Spying on my Fiancée


This is a fictional story, consent has been given from my fiancee to play in this and publish.

We have been together almost 3 years, we are both madly in love with each other and the sex is amazing, we are very intimate with each other, I enjoy being dominant with her and she knows that, she enjoys being submissive and used, I would often make her suck my cock or pull her leggings down whilst she was cooking and just fuck her over the side. So things were good and lustful.

My fiancée is 42 and I’m 48, she is a short arse and I’m almost 6ft, she has amazing 36DD breasts, lovely size 14 figure, her pussy is always smooth, tight lips and ready for use, I’m big built with a belly and just under 7”, which she enjoys as any bigger and it would hurt her.

It was Saturday afternoon and my package had arrived from Amazon, in particular a camera that I could hide in our bedroom. I wanted to spy on my fiancée whilst I was at work. So whilst she was cooking and I was taking a bath I quickly set it all up on my phone then hid it in the bedroom but so I got a good view of the bed.

Tuesday afternoon came and she finished work early, I got a ping on my phone whilst I was still working, I knew she had entered the bedroom, I switched the phone on to the app then watched eagerly, Tina stripped off and then went for a bath, I loved the sight of her lovely breast and gorgeous arse.

After about 30 minutes my phone pinged again I knew she was finished, so I opened the app, I was not to be disappointed, I had always wondered what she did whilst home alone, most of the time she did the house work, cooked, ironed cleaned etc but that was all done the day before, so she sat back on the bed and relaxed for a moment, lost in her own thoughts, I often wondered what went through her mind. She dried herself off then put on her new white nurses uniform, a little bra that pushed her tits up and out, she zipped up but not all the way, she allowed her cleavage and top of her breasts to be exposed, she put on some white stockings then some white crouchless panties, she knew I wanted her dressed like this, my little submissive tart that I loved and adored waiting to be used. She looked at herself in the mirror for a minute, what was she now thinking, what was she planning I wondered, all I could do was eagerly watch.

She was on her phone when I see her legs part, her hand wondered up her stocking clad thigh to her smooth beautiful cunt exposed through her open panties, she rubbed her pussy then unzipped her uniform a little exposing her beautiful body, god I love kissing that I thought to my self, I watched as she got the purple dildo and wand from the draw under the bed and started to play, I could feel my cock rising as the sight turned me on, I was watching my girl pleasure herself, she was in heaven, the wand on her swollen clit and the dildo slowly fucking her juicy cunt, this was building up slowly and lasted sometime, her head back in the pillow, her eyes closed and legs spread wide, but as she got faster I could see her keep pulling out, was she making herself finally squirt I wondered, her body taught as she orgasmed then she would thrust it back in. This continued for a while and lasted a couple of hours, she had fully pleasured herself, thinking she was all alone and no one knowing her little sex secret, she was fully spent, bed sheets darkened by her juices from her ejaculation, as she  lay exhausted on the bed, coming down from her multiple orgasmic sensations she closed her eyes fell asleep with the toy still fully inserted inside her.

As luck would have it I finished work early, and with the sights I witnessed earlier I couldn’t wait to get home, I pulled on the drive then opened the app again, my girl was still asleep, laying on the bed fully exposed with her uniform still open showing off her body the toy now half in and half out of her juicy cunt, she was exposed, wet and ready to be used, I quietly opened the front door, took off my shoes and crept up the stairs, as she was home alone she hadn’t even closed the bedroom door, I stepped sideways into the bathroom and removed my work clothes, my cock was now standing to attention, the skin pulled back as I stroked myself and the head glistening with precum, as I walked in I just wanted to fuck her brains out but I also wanted to taste that juicy wet cunt, as I looked between her legs at her beautiful wet cunt I just needed it, I slowly and gently pulled out the remaining half of the dildo, I knelt gently onto the bed trying my hardest not to wake her, I lent forward and slowly licked up the juices from her open wet lips, I heard her moan with pleasure and looked up, she was still asleep, my tongue darted inside her wanting cunt, her legs instinctively opened up and gave me more access, my fingers started to prob inside her and my tongue enjoyed her swollen clit, she was now moaning more, I could hear her pleasure as she was enjoying my gentle tongue and fingers work there magic, I could feel the juices start to run, this only acted to make me more horny, I really need to fuck her I thought, but I pulled myself together and calmed myself, as I pinned her legs back to lick her arse she started to wake up and jumped at the sight of someone between her legs, she wasn’t expecting it and didn’t hear anyone enter the room, as she panicked I held her hips tight so she couldn’t move and just continued to eat her pussy and arse, Tina tasted so fucking good I wanted more, I was trying to suck all juices out of her open wet cunt whilst at the same time she was crying asking me to please stop, I think she was still half asleep and thought she had a complete stranger eating her wet open pussy that she had left fully exposed, she was now wondering how someone had gotten in, did she leave the front door unlocked, how many people were in the house, her mind raced and I could sense the fear in her voice as she asked me to please stop, I looked up and asked her, what’s wrong, it’s ok baby it’s just me, she relaxed and I got up to hold her in my arms, she let out a small cry and then just laughed and told me what had gone through her mind in that split second.

