First year at Senior School


This is a story about my first year at senior school, losing my virginity to my P.E Teacher, this is my fist story so I hope you like, if it’s good and you would like part 2/3/4 let me know in the comments.

I was in my first year of senior school, it was an all girls school with 20 girls in my class, most of the teachers were male, some of them young and looked quite fit, the head was female and an older lady that looked strict.

School was going well, I enjoyed my subjects but especially P.E as I was sporty but also Mr White was young for and good looking, when he took us he always had a tight white T-shirt on and I guess loose football shorts, he had muscular thighs and big biceps and some good pecs, as I say he was fit, in good shape, he had a great smile and lovely blue eyes, I couldn’t help but stare at him, I could always see the outline of his cock in his shorts and wondered what it looked like, I’d never seen a cock before apart from my younger brothers and my dads when I walked past him in the shower, he was stroking his cock and looked a good size but nothing close up, my brother was a couple of years younger than me so still at junior school.

We were a few months in to school and had P.E 4 times a week, are school was known for being a sports school, so I always managed to get a good look at Mr White. It was Friday and the last lesson of the day which was Double P.E, I liked this lesson because I knew all the girls rushed off home but I took my time to get more looks at Mr White.

We was doing running today so went across the large field, through a gap in the fence and into the sports field which had a large running track and sports field for Javelin, shot put etc.. we where doing a 5k run today, so we needed to warm up properly.

Now I had forgotten my P.E shorts that girls wear under their P.E skirts and also my sports bra, I thought my mum had packed them for me as they had been in the wash, so I was left wearing just a white cotton tight T-shirt and my P.E skirt which only came half way down my thighs, I didn’t like to wear knickers whilst doing sports as they rubbed and I also needed them and my bra clean for after P.E to get changed back into, so the skirt was fine for walking and running, but sitting on the grass stretching I had to be careful so I sat at the back of everyone on the grass so no one could see and joined in the stretching exercises. As I was stretching my skirt rose up exposing my soft bald virgin pussy just as one of friends looked around at me, I see her eyes running up my legs and looking up my skirt, her mouth was wide open and then she just smiled at me with the look of the devil in her.

After 10 mins of warming up, we all wondered over to the start line on the track ready to start our run, I see my friend talking to Mr White and as I looked over they were both looking at me, I immediately blushed and went bright red.

