This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This is an office-slut story.

This is a story around a mother, Connie Mason, and her daughter, Dawn. Connie is 36 and Barb is 19. Both women are trim with blonde hair that is straight and falls just to the shoulders. Connie’s breasts are larger (DD cup after enhancement years ago) than her daughter’s (C cup). Both women have dealt with struggle in their lives.

Connie was 16 when she became pregnant with Dawn. The father was no support and her family were marginally supportive. She took marginal jobs for several years before getting into a community college program for training in secretarial skills. Her desires for sexual contact didn’t just start at a young age, it maintained itself through her life despite the difficulties of a young daughter, which led to frustrations to quell sexual energy persistent within her. Moving from secretarial job to secretarial job, her skill set limited her options and potential for advancement that might have led to an income that in turn could lead to something better for her and her daughter. That is, until she went to work for Maris Industries a couple years ago and miraculously (in the eyes of many other employees) found herself becoming the Personal Assistant to the President.

Dawn at 20, just like her mother, struggled to keep up in school and narrowly escaped high school with merely acceptable grades to show for it. Although her mother tried to keep her promiscuity in check around Dawn, sex and men were like an open book in their close apartment life that seemed to beg Dawn to explore. In her short mature life, Dawn has already gone through a long series of male partners that clearly have little more interest long-term than a conquest of someone that can be manipulated for their benefit. Already starting the same career path as her mother, she has gone through several low-income, small-potential jobs that require her to share an apartment with an equally unskilled former classmate from high school. She too seemed destined to a life of struggle until her mother managed to get her into an entry level secretarial position somewhere in the bowels of the company. Then, she saw what her mom had risen to and wondered what it would take for her advance, too. Suddenly, there was hope in her life.

Some clinical studies are investigating if there might be a pre-disposition for sexual interest and activity passed from one generation to the other and if that pre-disposition is genetic or behavioral. That study could have used this mother and daughter as study subjects.


Connie was very curious about the meeting going on in the Executive Conference Room. As the Personal Assistant to the President of Maris Industries, she normally knew about all the meetings involving Mr. Maris and the other three executives of the company. She, the executives, and their conference room were located separate from others in the administrative building on the third floor. The rest of the third floor also housed Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources. The rest of the building housed various functions as Sales, Marketing, Administrative Support, Engineering, Drafting, Quality Control, etc. But it wasn’t only that she didn’t know what the meeting was about, it was that the four top executives rarely met privately without taking the opportunity for some playful time with her.

Her desk was in the middle of the four offices, two on each side. Behind her was the large Executive Conference Room only available to these four and meetings they scheduled with others, mostly customers, clients, major suppliers, and investors. In front of her was a reception area of sorts and two doors, one to a restroom and the other to a small kitchenette.

She heard the conference room door open and quiet conversation as each of the men made their way to their offices. Then, she heard Mr. Maris, “Connie, can I see you, please?”

“Of course, sir.” She finished what she was typing and marked her location on the draft letter she was finalizing, stood, straightened her short dress, and turned to Mr. Maris’ office behind her. As she entered his office, she paused at the door with her hand on it and hesitated for an indication to close it or not. He nodded and Connie smiled. Being his Personal Assistant covered a wide range of responsibilities but none as interesting as being his slut to use and share with the other executives. With an excited smile of anticipation, “Sir, what can I do for you?”

Mr. Maris smiled. Those simple, innocent words have opened so many very interesting and erotic encounters with his PA. “As you know, we just concluded an executive meeting and we have come to an agreement that the next step is to talk to you.”

“Me sir? Have I done something that has displeased you or the others?”

He chuckled, “Far from it, Connie. In fact, before we get into this further, please undress.”

Connie stood immediately, reached behind her for the zipper to her dress, then slid the garment to her feet to step out of before placing it on the other guest chair in front of Mr. Maris’ desk. She then comfortably reached behind her back to unhook her bra before pushing her lace thong down her legs. She turned in a full spin for her boss and retook her seat with a smile.

