Summer Fun – Chapter 2 – One Thing on My Mind



There’s a saying, “Young, dumb and full of cum.” Well, I’m “young.” “Dumb?” I would like to think not, but I do say some dumb things from time to time. And, finally, “full of cum?” Good god… more than I ever knew!

Riding home from the Fairlawn Apartments that afternoon, I was in a state of bliss. Even the simple action of peddling the bike was causing just enough repetitive movement between my legs to arouse me. My teenage brain is on fire and sorting out what happened just a few hours ago. Which, of course, is:

I had sex today!

I had my first, real, sex today!

My penis was all the way inside Renee’s pussy!

Wow, do I ever like hearing myself think that; so much so, I’m gonna slowly repeat it…

My – Penis – Was – All – The – Way – Inside – Renee’s – Pussy – !

And, it felt so, so fucking good!

I must look like a lost retard, lazily meandering my way home with a huge grin plastered across my face. Add the fact that these vivid mental replays have given me a full-on erection. Unlike driving in a car, riding a bike leaves my whole body visible; I lean forward and position the bottom of my loose-fitting t-shirt to cover my obvious crotch tent.

Speaking of what’s making my crotch of my shorts tent; oh, how I loved the way she was bouncing up and down on it! Up and down, up and down till I couldn’t stand it any longer. In those magic moments, she told me to do it, so I did! I pushed in deep and I came; I shot my cum in her pussy! The whole thing was pretty amazing, she made me feel so good and she said I made her feel good too.

As if on autopilot, I somehow found my way home and walk in the back door. Mom is starting to make dinner and briefly looks over her shoulder to say, “Hi, Kyle.”

“Hi, Mom…” I half-sing and continue to my room. It’s a good thing her back is turned or she would have surely noticed my shorts significantly extending outward on the front-side.

Time to shut the door, lay on my bed for a little me-time and relish this big day in my young life. The intense replays are still very fresh. I’m thinking about how awesome it was to slide up into her, so slippery and wet, so warm and how snugly her pussy surrounded me. Ohhh god, that felt sooo good! Unaware that I was even doing so, I’ve pushed my underwear all the way to my ankles… With one hand firmly gripping and the other rubbing my balls, here I am with my privates all fired-up. I’ll spare the play-by-play, but you know what I’m doing down there with myself.

As I’m wiping up the messy results of this little party with myself, Mom knocks on the door telling me that dinner will be ready in about 20-minutes. Just enough time to take a, much-needed, shower and join them at the table.


“You certainly seem to be a good mood. How did it go at the apartments?” Mom asks.

“Fantastic! It was great! We got the whole thing painted.”

“Oh, wow, that sounds like a lot of work.”

“Yeah it was, but it was a LOT of fun too.”

“Humphf… ‘Painting, fun?’” Dad mutters, “That’s a new one…”

“Oh, Jerry, stop. It’s good for Kyle to learn new things.”

Oh, I learned some new things alright! I nod to myself in satisfaction. If Mom only knew exactly what new things I learned today. Thinking of this causes me to let out a snicker.

“What’s so funny Kyle?” Mom asks.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about something…” And, I better stop thinking about this as I feel a slight stirring between my legs…


Some might think sweating your ass off all day painting a stifling apartment would wear a person out, but after dinner, I was full of energy and antsy as hell. I need to do something, or I’ll probably be back in my room, rubbing myself raw having a jack-off fest.

I text Marc and Jeff to see what they are up to and they ride over to shoot some hoops in the driveway with me. Am I ever on my game today, I hardly miss a shot. “Damn Dude, what has gotten into you?” Marc gripes.

“You’re sinking it in like a pro.” Jeff agrees.

“You’re one hard one to beat today,” Marc mutters as he takes another failed shot.

Every little thing my sexed-up brain hears is turned into a sexual innuendo. My mother saying, “It’s good for Kyle to learn new things”, Jeff saying, “Sinking it in”, Marc saying, “You’re one hard one…” I better get my mind onto something else or they may notice something growing that I don’t need them to see.

