Meeta 2 – Meeta`s bike ride with Ashok



This is a part of the Meeta series.

All my stories have a strong Indian context and background.

It would be better to read the earlier part(s) to get a bit of a better understanding.

Lastly, all stories are and will be slow-burn. These stories are a fantasy and request you to keep that in mind.

Ashok and I had decided to sleep for a few hours before we had to leave for the station but I could not sleep. I was tossing and turning thinking about what I would do the next few days. I turned and for a long time watched Ashok sleep like a baby, he and I had a long-distance marriage and we both knew that we were fucking others whenever he had a chance. I always felt fortunate that I was married to him, because he knew just how big of a slut I was back in school and college, he was one of the many who had fucked me. He used to live just a few houses away down the street, and his parents knew mine. So when we both reached the legal age to marry our parents started looking for a match. Somehow his parents came to know that my parents were also looking for a match for me.

One morning Ashok came home and Mom had answered the door, mom came to my room and told me that a friend of mine named Ashok and come, I could not think or recollect who this Ashok was because he was one of the many faces that I always deleted from memory after they were done fucking me. Anyway, I went out and met him and only after seeing him I remembered who he was. Ashok was always the gentleman even during orgies. I had observed that he had always respected me and did not treat me like a slut ever. So I greeted him in and we talked he informed me that his parents had told him that they had received interest in our marriage from some common friends of our parents. I was surprised by this and I was thinking that he had come over to tell me that it should be me to reject the proposal as he did not want to marry a slut and while still be respectful by not telling his parents that I was a slut.

Just then there was a power cut and it started getting very hot, so I asked Ashok if he wanted to continue talking on the terrace he accepted and we went upstairs. Ours is a typical Indian double story home with the living, dining, and kitchen on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first. We headed upstairs to the terrace and found mom sitting below the sort of shelter the water tank enclosure provided. She was smoking and was surprised to see us there, she said “I did not know you were coming upstairs” and I replied that “I did not know you would be here” she moved to stub off the cigarette and Ashok said “O please finish it, it is ok” my mom looked at me and I gave her the, of course, finish it look and she continued. Now the thing is that I knew that mom smoked and she knew that I smoked too, in fact, we had shared a few cigarettes many times. Anyway, this was her spot, because there were other double and triple story homes nearby but none overlooking this spot. See the thing is that smoking is bad, yes, but from where we were female smoking meant only that she was wayward and amoral. More so if she was the mother of a young girl.

As mom was finishing up Ashok walked away and was looking around and taking in the sights our terrace offered, I snuck down and took a puff from the cig and mom just smiled. After she was done she went downstairs saying, “You both be good now” once she was gone I walked over to where Ashok was and said so “what do you want me to do? Reject the marriage proposal?” he looked at me puzzled and said “Noooo, I want to know what you want, do you want to marry me?” now it was my turn to be baffled, he knew that I was a slut, he knew that I must have fucked all his friends some family too maybe, he knew that I took pride I being used, he knew that I would never be faithful yet he wanted to know if I wanted to marry him. He understood my predicament and simply offered to talk openly before making any decisions.

I thought this was the correct thing to do so I agreed, we sat down on the floor and I started with the same questions that were buzzing in my mind, “Don’t you know that I am a slut? You are aware that I must have fucked all your friends some family too maybe, right? And you are aware that if we were to get married I would never be faithful to you, I am not built for it. Still, you want to know my answer” he looked into my eyes took a deep breath and said “I am fully aware that you are a slut and were called the college bicycle, I have no problems with that, you indeed have fucked all of my friends and again it doesn’t matter to me that you have about your third concern of you having maybe fucked some in the family, so what? Again it doesn’t matter to me.” He took a pause and took my hands in his and continued “Lastly you said something about being faithful to me then, I have thought of this and my answer is that I want to marry you because I want you not just physically but mentally and emotionally also, and I am well aware that you will never be emotionally and mentally with me if you are not fucking others. So please make a mental note that I would never even think of asking you to not be with others.” He held my hands up and kissed them softly and went on “In fact, I don’t know if me saying this will reduce my chances of you saying yes but I just want you to understand that I find it impossible for me to imagine you not fucking others, and so I want you to fuck others as long as you want it.”