Anyway the run started with Mr Whites whistle and off we all went, now I wasn’t the fastest but wasn’t the slowest but today I held back as I had no shorts or knickers on and didn’t want to expose my bare bottom to anyone that may have been behind me, after running for 40 minutes most of the girls were finishing and heading back to the changing rooms when I suddenly tripped over and cut my knee open, the girls told Mr White at the finish line as I was on the floor right over the far side of the track, he told all the girls to go and shower and then he jogged over to me, my cut was bleeding a little bit my knee really hurt were it had hit the ground. Mr White was stood over me and said to me jokingly ‘what did you do that for Sarah’ I laughed but said ‘it not funny and my knee hurts Mr White’ he bent down and apologised then asked to take a look at me to make sure I wasn’t seriously hurt, he told me to lay on my back, with all the pain I had forgotten about my lack of underwear, Mr White bent both legs then spread my knees open, I heard him cough under his breath, he must have gotten a good look at my soft tight virgin pussy, it had excites me jogging whilst virtually naked and I wondered what it would feel like to be taken behind the hedge by Mr White and played with so as he was looking at me I remembered my lack of clothes and he see my lips glisten with a little of my pussy juice, I said to him ‘Mr White I I I’m’ before I could finish he said ‘naked’ I went bright red and said ‘yes, I’m sorry my mum forgot to pack my shorts and sports bra for me’ he was eagerly looking at my pussy, his eyes hadn’t even blinked, he was mesmerised by the sight in front of him, he couldn’t believe the predicament he was now in, he then looked at me and ‘it’s ok Sarah you’re not in trouble but you must remember them next time, so for this time we will keep all of this just between us ok and then I won’t have to tell anyone, is that clear and ok’ I nodded ‘now I’m going to need to examine you properly to make sure you haven’t hurt yourself anywhere else ok’ I noosed again, his hands started at my calf’s and squeezing them gently, then lifted my left leg and bent my knee, then my right leg all the while he was making sure I was fully exposed to him, this was now turning me on, I had never had a man look at me like this, but this was the man that I had often fantasised about whilst in bed, in the shower at home and school after P.E whilst I rubbed my pussy, I was thinking of all the things I had thought about him doing to me and this made me more wet, I could feel the heat building up inside my soft tight virgin cunt, I’m pretty sure he could see my juices. His hands went to my thighs and squeezed them to make sure they was ok, he pushed my legs wide open on the floor then shuffled up closer to me between my legs, he gently massaged the inside of my thighs, he told me they was a little tense and that he thought I could do with a massage to help relieve the tension in my legs, I nodded and smiled, I was leaning back on my elbows, fully exposed, my nipples rock hard poking through my cotton t-shirt, his hands glided up my thighs and then either side of my lips, I bucked and shuddered and let out a soft moan that I tried to hide but he could see I was in a full stare of arousal, his hands where on either side of my pussy on the inside of the top of my thighs, his thumbs went to my lips and pulled them apart gently, as I looked through my squinted eyes I could see him staring, smiling, licking his lips, I must have been soaked as I could feel the heat burning my pussy, my whole body felt hot and felt so horny, I could see a bulg in his shorts, he looked big, bigger than my dad I thought and a hell of a lot bigger than my little brother. His hand went to his shorts and inside as he adjusted himself, he pulled his shorts down with one hand and stroked it with the other and then put it back in, he was big, his hand couldn’t fit around it and his whole hand only managed to cover a third of his massive cock at the base, I see the shinny head full of precum and wondered what it may taste like, he looked as horny as I felt.

Mr White stood up, I could clearly still see the bulg, he held out a hand to get me up, I gently got to my knees, his crouch right in front of my face, I felt his other hand on the back of my head, his fingers running through my hair and gripping me tightly, he looked down at me, his amazing blue eyes filled with lust, he had a very different look on his face, a look of determination that he wanted me, I knew if he wanted me, there wasn’t much I could do to stop this man, he was much taller than my 4.6ft size 6 frame, my 32B cup breasts where standing to attention, my nipples hard, they didn’t sag a bit, I was well developed for my age, as he looked at me he placed my hand onto his cock over his shorts ‘do you want to taste me’ I nodded, my eyes wide his bad was still on mine so he released my hair and pulled his shorts down, his cock bobbed up and down, he put the band under his balls then slowly in front of my face pulled his doeskin right back, this revealed his massive purple head, glistening covered in precum, I see his cock twitch and some more started to ooz from his slit, ‘lick it up, I know you want to taste me’ with that his hand went back to my hair, gripped me tight and he slowly pulled my head closer to his massive impressive piece of man meat, I could smell the musky smell of sweat and cum, my tongue instinctively came out as my face met his wet cock, my tongue started from the underside of the head and slowly licked up taking all of the bubble of precum, I swallowed, then licked again, I heard him let out a soft moan of pleasure, I looked up and his eyes where looking straight trough me like he was in a trance and I wasn’t really there, his other hand now went to my forehead ‘open wide Sarah’ he slowly pushed the head of his cock in, my tears scrapped the head and he jolted, he slapped my cheek ‘wider and mode your teeth bitch’ that made me gasp, I’d never been spoken to like that before, it also turned me on a little and I obeyed him ‘good girl’ he said I a dream masterful voice, he slid back into my mouth, it was as open as far as I could go, the head just about went in, he pushed a little further and it hit the back of my mouth, not even a third was in my mouth, he held it there ‘this is what we like and bitches enjoy doing, now this may feel uncomfortable, I suggest after 3 you take a deep breath, 1,2,3’ I took a deep breath, I was a little unsure what he was about to do but I knew if he told me to take a deep breath then I surely needed to, then I felt him hit the back of my mouth again, then my throat, I gagged but he held it there, I composed myself and he pushed a little further, I gagged some more, again he held it whilst I composed myself again ‘last thrust’ he then pushed it all the way in, he let out a loud moan, he was now balls deep, I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t move, I could feel his thick long piece of meat right down my throat, he must have been 9 inches long, and I could feel so much of it down my throat, he then thrust back n forth, just small thrusts of about half an inch, just pushing against my mouth as of to make sure he was fully in ‘that’s a really good little bitch, you have done this before haven’t you’ he withdrew, loads of stringy saliva bridged from my mouth to his cock ‘suck all that up’ I moved closer to his cock again and slurped up all my saliva. He pulled away and then put his cock into his shorts. ‘We best head back, are you ok to walk or do you need me to carry you Sarah’ his words were now kind and caring, ‘can you hold my arm please sir and maybe an arm around my waist, I hobbled back to the changing rooms, it took a little while for us to get there.