Arghh! This is so hard- here we go again, “So hard”, I mentally roll my mind’s eye. I just want to burst, totally explode- Oh god, I can’t take this anymore! I wanna tell them so bad what happened today. I wanna jump up and shout, “I had sex today! I got laid! I lost my virginity! Woo Hoo!”

An hour or so later, it’s getting dark, so we end the game and they head home. Finally, I think I’m worn out, not to mention all sweaty again.

Back into the shower I go and thinking to myself that this will be the third time I’ve gotten naked since I woke up. Oh, and that first time I got naked, now that… that was a doozy! Yup, that’s all that was needed to take my thoughts back there, here I am with a great big, throbbing boner again.

Let’s just say there’s more than soap and water swirling its way down the drain…


The next morning, I wake up with some respectable, rock-solid, morning-wood; no surprise, happens to me pretty much every morning. Might as well take care of it while I’m laying here…

It dawns on me, as I’m eating my cereal, that in three days I will probably/hopefully get to have sex with Renee again; that’s pretty cool. Yup, in three days I can put my cock back into that warm, welcoming, wet, silky pussy of hers… mmmm… Then it hits me, three days! Damn! That’s an eternity, especially when all I can think about is sex anymore.

I gotta get out, I need my mind occupied on other things. I’ll see if Jeff and Marc want to ride out to the mall or something. The mall is a few miles away, that will be a good way to kill some time.

But first, I think I need go back to my room and “take care” of something…

There’s a saying that goes, “Young, dumb and full of cum.” Well, I’m definitely “young.” “Dumb?” I would like to think not, but I have been known to say and do some dumb things from time to time. And finally, “full of cum?” Good god… more than I ever knew!

Okay, with that matter-in-hand taken care of, I should be good to go, for a while at least. Now I can text Marc and Jeff.

Instead of the mall, they would like to catch a matinee at the movies. That works for me, as long as it’s a movie with little or no sexual content, I should be fine. We pick a good, high-action, guy-movie, full of gun fights and car chases.

It turns out to be a pretty good movie, but about halfway through, my mind is wandering. Renee’s boobs are gorgeous… Renee likes my pubic hair… Renee thinks I have a nice cock… Renee’s pussy is fantastic… Renee likes how I feel inside her pussy… Renee likes to cum at the same time I do… Renee and I will be alone together in three days!

Marc is nudging me with his elbow, “Huh? What?”

“I said, do you wanna to get pizza after?”

“Yeah, yeah… Sounds great.” It’s good thing it’s dark in here, my cock is super-hard and poking up in my pants again.


The next day I’m working a dinner shift starting at 4:00. I don’t see Renee here, normally I love working with her, but today it’s probably for the best to keep my sexed-up hormones in check. Benny and Eric are on duty in the kitchen.

The food-stock truck arrived today at 6:00. The delivery needs to be immediately checked-in so the driver can be on their way. All the perishables need to be sorted and put into the coolers right away. It’s a lot of work and we hate when the truck comes right at the height of the dinner rush, but nothing we can do about it. Benny asks me to work in the back with the checking-in and getting the delivered goods squared away.

Renee shows up and I hear her telling the guys, “Sorry I’m late guys, had a pain in the ass complaint at the apartments to deal with.”

After helping to get the kitchen caught up on orders, she comes in the back to help me finish putting away the new stock.

“Hey, Kyle! How are you?”

“I’m good.”

“Are we still on for painting on Monday?”

Tilting my head, I look at her like she’s crazy. “HELL YEAH!” I blurt out a tad too loud.

Renee looks around, shushing my over-excitement, “Easy there…”

In a quieter voice, I say, “I can’t wait. Do you know how difficult this has been?” What I don’t tell her is that I’m so horny right now, I could do her right here in this back room, but somehow, I think she knows.

She leans in and whispers in my ear, “Be patient Sport, it’ll be worth the wait.” She winks and flashes me a grin. Oh, and that’s supposed to make this any easier?


Once again, I wake up with morning-oak, several strokes later, I’ve taken care of that issue and now I can start my day. I’ve sure been doing a lot of jacking-off these last few days, can’t seem to keep my hands off myself, sheesh!