It was my turn so I said “I am glad that you said you have no issues with me being with others and want me to be with others. That does put me at ease a bit, no doubt this would weigh a lot in my decision. Also, you said that you have no issues with being the college bicycle but what would you do when your friends come home and want to fuck me the same for your relatives? How do you intend to handle that have you thought about it?”

Ashok thought about this for a minute and said “As long as they don’t force you and you are fine with them fucking you. I won’t mind… but if someone forces you into it I would kill them. About relatives well they all have or will have wives and mothers and daughters who I could be with” he winked saying that and I winked back saying you know I can be with those wives, mothers, and daughters too, and started laughing, he understood the mean of that and joined me in laughing saying hey whatever works for you. I then finally said so do you want the answer right now or would you give me time to think it through. To that he said I can take as much time as I needed as long as I did not say no whenever his parents contacted mine for a meet and greet. We both thanked each other and he asked if I had any cigarettes on me. I told him that I would get it from fatty and he said who`s fatty, and I told him “Mom! We call her fatty at home.” He chuckled and I went downstairs.

I found mom in the kitchen and asked her for a few cigarettes, she simply told me that they were in the usual container below the kitchen surface. Mom hid those there as Dad was not aware that she and I smoked and he never came to the kitchen to cook, my dad couldn’t cook to save his life so he always stayed away from the kitchen. This gave more than the perfect place to keep her stash. I grabbed a few cigs and a cold bottle of water and went back upstairs.

When I reached back upstairs on the terrace Ashok was still sitting in the same spot we were earlier, so I asked him to come below the tank, he did and I handed him the bottle first he had a few gulps of water, and then then the cigarettes. I showed him where the matchbox was he asked if I wanted to have one and I told him that I would have one later, but would have a cigar before that. I moved on all fours and crawled towards him I kissed his semi-hard dick over his jeans and then rubbed it over a few times. He quietly asked what if mom comes and I said don’t worry she won’t, after that without wasting any more time I pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his jeans. Ashok was not wearing any underwear! His dick emerged magnificently into my waiting hands. It was hot to touch and was getting harder. I think he was good 7” and easily 2 inches thick, I slowly started stroking his dick, he closed his eyes and was enjoying every movement of it. I had almost over five inches of his amazing shaft in my mouth and I started bobbing my head back and forth on it.

“Oh yeah, suck it cycle,”

Ashok moaned and said “God, you are such an eager slut,” Soon, Ashok reached down and yanked down my tank top, letting my impressively round quite pert breasts spill out, he gave out a loud sigh cupping my breast in his hand and began to fondle it

I continued to stroke and suck his cock. After a few minutes, I turned my attention to his balls and licked them in slow, short motions with my tongue. This tickled Ashok and he pinched my nipple hard making me gasp and sigh.

All I said was “easy please, don’t damage the goods” he ran his fingers through my hair and said “you are built for this and will never be damaged” I had goosebumps when he said that and pinched me again saying

“How about you let me get inside that sweet pussy of yours you whore?”

“Oh, oh, yes with pleasure,” was my response.

I shifted myself and asked him to lie down and tugged on his dick a few times before mounting him. The shelter we were in had enough space, I had pulled my skirt up around my waist and was not wearing any panties so it was quite effortless. I started going up and down on his shaft and he held on to my round wobbling tits.

Ashok was really good and I was in ecstasy I ended up crying “Oh, oh, oh, ah, Oh God! Oh Fuck me, oh yes, aaaah,” fuck this town fucking cycle of yours, fuck me harder! Oh yes, this cheap whore wants your cum, cover my insides with your fucking cum!”