Most of the girls were now finished and heading out to go home, my best friend looked at me and smiled, ‘everything ok Sarah, you’ve been a while, you been a good girl’ with a wink, she then whispered in my ear ‘he’s nice and big and good with his tongue’ I was a little shocked but just giggled, ‘I’ll call you tonight, have a catch up and then se you in the morning for Dance Classes’ ‘yes no problem I’ll catch you later’ ‘have fun’ then she left, by this time the rest had dressed and headed out and I was alone in the changing rooms, Mr White came in, locked the door ‘come to my office’ I walked in ‘remove your clothes and jump up on the bed’ he had a treatment bed in a room off of his office, he pointed me the way, as I entered the room he followed and closed the door, ‘strip Sarah’ I slowly took off my T-Shirt, my fully pointing breasts fully exposed, he lent forwards and cupped both breasts and gave a little squeeze then his thumbs rubbed my hard nipples, I let out a soft moan as my head fell back and I lent onto the bed, he then lent in and kissed my breasts, my whole body got goose bumps, I shuddered at his touch, he kissed his way up to my neck, his hand went to my back and slowly and gently rubbed up and down the soft velvety skin ‘your skin is so soft and gentle’ his hand went down to my skirt then I felt him unbutton me, then the zip went down, all the while he was still suckling on my neck, ear and then breast again, my skirt fell to the floor, I was now naked in front of the man that I had just sucked in the field, the man I fantasied about all sorts of things happening between us, he stepped back and looked me up and down, he smiled a wicked devilish smile, list in his eyes again ‘you look delicious Sarah, we are both going to enjoy this, hop up on the bed’ I was the shortest one in the class and the bed was half way up my back, he could then see my predicament, he walked over, put a hand under each arm out, ‘relax’ he then lifted me with ease, right up in the air, so high my exposed wet pussy was now in front of his face, this man was strong, I then knew if he wanted me I couldn’t do anything to stop him, if I tried he could easily just rape me, he was taking in the smell of my wet hot cunt his tongue gently licked from the bottom to the top of my wet lips, parting them and slightly going inside them as his younger rose up, I shock all over, I Yelp and moaned at the same time, my legs opened instinctively again given him a much better look and easier access, my lips parted slightly, his tongue licked again ‘you taste fucking amazing Sarah, you’re my little bitch now, you will do everything I ask of you without question, you also can’t tell anyone or you will be off the athletics team, netball team and hockey team’ I noosed ‘ok Mr White anything g you want and say, I’ll be all yours but please be gentle with me, I’ve never been with a boy or man before’ ‘you’re a virgin’ he said excitedly, ‘yes sir, I’ve only ever masturbated with my little fingers’ ‘so you’re a tight little girl then Sarah’ ‘yes sir’ he smiled again and licked my pussy again, this time his tongue darted inside me, I yelped, I moaned, I shivered with delight, it felt amazing, I couldn’t believe that a tongue could do so much to a young pussy, I felt my pussy get hotter and a stream of juices flooded out over his tongue, I heard him, mmmmmmmm as he lapped up my juices.