“No, dear, you’ve done nothing to displease any of us. Your willingness to oblige us in becoming naked, allowing touches, sucking cock, and fucking is exactly what our discussion was about.” He looked at her and clearly not limited to her face. “How long have you been my PA, Connie?” She indicated a little less than a year. “Yes, and in that time have you ever considered or wished to end our arrangement?” She said definitely not. He smiled. “Us, either. What we have decided is how this arrangement might be expanded.” She watched him carefully, now. The arrangement was she was available to the men privately in their offices or their conference room as well as outside the office at her apartment, a hotel, or other safe place. She wondered what ‘expanded’ meant. She waited because she knew Mr. Maris didn’t leave anything to misinterpretation.

“Remember that night you assisted me with that customer?” How could she forget. It was the single time she had been approached for something outside the office and the small executive group. “You were magnificent … of course, you always are … but the customer was so … taken by you and your approach to him. That night made us a lot of money.”

“We didn’t even fuck, sir. All he wanted was a blowjob.”

He smiled, “Perhaps, but he was still very much appreciative. You finished off that deal, Connie.” He leaned back and gazed at her naked body sitting in front of him. “What we would like to do is more of that, if we can. We know it is an expansion to what we originally agreed on so this could be a promotion, a significant raise, and a specially structured incentive plan for you.”

She could feel her body responding to his proposal. She knew her nipples were becoming rock hard and her pussy was past the mere wet stage. “I assume you are talking about expansion as being inclusive of customers and other you would want to influence?”

“Exactly, dear. We recognize this can become a big change and too much more a single woman as it takes off … so to speak. So, we propose hiring another PA to assist you. You would be given the title of Executive Personal Assistant. The new woman would be a Personal Assistant reporting to you and dotted-line reporting to all the executive members. She would receive a rewarding salary, benefits, and share in the incentive plan, but at a lesser amount, of course, than you. You would be responsible for training her in all aspects of the job … in the office and … the personal attention you give.” Knowing that the only reason she was in her position was that night he seduced her at the company party and he saw an opportunity in her to do something very outrageous. How was he going to find another woman willing to do this without slapping him with a harassment charge? She expressed those thoughts to him and he smiled back. “Actually, we were hoping you might know someone who might fit the role …” Connie smiled. She just might know the young slut they need.

She stood and leaned onto the desk, her big breasts swaying as she did. She looked at him intently, “Now, sir, with that out of the way … what can I do for you?”

He laughed, pushed his chair back and patted the desk surface in front of him. She walked around the desk and positioned herself on the desk, her ass at the edge, and spread her legs for him. He had already dropped his pants, his hard cock pointing at her. He smiled as he pressed his cock to her pussy, sank into her hole, leaned forward and kissed her. “Are you always wet and ready for a fucking?”

She looked into his eyes and smiled, “I believe those were the same words you asked me that night at the company party when you seduced me into the stairwell.” He laughed. A night that started it all.

When she returned to her desk, Connie sent a text to a woman downstairs, an entry-level secretary, who was her target. It was simple, ‘Call me, tonight, please.’

Connie was in the kitchen of her apartment when the buzzer from the lobby sounded. Her guest was on her way up. She had planned a dinner, one of the salads she gravitated to. When a part of your job is looking attractive and desirable, she found changes were required, especially as she aged. Not only was she controlling her diet, but she religiously took advantage of the gym on the next block. When the doorbell rang, she poured two glasses of white wine that had been chilling and went to the door.

“Hi, Dawn,” she warmly said as she hugged her daughter. “I’m really glad you weren’t already busy.”

Her daughter gave her a kiss on the cheek and entered the apartment. “I was actually, but he wasn’t important. Just some guy I met in a bar and wanted another night.” She chuckled, “I wasn’t impressed with him.”

Connie shook her head. It wasn’t that she was shocked or disapproved, she knew exactly who her daughter learned her promiscuous behavior from. It was also why she immediately thought of her for the new position in the executive offices and, probably, why Mr. Maris asked her if she knew someone for the position. It wouldn’t be a secret that her daughter also worked in the company, the delicate issue would have been if the saying, ‘like mother, like daughter’, would apply.

After covering the casual catching up of their lives since their last contact, Dawn pressed Connie about the urgency of coming to dinner she sensed in the invitation. Connie smiled and launched into her rehearsed explanation and pitch. She had debated if she should feel guilty about wanting her own daughter to be a part of the career path she had chosen, but she knew her daughter and how she was already living … much the same way she had been living before.