“Uh, ah, oh, Meetaaa, fuck yeah, oh, I’m going to cum pretty soon for you!” Ashok groaned as I bounced on his cock. I kept fucking him back and simply told him to always call me names when we were fucking. That was something that I had learned about myself very early on, I enjoyed when I was abused and called foul things. I also realized that he was nearing climax so I started bouncing on his dick higher and faster. Soon enough he erupted inside me. I clinched on his dick with my pussy and he shot 4 streams of cum into me that I could feel. I stayed like that for a couple of minutes and then lay next to him and rested for a while.

After resting for a few minutes we were both thirsty so I decided to go downstairs and get something to drink, I got dressed and moved out of the shelter and found out that while we were fucking each other Mom (Sakshi) had come upstairs with two glasses and a jar full of lemonade but having seen us fuck, had left the tray on the floor and went back downstairs. She is my mom yes but was always fine with me being the slut, anyway more about her later. So I took the tray with the refreshments and went back to where Ashok was, he was alarmed and asked me how come I got it so soon as I had moved away from him just seconds earlier, I told him that Mom must have got it for us. His face turned a shade of pink with embarrassment I think, for he too realized that she must have seen us. I saw this look and immediately lied saying that Mom and I have this understanding that if I am with any of my friends on the terrace then she leaves the refreshments and all at the terrace door and doesn’t come up all the way.

Ashok was relieved hearing the lie, and gladly accepted the glassful of lemonade, which he finished in one big gulp as I refilled the glass he asked me if I was free that day and wanted to join him on a bike ride, I told him that I had nothing planned so would be happy to go with him. He was glad that I had said yes so he left and said that he would be back in 30 minutes to pick me up. I asked him about the destination and the mode of travel only to figure out what to wear. He told me that he knew of a place some 3.5 hours from home which he wanted to go to with me and that we would go on his bike. So I told him that I would be ready and he left. I sneaked down into the shelter once again and smoked a cigarette and went downstairs.

Before going to my room, I went to the kitchen kept the tray with jug and glasses, and informed mom that I was going on a bike ride with Ashok, she looked at me and smiled a naughty smile, and told me that if I was going to be home late in the night then I should call or text her. I too responded with a huge grin on my face and said that I would make sure that I updated her. There were many unspoken statements said in her naughty smile and my grin. Anyway, I went to my room and took a shower, I made sure to finger myself and in the process cleaned myself I made sure that whatever of his cum I scooped out I ate. Back in the room I walked to my closet and decided to wear blue jeans and a red and white checks shirt, along with a G-string and a red push-up bra. I applied light makeup and some perfume. I also pulled out my rucksack and kept a towel and a change of clothes and undies. I was ready so I went out of my room and sat in the living room when mom came out with a bowl of cut fruits for herself and me. We accepted it and was eating when she asked me where was it that Ashok was taking me and I told her that some spot along the river about 3.5 hours away. She asked “on a bike? I assume.” And I nodded my head yes. Soon Ashok arrived but did not come inside, instead just honked, hearing it mom said “okkkkkkkk. Seems like the boy is eager to ride you again. I mean eager to go on the ride with you” and laughed and kept a mischievous smile on her face, I winked and laughed too and told her that I would update here as promised if I was getting late. She simply said, “Good, be safe and have fun”.

I draped a scarf around my head and put on sunglasses and sat on the bike, he ensured that I was comfortable and ready and we started, it took us almost 30 minutes to reach the highway due to traffic. Ashok asked me if I had been on a bike ride date before today and I told him that it was my first with him, he laughed saying at-least he was my first in something. I laughed hard at that. We were cruising at a decent speed and the weather was not very harsh, the constant dhup-dhup-dhup-dhup sound made by the bike was very calming and I went back in time for a movement I remembered that I had my first orgasm on the back on a bike, my father’s bike a long time ago I was young back then yet I am aware that it would be embarrassing for most to have your first cum while holding on to your father, yet I have always looked at it only as my first orgasm and have cherished the memory always. Ashok was telling me something but since I was not paying attention, I could not participate or reply so I told him that I was finding it difficult to hear what he was speaking. He understood the logic and stayed quiet. I instinctively hugged him tightly from behind as we sped through the road, the strong vibrations from the bike giving me that familiar tingle in my pussy. I also rested my head on his shoulder, I could smell the cologne whiffing into me, I took in the sights and sounds of the fast-moving countryside, The only constant was the river flowing next to us, I was happy and mentally swore to myself that I would go on more rides now onwards.

