I’ll do anything for him Part 01



Grace is a poorly educated ex Children’s Home girl for whom they find a job for her and hovel to live in. Then she falls in love with one of the Managers and she will do absolutely anything for him.

I’m Grace. I was 18 years old, slim (skinny actually), 161 cm tall, 30A chest with light brown hair when it all started. I lived on my own in a little bedsit and I worked as an office junior. My life was, for want of a better word, crap. You see I grew up in a children’s home and when I reached 18 I had to leave. The only good things being that they found a miserable bedsit for me and fixed me up with the office job that only just paid me enough to pay the rent and buy a little food.

My only just existence went on for a few months until I met this guy at work. He kept coming to talk to me for no apparent reason. It took one of the young women in the office telling me that Jack fancied me for me to even think about it and I couldn’t see why. With my skinny body, tiny tits and old unfashionable clothes I just couldn’t see what he saw in me.

After a couple of months of the near daily visits, Jack asked me if I’d like to go out for a drink with him.

“Me! Why on earth would you want to take me for a drink?” I asked. “You’re a manager, about 10 years older than me and I’m nothing but an uneducated office junior.“

“Grace, age and office status means nothing to me, what I’m looking at is a beautiful young lady who is pleasure to talk to. I don’t care about anything else.”

“But I’ve got nothing to wear for going out, all the clothes that I have are what I wear for work.”

“Grace. I don’t care what you wear, you could come out with me totally naked and it wouldn’t matter, it’s your company that I’m after.”

“Well I’m not going out naked that’s for sure.”

“That wasn’t a good way of putting it although I think I’d love it if you did. What I was trying to say was it doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s your company that I’m looking for not what you are wearing. I’d be happy with you wearing old, tatty jeans and a grease covered sweatshirt.”

“Well okay then, but don’t expect a raving beauty in a low cut dress.”

“I won’t.”

We fixed the time and place then got on with our work.

I met Jack at the Red Lion and I have to say that I was very nervous. It was my first ever date and the butterflies were quite active. Also, I had never been into a pub before and it was a bit of a surprise.

I have to say that I had a very nice evening. After a couple of drinks Jack took me for a very nice meal before talking me home. I wanted to invite him in for coffee but 2 things stopped me, firstly I didn’t have any coffee and secondly I was ashamed of my little hovel.

I didn’t say that, I didn’t say anything but I did let Jack kiss me then I kissed him back. Jack didn’t push me for any more even though I wanted him to. I was so happy that I would have given him my virginity that night.

I felt guilty for not inviting Jack into my hovel and that bugged me until I went to sleep and again in the morning. I wanted to phone Jack and apologise to him but even if I knew his number I couldn’t phone him because I didn’t have a phone.

I was still thinking about Jack later that morning when there was a knock on my door. That never happened and I was so surprised that I didn’t even think about putting some clothes on, I was still wearing what I slept in, just a short T-shirt and my knickers.

I opened the door and froze with my mouth hanging open.

After a few seconds I managed to say,

“Jack, what are you doing here?”

Then I remembered what I was wearing.

“Oh my gawd, you can’t see me like this.” and I tried to close the door.

It wouldn’t shut because Jack had put his foot in the way.

“Jack, you can’t see me like this, I haven’t even cleaned my teeth yet.”

But Jack eased the door open and as he gently pushed the door I admitted defeat and let the door open.

“Jack, please.”

“Grace, I’ve told you this, I don’t care what you are wearing or not wearing, it’s you I’ve come to see. I wanted to know if you were okay after last night.”

By then I’d sat on the side of my unmade bed and Jack had sat beside me. He took hold of one of my hands and asked me if I was okay.

“No I’m not, I’m ashamed that I’m not dressed and that you are here in my little hovel, look at it, it’s a dump, and please don’t ask to go to the toilet, it’s horrible in there.”

“Right Grace, pack your bags, you’re coming with me.”

“What, where?”

“To my house. I live on my own and I have a spare bedroom, you can rent that from me.”

“I can’t do that, I hardly know you.”

“Grace, if you were looking for a room to rent you’d go to check-out places where you didn’t even know the owners and you’d make a snap decision about renting the room even though you’d only met the landlord once and only said a few word to him. You know me and I think that you know that you would be safe with me, and besides, if you want we can write up a formal rental agreement that will protect your legal rights.”

“It’s not that, I trust you and I know that I would be safe with you, it’s just that I don’t understand why you would do this for me.”

