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Once again thanks for all the feedback and I hope you enjoy the finale to the Siblings Desire stories!

Sometimes life is weird and it goes the way that you hope but in a way that you do not expect. That was the conclusion that I had come to at this point of the night. For weeks I had anticipated tonight with excitement, I was going to go to my best friends house and going to a massive party there. I had spent so many nights fantasizing about what would happen at that party. It became a nightly event for me to be sprawled out on my bed and fingering myself imagining the many handsome boys my age. I would fondle and play with my tits imaging that it was the boy I would fuck later at the party.

The parties at Hailey’s always went the same, I would hype it up in my mind imaging the boys and how they would make me feel but I would always just be disapointed. These boys did not understand that sex was a mutual feeling, it wasn’t about personal satisfaction, it was about love. Against all odds I finally have been experiencing the highs of sex, not with a drunk selfish guy at Hailey’s parties but, with my younger brother.

Tonight has been the best night of my life. I loved every second of being with my horny little brother and the way that he made me feel was unlike anything that I had ever experienced. Wyatt had never even been intimate with a girl, yet all the boys my age should attend a lesson taught by him. I had him all to myself as we were both in a house just the two of us and overcome with love for each other. Not a simple love that families have, or a superficial love like many couples my age had, but a genuine love. A love that I had never experienced until tonight, a love that I never wanted to go back from, now that I had experienced it I never wanted to go back to the nights of disappointment at Hailey’s house.

Wyatt and I were both drying off from our sensual shower session and were both coming off of the post orgasm highs. The mirrors in the bathroom were completely steamed up and the air was thick with moisture. Wyatt was drying himself off with his towel running it over his tanned body and making sure he was not missing a spot. I had finished drying myself up and had wrapped a towel around my own body. I was content to just stand there and watch Wyatt dry his naked body, even though he had spent the whole evening like this I still could not get over how sexy he was and I never tired at looking at his body.

For once his cock was not rock hard, I guess I had finally depleted it after helping him to cum three times in the last hour. Even though Wyatt was not rock hard it was clear that the love he had for me did not disappear like the steam on the mirrors. We had moved past the point of hormone crazed young lovers who needed to have sex at every waking second, we were more than content to love each other. Our love was no longer dependant on lust for each other fulfilled through sexual activities, though I could never say no to any sexual excitement with Wyatt.

Wyatt wrapped a towel around his waist when he finished drying and went to turn the fan off. He turned towards the door and and stretched out his hand to me “M’lady”

I let out a loud laugh, Wyatt was trying his best but that was a pretty dorky line, but I did not care. I happily reached out and grabbed his hand as we exited the bathroom and went through our parents room. We walked past his room where half an hour ago I had let Wyatt fuck my tits and cum all over me. We walked down the stairs I had piggybacked him up and sat back on the couch where our love for each other was created.

We both sat down on the couch and Wyatt wrapped his arm around me pulling me against his smooth body. I lay my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, savoring this moment where we could just be together, and be in love.

“Do you want to know why I have never, um, never done stuff like this with a girl?”

I open my eyes and look into Wyatt’s light blue eyes. “You had said that you were scared to mess up, or do something wrong I believe?”

“Yes…and that is sort of true, but it was really because I never liked any of the girls in my class. I, um, have always had a crush on you Katie.”

“Aww, that is really cool bro.” I say kissing Wyatt’s exposed shoulder that I rested my head on.

“I never thought that anything as awesome as this would happen, like even when I was, you know jacking off thinking about you and all that.” Wyatt softly said as he ran his fingers lovingly through my wet hair.

“I have spent so long looking for a guy to love me like you have Wyatt, I never thought it would be you…But I am so so happy that it is.”

Wyatt’s face lit up in a bright smile hearing me say that. “You deserve to be so loved, you are amazing…I, um hope that I have done that, maybe.”

I hated hearing Wyatt so unsure and selling himself short. “Wyatt…No one has or ever will make me feel as loved and special as you have tonight.”

“That is awesome, and we haven’t even you know done it yet.” Wyatt emphasized ‘done it’ in a way that a young child would that first learned about sex but was too scared to actually say the word.