There’s a growing pile of clothes on the floor at the end of my bed. I’m really going to have to hide all these cum-encrusted, dirty t-shirts by mixing them in with the laundry, or just throw them in the washer myself. The last thing I need is Luke noticing all the stiff, dry, whiteish splotches, or Mom asking about it.

Today is Sunday and, no surprise, it’s another hot July summer day. With towels slung over our shoulders, Marc, Jeff and I are on our bikes heading over to the Spring Haven Community Center to go swimming.

I’m really going to have to work extra-hard at keeping Renee and sex off my brain today. It would be way too embarrassing to have another, and mighty difficult to hide, stiffy in my swim trucks at the public pool.

Surprisingly, it’s not super-crowded today, but there’s still a fair amount of people. We luck out and find an empty table with a shade umbrella. Staking claim on it as our own, we drop our towels off on the chairs and hop in the pool.

After a good round of splashing about, we get some cold drinks from the concession stand and hang out in the shade at our table. The pool is always the best place to people-watch, especially the summer-girls in their bikinis.

“Would you look at that?” Marc nods across the way.

“Look at what?” Jeff asks.

“Over there. Do you see what I see?”

“Oh yeah, I do,” Jeff nods. It’s a group of girls we know from Maplewood High arriving, Laura, Samantha, Kristin and Colleen. They set their bags and towels on chaise loungers across the pool from us.

What was I just saying about the fun of people watching, especially girls in bikinis? Here’s four we’re familiar with from our school. I’m so used to seeing them in their jeans and t-shirts or blouses, clothes they normally wear to class, it’s pleasingly different to now see them showing… showing so much skin. And this is not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all, one of the many perks of sweet, sweet Summertime.

Within minutes the girls are gliding down the slide and into the pool to cool off. Marc, Jeff and I enjoy watching them get wet and have fun from our shady vantage point. We all have our own version of a smirk plastered across our faces, you know our teenage minds are thinking about more than, Oh, look at those nice girls having fun in the water.

After a few minutes, Marc abruptly stands up. “Well guys, I need to cool off,” he says putting on his swim goggles and fast walking away from us to jump back in. I’m sure he was hoping no-one would notice, but I caught a glimpse of exactly how happy watching the girls has made him. Nothing works better than the pool to calm that growing situation down.

This is a fact of life all guys know, the amazing ability the pool water has of shrinking your penis. It never ceases to amaze me every time I take off my wet swim shorts. I look down and it’s like, Whoa, what the hell? Where did you go? Get back here and hang-out a little… followed by some necessary fluffing to bring Little Kyle back into the world.

While Marc is utilizing the pool’s above described effect, Jeff and I stay put at the table. It’s not that we don’t like what we’re seeing, but come on, even a teenage guy can have a little self-control. Self-control, easy to for me to say to myself, but it’s a real personal test after how sexed-up I’ve been since late last week.

Down the slide the girls go, climb out and back to the slide to go again. Yup, nothing out of the ordinary, common thing to see at a community pool, but nice to watch just the same. I see they’re now braving going down face first, screaming with their arms out in front of them. Watching this repeating action of into the water and out again, I ask, “Why do they do that?”

“Do what?” Jeff asks.

“The girls, they always run their fingers along the inside of the leg holes of their swim-suits whenever they get out of the pool.”

“I think it’s to pull it out of their ass-cracks.”

“Well, personally, I think they should just leave it up in there,” I laugh, “That way we can see how nicely their cheeks are shaped.”

“I think you’re right about that, Kyle,” Jeff muses and nods agreement.

Over by the slide, Marc’s head pops up from under the water, he’s frantically looking around like he’s lost his bearings. When he spots us, he swims over and quickly gets out of the pool, it’s like he’s seen a ghost or something.

“Hooo! Boy! You guys are NOT going to believe this!” he exclaims, panting from his rush. Jeff and I look at him and let him catch his breath to continue. Once he’s semi-composed, he looks us in the eyes and in a quiet voice, blurts out, “Laura’s carpet definitely matches the drapes. Kristin recently trimmed herself into a nice little mohawk style, landing strip. Colleen has a super-bush and Samantha shaves it completely off!”