The phone in his office rang, he sat me down ‘lay down on your front’ he answered the phone ‘hello, hi Mrs Thomas, yes everything g is ok, Sarah tripped over and hurt her knee, she also pulled a a couple of muscles in her leg so I’m just treating her then we will be finished, about 30 minutes as she needs a shower after her run as well, yes no worries I have keys, I can set the alarm and lock up no problem, you have a good weekend to and I’ll see you Monday’

I knew we was now the only 2 left in school and now even I did scream no one would hear me, I was naked in Mr Whites treatment room, hot, horny and very wet, full of lust and desire, I was going to lose my cherry and there was nothing I could do about it, I didn’t want to do anything about it, I had fantasied about him being inside me, slowly pleasuring me with his cock, but I didn’t realise he was such a big man, I didn’t realise his man meat was so big, so thick, I thought there is no way that’s going inside of me, it won’t fit, surely my tight virgin pussy couldn’t stretch that wide, and I’m only small so surely my cunt isn’t deep enough to take all of his meat,

He walked back in and smiled ‘Mrs Thomson has gone home and asked me to lock up when we are finished, so we are now alone and in no hurry’

My mum already thought I was going to Ayshea’s after school, I often went to my best friends on a Friday as mum did the shopping and always finished work a little later, so I was in no hurry, wouldn’t be missed.