“After all that we have done together tonight you still aren’t going to say the word sex!?” I say giggling against Wyatt’s shoulder.

“Hahaha, yeah I guess I’m kinda not your little innocent brother anymore…” Wyatt cleared his voice and lowered to talk in a ‘sexy’ deep voice. “You and I have yet to endeavor in any fucking yet, will you be my first?”

I laugh again, honestly Wyatt’s awkward seduction voice kinda turned me on, not really the voice itself but the idea that he was trying so hard to sound sexy.

“You know your first time is a really special moment, are you sure about this?” With any other boy I would have got straight to the fucking but not Wyatt. I wanted to make sure he was ready, not because he was my sensitive little brother but because I loved him and wanted to ensure it was actually him wanting it and not any pressure from me.”.

“Am I sure about it!?” Wyatt scoffed “Of course I am! Katie, it would be a dream come true to have you be my first.” Wyatt said shedding his awkward ‘sexy’ voice and speaking in a very loving and genuine voice which I considered far more sexy than the voice he had tried earlier.

“I would love to be one the one to take your virginity.” I could not believe this was going to happen, handjobs and blowjobs were one thing, but I was going to take my younger brothers virginity. I was going to be his first.

“What was your first time like?” Wyatt asked while wrapping his arm around me. There was no rush for us to get straight to the sex, It was for sure going to happen but for now I was happy to be in Wyatt’s arms.

“It was a year ago, at one of Hailey’s parties-”

“Wait a year ago!?” Wyatt said interrupting me. “So technically if we have sex tonight I’d lose my virginity before you did!”

I playfully push Wyatt, our sibling competitiveness had clearly not disappeared through this night. “Well I did not have an awesome sibling who wanted to have sex with me…right?”

Wyatt looks down and giggles “Alright fair point, you are pretty awesome and I am super lucky.”

“Anyways as I said I was at Hailey’s house and I had a little bit to drink.”

“A little bit?” Wyatt asked skeptically

“Maybe more than a little bit” I said breaking into a bit of laughter. “You want me to say the fucking story or are you going to keep interrupting me!?” I say in a very teasing way

“S-sorry, I’ll shut up.” Wyatt stammered

“So I had a decent amount to drink and I was wanting to have sex really bad, all of my friends were having it and most of the guys at the party were wanting to get me naked anyways.”

“I don’t blame them.” Wyatt said under his breath causing me to blush a little bit, I was the luckiest girl in the world.

“I knew that Spencer had a huge crush on me, so I walked up to him and his friends, grabbed his hand and took him into one of the rooms upstairs.”

“Wait, Spencer.. like Spencer who is the captain of the rugby team?!” Wyatt asked.

“Haha yeah, that Spencer.”

“Damn! A lot of girls in my class have massive crushes on him, they would be so jealous of you.”

“Yeah, so I took him up to the room and locked the door, he definitely knew what was going on and we both fell onto the bed and started making out. Pretty soon he was taking my shirt off and I was so nervous! I had no idea what he would think.”

“Anyone who thinks you are not beautiful is stupid…or blind” Wyatt chimed in

“Stop being such a flirt!” I laugh, pushing him over on the couch and playfully tickling his bare chest.

Wyatt was always extremely ticklish and he started laughing uncontrollably as my hands danced over his naked torso and chest. “K-Katie stop it!” Wyatt said in between laughs as my hands tickled his smooth and developed body.

I finished tickling him and pulled him in for a kiss. We both closed our eyes and passionately kissed each other. Wyatt had gotten so much better at kissing as the night went on. This time he was the aggressive one taking charge, soon his tongue was probing and exploring my mouth. His fingers ran through my hair as we kissed on the couch this all started on.

After several minutes our kiss broke and we took our places next to each other again. Once again Wyatt wrapped his arm around my and pulled me tightly against him “Go on.”

The towel that Wyatt had wrapped around himself now sported an obvious tent in the middle, I guess the kissing and tickling really turned him on. All I could think about was how soon I would be able to get Wyatt’s hard member inside my soaking wet pussy.