“What in the hell are you talking about?” I ask, totally confused from this unexpected blitz of information about what’s going on inside the girls’ bikinis.

He flops down in the chair and motions his head over at the slide, “Do you see how the girls are going down the slide arms first?”

“Yeah,” we agree.

“Okay, I was swimming around underwater with my goggles on, just minding my own business, when Laura landed from the slide. As her body slid into pool, the rushing water pulled the waistband of the bottom part of her bikini down a couple of inches. Just enough for me to get a great view of her pubes!”

Jeff and I look at each other, “No shit? Really?”

Marc enthusiastically nods the affirmative and continues in a hushed voice, “I couldn’t believe it! So, I decided to put this to the test to see if would happen again. Kristin was next and, sure enough, I was able to see exactly how she trims herself up.”

Jeff shakes his head, “You are such a pervert, Marc.”

“Oh, come on! You mean to tell me you’ve been sitting here this whole time and haven’t been wondering about what’s inside those bikinis?”

“Yeah,” Jeff smirks and admits, “I have…”

Marc tells us more, “Now, Colleen? Whoa! Daniel Boone would get lost in that forest! But, Samantha…” he sighs and takes on a dreamy, far-off look. “Mmmm… Samantha is as bare as a desert, talk about hot!”

He leans in, motioning us closer to share a very important detail and whispers, “I could even see the very top of where her slit begins!” Marc has had a thing for Samantha for a while now, so I’m sure getting a quick peek at her forbidden fruit just made his whole summer.

Jeff’s eyes pop, “Really!” Having heard enough, he grabs the goggles, puts them on and jumps in the pool.

After several splash-downs, which Jeff nonchalantly positioned himself at the bottom of the slide to witness, the girls give themselves a rest to sun in the chaise lounges. He comes out the pool, slightly hunched over as he walks back. It doesn’t seem the pool-shrinkage trick is working very well for him. Sitting down, Jeff is amazed, “Man, that was awesome! You are 100% correct on all accounts, Marc.”

“See, told ya!”

Jeff looks at me, “Shit, you missed it Kyle, looks like they’re done with the slide.”

“It’s alright, I’ll live,” I tell him. I hate to sound like a braggart to myself, but they can dream about peeks at pubes all they want. Hopefully, my pubes will be closely inter-mingling with Renee’s pubes tomorrow.

Jeff sits back, with a satisfied look on his face. In a way, it’s like he just lost a little bit of his virginity by seeing some real girl-bits as opposed to surfing porn on the internet. “What do you guys like better on a girl, pubes or no-pubes?” he asks.

“Oh, no-pubes, without question, for sure!” Marc quickly answers, “Shows she cares about how she looks down there.”

Jeff nods, taking in Marc’s answer and turns to me, “What about you, Kyle?”

I think about how nice it was when I saw Renee’s fluffy patch. It was the first thing I noticed when she pulled her shorts down and was it ever a huge turn-on. To answer his question, “I think I prefer pubic hair on a girl, something about it is damn sexy to me.”

Marc makes a face at me like I’m crazy, “Really?”

“Yup! I definitely do.” I nod, affirming my position on the matter. “It can be kept trimmed up and looking nice, you know, like in a triangle or something. So soft to the touch and-” I stop myself before they start asking how I would know so much about how soft a girl’s pubes are and spill details that I shouldn’t.

“Now that you mention it,” Jeff says, “Kristin did look super-hot with hers, I liked that.”

“Exactly!” I give him a thumbs-up.

“Blah… You guys are nuts,” Marc blows it off.

“To each, their own,” Jeff shrugs.

“What I wouldn’t give to slide it up in Samantha now that I know she shaves. Mmm hmmm…” Marc muses, gazing across the pool at the girls.

“As if! Samantha won’t let you within 10-feet of her,” Jeff replies.

“Let’s just see about that,” Marc gets up, accepting this as a challenge. He walks around the pool, approaching to talk to her, then he leans in to whisper something. It looks like he’s grabbing his crotch of all things.

“Did he just grab his beans?” I ask Jeff, confused.

“I think so.”