“Grace, I’d like to think that you class me as a friend as I do with you and as such I can’t see you living in a place like this. I would feel horrible if I walked out leaving you here. Please say that you’ll come with me.”

I thought for a few seconds, I liked Jack and I did trust him. I still didn’t understand why he was being so kind to me but I made a decision.

“Okay Jack, I’ll come with you.”

“Phew Grace, for a minute I thought that you were going to say no. Good, pack your bags and let’s go.”

“I haven’t got much, it will only take a couple of minutes.”

“Leave it all Grace, come like you are, I’ll buy you everything that you need.”

“That’s not right, I can’t let you do that, besides, I can’t come with you like I am, I’m only wearing this T-shirt and my knickers.”

“Take them off and leave them as well.”

“Are you trying to get into my knickers Jack?”

“I won’t be able to if you take them off and leave them here.”

I got hold of the hem of my T-shirt and pulled it up as if I was going to take it off but I stopped with it just below my little tits. I paused for a couple of seconds then let go of it.

“You nearly had me there Jack, I’m going to put a skirt and my shoes on.”

Jack watched me as I got up and went to get my clothes, but on impulse I turned, bent over and kissed him, just a quick one then I moved my head back a little as I stared into his eyes to see if we were going to kiss again.

“You’re not wearing bra Grace, I can see your tits, that T-shirt is nice and baggy.”

“Well you were bound to see them sometime, sorry that they aren’t very big.”

“Hey, don’t apologise Grace, I like small breasts and you should be proud of them.”

I reached forward and kissed Jack again, this time it was a long, French kiss and Jack pulled me down on top of him, his hands going onto my waist which by then wasn’t covered by the T-shirt. His hands were on my bare flesh and it felt nice.

When we finally broke the kiss Jack said,

“That was nice, but can we continue this at my place?”

“I’d like that.”

Two minutes later I had put my skirt and shoes on, put a blouse and another skirt in my bag and was ready to leave. Jack took my hand and said,

“Got everything that you don’t want to leave?” Any important documents or papers?”

“Got them.”

“Leave your keys on the table and say goodbye to the place.”

I smiled took one last look around the place and Jack led me out and down to his car.

“We’ll go shopping tomorrow and get you some new clothes Grace.” Jack said as we drove.”

“I’ll pay you back when I get paid.”

“We’ll see about that later, for now lets concentrate of getting you some clothes for work. I’m guessing that you don’t want to go like that.”

“No, you’re right Jack. All this kindness Jack, how on earth can I repay you?”

“By being your usual, cheerful, unassuming self Grace, that’s all I ask.”

“That’s not enough Jack. I’ll give you all my money when I get paid, and I could give you more, I could let you, err, fuck me.”

“Grace, I’m not doing this to get into your knickers although I’m sure that that would be nice, I’m doing this because you are a friend in need and I’m able to help you so I am.”

“You are an amazing man Jack”

“And you are an amazing woman Grace.”

There was silence for a while then Jack pulled onto a big housing estate then onto the drive of a big house that wasn’t built virtually on top of other houses.

“This is your house Jack?”

“Yes, I inherited a load of money and bought this, it’s a good investment it’s gone up in value by 30,000 since I bought it last year.”

“Wow, and I’m going to live here. It’s going to take quite a bit of getting used to.”

“Well you’re here now and there’s no going back so get used to it girl.”

We got out of the car and Jack carried my bag inside. I just stood there and looked around. Eventually I said,

“And you live here on your own, just you in this big house?”

“No, I share it with one other person.”

“Oh, okay, when will I meet him, or is it a her?”

“You can meet her right now, she’s stood beside me.”

It took just a split second to realize what he was saying then I reached up, put my arms round his neck and gave him a long kiss. Jack put his arms round me and stood up straight, lifting me off the ground. Instinctively I put my legs round his waist and kept the kiss going.

When the kiss broke I let go with my arms and slid down to the floor.

“I’ll show you around and to your room.” Jack said.

We went round the downstairs rooms first, living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room, toilet and a study. Jack opened one door in the kitchen and I looked into the big, empty garage. Jack let me go up the stairs first and he followed, carrying my bag.

We went into one room and Jack put my bag on the single bed saying that he’d get out some sheets and a duvet for me later.

“This is going to be my room?” I asked.

“No, this IS your room.”

“It’s massive, I could hold a party in here.”

“Fine, just so long as I’m invited, come on, there’s more.”