“Soon Spencer had me naked and he was kissing me all over. He kissed my tits and my stomach then went down to my pussy, I had never felt something like that it was unreal.”

Wyatt looked at me with a slightly envious look, the poor boy was jealous that someone else had kissed the tits that he adored.

“Don’t worry you did a lot better at that than he did.” I say laying my hand on Wyatt’s chest.

“When he was done kissing me my heart was racing! I had only seen a naked guy in porn but then Spencer took of his shirt and I was like, oh my god it is happening.”

Wyatt nodded along as I shared, not wanting to interrupt for fear of being tickled again. “Then he took his pants and boxers off and he was completely naked, his dick was so hard” I say laughing.

“Ho-how, um, big was his penis?” Wyatt asked. I never understood why guys always compared and competed about who had a bigger cock, if you care that much about another guys cock you are pretty insecure.

I moved my hands down to the towel that Wyatt had wrapped around his waist. I pushed the towel down as hard as I could making a very obvious outline of Wyatt’s 6 inch cock. Wyatt moaned as his cock rubbed against the coarse surface of the towel. “Don’t worry…you are bigger.” I whisper into Wyatt’s ear and then kiss his neck.

Wyatt bends his neck back and shudders from the kiss. “Ha…nice, I think its still growing as well as I get older.”

“Wow, I am a lucky girl.” I say. My pussy is wet with excitement at this point, this story was turning both of us on. Not because my first time was so great, but because Wyatt was so much better and I wanted to make his first time so much better than mine.

“I don’t think he knew I was a virgin because he thrusted straight in and it hurt so fucking much.”

Wyatt’s face grimaced in a defensive look, if Spencer had been in the room right now I think Wyatt would have punched him in the face.

“It felt good soon enough and he kept pumping his dick into me as fast as he could. Then he moaned and cummed and that was that…”

“Wait…what? That’s it?” Wyatt said in a sad tone of voice “He didn’t actually make you, um orgasm?”

“No…to be honest, no one I’ve had sex with actually had…They would cum so fast and just leave forcing me just to touch myself and try and get an orgasm.” At first I had thought that’s what sex was; all about making sure the guy enjoyed it and then he would cum. For months I actually assumed it was selfish of a girl to want to get off during sex as well. This was the same thing a lot of my friends had experienced, we all have had sex but at the same time we hadn’t. We were just a tool for a guy to cum in.

“Is that how it is all the time for you?” Wyatt asked with genuine concern.

“Yeah, that’s just what sex is for a lot of guys.”

“That is so fucking stupid. Those guys are absolute assholes and don’t deserve to be with someone as fucking amazing as you!” Wyatt said filled with anger.

Wyatt’s outburst took me by surprise, I knew that he was different than every guy I have ever been with but this was definitive proof.

“You know…as much as it would be my first time, I-I promise I wont just do it to cum and that you will feel just as good as I do, it would um, kinda be your first time?”

Wyatt saying that practically turned my pussy into a waterfall, as much as I would be taking his virginity, if he did what he said it would be first time having actual sex and not just being a tool. “Wow, Wyatt that is so sweet of you. I would love for that to happen.” I say looking into his sky blue eyes.

At this point Wyatt’s towel had pitched a massive tent and we sat in silence, for both of us what we were talking about was starting to sink in. “This is really going to happen.” Wyatt muttered in disbelief.

I gently kiss Wyatt on the cheek and smile. “Come to my room in five minutes, okay?” Wyatt’s face was flush and he slowly nodded. It seemed like he was contemplating if what was happening was truly real or some amazing dream he had been having.

I jogged up the stairs and entered the room that this night had started in, only this time I would not be alone on my bed. I had candles around my room that my aunt had gifted me for my birthday. I had never actually used them so they just sat around my room and gathered dust but I guessed that tonight was as good a time as any to use them. If my aunt knew that her gift was going to set the mood for her nephew losing his virginity she surely would have had a stroke.