“Dawn, honey, how do you think I can afford this apartment?” Dawn shrugged; she had been curious about that. Connie then launched into what her position as Personal Assistant really was for Mr. Maris and why she was in the job. It explained a lot to Dawn and she became curious why her mom was suddenly explaining something that had been kept a secret for the past the year. Finally, Connie admitted the hard truth, “Honey, the truth is neither one of us is the sharpest knife in the drawer, as the saying goes.” Her daughter chuckled and Connie smiled that she was willing to be honest. “We’re the kind of people that can get lost in the system doing our menial jobs and scraping by in life, or … we can accept what we are and take advantage of a unique situation when it presents itself. That’s all I did.” She could see her daughter wasn’t negatively judging her but remained very attentive. “I asked you here specifically because I can offer the same unique situation to you.”

At first, Dawn didn’t react to the words, then it seemed to jolt her. “You mean … give sex for …”

Connie was holding her daughter’s hand and nodding her head. “Yes, that’ exactly what I am suggesting. Dawn, honey, this might be a terrible thing for a mother to encourage her daughter to consider if it wasn’t that we both know what we are. We both love sex and our life skills aren’t that abundant. You give away sex on a regular basis, right?” Dawn nodded. “Your job barely covers you living and you share an apartment with a high school friend. Now, look around you here …” Dawn didn’t physically shift her head, but Connie could see the wheels turning. “I make more than the manager of your supervisor. This apartment is paid for by Mr. Maris. There is a two-bedroom apartment opening up in this building that could be ours. I have a company credit card. My personal expenses are low and my savings are high and the incentive plan they are talking about …”

Dawn took a gulp of her wine and looked at her mom, “Like being a part-time escort?”

Connie shrugged, “You could look at that way, I suppose, but I prefer to think of it as still giving away sex like I would but getting something for it. Maybe I’m deluding myself, but I think of the sex as freely given as part of the company job. I enjoy sex and I know you do. It’s as simple as that.”

Monday morning, Dawn appeared before Connie’s desk as planned at 9:00 AM. Connie looked up, smiled, came around the desk and hugged her. “Are you ready?” Dawn nodded. “There is nothing tricky about the interview. They know you already work here doing similar work. The secretarial duties aren’t that difficult … trust me. Remember to always respond to these men with ‘sir’ and comply positively and immediately to whatever they ask.” Connie looked over her daughter and smiled. She had taken her out to find an appropriate dress that was sexy and barely professional. Dawn’s C-cup breasts presented a different look than Connie’s D-cups so they opted for a deeper opening in front and slightly shorter hem. She moved her hands from her daughter’s shoulders to her face and gazed into the eyes. Dawn could see something change in her mom and was mildly surprised when she received a kiss on the lips … and it wasn’t motherly. Connie searched her daughter’s face, “Am I a terrible mom?” Dawn shook her head. Connie leaned into her, again. The next kiss was full of passion. “How about now?”

Dawn gasped and hugged her mom. “Oh, mom! I’ve wanted to do that so many times.”

Connie smiled and stroked her daughter’s face. “Me, too. But now it is time for you to get yourself a promotion. Then … I’m going to ask for some private time with you in the conference room.” Her daughter looked at her curiously. Connie smiled and hugged her, “I want to suck all that cum out of my little girl.” Dawn gasped and shivered. She couldn’t remember ever being so sexually charged. She knew that new lace thong she was wearing would be saturated and stick to her pussy which she soon would be taking off.

Then, from behind her, “Connie, we’re ready for you.”

“Right away, sir.”

Connie walked Dawn to the conference room door, squeezed the girl’s hand and led her inside. The four senior executives were seated at a conference table that could seat eight people with additional chairs against a wall. Connie introduced her daughter to each of the men.

Mr. Maris spoke to Dawn, “You understand the purpose of this meeting, Dawn?”

She glanced at her mother, then looked at each of the men, “Yes, sir. I am here for the new Personal Assistant position. All the duties and requirements of the position have been explained to me and I would greatly desire to serve you men in that position.”

One of the other men asked, “You understand ALL the requirements and expectation of this position?” Dawn affirmed it. “You understand adding this position represents an expansion of those expectations beyond what your mother has performed to this point?”

Dawn smiled, “I would like very much to show you, in whatever way you desire, that I am the woman to assist my mom in this role.”

