Adult Games News 07/24/22


Hi everybody.

We have finally finished creating the game “The Solomon Ring 3: The Temple of the Body“. The game was not as big as the previous one. We wanted to make it faster so that you don’t wait for it and don’t get bored.

I wish you a pleasant game. And “Get more”patrons can download from the archive a version of the game in which 2 girls have sexier outfits. Here is a link to the archive via Patreon.

Witcher Hunt

Our next game will be a big game for adults with a lot of characters. As I have said in other posts, updates will be released for this game every few months. Each update will add either a quest with a new girl, or bug fixes. To date, I have already come up with 15 girl characters.

There are 27 locations planned in the game. Perhaps there will be new places in the future. The draft version of the city looks like this.

Made with

In the first version of the game, we plan to do several quests of the main plot and the story of two girls.

That’s all for now. Thank you very much for your support, you are the best!

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