She could see I was fully aroused, cum leaking from my hard cock, my balls stretched from my toy, she wanted it, she wanted to taste my salty cum, she leant forward licked all the cum off the head then engulfed the bulbous purple head into her mouth, she knew I was turned on as the head was so big and hard after a few sucks her mouth went slowly all the way to my balls, it made her gag as she knew it would but she also knew I would really enjoy my cock down her throat, she knew how to empty my seed, how to turn me on even more and how to get her reward, she continued to deep throat me for a few minutes then I couldn’t stand anymore, my fingers wrapped into her hair as I started to pump and force my cock further down, she was gagging more but knew it was useless resisting, I was in a state of pure lust and in this state she knew I would not listen to her, she knew I would force her and get everything I wanted, she knew she was powerless and she couldn’t complain either as my cock was wedged in her throat, all she could do was  just open her mouth and and take it like the dirty bitch she was, I allowed her to breath a little and she gasped air when she could and tried not to gag as much as possible, she felt my cock stiffen a bit more, the head enlarge, she knew what was about to happen, I pulled out and stroked my cock in front of her, then I ejaculated, hot stream after hot stream of cum hit her face covering her lips, her eyes and into her hair, some shot in her mouth and over her tits, she was now covered but loved the feeling, she licked it all up using her fingers, then wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and sucked me back into her mouth , squeezing my cock and balls draining every bit of cum out that she could, my cock slowly went back down her throat as she felt the last few pulses of my cock and the dribble down her throat, the were just a few splatters left on her left fit and right cheek, she used her index finger to scrap it up as I watched her slowly suck off the remainder of my cum, when finished I leant forward and kissed her passionately, my tongue parted her lips and I could taste my salty cum in and around her mouth.

As she lay there I needed the loo, she followed me and said she wanted to hold my cock and feel it as I pissed into the toilet, she wanted to feel what it was like to hold a cock whilst feeling the power of the piss flow through the shaft, feeling the flurry of liquid as it escaped my body, I allowed her to do this and watched her face as it lit up at the sight and feel, after I finished I flushed the loo, washed my cock and headed back to the bed room, as we went in she closed the door then we heard her son come in from college, she smiled and said, that was close, we both laughed, I told her I wasn’t finished and need to fuck her dressed like a tart, she looked at me a little shocked at my words but then smiled and said she would be anything I wanted her to be.

I pushed her to her knees, my cock limp in front of her face, I told her to suck me hard then I would take her cunt, she placed her fingers around my shaft and gently pulled back the forskin, as her mouth opened and my limp cock slowly entered her tongue went underneath to lick the base of the head, she knew this was the most sensitive part and enjoyed it as it always made me jump, my cock slowly began to rise as she started to take it further, as it grew further I started to hear her gag, I felt her teeth on my shaft, I slapped her cheek and told her to open wider and watch her biting, she winced but obeyed me, I fucked her mouth deep a few times then withdrew from her, streams of saliva covered my cock and a string from her open mouth to my cocktail made a bridge, as I pulled further away that soon collapsed and fell over her tits, I pushed my cock back down and pumped a few times so I could hear her gag, I wanted to hear how short of breath she got, feel the panick in her as I restricted the air in her lungs, I pushed it right down and held her head tightly against my body, I could feel my balls on her chin, I told her she was being a really goo little bitch as her head started to move from side to side as she tried to release herself from my grip, I shouted at her and told her to stop, she was being a really good girl, just a few more seconds. I forced my cock as far as it would go with a few pumps and then withdrew, this time even more saliva covered her tits, she looked fucking amazing like that, she was gasping for breath calling me a bastard, I told her to shut the fuck up or I’d do it again but for longer you fucking dirty little bitch, she looked at me and knew I was in a state of ecstasy and lust. She could see the look in my eyes that I was serious, she knew she had to shut up and take what ever was coming to her like a good little submissive fiancée she was.

Before she had gotten her breath I told her to get on the bed on her knees and spread wide, I could see everything, her crouchless panties were either side of her pussy and around her arse, I spread the string further open and steadied my self in front of her open pussy, I told her I had been wanting to fuck you all day, I put the head of my cock just inside her pussy lips, I heard her moan, she was very wet but open to be fucked, I slid in slowly all the way, balls deep, I pumped whilst deep inside a few times then fully withdrew, I Picked up the purple dildo and put some lube on it then slowly open her arse and slid it inside, she was very tight and yelped a little as I wasn’t to gentle, once in I put my cock back on her wet wanting cunt and stated to double penetrate her, she was moaning loud, enjoy the feel of every thrust in her arse and pussy, she had never been taken like before but was enjoying the full experience, I told her now she knew what it felt like to be fucked by 2 cocks, I heard a mumble of, o yeah, take me, fuck me harder, that’s was all I needed to hear, I fucked both holes deep hard and fast, she took it like a pro, she was in heaven at having 2 cocks inside her, her pussy was creaming over my cock, loads of white cum covering my hard cock, adding to all the cum she had squirted earlier, her cunt was a mess with juice, she looked amazing and I wanted to see more, I withdrew from both holes, I started to ram her cunt with the dildo whilst my tongue went into her open arse, gapping she was eating to be used, my hand went around and rubbed her clit, she didn’t know what the fuck to do, I would pull the dildo right out and she squirted then force it right back in, I then replaced it with my cock and the dildo back in her arse, she yelped and moaned m, she took the 2 cocks and gripped the bedsheets, I pounded her soaking wet cunt, I took a few more strokes then pulled both out, her arse gapping, I stroked my cock and shot a load right into her open arse, then another load all over her cheeks and pussy lips. I pushed her over onto her back, I collapsed next to her and softly kissed her, she kissed me back and slowly down my chest and cleaned up my cock, then kissed back up for a cuddle.

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