A look of total disgust crosses Samantha’s face and she slaps his face, we can hear the crack all the way over here. Marc turns tail to come back to our table, his reddening cheek is visible from here. He’s shrugging and has his arms up like, what did I do?

“What did you say to her?” Jeff asks.

“I just asked her if she wanted to see what real man looks like, that’s all.” Marc explains like that’s a normal thing a guy would casually ask a girl.

“Oh, real smooth-move, you’re such a bonehead.” I tell him, shaking my head.

“So, who you got your eye on these days, Kyle?” Jeff asks.

“Oh, you know the answer to that,” Marc scoffs, “He’s planning on waiting an eternity for Tiffany Hammond.”

“No, I’m not…” I pooh-pooh it.

“’Oh Tiffany, Tiffany, when will you go out with ME instead of those big, stupid jocks.’” Marc pokes fun.

“Knock it off, at least I have enough class not to walk up to a girl and grab my sac like a knuckle-dragger.”

Jeff has a good laugh over that.

“Oh? And how’s all that ‘class’ working out for you?” Marc asks. Time for me to take a deep breath and keep my mouth shut. Have I mentioned how I SO want to tell them about what happened the other day with Renee? God, that would shut him the fuck up for once and for all.

“Well, speak of the she-devil.” Marc points out Tiffany, Blake, Justin, Jodie and some others entering the pool area. Tiffany looks mighty hot in her bright-pink two-piece bikini, wow! She’s very easy on my eyes, but Blake, with his hands all over her, can go away at any time.

Any other day it would have bothered me seeing Tiffany with Blake and those guys, but today, not so much. It probably has a lot to do with what happened at the apartments. I lean back, put my hands behind my head and smile.

“Look at him,” Marc says to Jeff, flipping his thumb in my direction, “There he goes, he’s imagining his dick in Tiffany.”

Oh, I’m definitely picturing myself in someone right now, but not Tiffany…


The three long-ass days finally pass. In the morning, I, or course, wake up with a solid hard-on. Today, I decide not to take care of it and dirty another t-shirt.

I ride my bike over to the Fairlawn Apartments and find Renee in Building #1, Unit #3 that we are to paint. She has already started masking off the vents and windows.

“Hey Kyle, come on in.”

She sits down on a huge pile of painter’s sheets in the unit’s dining room area. I walk over and sit down next to her. “So, what’s the plan today?”

“Well…” she says, “Since you’re not a virgin anymore, maybe we could ramp things up a bit? I was thinking we could kick off the day by getting all sweaty by screwing right here on this pile of sheets, paint for a while, take a break, maybe fuck some more, have some lunch, fuck some more, paint some more… something like that. How does that sound?”

My eyes are probably as big as silver-dollars by this point. “Wow! That sounds perfect!”

“Come ’ere, Sport.” she grabs my shirt and pulls me to her. We immediately start kissing and groping. She reaches inside my shorts, grabs my growing cock and starts pulling on it. If she only knew how much that thing has been pulled on by me these last three days.

I remember a few days ago feeling awkward at being naked with Renee for the first time, did I ever get over that fear quickly. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough today. We waste no time in getting busy, rubbing our naked bodies together and rolling around on the pile.

Renee lies on her back in this nest of painter’s sheets and spreads her legs wide. Her picture-perfect pussy is waiting for me, so inviting and so ready. I scoot up in there on my knees, grab myself and get ready to plunge it in. She hands me a small jar containing a white substance the consistency of peanut butter, “Here, put some of this on yourself before you put it in.”

“What is it?” I ask.

“It’s coconut oil, put it all over your cock, it’s a great natural lubricant. It will melt with your body heat.” I scoop some out with two fingers and spread it on myself. It’s thick at first, but soon melts into a nice, slick, clear oil.

Oh, hey now – Wow! I must say, this sure feels good. I take my time to thoroughly spread it all around from the base of my shaft all the way up to my tip, making sure to get it in the indented circumference, on my special sensitive spot and all over my smooth head surfaces. Renee is patiently watching me enjoy this task, “So… Are you gonna jack it off with that oil? Or…?”

“Oh, sorry… It feels good putting this on.”

“I can see that!” she snickers. “How about you get your, ‘feeling good’ in here,” she redirects my attention to her pussy.

