Sex Games News 07/31/22


Hi everybody. We have started working on a new game — “Witcher Hunt”. And there will be my news about her.

Witcher Hunt News

This week we discussed the quests that will appear in the first release of the game. These will be two small quests of the main plot and two quests with girls. There will definitely be sex scenes.

I think that next week the screenwriter will start creating a flowchart, everything is ready for this. And I made pictures for the available locations of the city of Oxenfurt. These are the places.

Player’s House

This is a large medieval house. There will be several zones: the player’s room, the first floor, the backyard, etc.

Dora’s House

This is the first girl with whom there will be an opportunity to have sex.

Brothel “The Rosebud”

In this brothel, the player will be able to increase his charisma by using the services of the girls there.

Nearby forest

Here the player will increase his dexterity by running. And there will also be some quest stages.

Thinkers Park

A lot of things can happen in this park.

Hotel “Three Little Bells”

Some of the characters will live here, for example Keira Metz.

The map of Oxenfurt itself looks like this now.

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It was the news about our sex games for the week. There will be no news next weekend.

And as always, a huge thank you to everyone who supports us. Your support is very important to us.

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