He walked over to me ‘just relax, I’m going to give you a massage to relax your body, loosen up your thigh muscles and make you feel much better, you ready for this Sarah’ ‘ermm I I erm yes sir of course’ I muttered as my head was buried in the top of the bed where the face opening is, he got a bottle of oil, covered my back, pushed it all down my legs and arm, then poured more over my body, my soft pale white skin was shining on the lights, twinkling as my body moved, his hands now running all over my naked body, I could hear him sigh and moan as he was looking at my naked body all wet and slippery with massage oil, he massaged my back, then my arms, I was now fully relaxed and in a state of unconsciousness, eyes closed, drifting off, fully relaxed and enjoying the feeling ‘you ok Sarah’ all I could muster was a quite ‘mmmm yeah’ he laughed a soft laugh, his hands went down one leg and back up, down the other and back up, I noosed of, I was a sleep and totally relaxed, a while later a woke up, his head between my spread legs, my ankles being supported on stilts, that came out from under the bed, restraints holding them in place, my wrists tied above my head, my bum hanging over the bottom of the bed, I couldn’t move, all I could feel was his warm tongue pushing inside me, eating out my soaked cunt ‘relax Sarah, I didn’t want you falling off the bed and I wanted you open wide for me, you have been moaning in your sleep’ ‘what time is it’ ‘it’s ok, you’ve only been asleep 20 minutes’ I relaxed a little, his tongue carried on working my hot slit as I felt him lick over my clit, I shudders, he then sucked it into his mouth and flicked over it with his tongue whilst at the same time I felt his middle finger insert into my virgin pussy, I heard him moan loud as at the same time I moaned ‘o fuck sir, that feels amazing, I’ve never felt anything g so fucking good, please don’t stop sir, I’m all yours’ this was all he needed, in went another finger, both curled up behind me pubic bone, he hit my g-spot, I jumped bit that about all I could do as I was strapped tightly to the bed and realised my thighs where strapped along with a strap around the bed and my waist, I then realised why I couldn’t move at all, I was totally his, and there was nothing I could do now to stop him, he was nibbling on my clit like a possessed predators, lust in his eyes as he looked up at me, determined to get what he wanted, to take the most possessed prize I could offer anyone, he wanted my cherry and there was nothing I could possibly do to stop this happening, I was now in heaven as he worked my tight cunt, lapping up my juices, he started to pump his fingers harder and faster, hitting my sensitive spot with each thrust, it was long before I could feel the heat build in my body working it’s way down to my pussy, I was hotter and hornier than I had even been, I was in a state of euphoria, my mind awash with desire, then it happened, juices gushed from my cunt, soaking Mr White, he tried his best to lap up all my juices but there was just to much, it went everywhere, hit the door behind him, covered the floor, soaked Mr White, his face his t-shirt, he didn’t flinch, he carried on like a pro and wouldn’t let me down from my first amazing squirting orgasm, I had never ejaculated like that before and it felt amazing, I really didn’t want it to stop, and by the looks of my horny teacher, my next was only just around the corner, I was still having the same orgasm when it all happened again, this carried on for a while and I ejaculated 5 times before he finally stopped and with drew his finger, he licked them clean and then lapped up the juices from my soaked cunt, ‘you looking fucking amazing laying there, drenched and fully spent, now it time for me to take what I really want, you cherry, I’m going to enjoy this, it will hurt you at first, but that will subside and turn to pleasure after a bit, that’s why your strapped down, I strapped Ayshea and a few of the other girls like this for their first time, they enjoyed it and don’t need tying down now, they are really good girls for me, you will be soon as well, I saved you till last as you are the smallest, sweetest and I knew you would be the tightest’ ‘please don’t hurt me sir, I’m all yours and will do anything you want but please don’t hurt me’ with that he removed his soaked shirt, his muscles glistening from my juices, he was solid, every muscle stood out strong and hard, he clearly looked after him self and worked out, my eyes then roamed down his chest to his six pack, fully formed to a v shape into his waist, like one of these body builders on the telly with tiny waists, he was smiling at me looking over his body, he then hooked a thumb inside his shorts either side of his waste and slid down his shorts, his cock sprung up, all 9” of fully erect and rock solid, the skin still pulled right back, precum dripping from the slit at the head of his cock, he pushed the step across the floor, stood on this and offered his cock to my mouth, I eagerly licked and cleaned up his cock, savouring the taste of his salty cum ‘mmmm you taste so good sir, I want more’ ‘soon you can swallow me, for now I want to cream pie you like I have done with all your virgin friends’ I sucked his cock a little more then he withdrew, he looked fucking amazing, his muscly arse cheeks solid as he walked away, his back in a V shape from his shoulder down to his waist, defined muscles all over his back, his thick thighs solid, the definitions in his legs, I could see he was a powerful man, strong, dominant, lustful and eager to fuck the life out of me.