Mr. Maris took over, again, “Then, let’s see about that.” He glanced at Connie who was smiling with just a hint of nervousness. That wasn’t necessarily bad. It likely only reflected how much the two of them desired for this to happen. He looked back to Dawn, “Take off you dress, Dawn.” He liked that she didn’t look to her mother this time but immediately reached behind her and began lowering the zipper. She stepped out of the dress and handed to Connie who now stood to the side. She was told to turn in a circle dressed now in a matching set of lace bra and thong with stay-up stockings and heels. Indicating the bra next, she immediately complied. Then the thong and she was essentially naked before them. Mr. Maris indicated for her to step closer to him and his hand reached up to cup her breast while watching her eyes and face for response. She only continued to smile at him. His other hand moved to her crotch and her legs parted slightly. When his fingers slid through her wet pussy lips, he was delighted to see, and hear, her gasp, her legs separating a little more in what seemed to be an unconscious, responsive reaction. She was then told to move to each of the men with the same touching and probing occurring with each, but two of the men also inserted fingers into her ready pussy.

Then, with a simple move, Mr. Maris dramatically shifted the ‘interview’. He unbuckled his belt, lowered the zipper, and shifted his slacks down. Dawn responded immediately, going to her knees in front of him, and taking his exposed cock in her hands. She gave it a couple strokes before lowering her head to lick the underside of the flaccid but rising shaft. She licked from the base to the tip and each time she reached the head, she took it between her lips and sucked on it briefly. Mr. Maris looked up at Connie and smiled. It was the exact technique Connie used. He wondered if the two had coordinated what Dawn might do. It indicated to him this combination of women was a winner for them. Dawn was willing and ready to do what was needed to be done for them and her mother would do what was necessary to guide her. His musings were interrupted as he gasped when his cock was taken deep into her mouth to her throat … just like her mom.

He didn’t want to cum in her mouth this time and that was a real possibility the way he was reacting. He lifted her mouth off his cock and indicated she should move to the next man. Around the group she made her way until each man was hard. Back at the front of the table, Mr. Maris patted the top of the table. She lifted herself up and leaned back, her knees rising with her and spreading wide. She glanced to her mom at the side and found her smiling. Mr. Maris moved between her legs, his hard cock leading him to her open and wet pussy. He sank completely into her with two thrusts and fucked her to his quick climax. The other three men followed suit in quick succession.

Connie stepped to her daughter, a hand on her chest to keep her on the table, as the last of the men filed out of the conference. Closing the door behind the men, she smiled at her daughter, “I told you … I want to clean the cum from your pussy.” Dawn looked up at her mom with a sense of being overwhelmed. She knew what was likely to happen but being fucked by four men in the executive’s conference early in the work day was still difficult to wrap her head around. Now, her mom was going to eat her pussy in the same conference room?

Connie leaned over Dawn’s spread legs and tentatively dipped her outstretched tongue to the messy pussy lips before her. This was new for her. She had never been so intimate with a woman but this was something she somehow felt she needed to do. Soon, her tongue was lapping at the spread pussy like a hound after gravy. She was forcing her tongue into her daughter’s hole for any last cum she could reach, her daughter gasping and moaning, her own fingers pinching and pulling on her nipples, when the conference room door suddenly opened, again.

Both women abruptly stopped what they were doing and looked nervously at the door to find Mr. Maris. He was smiling as he stood in the open doorway. “Nice to see co-workers bonding.”

Connie and Dawn looked at each other smiling embarrassed, then Connie caught the word he used, co-workers. She looked at Dawn with a bigger smile, then to Mr. Maris, “Wait! You mean …” He nodded. Connie pulled Dawn off the table and into her arms.

He smiled at the two of them. “There really wasn’t much doubt in our minds.” His hand was outstretched to Dawn. In it was a new security/access badge, a Corporate Card, and an employment agreement. “I need your signature on that agreement. It leaves out the most interesting parts for obvious legal reasons. The paperwork is already moving through the system to transfer you up here.” Mother and daughter hugged, again, after Dawn, still naked, signed the agreement and gave it back to Mr. Maris. Then, he handed Connie a key. “My understanding is you are going to live together.” They both nodded. “Excellent. That is to the apartment two floor above yours, Connie. It’s a two bedroom. It’s yours and ready to be moved into. Let me know and I will have movers ready when you are.”