Anyway, soon I was brought back to reality when Ashok slowed down saying he wanted to have a cup of tea and if I was fine having it at some roadside shack or wanted to go to some restaurant, I told him a roadside shack would be fine. He confirmed if I was sure saying there won’t be any washroom at the shack, I told him that even if we went to the restaurant I wouldn’t use the restroom as I found those unhygienic and dirty, well truth be told I liked going out in the open or where there was a chance that someone would catch me in the act and not in an enclosed space. I could feel Ashok shrug maybe thinking fine have it your way or something similar. Soon we saw a shack and he brought the bike to a halt, we got down stretched, and straightened up we had been riding for a good 2 hours 45 mins or so. He asked me what I wanted to have and I told him some cola would be good for me, we had that and he generally enquired if I was enjoying it so far and I told him that I was. We mounted the bike resumed the ride, I told him that he should be on the lookout for a secluded spot for I had to pee. Soon we left the highway he told me that the place he was taking me was not far from where we were and that I should cover my face with the scarf as the next bit of road was dusty. After traveling for 5 minutes on the dirt road he stopped and I got down, the place where he had stopped was next to the railway track and a train had just passed, my naughty brain told me to wait for the next train so I took decided to smoke, just as I was about to finish, I saw a train coming towards us, I quickly wrapped the scarf around my face and head and took off my jeans and g-string and squatted down, face towards the side of the train. As soon as the train’s engine had passed me, I let go of a powerful stream of warm piss into the ground. Fortunately, the train was passing at a decent speed where no one could get down yet be able to see me flash. So I continued and then the piss stream slowly sputtered to a trickle and then ended. A huge puddle of piss sat under my feet.

I turned around while still being squatted and looked at Ashok and he looked happy, I simply said give me two minutes and started to finger myself, the rush of doing what I had a few seconds earlier and the fact that I was already on edge for a while from being on the bike, I came within a minute. Ashok made a face that said that he was impressed, so I got up wore only my jeans, not the g-string, and was ready to leave when Ashok came plucked a stick and tied my g-string end to it making a flag of sorts. He then implanted it next to the now quickly drying puddle I had made. We both smiled and got back on the bike.

Soon we reached a nice quiet place on the riverbank, where he stopped the bike and announced that we had reached. I took in the surroundings it was very calm, hardly anyone around, the river flowing making the peculiar sound, birds chirping overall it was scenic and quite picturesque. I asked him what was so special about this place and he told me that he was not superstitious yetAS all the thoughts he had were clarified in his mind there and he was hoping that it would work for me too. We sat down on the sandy shore and waited for a long time before either one of us spoke. When we did we spoke about lots of things right from our childhood and families to personal aspirations to what we had thought about or wished for in our spouses.

Anyway as we chatted I was smoking, I saw that a group of 4 guys was sitting a few meters away from us they were eyeing me for sure as I was smoking openly and it was uncommon for girls to smoke from where I am. I did not pay much attention to them and continued chatting with Ashok, and I broached the topic of me being a nymph. He smiled and told me that he wouldn’t have asked to marry if I was not a slut, he told me that he had understood at an early age that he was different in the way he saw things. For him being with someone was only possible at an emotional level, physically the more one is with the other the more one is attracted towards the one emotionally is what he believed in. I was thinking about things when one of the boys for the group sitting further away came up to us and asked for a matchbox to light a cigarette. My slut sense was activated instantly and I pretended to look for the lighter here and there when I knew that I had kept the lighter in the left breast pocket. I purposefully patted my jeans pocket first and then my right boob pocket pretending to look for it. Finally, I retrieved the lighter from the left and handed it to him. He lit his cigarette and went back to his friends. Ashok and I continued chatting and after a while a different guy from the group came asking for the lighter this time I handed it over right away and asked where they were from he told me that they were from the local village nearby, to which I asked if he knew where I could get some bottled water to drink.