Now that I’m all slicked up, I move into position over her and slide my coconut oil lubricated cock with complete ease into her hot silky heaven. “Oh, Yessss…” Exactly where I want to be.

I work my hips fore and back, sliding it in and out. I enjoy looking down and seeing the action of my shaft going all the way in and then coming back out. Her pubic area rises when I push in and returns on the out stroke. I’m a detail kind of guy, I notice the little things.

Sure, I’ve watched porn on the internet before, but this is so much better. I’m the one doing it and it’s my cock having all the fun, not some other doofus’s. We go at it like this for a while when she notices me looking down between us, intently watching what’s going on between our legs.

She says, “Let me roll over and you can do me doggy-style. It will work better if you like to watch.” Renee positions herself on all fours, arching her back and I get up on my knees to slide myself back in. This gives me a perfect view with her ass in the air and easy access to her pussy.

“Grab my ass and fuck me good, Kyle,” she instructs me. I don’t need to be told twice.

I discover with this position that I have more control and flexibility with how I’m fucking her. She couldn’t be more right about this being a better view, talk about seeing, and in great detail, how her pussy lips are wrapped snugly around my cock. Watching myself sliding in and out of her tight hole is a massive turn on for me! Damn, this is so sexy! I swear, I could watch this all-day long.

I now understand what Renee meant about the guy usually cumming first. It’s not only the awesome visual stimulation I am receiving, it’s that this feels so damn good too! Like an approaching, lower body, tsunami, I just can’t hold the on-rush back any longer. “Uhht!” I grunt and begin shooting it. I’m blowing my load and draining my juices already, I couldn’t help it. “Dammit…” I mutter, “I wanted to last longer than this!”

Renee turns her head, smirks and reassures me, “It’s okay, Sport, just keep going.”

“I will.”

I keep on fucking her, taking my cues by listening to her moans build in volume and frequency. With her own juices, plus the coconut oil and now the addition of my slippery, sloppy load of cum in there, this makes for one, very well, lubricated pussy!

“Faster, fuck me faster,” she commands and I increase the speed of my thrusting.

Ramming it faster is when I learn all about a pop-out. One pull-back too far and my cock comes completely out, then on the return drive, it jams-up head-first just missing her hole on re-entry. “Yeeowww!” I yelp.

She looks over her shoulder and giggles, “Oopsee! Having a hard time finding the hole back there? Hahaha!”

“Not funny, that hurt!” I shake my head and put myself back in. All part of the learning process, I guess…

After she’s done giggling and we’ve resumed better-timed screwing on my part, she shouts, “Harder, Kyle, FUCK ME HARDER!”

I drive it harder; drive it deeper, fucking her intensely as she instructs me to. I do find humor in listening to the “plap, plap, plap” sound of my pelvis slapping in time with her ass.

Soon, her moans turn into those whimpering, crying-like sounds of pure pleasure. Her pussy muscles cinch up so tight around my cock that even with all the lubrication and cum I can barely push it in or pull it back. I am being held snuggly in place and she is no intentions of letting me go.

While breathing very hard, she starts screaming, “Ohhh! Oh my god! Ohhh! Oh god! OH GOD!” Her hands are scrunching up and releasing balls of sheets like she’s kneading bread dough. It’s probably my imagination, but I think I hear a distant thumping on the wall from the next apartment. I dismiss it quickly, I have much more important things going on here.

As her pussy muscles surrender some of their grip on me, I look down and see a string of our combined juices dripping down onto the sheets. Her climax subsides and I slide it out. We both collapse onto the sheets and lay together. She’s catching her breath from what sounded, and felt like, one very intense orgasm. We’re both covered in sweat, but it’s a good sweat from having sex.

Renee rolls on top of me, “Oh, Sport, that was great. Now, that’s how to start the day, huh?”

“Yeah it is, but I came too soon.”

“That’s okay, it happens. Good boy to you, you didn’t stop, you kept on going for me to catch-up.”

“I remembered what you said about when the guy cums first.”

“You were probably all sexed up and kept thinking about it too much the last few days. Am I right?”

“Yeah, it’s ALL I’ve been thinking about.”