I lit the candles and turned the lights off allowing the room to be filled with a soft candlelight. I thought that it was perfect, it was just bright enough so that we could see each other as we got intimate. I turned around and looked at the clock seeing that it was two minutes until Wyatt was going to come into my room. My heart was racing and my mouth was dry with nerves, I’d had sex many times before but this was going to be so different, it was going to be love.

I opened my closet and found the sexiest and skimpiest pieces of lingerie that I had owned. They were always a win with the guys and I was sure that Wyatt would react the same that they did. I quickly made my bed and sprawled onto it completely exposed for my younger brother except for two small pieces of fabric that hid very little of my eagerly awaiting body.

Soon right on the five minute mark I heard footsteps quickly running up the stairs and towards my room. He stopped at my door and timidly knocked on the door “Hey, it’s me.”

“No shit! Who else would it be but my sexy younger brother, come in here baby.” I don’t know why I had said that in my cheesy seductive voice but I did and I couldn’t take it back, it was still better than Wyatt’s attempt.

The door knob turned and I took a deep breath. This was it, this was the night I had waited so long for. The door slowly opened and Wyatt entered still with the towel wrapped around his waist. The candle light made him appear more tanned than he already was and it accented his young pecs and abs.

The tent in his towel had gone down as he waited but as soon as he saw me it shot back up to full length almost immediately. “Oh shit! Wow!” Wyatt said as he laid eyes on my exposed body lying sprawled out on my bed. “I should have changed into something a little sexier than a towel.” He joked to himself as his young eyes scanned over my body.

The panties I had put on were already soaking wet in anticipation, Wyatt and I locked eyes and what followed was a couple of seconds of silence as we both prepared for what was about to happen. It wasn’t a pause of hesitation but rather it was both of us savoring the moment realizing that nothing between us was ever going to be the same.

Wyatt slowly moved towards me and took a deep breath. He moved to the side of the bed and gently placed his hand on my thigh and slid his way down to my wet panties. “Wow, someone is pretty excited.” Wyatt said with his voice laced in heavy sarcasm.

I grabbed Wyatt’s hand off of my panties and pulled him towards me. Wyatt yelped and was thrown of balance causing him to fall face first into my tits. Wyatt lifted his head off of my tits and giggled. “Don’t worry, I am also really excited if you hadn’t noticed.”

“Oh, I have noticed.” I say drawing Wyatt’s attention to fact that his entire body was on top of mine and his cock was noticeably pressed against my leg. I lifted Wyatt off of my leg and wrapped my legs around him bringing him tightly against my body. Wyatt gasped when his towel covered cock pressed up against my soaked panties. For now there was a bit of cloth between us and Wyatt decided to take advantage of that.

He gently started grinding against my raw pussy and the rough surface of the towel was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Wyatt obviously felt that sensation also as he closed his eyes and moaned as the coarse fabric also ran over his rock hard cock. The towel was doing amazing things to both of us and we groaned in unison.

Wyatt’s hands reached behind me and tried to unclasp my bra, obviously my virgin brother had never taken a bra off of a girl but he seemed determined to try it out on me. It took him a good minute or so but soon he managed to accomplish his mission as my bra loosened and slid off of my tits.

Even though Wyatt had seen my tits all night it was clear that the effect they had on him had not disappeared in the slightest. As his towel covered cock continued to rub over my panties he once again dived face first into my tits, this time it was not my fault but the fault of his hormones.

Wyatt wasted no time and soon made it his mission to kiss every part of my tits. My nipples were already erect from the stimulation of Wyatt’s towel but Wyatt’s soft kisses and warm breathes only amplified the feeling of our grinding. As Wyatt kissed my tits I tilted my head forwards and gently kissed the top of his head. My hands gently rubbed and massaged Wyatt’s smooth and muscular back.

After a couple of minutes like this Wyatt paused and pulled himself away from me with a focused look. He took a deep breath and laughed “Damn Katie you almost made me cum early!” He took a couple of seconds to compose himself and back off from his impending orgasm.

“It’s okay, I don’t want my little brother’s cum inside Mom and Dad’s towel after all, I want it in me.” With that I sat up and placed my hands on Wyatt’s hips gently loosening his towel and helping it to slide off of him. Wyatt’s cock was sticking straight out of his body and was bright red twitching every other second.