Dawn almost walked out of the conference room naked after him she was so excited. Connie pulled her back into the room and kissed her. She had her concerns about bringing her daughter into such a life and wondered if it was really something to be so happy about, but she was.

* * * *

Three weeks later, “All moved in, ladies?” Mr. Maris was standing near his door. Both Connie and Dawn turned in their desk chairs toward him. They both nodded and thanked him for the movers’ help in accomplishing that. Two of the other executives came to their open doors as Mr. Maris continued, apparently knowing what was coming. “Then, how about we christen your new abode with a little party after work?” He wasn’t really so much asking if they wanted to get together as much as telling them they were entertaining the executives after work. After only three weeks, even Dawn knew the difference and both women responded with enthusiasm and eagerness, which was, of course, the response expected.

The women left work early to prepare for the men to arrive. Their shared apartment was only five blocks from the office, which was another reason for the company paying for it. It was convenient for the executives as much as for the women. As they walked the distance, they passed a boutique that caught Dawn’s eyes. A mannequin inside was adorned in an alluring baby-doll negligee. She caught Connie’s eye and they giggled and walked into the shop.

When the buzzer from the lobby sounded, Dawn responded and released the lock for the men to enter. She turned to Connie and giggled. Though she had been fucked or sucked cock regularly in the office the past weeks, this was to be her first gathering with all of them. She and her mom were outfitted in identical outfits: short black, sheer, baby-doll negligees, matching sheer thongs, and high heels. They thought the darkness of the outfits would contrast well with the light blonde hair they both had. It was still hard for her to accept such spur of the moment purchases could be put on the company card.

Connie was familiar with the drink preference of each man and they greeted them at the door with drinks and a kiss. Both women received touches and feels of various parts of their clearly visible bodies. One of the men, upon taking his drink and lightly touching Connie’s breast through the sheer material commented to chuckles from the others, “Now, this is the way to be greeted. Too bad we couldn’t have this at the office.”

When the two women finished their drinks, they refreshed the drinks of the men. As Connie bent to serve one of the men, her larger breasts freely swung as she did, enticing the man to grab one. The man looked at her and asked if the women could dance for them as the men relaxed a little more with their drinks. Connie turned on a player she had nearby connected to speakers, just in case. The two women started sensuously moving toward each other, their hips rotating and shaking. Soon, though, the movements became just coordinated enough to allow touching and stroking of each other as they moved. Hands began stroking hips and sliding up and underneath the baby-dolls. Connie initiated the first aggressive move by shimmying down the back of Dawn as she faced the men, her hands moving up to the breasts of her daughter until the material was pushed above the breast as her hands encompassed her daughter’s breasts. Then, caressing down the body, she pulled the sheer thong down over hips and legs until her daughter’s clean pussy mound was exposed.

Dawn rotated around her mother to duplicate the move and expose her, too. But she didn’t stop, holding her mother in the same position, she reached back up to the bow at the breasts and released it, allowing the baby-doll to open and slide off, exposing her mother’s now naked body to the men. Dawn continued by kissing her mother’s neck and shoulders as she fondled her breasts from behind. The gasp and moan escaping Connie was loud enough for all in the room to hear as one hand slid down her stomach to slide between her wet pussy lips. Connie responded by turning around and nearly tearing the negligee off her daughter’s body and crushing their mouths together.

Connie pulled her face from Dawn’s and gasped, “I think we have the men ready for more …” Dawn nodded with a knowing smile. They both turned, now naked in only heels, to the men sitting with bulging crotches. They both worked on getting the men out of their shoes, socks, pants and underwear, then settled on their knees to suck cock, moving from one to the other, each of the women sucking each of the men in turn. Their plan was to continuing sucking on cock until they were told to stop or they came in their mouths, whichever happened first. What happened first was stopping them. The men wanted to fuck.

Without hesitation or debate, Connie took Mr. Maris and another and Dawn led the other two men, both moving to their bedrooms where the beds were turned down and the lighting subdued in preparation. Dawn moved onto her bed, gazing at the two men as they stripped off shirts and ties and crawling onto the bed after her. She lay back and opened her legs to whichever meant to be the first to penetrate her. Her smile and excitement evident on her face only reinforced to the men what they had come to recognize in her during the three weeks she had been available to them in the office alongside her mother. They had all privately agreed that having a mother and daughter combination to fuck was especially enticing.