“Would you like try again in a little while?”

“Yes, definitely!”

Renee kisses me, “I’ll bet you’ll last longer next time.”

She rolls off me and sits up. As she does this, I hear a low, quiet, “pflllfffbbtbtbt…” sound come from between her legs. My eyebrows shoot straight up! Did that just come from her pussy?

She starts giggling, puts her hand over her mouth and meekly says, “Oops, I queefed.”

“Queefed?” I ask.

She bursts out laughing, “A pussy fart, Kyle!”

“What?” I do a double-take, head shake, “I never knew a pussy could fart!”

She’s now laughing so hard, she’s in tears. Falling back onto me, she tries to explain, but can’t get the words out because of her laughing fit. After she starts to calm, and wipes tears from her face, another wave of laughter overtakes. I’m happy she thinks this is funny and all, but I really want to know more about this pussy farting business, also apparently known as a queefing. Finally, she gains enough control to make an earnest attempt to explain this mystery to me.

“Okay… you know how when we are doing it? Hahahaha… When you are really pumping it in and out? Hahaha… Little bits of air can get trapped up inside. When we’re done and my muscles relax down there, it… it comes out. Comes out like a little fart! A queef! Hahahaha!”

So many, many new things I’m learning here.

“Oh, Sport, this is so funny, you’re experiencing all these things for the first time. I’ll bet you never knew there was some much to sex, huh?”

“I never knew that could happen. Wow!”

With my morning sex class over, it’s time to put our clothes on and get started on the painting. We begin spreading out the painter’s sheets over the floor and I notice one of them has a nice sized wet-spot. I jokingly point it out to Renee, “Hmmm, I wonder how that got there?”

“I don’t know,” she laughs, “What’s it smell like?”

“I think I’ll pass on that…”

I go to crank up the music and she remembers, “Oh wait, we can’t get too loud in this unit. This is the oldest building in the complex, for some reason the walls here are super thin and sound travels. Dad only rents these apartments in Building #1 to elderly, quieter people.”

Hmmm… Maybe that thumping on the wall earlier was not my imagination…


Around noon we take a break from the painting and go right at it again on the floor in the empty living room. We start off with the missionary position and I give myself minor rug burns on my knees.

Switching to doggy-style for a while, we then finish with me flat on my back with Renee straddling me in ride-‘em-cowboy style; at which time she gives herself minor rug burns on her knees. She was right, I did last a lot longer this time. We didn’t exactly cum at the same time, but close.

Once again, our romp is peppered with many of her loud moans and very loud, “Fuck me harder’s”, “Oh yessss!’s” and cannot forget my favorite, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh My GOD!” I don’t think she realizes how vocally loud she gets during sex.

This apartment is beyond stifling and we are both pouring sweat. “Let’s go find some place cooler to get lunch today, Sport. My treat, okay? What sounds good to you?”

Jokingly, I say, “Well, crab legs are my favorite.”

Her eyebrows shoot up, “Wow! You’re a guy with expensive tastes!” she laughs.

“Burgers or tacos are fine…”

We get dressed and let ourselves out into the hallway. At the same time, an elderly couple who live in the apartment next door, are also coming out into the hall. Renee smiles and waves, “Oh, Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Kransen! How are you today?”

They both scowl at us with those dis-approving, heavy eyebrows that old people are so good at making. Mrs. Kransen is not too happy and scolds at us, “Hrumpfff. We heard everything and know exactly what you two were doing in there. You kids should be ashamed of yourselves!”

I look at Renee and she looks at me. Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh, I repeatedly tell myself.

Mr. Kransen takes his turn to instruct us that, “In our day we practiced what was known as a little decorum. The whole world need not hear what married people do in private.”

We both look down, trying so hard not to crack up and laugh right out loud.

Renee meekly offers, “We’re sorry, we-”

“Well, you darn well should be!” Mrs. Kransen snaps at us. “Come on Frederick, since they are leaving, we can go back inside and eat our lunch in peace and quiet.” With that, they go back into their unit, slam the door and leave us in the hallway… snickering.

Renee and I quickly need to get outside of the building so we can burst out laughing.

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