Next to that room was the bathroom with a bath, a shower, sink, a toilet and another ‘thing’ that looked a bit like a toilet.

“What’s that?” I asked

“A bidet, it’s for washing your genitals without having to get fully undressed and into the bath or shower.”

“Oh, I’ve never heard of one of those, do you use it?”

“No, I prefer a shower, in fact I never use this bathroom I’ve got one attached to my bedroom.”

“So I’ll be the only one to use this bathroom?”


“There was 6 or 7 people using the bathroom at my bedsit.”

“That must have been awful for you.”

“It was.”

“Well that’s all history, you’ll never have to live like that again.”

I put my arm round Jack’s waist, squeezed him and said,

“There’s got to be a way that I can repay you Jack, anything, absolutely anything.”

“We’ve had this conversation Grace, now, the rest of the house.”

“Jack showed me 2 more smaller bedrooms, one with a double bed in it and the other had some exercise machines. Then it was Jack’s bedroom, it was huge with a huge bed and lots of wardrobes. In one corner was a door and when Jack opened it I saw another bathroom. No bath but a big, walk-in shower, 2 sinks and a toilet.”

“Ready for when you get a live-in girlfriend I see. Is that when you’ll kick me out Jack?”

Jack took my hands in his and said,

“I will never kick you out Grace and I’m hoping that I’ve found a live-in girlfriend already.”

I stared into his eyes and said,

“Do you mean me Jack?”

“Do you want to be my girlfriend Grace?”

“Yes I do, but I have to warn you, I’ve never had a boyfriend before.”

“That’s okay we’ll take it slow.”

I pushed Jack’s hands out of the way and hugged him.

“Jack, I don’t deserve you.”

“Rubbish, there’s nothing special about me.”

“Oh there is Jack, there is. Do you think that I could have a shower, get rid of the smell and damp of that bedsit?”

“Of course you can, you don’t have to ask, it’s your home now you can use anything here at anytime.”

“Thank you Jack, could I ask for one more thing, can I wash all of my clothes, for the same reason?”

“No, you can’t ASK Grace, I just told you anything, anytime.”

“Have you got, no, where are the towels?”

“This way young lady.”

One big bath towel in my hand and I was walking into the bathroom. I closed the door, stripped off and climbed into the shower. I’d just got myself wet when I realised that there was no soap or shampoo.

“JACK.” I shouted the waited.

There was a knock on the door and I shouted,


“Are you okay Grace?” Jack asked.

I opened the curtain and told Jack that there was no soap or shampoo.

“You’re not shy then Grace?”

“In the children’s home privacy didn’t exist, besides, you’ve seen my breasts already. Does it bother you seeing me naked.”

“Hell no, it’s a very beautiful sight, one which I hope I see a lot more of.”

“You’re my boyfriend now so of course you will see me naked. Have we got any soap and shampoo that I can use?”

“Of course, I’ll get them.”

Two minutes later Jack was back and I was still standing there. As I took them I saw that he was looking at my pubic hair.

“Don’t you like hair down there Jack, I’ve heard that a lot of girls shave theirs off, do you want me to shave mine off?”

“Well I do prefer a girl who has no hair below her neck but that’s up to you Grace, it’s for you to decide.”

“I’ll do it for you Jack but it will have to wait until I can buy some shaving things, I left mine back at the bedsit.”

“We’ll get you some in town tomorrow but you can use mine if you like.”

“Okay. Do you have any scissors as well please, I’ve got a bit of a jungle down there.”

“Jack went and got his shaving gear and when he came back I said,

“You can watch me if you want Jack, I don’t mind.”

“You don’t mind me watching you do such a personal thing?”

“No Jack, for you anything. I told you I’ll do anything for you but could you help me a bit, please, it will be a bit easier if you were to do it for me.”

“Really, you want me to trim and shave your pubes, after just one date?”

“But you’re my boyfriend aren’t you, isn’t that one of the things that boyfriends do for their girlfriends?”

“I’m sure that lots of them do, okay, have your shower then we’ll go to the bedroom and get rid of that jungle, and I’ll try not to cut you.”

“Are you going to stay and watch me Jack?”

“Try and stop me.”

Jack did watch me and it was so good having a shower in a nice bathroom and not having people knocking on the door wanting to be in. After that Jack led me to his bedroom and told me to lay on his bed with a towel under my butt.