There is no shop which sells that nearby but will arrange water for you, was his response.

I thanked him and took the lighter back.

Soon enough he returned with a bottle saying I could have it, I asked how did he manage it so soon and was informed that it was with them for mixing liquor that they had got. I thanked them again and he left. Ashok and I agreed that the group was decent, he told me that he had seen them earlier too on his previous visits and they had always been this way.

After a while Ashok declared that he had to pee and would be back, I asked him where would he go and he pointed towards a patch of wild shrubs much further across the group of friends. He asked if I wanted to join him to relieve myself too, and he told me that I did not have to yet. So he went, as soon as he had crossed them I had an idea and decided to act on it. I stood up and walked over to the boys and without any preamble asked if they had an extra cigarette as I had finished mine. They did offer two brands and that they had and I picked one and lit it, I was about to turn when one of them said

“Aree, yahin baitho usko aane main time lagega, beech me khoda Hua hai, ghuum ke Jaana padta hai” which is “why don’t you sit with us, he (Ashok) would take time to return as he would have to walk more to reach the shrubs due to a ditch that has been dug in between. I looked up towards Ashok and he indeed had taken a detour. I was not aware of this ditch but was glad that there was one and that meant that Ashok would take more time to return. So I sat down with the guys and began small talk. One of them offered me a glass of whiskey they were having, I refused to say if I drank it then I`ll have to go pee and that I did not want to walk so much. To which the first guy who had come for the lighter said “yahin kar Lena, humari tarah” (do it here, like us) pointing towards a rock sitting just a few feet away. The one holding the glass kept it down and simply said its okay no compulsions and got up and walked over to the rock and took out his dick and started to pee, I saw his limp dick which while being limp was 6 inches and charcoal black. A dark stain formed over the rock as the stream of piss began to run all over. I watched transfixed and as if being mind-controlled picked up the glass of whiskey in front of me and I finished it all in one gulp. No sooner than I had emptied the glass there was an offer to refill it, I nodded yes and handed the glass to one of them. It was refilled promptly and handed back to me. I had a normal sip and giggled looking at the rest of them.

I looked towards Ashok and saw that he was still walking in the other direction, the guys followed me and laughed I shook my head in disbelief too and joined in the laughter and all of us were salient. I knew what to do and said I am Meeta, what about you all. They then introduced themselves one by one, the first one who had come for the lighter was Prakash, the second one was Monu, the third who had filled my glass was Heera and the one who had just pee`ed on the rock was Bablu.

Monu asked who Ashok was and I told them “Abhi toh dost hai, shayad aage pati ho Jaye” for now he’s just a friend, in the future maybe husband. To which Heera said “sooch ke Karna shadi, Thoda chutia lagta hai” (think before you marry, (Ashok) seems like a wimp). I finished my drink and looked at Heera shaking the empty glass, he simply asked “kya?” (What?) And I asked for a refill. To which Bablu said “phele tumhe Kuch Karna Hoga,” (first you need to do something) and I asked if I should take of my clothes “kapde utaru?” in a very normal sounding tone, as if it was nothing and before they answered I was on my feet undoing my shirt buttons and took it off in one quick motion and sat down. The four of them clapped and one of them said “yeah hui na baat” (now we are starting) I picked up the empty glass and waved it to them my bra-clad boobs jiggling a bit. But again bablu did not relent, so I inquired in a mock irritated tone “what now” to which he told me that he did not me to remove the shirt but since I had done it was fine… all he wanted was for me to say things in which he would record and make it into a ringtone on his phone. I asked him what he wanted exactly and then asked him to take out the phone. I noticed that till then none of them had even taken out their phones from the pockets.

