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Thanks for the positive feedback on part 1! Had fun writing this and I hope to continue the story for at least one more part after this.

Minutes had passed after Wyatt and I had brought each other to powerful orgasms. The two of us remained embraced, neither of us spoke as we hugged each other tightly. My mind was racing in disbelief about what I had done with my younger brother, I could still taste his cum in my mouth and all that did was make me hungry for even more of Wyatt. I was so worried to wake up and realize it was all just an incredible dream. My brother had just made me feel better than any one night stand at Hailey’s could ever do, and he had not left. He was still in my embrace, softly breathing on my neck as our naked bodies wrapped together. The haze in my mind slowly started to fade away, and what we had just done started to sink in; I had just blown my younger brother and he in turn had just ate my pussy out. But I wasn’t feeling guilt or shame, I felt a deep love for Wyatt, I did not care what his relation to me was all that mattered to me was how he made me feel.

Wyatt begin to shift against me, breaking me out of my thoughts. Feeling his warm naked body pressed tightly against mine continued to drive me crazy, I want more of this sexy boy, I wanted to spend a lifetime in this moment, never escaping the feeling that we were feeling for each other. He broke our embrace at looked at me with a slightly guilty look. “I-We shouldn’t have done that right? You’re my older sister Katie…” He said looking at me with his wide sky blue eyes, his curly hair was messy from our intimate activities and his lips quivered as what we had done started to sink in for him. I paused and took a deep breath. The last thing I wanted was for this moment to end, but at the same time I loved Wyatt and if he was not comfortable with this I did not want to force him into something only I would enjoy, that was precisely what I loathed about the many boys who had come before Wyatt.

“It’s okay with me Wyatt, I don’t care who you are…you made me feel better than any boy ever has.” I say running my fingers through his messy brown hair. My heart is racing at this point, everything could fall apart as fast as it had all begun and we could go back to just being ‘normal’ siblings.

Wyatt perked up and smiled slightly “Are you serious? Really? I-I really liked what we, um, did and if you ever wanted to…I don’t know, teach me some more stuff that would be pretty awesome!” Wyatt’s cute face blushes a bit as he says that, it was clear we were both in the same position. We both wanted each other but were scared that the other one was feeling ashamed. Thankfully neither of us felt regret over what we had just done.

I lean in and once again kissed his soft lips, I tasted a bit of my pussy juices that were still on his lips and that drove me crazy, I did not want things to end here, I wanted more and more of Wyatt right now and now I knew that he felt the same about me.

Wyatt giggled a bit after I separated from his tasty lips. His eyes scanned my naked body and he just shook his head. “You are the most beautiful girl ever, Katie…I, um, I love you.” Boys had said that they loved me before, usually to get what they wanted from me, but I knew that Wyatt meant it because I also felt the same about him.

This time it was Wyatt’s turn to instigate a kiss, he leaned in and cautiously went towards my lips. He kissed around my lips already showing how much more experienced he was after our earlier fun. Soon I felt his mouth open, I followed suit as we began to french kiss on the couch, home alone with no shame as to what we were doing. At first it was a caring kiss but just as fast it became far more passionate. I wanted my sexy younger brother and I knew that he wanted me both of us kissed each other filled with lust and desire for the other. We were not satisfied with what we had done earlier, every part of me ached to have Wyatt once again touch me and make me feel as good as he already had

Wyatt’s hands once again went to my breasts and his hands massaged my perky round tits as we french kissed. I had been so worried that Wyatt would have gotten cold feet, or hell told mom and dad out of guilt and fear. But I underestimated how horny my younger brother was. His young hands eagerly rubbed my tits as we kissed. It was clear to me that he had not lost an ounce of his enthusiasm when it came to exploring my naked body.

I had not lost my excitement and enthusiasm for Wyatt’s body and either and both of my hands slowly moved down Wyatt’s developed abs and soon found there way to his growing penis. My hands played with his balls and rubbed against his rapidly hardening cock. Soon his hard member pointed straight up and was practically begging for more my attention. I wrapped one of my hands around his thick cock while the other continued to play with his ballsack.

Our tongues continued to explore each others mouths, I could still taste my juices that coated his mouth and Wyatt got the first taste of his own cum as he kissed and explored my mouth. Tasting his own cum seemed to really turn Wyatt on as his kisses became more intimate and he started to thrust his hard cock into my hand.