It was the first time that I’d been shaved and I have to say that it was a wonderful experience. I orgasmed with Jack just accidentally touching my clit. It wasn’t the first orgasm that I’d ever had, I’d played with my clit lots of time in bed on my own, but with Jack just accidentally touching me and me cumming I wondered what I would do when he actually took my virginity.

“I take it that you’re not used to men putting their hands on your pussy Grace?”

“No jack, I’m still a virgin and no man, or boy, has ever touched me down there, or on my breasts, well apart from the doctor when I got put on the pill and he put his hands everywhere, even inside me.”

“Well if you’re going to be my girlfriend you’d better get used to it Grace.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I’d expected Jack to shave my pubes and around my vulva but I was a little surprised when he told me to lift me legs high in the air and to spread them wide. Of course I did even though it was embarrassing, and then he shaved all around my butt hole.

“Are you going to fuck me in there Jack?”

“Not today Grace.”

“But one day? I’ve heard that it can be quite nice.”

“Not as good as fucking you in this hole.” Jack said as he tapped the entrance to my vagina casing me to moan.”

“So when are you going to fuck me in that hole Jack?”

“Not today Grace.”

“Why not, I’m your girlfriend now and that’s what couples do.”

“Grace, you have had a very unusual, even traumatic day. Tomorrow morning you may wake up and think that everything that you have done today was a big mistake and want to go back to your bedsit.”

“There’s no chance of that Jack.”

“Or you may just want to be my lodger with no relationship other than just friends.”

“Jack, I won’t, you are an amazing man and any normal girl would want you as a boyfriend.”

“Nevertheless, I am not going to fuck you today Grace. That would be taking advantage of you.”

“What if I want you to fuck me Jack?”

“Do you Grace?”

“Yes, please take my virginity Jack.”

“Tomorrow Grace, tomorrow.”

I was disappointed, I was naked, on my back with my legs up in the air and spread wide, and my pussy was tingling lots. My wet pussy was aching for attention and something inside it but Jack was refusing to fuck me. Did he not want me, was there something wrong with me?

Jack must have seen my disappointment because after he’d cleaned the remains of the shaving cream off me he leant between my still spread and up in the air legs and kissed my very wet pussy causing me to gasp then moan.

“That’s nice Jack.”

“Tomorrow Grace, if you still want me you will get lots of that and a lot more.”

“I will Jack, I will.”

“Right Grace, grab your clothes and I’ll show you how the washing machine works.”

“What about this towel?”

“Put it in the hamper in the bathroom.”

“So you want me to go downstairs naked?”

“Sure, why not, there’s only you and me here.”

So I did. It seemed weird being naked in a place other than a bathroom or bedroom, and even more weird doing jobs like loading a washing machine. And I still wasn’t used to Jack’s house.

“Drink?” Jack asked after the washing machine started up.

“Have you got any coffee please?”

“Have WE got any coffee, yes Grace WE have. Here, I’ll show you how to use the machine.”

Jack got the things out then took my hips and moved me in front of the coffee machine. He moved so close to me that his clothed front was against my bare back and butt. Then with his arms going round me he loaded the machine and switched it on.

“Now we wait.” Jack said as his hands came back and found my tiny tits.

As me massaged my tits, twisted, rolled and tweaked my nipples I leant back and moaned.

“That’s nice Jack, will you do that to me every day?”

“Every hour Grace.”

I wriggled round so that I was facing him and reached up and we kissed, a long, tongue tangoing kiss. As the kiss went on Jack reached down and put his hands on the bottom of my butt. I could feel his hard cock pressing on my bare stomach as I felt myself being lifted up. Instinctively, my legs went round his waist, my ankles crossing. I soo wanted him to fuck me.

He didn’t, but what he did do when our kiss broke, was to move sideways to a part of the worktop with no wall cupboards behind me, and lower me down so that I was sat on the front edge of the worktop. Then he slid down and started licking and sucking me pussy.

I moaned to every lick and every suck, and when his tongue went inside me I gasped then started cumming. Jack kept going and the nerves in my pussy were telling me to stop Jack but when I tried he put his arms around my butt and held me firm.

His licking, sucking and tongue work kept going as the nerves in my pussy were pleading for him to stop. I tried squirming about but Jack held me firm and kept going.

It was only after my second orgasm subsided that Jack stopped.

“Oh my gawd Jack, awesome doesn’t begin to describe how that was. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Coffee Grace?” Jack asked.

I laughed then replied,

“Yes please, I need to relax for a few minutes.”

We went back to the coffee machine and Jack picked up the 2 cups,

“Come on sexy, do you want to sit in the lounge or out the back to drink this?”