“Bablu meri choot, meri gaand, meray mummy aur mera muuh tumhare intejar main hai” (Bablu my cunt, my ass my breasts and my mouth are waiting for you) he stopped the recording and replayed it a few times, he looked satisfied and immediately kept his phone away and poured me another glassful. I looked at the others and asked if they too wanted something similar, they did so I said the same for each one of them just replacing the names. They all looked happy which made me happy. Prakash asked me for the lighter again and I told them that it was their turn to do something for me, they asked what I wanted and simply said I did what they did not ask for initially so they should also do the same. They understood and soon had taken off their pants and underwear. All 4 had started to get hard. I felt at home being in a bra with strangers, with complete knowledge that I would be fucked soon by all of them made my pussy wet. As they were removing their clothes I finished the drink and when they sat down I got up telling them that I had to pee now. Hearing me say that sent a shockwave it seemed as all 4 dicks twitched at the same time.

I then removed my jeans and as my ass came into view Monu gasped realizing and almost shouting that I was not wearing any panties. I smiled wickedly and squatted down and released a streaming torrent of my golden piss…To all of their surprise, rather than cover myself or even look vaguely embarrassed, I spread my legs further to give them all a better look. Bablu was the first to compose himself and asked he could come closer, I gave him and all of them the obviously yes face and soon they all were in front of my face. I was still pissing even after a minute. I couldn’t believe how much piss I had in me, as my stream was just going with no sign of stopping! At long last, my stream petered out, Heera encouraged me to go on pissing till I gave them a show of every drop I had, and since I had been so full, I started again a few times, and pissed out a fair amount. Finally, I was completely drained, and every drop of piss I had in my bladder had gone out.

As I finished I pulled Bablu towards me and without any preamble started to suck him. Soon someone unclasped my bra and made me completely naked. I moved from dick to dick after giving each 5-7 sucks. The 4 pairs of hands were now all over me, in my hair, on my boobs on my back, on my ass, on my pussy, on my legs, everywhere their hands roamed freely, and not one inch was left untouched. From the corner of my eye, I saw Ashok return and was only a few feet away. For a second it felt as if the 4 wanted to move back but I think because I continued to suck them or because Ashok inserted his two fingers in my cunt and saying it loudly “chut deekho Sali ki, tapak Rahi hai” (did you guys see her pussy, it is dripping!) they got confident that Ashok was fine with all this.

I was pulled into a standing position and they passed me around from one to another, kissing me and either groping my boob or ass or fingering my pussy or pinching my nipples or all of it. My ass and boobs were bouncing every time I was passed on from one guy to another. I came twice just by being passed around and felt up thoroughly. Ashok came and sat where the 4 of them were sitting and had lit a cigarette, she urged the 5 of us to keep going on. It was that movement that I had made up my mind that I would marry him.

Anyway, I was now kneeling and all the 4 guys were standing around me shaking their dicks while one was in my mouth. Once in a while, before the dick was inserted into my mouth the owner of the dick bent and kissed me, Soon I was made to stand and Bablu picked me up in his arms and inserted his dick in my pussy, Heera gave me about a minute to adjust and then inserted his 8inch super straight dick in my ass. The other 2 Monu and Prakash were trying to grab a boob each but were unsuccessful since I was hugging Bablu very tightly and not even air could pass between us.

Heera and Bablu fucked me in that position for 20 minutes and decided to change holes, so I was lowered and turned around and now it was Heera in my pussy and Bablu in my ass. Monu and Prakash were sitting with Ashok and all 3 were sipping on the drink while with their left hand were stroking their dicks. Heera and Bablu again fucked me for 20 minutes before lowering me on the ground. They did not cum as they wanted to ensure that others also got to fuck me first.