As he stood at the bottom of the bed, I looked down, my arse hanging of the bed slightly, legs spread wide and strapped down, he had easy access to my arse and pussy, my legs were elevated so this exposed both holes, he moved forward, I felt the head of his cock on my pussy lips, he stroked his cock it and down, savouring the feeling, allowing his cock to get wet from my cunt juices, I felt the head push into my lips, up and down slowly, it felt amazing, then I felt him at the entrance of my love hole, I knew this was it, in a moment I would no longer be a virgin, he was going to turn me in and experienced woman, I had already deep throated this monster cock, cleaned up his cum and was made to squirt several times like a bitch on heat, this was the final part of me becoming a woman, ‘relax Sarah, you need to relax my darling’ his soft voice calmed me down, I hadn’t realised I was so tense and frightened, I looked him on the eyes and he smiled and soft genuine concerned smile ‘that’s better, you’re going to really enjoy this experience’ as he was saying this my mind was taken off what he was about to do the suddenly, I felt it ‘OUCH SIR THAT FUCKING HURTS’ tears streaming down my face ‘please take it out it’s to big sir’ I was sobbing, he held it there, he started to rub my clit ‘shhhhhh it’s ok just relax’ I felt the warm sensation going back to my clit as he rubbed me, my juices started to flow again, he pushed in further, again the pain was immense, I felt my pussy rip, I screamed and cried even more ‘shhhhh relax, there’s a good girl, I’ve popped your cherry good and proper now, your bleeding all over my cock but that will stop very soon, in a few minutes you will start to feel the pleasure of being turned from a young school girl virgin into young woman that will want more and more’ his thumb still circling my clit, he held him self there as I gained control of my emotions, he reached up and wiped the tears from my face, this caused his cock to go all the way in, he held either side of my face ‘that’s it, I’m right in now, you are now a woman, you have taken your masters cock for the first time, your cherry has been popped and soon I will slowly start to fuck you and you will start to feel the pleasure of a big muscle inside your tight cunt’ he again wiped the tears away from my face, his cock held firm inside my tight pussy, he stated rock solid, I could feel him against the wall of my pussy, almost forcing himself into my womb, I was filled to the brim, my cunt tightly clenching his massive piece of meat buried inside me, after a few minutes he slowly withdrew to the head of his cock, then slowly back in, he was still holding my head, this gave him better access and could easily penetrate my tight open cunt, he withdrew again and stayed with just the head inside, he looked down and had a proud smile on his face, he had one first prize ‘you look amazing with my cock inside you, your pussy is starting to open, my cock is still stretching your tight cunt but it’s getting a little easier to slid in and out of you now’ he slid back on me slowly, balls deep, I could feel them against my arse, he pumped into me a few times as if trying force himself completely inside my body, I moaned with pleasure and looked at him, I noosed and smiled, he smiled at me, he knew I was now relaxed and ready to fuck, he slowly started to pull out and slid in, slowly at fist but he kept going, building up a steady rhythm he go faster and faster, all I could feel was his solid piece of meat stabbing into my open wanting wet cunt, few it hitting the wall at the top of my cunt and then he pushed in further still, my cunt was far to small for this massive muscle but he didn’t care, with each thrust he was making sure every millimetre was going inside did me, he started to rub my clit again, spitting on his thumb then rubbing in a circular motion, he got faster and faster, I started to burn up, my pussy on fire, I screamed ‘I’m cummin sir I’m cunning’ my orgasm forced his cock out of me, spurt after spurt I ejaculated all over his cock, this only helped to lubricate his monster even more, my pussy gaped for him, he thrust back in, now he was going faster, pulling out then with all his strength pounding back inside, the bed got slammed against the wall behind my head, he stepped forward and continued without skipping a beat he was fucking me hard and fast, balls deep with every thrust even though he and I knew his cook was far to both for my tiny insides he pushed it all in regardless, he was filling my cunt with all his meat ‘that’s it you fucking little slut, take it like the whore you’re becoming, you my fucking whore now and will do anything I tell you, I’ll dock your little tight cunt when ever I want it, you fucking understand bitch’ I mumbled through the orgasm I was having again ‘yes sir’ I felt his cock grow, his head fling back, back arching, holding my hips tightly as he pounded the fuck out of my tiny pussy, ‘I’m ducking cummin’ he shouted ‘you’re taking the fucking lot bitch’ a few more strokes and he let go, he cock held balls deep inside of me, I could feel spurt after spurt after spurt of his hot liquid, I didn’t think he was going to stop, it was dripping out the sides of my pussy, over my arse crack and onto the floor, the puddle was massive.