Dawn was penetrated fully in one powerful thrust causing both her and the man to gasp out. Her open mouth in gasping was quickly filled by the other man as he fed her his erect cock. She began sucking it with the same energy she was being fucked. Her orgasm was muted by the cock in her mouth and was only a moment before the man sent his seed into her clenching pussy. The man pulled out of her pussy and the cock in her mouth abruptly left, too. Soon, though, her pussy was again filled with cock and the other cock was brought to her mouth. She just as greedily sucked on this cock, tasting not only the man’s cum but her juices as well.

This man now fucking was slower, pressing into her deep and firmly, but changing angles as he did. When he pulled her over so she was riding him, she only momentarily lost the cock in her mouth, but the other man shifted to again feel her mouth around his cock. She rose and fell on the cock as she took over fucking and she varied her approach for him. Rising to just the head inside, then dropping to fill her pussy while squeezing with her muscles as her mom had instructed her. She thought she knew how to be fucked … her mom showed her otherwise.

After the second man climaxed in her to match yet another orgasm for her, they relaxed on the bed side-by-side, all three of them catching their breath. Having left the bedroom doors open, Dawn and Connie agreed to listen for quiet to switch partners. Sensing that moment, Dawn shimmied off the bed from between the two men and instructed them to remain where they were. She walked the short distance to her mom’s bedroom and stood in the doorway.

All three must have sensed her because they looked over at virtually the same moment. Dawn was smiling broadly at the scene knowing the one in her room had looked the same. Her mom was lying naked in the middle of the bed, her legs still spread with both men naked alongside her, each fondling and probing her body. Dawn ventured into the room, “My turn with these two. You’re needed in the other room, mom.”

Connie bounced off the bed and walked quickly out of the room, giving her daughter a swat on the butt as she passed. Connie walked into the other bedroom, “Gentlemen, did my daughter take good care of you?” They both nodded approvingly. “Good, so now … what is it going to take to get these cocks hard, again?”

As it turned out, it wouldn’t take much at all. The combination of her enthusiastic effort and the reminder of mother following the daughter gave their cocks renewed life quickly. Once they were both ready, she went to the bedside stand and opened the drawer for the tube of lubrication both women kept for just these occasions. She held it up, “How about a double penetration, sirs?” Connie smiled as she asked the question, partly because of the looks of excitement on their faces but also because she knew Dawn was going through the same offer as they had planned it.

Connie took charge, instructing one onto his back and handing the lube to the other. She straddled the one man, positioning herself over the erect cock and settling down over it. She bounced up and down on it several times to get it fully in her and comfortable, then, as she felt the lube being pressed to her asshole, she leaned forward and lay her chest on the man beneath her. She used her hands to spread her ass cheeks and felt the gel pressed over her asshole and inside with one, then two fingers. The man underneath her gasped at the feeling of just the finger in her ass against his cock. When the man pressed is cock against her asshole and it popped past her sphincter, they all three gasped at the fullness and tightness it caused. They began fucking her, the man in her ass having the better position for stroking into her and doing the majority of the heavy fucking but his cock sliding in and out was separated by only a membrane from the other cock, stimulating not only himself and Connie but also the man in her pussy. Double penetration was very stimulating for Connie, the nerve ending being stimulated in both passages simultaneously. She orgasmed, causing both chambers to lock up around the cocks inside and that was all the cock in her ass could take. His seed spurted into her ass adding to her orgasm. She cried out in pleasure from a source deep inside her.

When the man in her ass pulled out, she felt the cum running from her gaping asshole, but the man underneath her rolled them and began fucking her urgently. The anal orgasm she rode a moment before peaked with the stimulation of the aggressive fucking now in her pussy and the bumping against her clit. Her final orgasm matched the man’s. She was, again, collapsed between two men. She lay on her back with hands from men on her still quivering body as she heard the wail from the other bedroom and smiled. She thought, her daughter’s DP sounds to be going well, too.

* * * *

“Ladies, could I see you in my office, please?”