I was feeling so horny and did not want to waste my brothers hard cock with a simple wank, I wanted him to experience something that pretty much every boy his age could only dream of. He seemed to love exploring my tits and my perverted mind thought of what it would be like to have my brothers hard 6 inch cock in between my tits. Thinking about this made me so wet and while I could hardly wait to take his virginity I did not want to rush into it with Wyatt.

My hands pulled away from Wyatt’s rock hard cock and he paused our kiss and soon pulled away “What’s wrong? Did I mess up or something?” a worried Wyatt stammered. “I-I’m sorry if I did I promise that I-”

I laugh and interrupt his worried rambling “No you definitely did not mess up Wyatt, you are amazing. I love you a lot and I was wondering if you would want to experience something really special?”

Wyatt brightened up and smiled “Please! That sounds amazing, anything that I can do with you like this Katie is incredible.” He says breathing a sigh of relief.

I stand up from the couch “I’m going to get something from my room, you better not let your big cock go soft, okay?” I announce in a teasing voice

Wyatt just happily nods “All I need to do is think of you and my penis will always stay hard!”

“Damn your smooth.” I say laughing. I playfully swat his hard cock and it bobbles back and forth. “I am going to my room I will be right back!”

“I cannot wait!” Wyatt said still staring wide eyed at my tits, yeah he was going to enjoy this I thought to myself as I ran up the stairs to my room.

I grab my phone and quickly ran up the stairs to my room not wanting to delay or kill the sexual excitement we were both feeling.

As I entered my room I looked down at my phone “oh fuck,” It turns out that I had missed three calls from my mom over the past hour. My mom was a natural worrier and for all I knew she was coming home to make sure we were fine and would come home to find her naked kids fucking each other.

I quickly entered her number to call her, “Hey mom sorry I missed your calls, Wyatt and I were just playing in the backyard.” I say.

“You had me pretty worried, not going to lie. Your dad and I are just wanting to know how things are going?”

“It has been good!” I say “Me and Wyatt have had a lot of fun together.” I say trying to not make the word fun sound suspicious.

“Anyways we have talked to one of our friends and she said that she could come and watch Wyatt so that you are able to go to Hailey’s” My mom said.

I did not hesitate with my answer “No it is fine! I am really enjoying my time with Wyatt.” No offer was going to be take me away from being home alone with my sexy naked brother. None of the boys at Hailey’s party could even come close to making me feel as loved as Wyatt had made me tonight.

“Aww, thanks Katelyn. It makes me proud knowing how much you love you brother, and you know, he loves you to.” My mom had no idea how much I knew that was true. “Your dad and I are going to be looking after your cousins for a while, so are you sure you are good to be in charge for a couple of days.”

A mischievous smile spreads wide across my face, I was going to have my sexy naked brother all to myself for these next few days. “No mom, that sounds just wonderful.” My pussy is practically dripping in excitement and anticipation at this point thinking of all the fun that Wyatt and I can have stretched out over the next couple of days. Poor boy was going to run out of cum by the time my parents would come home.

I realized that I had been gone for a while and left my horny brother all by himself I quickly say goodbye to my mom in order to get back to him as fast as I could. I head to my bedstand and pull out some lube that I always have on hand in case I need to give a guy a handjob or something like that, but tonight I was going to use this lube for something a lot more special than a basic handjob, Wyatt deserved far better.

I run down the stairs and call out to Wyatt, but I hear no response. I round the corner into the living room and see that the living room is empty. “What the fuck?” I mutter to myself. “Where on earth did Wyatt go?”

I walk towards the entrance still searching for my MIA brother. My mind is racing with thoughts as to where he is, for all I knew he could have been murdered when I was on the phone. Suddenly from behind me the closet bursts open with Wyatt jumping out, practically giving me a heart attack. “Shit dude!!” I exclaim. Wyatt jumps onto my back laughing hysterically. I smile and laugh with him. Even though we had done a lot of mature sexual things this evening Wyatt was still just a kid, he was still my little brother that loved to scare his older sister. But our relationship will never be what it used to be, and I was more than okay with that.

Wyatt still clings onto me, his arms have reached over me and his hands are once again fondling my tits. “You sure do like my tits don’t you?” I say laughing

“I cannot help myself, they’re perfect” Wyatt says once again saying all the right things to make me wet.

“Well then I think you are really going to like what is coming next.” I say as I give my naked brother a piggyback ride up the stairs. With every step I take I feel Wyatt’s hard cock rubbing up and down my back, his hand continue to refuse to let go of my tits. Soon we reach the top of the stairs and I turn left into Wyatt’s bedroom.