“I can’t go outside, I haven’t got any clothes on.”

“Yes you can, no one will see you, except me.”

I followed Jack out of the back door and immediately looked around. All I could see over Jack’s fences was a house roof in the distant and I breathed a sigh of relief.

“You need to trust me Grace, I will never put you in any danger.”

“Good, thank you, but it’s so weird being outside without any clothes on.”

“You’ll get used to it, is it arousing for you?”

I thought for a seconds then replied,

“Actually, yes it is.”

“Good, your nipples tell me that you are enjoying the experience.”

I looked down to my chest and yes, they were all hard.

We sat and talked and drank our coffee whilst I was looking around the area.

“Is that a hot tub Jack?” I asked when I saw something that I thought might be.

“Yes, but it hasn’t been used since last summer.”

“But it works?”

“It did last summer.”

“Can you get it working please, I fancy sitting in it with you and drinking champagne between love making session.”

“You’re a right little romantic aren’t you Grace?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it but I think that I might be.”

“I’ll get it working, it shouldn’t take long.”

“Thank you Jack.”

“No need to thank you, it’s for me as much as you.”

After a while I was quite relaxed. I’d sat on the chair and crossed my legs, as nearly all girls do, and Jack looked at my legs and said,

“You have nice legs Grace, you shouldn’t be crossing them it’s not good for your circulation and it stops me seeing up your legs to your pussy, can you uncross them and open your knees a bit?”

“If that’s what you want.” I replied as I did as asked.

“And can you try to remember to sit like that all the time please, I like looking at your legs.”

“As I said Jack, anything for you.”

We continued talking for a while then Jack got up and held out a hand for me. Getting up I took it then Jack led me down the garden with me nervously looking around to make sure that no one could see me.

“Relax Grace, look at all the flowers, aren’t they beautiful?”

“Yes they are, I’ve never really been able to look at flowers before.”

We walked round the garden then Jack led me down the side of the house and to the front garden.

“I’m nervous Jack, someone might see me.”

“And if they did they would see a beautiful, naked young woman and not be able to stop staring at you.”

“Doesn’t that bother you Jack?”

“No, not at all, I’m just as proud of your body as you should be, you shouldn’t be hiding it, you should be embracing your sexuality. Men looking at you naked gets you aroused doesn’t it Grace?”

“You looking does.”

“And so will other men.”

After we’d walked around the front garden Jack led me back to the back and inside which made me a lot happier.

“Are you getting hungry Grace?” Jack asked.

“A little.”

“Fancy a Chinese?”

“If you mean some Chinese food I’ve never had any?”

“I do, do you want to try some?”

“Okay, but I have literally nothing to wear, my clothes are in the washing machine.”

“We’ll get some delivered, what do you like?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you surprise me Jack, you’ve been doing a lot of that today.”

“And you me Grace, okay, I’ll order something then I’ll show you how to use the dryer.”

Jack did both of those things then we went and sat on the sofa, me cuddling up to Jack.

“You seem to be be getting used to being naked all the time Grace.”

“You know, I am. I didn’t think that I would, but I am. I don’t know what I would be like if it was winter.”

“Funny you should say that Grace, how do you fancy being naked all the time that you are in the house? I’ll turn the heating up in winter.”

“You want me to be naked all the time that I’m in this house, even when I’ve got some clothes that I could wear?”

“Yes, I think that that would be a great idea, thank you Grace.”

“Hey, that was your idea, not mine.”

“But you’ll do it?”

“If that’s what you want. Are you going to ask me to be naked at work as well?”

“I like the idea of being able to look over and see you naked sat at your desk and walking around but I don’t think that you’d get away with that, someone is bound to complain.”

“Good, because I don’t want to try it. I’d probably get sacked. It may be a crappy job but it’s the first job that I’ve had and I want to keep it.”

“Fair enough, I’ll just have to find other places that you can get naked.”

“You won’t let me get arrested will you Jack, I don’t want to get carted off to jail with no clothes on.”

“I won’t let that happen Grace.”

“Jack. I’ll do anything that you ask me to but please don’t let me end up in trouble with the police.”

“I won’t Grace, I won’t.”

With the naked me cuddling up to Jack we kissed and he played with my tits and pussy. I so wanted him to fuck me but I knew that I had to wait.

We’d been kissing and fondling for a good 30 minutes when a bell rang and I jumped up,

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Just the doorbell. It will be the Chinese, go and open the door and ask the driver to take it to the kitchen.”