“I don’t think I have ever been this hard before.” Wyatt said grimacing “It kinda hurts, like I really need to cum.” Wyatt was right his cock was easily the hardest I had ever seen a guys cock to be. It felt like a warm plank of wood when I wrapped my hand around it and it looked to be about a third of an inch bigger than when I first saw it earlier this evening. The candle light was glistening off of the precum on his circumcised head.

“So what are you waiting for? Take my panties off.” I say breaking Wyatt out of a daze. Wyatt took a deep breath and nodded, obeying my request and moving his hands down to my side and sliding my wet panties off of my body.

“God Katie…I love you so much, thank you.” Wyatt says staring intently at my waiting pussy.

“Don’t thank me yet, we are not done yet.”

Wyatt was positioned so that his knees were pressed tightly against my ass. His cock was precisely above my pussy, positioned and ready for entry.

“Yeah…you’re right…here, um, goes nothing.” Wyatt gently laid me on the bed and crawled over me lowering himself down until for the first time tonight our intimate members touched. The head of Wyatt’s cock was about as wet as my pussy and when his cock brushed over my pussy and made slight contact with it Wyatt’s entire body shook.

My pussy lips were wide and exposed, ready to be filled with Wyatt’s manhood. Wyatt grabbed his cock with one hand and and steadied it and guided it close to my waiting pussy. With practically no space between Wyatt’s cock and my pussy, he paused.

“I love you Katie.”

“I love you too Wyatt.”

The head of Wyatt’s cock pressed up against my wet pussy and slowly pushed in. “Is this right?” Wyatt said in between rapid breath.

I close my eyes and nod, laying my head back on my pillow and savoring the feeling of my younger brother’s cock entering into my pussy. Wyatt took his time as he slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into his first girl.

It took time to get his six inch rod all the way into me but we both knew that it would be worth the wait. Wyatt’s thick cock filled my pussy effectively and left very little room in my tight sex. Finally after what seemed like forever I felt the few pubes that Wyatt had make contact with my freshly shaved flesh. I could also feel Wyatt’s tight ball sack make contact with the bottom of my pussy.

“Oh god, Katie you are so tight…you feel incredible.” Wyatt said as he positioned himself more comfortably. He leaned forwards so that his hands were right next to my shoulders allowing himself to be elevated over me and make it easier to thrust into my hungry pussy.

Having Wyatt’s cock in me was easily the best thing that I had ever felt in my entire life. No toy or cock inside of me had ever made me feel quite like this, I was in ecstasy and Wyatt hadn’t even started thrusting into me yet.

Slowly Wyatt started to slide his cock out and prepare for his first thrust into my pussy. His face was a mixture of pure bliss and sheer determination as he focused on bringing me pleasure but also not shooting his load right away.

Wyatt’s first deep thrust into my pussy caused me to shriek in pleasure. His circumcised head rubbed tightly against the walls of my pussy as he pushed his cock in as deep as he could go. It was only his first thrust into me and he was already far better than any guy I had ever been with. Most would have already shot their loads at this point.

Wyatt pulled back again and this time thrust into me with even more force causing my entire body to shudder and spasm on the bed. All of the muscles in Wyatt’s hot body were tight as he held himself over me and put his everything into ramming his cock into my tight pussy.

Wyatt eventually started to work up to a steady rhythm of thrusts. They were not at a rapid pace but intentional, as if he tried to get deeper and deeper into my pussy with every thrust. All I could do was lay back on the bed and be at the mercy of my little brothers cock. I would squirm and writhe on the bed with every thrust as my body would jolt in pleasure. It was as if my body wanted to escape but could not because it was pinned down by Wyatt’s large member.

Wyatt’s speed eventually started to increase but the intention and passion that went with every thrust remained. His cock inside of me made my pussy the wettest it had ever been and that allowed his cock to slid in and out free of constraint from my tight pussy. With every thrust our bodies would slap together making a loud sound that echoed into the house. It was so loud I was sure that our neighbors would be able to here the distinctive sound of young love in the house next to them. Wyatt’s balls were pulled up tightly to his body and as he sped up they would hardly even move as they were so tight against him and ready to unleash his load at a moments notice.

