At the farm – part 1



*This story has been uploaded to other sites in swedish. As that implies, I’m not a native speaker and the story takes place in Sweden during the 19:th century, which was a time when many swedes left the country for looking for better opportunities. I hope the foreign setting doesn’t obstruct too much.

Lisa nervously adjusted her skirt as she waited in her new patrons dining room. She had traveled for three days in a horse-drawn carriage to get here and had never met the great farmer Karlsson herself, for whom she would now work. Her father and two sisters were currently on their way across the sea to the New Land, defying wind and water for the chance at a new life. But the money had not been enough for the whole family, so her father had written to Sigvard Karlsson, a friend since childhood. Lisa had gotten her hands on the letter before sending it and had sobbed as she read the desperate words from her father, who was practically asking on his bare knees for a job for Lisa. Karlsson’s answer had come quickly, with a promise of work and housing for as long as Lisa needed it. And so she was here now, dusty and tired after a long journey.

She heard footsteps outside the door and made one last attempt to straighten a tangle in her curly blonde hair. When the door opened, she stood with her fingers firmly in her curls, and with blushing cheeks she clasped her hands in front of her belly and nipples, her gaze on the floor.

“Ah, welcome, young Lisa,” said the master farmer with a friendly smile. “I hope the trip was gentle?” He was a tall man with broad shoulders shaped from a life of hard work. While many peasants struggled during these times, life had been good for Mr. Karlsson, who wore fine, clean clothes and looked to be in good spirits. Next to him stood a younger man, perhaps only slightly older than Lisa herself, and on the other side of the farmer stood a young girl of Lisa’s own age — eighteen or at most nineteen years old. She was struck by how beautiful and clean they all were. All three seemed to be well-fed and freshly bathed and she felt a scent of soap spread in the room. She herself had not seen a glimpse of a bathtub for several months and the last time she washed herself had been a couple of days earlier in a cold river at the side of the road. Her blush deepened.

“The journey was pleasant, but long, Mr. Karlsson,” Lisa said without raising her eyes.

“I understand that,” said the farmer. “And I really think a bath would be nice, right? And maybe a hot meal?”

Lisa’s stomach churned in response and the farmer’s warm smile widened, though she could sense something sad in his eyes. “Let me introduce my son, David, and Sara, who also works as a maid here. You two will share a room and I expect you to be good friends. Right, Sara?”

“Yes, Mr. Karlsson,” the young girl replied in a low voice.

“Sara, why don’t you take young Lisa and help her pour a hot bath and we’ll start preparing the food in the meantime?”

“Yes, Mr. Karlsson,” the young, blonde maid answered, taking Lisa’s hand while leading her out of the room. Lisa felt both the patrons and David’s eyes following her when she left.

Sigvard Karlsson grunted happily when the door closed behind the two girls. “Beautiful girl, right David?”

David blushed and avoided Sigvard’s eyes. “Yes,” he said. “Very.”

“Beautiful” was an understatement. The girl was as sweet as the sun, with her light curly hair and shy manner. When Mark had sent the letter, he had mentioned his daughter’s obedience and willingness to work, but completely missed that he had raised an angel the last eighteen years. Sigvard felt something move between his pants and he sensed that David was struggling with the same thoughts. Sigvard smiled inside – when he hired Sara, the idea was to lure his son out of his shell, give him a chance to grow out of his shyness. But while Sara was a beautiful, young girl, it quickly became clear where her interests lay. And it had not been with David.

Sigvard got harder when he remembered the knock on the door that night when Sara first visited him. She had been wearing a thin nightgown, her pale skin glistening in the moonlight as her bare feet slowly walked toward his bed. Without a word, she crawled up among his blankets and sheets and nestled in between his arms. Her nipples were hard through the thin fabric.

“I’m scared, Mr Karlsson,” she said with her face close to his. She shifted so she sat with her pale legs on either side of his hip.

“How do you mean?” Sigvard asked harshly.

“The devil has a grip on me. Every day and every night it burns.”

“Burns where?”

With glossy eyes she took his hand in hers and brought it up between her legs, towards the soft cleft. Her juices spread on his fingertips when he felt how wet she was, how open she was already to him. He tried to muster the willpower to ward her off. His wife was gone over the summer and his marriage was a happy one, but her horny eyes enchanted him.

“Every day I have to walk away, away from all watching eyes, so I do not go crazy,” Sara continued.

“And what do you do then, when you are alone?”

“I touch myself, hard and fast, until my sex is tender and face is glistening from sweat. But it is not enough. Sometimes I rub myself against things, pretending it be a man under me. But it is not enough either. I have tried everything – even hitting with the hairbrush where it burns the most. But the pain only makes it… warmer.”

Sigvard’s cock pulsed in his underwear. He now knew that he would never be able to push her away, not when she made her will so clear. And that made him angry, not at her but at himself. That he, with all he had accomplished in life, so easily lost the battle against a girl not even half as old as he. His hands gripped her hips, his fingers drilled into her buttocks through the thin fabric.