He withdrew, I felt a gush of sticky fluid leave my gaping pussy, he unstrapped me, kissed my body all over as I recover, he pulled me up, stood me on the floor and pushed me to my knees ‘clean up your mess you little bitch’ I licked the length of his still hard cock like a lollipop, savouring the taste of my cunt juices mixed with this mans cum, it tasted amazing, I licked and slurped at his cock until he was clean, he then grabbed my hair and pulled me around to the bottom of the bed, there was a big puddle of white sticky fluid, it was my juices mixed with his cum that had escaped my pussy, ‘clean it all up’ he pushed my head down, I was licking this up from the floor I was on my knees, spread open, arse in the air face on the floor, then I felt his cock thrust into me again ‘please sir no more, I can’t take another pounding’ ‘this won’t last long you slut, now clean up your ducking mess from my floor’ he continued to pound my cunt as he commanded me to clean up, he grabbed my long pony tail in one hand, held my hips with his other, I felt his body rise up and lift me as he did so, I was at his mercy he was taking me again with it without my permission, he continued to fuck me hard and Dee from behind as I cleaned up, I could taste the salty cum mixed with my sweet juices, it tasted good and I was enjoying the taste whilst being fucked deep and hard, he got faster and deeper, banging into my arse, balls slapping against my clit, it felt so good, I reached under me and rubbed my clit, I could feel my orgasm building, I could feel the warmth roll through my body again ‘I’m cummin again sir’ he held my hips tight, my orgasm rushed through my body and out of my pussy, I screamed into it, my legs collapsed under me but I was held up by Mr White, he held me firm in place as I felt his cock stiffen and another load of hot sticky cum shoot into me, he let go and I collapsed, laying on the floor, cum leaking from my stretched cunt, face in the remainder of mixed juices on the floor, sir sat up his chair ‘let’s shower and get you home’ we both walked into the shower, his cock still raging at the sight of my body, I soaped my body all over, my pussy stung from being ripped open by his massive cock, I was lathered up, bubbles all over me, I looked over, he was under the water facing me, looking at me, lust filled his face and eyes, I knew what was coming, he walked over to me, pushed me to my knees, ‘open wide botch’ he pushed his cock right down my throat with one steady movement, he was now balls deep down my throat, he pulled right out ‘breath birch’ I inhaled, I could smell his cum he pushed back in balls deep, he and I built up a steady rhythm, he pushed in, as he pulled out I took a breath before he went back in, with each thrust on he held it there, I gagged each time but was slowly getting used to it, he held my head waiter side and stated getting faster, still balls deep with each thrust, no longer hiding it deep, he was just throat fucking me now, pulling out every now and then for me to breath, my hand reached down to my pussy, 2 fingers easily inserting into me, curling them up I could hit my g-spot, I started finger fucking my pussy as sir fucked my throat deep and meaningful, after about 5 minutes my orgasm built up again, I got hot, and I felt myself ejaculate, stream after steam of hot lady juice flooding from my hot cunt, sir could hear my loud muffled moans from my orgasm and this brought his on, he withdrew, pumped his cock it and down, one hot spurt over my tits, it was warm and sticky again, another pump and with it another load covering my face, I licked my lips, he let go, pulled the back of my head ‘fucking take sirs cock you little cum slit’ I was now, I was his cum slut, his little fuck whore and I was living it, this is what I fantasied about all year, tacking his cock, tasting his cum, drinking him, I never imagined he would do the things to me that he had, his cock buried into may throat once more, I chocked and gagged, I forgot to breath, but he held me firm, I couldn’t move, the oxygen falling in my petit body, I could feel his cock pulsing and pumping load after load down my throat, he thrust in but not out a few times fully emptying his balls then he withdrew, I collapsed on the floor, trying to breath, gasping for a breath of air to hit my lungs, I needed oxygen inside me, it seem to take forever for the rush to overcome me and the oxygen to flow to my brain, I laid on the wet floor, water pouring over me from the showers, coughing and choking and trying to breath ‘that’s a fucking good bitch, next time you’ll remember to breath as I’ll give you no mercy’ I looked up at him just as I see a hot stream of yellow fluid eject from the slit in his com and hit my face, I was about to say something in disgust, as I opened my mouth his piss went in and hit the back of my mouth and made me choke, I swallowed and felt more of it, it tasted strange, not a nice taste then I felt another load of piss hit my face and into my mouth ‘that’s it, drink my puss you little fucking slut’ I started to drink more as his aim got better and then it slowly stopped, he sat on the floor up against the wall ‘stand over my face and piss in my mouth’ his commanding voice sent shivers down my spine, I complied with his request and stood up, I walked over to him and straddled him, because I was so short my pussy was right on his mouth ‘now puss for me bitch’ he opened his mouth, I relaxed, closed my eyes and felt the hot puss stream through me and out of my pussy and into his mouth, I looked down, he was struggling to drink it all, it was coming out the side of his mouth and he gulped mouthful after mouthful of hot team piss, as I finished he licked up and down my pussy and pushed his tongue inside again, I collapsed on his face and his tongue went in deeper, he lifted me up and stood himself ‘let’s clean up it’s almost 6o’clock’ we had been busy for over 2 hours playing, I couldn’t believe the time had past by so quickly,