Prakash lied down and asked me to mount him while Monu spat on my ass and inserted his dick, they both seemed calmer than the earlier two and I understood that these two would last longer and indeed they did… they were fucking me senseless for almost 45 minutes, they too stopped gave me a breather of 5 minutes and turned me around now Monu lay on the floor with his dick was in my pussy and Prakash who was the biggest at almost 8.5 inches long and a massive 3” in thickness, in my ass. Again they kept fucking me for a good 30 minutes and I heard Prakash say to Ashok, “Bhai, Teri hi, hone wali biwi hai, tu Kuch to ker” (Brother she is your future wife, do something) and Ashok came over and I took him in my mouth. I was fucked for another 20 minutes and then Monu asked if he was allowed to cum inside me. I told all of them they could cum wherever they wanted, Ashok came first on my face, Sending the two over the edge too, soon Monu came in my cunt and Prakash in my Ass. As soon as they were done they moved back and Heera got in my ass and came there while Bablu came over my face.

I was exhausted, and fell asleep naked right there I was content, satisfied and soon going to be married. A couple of hours later I was woken up by Monu, he told me that it was starting to get dark and that if we (Ashok and me) wanted to stay then they would arrange something for us. I nodded no thanks and told him that I would like to leave. I looked around and saw that Ashok and Heera were in the river taking a dip. Monu was sitting next to me and I asked him for a cigarette he handed me one. I was smoking when he pushed me gently and mounted me in a missionary position he was fucking me gently and I was smoking at the same time. Monu fucked me for 5 minutes and came over my boobs, then Bablu took me in the same position, he also came over my boobs. After he was done Prakash came and asked if he could fuck my ass again for a few mins I told him he could if he cums in my ass. He too did not take much time and unloaded in my ass.

I saw that Ashok and Heera were heading back and since I had to pee I squatted and let out a thick steady stream of pee exactly where I was sitting, I took some of my pee and splashed it over my face. The three saw me and asked if I wanted more and I simply nodded my head, yes, soon the three started to stream piss down on me. I was startled at first by the sudden onslaught of 3 jets of pee on my face but adjusted quickly. Prakash shouted “Ashok Bhai, jaldi aa, Dekh bhabhi ko” (Ashok come fast, look what bhabhi (bhabhi=brothers wife) is doing) Ashok came running and saw me and just laughed. He too positioned his dick and soon I had four streams of piss drenching me, I turned my head a few times to make sure I got a taste of everyone’s pee. I got more than a taste as I swallowed down as much of the golden nectar as I could. The four of them pissed and pissed and it was soothing to the soul when they did that. I finished off by sucking the four clean of piss. I held the piss off in their cocks by squeezing them. This way I was able to put a cock in my mouth and then release the piss and swallow it down as soon as my mouth was full.

Heera was watching all this and came over, he made me stay on all fours and pushed his dick up my ass he relieved himself there and in effect gave me a piss enema. This brought me to yet another orgasm.

After my orgasm subsided and I was stable, we all went into the river where we had a quick dip and rinse. We headed out and chatted making promises to come back soon. It was almost 7 pm so I sent mom a text as I had promised her. I quickly changed into a knee-length skirt and a T-shirt that I got as spare. I did not wear any inners. The four of them mauled and kissed me goodbye and we (Ashok and me) were on our way. On the road, I asked him if he was disgusted by my actions and he slowed the bike and stopped it, I did not know what had happened so he pushed me on my knees and told me hows this for an answer and started to pee on me … he drenched me and I rode with him back to the city in my piss drenched clothes.

Before we reached the city we took a break at a dhabha (a 24×7 food stall) where I had dinner I took Ashok in the back and gave him an amazing blowjob. He again pee`ed on me and I drank as much as I could. It was there that I told Ashok that I had decided and was looking forward to marrying him.

Ashok was ecstatic and picked me up in a hug and kissed me, he did not care that he was also tasting his own pee and that brought be to another orgasm. I was in love.

It was indeed a bike ride to remember…

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