I don’t know why I chose Wyatt’s bedroom but something about both of us being naked in my little brothers room turned me on a lot. His room had all of the typical sports posters and pictures that a boy of Wyatt’s age would have. His room was a bit of a mess with laundry all over the floor but I did not care, to be honest I was actually getting more horny thinking of all the naughty things he had done in here when he was alone.

I have to use a lot of force in order to pry Wyatt’s hands from my tits, the poor boy wanted desperately to still touch them but I knew that he would get over it pretty quick. I turned around and faced Wyatt as we both stood naked in his room. The sexual tension between was high, it ws clear that Wyatt was doing his best to not be overcome by lust and instead was focusing on doing what I said so he could get his special surprise. I felt like I was in the same boat with him as well, I could never get enough at looking at his beautiful naked body, his young rod pointed straight out towards me, it took so much restraint not to drop to my knees and suck it dry.

“So what is the surprise Katie!?” Wyatt said sounding more excited than a young kid on Christmas morning.

I decided to try and talk in a sexy way to excite Wyatt, so I raised one eyebrow and gently bit my bottom lip. “You would like a surprise wouldn’t you big boy?” I say talking in a slow seductive voice.

I walk up to Wyatt and gently pinch his nipples with my hands, I lean into his neck and start kissing all over it. Being sure to warmly breathe on it between kisses. My fingers trace there way through Wyatt’s developed six pack outlining each muscle in this boys body.

Wyatt is standing stiffer than his cock at this point, his eyes are wide as he feels my hands move over his body and my kisses on his neck sends his young mind into overload as he fights to not shoot his load prematurely. My fingers dance around his cock, teasingly poking it every now and then. Every time my hand grazes his hard member I feel his body shudder, after a couple more minutes of playing around with his smooth torso I decide that he is ready. Wyatt’s poor cock was covered with precum and is a bright red, it desperately wanted to be relieved and I felt that the slightest touch would drive Wyatt over the edge.

I finish kissing his neck and move backwards and lay down on the bed that Wyatt had neglected to make this morning. I point at Wyatt and use my index finger to beckon him over to me. The boy shambles over like a zombie, his eyes are glazed over as he is still dazed from my hands dancing around his body. He crawls on to the bed and I guide him so that his knees are around my hips.

“Give me your hands” I say to my sexy little brother. He reaches his hands out and I grab the lotion that I had put to the side and coat his hands in it. Wyatt’s mouth drops as he seems to realize what his surprise is going to be. His slimy hands reach down and massage my breasts, lathering them in the lotion. As he rubs my breasts I pour more lotion onto them which he eagerly applies. His hands pinch and fondle my breasts and the sensation of the lotion on my tits gives me a great amount of pleasure. Feeling his his hands slide all over my tits was something I quite enjoyed but I also knew it would only be getting better.

At this point my tits are nice and slippery, once again Wyatt seems in heaven fondling my breasts, rubbing them all over with lotion until they are ready. At that point I guide Wyatt up my body until his knees are pressed against my ribs. My hands slide up his smooth and muscular thighs until they reach his hard cock that is pointing directly at my face. I take the last of the lotion and pour it into my hands and then go over to his cock and gently start to rub it with the lotion. Wyatt closes his eyes and loudly moans, I take my hands away not wanting to cause him to cum too early. For the next minute or so I cover his cock in the lotion as he continues to play with my lubed up tits.

“I think we are ready” I say once again keeping my seductive tone.

“Oh god please, my dick is so hard Katie.” Wyatt begs me staring at my gleaming tits while practically drooling at the sight of them.

I grab Wyatt’s hips and lower his body until his cock is pressed up against my tits, honestly I was surprised that Wyatt did not burst his load as soon as he touched my tits, he was obsessed with them and I was sure they had been the subject of many of Wyatt’s wanks before this evening.

I let go of Wyatt’s hips and push his cock down until it is resting between both of my tits, I then grab my tits and squish them together wrapping my brothers cock in between my perky tits.

Wyatt takes the cue and slowly starts to thrust his boyhood in between my tits. He moans loudly and tilts his head back as he fucks my tits, slowly building up speed with each thrust.