I got dressed in front of Mr White, he watched as I pulled up my cotton white panties with yellow edging and a yellow bow on the front, I pulled them up more than normal giving him a good look at my camel toe, I put my cotton white bra on matching the yellow stitching and box of my panties, I pulled on my skirt and then my blouse, he walked over and did my tie for me, he was still naked and rock hard, he really couldn’t get enough of his little school girl cum whore, I put on my blazer and I was ready, he told me to sit on his desk with my legs open, he sat right in front of me, his cock and hand under the desk, he walked his hard dock for all he was worth ‘I can’t get enough of you, your pussy looks so good in the panties, I’d love to see you in some lace see through ones, I’ll buy you some matching sets, message me your sizes’ this clearly excites him even more I reached forward and pulled my panties to one side and slid in a finger, I was still soaking wet, I took it out and placed it in his mouth, he shook and shot another load of hot cum, I heard it his the underside of the desk, even his cum shooting from his big cock was powerful. He wiped his cock with some wipes then got his boxers on, socks, tracksuit then trainers, we walked through the school, him behind me watching as my hips and arse swayed gently from side to side with each step, we got to the staff room where the alarm was, he put his hand on the back of my head, leant down and kissed my lips, his tongue parted my lips and his tongue darted in, swirling around inside my mouth, I kissed him back, ‘your are my favourite girl, I have really enjoyed this afternoon, I’m so glad you forgot you P.E shorts’ that image of him seeing my pussy for the first time seemed an age away, a distant memory, I was a tight virgin then, I felt like a woman now, fully experienced in sexual pleasuring of a man, I thought if I could do this to a man imagine how I’d make a boy my own age feel, the excitement rushed through my body to my pussy, I shuddered and got goose bumps all over ‘you ok Sarah’ ‘yes sir I was just thinking about how a few hours ago I was a tight innocent virgin and now I’m an experienced woman, and if I could make you feel the way you have, how would I make a boy my own age feel’ he looked at me with a sincere look in his eyes and a smile on his face ‘if you do what we have just done to a boy your own age you will blow his mind let alone his cock and balls, now remember you can’t tell anyone ok or we will both be in serious trouble and I won’t be able to teach you anymore, ok’ I nodded at him with a smile ‘I won’t Mr White, I promise, I really enjoyed what we did and can’t wait to experience all of that again and more, I’ll promise to be your little cum slut of a whore and I’ll never go with another man or boy’ ‘ that’s a good girl, I like it that you want to be all mine’

He set the alarm, we walked to the door and locked it on our way out, waited for the alarm to set, I jumped in his car, ‘I’ll drop you at Ayshea’s, it’s just around the corner’ I was surprised then realised he had done things with her to.

He pulled up around the corner where there were no houses, pulled my head to his and kissed my passionately and deeply ‘you’re all mine now yeah’ I noosed ‘definitely sir, I’ll always be yours’ I jumped out and ran to my friends where we sat in her room and discussed the events of the afternoon and she told me what had happened with her, her mum and dad were in the jacuzzi so we knew we was alone and safe.

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