Dawn looked to the desk next to her and winked at her mom as they both stood, straightened their tight, short skirts and nearly see-through blouses. The men seemed to enjoy mother and daughter wearing nearly identical outfits. They also enjoyed hearing Dawn referring to Connie as ‘mom’. It seemed to feed the knowledge that they were fucking a mother and daughter set. Having two beautiful women available for their use was exciting enough, but mother and daughter …

Connie and Dawn entered Mr. Maris’ office, Connie responding for both, “Yes, sir, how may we serve you?”

He chuckled, “Don’t I wish.” He looked at them standing in his office. Yes, if only he had the time today to use both of them together, but … “What won’t you do for me, ladies?”

Dawn jumped on the response, “Anything, sir.” But she looked at him, then her mom with some confusion on her face. Won’t do anything?

Connie smiled at the confusion her eagerness caused, “She means we’ll do anything for you, sir.” Dawn was nodding agreement but still caught in how she messed up. A negative and a positive … mmmmm …

Mr. Maris chuckled, too. He recognized his words messing her up. “I have something I need you to do for us. Something only you two can accomplish.” He had their attention and watched as both sat in the chairs in front of his desk. Both made an elaborate motion of crossing their legs to flash panties or thongs. He had to decide which to look at intently or he’d miss both. Yes, sheer thongs … and wet. At least, Connie’s was. He went on to explain they had visitors representing a critical supplier. Procurement, Operations, and Marketing had effectively worked them over during the day, but there is still a bit of remaining uncertainty. “There are three of them staying at the Hyatt. Their flight is tomorrow morning. I told them I would join them for drinks but my schedule unfortunately wouldn’t allow me to join them for dinner. I want you two to join us for drinks, then entertain them with dinner and … well, be creative.”

Connie and Dawn shared a knowing look and responded together, “Yes, sir.” Then, Connie added, “And you don’t really have a conflict as much as you don’t want to get in the way of them responding to our … be creative?” He smiled and nodded.

Mr. Maris carried the conversation through early drinks, then when he left and the group moved to the restaurant, the men tried to continue the discussions along the same track as before. Finally, Connie leaned forward, her large breast squeezing into the table top and magnifying her exposed cleavage. Scanning the three men, she asked softly, “After a long day of that kind of talk, is that really how you want to spend the evening?” The men considered both women and found them gazing back at them confidently. The conversation changed quickly and a lot easier and more light-hearted.

By the end of the meal, and several more drinks, the men had become very attentive to the women and the women, of course, were VERY attentive to them. With dinner complete, Connie leaned forward, again, creating the identical image as before. The difference this time, though, was the men’s formality had been peeled away by drinks and increasingly suggestive talk. She posed options to the men, “As we see it, gentlemen, this evening now presents us with options: just end the evening, which would be too bad; go back to the bar for another drink; or, perhaps having another drink somewhere else. We’re going to the ladies room and you can decide.”

Connie stood and Dawn followed, each taking their purses. In the ladies room, Connie checked the room and began unbuttoning her blouse. Dawn quizzed her as Connie slipped her blouse off, then her bra before putting the nearly sheer blouse back on. Connie simply said, “Giving them something visual to assist in their decision making.” Dawn smiled and followed the lead of her mother. Then, both women pulled up their tight skirts to remove their sheer thongs. Dawn watched her mother stuff her large bra in her purse but left her thong out. Dawn, again, followed her lead. Connie explained her plan. Dawn shook her head but with a smile. Slutty might be a good word for what they were turning into.

The men did a double take, along with other patrons of the restaurant, as the women approached the table. Especially Connie’s unrestrained breasts were jiggling and bouncing as they walked back to the table. The women took their chairs and Connie immediately signed for the meal. She looked at Dawn as the signal and they both placed their thongs on the table. All three men did a three-point look on each woman: the delicate thongs on the table, the nipples showing through the blouses, and the faces beaming suggestively at them. The lead man said they were hoping the women might join them upstairs for a nightcap.

Connie looked at Dawn as if truly wondering what to do with the suggestion, then replied, “Well … maybe just one.” Dawn had a terrible time holding back her giggle.

It was after 10:00 PM and the hotel was getting quiet. As they stepped into an elevator, one of the guys pushed 12. The elevator just got started and Connie pushed the stop button and turned to the guys, “You guys know Dawn and I aren’t being invited up to your room to only have a drink, right?” The guys looked at each as if caught. Then, Dawn smiled and added, “So … what’s your favorite hotel fantasy?”