“It’s called being horny,” Sigvard said. “Everyone is sometimes, but some are born with more of it than others. It can very well be a curse.”

“How do I get rid of it?” she gasped as his hand fondled her buttocks.

“You can not. You can only give in. You are a slut, made to please others.” He may have been angry with himself, but he directed his anger at the girl.

“I am not!” said Sara, but her moan betrayed her as his hands reached under her nightgown and parted her buttocks.

“You are. Cursed to be a horny slut for the rest of your life, to suffer in shame. But I can help you if you want.”


“You can not get rid of it, so you have to give in. I can satisfy you and it will give you rest. I can train you to deal with it and learn to steer your horniness in the right direction, but in that case you have to do as I say, always. Is that understood? “

Sara, this eighteen-year-old girl who had only lived on his farm for a couple of weeks, nodded. “I will do as you say. I will be your slut.”

“Good.” Without warning, he pulled off her nightgown and she gasped as her body was exposed. Still angry at himself and his weakness, he twisted her nipples. Not hard, but determined. She moaned in pain-mixed pleasure as he embraced her firm, full breasts with his hands. He threw her onto bed and she bounced softly on the mattress. She watched with wide eyes as he pulled his cock out off his underwear. It rocked in all its glory, almost as wide as her arm. It must have been a terrifying sight for a young virgin like Sara, but she did not back down as he brought his limb to her lips. “Open your mouth.” He knew his voice was hissing. The anger that burned in him spurred on his lust, made his hands shake as he grabbed her head and pulled her towards his pulsating member. He moaned loudly as her saliva-soaked tongue touched the sensitive top of his cock with tentative strokes. The primal part of him wanted to thrust himself to the root, into her throat, filling her completely. But he resisted the impulse. No matter how horny he was – and no matter how much this was her fault – she was still young and inexperienced. He would take his time with her, train her, make her his. And when Maja, his wife, returned in a couple of months … it was a problem to be solved at a later time.

He let her get used to the feeling of the hard cock, let her tongue and lips become more confident in his movements before he pulled out.

Sara breathed heavily, catching her breath. He might have been tougher on the team than he realized. “I did not know you could do that,” she gasped. “With your mandom… in my mouth …”

“You will learn a lot more than that,” said Sigvard, and she gasped as he pulled her around so that she was lying on her stomach between his blankets. He pulled up her hip with his hands and enjoyed how warm and soft her skin was. He caressed the buttocks, parted and slapped them lightly. “You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” she said shyly.

SLAP His palm left a slight red blush over her pale buttock. “How long have you had these desires? How long have you not been able to control these wicked thoughts?”

“For several years, since I was very young,” she mumbled down to the pillow. She squeked when he slapped her again. “I have been punished for it before,” she continued. “I told the village priest how I felt, how it always burned between my legs and how my breasts were always hard, despite my infertility. I wanted him to understand so I let him feel, first on top of my breasts and then between my legs … Oh! ” Sigvard’s hand struck her bare buttocks again and the blush spread.

“What happened next?”

“He got upset, so he told me to get over his knees, pulled my dress up over my ass and punished me like my master does now … But worse, harder.”

“But it did not help,” said Sigvard. SLAP

“No,” she moaned between the hits. “It only got worse. I felt his limb beneath me, how hard it got, and the longer he held on, the more it burned. I parted my thighs as I lay over his knees and begged him to touch me. He slapped me harder, but I kept begging and finally … He stuck touched me with his fingers and rubbed them against my sex. Something went through my body and after a while I screamed loudly while something wet shot out of me. It stained his clothes and … ah! ah! ah! “

Sigvard slapped her several times in a row, varying between the two buttocks.

“And that’s why your family sent you here, right?”

She nodded quietly into the sheets. “I could not stay in the village after that. The priest threatened to destroy for father and mother if I did not leave immediately, so …”

Sigvard let his fingers caress the red lines over her ass. Suddenly he felt pity for the creature beneath him. She could not help her feelings – she was created differently, and it did not have to be an evil thing. God was not prone to mistakes, after all. “You are not created wrong, Sara,” said Sigvard. “You are just cast in a different way. It will take a while, but eventually you will find your way in this life. But you do not have to be ashamed of who you are.”

“But it’s so hard!” she said. “Even now, when you punish me, I feel how it burns in my whole body and it takes everything so that I do not let go of everything and rub my fingers between my legs.”

In response, Sigvard let his own finger round the bend that separated the butt from the pussy. She was hot and wet and her labia were parted around his fingertips. Sara let out a desperate moan and itched her hip against his hand.

“I will teach you to take care of yourself. At the same time as I teach you to take care of me. And when one day you find your own husband, you will pass on what I have taught you. Sounds good?”

She was silent for a few moments. “Do you mean it?”

