My Wife’s First Chat



We are retired, enjoying life, and empty nesters. I adore my wife, as she does me, and her only concern, it appears, is to make sure I’m happy in our trophy years.

“You will not believe what your friend Fred and I got up to tonight.”

Those were the words spoken by my adorable wife Cat, as she came through the sliders from the pool.

It was 9:00 pm, early for too much mischief, and Fred lives across the Atlantic from us, where it was now 2:00 am. Recently my demure wife has been exploring the naughty side of herself, and engaging in short, flirty chats with my best friend in England. I’ve known Fred for over 10 years. We became online chat friends after meeting on a picture sharing site, where we found the greatest pleasure was sharing pictures of our nude wives.

Fred’s wife Sue, is a beautiful woman, small with a very nice figure, and wonderfully shaped breasts, tipped with small, usually hard, nipples. My wife Cat is equally beautiful, sexy in her being, modest, and has a butt I adore. Her breasts are a bit fuller but it’s her nipples that always take my breath away. When even slightly excited they become pencil eraser tops that roll on my tongue.

Cat slipped in next to me, slid my underwear off, and gently caressed my quickly hardening cock. I assented immediately to her request that I read the chat out loud, slowly, so she could hear played back what she and Fred sounded like.

It began innocently enough, but quickly escalated to a very flirty sexual chat. From Fred’s dialog I could tell he was very horny already. For years he and I have fantasized about enjoying each other’s wives in a very open, everything permitted, friendly way. He adores Cat and her body, seeming to know every intimate curve and turn. I’ve explored Sue the same way, and as I am reading the dialog to her, now Cat knows it. Not only does she know it, but embraces it, loving me, loving that she is able to please me by acknowledging my desire for a friend’s wife. I feel the same about her and Fred. I picture the two of them together, him finally able to fulfill this wish he has to sink his cock deep, deep into her. She now knows that not only to I approve, but want it, to see it, to feel it, to taste it.

Fred was nice enough to pepper his texts with pictures, again starting off with an innocent pic of Sue lying in bed, her top off. Sue and Fred are both nudists, so this has now become common; to see either of them nude. Neither Cat nor I have ever even been to a nude beach and she feels my cock harden when the picture enlarges to full screen. She squeezed me gently and told me that I hadn’t seen anything yet, there was more to come. This surprised me as they had agreed not to show any pics where just body parts were displayed, or pictures where there was active sex.

The next picture was Fred lying on his bed, with just a semi. He is a good looking professional man and has a very nice cock, uncut, about the same length as mine (neither of us are envious of the other). He and Cat would make a wonderful pair to watch. Where his cock is wider at the bottom and has a very nice girth, mine is more consistent with a larger mushroom head. Over the years we have discussed which brings more joy to our wives; his base as it stretches her pussy when he is deep inside filling her up, or the way it feels as my cock-head enters her, rubbing against her clit with each stroke. To answer this we would have to ask them to sample each and let us know.

The third picture did it. Sue was lying on her back with her legs parted just enough to put her pussy on full display, her lips slightly visible among the glorious hair. Her nipples were hard and she was wearing only a smile. Sensing my increased desire, Cat quickened her pace on my cock telling me that Sue was beautiful and she could see why I could cum just looking at her pussy. I gently took her hand away so that I could at least finish the text chats, knowing if there were many more pictures like that I would lose it.

My darling, demure, innocent wife helped Fred construct one of the horniest fantasy chats I have read. It included de***ive accounts of what each person was doing and how unlimited the possibilities for pleasure were. Cat listened with fascination as Fred described Sue sitting on my lap, reverse cowgirl, my cock deep within her, and him licking her clit, her pussy, and my cock shaft each time Sue raised or lowered herself, just keeping the head of my cock between her lips. I knew from having this fantasy with him many times the exact drawing he was describing. He and I have cum together with pictures of Sue, Cat and this drawing on the screen. It is an artwork we have shared over the years. The look of the husband as he is leaning in to lick his precious wife and his best friend’s cock is wonderful. Will he show it? Although he is filled with passion at the moment he questions whether it goes beyond the boundaries of their agreement. He doesn’t.

I don’t need it. By this time Cat’s very hard nipples have been dancing on my arm as I read from the phone. I so want to take one in my mouth but I couldn’t do it all, read, suck, cum. I will have to reread their chat in order to be able to faithfully describe the wondrous things we all did in this fantasy. I do know that Fred used the word “cocksucker” a couple of times, and always appropriate to the action. Years ago he and I agreed that word would be used as a term of endearment usually toward our wives as they took our cocks into their mouths. We did not consider it a derogatory term at all.

Bringing up the pic of Sue on my phone Cat zoomed in enough to show the parts I wanted most in the frame. Her smile, her breasts, and her pussy now her legs spread wider than before, her lips even more prominent. What? Cat and Fred were so smart to have two pictures of her in the chat (I thought it was the same one duplicated and Cat said that). This second one was more blatant, more sexual, more alluring than any I had seen of her. Cat knew this, could feel it in my cock and stroked me even more quickly. She is the most giving woman I have ever met and I knew she was enjoying my pleasure.

We have always communicated during moments like this by signal, never verbally. I respect that Cat hasn’t felt comfortable with “dirty talk” and I avoid it. Tonight she told me to please say whatever I wanted. I told her she was the most wonderful woman in the world, that I loved her dearly and how I loved looking at Sue’s pussy as she stroked my cock. How much I wanted to sink my cock into my friend’s wife and look into her eyes as she came. Fred and Cat looking on enjoying the sweet pleasure of sharing. She agreed that the picture on the screen was incredible. Finally working up the courage I asked her if she wanted to suck Fred’s cock, getting closer to cumming with every passing second. She asked if I wanted that; to see her suck my friend’s cock, and I said it would be a dream come true. For the first time ever, my sweet-shy wife said the words I wanted to hear: “I want to suck Fred’s cock” and with this simple utterance the cum shot from the head of my cock, soaking us both.

This night will go down as one of the most erotic nights of my life … and I owe it all to my wife and friend. Life is grand!

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