But we were in no rush, this wasn’t sex for the sake of lust but rather love. Whenever Wyatt’s face would scrunch up and his abs tighten he would slow down to avoid an early orgasm. We both wanted to savor this once in a lifetime moment. Every time that Wyatt slowed down he refused to let me go without pleasure. He would lower his body down so that we were tightly against each other and bring his hand down to my pussy and played with my clit as his cock lay dormant inside of me. Wyatt’s touches would make my pussy tighten against Wyatt’s cock causing both of us to moan from the pleasure we were experiencing.

To silence the loud moans as my clit was stimulated Wyatt would kiss me with a deep passion illustrated by our tongues dancing together and exploring each others mouths. Never have I ever experienced the intense pleasure and passion that Wyatt gave me during our first time. Between the kisses, his touching and his massive cock inside of me I was probably the closest to heaven any human had been.

Time seemed to melt away as we made love with each other. Every time Wyatt got close he would stop and continue our kisses and his touching of my now sopping pussy. As we continued I could feel the orgasm building with each thrust of Wyatt’s cock. I could tell that this was not going to be like any other orgasm, the feeling I had was of pure pleasure and without even reaching it my body was already shaking. It was clear to me that Wyatt was also getting close as well. His cock had expanded inside of me and felt far tighter than it had at the beginning. After every thrust he would hold his breath and close his eyes as he fought to hold back the cum inside his cock that desperately needed an escape.

“Wyatt….I think I’m ready.” I say as I feel my orgasm slowly start to build as Wyatt slowly thrust into me and paused.

“Yeah…same. I need to cum so bad.” Wyatt said while trying not to make any sudden movements inside of me.

“Is my little brother ready to cum inside his first girl?”

“Oh god yes! Is my big sister ready to be filled with all of my cum?”

I take a deep breathe and nod, grabbing onto the blanket by my side. “I love you Wy-.”

Wyatt interrupts me with a soft kiss on my lips. “I love you too Katie.”

Wyatt steadies himself over me and grins with a massive smile as we both prepare for what is about to happen. Wyatt starts to rapidly thrust into me with all the strength and speed he can muster. I am the first of us to yell as my entire body shakes and my back arches. Wyatt lets out a deep groan and then a high pitched yelp as he gives it his all to bring us both to an orgasm.

After several more thrusts my entire body practically goes numb as I experienced easily the best thing I had ever experienced in my young life. Wyatt was the first of us to fall as his cock expanded and his head leaned back “Fuck, fuck oh yes! Fuck!” Wyatt screamed as his entire body spasmed and contorted. The feeling of Wyatt’s cum shooting into me was enough to put me over the edge as I screamed out in pleasure and my entire body went limp. Wyatt shot countless ropes of cum into my orgasmic body as we both experienced the most intense orgasms of our young lives.

As our orgasms subsided Wyatt flopped down onto me out of utter exhaustion landing face first onto my tits. He was breathing heavier that he would have been after a track meet as he came off his orgasm. “Wow…that was the greatest thing I have ever experienced.” Wyatt’s muffled voice said from in between my tits.

I helped Wyatt slide his limp exhausted cock out of me and he rolls over to my side. The room is silent except for the heavy breathing that came from both of us. “Thank you Katie…for everything. You are the best sister any guy could have.” Wyatt says to me in a loving voice.

“Thank you for showing me what it is to be loved.” I respond back to my naked lover laying next to me. We both lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Wyatt reaches over and gently grabs my hand. We laid on my bed for hours, content to just be with each other. Nothing between was ever going to be them same. I had just taken my younger brothers virginity and he had brought me to the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Gone were the days where we were siblings, now, we are lovers.

What started tonight as desire had transformed into something far greater; love.

-The End-

(Thank you to all who have read and left feedback! This was far more popular than I ever imagined it would be. This will be the end of the ‘Siblings Desire’ series, but keep an eye out because I have plans to return to Katie and Wyatt much later in their journey.)

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