“Yes.” Sigvard continued to caress her pussy, letting two fingers slide back and forth over her wet cave. He pressed his thumb lightly against her second opening. It had been many years since a woman let him take her from the behind, but he still remembered the tight embrace around his cock, how his semen always shot hardest after an ass fuck. Oh, that he missed the early years of his youth. He had been much like Sara, with desires that could hardly be controlled. But unlike Sara, he had been lucky enough to encounter a like-minded girl early on. Together they had explored all that the primal world had to offer. They had traveled together and found others like themselves. It had been good years. “I will teach you. And train you. But it will have to wait until another day. Tonight I will only show you one thing.”


In response, he straightened his cock and pressed it against her leaking pussy. He heard her gasp as his broad glans parted her labia and pressed into her. And quickly, without warning – he knew she would endure it – he bumped, taking her innocence in the time between two heartbeats.

Sara howled, but mainly of pleasure, a lesser part of surprise and an even lesser of pain. The anger had subsided, but the energy it evoked still burned strong in Sigvard and he began to fuck Sara hard. To someone else, he would have been softer and more gentle, but he recognized Sara’s for what she was. A gentleman would never be enough for her – she needed fire. And Sigvard had plenty of it.

With both hands around her hips, he thrust his cock into her. His balls hit her pussy and Sara emitted muffled sounds in time with his cock.

“Oh- oh- oh- oh-” She buried her face in a pillow, trying to muffle her moans of pleasure.

SLAP Sigvard resumed his blows with the palm of his hand. Every fifth thrust was followed by his palm, which left an increasing redness on her buttocks.

“Oh- oh- oh- oh- oh- * Smack * Oh! Oh- oh- oh- oh- * Smack * Oh! Oh- oh- oh- oh- SLAP Oh! Oh- oh- oh- oh- SLAP Oh! Oh! Oh- oh- oh- oh- SLAP oh! Oh- oh- oh- oh- SLAP oh! Oh- oh- oh- oh- SLAP oh! Oh- oh- oh- Oh-“

Her pussy was the tightest he had ever experienced. It tightened and twitched around his cock, while her ass followed his movements in perfect thrusts. She formed such a beautiful and arousing sight beneath him, where she tossed her head back and forth, moving as wildly as his hands and cock allowed while the ecstasy was building inside her. He felt how the climax started to build inside him, how the seed was gathering, but he had no plans cum before her. So he increased the speed of both his palm and his hips.

SLAP “OH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP AH! oh- SLAP OH! Ah- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP AH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- Harder! SLAP OH! oh- SLAP OH! ah- SLAP OH! oh- SLAP OH! oh- HARDER!”

Sigvard was not slow to obey.


She came with a loud howl and her body twisted spasmodically between his hands. The cramps in her pussy pushed him over the line and he pulled out his cock just as the first jet of semen shot out of his tip. He came over her back and red buttocks, leaving sticky traces over the smooth, blushing skin.

Sara lay with her head over her crossed arms and breathed heavily. Sigvard imagined that this was the first time she had ever been completely satisfied. That it was the first time it did not burn between her legs.

He sat down on his knees next to her. His cock, still semi-hard, dangled at her open eyes and without prompting she raised her head and took it between her lips. He stroked her hair as she cleaned his cock and wondered how the taste of both cum and her own pussy juices must hit her. But she just smiled with tired eyes and smacked her lips when she was done. She was that mix of sweet and beautiful that Sigvard was always drawn to – reasonably innocent on the outside, but everything else on the inside. His cock started jerking again.

“Oh,” Sara said as she felt his cock grow in her hand. She caressed the top with her thumb and jerked him slowly. “Does it usually go so fast to get hard again?”

“Only when it is properly motivated.”

“And I motivate it?” she asked with innocent eyes.


With a smile, she took the cock in her mouth again. A few minutes later, with his fingers intertwined in her hair, he came with deep thrusts into her mouth. A thin stream of semen flowed from her full mouth. She swallowed, again without prompting. Twenty minutes later, she rode him as he fucked her for another orgasm, which ended with their lips locked in an intense kiss.


Sigvard realized that he was standing and daydreaming. His mind returned to the hall where his son was waiting for him. “I must have started thinking about something else.”

“If you say so,” David said. There was something suspicious in his voice, but he let it be. “I hope the new girl is as good a worker as Sara.”

“Eh …” The thought that struck Sigvard did not follow David’s meaning, and he forced himself to push it away. But it returned quickly and suddenly he was stuck with the picture of Lisa and Sara on his bed, naked and curled up, while he approached with his cock on high alert. “Eh, we can only hope, my son.” Jesus! Sara thought she had a problem with her desires! If she only knew- His thoughts stopped. If she knew, she would most likely do everything in her power to make it a reality.

Maybe it wasn’r such a far-fetched idea after all? Not with Sara as a conspirator by his side?


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