I love the feeling of his cock in between my tits, I had always wanted to try it with one of the boys at Hailey’s party but no boy deserved it as much as Wyatt did. I just laid back and let my brother have his fun, staring at his scrunched up face brought me a great amount of pleasure as I saw the effect my body had on him. With every thrust I can see the head of his hard cock peek out of the top of my tits covered in his boy juices and gleaming in a bright pink color.

“This feels so good!” Wyatt yells as his voice echoes through the empty house. His cock is thrusting in between my tits at a rapid pace. Wyatt closes his eyes and scrunches his eyebrows, man he looks so cute right now fucking my tits I thought.

“Come on you can go faster” I say encouraging him to increase the pace of his thrusts “Do you like fucking your older sister titties, Wyatt? Do you like having your hard cock in between my slippery tits?”

“Yes! Oh god yes I do Katie! Thi-this is better than anything I have ever felt.” He yells out shaking his head wildly in pleasure. Finally Wyatt’s whole body starts to shake and he thrusts wildly into my tits and then lets out a load moan. His boy milk shoots between my tits and first connects with my chin. He continues to thrust into my tits until they are coated in more cum than lotion. After emptying his cock of cum Wyatt flops over next to me breathing heavier that he would after a run.

“Wow, thank you so much Katie, that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt.” Wyatt say to me in between his rapid breaths.

I was still in shock of how much cum that Wyatt had covered me with, my entire chest was covered in his cum. I dip my finger in it and taste a little bit. “You still taste awesome.” I say as I savor the taste of his cum.

Wyatt giggles, “I am glad you enjoyed the taste, you are quite messy right now, like, in a sexy way.”

I laugh “Well I wonder who’s fault that is?!” I quickly grab a handful of his cum and roll over and wipe it all over Wyatt’s chest.

Wyatt immediately sits upright “Hey! Now I’m all messy as well!”

“I guess we both need to get cleaned up then.” I say sitting up next to him.

“Shotgun first shower!” Wyatt says standing up and hurrying up off of his bed.

“Wait!” I say while still overwhelmed by my lust and desire for Wyatt, I was not even close to done with him yet. “You know…Mom and Dad have a pretty big shower…we could clean up together if you want?” My pussy continues to drip as it had been all night, I was no where near done with him and I hoped he felt the same

A mischievous grin spread across Wyatt’s face “Only if I am the lucky one who gets to clean you.”

“Someones still pretty horny.” I said as I stood up from Wyatt’s bed.

“How can I not be? You are so beautiful Katie.” Wyatt lovingly says. He walks up to me and kisses me on the lips. “Come on I made you all messy I should be the one to clean it up.”

He reaches out and grabs my hand, leading me into our parents bathroom. The timid boy who I first started the evening with was gone. He was replaced with a confident and sex crazed Wyatt. I personally really liked that exchange.

We enter into the bathroom and Wyatt goes to turn the water on and make sure that it is a pleasant temperature. My parents had a pretty large shower allowing for Wyatt and I to both go in and have a good amount of room in there. The water on my body feels so good and I close my eyes enjoying the warm water but also bracing myself for the excitement of Wyatt cleaning me.

“You know, you look really sexy with my cum on you.” Wyatt says looking over my body. “But I have to do my part and make sure that I clean the mess that I made.” Wyatt grabs my arm and guides me in front of him so the water is pouring on my back.

Wyatt fills his hands with my moms body wash and starts to spread it over my body. His hands start at my shoulders and run there way down my arms making sure to lather both of them and make sure they were nice and clean. Wyatt then walks around me so that my back is facing him. His hands move down my back as he eagerly touches and washes me. After washing my back he moves down to my ass and pauses for a moment.

“How are you perfect everywhere Katie? You are making my dick so hard again!” I look back and sure enough the cock that had just covered me in cum was hard again and ready to shoot another load.

Wyatt’s hands madesure they washed every inch of my round ass and to the top of my thighs. As he washed my ass his hands came around from under me and started to gently wash around my wet pussy. I close my eyes and moan, Wyatt’s hands continue to wash my pussy from behind and I have to reach out to the wall to steady myself as I start shifting and shaking from his touch. Wyatt’s hands retreat from my soaking sex and he finishes watching my ass.

He kisses the back of my neck and instructs me to turn around. At this point I am completely controlled by the touches of my brother, I would do anything to ensure he continues to lovingly wash my body. I back up to the wall of the shower and Wyatt walks towards me softly pressing me against the cool shower wall.

He starts with cleaning my chin and neck until they are no longer covered in his cum. Wyatt leans in a kisses my neck “Yep it is nice and clean.” He says as he pulls away satisfied with his cleaning job.

