up and made her way over towards me. She looked so incredibly hot, so confident, so sexy. She rubbed a hand on my crotch and felt how hard I was. Reading my mind, she said “you like this don’t you?” and I couldn’t say a thing.

“Dyu think Paul is enjoying me, dyu think he’d like to see more of me?” She asked, but didn’t wait for a response. With one last grab of my hard cock, she stood upright and swayed back to Paul, this time sitting straight down on his lap facing him.

Beth leant in and began deep kissing him, their tongues were exploring each others mouths, her hands on the back of his head.

Paul’s hands reached up and began grabbing at Beth’s breasts, hard and rough. Beth groaned at his forcefullness and began grinding his cock harder through the material. One of his hands moved down and started to unbutton his jeans, all the time the kissing continued, getting harder and deeper.

His jeans were undone and he had no underwear on, his long hard cock stuck up above the waistband. Beth’s grinding was on flesh now and she could feel it.

As her pussy lips pressed out either side of the lace, they began to slide up and down the top of his pole, sharing her married wetness with him.

Both of Paul’s hands worked to pull his trousers lower and his full cock was now on show. He sat there less than a metre away, half naked whilst my horny wife went through the motions of fucking him.

Paul’s hands then found Beth’s pussy and began pulling at the clasps that held the crotch of her underwear together. As if by magic the material came undone and Beth’s pussy was completely exposed.

The contact between the pair was electric and the grinding intensified. Despite the lack of penetration, the two of them looked close to climax.

I could make out the large shaft of Paul’s cock now, glistening with the juice from my wife’s pussy. I could make out her swollen clit and mound, engorged from the stimulation. The two of them were going at it hard, as if I wasn’t even there.

Paul grabbed Beth’s ass and started lifting her higher. Beth’s grinding got harder as the tip of Paul’s cock found her clit and rubbed against it. Still he lifted her higher and the grinding continued.

I could no longer see his cock and it was hidden between her legs. He started to release her, slowly lowering her back down, and then it became clear what he was doing. Unprotected and with intent, he was going to enter my wife right here and now.

Beth had no idea what was happening until she felt the tip press against her hole, then in it went and she let out a moan. She tried to protest “no” she panted “don’t…” she couldn’t finish her sentence, as more of Paul’s cock entered her, stretching her tight insides. “Don’t….don’t stop” she managed, as she sat almost all the way down on him.

From there it seemed like Beth was in control. Paul sat there violently grabbing at her breasts and ass as she fucked him hard. He was deep inside her and Beth was beyond the point of reason now. She was consumed by the sex.

The two of them were breathing heavy, kissing harder and deeper. The grinding got quicker and Paul’s hands grabbed furiously at her ass.

The two of started fucking with increased vigour and they began moaning together, clearly getting close.

“Yes, yes!” Beth screamed, and she dug her nails into Paul’s back.

“Oh fuck” came Paul’s response.

“Im gonna cum” Beth cried “cum inside me” she panted.

The two of them were fucking like a machine, hard and fast, then, with a great cry, Paul came. Pulsing seed deep inside her womb, filling her, his hands grabbed her hard and pulled her tight. Beth came shortly after and the two of them sat there hugging tightly as their genitals pulsed together, soaking up every last moment of the climax.

The night ended shortly after that and the next hand of cards was never dealt.

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