Now the guys were looking at each other like they couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Two deferred to the one clearly the leader who offered, “Watching a woman walking a hallway in only stockings and heels.”

Connie released the elevator and smiled at the men, “How about two women?” Connie and Dawn immediately started unbuttoning their blouses. By the time the elevator stopped at 12 and the doors opened, the women were only in stockings and heels and kissing the men while their hands tried to fondle every inch of the two women. The women picked up their discard clothes from the floor of the elevator and handed them to one man and turned to the small vestibule on the 12th floor. The two women entwined their arms and started down the hall with exaggerated walks and suddenly stopped. “What room number?” The leader pointed the other way, apparently quite please this naked walk would be longer than originally intended.

Once inside the room, the mini-bar was opened and each had another drink, this time with the women naked and moving from lap to lap, their breasts and legs being freely felt and probed. Finishing their drink, both Connie and Dawn moved to their knees before the men sitting on the end of the bed and began loosening belts and lowering pants. They each took a cock into their mouths and shared stroking the man in the middle. When they switched, Connie took the man in the middle and began stroking the man she had just been sucking. They were quickly hard. Though they enjoyed mouths over their cocks, they really wanted to fuck some pussy.

The women moved onto the bed on their backs and hooked their legs over the other, spreading their legs and wet pussies in the process. How the decision was made who began fucking who, the women didn’t know and didn’t care. They each had a man between their legs with the third man kneeling between them at their heads where they both sucked and licked him.

The men shifted several times, then moved the women to their hands and knees. By the time all three men had climaxed, it was quite late and the men thanked them profusely. A bit frustrated that the party was ending so soon, the women got dressed, including the bras they pulled out of their purses, kiss the men and left. Neither woman had orgasmed.

Back at their apartment, the women went to their separate bedrooms, both privately wanting to finally get themselves off. Dawn lay on her bed completely naked using her favorite vibrator when she heard similar sounds coming through the open doors from her mother’s room. She lay for a moment listening and thinking, then dropped the vibrator on the bed and walked to her mother’s room. As she knew, her mother was driving her own dildo in and out of her pussy. Dawn crawled onto the bed between her mom’s legs, pulled the dildo away and replaced it with her mouth and tongue. Connie cried out at the feeling, her hands holding Dawn’s head in place as she moaned and gasped. Then, recognition fully coming to her, she pulled her daughter up and kissed her deeply, tongues being shared.

Connie gasped out, “69”. Dawn pivoted on top of her mom, her pussy over her mom’s mouth as hers went back to feed on her mom’s pussy. They both came with earth-shattering orgasms that left them gasping and committing to each other to repeat that more often.

The next morning, both women were a bit groggy from the drink, late night with the men, and a 69 session in the middle of the night. All morning they touched hands in simple indications of a discovery they wished to cherish. They were fully prepared to accept being bi-sexual … at least in terms of each other.

“Ladies?” Mr. Maris’ voice broke into their morning work.

“Yes, sir.” Both women responding simultaneously and standing up to go to his office.

“Undress, ladies, please.” They were both wearing short dresses with pleated skirts. They were naked in moments after removing dresses, bras, and bikini panties. As they were undressing, the other three executives entered the office. The women smiled at seeing the four men and lustily anticipated what they assumed was coming. The women stood before his desk with the other men at the sides of Mr. Maris’ desk. “Ladies, I received a call from the men we were negotiating with yesterday. Their flight was early but they wanted to let me know they made up their minds last night. It seems they were prepared to request further negotiations but … something convinced them otherwise between leaving our offices and their flight this morning.” He slid a piece of paper across his desk. Connie picked it up and held it out for both her and Dawn to look at. “Those numbers indicate how much business we do annually with them. The savings to us due to the … ah … late night negotiations is shown as a percentage and the dollar savings that could mean to us. You both know what your incentive percentage of that is. We will have to wait for the quarter-end numbers to verify the true value.” The women looked up at him to find him and the other executives smiling broadly. “Congratulations, ladies. It appears our plan for using you two is going to be very effective … and profitable for all of us.”


* * * Another Mother & Daughter story will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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