His hands then slide down to my cum covered tits and he does a thorough clean being sure to massage and wash every inch of my breasts. His hands pinch and tweak my nipples sending shock waves through my young body. Once again Wyatt is completely enamored with my breasts and after washing them with his hands he looks at me with a devilish grin. “Do you mind if I am a bit more thorough?”

I nod and feel Wyatt’s mouth press against my tits, he kisses and licks every part of them. As he does that his hands slide down my stomach until they arrive at my eager pussy. Once again he starts by massaging around the perimeter of my pussy and occasionally rubbing over my hard clit.

I press my back against the wall of the shower and squirm as my younger brother’s hands continue to dance around my pussy. Soon he puts me out of my misery and slides three of his fingers into my pussy. All I can do is moan and thrust forwards so that Wyatt’s fingers go deeper into me. His face is buried in my tits as he continues to passionately kiss and lick them. His other hand locates my clit and starts to rub it filling me with pleasure.

My body had never felt like this, Wyatt was overwhelming my senses right now and I felt the most powerful orgasm I had ever had coming closer.

I wrapped arms around Wyatt’s wet body and let out a loud shriek. “Do not stop!! Oh fuck keep going!” I yell as Wyatt thrusts his fingers into my pussy as fast as he possibly could.

Wyatt’s touching all over my body finally brings me over the edge. I go numb and feel my entire body shake as Wyatt brings me to an incredible climax. I lose my balance and Wyatt gently guides me down to the floor of the shower with his fingers still in my pussy. I sit down on the floor of the shower as I continue moan and shake from the incredible orgasm my younger brother just brought me to.

“You have made me feel better than any boy ever has.” I say coming out of my orgasm and looking lovingly into his eyes.

“You deserve to feel this good, you are amazing, I am so happy that you are my sister.” Wyatt says pulling his fingers out of my pussy. His fingers are dripping from my juices and he sticks them into his open mouth and eagerly tastes me. “And you taste fucking good Katie.”

I had never heard Wyatt swear before, I guess he had really lost his innocence this night. “I love you Wyatt.” I say sitting on the floor of our parents shower with my brother kneeling in front of me.

“I love you too Katie” Wyatt then pulls me against him and kisses me on the lips.

We kiss on the floor of our parents shower for several minutes both of us are wrapped tightly against each other. I feel Wyatt’s hard cock pressed against my stomach, this boy never stopped having an erection. I thought to myself, I couldn’t waste having another opportunity with his hard rod.

“It looks like I might need to wash a part of you as well.” I inform Wyatt as I pull away from his kiss.

“It-it’s fine you already made me feel amazing, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Wyatt says not wanting to make me feel like I had to, but I wanted to.

I lather my hands and wash all over Wyatt’s body. “Oh please, I cannot not get enough of your huge cock.” I say while washing his smooth legs.

Wyatt just blushes and nods “I love you.” Soon I have lathered his entire body in soap. I wrapped both of my hands around his hard cock. Instead of jacking him off I use my soap covered hands to twist around Wyatt’s cock like wringing a towel.

Wyatt’s groans and starts to thrust in between my twisting hands “Oh my god!! Yes!” He yells out humping into my hands.

The soap on my hands makes his cock slippery and bubbly. Wyatt puts his hands on my shoulders and uses me to help steady him and help him to thrust faster.

“Shit, shit, shit I am close!!” Wyatt said thrusting wildly into my hands. Wyatt entire body starts to shake and contort as he near his second orgasm of the hour. Wyatt lets out a deep groan and his cum shoots out covering my hands and torso with his seed.

Wyatt looks at me and smiles “I love you…and sorry for making you messy again.” He says with a childish giggle.

“It is okay, I cannot get enough of you Wyatt.” I say while his cum drips down my body.

“I wish that I could be with you forever, that this would never end.” Wyatt says as we both stand in the shower overcome with love for each other.

“Mom and Dad aren’t going to be back for a while, so…we are going to have a lot of time together.”

“Yes!!” Wyatt cheers raising his arms in joy.

“You know…I was thinking.” I say looking at my brother, he was no longer my little innocent brother, he was my lover and I wanted him. “I think it might be time for you to lose your virginity…with me, what do you say?”

Wyatt’s face went pale and he all he can do is slowly nod. I would never have predicted that this night that had started with disappointment would come to this point but I could not be happier. I loved Wyatt and he loved me.

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