“Whoa, you want me to open the front door to a stranger, naked?”

“You’ll be okay, I get a lot of food from that Chinese, the delivery guys are okay.”

“But, but, okay, if that’s what you want.”

So I nervously went to the door. Just as I was getting there Jack said,

“And don’t cover your pussy or tits.”

I did as Jack said, I was soo nervous and inexplicably, my pussy and nipples we tingling like hell.

The deliver guy looked as shocked as I was nervous as we just stood and stared at each other for a couple of seconds. Finally the guy said,

“Chinese for Jack.”

Thankfully it was Jack who replied,

“Forgive my new girlfriend Steve, she’s just getting used to not wearing clothes.” Jack said from behind me. “Come on in.”

Steve walked in and as he passed me he looked me up and down and smiled.

Jack appeared beside me and put an arm round my shoulders.

“It’s okay honey, this is Steve, he’s one of the good guys.”

“Right.” I said, not really able to move until Jack almost pushed me so that we followed Steve into the kitchen.

As Steve put the bags on the table he turned to look at both Jack and me, mainly me.

“So how are you keeping Jack, long time no see. I see that you’ve got yourself a real cut one. What’s your name honey?”

“Sorry Steve, Steve Grace, Grace Steve. Yes, my luck has finally changed. She looks good doesn’t she?”

“She sure does, Grace can you do a 360 for me please, I want to see if your butt is as cute as your front.”

With a little help from Jack I did the 360.

“Yep, a real beauty. Will you be bringing her to the meeting next week?”

“Maybe, I’ll have to see how it goes.”

“You’ll make a great model for us Grace.”

“Model, model for what?”

“Our photography club, hasn’t Jack told you about that?”

“Steve,” Jack said, “haven’t you got other deliveries to make?”

“Yes, ooooh, I’ll get out of your way. You’ve probably got other things to be doing. I’ll see myself out. Nice to meet you Grace, hope to see all of you again soon.”

And Steve left.

“So Grace, never had Chinese before, I hope you like it.”

“No, but I’m sure that I’ll like it, what’s this meeting that you might take me to?”

“It’s just a photography club, no big deal, we meet once every couple of weeks, talk about the shots that we took the previous meeting and then shoot that weeks subject.”

“And Steve was thinking that I might model for the club?”

“Well maybe, we’ll see how things go.”

“What sort of model?”


“You want ME to model naked for a bunch of your friends?”

“I didn’t say that. Let’s worry about that if it ever happens. Now, knife and fork or chopsticks?”

“I’ve never used chopsticks before.”

“Okay, knife and fork for you, chopsticks for me, you can learn how to use chopsticks the next time.”

The Chinese meal looked ‘unusual’ to me but I actually enjoyed it and looked forward to my next Chinese meal.

I did the washing-up and Jack made it difficult for me by coming up behind me, pressing my naked body against the sink unit and playing with my nipples. It didn’t help that I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back through his jeans.

Next we sat on the sofa and watched a movie with me snuggled up to Jack and him with an arm round me, his fingers idly toying with one of my nipples.

I didn’t see the end of the movie because I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up I was in Jack’s bed and Jack was asleep next to me. I was wide awake as soon as I looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly midnight. I gently lifted the duvet off us and saw that Jack was naked.

It was a full moon and Jack hadn’t closed the curtains so I could easily see his cock for the first time. I marvelled at it as I watched the minutes, then seconds tick away. As soon as the clock read 00:00 I kissed Jacks lips until he woke up.

He rolled on his side and put an arm over me but I was having none of it, It was the next day and Jack had told me that he was going to fuck me tomorrow which was now today. I wanted fucking.

I reminded Jack of what he had said and he became wide awake quite quickly and said,

“I’ll get a condom.”

“No need, I’m on the contraceptive pill.”

We started kissing and before long I felt a slight, sharp pain as his cock entered me for the first time.

The next hour or so was taken up with me acting out all the dreams that I had had about sex with my first lover. It was wonderful but very tiring. Jack taught me lots of positions that we could, and did, fuck in. When we were both sated we lay there relaxing in post coital bliss.

“How come you’re on the pill Grace? Not that I’m complaining”

“Every girl in the children’s home was put on the pill straight after she had her first period. Their excuse was that they didn’t want to risk any pregnancies in their home.”

“Well I’m grateful for that policy, now get up on your hands and knees again, it’s doggy round two, or is that three?”

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